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Full text of "Catalog of Copyright Entries, 1925 Pamphlets, Dramas, Maps Motion Pictures For the Year 1925 New Series Vol 22 Part 1 Gr 2"

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PAET 1: 
Books, Group 2 



Published by authority of the Acts of Congress of March 3, 1891, of June 30, 1906, 
and of March 4, 1909 









OE JUNE 30* , 1906, AND OE MARCH 4. 1909 











THE Catalogue of Copyright Entries is published in four parts. Part 1, 
Group 2/ issued monthly, contains mainly titles of pamphlets, leaflets, and 
literary contributions to periodicals, and all other productions registered under 
the legal designation " book " not found in Group 1 (issued several times a 
week), including also, however, preliminary reports of court decisions, local 
directories, herd books, and other annuals, etc. The entries are arranged 
alphabetically by authors, or, if anonymous, by title. An asterisk (*) after 
the author's name indicates that the author and copyright proprietor are 
the same. When the author and copyright proprietor are different a separate 
statement is made at the end of the title, giving the proprietor and his 

Group 2 also contains, in four separate alphabets, the titles of the entries 
made in Class " C," Lectures, sermons, addresses, prepared for oral delivery, 
which are arranged alphabetically by author; Class " D," Dramatic composi- 
tions, arranged alphabetically by title; Class " F," Maps, arranged alphabeti- 
cally by the subject word of each title: Class " L," Motion-picture photoplays; 
and Class " M," Motion pictures other than photoplays, arranged alphabetically 
by title. 

Under the act of March 4, 1909, in effect from July 1, 1909, the preliminary 
entry of titles has been abrogated and registration follows deposit of copies 
with an application for entry in the Copyright Office. 

To save space in the Catalogue, the copyright notice after each title is abbre- 
viated. The abbreviations used in this part are as follows: "A," Class A, 
Books; "A — Foreign," Foreign books in foreign languages; " C," Class C, Lec- 
tures, sermons, addresses, prepared for oral delivery; " D," Class D, Dramatic 
compositions; " F," Class F, Maps; " L," Class L, Motion-picture photoplays; 
and " M," Class M, Motion pictures other than photoplays. "©" implies copy- 
right registration of a published work followed by date of publication; "©1 
c." stands for copyright of an unpublished work, followed by date of receipt 
in the Copyright Office of the printed or manuscript copy; and "2 c." for two 
copies, followed by date of their receipt. In the case of contributions to peri- 
odicals only one copy of the issue or issues containing such contribution is 
required. "A ad int." implies ad interim copyright registration under the law 
of March 4, 1909, of a book published abroad in the English language, for 
which the deposit of only one copy is required. 

A list of the books of which the subsisting copyright has been renewed and 
extended under section 24 of the act of March 4, 1909, will be found in Part 1, 
Group 1. 

The annual index contains the names of all copyright proprietors, the names 
of authors of pamphlets, the titles of anonymous pamphlets, and the names of 
authors and titles of dramatic compositions, the titles of all motion pictures, 
and the subject words of all maps. 

The annual subscription price for the Catalogue of Copyright Entries (re- 
ceived only for the calendar year) for Part 1, Groups 1 and 2, is $1.00 for 1924, 
payable in advance to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C, by 
postal money order, express order, or New York draft. 

The act of March 4, 1909, provides that the Catalogue of Copyright Entries 
" shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts stated 
therein as regards ny copyright registration." 



The Copyright Act of 1909 provides that of the articles deposited 
for copyright registration the Librarian of Congress shall determine 
svhat books and other articles shall be transferred to the permanent 
collections of the Library of Congress and what other books or 
articles shall be transferred to other governmental libraries in the 
District of Columbia for use therein. 

The Act further provides that any article undisposed of as above 
and still remaining on the shelves of the Copyright Office may be 
returned to the claimant of copyright under the provisions of section 
60 of the Act. 

Notice is, therefore, hereby given to any author, copyright pro- 
prietor, or other lawful claimant, that in so far as- any copyright 
articles deposited from July 1, 1914, to June 30, 1919, inclusive, are 
still remaining in the files of the Copyright Office, and are not to be 
transferred to the Library of Congress or to any other governmental 
library in the District of Columbia, such books or articles may be 
returned to the claimant of copyright if requested by such claimant 
prior to December 31, 1926. 

This notice includes any printed and 'published copyright deposits, 
such as books, periodicals, dramatic compositions, musical composi- 
tions, engravings, cuts or prints, lithographs, photo-engravings, or 
photographs. Manuscripts or typewritten dramas and photographs 
filed for identifying works of art may not be returned. No maps are 
available for return. 

To secure such possible return the claimant of copyright of record 
should make formal request for the return of the articles, which 
must be separately and definitely specified. A suitable blank will 
be supplied on request. Address Register of Copyrights, Library 
of Congress, Washington, D. C. 




-12, 1925 


This index contains in one alphabet the names of all copyright proprietors ; 
the names of all authors of pamphlets, the titles of anonymous pamphlets, the 
names of all authors of dramatic compositions, and the subject word of the 
titles of maps. 

The figures refer to the citation numbers following the title in the CATALOGUE 

A. A. O. N. M. S. (Imperial council) 
Tentative program. 1. 

A. & B. tool co. Chart for use in con- 
nection with Beeler auto axle gauge. 

Instrs. for copying 


A B C of safety. 

A. B. C. art co. 

printed matter. 
ABC pub. co. 

A-B stove co. Bk. of spec. cuts, [etc.] 

7053, 7054. 
A-C electrical mfg. co. Bosler (C. H.) 

Master radio salesman. 55334. 
A. I. A. & the T Square club (Joint 
exhibition bd. of the Philadelphia 
chapter) Amer. inst. of architects. 
Philadelphia chapter. Yr. bk. of the 
twenty-eighth ann. architectural ex- 
hibition. 30256. 
A. P. N. pseud,. See Hopkins (M. 

H. D.) 
A-l bonded garages of America, inc. 
Coates (J. W.) To-day's idea — to- 
morrow's success. 8954. 
Aakjaer (Jeppe) Rejsegildet. 60238. 
A'am-Adir pseud. See Kr'ant (J. A.) 
Aaronson (D. D.) : 

Ambitious waitress. 53703. 
Coming champion. 53783, 60068. 
Cub reporter, etc. 42456-42458. 
Hysterical historians. 60143. 
Modern politician. etc. 5875, 

On a city street. 54080. 
Running for office. 29160. 
Abati (Joaquin ) Bntierro de Zafra. 

Abbe (Charles) Dancing by • special 

delivery. 60079. 
Abbey (P. L.) Abbey's lumber pro- 
duction charts. 7. 
Abbott (A. R.) Homework in rudi- 
ments of music. 60621. 

Abbott (Brinley) Skipping lambs. 

Abbott (George) : 

Love 'em & leave 'em. 60169. 
Straight-shooter. 6293. 
Abbott (Grace) World theatre. 

Grace Abbott's Kidnite. 18480. 
Abbott (T. O.) : 

California. Synopsis of Calif, ve- 
hicle act. 45261. 
Calif, primer of the law. 8. 
Abbott (Tom) : 

Get in the charmed circles. 

Inspect White Horse Pike prop- 
erty. 44012. 
Abbott & Walker, inc. Adv. campaign. 

[etc.] 30049-30060. 
Abbott labs. Price list of pharmaceu- 
tical & biologic products. 30061. 
Abdullah (Achmed) : 
Salvage. 60249. 

Swords east. 44013^4017, 54933, 
Abel (Barbara) Two weeks with 

pay. 54258. 
Abel (G. H.) 

Abel (J. H.) 

Abell (A. S.) co.: 

Sun, Baltimore. Radical change 

in auto engine. 27685. 
Warner (H. E.) Making of a 

newspaper. 18116. 
See Evening Sun and Abell (A. 
S.) co. 
Abercrombie & Fitch co. : 

Breezy call of budding spring. 

[etc.] 7056, 7057. 
Fringed gentians. 44019. 
Where the blazed trail crossed 
the boulevard. 20202. 

Why lie about it? 
Abel's hay tables. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Aberdeen, Miss., map. 29390. 
Aberdeen, N. C. maps. 6379. 
Aberdeen, Wash., map. 43111. 
Abernathy. Tex., map. 65S04. 
Abernethy (A. T.) Father's letters 

to his son. 60622. 
Abilene, Tex., map. 43112. 
Abrahams (G. K.) Happy ten. 

Abrams (F. P.) Recoil. 15964. 
Abrams (Leon) Masked bride. 

Abramson (Ivan) : 

I am the man. 19959. 
Lying wives. 20044. 
Meddling women. 20050. 
Abrasive co. Abrasive grinding 

wheels. 20203. 
Abshagen (H. F.) : 

Thiele (Margarete) Von engeln. 

Wunderland am murmelbach. 

Absolute protection. 960. 
Academy of applied interior decorat- 
ing : 
Pescheret (M. E.) Principles & 
practice of interior decorating. 
Prins. & practice of interior deco- 
rating. 20204. 
Study of interior decorating. 
Academy photoplays. Salvation hunt- 
ers. 20145. 
Accountant's direct. & who's who. 

Accountants educa. inst. : 

Bennett (M. H.) Bkkeeping re- 
view, etc. 57180, 57181. 
Loomis (A. M.j Bkkeeping re- 
view, etc, 57180, 57181. 
Musaus i W. P.) Bkkeeping re- 
view, etc. 57180, 57181. 
Accounting service co. Foreword. 

Accounting systems co.. inc. How to 

compute stock values. 20206. 
Ace badge, button & medal co. 
Harris (D. B.) Convention letter. 
Ace elec. co. Ace for speedy service. 

Acerno (Vincent) : 

Champion time saver. 20207. 
Manhattan service co. Champion 
time saver. 35576-35580. 
Achalme (Pierre Jean) Molecule 

d'hydrogene. 60625. 
Achard (Marcel) Malborough s'en 

va-t-en guerre ! 6150. 
Acheson graphite co. How to pre- 
serve your car with Gredag lubri- 
cants. 44021. 

Ackerley (J. B.) Prisoners of war. 

Ackerinan, Miss., map. 29391. 
Acme card system co. Equipos de 

registros visibles Acme. 54936. 
Acme press of Seattle. Getting more 
driving power into your bus. 60626. 
Acme service co. Three course beauty 

treatment. 44022. 
Acme spinal rejuvenator sales co. 

Acme spinal rejuvenator. 30062. 
Acme steel co. Hot & cold rolled 
strip steel cooperage hoop steel re- 
inforcements. 30063. 
Acme trading corp.. inc. : 

Arm;.- & navy goods. 9, 10, 30064- 

Army & navy goods general mer- 
chandise, etc. 7058, 7059, 
549875 54938. 
Acorn opalite-metal specialties co. 

Restaurant equipment. 20208. 
Acorn press : 

Hawthorne (O. L.) Again we 
count the many joys. etc. 

Pawn of a new dav. etc. 

1807. 1808. 
Say it with flowers & Acorn senti- 
ments. 54939. 
Shively (E. E.) ed. Long-dis- 
tance bandclasp. 27262. 
Springsteed (C. B.) Acorn spell- 
ing plan. 5077. 
Ar-rii. 1926. 30067. 
Acorno (Vincent) Manhattan serv- 
iee eo. Champion time saver, etc. 
Acosta (Mercedes de i See De Acosta 

( Mercedes ) 
Acoustic inventions co. Muf-la-fone. 

Actien-gesellschaft fur anilin-fabrika- 
tion. Substantive baumwoll-farb- 
stoffe. 7060. 
Acto co. You don't have to u^e a 

bank to save money ! 11. 
Actors direct. & stage manual. 30068. 
Actors' direct. & studio guide. 44023. 
Ad ("rafters. Restoration of life in- 

sur. 30069. 
Ad writers" supply co. Multiple art 

service. 12, 7061. 20210. 20211. 
Ada Co., Id., direct. 7858. 
Adairville, Ky., map. 43113. 
Adam (F. B.) Adam (Frank) elec. 
co. Panelboard catalogue. 20212. 
Adam (X. J.) New Orleans, La., map. 

19693, 54539. 
Adamec (F. F.) Drifting patterns. 

Adami (Giuseppi) : 

Anima allegra. 28521. 
Fornarina. 18904. 
Nazareth. 29023. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Adamini (Arthur) His confession. 
. 5877. 
Adams (A. C.) Overcharge claims. 

Adams (Adolph) Paging the Ritz. 

Adams (B. M.) : 

Ensign, etc. 44024, 44025. 
Helmsman of the Mandarin. 
Adams (Bill) pseud. See Adams (B. 

Adams (Cornelia) pseud. Make-it-up 

story bk. 20213. 
Adams (D. E.) co., inc. Beaded bags 
made of Martha Washington silk 
threads. 7062. 
Adams (D. W.) : 

Adams liquid land pool. 7063. 
Adams liquid land pool system. 
Summary. 7072. 
Adams (E. S.) Adams (F. L. D.) 

America & liberty. 30072. 
Adams (E. V.) Good bad man. 

Adams (F. E.) : 

Accomplice. 18674. 
Race. 54126. 
Adams (F. E.) shoe co. This shoe is 
going big in the college towns. 
Adams (F. R.) : 

Bell & the shadow. 60043. 
Spanish cavalier. 60274. 
Adams (F. R.) Stage-struck. 60627. 
Adams (G. F.) Health children & 

happy mothers. 44027. 
Adams (G. W.) Adams produce co. 

Banking without money. 7073. 
Adams (Gridley) Prose & worse. 13, 

Adams ( J. K.) Call of nature. 65468. 
Adams (J. J.) co. Master painters 

advice to his son. 18288. 
Adams (Jimmie) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 30073. 
Adams (L. J.) New Orleans, La., 

map. 43492. 
Adams (L. M.) Simple bible course 
for daily vacation bible schls. etc. 
Adams (Leon) San Francisco Daily 

News. Prison grist mill. 40246. 
Adams (M. E.) Twelfth night. 

54251 * 
Adams (M. H.) Motives that make 

people buy. 30074. 
Adams (M. I. G.) Purely scientific 

nerve treatment. 54940. 
Adams (M. P.) : 

Adrenal glands, etc. 53597-53631. 
Anger in young children, etc. 

Our nervous system. 30075. 

Adams (Morris) Natl, league fran- 
chise. 14. 

Adams (R. A.) Reviewer's data 
sheet. 44031. 

Adams (R. E.) Perpetual cal. 7069. 

Adams (R: H.) : 

Before the white man came. etc. 

7067, 7068. 
Ho-po4io-e-kaw. 44030. 
Optimist. 54941. 
Song of songs. 30076. 

Adams (R. M.) Rude rural rhymes. 
15, 44032, 44033. 

Adams (S. H.) : 

Romance here & now, for you & 

me. 30077. 
Tazmun. 7070. 

Adams (W. L.) Franklin educa. 
course in drawing. 44034. 

Adams (W. P.) Her song. 18961. 

Adams (W. R.) Epitome. 44035. 

Adams (W. S.) Adams dancing stu- 
dio. Modern dancing taught cor- 
rectly. 16. 

Adams, Mass., direct. 30078. 

Adams, N. T., map. 29392. 

Adams & Westlake co. Adlake elec. 
signal lamp. 7071. 

Adams bros. mfg. co., inc. Radiant 
cheer, etc. 30079, 30080. 

Adams Co. Independent. Special fea- 
ture sec. 20214. 

Adams' dancing studio. Modern danc- 
ing taught correctly. 16. 

Adams-Kinsey (Myrtle) Honey-moon- 
ing thru Florida. 60628. 

Adams liquid land pool system. Sum- 
mary. 7072. 

Adams produce co. Banking without 
money. 7073. 

Adams Shore, Mass., direct. 64336. 

Adcox (Robert) Adcox decides to re- 
form, etc. 54942-54952. 

Adelson (Albert) Miracle of science. 

Adelson (Lena) Mother. 7075. 

Adelt (Leonard) Dohle. 60089. 

Adena, O., map. 29393. 

Adenis (Edouard) Madame Angot. 
etc. 30081,30082. 

Aderer (If me. Adolphe) Maitresse de 
roi. 19091. 

Aderer (Julius) inc.: 

Golds for casting & hints on melt- 
ing. 44036. 
Of int. to orthodontists. 30083. 

Aders (S. D.) To perpetuate the 
name of P. T. Barnum. 30084. 

Adirondack Mountains, map. 29394. 

Adirondack power & light Corp., map. 

Adirondacks, map. 29394. 



pt. I, n. s., V. 22 

Adjusta co. : 

Just out. 17. 

Same stuff produces our buckles. 
Adjustable clamp co. Jorgensen steel 

spindle band screws. 7076. 
Adler (H. H.) Planning tbe color 

scheme for your borne. 54953. 
Adler (Hyman) : 

Broken brancbes. 28577. 
Day & nigbt. 28663. 
Romany Rigo. 19263. 
Street wolf. 29236. 
Adler (Jacob) Mr. Yetzer Horab. 

Adler (Judy) Patsy, tbe party girl. 

Adolf son (G. S.) Tabulated informa- 
tion card co. multiplication tables. 
Adrian (W. M.) Historic Quincy & 

its precious gems. 30085. 
Adults mag. 20215. 
Advance auto, accessories corp. Ad- 
vance products. 18. 
Advance trailer service corp. Do your 

Christmas shopping now. 60631. 
Advent-verlag. Leiden Christi fiir die 

menschbeit. 11927. 
Advertiser, Port Norris, N. J. Special 

feature section. 44037. 
Advertisers illustrating co. Latest 

styles. 19, 30086. 
Advertising club of N. Y., inc. My 

club etc. 20216, 20217. 
Advertising dept. See Liberty (Adv. 
dept of) — Long-bell lumber co., Ad. 
Advertising inst. of America. What 
good advertising is. etc. 60632- 
Advertising men's post, no. 209 of the 
Amer. legion. See Amer. legion, 
N. Y. C. (advertising men's post, 
no. 209 of the). 
Advertising service. 54954. 
Advertising souvenir & cal. co. : 
Our baby's rec. 20218. 
Your adv. on this entire page. 
Aegis, 1925. 30087. 
A-Em-Dee engineering co. : 

Daniels (A. M.) Technical instr. 

Heating & ventilating, etc. 3-6. 
Heating & Ventilating Magazine. 
New home-study course in grav- 
ity steam & water heating. 
Technical instr. in heating. 7055. 
Aeronautic chamber of commerce of 
America, inc. Aircraft yr. bk. 
Aeschylus. Eumenides. 60104. 

Aetna insur. co. Aetnagraph. 7078. 
Aetna life insur. co. : 

How to be your own sales man- 
ager, etc. 7079, 7080. 
Life insur. sales training course, 
etc. 20219-20223. 
Affsky (Kors) Amparos Hampel- 

mann. 28517. 
Afis mfg. co. Automatic stand for 

elec. flat iron. 7081. 
Africa, map. 6380, 19459, 29396, 54317, 

63805, 65806. 
Age of discovery, map. 43722. 
Agnew (J. O.) Woman in the house. 

Agraives (Jean d') Petit Robinsrn. 

Agricola. 7082. 

Agricultural almanac, for the yr. of 

our Lord. 30089. 
Agricultural leaders' digest. 54955. 
Aguascalientes, Mexico, map. 43114. 
Aharonian (A.) pseud See Roz (Fir- 

Abearn (Pat) At rehearsal. 53715. 
Ahearn (T. J.) Gong. 2S800. 
Abl-Nielsen (J.) Stiff penalties cut 

Danish auto deaths 50 pet. 30090. 
Ahn (Albert) Wurzelprinzessin. 19448. 
Abn & Simrock (Biihnenverlag) : 
Altweibersommer. 18688. 
Ausgerecbnet Carotti. 18708 
Baby. 60038. 
Gliickspilz. 18930. 
Indiscbe trommel. 28871. 
Konsul Blaubart. 19031. 
Letzte kuss. 60162. 
Made! von Sanssouci. 54005. 
Phr;ne. 19213. 
Scbreck von Hohenley. 54155. 
Theater eines gesichts. 29260. 
Ahrend (A. H.) co., inc. House that 

Harry built. 20. 
Aicard (Jean) Milesienne. 6170* 
Aiken (G. L.) Uncle Tom's cabin. 

Aiken, S. C., map. 60317. 
Aims (W. D. P.) Iridio information. 

70S3, 7084. 
Aine (Bazin) Pi-Pa-Ki (Story of the 

lute) 29098. 
Ainsleigh, inc. Latest trends. 44038. 
Ainslie (E. G.) Acctg. for cotton mer- 
chants. 20224-20226. 
Air reduction sales co. : 

Daley (O. A.) Maintenance of 
way reclamation by the oxy- 
acetylene process. 32452. 
Oxyacetylene cutting economy. 

Purest oxygen. 20227. 
Air telep. direct. Day fan radio. 

Aircraft yr. bk. 30092. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Aisenstein-Woronock & sons, inc. 

A-W value bells. 20229-20231, 

30093, 30094, 44039, 54956. 
Aitken (Margaret) Everychilcl's lang. 

bk. [etc.] T085-70ST. 
Ajax oil co., inc. Only guaranteed 

motor fuel. 30095. 
Ajax rope co., inc. Rope dope. 21, 

22, 7088, 7089, 26925, 40020. 
Akeley (Delia) Giant lizard drops 

off tree to boat. 20232. 
Akers (M. L.) A. & B. tool co. Chart 

for use in connection with Beeler 

auto axle gauge. 7052. 
Aker strom (Ullie) : 

Call of the king. 42544. 
Hell's gate. 28827. 
Old Limpy prays. 18629. 
Triumphant spiritual. 60294. 
Akins (Zoe) Thou desperate pilot! 

Akron, O. : 

Direct. 44040. 
Map. 54318. 
Akron Chamber of commerce. What 

aviation means to America. 30096. 
Aktiengesellschaft fur druck und 

verlag, vormals Gebruder Gotthelft. 

Henck (Wilhelm) Frohliches rech- 

nen. 62186. 
Alabama, map*. 6381, 19460, 29397- 

29399, 60318. 
Alabama druggist weather chart cal. 

Alabama machinery & supply co. 

Catalog. 7090. 
Alachua Co., Fla., map. 54319, 65807. 
Aladdin co. : 

Aladdin homes. 60638. 
Aladdin summer cottages & ga- 
rages. 23. 
Peace, happiness & comfort. 7091. 
Alameda, Calif., direct. 58576. 
Alameda, Calif., map. 29400. 
Alaska : 

Map. 6382, 19461. 
Workmen's compensation law. 
Alaska druggist weather chart cal. 

Alaska-Eastern fox & fur reservation 

co. Fox fax. 20233. 
Alaska silver fox farms. Sterling 

silver foxes. 7092. 
Alaskan Churchman. Alaskan Church- 
man cal. 44041. 
Alatas, inc. Grebenstchikoff (George) 

Churalvy velenia zemli. etc. Hy- 

paeBH BejiemiH 3eMjin. 56643, 56644 
Albany, Ga., direct. 44042. 
Albany, Me., direct. 64176. 
Albany, N. Y., direct. 30098. 
Albany, N. Y., map. 43115-43124, 

Albany, Or., map. 60319. 

Albany Co., Wyo., direct. 62636. 
Albany foundry co. Undecorated gray 

iron castings. 7093. 
Albany, Troy & Schenectady soc. blue 

bk. 30099. 
Albany wholesale grocery co., inc. EK 

sure-quad system. 24. 
Albaugh (H. P.) : 

Great Northern life insur. co. 

Netpar policy. 337S4. 
Netpar system. Netpar system of 
marketing securities. 13314, 
Alber (31rs. A. D.) Old time waltz. 

Albers bros. milling co. Albers prac- 
tical chick feeding & brooding sys- 
tem. 60639. 
Albert Emanuel co., inc., map. 43125. 
Albert-Jean. Amours, delicies. 28516. 
Alberta, Canada, map. 29401, 43126. 
Alberti (Eva) : 

Midsummer night's dream. 19109. 
Querida del toreador. 19238. 
Top o' the world. 6332. 
Albertson (J. L.) A-B-C system sim- 
plified double entry accounting, etc. 
Albin radio co., inc. : 

Albin money saver. 7094. 
Albin radio money saver. 60640. 
Albinger (L. C.) : 

Animal, vegetable & mineral king- 
doms, etc. 54959-54962. 
Self supervised seat work. etc. 

Silent reading seat work. etc. 
Albrecht (O. E.) Albrecht (E.) & 
son. Seventy-first anniv. of fur 
facts & fashions. 44043. 
Albright (J. N.) Treatise on canaries. 

Album, 1926. N. Y. univ. Washington 

Square college. 20234. 
Albuquerque high schl. (Eng. dept. of 
the) Minimum essentials in Eng. 
comp. 20235. 
Albyn (G. N.) : 

King Tut's daughter. 42753. 
Moral fabric. 42842. 
Quest. 42929. 
Alden (G. H.) Williamette univ. hist. 

leaflet. 60649. 
Alden (M. C.) Scar. 54153. 
Alderson, Okl., direct. 35235. 
Aldis (Graham) Office bldg. accts. 

& reeds. 60650. 
Aldis (Mary) : 

Fair Rosamund. 18877. 
Sister Anne. 6273. 
Aldregge (E. M.) Silent reading seat 

work. 54963-54967, 60651. 
Aldrich (C. C. T.) Peter Good-For- 
Nothing. 6021S. 

92643—26 2 


pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Aldrich (D. B.) Mr. Pledge wins. 

Aldrich (Darragh) pseud. See Al- 
drich (C. C. T.) 
Aldrich ( S. A. ) Green knight. 53893, 

Aldrich pump co. : 

Aldrich, 1000 gallons of water. 

Pump data. 20236-20239, 30105- 
30110, 54968-54971. 
Aldridge (A. D.) Aldridge cotton 

pickers rec. 20240. 
Alexander (A. R.) Holy City radiant. 

Alexander (G. B.) Tricking trick- 
sters. 43045. 
Alexander (H. B.) : 

Manito masks. 54015.* 
Menuette. 6169. 
Alexander (H. F.) Rectal diseases & 

their cure. 20241. 
Alexnnder (I. E.) Purple pigeon. 

Alexander (J. C.) Little star on 

wheels. 20242. 
Alexander (J. L.) Older boys & older 
girls camp - conferences. 20243, 
Alexander (J. S.) Address. 25. 
Alexander (Jacob) : 

Alexander & co. This profit shar- 
ing check. 30113. 
Winthrop. Mass. telep. direct. 
Alexander (Lillian) Torch-lights. 

Alexander (Paul) pseud. See Liedtke 

(P. A.) ' 
Alexander & co. Alexander & co.'s. 
alco silk hosiery, etc. 30112, 30113. 
Alexander & Watson. Radio log 

chart. 26. 
Alexander bros., inc. Tentacular. 

Alexander Hamilton inst. : 

Bus. conditions service, etc. 27- 
43, • 7096-7118, 20245-20271, 
30114-30142, 44047-44070, 54973- 
54988, 60652-60659. 
Johnson (J. F.) Organized bus. 
bldg. 34617. 
Alexandria Bay, N. Y., map. 54321. 
Alfano (Franco) Legende van Sak- 

untala. 6125. 
Alford (N. G.) Kentucky, map. 

Algarsson (Grettir) Story of Arctic 

perils. 59938. 
Algonac, Mich., map. 19462. 
Alhambra, Calif., direct. 30143. 
Alhambra, Calif., map. 29402. 
Alin (Hans) Twilight. 19390. 
Aliquippa, Pa., map. 60320. 

Alix (Victor) Quand on a fait ca 

une f ois ! 42928. 
Alkalol co. Alkalol for personal hygi- 
ene. 54989. 
Alkire (F. W.) Success for the sales- 
man. 20272. 
All-church press: 

Individual receipt, etc. 20273, 

Notice to reptrs. etc. 7119-7121. 
Please return at once. 54990. 
All-Florida realty co. Realtors! It's 

your bus., Florida. 44071. 
All-in-one co. Zarbaugh (L. L.) 

Pyorrhea, its cause. 28397. 
Allain (Marcel) : 

Chevalier panache. 7122. 
Espoir. etc. 60660-60665. 
Vadrouillards. 44072. 
Allan (C. L.) She got out & walked. 

Allard (Jimmie) : 

I'm the boy. 18991. 
Oh baby, baby ! 42877. 
Allard (Leola) Valentino demands 
Natacha swap babes for dogs. 
Allbright-Nell co. Laabs sanitary ren- 
dering processes & apparatus. 
Allee (J. C.) Thrifty-thrift system. 

Allegheny Co., Pa. Legal direct. 44, 


Allegheny Co., Pa., map. 19463, 29403. 

Allen (Amanda) inc. Amanda Allen 

slimline reducing garments, etc. 

45, 46. 

Allen (C. L.) Uses of the marks of 

punctuation. 20275. 
Allen (Darden) Auto, tour bk. 20276. 
Allen (F. L.) Hickory stick. 7123. 
Allen (Frank) Inconstant heart. 

Allen (G. H.) Plan to insure peace. 

Allen (H. D.) : 

Allen's distributing station own- 
ers handbk. & buyer's guide. 
Allen's supts. hand.bk. 54994. 
Allen (H. L.) Score card for city 

schls. 30147. 
Allen (Jay) : 

Argentine girl nearly drowns in 

Channel swim. 30149. 
Booming bonds presage Russia 
debt deal today. 60666-60670. 
Allen (Lucretia) Pomegranate as an 

aid to beauty. 60671. 
Allen (M. W.) Synopsis of the story 

of Marcia Wilson. 44075. 
Allen (N. B.) Practical map exer- 
cises in geog. 30545. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Allen (R. D.) Providence personnel 

chart. 44076. 
Allen (R. F.) Double-crossed. 28689. 
Allen (S. W.) Modern short cuts in 

figuring. 60672. 
Allen (Thomas) Coal mine gases and 

safety lamps. 44077. 
Allen (V. D.) jr. Own your home on 

what you earn. 54992. 
Allen (W. M.) Pediatric. 21980. 
Allen A co. : 

Ask for no. 895 full-fashioned pure 
thread Japan silk. etc. 30150, 
Hosiery for holiday gift-or wear. 

No bulging — no gaping. 54993. 
Now-pure thread Japan silk 75c 

the pair. etc. 7124, 7125. 
Special chiffon stocking. 47. 
There's no knee like the triple 
knee. etc. 44078-44080. 
Allen bus. papers, inc. Nugents, the 

garment weekly. 38982. 
Allen Co., Ind., direct. 33422. 
Allen filter co. Allen frigidaire water 

coolers. 7126. 
Allen, Lane & Scott. 20th century al- 
manac. 18626. 
Allen pub. co. Freemasons. Royal 
Arch. 74 H. T. W. S. S. T. K. S. & 
his followers. 10432. 
Allen's supts. hand bk. 54994. 
Allenton (Joseph) Town folks 

Allers familj-joiunals tryckeri-aktie- 
bolag. : 

Cederborg (C. Aug.) Vita frun 

pa Trollebo. 31614. 
Ossiannilsson (K. G.) Prinses- 
san av. Sibirien. 64152. 

Stora Mogul. 39088. 

Alles (F. L.) Security trust & sav- 
ings bank. Security rainfall. 
Allied motor mutual insur. co. Saw- 
yer-Miller plan. 30155. 
Allied patmos patriots, inc. Consti- 
tution. 44081. 
Allin (J. B.) J. B. Allin's interpre- 
tation of the Biblical acct. of the 
creation & fall of man. 30155. 
Ailing-ham (Margery) Water in a 

sieve. 29326. 
Allis (Mrs. F. H.) Then & now. 

Allis-Chalmers mfg. co. Allis-Chal- 
mers rock & ore crusher. etc. 
Allison (H. N.) Go into bus. for 

yourself. 20277. 
Allison (H. O.) : 

Beaver Valley traction co. 
Friendly transportation plus. 
55196, 60901. 

Pittsburgh & Beaver St. ry. co. 
Friendly transportation plus. 
Allison (W. H.) Short story of the 

battle of Gettysburg. 26278. 
Allison (Y. B.) Curious legend of 

Louis Philippe in Ky. 30157. 
Allister (Claud) Chance visitor. 

Allmetal weatherstrip co. Selling 

talk. 20279. 
Allori (Pietro) pseud. Liliana, la 

principessa sventurata. 60674. 
Allport (F. H.) N. C. rating scale. 

48, 7127. 
Allston (H. W.) Escape of Daddy 

Rabbit. 7128. 
Allyn (M. C.) Diamonds. 28674. 
Allyn (M. C.) Maggie fixes it. 19087. 
Allyn & Bacon : 

Baker (D. L.) Teacher's hdbk. 

Brownlee (R. B.) Teacher's 

hdbk. 61960. 
Carpenter (P. A.) Ans. bk. for 
the complete algebra. etc. 
61669, 61670. 
Chardenal (C. A.) Key to Char- 
denal's complete French course. 
Edgerton (E. I.) Ans. bk. for 
the complete algebra, etc. 61669, 
Espinosa (J. M.) Key to Span- 
ish cross world puzzle bk. etc. 
61712, 61713. 
Five French comedies. 42618.* 
Fuller (R. W.) Teacher's hdbk. 

Rolfe (J. C.) Teacher's manual. 

Twelfth night. 54251.* 
Almanac adv. agency: 

Everyday almanac & home helps. 

Farmer's almanac. 10055. 
Homestead almanac. 11140. 
Almanaque onomastico de Cardui 

para las damas, 1926. 30158. 
Almars (Joseph) Commer. design- 
ing. 20280. 
Almond (L. S.) Peter Rabbit & the 

two terrible foxes. 30159. 
Aloha, 1925. 30160. 
Alpena, Mich., map. 6383. 
Alpern (Hymen) Spanish verb 

blanks. 18305. 
Alpha floral co. Flowers for all oc- 
casions. 55012. 
Alpha Portland cement co. Alpha ce- 
ment. 20281. 
Alrich (Evelyn) Collitch post card. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Alshuler mfg. co. Dealers' portfolio 
on the merchandising merits, etc. 
Alster-verlag : 

Dramen von Friedrich Hinsmann. 

Hamburger iibersee - jahrbuch, 
1925. 62110. 
Alta studios, inc. Alta art studios. 

Alta Vista. Va„ map. 29404. 
Altadena. Calif., direct. 39219. 
Altemus (II. E.) : 

Almond (L. S.) Peter Rabbit & 

the two terrible foxes. 30159. 

Kauffman (R. W.) Greek & 

Roman lit. 47572. 
Scovil (E. R.) Bible prayers. 

520S0. 520S1. 
VerBeok (Frank) Little black 

Sambo. 27995. 
Wynne (May) Flapsy Flopper 
of the farm yard. 42365. 

Hootie Toots of Hollow Tree. 


Alter (Harry) Alter (Harry) & co. 

Harry Alter's pocketwook. 49, 7129, 

7130, 202S2, 30162-30164, 44082- 

44083, 55017. 

Alter (May) Missing bonds. 60675. 

Altheimer (B. M.) Thanksgiving 

song. 60676. 
Altman (Vladislav) Only way. 55018. 
Alton, 111., map. 19464. 
Alton direct co. Gillespie, 111., direct. 

Altona (J. H.) : 

Holland turns on U. S. movies. 

Turkey refuses to face court in 
Mosul row. 55019. 
Altoona, Pa., direct. 20283. 
Altorfer bros. co. : 

ABC double A Gyrator-type elec. 

washer. 30165. 
ABC vacuum elec. washer, etc. 
50, 51. 
Aluminum co. of Amer. Edwards 
(J. D. ) Aluminum paint. etc. 
56037, 56038. 
Aluminum cooking utensil co. : 

Healthful foods the new method 

of cooking. 44085. 
Woolley (E. M.) Aluminum age. 
Alvarado, Calif., map. 54322. 
Alvarado, Tex., map. 65808. 
Alvarez Quintero (Serafin y Joaquin) 

Cancionera. 5968. 
Alvey-Ferguson co., inc. Chains, con- 
veyors & accessories. 44086. 
Alvord (E. O.) What's the racket? 

Alvord, Tex., map. 43127. 


Alward-Anderson-Southard co. Red 
head brand hunters & campers 
equipment. 7131. 
Alwart I P. J. ) Alwart bros. coal co. 

Alwart coal yards. 7132. 
Alwart bros. coal co. Alwart coal 

yards. 7132. 
Alwyn-Schmidt co. Alwyn-Schmidt's 

hair trade guide. 440S7. 
Amalgamated press (1922) ltd. 
Harmsworth's children's encycl. 
1779-1781, 10844-10S52, 22949-22952, 
Amarillo, Tex., direct. 55020. 
Amarillo feed & seed co. Highland 

feeds to meet your needs. 440S8. 
Amateur ath. union of the U. S. Off. 
ath. rules & off. hankbk. of the 
Amateur ath. union of the U. S. 
Amawalk nursery inc. Washington's 

historic hayfleld boxwood. 202S4. 
Amazon Basin, map. 54323. 
Amberg rile & index co. Supplies for 

vertical filing. 30166. 
Ambi roofing tile corp. Ambi roofing 

tile. 20285. 
Ambridge, Pa., direct. 7133. 
Ambrose (0. A.) Pioneer days of the 

west. 6963. 
Ambrose (F. M.) co. : 

Dinsmore (E. L.) Ans. bk. 

Lab. manual of chemistry. 

Johnson (Alan) Ans. bk. 2112. 
Amend (Ottile) : 

Desperation. 18832. 
Hit or miss. 42686. 
Tight squeeze. 43029. 
America (Hugo de) Pilar, la princesa 

desventurada. etc. 30167, 30168. 
America (Reed) pseud. See Whit- 
ford (Ruth) 
America, map. 6384. 
Amer. adv. co. Listen in radio log 

chart. 7134. 
Amer. almanac cal. 44089. 
Amer. ann. golf guide & yr. bk. 30169. 
Amer. apparel co. Dear madam, etc. 

Amer. appliance co. Schlueter's va- 
riety store. Sale Jan. 30th to Feb. 
7. 16559. 
Amer. appraisal co. : 

Accounting for depreciation, etc. 

Appraising an appraisal. etc. 

Defeating destroyers of property. 

Straight through the tangle of de-' 
preciation. 44093. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Amer. arch co., inc. : 

AitiCT. suspended open hearth roof. 

etc. 30181-30183. 
Designs covering arrangement of 
security oil burning brick, etc. 
44094, 44095. 
Designs of security brick arches. 
7146-7149, 20286-20287, 55021. 
Amer. arch. Amer. arch. spec, manual. 

Amer. art bur. : 

Currey (Margery) Pictures for 

schls. etc. 45919, 45920. 
Pictures in home decoration. 
Amer. art works, inc. : 
Health cal. 62172. 
Household efficiency cal. 1942. 
Kitchen cal. 2190, 62559. 
Meat cal. 12584, 62908. 
Milk recipe cal. 2766, 63027. 
American asphalt paint co. : 

Ads that sell Valdura asphalt 

paint, etc. 30190-30194. 
Amasco spec. 30184-30189. 
Confidential information. 20288. 
Valux black enamel. 60677. 
Amer. assn. for organizing family 
social work. Direct, of family social 
work. 7150. 
Amer. assn. of adv. agencies. : 

Constitution & by-laws. 7151. 
Qualifications for membership. 
Amer. assn. of importers & breeders 
of Belgian draft horses. Natl. reg. 
Amer. assn. of medical progress. 

Smallpox. 44096. 
Amer. assn. of port authorities : 

Baldwin (L. W.) Coordination of 

rail & water facilities. 30615. 
Colden (C. J.) Rail rates as a 
factor in port development. 
Cunningham (Brysson) Port ad- 
ministration. 32413. 
Cykler (E. F.) Duocrete piling. 

32433. ■ 
Frith (H. W.) Design, construc- 
tion & operation of a grain 
jetty. 33528. 
Lambert (R. E.) Ships & cargo. 

Massey (G. M.) Selling the port. 

Port authorities direct, for N. 

America. 20289. 
Thompson (S. A.) Seaports & in- 
land waterways. 41564. 
Van Buskirk (Dewitt) Harbor 

of N. Y. 41783. 
Williams (W. F.) Relation of the 
motor truck to water terminal 
operation. 42181. 

Amer. assn. of teachers of Italian. 

Bulletin. 20290, 20291, 44097, 60678. 

Amer. automatic devices co. Plate lite. 

Amer. auto. assn. : 

Amer. auto. assn. Touring & 
transportation bd. Snow re- 
moval. 54. 
New England auto, tours, etc. 

Tour bk. of the Southeastern 
states with auto routes to Fla. 
See, for entries of maps, this in- 
dex under names of places. 
Amer. autoparts co. Amer. springs. 

Amer. bank : 

Home saver. 55. 
Way of the busy dollar — as told 
by itself. 7154. 
Amer. banker, inc. Amer. banker. 
Hundred largest banks in the U. S. 
Amer. bankers assn. : 

Amer. bankers assn. Public edu- 
ca. comm. Banker & the 
farmer, etc. 44099-44113. 
Amer. inst. of banking. Public 
educa. comm. Radio talks. 
Stand, form. 7155. 

Public educa. comm. Banker & 

the farmer, etc. 44099-44113. 
Amer. bankers service : 

Royal Oak savings bank. Co-op. 
etc. 59042-59048. 

$40 bucks a wk. 64513. 

Amer. blower co. : 

ABC air washing & cooling fan. 

etc. 7156-7174. . 
ABC enclosed self oiling, ver- 
tical steam engines. etc. 
A. B. C. exhaust fan. etc. 20292- 

A. B. C. portable heating units. 

etc. 57-63. 
ABC steel plate, etc. 30199- 

Garages — a fertile field for ven- 
tilation profits. etc. 55023, 
Now — ventilation built right into 
the kitchen, etc. 60679,60680. 
Rept. by an investigating comm. 
Amer. bond & mortgage co.. inc. : 

Amer. bond city of safe invest- 
ment. 7175. 
Moore (W. J.) Rules for safe 
investment. 63121. 
Amer. bk. co. : 

Bntterworth (J. E.) Geog. of 
Wyoming. 4523S. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Amer. bk. co. — Continued. 

Cicero (M. T.) Impeachment of 

Verres. etc. 21600, 21601. 
Clark (W. B.) Geog. of Md. 904. 
Dyer (Elizabeth) Geog. of D. C 

Forman (S. E.) Government of 

New England. 56517. 
Geog. of the D. C. 1608. 
Hayward (H.) Geog. of Del. etc. 

Johnson (W. E.) Geog. of S. D. 

Laidley (M. F.) Our Eng. 34859. 
Lyman ( E. A. ) Key to elemen- 
tary algebra. 2488. 
Music bul. 24576, 60681. 
Philbrook (E. E.) Geog. of 

Maine. 39315. 
Ridgley (D. C.) Geog. of 111. 

Simpson (H. E.) Geog. of X. D. 

Strange (A. C.) Geog. of Oregon. 

Warriner (E. C.) Geog. of Mich. 
Amer. bk. sales co., ltd. Zimmerman 
lumber co. Wholesale & retail lum- 
ber co. 5872. 
Amer. bktrade direct. 44117. 
Amer. Bosch magneto corp. : 

Additional Bosch service parts 

prices, etc. 30207-30212. 
Bosch catalog. 20304-20324. 
Bosch magneto, etc. 7176-7184. 
Bosch magneto & GM governor 
for Fordsons. etc. 44118-44135. 
Amer. bottlers of carbonated bever- 
ages. Know your goods. 30213. 
Amer. boys club. Ritual. 7185. 
Amer. branch. See Oxford university 

press, Amer. branch. 
Amer. brass co. : 

Anaconda catenary exhibit etc. 

20325, 20326. 
Screens that meet the test. 7186. 
Ten yrs. hence. 60682. 
Amer. bridge co. Eng. stands. 64. 
Amer. bur. of analysis & labs. co. 

Quarterly urinalysis rept. 7187. 
American bur. of analysis, inc. Edu- 

ca. series, no. 1-3. 30214-30216. 
Amer. bur. of metal statistics. Yr. bk. 
of the Amer. bur. of metal statistics. 
Amer. burtonizing co. Double fermen- 
tation process. 7188. 
Amer. bus. manager's inst. Adminis- 
tration bk. etc. 30217-30219. 
Amer. cable co., inc. World's largest 

cables, etc. 20327, 20328. 
American calendar co. Amer. alma- 
nac cal. 44689. 

Amer. cellulose & ehem. mfg. co., ltd. 
What you should know about cela- 
nese. 44136. 
Amer. central insur. co. Monthly 

traveling expense rec. 44137. 
Amer. chain co., inc. : 

Acco one-piece guard rail. 30220. 
Weed levelizers. 55025. 
Amer. chemical paint co. A. C. P. de- 

oxidine. 65. 
Amer. chicle co. : 

D. X. or B. J.— which? etc. 

20329, 20330. 

He won. 7189. 

Amer. child health assn. : 

Child health bul. 31785, 31786. 
Dramatizing child health. 42589*. 
Happy's cal. 47019. 
Amer. chiropractic assn., inc. : 

Bulletin. 66, 7190, 20331, 30221. 
Chiropractic statement card. 
Amer. code co., inc. : 

Terminational index. 55026. 
Vollers 12 figure system. 20332. 
Amer. color type co. Pulling power of 

color in adv. etc. 44138, 44139. 
Amer. commerce assn. : 

A. C. A. men make good. etc. 

Export & import shipping. 67, 

Stout (W. L.) Self promotion. 
41270, 52735. 
Amer. cranberry growers' assn. Pro- 
ceedings. 68. 
Amer. crayon co. Old faithful prod- 
ucts. 55027. 
Amer. credit assn. Amer. credit assn. 

Amer. credit mens assn. Reading 
natl. bank. Only sure road to 
wealth. 26719. 
Amer. creditors assn. Merchant's di- 
rect collector. 30227. 
Amer. decorative soc. Interior deco- 
ration. 7192. 
Amer. demograph co. : 

Chicago paper co. New kind of 

fold well. 45482. 
Crane co. Crane iron & ferro- 
steel double disc gate valves, 
etc. 45S82, 45883. 
Independent pneumatic co. In- 
side facts. 232S4. 
Amer. dental co. Porcelain technic. 

20333, 20334. 
Amer. detective training schl. Amer. 

detective system. 7193. 
Amer. direct. & buyers' guide in the 

U. S. 44144. 
Amer. dyewood co. Tanning with 
A D C O liquid. 69. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Amer. eduea. assn. : 

Giving thanks this twenty-sixth 
day of Nov., 1925. etc. 60684- 
Independence day. etc. 30228- 

Lincoln memorial. etc. 7194- 

You & I & the other fellow. 70- 
73, 20335, 2033S, 44145-44155, 
Amer. enameled products co. Bath- 
room beautifiers. 30239. 
Amer. encaustic tiling co. Aetcotype 

accessories. 7205. 
Amer. encycl. of Christianity. 7206. 
Amer. endocrine labs. Radiendocri- 

nator. 7207. 
Amer. engraving & color plate co. : 
Financing the schl. ann. 74. 
Schl. ann. adv. 7208. 
Selling the ann. 30240. 
Amer. eveready works. Indicaciones 

para obtener el mayor. 7209. 
Amer. express co. : 

Amer. express co. Travel dept. 

Ocean sailings. 7210. 
Ocean sailings. 75, 20339, 20340, 
30241, 30242, 44156, 44157, 55031, 
Amer. farmer's cost acctg. service. 

Amer. farmer's cost bk. 30243. 
Amer. farming pub. co. : 

Agric. leaders' digest. 54955. 
Pin money hints. 44158. 
Semi-ann. digest of co-op. agric. 
extension worker's activities. 
Amer. federal tax repts. 7211. 
Amer. fed. of arts. Amer. art sales. 

7212-7214, 20341-20342, 30244. 
Amer. femi-wear corp. Femi-wear 
customer's discount coupon. 30245. 
Amer. fertilizer handbk. 30246. 
Amer. field pub. co. Field dog stud 

bk. 33273. 
Amer. forest products co. Mfr.'s in- 
voicing. 76. 
Amer. fork & hoe co. True temper 

garden bk. 44159. 
Amer. fruit growers, inc. Fruits & 

vegetables. 44100. 
Amer. gas accumulator co. : 

Adaptable, If it's traffic. etc. 

Cheney (F. E.) Traffic & park- 
ing regulations. 55571. 
Kelcey (G. G.) First aid to 
traffic, etc. 34699, 34700. 

Traffic & parking regulations. 

Traffic eng. in Trenton. 30247. 
Amer. gas assn. Handy-bk. 55032. 


Amer. gear co. : 

Amer. gear co. products. 20343. 
Auto, parts, etc. 30248-30250. 
Chart for adjusting spiral bevel 
gears in rear axles, etc. 44161- 
American geographical institute. Aus- 
tralia, map. 60325. 
Amer. geographical soc. of N. Y. : 
Amazon Basin. Map. 54323. 
Alaska, map. 6382, 43130. 
Arctic Region, map. 43130. 
Behring Island, map. 54336. 
North Folar Regions, map. 54557. 
Serbe-Croat-Slovene State, map. 
Amer. grinder mfg. co. Two hard 
working fast selling Blackhawks. 
Amer. grocer co. Wholesaler's 3H 

sure-trip. 77. 
Amer. hardware & supply co. Cata- 
log. 30251. 
Amer. Hereford cattle breeders' assn. 

Amer. Hereford rec. 78, 30252. 
Amer. hoist & derrick co. Amer. loco- 
motive crane cat. etc. 20344, 20345. 
Amer. home Bible inst., inc. : 
Catalogue. 44164. 
Collamore (E. W.) Epistles to 

the Thessalonians. 8991. 
Nickel (F. W.) Gospel by Luke. 
Amer. home service bur. Modern 

Amer. home. 7223. 
Amer. hotels corp. : 

Manager's manual. 60693. 
Manual of house opening. 55033. 
Amer. humane educa. soc. Buftett 
(E. P.) Animals' Magna Charta. 
Amer. incubator mfg. co., inc. Wish- 
bone is the money making incuba- 
tor. 79. 
Amer. inst. of accountants : 

Amer. inst. of accountants. Li- 
brary & bur. of information. 80, 
Circular of information. etc. 

Gen. conditions of the contract 
for constr. of bldgs. etc. 44165- 
— — Philadelphia chapter. Yr. bk. 
of the twenty-eighth ann. archi- 
tectural exhibition. 30256. 
Amer. inst. of banking: 

Banking fundamentals, etc. 44170, 

Saving banks. 30257. 

Public educa. com. Radio 

talks. 60694-60701. 
N. Y. chapter, inc. Shaw (C. S.) 
Outline in banking practice. 


pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Amer. inst. of Christianity. Amer. 

encycl. of Christianity. 7206. 
Amer. inst. of elec. engineers. A. I. 
E. E. standards. 44172-44185, 
American inst. of operatic & allied 
arts. Amer. operatic & allied arts 
foundation. 20346. 
Amer. inst. of steel, constr. Steel 

constr. SI. 
American insulating machinery co. 
Aimco enameling machines & acces- 
sory appliances. 30258. 
Amer. Jersey cattle club : 

Gow (R. M.) Jersey breed. 62066. 
Herd reg. of Jersey cattle, etc. 
20347-20349, 60702, 60703. 
Amer. labor press direct. 30259. 
Amer. labor yr. bk. 20350. 
Amer. laundry machinery co. : 

Amer. acme monel. etc. 82-101. 
Amer. floating roll ironer. etc. 

Big performance everyday ! etc. 

If the door is closed try the win- 
dow, etc. 55035-55040. 
Amer. law. bk. co. Legal research 

ques. etc. 44195-44205. 
Amer. law list. 102. 
Amer. lawyers ann. co. Amer. law- 
yers ann. 30260. 
Amer. lead pencil co. How Venus pen- 
cils are made. 30261. 
Amer. legion, N. Y. C. (advertising 
men's post, no. 209 of the) Roster 
& team-work guide. 20351. 
Amer. liby. assn. : 

Myer (W. A.) Conflicts in Amer. 

public opinion. 53356. 
White (W. A.) Conflicts in Amer. 
public opinion. 53356. 
American light & traction co., map. 

American lit. assn. (Boston chap, of) 
Gibson (C. H) ed. Yr. bk. of poems. 
American lumberman. Old homes made 

new, v. 1-2. etc. 20352, 20353. 
Amer. magnesia cement corp. Amaco 

stucco. 30262. 
Amer. management assn. : 

Amer. management assn. Com. on 
personnel technique. Essential 
personnel records. 60709. 

Com. on supervisory forces. 

Measuring & grading the super- 
visory forces. 60710. 
Arlin (H. W.) Stand, time wage 

system. 44342. 
Associated indus. of Mass. (Sub. 
com. of the) Cost-finding for 
personnel activities. 7417. 
Barber (J. H.) Budgeting sales. 

Barnaby (John) Standardization 
of office equipment. 7549. 

Benge (E. J.) Graphic control in 
labor budgeting. 60941. 

Beverage (F. S.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 30859. 

Carroll (G. V. S.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 31583. 

Charters (W. W.) Bldg. a sales- 
training program. 31669. 

Methods of measuring per- 
sonnel effort. 777. 

Clark (Wallace) Control of out- 
put in offices. 8880. 

Cliffe (F. B.) Budgeting prac- 
tices. 61311. 

Cox (F. P.) Management view- 
point. 32359. 

Craig (D. R.) Compensating re- 
tail salespeople. 32367. 

Davis (H. L.) Supervision. 1142. 

Dennison (H. S.) Need for an 
applied psychology. 22059. 

Earsman (G. S.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 32845. 

Eastman (L. R.) Future of the 
bus. man. 9714. 

Employee representation. etc. 
7225, 7226. 

Extra incentive wage plan. etc. 

Folsom (M. B.) Field of office 
management. 10289. 

Galloway (Lee) Personnel ad- 
ministration. 46689. 

Garvey (J. A.) Indus, partner- 
ship plan. 46708. 

Grassmuck (C. P.) Payroll 
budgeting. 62074. 

Harper (W. J.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 51805. 

Harris (D. W.) Finan. execu- 
tive's pt. of management. 33943. 

Hayden (H. B.) Finan. manage- 
ment. 34027. 

Heilman (R. E.) Profit sharing. 

Henry (R. A. C.) Budgeting finan. 
requirements. 62196. 

Holmes (S. S.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 47218. 

Hoskins (Chapin) What is sur- 
viving extra incentive wage 
plans? 34291. 

Hotchkiss (W. E.) Extra incen- 
tive wage plans. 47253. 

Jefferson (H. M.) Payroll ad- 
ministration. 34544. 

Training office employees. 


Jones (F. T.) Participation of 
the public schls. 34629. 

King (E. M.) Vaccination of em- 
ployees. 34764. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Kitson (H. D.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 34795. 

Knapp (C. H.) Financial man- 
agement. 34799. 

Lazarus (Arthur) Organization 
of the functions of the con- 
troller. 62647. 

Lytle (C. W.) Math. anal, of 
compensation plans. 48108. 

McKinsey (J. O.) Reorganizing 
executive & finan. management 
functions. 35347. 

Merchants' assn. of N. Y. Indus, 
bur. How N. Y. employers treat 
absence for sickness. 35873. 

Mills (John) Selecting & plac- 
ing college graduates in bus. 

Moller ( Kenneth ) Organizing for 
production. 63093. 

Moody (R. D.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 48847. 

Moore (Louise) Employee lunch- 
rooms. 24520. 

Morgan (E. B.) Placing & introd. 
employees. 24526. 

Morris (Harvey) Field sales or- 
ganization. 36144. 

Myers (P. H.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 51805. 

Owen (H. S.) Experiences with 
the Halsey premium plan. 

Patterson (Sterling) What should 
you run in employee mag. 

Perkins (H. G.) Extra incentive 
wage plan. 51216. 

Polakov (W. N.) General theory 
of incentives. 64262. 

Posner (G. A.) Training retail 
salespeople. 39445. 

Quinby (R. S.) Manual of health 
supervision. 26655. 

Rees (R. I.) Army & bus. organi- 
zation. 39821. 

Rowland (F. L.) Extra incentive 
wage plans. 51805. 

Rowley (A. W.) Extra incentive 
for foreman. 51857. 

Russell (Winslow) Field sales 
organization. 40181. 

Sander (Theodore) jr. Field 
sales organization. 40232. 

Shipley (A. F.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 40610. 

Staubach (C. P.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 41190. 

Stone (C. N.) Deere & co's. piece 
work system. 41260. 

Sweetser (F. L.) Finan. manage- 
ment. 41436. 

Sylvan (T. P.) Co. personnel pro- 
gram. 41455. 

Thomas (G. B.) Class room 

training of employees. 41550. 
Uhrbrock (R. S.) Psychol, aspect 

of job. anal. 27903. 
Weld (L. D. H.) Economist as 
an aid to management. 2S126. 
Will (Philip) Field sales organi- 
zation. 42143. 
Willings (G. C.) Sales budget. 

Wolf (M. J.) Field sales organi- 
zation. 42248. 
Yoakum (C. S.) Present limita- 
tions of psychol. tests in man- 
agement. 42431. 
Amer. mfrs. foreign credit under- 
writers, inc. Market guide. 103. 
Amer. mfrs. of toilet articles. Trade- 
marks for perfumes, toilet articles 
& soaps. 20354. 
Amer. mfg. co. Farmers' cotton rec. 

bk. & calculator. 30263. 
Amer. mfg. concern. Perry Hale's 

falcon monoplane kite. 104. 
American map co. : 

Boca Raton, Fla., map. 54348. 
United States, map. 65938. 
Amer. med. assn. : 

Amer. med. assn. Handbk. for 
the House of delegates, etc. 
20355, 20356. 
Amer. med. direct. 20357. 
Quarterly cumulative index. 
26650, 39697, 58883. 
American med. direct. 20357. 
Amer. metal market co. Metal sta- 
tistics, 1925. 24371. 
Amer. metal ware co. Single urns & 

batteries. 55041. 
Amer. mills co. : 

Acto co. You don't have to use 
a bank to save money ! 11. 

■ You don't have to use a blade 

to cut costs. 30503. 
Amer. multigraph sales co. : 

Going after the customer. 7227. 
Schumacher (B. A.) How to or- 
ganize & conduct a letter shop 
bus. 16596. 
Amer. museum of natural hist. : 

Amer. museum of natural hist. 

[calendar] 1926. 60711. 
Osborn (H. F.) Hall of the age 
of man. 39077. 
Amer. Naprapathic assn. To the hon- 
orable. 20358. 
Amer. natl. acad. of violin. Local 

branch. 30264. 
Amer. natl. Red cross. Amer. jr. Red 

cross. 441S6. 
Amer. nokol co. : 

Nokol manual. 30265. 
Nokol news. 50S26. 

204 r , 

pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Amer. numismatic assn. : 
Membership list. 44211. 
Milbank (S. R.) Coinage of 

Aegina. 2763. 
Noe (S. P.) Bibliography of 
Greek coin hoards. 38910. 
Amer. oil burner assn. Headquarters 

of an indus. 30266. 
Amer. optical co. : 

At last ! a perfect eyeglass lens. 

etc. 30267-30277. 
Crowsfeet & eyestrain, etc. 

Far more precious than diamonds. 

etc. 20359-20381. 
Knot-holes & eyesight, etc. 60712, 

New comfort for driving — Cruxite 

lenses, etc. 7228-7230. 
Tillyer (E. D.) jr. Wellsworth 

lensometer jr. 27832. 
Wellsworth merchandiser. 4202S- 

42030, 53321. 53322, 59827. 
Wellsworth Tillyer lens chart. 

Your eyes will thank you. 105. 
Amer. paint jour. co. Amer. paint 

trade buyer's guide. 20362. 
Amer. patent protection corp. Amer. 
patent protection corp. etc. 60714- 
Amer. petroleum inst. : 

A. P. I. pipe spec. etc. 44215, 

Dimensional stands, of cable, 
etc. 106, 107. 
Amer. photo-engravers assn. : 

Benedict (G. H.) Stand, scale for 
color process plates, etc. 20797, 
Photo-engraving extends Fifth 
Ave. across the continent. 
Photo-engraving makes Amer. gar- 
dens bloom anew. 7231. 
Photo-engraving makes every 
town a fashion center. 55043. 
Wnllen (James) Conquest by 
charm, etc. 5571, 5572. 
Amer. photographic pub. co. Thermo 

development chart. 7232. 
Amer. physical educa. assn. : 

Off. basketball guide for women. 

Spalding's field hockey guide. 

See U. S. field hockey assn. & 

Amer. physical educa. assn. 
Amer. piano co. Discovery of good 

music, etc. 30278-30283. 
Amer. Polish chamber of commerce, 

inc. Handbk. of Poland. 30284. 
American pop corn co. : 

Be sure of your ammunition, etc. 

Here's one thing that I know. 

etc. 7233-7236. 
Jolly time booster. 30364, 44217, 
44218, 55044. 
America press : 

Husslein (Joseph) Blessed Vir- 
gin Mary. 47286. 

Sacred Heart. 23234. 

Your own St. Joseph. 11240. 

Klemme (G. U.) St. Louis Times 
road guide. 34798. 
Amer. press assn. Country news- 
papers of America. 108, 30288. 
Amer. products co. : 

Mills (Albert) Road to success. 

Zanol. 30365. 
Amer. pub. & engraving co. Our pro- 
ductions. 7237, 7238, 302S9. 
Amer. pub. co. : 

Mahoning natl. bank. Banking 

made plain. 2585. 
Troy trust co., Banking made 
plain. 64975. 
Amer. radiator co. : 

Added convenience for your Ideal. 

etc. 7239-7258. 
Amer. peerless wall radiators. 

etc. 109-119. 
Amer. radiators. etc. 55045- 

Announcing a new invention for 
better home heating. etc. 
Announcing new, additional sizes 
ideal Arco round boiler, etc. 
Arco wand. etc. 30290-30298. 
Corto deserves its place in the 
sun. etc. 60719, 60720. 
Amer. radiator co. cal. 60721. 
Amer. radio relay league, inc. : 
Current radio. 44232-44239. 
Current radio daily service. 120- 
126, 20377-20381, 30299-30310, 
55052-55060, 60722-60725. 
Reinartz (J. L.) Reinartz may 
ban the daylight jinx. 16001. 
Amer. radio relay ser. Current radio. 

Amer. ry. assn. Intensive aspects of 
the r. r. highway crossing situation. 
Amer. real estate inst. of the Natl, 
assn. of real estate bds. See Natl, 
assn. of real estate bds. (Amer. real 
estate inst. of the) 
Amer. Red cross life saving service. 
Camp fire girls bk. of aquatics. 
Amer. resistor corp. Globar for elec. 

heat. 44240. 
American road map co. Illinois, map. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Amer. rolling mill co. Arrnco inter- 
natl. corp. Eng.^, dept. uses for 
Armco-ingot iron. etc. 30451- 
Amer. rose ann. 7268. 
Amer. sales bk. co., ltd. : 

Albany wholesale grocery co., inc. 
EK sure-quad system. 24. 

Amer. forest products co. Mfr.'s 
invoicing. 76. 

Amer. grocer co. Wholesaler's 
3 H sure-trip. 77. 

Ansco photoproducts, inc. Mfr.'s 
continuous interfolded system. 

Blood (J. B.) co. Four-pt. WIZ 
form. 44746. 

Blumenthal (B.) & co. Silk mfr.'s 
quadruplicating back order set. 

Bolotin (M.) & son. Furniture 
dealer's 4 HT EK sure quad 
system. 399. 

Boston store of Chicago. WIZ 
registers speed up records. 

Central furniture co. Furniture 
co.'s simple system. 45369. 

Chapman natl. bank. Duplicate 
WIZ system. 45411. 

Chase (E. R.) Druggist's sure- 
quad system. 45415. 

Cohen's (J. H.) sons co., inc. Re- 
ceiving system for goods. 45611. 

Consolidated elec. lamp co. Mfr's. 
seven pt. continuous interfolded 
set for billing. 983. 

Cox cash stores. Cash chain 
store uses onix-trip bks. 1069. 

Ebroclo shirt co. Six-pt. continu- 
ous interfolded form. 46232. 

Evans elec. co. Double purpose 
wiz. 1381. 

Farquhar (A. B.) co., ltd. Mfrs. 
continuous interfolded cost sys- 

• tern. 1406. 

Fetter (G. W.) co. Sure Trip bk. 
wins out over customer's own 
product. 46484. 

Flatpakit. etc. 44241-44244. 

Furniture dealer makes office or- 
ders, etc. 7269, 7270. 

Oluckin (William) & co. Milli- 
nery mfr.'s invoice. 46799. 

Griffen grocery co. Wholesale 
grocer's sure-quad system. 

Herzog co. Dyer & cleaner uses 
WIZ. 47162. 

Hillside supply co. Builder's sup- 
ply dealer's bill. 1S92. 

Hoffman motor co., inc. Tripli- 
cate system for repair orders. 

Holyoke natl. bank. Bank uses 
Wiz in its savings dept. 47227. 

Lipson & Adelson. Consignment 
invoice system. 47986. 

Little Rock broom works. Broom 
factory uses 4-A sure-quad. 

McNeill (P. J.) jewelry co. E. K. 
Trip improves records. 48228. 

Pioneer laundry co. Duplicate 
WIZ system used in a laundry. 

Quaker hat co. Duplicate in- 
voices combined with address 
label. 51506. 

Red spot paint & varnish co. 
Chain paint store saves half the 
time. 51555. 

Roessler & Hasslacher chem. co. 
Mfr's. three-part reg. 51776. 

Roszell ( J. D.) co. WIZ with five 
form system. 51802. 

Sanitary cleaning & dyeing co. 
Autographic regs. save clerical 
work. 51974. 

Scranton lace co. Lace rnfr. uses 
a WIZ for mfg. instrs. 52083. 

Sears auto co. Quad WIZ sys- 
tem used by an auto. & parts 
distributor. 52096. 

Siegel bros. & Burnstine. Order, 
invoices & express receipts. 

Southern creamery co. 3-iH sure 
trip, bks. save. 52525. 

Superior shoe co. 5-part continu- 
ous interfolder forms. 52852. 

Van Raalte co. Mfr.'s head office 
records. 53175. 

Which is the safest salesbk? etc. 

Wilkes-Barre wholesale grocery 
co. Bill, charge & delivery sys- 
tem. 53378. 

Would you buy a muzzle-loading 
gun today? 20383. 

Wyant Way, inc. 6 pt. continuous 
interfolded system. 53505. 

Yeager's (J. M.) sons. Bill, 
charge & delivery system. 5850. 

Zimmerman (Chas.) & sons. 
Quadruplicate Amer. automatic 
aliner billing system. 53595. 
Amer. schl. : 

Dunlap (C. H.) Turn your train- 
ing into cash. 22196. 
Kenison (Ervin) Mech. drawing. 

Lane (J. A.) Eng. composition & 

rhetoric. 47721. 
Peede (Stella) Study outline. 

Tullis (D. B.) Study outline for 
a yr. of algebra. 27887. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Amer. schl.— Continued. 

White (C. E.) Practical radio. 
Amer. scientific labs., inc. Chicken 

chatter. 45490. 
Amer. screw co. Cat. & price lists. 

Amer. seating co. : 

Church furniture data blank, etc. 

30320, 30321. 
Some scientific facts. 7271. 
Amer. securities corp. Miami. 20385. 
Amer. security & trust co. : 

Amer. security real estate services. 

etc. 7272-7284. 
For better understanding. etc. 
Amer. shoemaking direct. 127. 
Amer. short-horn breeders' assn. 

Amer. short-horn herd bk. 30322. 
Amer. silk mills. Contract. 44245. 
Amer. smelting & refining co. Lead & 

products of lead. 44246. 
Amer. social hygiene assn., inc. : 

Everett (R. H.) Hygiene sociale. 

etc. 33088, 330S9. 
Spencer (A. G.) For what do so- 
cial hygiene assns. stand? 
Amer. soc. for prophetic study. Kept. 

of the fall meeting. 72s."i. 
Amer. soc. for testing materials. A. S. 

T. M. standards. 44247. 
Amer. soc. of bkplate collectors & de- 
signers. Year bk. 55061. 
Amer. soc. of heating & ventilating 
engineers : 

Amer. soc. of heating & ventilat- 
ing engineers guide. 44248. 
Ingels (Margaret) A- A dust-de- 
terminator. 112S7. 

■ Progress rept. on the critical 

velocity of the flow of steam. 
McConnell (W. J.) Basal meta- 
bolism before & after. etc. 
12281, 12282. 
Schrader (C. C.) Further data 

on infiltration of air. 16565. 
Yagloglou (C. P.) Equivalent 
conditions o f temperature. 
Amer. soc. of marine engineers. 
Rosen (C. G. A.) Marine Diesel 
engines. 51795. 
Amer. soc. of mech. engineers : 

Amer. soc. of mech. engineers. 
Boiler code com. on miniature 
boilers (Sub-corn, of the) Rules 
for the constr. of miniature 
boilers. 128. 
• Mech. eng. Eng. index. 12585- 
12588, 24276, 24277, 3570S. 
35709, 48600, 48601, 5733S, 

Rules for the const, of unfired 
pressure vessels. 30323. 
Amer. sports co? Rules for racehoss. 

Amer. sports pub. co. : 

Camp directors assn. Publ. com. 
Camps & camping, season 1925. 
How to play baseball. 11165. 
Off. base ball rules. 15278. 
Off. indoor base ball rules. 50923. 
Off. lacrosse guide. 26143. 
Off. rules for ice hockey. 4087. 
Quoits & horseshoe pitching. 

Robertson (Lawson) ed. College 

athletics. 39929. 
Spalding's golf guide, etc. 27469, 

Spalding's off. base ball guide. 

Spalding's off. O. interscholastic 
foot ball guide, etc. 30324- 
Amer. stainless steel co. Stainless in 

indus. etc. 20398, 20399. 
Amer. stationary co. : 

One gift that is strictly personal. 

Special coupon. 20400. 
Your courtesy coupons. 7286. 
Amer. stove co. : 

Famous Lorain oven heat regula- 
tor. 30327. 
Lorain high speed oil burner, etc. 

Research regarding oven-cooked 
catchup, etc. 44252-44255. 

Dangler stove co., div. Special 

merchandising plans. 3032S, 44256. 
George M. Clark & co., div. Spe- 
cial merchandising plans. 30329, 
Natl, stove co., div. Special mer- 
chandising plans. 30330, 44258. 
New process stove co. div. ■ Spe- 
cial merchandising plans. 30331, 
Quick meal stove co., div. Spe- 
cial merchandising plans. 30332, 

Reliable stove co., div. Special 

merchandising plans. 30333, 44261. 
Amer. S. S. union : 

Adams (L. M.) Simple Bible 

course for daily vacation Bible 

schls. etc. 44028. 44029. 

Atkins (G. G.) Abraham, the 

hero of faith, etc. 30507-30532. 

Bible life stories, etc. 44373- 

Bartow (H. E. ) Superintendent's 
guide for 1926. 30676. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

McConaughy (James) Simple bi- 
ble course for daily vacation 
bible scbls. 14028. 
Amer. surety co. of N. Y. Sekeson 
(Leon) ' Distribution of unbe- 
gueathed personal property. 52145. 
Amer. system co., inc. Broker or sub- 
agents acct. current, etc. 20410- 
Amer. telep. & teleg. co. : 

Adjustment of station apparatus, 
etc. 72S7-T292. 
■ Aerial cable constr. etc. 55062- 
Bell system maintenance prac- 
tices, central offices. etc. 
Block cable construction. etc. 

Commission leaflet, etc. 129-135. 
Guying, etc. 44262-44266. 
Machine switching service observ- 
ing, etc. 30334-30341. 

Comptroller's dept : 

Bell teleps. in prin. cities, etc. 

20433. 20434. 
Summary of bus. 136, 7293, 7294, 
30342, 30343, 44267, 44268, 55067. 

■ Dept. of development & research : 

Carrier current systems. 137, 138. 
Link type line finder equipment. 

etc. 44269-44272. 
Toll transmission practices. 26435, 

Transmission maintenance prac- 
tices. • 7295. 

Dept. of operation & eng. : 

Assignment of operators to posi- 
tions, etc. 44273-^4277. 
Cable fault locating, etc. 7296, 

Cable splicing measurements, etc. 

55069, 55070. 
Electrolysis practices, etc. 20436- 

General teleg. practices. 60754. 
Outward operators' textbk. etc. 
139, 140. 
Amer. theosophical soc. : 

Besant (Annie) Coming of the 

world-teacher. 60992. 
Theosophical correspondence schl. 
Intermediate theosophy. 5346^ 
5348, 17698, 17699, 27802. 
— « — Theosophy & Christianity. 
52952, 59678, 64930. 
Amer. thread co. Star needlework 

jour. 5193, 17325, 41171. 
Amer. tissue mills : 

College crepe streamers. etc. 

141, 142. 
Silkene crepe paper. 7298. 
Amer. tract soc. Jones (M. B.) 
Easter story. 2126. 

Amer. trust & savings bank. ABC 

of states, etc. 55071, 55072. 
Amer. trust co. : 

Not once in a life time. etc. 

60755, 60756. 
There is profit. 7299. 
Amer. underwriters. Pocket chart of 

life insur. cos. 20441. 
Amer. uniform co., inc. Famous Bur- 
ton uniform. 44278. 
Amer. univ. of sanipractic. Code of 

ethics. 7300. 
Amer. vibrolithic corp. : 

Discussion of the beam & other 

tests, etc. 20442, 20443. 
Interlocking bituminous pave- 
ments. 55073. 
Moving picture of vibrolithic con- 
crete constr. etc. 7301, 7302. 
Paving America. 60757. 
Vibrolithic pavement, etc. 44279, 
Amer. warehousemen's assn. Proceed- 
ings of the thirty-fourth ann. meet- 
ing. 20444. 
American water works & elec. co., inc., 

map. 29405, 29406. 
Amer. weekly, inc. : 

Sfuddy (G. E.) Bonzo's latest 
exploits ! 17562. 

Dog's life. 52811. 

Amer. welfare assn., inc. Advance 

prospectus. 30354. 
Amer. well works : 

Amer. oil well pumping jacks. 

Instrs. for the installation. 143. 
Municipal installation, etc. 7303, 

Single stroke totally enclosed 

power heads. 20445. 
Two stroke totally enclosed power 
heads, etc. 44281, 44282. 
Amer. wholesale corp. (Baltimore 
bargain house) Baltimore price re- 
ducer. 144, 7305, 7306, 20446, 20447, 
30356. 30357, 42283-44285, 55074, 
Amer. wire form co. No-germ display 

stands. 145. 
Amer. woman's assn., inc. Manual for 

saleswomen, etc. 20448, 20449. 
Amer. wood working machinery co. 
Perry (A. D.) Chats on period 
styles in furniture. 26352. 
American woolen co., map. 43129. 
Amer. writers' bur. : 

Botelho (F. M.) How & why to 

own a home. 7912. 
Writers' Review. 28326, 42313. 
Amer. writing paper co. : 

Accepted by the nation. etc. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Amer. writing paper co. — Continued. 
As sound as the nation's money. 

Eagle-A bond papers, etc. 30358- 

Eagle A watermark identifies the 
nine essential grades of bond 
paper. 20450. 
Right paper at the right price. 

etc. 44286, 44287. 
These nine eagle-A papers serve 

the nation's bus. 60759. 
They have become the paper buy- 
ing guide. 146. 
Amer. youth foundation : 

Alexander (J. L.) Older boys & 
older girls camp-conferences. 
Founders battle plan. etc. 147- 
Amerith div. Amerith & the arch line 
of vanity articles. See Celluloid co. 
Amerith division. 8668. 
Ames (F. A.) Ames co. Ames co. 
creators of home estates. etc. 
30361, 30362. 
Ames (Florence) Riding academy. 

Ames (H. T.) Fishin* days. 20451. 
Ames (J. Q.) Evangelical test. 60760. 
Ames (W. V-B.) co. Cement manual 

for office assistants. 7310. 
Ames (Winthrop) Snow White & the 

seven dwarfs. 54178. 
Ames. Emerich & co. When you check 

up your financial progress. 151. 
Amexol products co. Amexol. 7311. 
Amherst. Mass.. direct. 60761. 
Arnica press. Auto, mutual insur. co. 
of America & the Factory mutual 
liability ins. co. of America. Arnica. 
Amichatis y Mantua ( — ) Marieta. 

Amiel (Denys) : 

Homme d'un soir. 65564. 
Monsieur et Madame un tel. 

Theatre. 29260*. 
Amiesite asphalt co. Specifications for 

Amiesite. etc. 152-154. 
Amityville. N. Y., map. 29407. 
Ammen (F. D;) Here's luck. 55076. 
Amodio (Frank) : 

Don't play with love. 18844. 
O'Catharina. 20452. 
Amolin co. Everybody perspires. 155. 
Amory, Browne & co. : 

Announcing Indian Head Cloth. 

etc. 20453. 
Do you make your uniforms? 

etc. 30363-30366. 
Nashua blankets now of part 
wool. etc. 44288-44300. 


New permanent finish means new 

& lasting beauty, etc. 7312- 


When north wind blows. etc. 


A-moy co. Fat people can now reduce. 

Ampico corp. : 

Business training corp. Helping 
the prospect to buy. 8447- 

When the prospect hesitates. 


Widening the circle. 31447. 

Hamilton (C. G.) Suppl. to piano 
music. 56677. 
Amptennian. Amptennian, 1925. 

Amster (Isidor) Key to problems in 

commer. law. 55077. 
Amsterdam constr. co. His dam contr. 

methods. 7316. 
Amundsen (Roald) Amundsen thinks 
new land will be found by Mac- 
Millan. etc. 30368-30370. 
Amusement-Goer club. This special 
Amusement-Goer club ticket. 30371. 
Amusement pub. co. of Atlantic City. 
Amusements, etc. 156-167. 7317- 
7333, 20455-20470, 30372-3039 2. 
Amy (E. V.) -Radio-teleg. transmit- 
ters. 55078. 
Ana Maria. 20471. 
Anaconda, Mont., direct. 7334. 
Anadict pub. co. Schwartz (L. E.) 

Anadict. 16602. 
Ananias ( — ) jr. Splendid mendor. 

Anatole producing co. Three rooms. 

Anchor post iron works. Anchor all- 
steel hand trucks. 60770. 
Anchor press, inc. Detroit, Mich., 

map. 29480. 
Anchor securities corp. On the road 

to tomorrow. 30394. 
Anchorage woman's club. Yr. bk. 

Ancient order of mechanics of the 
world, inc. Charge of District 
knights. 30393. 
Andalusia, Pa., map. 60321. 
Andersen (W. N.) English course in 

ten pract. lessons. 60771. 
Anderson (A. E.) Hutch cleaning 

plan. 7336. 
Anderson (A. G.) : 

Cheer up. etc. 30395, 30396. 
Great outdoors is waiting, etc. 
Anderson (A. W.) Diseases & reme- 
dies of your auto, power plant. 
Anderson (C. E.) Cupola. 32414. 

nos. 1-12, 1925 

Anderson (C. J.) Lincoln readers. 

20473, 45979. 
Anderson (C. M.) : 

Compensation & retribution, etc. 

30397, 30398. 
Jan Petrie. 42728. 
Liberty, etc. 7337-7339. 
Anderson (CO.) To — Oh, what 

is this world. 44317. 
Anderson (D. S.) Publicity for 

Christmas seals. 30399. 
Anderson (Doris) His poor wife. 

Anderson (E. M.) Songs of the sea. 

Anderson (Mrs. Earl) Lodge of the 

flaming heart. 168. 
Anderson (F. G.) Sesqui-centennial 

puzzle game. 30400. 
Anderson (G. W.) : 

Atchison Co., Kan., map. 54328. 
Bon Homme Co., S. D., map. 

Clinton Co., la., map. 43240. 
Dixon Co., Neb., map. 60347. 
Grundy Co., la., map. 6491. 
Yankton Co., S. D., map. 19854. 
Anderson (H. E.) Famous players 
hosiery co. C discount bk. etc. 
Anderson (J. K.) Average letter. 

Anderson (L. C. V.) Lead kindly 

light. 169. 
Anderson (M. E.) : 

Camping trip. 42546. 
Catching a husband. 42548. 
Greatest of these. 18944. 
Let justice be done. 28926. 
You old rascal. 43105. 
Anderson (Maxwell) Outside looking 

in. 54089. 
Anderson (R. F.) Anderson arith. 

Anderson (R. P.) : 

Endeavor's daily companion. 

Intermediate companion. 55083. 
Anderson (Sherwood) Hands, & 

other stories. 20474. 
Anderson (W. B.) Mechanics & heat. 

Anderson (W. E.) Shadows. 29183. 
Anderson (W. H.) co. Schneider (P. 
J.) Constitutional law. etc. 64576- 
Anderson (W. M.) : 

Family religion. 44320. 

Here is the mail order plan etc. 

Priceless mail order pointers. 
Anderson (Will) True Bible chro- 
nology. 44319. 

Anderson (Wm.) Textile mfg. co. inc. 

Little bk. of knowledge. 170. 
Anderson co. Hammer & tongs. 1755, 

7341, 7342, 22927, 22928, 30402, 

44321, 44322, 60773. 
Andover, Me., direct. 64176. 
Andrae (Julius) & sons co. General 

catalog. 7343. 
Andres (Joesph) California kiddies. 

Andresen (Christian) Preparedness 

disarmament. 7345. 
Andress (J. M.) Health & success. 

Andrew (T. H.) System or nation. 

Andrews (C. S.) : 

Guardian trust co. License agree- 
ment. 56661, 56662. 
Order for installation. 171, 172. 
Andrews (Charlton) : 

Get me in the movies. 18918. 
Movie Mary. 19132. 
Tomorrow's marriage. 6330. 
Andrews (E. W.) 'Neath the falls of 

Kickapoo. 44323. 
Andrews (H. E.) Professionals' cor- 

res. service. Master collection 

system. 64313. 
Andrews (H. V.) India's girls & 

women. 7347. 
Andrews (Irene) Her English rela- 
tions. 6083. 
Andrews (J. A.) Tridyce. 7348. 
Andrews (J. W.) Ready ref. radio 

log. 44324, 60774. 
Andrews (L. E.) How Dan McRae 

won out. 20477. 
Andrews (U. S.) Cause & effect of 

pyrrohea. etc. 30403-30412. 
Andrews, N. C, map. 6385. 
Andrews, S. C, map. 6386. 
Andrews-Bradshaw co. : 
Savings blank. 30413. 
Tracyfier gas & vapor scrubbers, 
etc. 44325, 44326. 
Andrews nursery co. It tells about 

planting, pruning, spraying, [etc.] 

60775, 60776. 
Andromidas (Nicholas) : 

Fate is the will of the gods. 

His pagan emotions. 6089. 
Andros (S. O.) Petroleum eng. 7349- 

Andrus (Cowles) Unit farms. 173. 
Andruss (A. H.) Belle Marie. 

43110 (2) 
Andruss (Albert) Belle Marie. 

43110 (2) 
Anfenger adv. agency, inc. Best sys- 
tem of home heating, etc. 30414- 

Angelica jacket co. Angelica's cat- 
alog, etc. 7361-7363. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Angell (G. R.) Savings loan & trust 

co. Condensed ry. time card. 

Angell (J. S.) Taming a flapper. 

Angell (Ruth) Taming a flapper. 

Angelus academy of music, inc. Facts 

in musical lust. 55085. 
Anger (Jacques) Au jardin de ma 

tante. 53721. 
Anglin (W. H.) : 

Contest voting coupons connected 

with adv. 30418. 
Laurel Democrat, Laurel, Md. 
12,343 dollars voted last wk. 
Anglo-Dutch trading corp. Holland 

face brick. 30419. 
Angus-Harris (V. O.) What love is. 

Anheuser-Busch, inc. Free mookow 

prizes for boys & girls. 7365. 
Animal tracking for boy scouts. 174. 
Ankeney (J. V.) Some arbitrary 

standards. 7366. 
Anker (N. R.) Piken. 19217. 
Ankrum adv. agency. Papers that 

pay. 20478. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., direct. 175. 
Ann Arbor, Mich., map. 29408. 
Annales. 30420. 
Annee therapeutique. 20479. 
Anniston, Ala., map. 54324. 
Annua ire des golfs de France. 7367. 
Annual cycl. of insur. in the U. S. 

Annual sights & insights. 20480. 
Annualog. 60777. 
Annuario della camera di commercio 

Italiana. 7369. 
Annville. Pa., direct. 47847. 
Anoka, Minn., map. 60322. 
Ansco photoproducts, inc. Mfr.'s con- 
tinuous interfolded system. 176. 
Ansonia, Conn., direct. 60778. 
Ansonia, Conn., map. 65S09. 
Anspacher (L. K.) Inside the ring. 

Antelope Valley, Calif., map. 54325. 
Anthony (Carl) Jonesey. 6112. 
Anthony (E. C), inc.: 

K F I advance program, etc. 

177-179, 20481^20484. 
K F I radio central super-station. 
Advance program. 11556, 26668, 
26669, 34648-34660, 47548- 
47557, 62493-62500. 
Anthony (J. G.) Anthony adv. co. 

Anthony adv. co. premium & order 

bk. 20486. 
Anthony (V. S.) I need Thee ever 

dear Savior. 20485. 
Anthony adv. co. Anthony adv. co. 

premium & order bk. 20486. 

Anthony Wayne inst. Anthony Wayne 

inst. etc. 7370-7372. 
Anthracite coal service. Architecture 

& anthracite. 44327. 
Anthroposophische gesellschaft in 

Deutschland. Drei. 615S7-61591. 
Antioch, 111., map. 19465. 
Antioch press co. Magruder (D. A.) 
Personal budget & acct. bk. 57277. 
Antiques. 7373. 
Antiques, inc. : 

Crane (P. C.) Boston & Sand- 
wich glass co. 9286. 
Weitenkampf (Frank) Currier & 
Ives. 5638. 
Anti-saloon league of 111. Smith 
(W. A.) Hist, of the anti-saloon 
league of 111. 17109. 
Anti-saloon league yr. bk. ISO. 7374. 
Antlers, Okl., map. 29409. 
Antoine (A. P.) Derniere nuit de 

Raspoutine. 28669. 
Antonelli (Luigi) Casa a tre piani. 

Antonino (Anthony) Frame up. 

Apex jour. Special feature sec. 7375. 
Apollo, Pa., map. 19466. 
Aposs-verlag. Schwitters (Kurt) 

Marchen vom Paradies. 16603. 
Apostolic fishermen. Independent 
united order of. Installation cere- 
monies. 7376. 
Apothis (C. B.) pseud. See Apothis- 

konas (C. B.) 
Apothiskonas (C. B.) Don't neglect 

your mothers. 55086. 
Appalachian Mt. club. Katahdin, 

Me., map. 43384. 
Appalachian Mountains, map. 29410. 
Appalachian region, map. 54326. 
Appalachian scenic highway, map. 

Appeals press, inc. : 

Boyd (T. M.) Virginia bar ex- 
ams. 61076. 
Parker (T. N.) Virginia bar ex- 
ams. 61076. 
Wiltshire (Ellsworth) Virginia 
bar exams. 61076. 
Apple growers anns. Apple growers 
assn., Hood River, Ore. special code. 
Applebud (Adam) Love a la carte. 

Appier (J. A.) San Antonio. Tex., 

map. 29731. 
Appleton (C. L.) White Jade. 43084. 
Appleton (D.) & co. : 

Blue & green mat of Abdul Has- 
san. 18738. 
Boots. 53744. 
Bottled in bond. 18741. 
Captains & kings. 42546*. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Child of the frontier. 18780. 

Copy, 1925. 28632*. 

Enchanted Christmas tree. 60101. 

Exile. 53841. 

Farce of the worthy Master 

Pierre Patelin. 18881. 
Heart of Frances. 53908. 
It's time something happened. 

King's great-aunt sits on the 

floor. 53962. 
Knight of the piney woods. 

Managers. 54012. 
Mister Pitt. 19119. 
Murillo (Ernesto de) Agricul- 

tura practica moderna. 13066. 
Pie & the tart. 54105. 
Terrible woman & other 1 act 

plays. 19344*. 
Twenty-five short plays. 6339*. 
Two blind men & a donkey. 

Wonder hat & other one-act plays. 

Appleton, Wis., direct. 30422. 
Apricot (Mr.) See Leacock (Ste- 
Aquart (A. V.) Yes preshus. 65800. 
Aquilera .(Francisco) Chilean univ. 
powerful factor in nation's politics. 
Aracadia, Calif, direct. 24505. 
Aramburu (J. Silva) See Silva 

Aramburu (J.) 
Arany (Charles) Bitter truth. 

44328, 55087. 
Arbouin ( Gabriel ) Don Pencho. 

Arbuckle (A. R.) What is Saniprac- 

tic. 30423. 
Arbuckle (E. H.) Secret language. 

Arcadia verlag, g. m. b. h. : 
Geliebte sr. hoheit. 18912. 
Graf von Cagliostro. 53S87. 
Hellblauen schwestern. 60131. 
Archbald (Anne) My Argentine. 

Archdale (E. M.) : 

After you, Dorothy! 28500. 
Bertha. 28549. 
Elizabeth's husband. 28709. 
Goat getters. 28789. 
Mary. 19103. 
Queer business! 19237. 
Rena. 19248. 
Archdiocesan union Holy Name soc. 
of Chicago. See Holy Name soc. of 
Chicago. Archdiocesan union. 
Archer (C. P.) Study guide for a 
course in the psychology of common 
branches. 60780. 

Archer (R. M.) Nine marriages out 

of every hundred. 20488. 
Archers co. : 

Instrs. for making lemonwood 
hunting or target bows. etc. 
60781, 60782. 
Rounsevelle (Phillip) Archers 
handbk. 64486. 
Archibald (Jean) : 
Colette. 18804. 
Menace. 54028. 
Architects' & builders' guide. Cleve- 
land telep. direc. cover. 7377. 
Architects service bur. St. Louis 

Times plan bk. 44329. 
Architects' small house service bur. of 
the U. S., inc. : 

Help for the man who wants to 
build. 20489-20493, 30424-30440, 
44330-44338, 55088-55091, 60783- 
Six-room designed in the manner 
of Frank Lloyd Wright. 7378. 
Architectural & bldg. press, inc. Amer. 
arch. Amer. arch. spec, manual. 
Arco co. Arcozon. 44339. 
Arco newspaper feature & fiction serv- 
ice. Thompson (Lilah) Girl & a 
. job. 41562. 
Arctic dairy products co. Success 

comes thru excellence. 30441. 
Arctic ice machine co. : 
Arctic code. 60788. 
Fitting & supplies. 7379. 
Arctic Region, map. 43130. 
Arcy (Jack d') See D'Arcy (Jack) 
Arc! (D. T.) Finished page. 55092. 
Ardavln (Luis Fernandez) See Fer- 
nandez Ardavin (Luis) 
Arden (Carol) Dumb Dora. 42592. 
Arden ( Elizabeth ) inc. : 

Babani. etc. 55093-55101, 60789- 

En pos de la belleza. etc. 20494- 
Arendt (Karl) Chronologischer auf- 
bau der biblischen geschichte in 
kartenform. 30442. 
Argo. 55102. 
Argos, Ind., map. 6387. 
Arid (Ben) pseud. See Barnard 

(M. C.) 
Ariel, pseud. Relativitatsprinzip der 

musikalischen harmonie. 60796. 
Ariel ptg. co. Crowder (W. A.) Way 

of life. 1085. 
Aristophanes : 

Acharnians. 28495. 
Birds. 28556. 
Clouds. 18803. 
Frogs. 2S767. 
Knights. 28909. 
Peace. 29091. 
Wasps. 29323. 



pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Arizona : 

Map. 6388, 1946S. 19469, 29411, 

29413, 43131, 60323. 
Workmen's compensation law. 
Arizona direct, co. Phoenix & Salt 

Lake Valley, Ariz., direct. 26393. 
Arizona druggist weather chart cal. 

Arkansas, map. 63S9, 6390, 19470- 

19472, 43132, 43133, 65810. 
Arkansas City. Kan., direct. 55101. 
Arkansas City, Kan., map. 60324. 
Arkansas City Quadrangle, Ark., map. 

Arkansas druggist weather chart cal. 

Arkansas fire prevention bur. Ad- 
visory rules & estimates. 7380. 
Arkansas indus. loan co. Appl. for 

bond. etc. 30443, 30444. 
Arkansas investment co. Appl. for 

bond. 44340, 44341. 
Arkase co., inc. Arkase. 2040". 
Arkush (A. S.) Directive mechanism 

of plants, etc. 65403, 65404. 
Arlen (Michael) : 

In your green hat. 53931. 
Kuyumjian (Dikran). Legend 

of Isolda. etc. 23656. 23657. 
Where the pigeons go to die. 

See also Kuyumjian (Dikran) 
Arlin (H. W.) Stand, time wage sys- 
tem. 44342. 
Arlington, Mass., direct. 44343. 
Arlington, Neb., map. 6391. 
Arlington, N. Y., direct. 39522. 
Arlington, Vt., direct. 60951. 
Arlington chemical co. Plants which 

cause hayfever. 60798. 
Arlington Co., Va., map. 6392. 
Arrnand broadside. 55107. 
Armaud co., inc. : 

Armand broadside, etc. 7381, 

7382, 30445, 44344, 55107. 
Armand cold cream combination. 

etc. 20498-20499. 
Armand co., mfg. perfumers, etc. 

30445, 30447. 
Make up. 60799. 
Armantrout (Ellis) You can, but will 

you? 44345. 
Armband (Abraham) Thien-Hoa. 

43021, 54223. 
Armbruster (E. L.) Guide bk. to the 

noted places of L. I. 30448. 

Armco culvert & flume mfrs. assn. 

To lower culvert costs in your town 

read this letter, etc. 30449, 30450. 

Armco internatl. corp. Armco auto. 

steel sheets, etc. 30451-30453. 
Armentrout (W. D.) Standardized 
exam. 56530. 

Armfield (A. C. S.) : 

Curious herbal. 2S653. 
Fortunate shepherds. 42628. 
Gilded wreath. 287S4. 
Armisted (P. H.) Lone star rhymes. 

Armitage (Jean) ed. Birthday bk. of 

friendship, etc. 181. 182. 
Armona, Calif., map. 29414. 
Armont (Paul) : 

Alain, sa mere et sa maitresse. 

Ecole des cocottes. 53827. 
Armory, Miss., map. 19473. 
Armour & co. Wentworth (E. N.) 
Marketing livestock & meats. 18187. 
Armour fertilizer works : 

A r mour's farmers' almanac. 

Hard corn - hard dollars. etc. 
20500, 20501. 
Arms (R. A.) Train fever. 43036. 
Armstrong (Mrs. B. A.) No petticoat 

island. 19151. 
Armstrong (H. A.) Common expe- 
riences of a housewife. 30454. 
Armstrong (Hal) Eggers boys piracy 

of Erskine. etc. 7383-73S5. 
Armstrong (L. O.) Fjords of Amer- 
ica. 44347. 
Armstrong (L. V.) Tinkling cymbals. 

Armstrong (Ruth) Guide to comrner. 

art. 60801. 
Armstrong (T. R.) Memorial day 
program for the Amer. legion. 
Armstrong cork & insulation co. : 

If heat were visible, etc. 44348, 

Insulation of dwellings. 7386. 
Armstrong cork co. Nonpareil cork 
overing for brine ammonia. 55108. 
Linoleum div. Armstrong's lin- 
oleum. 55109. 
Army & navy supply co. Bargains in 

army & sporting goods. 30456. 
Arnal (Enrique) Rosaleda. 6250. 
Arnesen (A. M.) Complement love- 
lyrics. 60802. 
Arniches (Carlos) : 

Rositas de olor .... 60244. 
Tio Quico. 60288. 
Arnold (E. E.) Key to A first bk. in 

algebra, etc. 46206-46209. 
Arnold (F. R.) & co. : 

Big profits from Fracy products. 

etc. 7387-7390. 
From les boudoirs des Parisiennes 
elegantes, etc. 20502, 20503. 
Arnold (Franz) : 

Oily-Polly. 54079, 60207. 
Vertauschte frau. 29808. 
Wahre Jacob. 19417. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Arnold (G. T.) Eisteddfod song. 

Arnold (J. N.) Health without a 

doctor. 44350. 
Arnold (Jack) : 

Good medicine. 65540, 65541. 
In love with Betty. 6100. 
Arnold (L. V.) Queen bee. 20504. 
Arnold (Le Roy) : 

Naked man. 42857. 
Phoebe decides. 42908. 
Arnold (Luella) pseud. See Brewer 

(L. A.) 
Arnold (R. B.) Kansas City hay co. 
Ship to the Kansas City hay co. 
Arnold (S. F.) Course of study in 

the mechanics of reading. 20505. 
Arnold elec. co. : 

Making sanitation pay you a 

profit, etc. 30457, 30458. 
More than an extractor. 183. 
No. drippy, sticky, exposed mixing 

rod. etc. 7391, 7392. 
100% clean. 20506, 20507. 
Arnold's practical Sunday schl. lesson 
commentary on the Internatl. les- 
sons. 44351. ' 
Arnot (Paul) Helpful Henry, etc. 
184-197, 7393-7408, 20508-20521, 
30459-30480, 44352-44359, 60803- 
Arnsan (J. R.) Neptune's sundisc 

fortune teller. 198. 
Arnstine bros. co. Christmas messen- 
ger gift suggestions, etc. 44360, 
Aromas. 44362. 

Aronin (Ben) Falsework. 42610. 
Aronowitz (B.) & co. Catalogue. 

Aronstein (Philipp) Englische wort- 

kunde. 60828. 
Aroostook telep. & teleg. co. Telep. 

direct. 30481. 
Arrick (A. J.) Comfort. 20522. 
Arrow pictures corp. : 
Believe me. 6735. 
Brass button. 19878. 
Cactus cure. 6753. 
Cagey love. 29874. 
Children of the whirlwind. 43756. 
Dog'on it. 19903. 
Fiddlin' around. 29891. 
Fugitive. 29902. 
Hard boiled yeggs. 66033. 
Hard hearted husbands. 6835. 
Hey, taxi. 19949. 
Hop to it. 29912. 
Joke's on you. 29929. 
Man from lone mountain. 29944. 
My lady of whims. 66072. 
My pal. 43868. 
North of Nome. 29951. 

On the go. 20069. 

Playing the ponies. 6967, 20116- 

Primrose path. 54870. 
Raisin' trouble. 60579. 
Range justice. 43943. 
Renegade 1 Holmes, M. D. 20129. 
Riders of the plains. 6985-6987, 

20130, 20131. 
Ridin' easy. 29992. 
Rip snorter. 20135. 
Rivals. 20136. 

Romance and rustlers. 20138. 
Sand blind. 20146. 
Scandal street. 43951. 
Secret of Black Canyon. 30000. 
Share and share alike. 66141. 
So long Bill. 54891. 
So simple. 20160. 
Stick around. 20165. 
Strange rider. 30011. 
Substitute wife. 54899. 
Tessie. 54901. 
They all fall. 43981. 
Two fisted sheriff. 20182. 
Un-named woman. 60607. 
Vic Dyson pays. 7040. 
Wandering fires. 60608. 
Watch out. 7042. 
West is west. 20189. 
Western engagement. 30033. 
Where romance rides. 20191. 
Wolves of the road. 30043. 
Arrow publicity service : 

Comparatively new. 44363, 44364. 
Smedley insur. agency. Suppose 

this happened to you. etc. 

40827, 40828. 
Art cabinet works. Story of the Pit- 

ney-Bowes ideal mail table. 7409. 
Art extension soe. Heckman (A. W.) 

Paintings of many lands. 34057. 
Art metal constr. co. : 

Art metal sectional counter line. 

etc. 30482, 30483. 
Art metal steel office equipment. 

etc. 7410, 7411. 
PIollow metal doors & trim. 

Measured protection, etc. 44365, 

Art pub. soc. : 

Advantages of the elem. optional 

appl. 44367. 
Art. pub. soc. Teacher's problem 
dept. How to plan your pupil 
recitals. 199. 
Outline of the practical exams. 

etc. 30484, 30485. 
Progressive series high schl. 
course, etc. 55112-55114. 
Art stationery co. Price list. 30486. 
Art stove co. Summer bus. problem. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Artclass pictures corp. : 

Double Action Daniels. 29882. 
Fast fighting. 19915. 
Full speed. 6804. 
On the go. 20070. 
Reckless courage. 29988. 
Thundering romance. 7032. 
Arthur (D. V.) Flower girls. 60115. 
Arthur (E. L.) Spirit of the grange. 

Arthur (G. K.) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 30488. 
Arthur (George) Islam in U. S. is 

organized to help Riffs. 55115. 
Arthur (J. D.) Little tin lizzie. 

Artmetl products co. Artmetl vases. 

Aryans. Prospectus of the Aryans. 

Arzner (Dorothy) No gun man. 201. 
Asadian (A. H.) Mysteries of King 

Tut. 54056. 
Asberry (E. T. ) Univer. order of 

Ethiopia. 7412. 
Asbestos brake lining assn. Thermoid 
rubber co. Brake lining clutch fac- 
ing radiator hose. 27805. 
Asbestos ltd., inc. Repair once. etc. 

20523 20524 
Asbestos" Roofer. 55116-5511S. 60829. 
Asbill (O. M.) jr. Taps. 1925. 41481. 
Asbury (Herbert) Boy wonder. 

Asch (Nathan) Office. 65671. 
Aschehoug (H.) & co. : 
Cesar Borgia. 60060. 
Paa Rindalsflegret. 60211. 
Piken. 19217. 
Store barnedapen. 60276. 
Ascherberg, Hop wood & Crew, ltd. 

Rivieratraum. 29156. 
Asen (A.) Byron (G. G. N. B.) 6th 
baron. Prisoner of Chillon. 21411. 
Asgis (A. J.) Stomatological hygiene 

& ulatropsis. 18630. 
Ash (Mildred) Making life easier. 

202, 20525. 
Ash Fork, Ariz., map. 43135. 
Ashbaucher (Lorin) comp. Popular 
parodies for group singing. 44369. 
Ashby ptg. co. : 

Church kalendar. 45497. 
Lutheran church cal. 48103. 
Asheville, N. C, map. 6393. 
Asheville post card co. : 

Branch (J. J.) Orlando, Fla. 

etc. 448. 
Lecompte (L. C.) Mr. and Mrs. 

Pelican. 2341. 
Ruff (S. S.) Header fer Floridy ! 

Thornton (L. M.) Three of a 
kind. 5390. 

Ashford (Robert) Simple instr. for 

making lawn vase & stand. 30490. 
Ashforth (A. B.) inc. Manhattan's 

changing sts. & aves. etc. 20526- 

20539, 55119-55123. 
Ashland, Calif., direct. 34042. 
Ashland, N. H., direct. 51285. 
Ashland, N. J., map. 29415. 
Ashland, Or., map. 43136. 
Ashland Daily Press. You scratch my 

back. 60830. 
Ashland wholesale co. Great safety 

& profit. 203. 
Ashley (C. W.) Sailor & and his 

knots. 30491, 30492, 60831-60833. 
Ashley (Mrs. E. A.) Progressive 

speed measure. 30493. 
Ashley (R. L.) Pasadena jr. college. 

Com. on orientation. Human out- 
look & development. 58712. 
Ashley-Smith (Helen) See Smith 

(H. A.) 
Ashley-Smith (Mary) See Smith 

(M. A.) 
Ashton (F. B.) Ashton equipment co. 

Postmaster's compensation. 20540. 
Ashton (Herbert) jr. Madame's 

creations. 28952. 
Ashton TMargaret) Exercises in 

plane geometry. 44S10. 
Ashton (Winifred) Naboth's vine- 
yard. 54057. 
Ashton equipment co. Postmaster's 

compensation. 20540. 
Ashworth ( S. L. ) Blind gardner. 

Asia. map. 0394, 6395, 19474, 54327, 

Asmus-Bradley co.. inc. A. B. C. bk. 

of crocheted edges & corners. 7413. 
Aspley (J. C. ) Competitive trade 

practices. 55124. 
Asserson (M. A.) Dangers of the 

schl. age. 20541. 
Associated adv. clubs of the world. 

Wolves in sheeps clothes. 20542. 
Associated banking corp. ABC bank- 
ing system, etc. 7414. 7415. 
Associated bldg. contractors of 111. 

111. A. B. C. contractors. 62298. 
Associated communities of Upper 

Thirteen. Upper Thirteen. 20543. 
Associated dental supply co., inc. 

Parker (E. R. ) system. Good teeth 

for happiness, etc. 26296-26299. 
Associated drafting engineers : 

Lessons in mech. drawing. 30494. 
Mech. drafting course. 204. 
Associated editors, inc. : 

Bradford (R. O.) Little talks on 

little ads. 7940. 
Golf as champions play it. 7416. 
Associated elec. engrs. of America. 

A. E. E. course in pract. elec. etc. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Associated exhibitors, inc. : 
Bad comnany. 6731. 
Camille of the Barbary Coast. 

Counsel for the defense. 60499. 
Fifty-fifty. 29892. 
Headlines. 43800 . 
His buddy's wife. 43805. 
Lovers Island. 66060. 
Manhattan madness. 43861. 
North star. 66084. 
Pinch hitter. 66125. 
Ship of souls. 66142. 
Sky raider. 20158. 
Under the rouge. 43990. 
Associated gas & electric properties, 

map. 43137. 
Associated indus. of Mass. (Sub. com. 
of the) Cost-finding for personnel 
activities. 7417. 
Associated inventors, inc. Associated 
sales service. 55125. 
Associated knit underwear mfgs. 
of America. Educa. dept. Un- 
derwear ques. box. 30495, 
30496, 44370, 44371. 
Underwear & Hosiery Review. 
Underwear ques. box. 27905- 
27908, 53053, 59727, 44370, 44371. 
Associated mfrs. of elec. supplies. 
Stand, of the associated mfrs. of 
elec. supplies. 30497. 
Associated mutual lumber fire insur. 
co. Burning ques. 7418, 20562, 
31426, 31427, 55467, 61152. 
Associated newspapers : 

Bruce (H. A. B.) Air & initia- 
tive, etc. 8206-8287. 
Carlyle (John) Are you among 
the reds? etc. 8553-8627. 
Associated radium chemists, inc. 

Radium. 7419. 
Associated stationers' supply co. 
Wholesale commer. stationery. 
Associated telep. co. Telep. direct. 

Associated tile mfrs. : 

Basic specification. 205. 
Complete details. 44372. 
Newcomb (Rexford) Architec- 
tural monographs. 50733. 
Tiled hospital. 30499. 
Association of Amer. law schls., direct, 
of teachers in member schls. 20563. 
Association of natl. advertisers, inc. 
Duplication of mag. circulation. 
Association of North Amer. direct, 
pubrs. McPharlin (W. H. J.) comp. 
Stand, bus. classification. 48231. 
Association of Reserve City bankers. 
Proceedings, thirteen ann. conven- 
tion. 55126. 
Assur (Jane) Sporting blood. 29219. 

Assured budget system of America, 

inc. Assured budget-system of 

America. 30500. 
Astor (Aster) Greenhorn. 42658. 
Astor (Gertrude) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 30501. 
Astoria, Or., direct. 30502. 
Astray (Pilar Millan) See Millan 

Astray (Pilar) 
Astrovsky (Ralph) Cauliflowers. 

Atchison (T. C.) America's light. 

Atchison Co., Kan., map. 54328. 
Atchison, Topeka & Sante Fe ry. sys- 
tem, map. 43138. 
Atco, N. J., map. 43139. 
Atco co. You don't have to use a 

blade to cut costs. 30503. 
Athena of 1925. 30504. 
Athenaeum. 30505. 
Athens, Ga., map. 43140-43153, 54329. 
Athens, Pa., direct. 5628. 
Atherton (Gertrude) : 

If I were a man. 7420. 
What I would prefer to be if I 
were not myself? 30506. 
Atherton (J. R.) Interstate transport 

co. Ticket. 47409. 
Athletic bk. supply co. . Smith (An- 
drew) Master plays. 40837. 
Athol, Mass., map. 43154. 
Atkins (G. G.) : 

Abraham, the hero of faith, etc. 

Bible life stories, etc. 44373- 
Atkins (S. B.) Talk fests. 19337*. 
Atkins (S. M.) Atwood system of in- 
dus. banking. 30533. 
Atkinson (A. E.) Carrying your bed 

with you. 20565. 
Atkinson (G. E.) God's sculptors. 

Atkinson (H. L.) To restore gray 

hair. 206. 
Atkinson (H. S.) : 

Direct, to advertisers. 61550. 
Information pamphlet 7422, 7423, 
Atkinson (T. G.) Psychol, laws ap- 
plied to adv. 30535. 
Atkinson (W. S.) Meet the wife. 

Atkinson (Wilmer) co. : 

Farm jour. Balanced adv. 10053. 

Co. index. 61S31. 

Farm autos & .accessories. 


Yr. bk. 20566. 

Atkinson Erie direct, co. Erie, Pa., 

direct. 32960. 
Atlanta, Ga., direct. 20567. 
Atlanta, Ga., map. 19475, 54330, 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

(Grady) Giving the 
its natural gasoline. 

Atlanta city direct, co. Atlanta, Ga., 

direct. 20567. 
Atlanta Jour.: 

Everybody's working, etc. 20568, 

Riches. 7424. 
Atlantic, Mass., direct. . 64336. 
Atlantic City. N. J., direct. 30536. 
Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies steam- 
ship lines, map. 43155. 
Atlantic refining co. : 

Atlantic service station manual. 

Atlantic remedies co., inc. Ward (F. 
R.) Inner mysteries of the stom- 
ach. 5576. 
Atlantic Seal. : 

Triplett (Grady) Fire — the men- 
ace of petroleum, etc. 17818- 

Function of pipe lines, etc. 

27876, 27877. 

Sending diamonds. 53025. 

-Texas — the paradise of the 

wildcatter. 41625. 

Where the scout comes in. 

Who wants to be a well- 
shooter? 64972. 
Where oil fields get their names. 
Atlantic steel co. Farming with 

fences. 207. 
Atlantic terra cotta co. : 

Atlantic terra cotta. 7426. 
Atlantic terra cotta stock designs. 

Chimney pots. 7425. 
Atlas, inc. Grebenstchikoff (George) 

HypaeBbi cnycK b j\ommy. 10699. 
Atlas educational film co. : 
Enemies of youth. 19911. 
Kankakee Daily News, Kankakee, 
111. It can be done. 34669. 

Kankakee as a trading center. 

etc. 23508-23510. 
Woods (Madeline) Sale of two 
cities. 28315. 
Atlas elec. devices co. Fade-ometer 
for testing the fastness to light of 
colored materials, etc. 30538, 
Atlas fence co.. inc. Catalog. 30540. 
Atlas heater co. Atlas kerosene hot 

water heater. 7427. 
Atlas heatirig & ventilating co., inc. : 
Atco auto-elec. gas floor furnace. 

etc. 30541, 30542. 
Coal & gas furnaces. 44382. 
Atlas letter service, inc. Kirtland (H. 
B. ) Making a $25,000 job permanent. 

Atlas Portland cement co. Substance, 
form & color through concrete. 208. 

Atlas powder co. Better farming. 

Atlas prtg. co. McDonald's farmers 
almanac. 48133. 

Atlas pub. co., inc. Standard iron- 
steel-metal direct. 27534. » 

Atlas rays. 7429. 

Atlas securities co. Bldg. contract. 

Atteridge (Harold) : 
Gay Paree. 53869. 
Parisian artists <& models. 42897. 

Atwater (G. P.) Continuous unit cam- 
paign. 44383. 

Atwater (M. M.) Modern Priscilla 
instr. leaflet. 30543. 

Atwater Kent mfg. co. : 

Atwater Kent radio. 30544, 

60835, 60836. 
Atwater Kent radio instr. 7431. 

At well (B. H.) : 

Dreher's music house. Spring is 

almost at hand. 9618. 
Opera. 7432-7436. 

Atwell (W. E.) Thirteen. 65760. 

Atwood (F. E.) Antiques. 7373. 

At wood (W. W. ) Practical map exer- 
cises in geog. 30545. 

Aubrey (A. J.) You'd be surprised. 

Aubuchon ( Tampton ) Horseradish 
Tony. 7437. 

Auburn, 111., map. 19476. 

Auburn Park, 111., map. 6396. 

Auburn rotary club (Lewiston) Bee 
Lewiston-Auburn rotary club. 17320. 

Audift'ret (Countess Ina d') : 
Just a woman. 28896. 
Rumblings. 29159. 
With the demon. 29366. 

Audubon wire cloth co. Audubon wire 
products. 44385. 

Auer, inc. Auer, inc., eng. dept. 209. 

Aufhauser (J. J.) Pagandom. 20570. 

Augier (Emile) Gendre de Monsieur 
Poirier. 19458 (2). 

Augsburg (P. D.) Bob & Alf Taylor, 
their lives & lectures. 30546. 

Augusta (Sister) Prayer before & 
after Holy Communion. 210. 

Augusta, Ga., direct. 20571. 

Augusta, 111., map. 6397. 

Augusta, Me., direct. 44386. 

Augusta Herald. Herald's guess-word 
puzzle. 743S. 

Augustana hosp. schl. of nursing. 
Ourbk. of 1925. 26214. 

Augusjtinus (Aurelius) Saint bp. of 
Hippo. Confessions of St. Augus- 
tine. 20572. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Augustus (C. W.) : 

Amundsen-Ellsworth arctic flight. 

Cambridge collieries co.'s. ban- 
quets. 60837. 
Flag day. etc. 20573, 20574. 
Auld (G. P.) Starting the Dawes 

plan. 7448. 
Aurine remedy co. How to take care 

of the ears. 20575. 
Auro ( — ) Fortune telling. 7449. 
Aurora. 30548. 
Aurora, 111., direct. 211. 
Aurora, Mo., map. 29416. 
Auslander (Joseph) Escape. 18874. 
Aust (F. A.) Beautiful lawn. 24519. 
Austen (Nancy) Druses renew attack 

in East. 60838. 
Austin (A. A.) Protective order of 

vigilant Amer. patriots. 30549. 
Austin (F. B.) Fourth degree. 30550, 


Austin (I. J.) Soc. index of winter 

residents & visitors to Palm Beach & 

other Fla. E. coast resorts. 17117. 

Austin, Tex., map. 19477, 65813, 

Austin (Tex.) Amer.-statesman. Gate- 
wood (W. B.) Statutory amnesty 
bill may solve Ferguson tangle. 
Austin Amer. Hollis (D. W.) Perse- 
cution of O. Henry. 47209-47215. 
Austin co. : 

Austin bk. of bldgs. 44387. 
Austin ramp garage, etc. 7450, 
Australasia, map. 54331, 54332. 
Australia, map. 29417, 60325. 
Australorp news co. Australorp. 


Authier adv. service. How to cover an 

eighty million dollar market. 46713. 

Author's illus. quot. kalendar. 30553. 

Auto flexor co. What George Miles 

learned. 20576. 
Auto knitter hosiery co.. inc. : 

Auto knitter in the home. etc. 

Employ your spare hours. 44388. 
Is it money you want? 20577. 
Auto parts co. Price list. 7452. 
Auto road map co. Michigan, map. 

29606, 54520. 
Auto sign display co. of Mo. : 

For safety sake. Ideal st. traffic 

signs. 7453. 
Special features of Ideal st. & traf- 
fic signs. 20578. 
Autocall co. : 

Autocall signaling systems. 30554, 

Instrs. 44389. 
Automatic burner corp. ABC oil 
burner. 44390. 

Automatic electric, inc. Yours for bet- 
ter service. 60839. 
Autometal corp. Aragain model B 

radio receiver. 212, 213. 
Automobile blue bks., inc. Off. auto. 

blue bk. 26137-26139, 58588. 
Automobile buyers' corp. Delivery 

conditions, etc. 44391-44395. 
Automobile club of America : 

A. C. A. Personal convenience of 

motoring abroad. 214. 
Associated tours guide. 30556. 
Automobile club of Buffalo : 

New York {State) map. 29649. 
Off. auto, tour bk. 1925. 26140. 
Automobile club of Md. : 

Lucius (H. M.) ed. Autotrips. 

Tours for motorists. 20579. 
Automobile club of So. Calif., inc. 

See, for entries of maps, this index 

under names of places. 
Automobile club of Washington. See, 

for entries of maps, this index under 

names of places. 
Automobile dealers' protective league. 

How long. 44398. 
Automobile green bk. 7454, 7455, 

Automobile identification corp. 

Bishop (F. M.) Chart bk. Bishop 

system. 379. 
Automobile mutual insur. co. of Amer- 
ica & the Factory mutual liability 

insur. co. of America. Arnica. 

Automobile protective assn., inc. 

Service contract. 4439S. 
A.utomobile replacements parts direct., 

inc. : 

Classified mailing list of jobbers. 

Duplicate shackle bolt data. etc. 
Automobile steam-cleaning machine 

co. Bigger profits from steam- 
cleaning. 7459. 
Automobile topics. Table of passenger 

car selling points. 215-217, 7460- 

7471, 20582-20588, 30557-30565, 

44399-44408, 55135-55141, 60840- 

Automobile touring club of Southern 

Calif. Natl, old trails road. 60843. 
Automobile trade direct. 205S9, 

20590, 30566, 60844. 

(The red direct.) 30567. 

Automobile trade directory's factory 

list. 60845, 60846. 
Automotive brokerage co. of America. 

Token service announcement. 

Automotive dept. See Vacuum oil co. 

Automotive dept. 



pt i, n. s., v. 22 

Automotive elec. assn. Profitable elec. 
service. 7472. 

Automotive service bur. Automotive 
ref. manual. 20591, 30569, 30570. 

Automotive trades guide. Cleveland 
telep. direct, cover. 7473. 

Autoney (K. N. d') Holy call. 18973. 

Aux editeurs associes. Gallieni 
(J. S.) Noel au Soudan. 22702. 

Auxilliary direct co. Numerical telep. 
direct. Houston, summer, 1925. 

Auxvasse, Mo., map. 19478. 

Ava, Mo., map. 43156. 

Averill (E. R.) : 

Higb cost of pretenses. 44409. 
Let ligbt shine. 7474. 
Three topics. 30572. 

Averill (L. A.) : 

Averill-Mueller achievement test 

in psychology. 20592. 
Manual for the Averill-Mueller 
achievement test. 7475. 

Avery (Arthur) White (G. S.) 
Natures finer forces. 42100. 

Avery (F. M.) Gift lease. 20593. 

Avery (H. V.) Oh Sam! 19162. 

Avery (Van) See Avery (H. V.) 

Avoca, Pa., direct. 39385, 39386. 

Avon, Calif., map. 19479. 

Avon, N. Y., map. 6398. 

Awad (L. J.) Million dollar sexual 
secret. 30573. 

Axleson machine co. Axleson oilwell 
products. 44410. 

Axleton, Pa., direct. 57501. 

Axsom (J. R.) Beauty girl. 20594. 

Axup (E. J.) Destroyed & restored. 

Ayden, N. C, map. 54333. 

Ayer (N. W.) & son. N. W. Ayer & 
son's Amer. newspaper ann. 218. 

Ayer, Mass., direct. 60847. 

Ayre (David) Confusing compensa- 
tion ques. ans. for you. 30574. 

Ayres (R. M.) : 

Broken off. 20595. 
One who forgot. 30575. 

Azadian (Hmayag) Mysteries of 
King Tut. 54056. 

Aztec, Ariz., map. 54334. 

B & B gold bond silk hosiery co. 
Sales contract. 44412. 

B. C. R. productions, inc. Kivalina 
of the icelands. 43832. 

B. M. co.'s cumulative current code 
annot. 20596, 44413. 

B. O. T. mfg. co. B. O. T. patented 
trade mark. 20597. 

B. T. B. branchen-telefon adressbuch. 
Branchen-fernsprechbuch fur Gross- 
Berlin und die Provinz Branden- 
burg. 60848. 

Bab. Shopping with Bab on Conn. 

ave. 20598. 
Babbitt co., inc. Free. Only one to 

a person. 20599. 
Babcock (F. H.) : 

Apron strings. 42495. 
Great god Bunk. 6071. 
Babcock (G. D.) Problem of admin- 
istration. 30576. 
Babcock (L. A.) Mechanics of can- 
ning quality tomatoes. 20600. 
Babcock, Hinds & Underwood, inc. 

Wholesale hardware. 20601. 
Babize (A. C.) Investment bankers 
& brokers of America. 11359, 11360. 
Babson (R. W.) : 

Auto indus. becoming established. 

etc. 30577-30585. 
Babson bullish on sheep outlook. 

etc. 55142, 55143. 
Babson comments on stock mar- 
ket, etc. 60849-60854. 
Babson optimistic on crop out- 
look, etc. 44414-44423. 
Poor management hindering bus. 
etc. 20602, 20603. 
Babson's statistical organization, inc. : 
Investment inventory. 60855. 
See, for entries of maps, this in- 
dex under names of places. 
Bacas (P. E.) Auditing practice set. 

Baccuez (Alix) Petit-fils de M. 

Prudhomme. 6219. 
Bach (Ernst) : 

Oily-Polly. 54079, 60207. 
Vertauschte frau. 29308. 
Wahre Jacob. 19417. 
Bach (Vincent) Art of trumpet 

playing. 30586. 
Bach (Vincent) corp. Vincent Bach 

corp. 60856. 
Bachand (E. C.) : 

Ashland Daily Press. You scratch 

my back. 60830. 
Polk Co. Leader, Crookston, Minn. 

Crookston first. 64264. 
Wausau Daily Record-Herald, 
Wausau, Wis. Abraham Lin- 
coln, etc. 65127-65144. 
Bachmann (C. W.) Birth of Cali- 
fornia. 18731. 
Bachrach (I. R.) : 

Jane's best seller. 53943. 
Monogamist. 42839. 
Bachwitz (Hans) Gottin auf der 

balz. 18934, 53877. 
Backer (Andreas) : 

All Oslo greets pole explorers in 

gay fashion. 30587. 
Relief planes give Amundsen 6 

days to return. 20604. 
Reveal Amundsen's plan for new 
polar hop. 44425. 
Backer (George) Scant pint. 54152. 



no?. 1-1 2 ,-j 925 

Bacon (F. AY.) California, map. 6422. 
Bacon (Hazel) Hats. 42667. 
Bacon (J. D.) : 

Lunch hour. 2S950. 
Roof. 7476. 
Trunk. 44426. 
Bacon (Roger) Pretence. 54115. 
Badger (R. G.) : 

Cox (M. A.) Just-suppose story. 

Moore ( Olive ) Just-suppose 

story. 55821. 
Six one-act plays. 29201*. 
Badger fire extinguisher co. Fire pro- 
tection for summer camps. 20805. 
Badminton sporting goods co . Master 

body builder. 7477. 
Baenziger (A. F.) Girl mercenary. 

Baer (A. B.) Stone Mountain. 29233. 
Baer (F. L.) Maryana. 54020. 
Baer & Wilde co. During 1925. 

Baerman (H. B.) Educa. programs. 

analyzed. 7478, 44427. 
Baer's (John) sons, inc. Agricultural 
almanac, for the yr. of our Lord. 
Bagg (Helen) : 

Amusing Mimi. 18694. 
Scheming six. 65722. 
Bagley (A. E.) Minute morning ex- 
ercises. 20607. 
Bahr (C. M.) Minneapolis- St. Paul, 
the gateway to the wonderland. 
Bahr (Hermann) Altweibersommer. 

Bahre (J. B.) Axioms of reason. 

etc. 53632. 53633. 
Bahre (W. A.) Liberum arbitrium. 

etc. 53634-53639. 
Bailer (Adele) Hei von allerlei. 

Bailey (Adelyn) : 

Bailey inst. of dancing. Follow- 

ft. dance. 60859. 
Black-eyed Susan. 55144. 
Follow-foot dance lessons. 44428. 
Bailey (C. S.) : 

What to do for Uncle Sam. 7480. 
Wonderful tree. 60857. 
Bailey (E. Z.) comp. Rus. 59068. 
Bailey (F. E. L.) Heart day. 60007. 
Bailey (F. T.) Bailey indo-system 

fountain of health. 30590. 
Bailey (F. W.) United state bank of 
Chicago. Appl. for a guaranteed in- 
come bond. etc. 41726-41729. 
Bailey (Grace) See Smith (G. B.) 
Bailey (H. T.) For the boys. 60858. 
Bailey (L. H.) : 

Bailey (E. Z.) comp. Rus. 

Rus. 59068. 

Bailey (M. E.) Bk. of manners. 

Bailey (W. J. A.) Radium rays made 

visible. 20609. 
Bailey inst. of dancing. Follow-foot 

dance lessons. 60859. 
Bailey meter co. : 

Bailey meter control, etc. 60860, 

Bailey meters. 220,221. 
Bailey radium labs. Radium water. 

30591. . 
Bailie (T. D.) Arlington Co. in a 

nutshell. 20610. 
Bailly (Auguste) : 

Amazone captive. 60S62. 
Amour et M. Charibot. etc. 222, 
Bain ( F. B. ) inc. : 

Oakland, Calif., map. 6612. 
San Francisco, Calif., map. 6664. 
Seattle, Wash., map. 6670. 
Bain City, Kan., direct. 57137. 
Bainbridge, N. Y., map. 19480. 
Bair (L. C.) Furniture refinishing. 

Baird (F. G.) : 

Baird's protective rees. etc. 

Timely suggestions for the man- 
ager & buyer. 60863. 
Baird (H. D.) Baird foundation. 
Home endowment, inc. Baird foun- 
dation. 7481. 
Baird foundation. Home endowment, 

inc. Baird foundation. 7481. 
Baird-North co. Yr. bk. 44432. 
Bairsville, Pa., direct. 33916. 
Baist (G. W.) District of Columbia, 

map. 19548. 
Baja California, map. 43157. 
Bakelite corp. : 

Adv. behind Bakelite. 60864. 

Bakelite. 30593. 

Bakelite lacquer. etc. 55145, 

On every car & truck in America, 
etc. 44433-44439. 
Baker (A. C. L.) Midnight. 54031. 
Baker (A. H.) What every good 

Amer. should know. 60865. 
Baker (Benjamin) Hist, of the 

women of Ireland. 7482. 
Baker (C. B.) Bobbs-Merrill readers. 

44440, 44441. 
Baker (D. L.) Teacher's handbk. 

Baker (E. D.) : 

Bobbs-Merrill readers. 44442- 

Interpretive radio educa. pro- 
nouncing gazetteer, etc. 20611, 
Operadio lecture on Madam But- 
terfly. 5879. 

92043—26 3 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Baker (E. E.) Dolls as educators. 

Baker (G. H.) Brakenian's prepara- 
tory instr. 60866. 
Baker (Gladys) : 

Mr. & Mrs. Sallie. 60867, 60868. 

Sallie's temptations. 224-228, 

7483-7490, 20614-20621, 30594- 

30603. 44447-44448. 

Baker (H. II.) Ainer. tribunal, etc. 

20622, 20623, 44447, 44448. 
Baker (I. M.) Horace Mann supple- 
mentary aritli. 11034. 
Baker (J. E.) Rags & ironbeer. 54128. 
Baker (K. C.) Ry. station & office 

work. 30604. 
Baker (Margaret) Pedlar's ware. 

Baker (O. E.) : 

China, map. 19522. 
Europe, map. 19559. 
Russia, map. 19758. 
United States, map. 19807, 19818. 
Baker (S. C.) Elkhorn life & acci- 
dent ins. co. Choose for yourself. 
Baker ( Samuel ) : 

Elem. of concrete drawing. 30605. 
Elements of structural drawing, 
etc. 7492, 7493. 
Baker (W. F.) Bob Dexter & the 
Beacon Beach mystery, etc. 30606, 
Baker (W. II.) co. : 
Acid test. 18675. 
Anti-gossip club. 16697. 
Back home again. 53723. 
Burnt cork entertainer. 18754. 
Coontown wedding. 537S5. 
Do tell. 28684. 
Dramatized story of our national 

songs. 18850. 
Final refuge. 2S747. 
In Aunt Chloe's cabin. 18996. 
Katharine & Petruchio. 53960. 
Little bluffer. 19055. 
Little red shoes. 19058. 
Miss Hitty's valentine. 19113. 
Not quite such a goose. 2903S. 
On the park bench. 29058. 
Rival ghosts. 19256. 
Seven dialogues for adults. 54163. 
Stung ! 29241. 
Talk fests. 19337. 
Tea. 29255. 

Through the school year. 54230. 
Thy father & thy mother. 19364. 
Tie game. 29267. 
Truth party. 54249. 
Vaudeville varieties. 19404. 
Who stole the mince pie? 19435. 
Baker (Walter) & co., ltd. Descr. of 
the educa. exhibit of cocoa & choco- 
late. 44449. 
Baker, Or., direct. 44450. 

Baker & Williams. Williams (A. J.) 
Betty Ann shampoo supreme. 42145. 
Baker international play bureau : 
Back to the school. 53725. 
Baker's anthology of 1-act plays. 

Bitter end. 18733. 
Evarannie. 28722. 
Maurice's own idea. 6166. 
Baker, Kellogg & co., inc. : 

Argentine's improving conditions. 

etc. 20624-20628. 
Austria as a field for foreign in- 
vestment, etc. 60869-60S71. 
Austrian dollar bonds. etc. 

Brazilian credit & milreis ex- 
change, etc. 44451-44454. 
Domestic vs. foreign investment. 

etc. 7494-7497. 
Housser, Wood & co., ltd. Co- 
lombia as a field for Arner. cap- 
ital. 56787. 

French crisis. 62281. 

Japanese finan. developments. 


Norwegian & Danish Krouer 

bonds. 23174. 

Return to gold basis. 34296. 

Indus, bank. Chilean nitrate sit- 
uation. 34397. 
Baker-Lockwood mfg. co., inc. : 

Bargain bk. catalog. 229, 30612. 
Careful buyer's guide, etc. 7498, 
Baker. Vawter co. Common sense. 

Bakersfield, Calif., direct. 30614. 
Bakerslield, Calif., map. 54335. 
Bakonyi (Kiiroly) Szent Peter eser- 

nyoje. 19337. 
Balboa Park, Calif., map. 6399. 
Balderston (J. L.) Tongo. 19375. 
Baldwin (A.) & co., ltd. Baldwin 
general catalog, etc. 44455, 44456. 
Baldwin (C. A.) Hahnemann's or- 
ganon of the art of healing restated. 
Baldwin (Faith) Garden in Mity- 

lene. 6059*. 
Baldwin (L. W.) Coordination of 

rail & water facilities. 30615. 
Baldwin (R. L.) Teachers' bk. 10569. 
Baldwin ( Stanley) Mag. feature 

page. 230. 
Baldwin (W. E.) Baldwin's O. code 

service. 20629. 
Baldwin-Franklin direct, co. : 

Jefferson Co., Neb., direct. 2089. 
Thayer Co., Neb., direct. 5342. 
Baldwin law pub. co. of Cleveland. 
Ohio. Baldwin's O. legislative 
service. 26144. 
Baldwin Park, Calif., map. 43158. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Baldwin piano parlors. Why? Should 
there be music in the home? 20630. 
Baldwyn, Miss., map. 43159. 
Balesano (R. A.) Love vs. friendship. 

Baley Pacific service. Baley (J. S.) 

ed. Pacific bus. 7500. 
Ball (D. C.) Some of the things we 

saw in Algeria. 7501. 
Ball (E. H.) Mollie. 44457-^4460, 

55148, 60872. 
Ball (F. P.) Holiness & Christianity. 

Ball (H. C.) Cantos de triunfo. 

Ball (J. D.) Appreciation. 60873. 
Ball (L. C.) Say it with pearls. 

Ball (W. S.) Ad route. 231, 7502, 
7503, 20632, 20633, 30618, 30619, 
44462, 55149-55151. 60874. 
Ballard (E. E.) Notes to statutes of 

Indiana. 50S84. 
Ballard (F. D.j Song hit from Joan 

of Arkansas. 20634. 
Ballard (F. W.) Ballard (F. W.) & 
co. St. lighting in the U. S. of 
America. 44463. 
Ballard (Fred) See Ballard (J. F.) 
Ballard (J. F.) : 

Betty beloved. 18728. 
Following father. 2S755. 
Ballard (R. H.) Water & power in 

Calif. 7504. 
Ballewski (O.) Sonnebad. 29213. 
Ballinger (W. J.) : 

America still wastes men. etc. 

44464, 44465. 
Denies women have failed with 

vote. etc. 55152-55154. 
Sees big business baffled by war. 
etc. 60S75-60878. 
Ballston Spa, N. Y., map. 6400. 
Balmer (Edwin) : 
Air alarm. 5915. 
Beyond the detour. 20635. 
Baltimore, MxL, direct. 7505. 
Baltimore Amer. Mrs. Morgan will 
make court fight to keep daughter. 
Baltimore & Ohio r. r. co., Passenger 
traffic dept. : 

National museum at Washington. 

Washington. 20636. 
Baltimore and Ohio system, map. 

Baltimore assn. of commerce : 

Baltimore assn. of commerce. 
(Convention & research bur. of 
the) Points & objects of int. 
in Baltimore. 30621. 
197 reasons why you should en- 
thuse over Baltimore. 55155. 

Baltimore bargain house. Amer. 
wholesale corp. See Amer. whole- 
sale corp. (Baltimore bargain 
house ) 
Baltimore Catholic review : 

Fitzpatrick (Y. de P.) Cardinal 
Bonzano tells of his love. etc. 
Holy Father celebrates mass for 
pilgrims. 20637. 
Baltimore Chevrolet dealers. Amid a 
multitude of methods, etc. 44466- 
Baltimore dairy council. When sum- 
mer comes. 30622. 
Baltimore enamel & novelty co. Get 

your dealers point of view. 7507. 
Baltimore trust co. After college 

what? etc. 55156-55167. 
Baize (Paul) Notes on plumbing. 

Bamberger (L.) & co. : 

Announcing, half-yearly sale of 

furniture, etc. 30623-30633. 
Announcing the Mar. sale of 

china, etc. 750S-7520. 
Annual Sept. sale of china, etc. 

Between ourselves, etc. 232-235. 
Blossom blush, etc. 20639-20646. 
Here the whole wide world is 

your market place. 55168. 
Yuletide gifts. 60879. 
Bamberger (Theron) Man who mar- 
ried a dumbbell. 7521. 
B a m b o s c h e k ( Giuseppe ) Orsini 

(Luigi) Wake. 15381. 
Bamburgh (W. C.) Story of bread. 
. 44479. 
Bancroft (H. P.) inc. Ridge Crest. 

Bancroft, la., map. 43161. 
Bancroft-Walker co. : 

Bancroft Walker a name with a 
world of meaning, etc. 20647, 
Bancroft Walker customers are 
getting their shipments. etc. 
44480, 444S1. 
New England's representative line 

of smart footwear. 30634. 
New era of A^ner. shoemaker. 
Bancroft-Whitney co. Calif, current 

digest. 8495, 31500. 
Bane (Edith) How an American 
pioneer blazed a trail in his native 
land. 30635. 
Bang (Ed.) Little choice between 

teams in big classic. 44482. 
Bangor, Me., direct. 236. 
Banjor & Aroostook r. r., map. 43162. 
Banister & Pollard co. Catalogue. 



pt. I, n. s.. V. 22 

Bank check systems co. Do you want 
to know your profits, etc. 44483, 
Bank of America. : 

Bank of America rev. etc. 7525- 
7527, 20649-20651, 44485, 55170, 
Natl, survey of state debts & se- 
curities, etc. 30636-30638. 
Romantic fortunes of history. 
Bank of the Manhattan co. Up from 

the soil. 30639. 
Bank publicity dept. Hosier safe co. 
See Bank publicity dept. Mosler safe 
Banker (R. C.) & CO.: 

Better your home. etc. 7528- 

Budget plan bond. etc. 20652- 

Every member of the family, etc. 

January furniture sale. etc. 

60881, 60882. 
February furniture sale. 239. 
Sale for homes. 30810. 
Bankers & brokers direct. 30641. 
Bankers & shippers insur. co. Proven 

prin. 20655. 
Bankers box co. Liberty collapsible 

storage boxes. 240. 
Bankers encycl. co. : 

Polk's bankers encycl. 15716. 
Polk's bankers encycl. purple bk. 
Bankers foundation inc. Participa- 
tions rights certificate. 7533. 
Bankers health & accident co. of 
America. Accumulation full life- 
time accident & health policy. 
Bankers life co. : 

As a policyholder of our co. 

44489, 55171. 
Best for your boy. etc. 30643- 

Easy payment plan for life insur. 

7534, 7535. 
Once a year & every year. 60883. 
Your life preserver ! 20656. 
Bankers' log co. Banker's log. 26657 
Bankers' maturity cal. 55172. 
Bankers protective register. Bankers 

protective reg. 20658. 
Bankers pub. co. : 

Farmers savings bank. Your 

sure harvest. 33164. 
Walker (W. E.) Walker course 

in bank adv. 65102. 
What nation will lead? 60884. 
Bankers service co. Direct, of direc- 
tors. 1218, 32729. 

Bankers service corp. : 

Bankers adv. service. 60885, 

Montclair savings bank. Success- 
ful home finance plan. 57506. 
Open it! 44490. 

Successful home finance plan. 
Bankers supply co. : 

How to make inonev go farther. 

Thomas (L. W.) How to make 
money go farther. &351. 
Bankers supply co. div. of Todd co. 
See Todd co. (Bankers supply co. 
div. of) 
Bankers thrift corp . How do you 

save? etc. 55174, 55175. 
Bankers trust co. New York. Ex- 
tracts from the inheritance & es- 
tate tax laws. 57716. 
Banks (Monty) pictures corp. Keep 

smiling. 54824. 
Banks & co. Off. pasters. 20859. 
Banks, Huntley & co. : 

Brewer (A. L.) West coast thea 

tres, inc., Calif. 31059. 
Los Angeles banks. 7536. 
Banks-Miller supply co. Machinery. 

Bankson (J. G.) Ventura Daily Post. 

Cross em. 17962. 
Banner of the nat. soc. daughters of 

the union. 7537. 
Banner play bureau : 

Black & white. 28559. 

Gray (E. C.) Call to citizenship. 

Now Trixie. 65667. 
Oi vhat a bargain. 29048. 
Some teachers of life & literature. 
Banner productions, inc. : 

Before midnight. 43733. 
Big pal. 54747. 
Daughters who pay. 6767. 
Love gamble. 43847. 
Phantom express. 66124. 
Speed. 7017. 

Wandering footsteps. 54914. 
Wasted lives. 20186. 
Wreckage. 54930. 
Bannerman (Francis) sons. Military 

goods catalogue. 30647. 
Banning (Kendall) Copy. 5989, 5990. 
Banning (M. C.) : 

Honeymoon. 55176. 
Poverty de luxe. 7538. 
Banning (P. W.) When I hear Los 

Angeles radio programs. 242. 
Banta (N. M.) St. Nicholas Christ- 
mas book. 42950. 
Banta (V. F.) : 

Finan. rec. for income tax rept. 

. 2066 

nos. 1-12, 1925 

Making vour closure fool proof. 
Baptist (E. G.) Massage in rhymes. 

Baptist stand, pub. co. : 

Anderson (Mrs. Earl) Lodge of 

the flaming heart. 168. 
Fulham (Elizabeth) Lodge of 
the flaming heart. 22688. 
Bar register co. Bar register, annual 

1926. 60887. 
Barand & co. Andrews (U. S.) 
Cause & effect of pyorrhea, etc. 
Barasch (Morris) : 

Income taxes. 244. 
Real estate sales. 60888. 
Barash (S. S.) Where-to-go direct. 

of the Pacific Coast. 44491. 
Barasch & Wolf. Barasch (Morris) 

Real estate sales. 60888. 
Barawik co. Latest! radio catalog. 

Barbee (Lindsey) : 

Beggars can't be choosers. 42516. 
Luck of Derryveraugh. 19080. 
Tea toper tavern. 43012. 
Barber (H. A.) Do you want more 

trade from Texas. 44492. 
Barber (H. C.) Ans. for every day 

algebra. 44493. 
Barber (J. H.) Budgeting sales ex- 
pense & sales quotas. 60890. 
Barber (Joseph) Wisconsin again. 

Barber asphalt co. Genasco latite 

shingles. 7540. 
Barber-Greene co. : 

Contracting with Barber-Greenes. 

etc. 245, 246. 
Loading & storing in bldg. supply 
yds. 20661. 
Barberton, O., direct. 44040. 
Barbour (Mildred) : 

Darling of destiny, etc. 7541- 

Hearts adrift. 55178. 
Love cycle. 20662, 30649, 30650. 
Surprising sex. 247, 248. 
That yr. of freedom. 44494. 
Barbour flax spinning co. Linen 
thread co. Barbour's linen threads 
& twines. 12147. 
Barca (Pedro Calderon de la) See 

Calderon de la Barca (Pedro) 
Barchus (E. R.) Where flows the 

Columbia. 7544. 
Barclay sales & eng. co., inc. Bar- 
clay system for vapor heating. 
Barcley corset co. : 

Barcley (G. A.) Bk. of instr. 

Barcley custom corsets. 7545. 

Barczy de Barczyhazy (Mme. A.) 

Goulnara. 65542. 
Barczyhazy (Mme. A. Barczy de) 
See Barczy de Barczyhazy (Mme. 
Bard (Francis) & son. Szent Peter 

esernyoje. 19337. 
Bard, Hoffsommer & Williams. Con- 
fidential handbk. for hotel stock 
salesmen, etc. 20666-20670. 
Bardac (Henri) Visage du bonheur. 

Barde (Andre) Pas sur la bouche. 

Bardiani (Fernand) Health & phys. 

mail exam. 30651. 
Bardin (J. C.) : 

Blockade. 60045. 
Penningstons, too. 6217. 
Second Samuel. 6263. 
Bardsley (M. D.) Constructive psy- 
chology. 20672. 
Bardstown, Ky., map. 29418. 
Bardwell, Ky., map. 29419. 
Bare (Marcel de) Meunieres du Mou- 
lin rouge. 30652. 
Bare bros. & Brown. Story of Bare's 

budget plan. 30653. 
Bareham (H. J.) : 

Bareham & Saunders. Price 
guide for plumbers & steamfit- 
ters. 30654. 
Price guide. 249. 
Bareiro-Pereyra (C.) Modern ball- 
room tango. 55179. 
Barels (James) Typometer. 7546. 
Bargone (F. C.) Improbable per- 

vesite. etc. 7547, 7548. 
Barkan system street directory co., 
inc. New York (City) map. 29653. 
Barker (A. W.) : 

Museum extension plan. 30655. 
Prize package. 54119. 
Barker (E. L.) Prize package. 54119. 
Barker (H. G.) : 

Doctor Knock. 18839. 
Plays of G. Martinez Sierra. 
Barker (John) Bus. insur. 30656. 
Barkley (Winfield) : 

San Diego clearing house assn. 
San Diego Calif, the consistent 
white spot. 4718. 
San Diego Co. bd. of supervisors. 
Last frontier. 51966. 
Barlow (I. H.) : 

Crutches. 28649. 
Red! red! red! 29140. 
Barnaby (John) Standardization of 

office equipment. 7549. 
Barnard (E. G.I Learning to be a 

cowpuncher. 30657. 
Barnard (Edward) co. Illus. catalog. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Barnard (M. C.) Makin' good in the 

seventies, etc. 55180-55182. 
Barnard college. Botanical dept. 

Physiology experiments. 251. 
Barnes (A. S.) & co. : 

Miner (F. H.) Elem. rhythms & 

simple dances. 360S6, 360S7. 
Persephone. 54102. 
Barnes (E. X. O.) Model rote song 

course. 7550. 
Barnes (Eleanor) Halfway down. 

Barnes (G. E.) La Salle natl. bank. 
How much am I worth today? 
Barnes (H. C.) : 

Practice & procedure in I. C. C. 

cases, etc. 44495^4499. 
Transportation law inst. Com- 
plete & authoritative univ. 
training. 17808. 

Home study course by mail 

on practice and procedure, etc. 
Barnes (H. M.) : 

Haunted door. 28820. 
South Sea love. 42985. 
Barnes (M. C.) Life exultant. 44500. 
Barnes (Nell) Retrospect. 39838. 
Barnes (S. C.) Personal attractive- 
ness. 30658. 
Barnes (T. J.) Amer. boys club. 

Ritual. 7185. 
Barnes (Wallace) co. Barnes-made 

springs. 7551. 
Barnes commer. schl. co. Barnes coui- 

nier. schl. Outline. 55183. 
Barnet (R. A.) : 

House of a thousand scandals. 

Miami in pinafores. 65642. 
Barnett (Edith) Dead beat. 6005. 
Barnett (Frieda) Washburne indi- 
vidual arith. etc. 28095, 28096, 
Barnett (J. E.) Crossed purposes. 

Barnett (J. G.) Science & health & 

the Bible. 60891. 
Barnett natl. bank. New service from 

an old bank. 7552. 
Barney (L. K.) Sage. 1925. 27050. 
Barnhart (J. O.) Old home town. 

Barnhart (W. L.) : 

Do not expect him to decide, etc. 

Perfect sincerity. 252. 
Barnhill (Roy) inc. Slants on prefer- 
ence. 7553. 
Barnini (Pietro) Canto della vita. 

Barnsdall corporation, map. 43163. 
Barnsdall products corp. Reasons 
why. 253. 




Barnum (E. T.) iron & wire works: 
Marquise — canopy — portice. 254. 
No. 650 gen. catalogue. etc. 
44512. 44513. 
Barnwell (K. E.) Love, etc. 

Baron (Henry) Bride retires. 
Baron (Samuel) Maternal 

Baron de Hirseh trade schl. 

(Paul) Notes on plumbing. 
Baroodv (A. T. ) Corres. course on 

the Life of Christ. 20673-20676, 

Barr I A. R.) Evervman's income tax. 

Barr (A. S.I Introd. 2.">5. 
Barr i B. F. ) & co. Barr's nursery 

catalog. 256. 
Barr (David) Prey. 54116. 
Barr I E. G. ) Open class lesson. 

etc. 30663-30667. 
Barr ( F. J. i supply house. Auto 

owners supply bk. 30668. 
Barr (H. M.) Prowlers. 29121. 
Barr (K. W.) Tulane middle America 

explorers return with proof. 44516. 
Barre. Vt.. direct. 60892. 
Barre. Vt.. map. 60326. 
Barre-Montpelier dist. telep. direct. 

etc. 24733-24745. 
Barre Town. Vt., direct. 60892. 
Barrett (F. W.) Abuse of the mar- 
riage relation. 257. 
Barrett (J. A. i Natl, out-door signal 

system. 20677. 
Barrett (T. J.) Pruning knife. 20678. 
Barrett (W. M.) Barrett system for 

exercising the eyes to music. 20679. 
Barrett co. : 

Architects & eng. 20680, 20681. 
Handbook of Barrett products. 
Barrie (Clarice) Rules & regulations. 

Barringer (A. B.) Heads up. 30669. 
Barrington (Horace) Barriugton co- 
operative mailings co. Club mail- 
ings. 20682. 
Barrington. R. I., direct. 8168. 
Barrington co-operative mailings co. 

Club mailings. 20682. 
Barroll (E. C.) Modern mail order 

methods. 258. 
Barroll (F. Lj Bonds-stock & what 

you should know about them. 20683. 
Barron (J. L.) Jury service for 

women. 259. 
Barron (W. P.) One Haitian night. 

Barrows (G. H.) Citizens finance 

service co. Shark is dead ! 900. 
Barrows (J. W.) Whiskerino skyhop. 




nos. 1-12, 1925 

Barrows (Thomas) Two weeks off. 

Barriis (E. E.) Texas, map. 29T6S. 
Barry (Bob) North Merritts Island. 

Fla.. map. 54556. 
Barry (C. A.) Joliet Evening Herald- 
News, Joliet. 111. Mystery brick con- 
test. 34625. 
Barry (G. H.) Dance. 55184. 
Barry (H. J.) How to dispose of 

property at will. 60893. 
Barry (J. D. ) Dilemma. 18S35. 
Barry (Philip) Youngest. 65802. 
Barry (Robert) New flyer. 54065. 
Barrymore (Blanche) Dark crown. 

Bars (Richard) : 

Graf von Cagliostro. 53887. 
Tier schlaumeier. 29311. 
Barstow (Mrs. Montague) Orczy 

(Emniuska, ~baroness) Fulton Gar- 
dens mystery, etc. 15376-15378. 
Barstow (R. T.) Hypostasia. 7555. 
Bart (Belle) Barascope. 7556. 
Bart (Jean) pseud. See Sarlabous 

Barteau & Van Demark. Clothes help 

make the man. 30670. 
Barrel (J. E.) Truth about the cause 

of disease. 60894. 
Bartel (T. H.) co. Detroit, Mich., 

map. 19544. 
Bartelstone (D. B.) New principle in 

real estate. 260. 
Bartholomae (Philip) : 

Barnum was right. 28537. 
Broken branches. 28577. 
Bartholomew (C. L.) Bart supplies. 

Barthou (Louis) General Hugo. 

7557, 20686. 
Bartlesville, Okla., direct. 55185. 
Bartlett (Arthur) Coyote. 18812. 
Bartlett (Donna) : 
Maya. 54022. 
Naked love. 54058. 
Bartlett (E. E.) Good typography 

versus freak types. 7558. 
Bartlett (J. T.) Brinkman (O. H) 

Putting the pet in competition, etc. 

Bartlett (Mary) pseud. See Lang 

(M. H.) 
Bartlett (N. E.) Check alteration 

sales-talk. 20687. 
Bartlett (O. W.) Feeding people. 

Bartlett (S. R.) Who can sum up a 

life? 261. 
Bartlett adv. co. Bartlett adv. cut & 

copy service. 262. 
Bartlett. Knight & co. Strong box. 

44518, 60S95. 

Bartley (Jonathan) crucible co. 
Graphite crucibles for foundry prac- 
tice. 30671. 
Bartolet ( Sam ) Sam Bartolet 

ephemeris. 30672. 
Barton (Bruce) What is your idea 

about detail^? 30673. 
Barton (C. T.) : 

Know before you knock. 60158. 
Shut yo' mouth. 60261. 
Barton (S. G.) Stars, maps. 43644. 
Barton (W. H.) : 

Outline for nature study. 30674. 
Stars, map. ^13644. 
Barton, O.. map. 6401. 
Barton-Hart (H. D.) My friend. 

Bartow (H. E.) Superintendent's 

guide for 1926. 30676. 
Bartow. Fla., direct. 55186. 
Bartram (E. E.) Varsity jr. 26688. 
Bartsch (Hans) : 

Chocolate soldier. 18787. 
Circle of chalk. 60063. 
Glass slipper. 18926. 
Guardsman. 6077.* 
tivegcipo. 19394. 
Bartz (F. H.) Secrets of a paid 

writer. 30677. 
Barwald (W. H.) Your daughter & 

mine. 29385. 
Bary (E. B.) Thrift is wealth. 7560. 
Barzee (C. L.) Song of the Colum- 
bian River highway. 20689. 
Bascetta (Alfredo) Maria Mari. 

Baseball mag. co. : 

Elias (A. M.) Baseball bat bag. 

Who's who in baseball. 18294. 
Basford (G. M.) co. Evans (F. B.) 

Two men in a pullman. 61718. 
Bashford (R. F.) America's biggest 

circus. 60485. 
Basic lab., inc. Rainbow at your com- 
mand. 30678. 
Basil (H.) : 

Persians raid soviet legation. 

Self-make king of Persia cuts 
price of bread. 55187. 
Basil (Nick) pseud. See Busillo 

Bass (Samuel) 

First three epochs. 55188. 

Bassenne (Marthe) Aurelie Tedjani, 
princesse des sables. 7561. 

Basset (W. R.) There is no substi- 
tute for bus. ability. 7562. 

Bassett (Dorothea) Stage manager's 
guide. 18249. 



pt. i, n. s., V. 22 

Bassett, Va., map. 65815. 

Basshe (Em Jo H.) pseud. See 

.Tochelman (Emmanuel) 
Bassi (Luigi) pseud. Alberto di San 

Mauro, detto II Calabrese. 60896. 
Bassick mfg. eo. : 

Alemite & alemite zerk type 

equipment. 263. 
Alemite products. 44519. 
Bastrop, La., map. 43164. 
Bataille (Henry) Manon, fille 

galante. 28968. 
Batavia, O., map. 29420. 
Batavin (Michael) Princess Furan- 

dot. 6231. 
Batchelder (F. M.) co. Uniforms & 

equipment. 7563. 
Bateman (Mrs, S. F.) Self. 60239.* 
Baten (C. E.) Bus. arith. for night 

schls. 44520. 
Bates (Arlo) Gentile jury. 29389(5) 
Bates (C. A.) : 

Discovery of the obvious, etc. 

44521, 44522. 
Gold in your back yard. 7564. 
Please pass the cream. 30679. 
Bates (C. J.) Dividing line. 18837. 
Bates (Clement) ed. Ohio cumulative 

digest 15291. 
Bates (E. W.) Two thieves. 19392, 

Bates (H. M.) Star dust baby. 

Bates (Herbert) King's English. 

19024, 28906. 
Bates (J. S.) Ripon, Calif., map. 

Bates (K. L.) Dawn at Lexington. 

Bates (S. C.) Surf. 29248. 
Batesville, Miss., map. 43165. 
Bath (John) & co., inc. Ground 

thread handbk. etc. 44523-44525. 
Bathe (G. I.) Bathe mfg. co. Illus. 

catalogue. 55190. 
Bathurst (Thomas) Auto, savings & 

sales plan. 7566. 
Batten (George) co., inc. Busy Amer- 
icans. 264. 
Battin (C. H.) Battin plan of financ- 
ing real estate. 55191. 
Battin (H. L.) Two trousers cloth- 
ing cuts. 20692. 
Battin plan, inc. Battin (C. H.) 

Battin plan of financing real estate. 


Batting (Ethel) Kennedy (Frank) 
Youth, health & beauty. 53654. 

Battle (J. R.) co.. inc. Course of 
instruction in indus. oil eng. 20693. 

Battle (J. T.) How. 28849. 

Battle Creek. Mich., map. 6402. 

Baty (R. E.) Evolution. 306S0. 

Bauder (R. E.) This is a roll of 
honor bank. 20694. 

Baudin (Maurice) Petite ville. 

Bauer (C. W.) No-budg mfg. co. Not 

a knot. 50824. 
Bauer (G. P.) Jack the man. 30681. 
Bauer & Black: 

Bauer & Black price-list. 20695. 

Gentles (H. W.) Bauer & Black 

jr. first aid. etc. 22731, 22732. 

Bauerlein, inc. Yes! bananas. 44526. 

Bauermeister (C. E.) Store-at-home 

system. 53640. 
Bauermeister (C. W.) co. Bauer- 
meister compact. 20696-20698. 
Baugh (A. C.) Century types of 

English literature. 42550*. 
Baughman (I. L. ) Littlestown hatch- 
ery. Supreme quality chicks. 2435. 
Baum (J. L.) Florida, some reasons 

why. 7567. 
Bauman (Herschel) Radio log. 

Baumann (R.) Experiments to deter- 
mine the deformation of the plates 
by riveting, etc. 20699, 20700. 
Baumanns (F. E.) verlag (Lothar 
Baumann) Lomer (Georg) Ha- 
kenkreuz und Sowjetstern. 62728. 
Baumeister (Emeline) Thought test 

readers. 58868. 
Baumer (M. E.) All in the family. 

Baumgartner (W. M.) Suppl. to 
Israel's developing conception of 
God. 44527. 
Baus < Manuel Tamayo y) See Ta- 

niayo y Baus (Manuel) 
Bausch & Lomb mag. 7568-7570, 

20701, 20702, 30683. 
Bausch & Lomb optical co. : 

At the cross roads, etc. 44528, 

Bausch & Lomb mag. 7568-7570, 

20701. 20702. 30683. 
Solving the headlight problem. 

Surfacing chart for vertex pow- 
ers. 265. 
100%. 55192. 
Baxley (Jack) Neath Hawaiian 

skies. 54062. 
Baxter (A. S.) Bondage. 306S4. 
Baxter (D. U.) Violet widow. 43067. 
Baxter-Northrup co. : 

Baxter-N o r t h r u p flute. etc. 

Oboe. 44530. 
Bay City bank : 

Are you on the big payroll? etc. 

Whats ahead for you. etc. 
Bay nursery. Gen. instrs. for plant- 
ing. 7571. 
Bay Saint Louis, Miss., map. 19481. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bay Shore, N. Y., map. 19482. 

Bay state traffic bur. Handy ref. 

bur. 55193. 
Bayern (H. A.) Actual automobile 
insur. adjustment. etc. 30691, 
Bayless bros. & co., inc. : 

Handsome floral decoration 75 

cent salad bowl. 20707. 
There was never anything like 
this. etc. 7572, 7573. 
Bazette District, Tex., map. 43166. 
Beach (E. L.) jr. Merry Andrew. 

Beach (Lewis) See Beach (E. L.) 

Beach (R. W.) How to burn less 

coal. 7574. 
Beachwood park co., inc. Successful 

men own land. 44534. 
Beacon jour. co. Fetzer (Herman) 
Beacon Jour's, off. outline of Ak- 
ron's hist. 22482. 
Beacon press. Dramatic services of 

worship. 60094*. 
Beadle (Charles) Romance. 7575. 
Beal (John) Blue stem & rosin weed. 

Beale (C. W.) Manual of the Kappa 

alpha alumni foundation. 44535. 
Beamish (De Vic) : 
Fireworks. 53849. 
Lovers' tragedy. 65625. 
Bean (T. L.) Selling accident & 

health insur. 7576. 
Bear (R. W.) Custer, Mont., map. 

Bear agency, inc. Personal demand 

service. 30583. 
Bear press : 

Heidt (G. J.) Radio score bd. 

Radio score board. 55194. 
Bearce (.G. D.) Operating repts. for 

the paper mill. 7577. 

Beard (D. C.) Beard (Dan) outdoor 

schl., inc. Dan Beard outdoor schl. 

for boys. 7578. 

Beard (Dan) outdoor schl., inc. Dan 

Beard outdoor schl. for boys. 7578. 

Beard (Patten) Cinderella's sisters. 

Beard (W. E.) Red letter days in 

Nashville. 7579. 
Beardslee chandeliers mfg. co. : 
Denzar. 20709. 

Twenty-four hour shipment. 266. 
Beatrice, Neb., direct. 30693. 
Beatty (George) : 

Honor among thieves. 65565. 
Lonesome traveler. 60166. 
Matrimonial post mortems. 60180. 
Beatty (J. M.) Under surveillance. 

Beatty (Olive) 1925 guide. 267. 

Beatty (Samuel) A. B. C. system. 

Beaty (J. P.) P's & Q's. 42926. 
Beau Nash's jour. 30694. 
Beauchamp (W. L.) : 

Natural science. 15681. 
Studies in secondary educa. 17564. 
Beaumont (Gerald) : 

Mulhall's great catch. 55195. 
Racing fool. 60898. 
Whir of wings. 30695. 
Beaumont, Tex., direct. 44536. 
Beaumont mfg. co. : 

Beaumont ash hoppers stay young. 

Underdry ash hoppers & gates for 
boiler houses. 7580. 
Beaunash pseud. See Bryan (A. S.) 
Beautiful Lake Milton, off. yr. bk. 

Beauty arts soc. : 

Complete step-by-step home study 

course. 20711, 20712. 
Hair cutting course, etc. 60S99, 
Beauty-tex mills, inc. From mill to 

wearer. 44537. 
Beaux (Cecilia) Sargent. 20713. 
Beaver, Pa., map. 43167. 
Beaver Valley traction co. Friendly 

transportation plus. 55196, 60901. 
Bech bros. Hopatcong (Lake) map. 

29537, 29538. 
Bechdolt (F. R.) His flesh & blood. 

Becher (H. M.) How to judge furs. 

Beck (E. S.) Old order. 19168. 
Beck (J. M.) Changed conception of 

the Const. 60903. 
Beck (Martin) Actress-governess. 

Beck (Walter) Exhibition of tem- 
pera paintings. 7582. 
Beck (Warren) In tgination. 18992.* 
Beck bros. Lake Hopatcong illus. 

guide. 3069 1. 
Becker (Beatiice) Ritual & drama- 
tized folkways. 42946.* 
Becker (Bernhard) Billy Becker's 

score board. 55197. 
Becker (Bob) Birds & birdhouses. 

Becker (D. W.) Overcharge claims. 

Becker (F.) asphaltum roofing co. : 
Be careful, etc. 30698-30701. 
Fidelity & casualty co. of N. Y. 
Roof guarantee policy. 46486. 
Becker (G. L.) Criss-cross tangle 

tones. 7583. 
Becker (L. D.) Amer. oil burner 

assn. Testing methods. 47690. 
Becker (S. R.) Mother. 20715. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Beckhardt (G. G.) Temple of democ- 
racy association plan & foundation. 
Beckley-Cardy co. : 

Metcalf (M. F.) Motivated pri- 
mary activities for rural teach- 
ers. 48686. 
Sample (A. E.) Primary games 

to teach phonetics. 51961. 
Sindelar (J. C.) Simplex daily 
plan bk. 52420. 
Beckman (G. D.) Cities service co. 
1% convertible gold debentures. 
Beckmann (F. H.) Pract. public 

speaking. 30702. 
Beckmann (L.) co. Surveying instru- 
ments. 30703. 
Becktel (Eva) Delecta home treat- 
ment. 44538. 
Beckwith (A. A.) : 

Sherman service, inc. He didn't 

watch the clock, etc. 4917- 


Thinkers & drifters, etc. 16783- 


Beckwith (B. D.) Rules for playing 

cross-word rummy. 269. 
Beckwith (R. P.) Rules for playing 

cross-word rummy. 269. 
Beda, pseud. See Lochner (Fritz) 
Bedell (L. L.) Vibrating brakes. 

Bedford (Randolph) : 

Love that passes. 60170. 
Woman hater. 29370. 
Bedford, Pa., map. 19483. 
Bedini (Jean) Follies bergere revue. 

Bee-bee enterprises, inc. Sisters un- 
der the skin. 19295. 
Bee lane cartoon service. Cartoona- 
logue Bee lane advance cards. 270. 
Beebe (William) : 

Amphioxus found in Sargasso Sea. 

etc. 7584-7592. 
Beebe & party are chilled at the 

equator, etc. 30704-30710. 

Beebe discovers a new island in 

the Pacific, etc. 20717-20721. 

Beeby (G. S.) Still waters. 29232. 

Beecher (H. N.) Debut of Bess Mc- 

Gee. etc. 271, 272. 
Beecher (Janet) Black smoke. 5953. 
Beecher (R. L.) Court of love. 

Beecher (Mrs. R. L.) Court, of love. 

Beeckman (Mrs. Cornelius) Correct 
manners. 273-277. 7593-7602. 20722- 
20729, 30711-30719, 44539-14542, 
55198. 60904-60909. 
Beem (Frances) Freehand drawing. 

Beer (Gustav) : 

Gliickstrompeter. 18931. 
Grosse unbekannte. 28813,42661. 
Beer (Paul) A. 53686. 
Beery (Jesse) co. Parents assn. Bk. 

of a hundred games. 4183. 
Beery (Noah) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 30721. 
Behlen (H.) & bro., inc. Art of wood" 

finishing. 44543. 
Behmer (E. H.) Jolly Romeo. 28892. 
Behrend (Elisabeth) Sauglingspflege 

in reiin und bild. 30722. 
Behrend (Genevieve) How to work 

wonders. 7603, 30723. 
Behrens (Arthur) Man & woman. 

Behrens (G. S.) Supply & health. 

Behring Island, map. 54336. 
Behrman (S. N.) : 
H. R. H. 53897. 
Judge of men. 60152. 
Scant pint. 54152. 
Second man. 29178. 
Behrman's Jewish bk. shop. Roll bk. 

Beilock (Max) Nacirema Erup. 

Beirne-O'Rourke (Kate) Road to the 

heart of humanity. 30724. 
Beiser (E. T.) Beiser (E. T.) co. 

Wholesale price list. 279. 
Beiser (E. T.) co., inc. Aromas. 

Beith (I. H.) Sentimental sinner. 

280, 7604-7607. 
Bela (Szenes) See Szenes (Bela) 
Belasco (David) : 
Accused. 53689. 
Canary Dutch. 2S588. 
Girl of the golden West. 28787. 
Man in evening clothes. 6152. 
Man with a woman's face'. 19096. 
My Lulu Belle. 29020. 
Salvage. 60249. 
Belasco productions, inc. Friendly 

enemies. 19922. 
Belcher (H. W.) Amer. woman 

hunter to venture alone. 281. 
Belcher abstract & title co. Humboldt 

County, Calif., map. 43351. 
Belli (Felix) Del-Sea heights, 30725. 
Belhaven, N. C, map. 6403. 
Bell (A. E.) Gist of the Bible. 

Bell (A. G.) Adventures of the 

Cameron kids. 55199. 60912. 
Bell (A. T.) Bell word list for use 

as high schl. speller. 30726. 
Bell (C. E.) : 

Freight rates. 282. 
Showing distribution of ratings, 
etc. 20730, 20731. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bell (C. W.) : 

Dauntless three. 28661. 
Gypsy queen. 6078. 
Paradise alley. 60214. 
Toothsome millionaire. 43035. 
Bell (Donald) New perpetuate high 
tension elec. motive power transpor- 
tation system. 18631. 
Bell (E. P.) Coolidge a survey. 283. 
Bell (E. T.) Spirit of Theodore 

Roosevelt. 60912. 
Bell (George) jr. : 

Dandy First helps twist German 

nose. etc. 55203-55213. 
Gen. Bell got a stinging rebuke in 
France, etc. 60913-60925. 
Bell (J. J.) : 

Courtin Christina. 5991. 
Doubles. 20732. 
Thirst. 65442*. 

Those class distinctions. 6319. 
Thread o'scarlet. 6320. 
Wolves. 19445, 54305. 
Bell (J. W.) & co.: 

Hill (R. L.) Brood sows. 1883. 
Piatt (F. L.) All breeds of poul- 
try. 4279. 
Bell (Jack) Phillipino kid. 284,7608, 

Bell (Jas.) co. Bigger & better ba- 
zaars. 20733. 
Bell (M. J.) Fast work. 7610. 
Bell (Ray) Bell (Ray) furniture cut 
service. Ray Bell furniture cut 
service. 60926. 
Bell (Ulric) 4,000 U. S. men in re- 
built fleet. 20734. 
Bell-Ranske (Jutta) Self -applied 

voice-training. 44560. 
Bell service. Professional men. etc. 

Bell telep. co. of Nev. Telep. direct. 

20735, 20736, 55214, 55215. 
Bell telep. co. of Pa. : 

Bell telep. co. of Pa. & associated 
cos. Classification of employees, 
etc. 20759-20792, 44547-44559. 
Telep. direct. 285-287, 7611-7619, 
20737 - 20758, 30731 - 30744, 
44544 - 44546, 55216 - 55227, 
Bellah (J. W.) Armistice. 60034. 
Bellaire, O. First natl. bank. 10 
things that need protection. 30746. 
Bellairs (Jock) See Bellaires (K. G.) 
Bellairs (K. G.) : 

Apartment burglars, etc. 7620- 

Bad man who invented jugcraft. 
etc. 288-297. 
Bellamy (F. L.) : 

Darkness & dawn. 18821. 
Go ye into all the world. 6553S. 
Bellamy (F. R.) Sparrow. 19313. 
Belle Vernon. Pa., map. 19484. 


Belleau wood memorial assn. Game 

of mah jong. 6059. 
Bellefair dress co. : 

As you expect it ! 298. 
Lady Bellefair greets you. 7644. 
Bellemin (F. J.) : 

Beyond the furrow's end. 44561. 
Tales by candlelight. 7645. 
Belleville, 111., direct. 44562. 
Belleville, N. J., direct. 7646. 
Belleville, N. J., map. 19485. 
Bellflower, Calif., map. 43168. 
Belli (E. A.) Reali di Francia. 

Bellingham, Wash., direct. 44563. 
Bellingham, Wash., map. 19486. 
Bellows (Jane) Every girl's health. 

Bellows, Durham co. Pubr. announce- 
ment. 44565, 55228. 
Bellrose (A. R. ) Internatl. system of 

collecting accounts. 55229. 
Bellville, Tex., map. 54337. 
Bellwood, Pa., map. 65816. 
Bellwood Bui., Bellwood, Pa. Spe- 
cial feature section of Bellwood Bui. 
Belmont (E. R.) In the next room. 

Belmont (Mrs. O. H. P.) Are women 
winning their spurs in politics? 
Belmont, Mass., direct. 299. 
Belmont, N.H., direct. 52969. 
Belnap (C. M.) Belnap envelope co. 
Additional unusual designs. 20794. 
Belnap envelope co. Additional un- 
usual designs. 20794. 
Belo (A. H.) & co., inc.: 

Dallas Morning News. Cotton 
picking in West now is in full 
swing. 45952. 
Texas, map. 43660-43662, 54660- 

Texas almanac & state indus. 
guide. 17696. 
Belotti (A.L.) Agreement, etc. 60936, 

Industria della volpe nero-ar- 

gentea. 30747. 
Sale & purchase contract. 20795. 
Belsito (Innocenzo) Psycho-anal. 

chart. 44566. 
Belting & leather products assn., inc. 
Consejos practicos para la instal- 
cion y conservacion de las corres de 
cuero. 20796. 
Belts (E. J.) On your toes. 19170. 
Bemis (Jeffrey) Wind. 19442. 
Benatzkv (Ralph) Fuer dich ! 53S62, 

Benavente (Jacinto) : 
Otra honra. 29067. 
Virtud sospechosa. 29312. 



pt. I, n. 8., v. 22 

Benchley (R. C.) King of Razbo- 

Jazbo. 65598*. 
Bender (C. J.) Twenty yrs. among 

African negroes. 30748. 
Bender (E. D.) Kingdom come. 

Bender (Matthew) & co., inc.: 

Bender's lawyers' diary. 300, 

Bender's tax bk. for collection of 
scbl. districts. 44567. 
Bender (W. H.) Second childhood. 

Bender-Moss co. : 

B. M. co.'s cumulative current 

code annot. 20596. 44413. 
Hillyer (Curtis) B.-M. co.'s 
cumulative current code annot. 
Bender's lawyers' diary. 300. 60938. 
Bendix brake co. For safety Bendix 

4 brakes. 30750. 
Bendix corp. Instr. bk. 30751. 
Ben-dix labs. Ben-dix ointment. 

Benedict (C. A. R.) Edwardsville 

old & new. 30752. 
Benedict (O. J.) Triology in kindli- 
ness. 60939. 
Benedict (D. P.) Dauntless three. 

Benedict (G. H.) Stand, scale for 
color process plates, etc. 20797, 
Benedict (H. B.) Simpliform classi- 
fication. 301. 
Benedict (Kingsley) White vaquero. 

60940. • 
Beneficial operating bur., inc. Bene- 
ficial loan soc. of Baltimore. Bene- 
ficial loans. 30753. 
Beneke mfg. co. Burbanking the car- 
buretor. 552111. 
Benelli (Semi : 

Amorosa tragedia. 28515. 
Cena delle beffe. 65472. 
Benesch (Isaac) & sons (Great house 
of) Presents correct fur modes for 
1925-1926. 30754. 
Benge (E. J.) Graphic control in 

labor budgeting. 60941. 
Bengston (N. A.) Pupil's workbook 

in the geog. of Xebr. 60942. 
Benignus (Wm.) Adlerschrei. 7647. 
Benjamin (J. L.) Start a silver-sav- 
ing habit. 764S. 
Benjamin & Kentnor co. : 

Special Eastern representatives. 

Special western representatives. 
Benjamin electric mfg. co. Benja- 
min indust. signals. 20800. 
Benjamin Franklin bus. inst. Finan. 
course. 60943. 

Benjamin, House of David : 

Flaming ball of fire. 55232. 
Rolling ball of fire. 44568. 
Benjamine (Elbert) Brotherhood of 

light. 60944-60948. 
Benld, 111.,' map. 29421. 
Benner (C. F.) Rules for playing the 

game of Cootie. 60949. 
Benner (C. J.) Bushels that made me 

money. 30755. 
Benner (H. D.) Starlight baseball. 

Bennett (A. M.) What's the use of 

worrying? 65787. 
Bennett ( A. McL. ) Leases & rentals. 

Bennett (Arnold) : 

Bright island. 28572. 
Limits of dominion. 30756, 30757. 
Milestones. 42531*. 
Mr. Jack Hollins against fate. 
Bennett (Belle) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 30758. 
Bennett (C. C.) Instant distance 

finder. 20802. 
Bennett ( C. E. ) : 

One hundred fifty yrs. ago. 20S04- 

They go their way but once. 7650. 
Bennett ( C. F. ) Baseball game. 

Bennett (E. A.) Play jury. 29101. 
Bennett (E. H. > Story of a French 

girl's experiences. e t e. 30759, 

Bennett (F.) Hot water heat & 

tuberculosis. 30761. 
Bennett ( F. P.) & co., inc. U. S. in- 
vestor. Quality furniture for banks. 

etc. 17S88. 
Bennett ( H. E.) Schl. efficiency. 

Bennett (H. M.) Ica cameras. 20809. 
Bennett (I. A.) Bennett (I. A.) & 

co. Porcelain for radio permatone. 

Bennett (J. O.) Perfected procentage. 

Bennett (J. V.) : 

Important facts. 18632. 
Labor ques. 30764. 
Bennett (J. W.) Amer. creditors 

assn. Merchant's direct collector. 

Bennett (M. H.) Bkkeeping review. 

etc. 57180, 57181. 
Bennett ( O. E. » New & original Ben- 
nett system. 303. 
Bennett (R. H.) lumber co., inc. Ben- 
nett bargain bk. etc. 7651-7654. 
Bennett (R. L. ) & sons. Bennetts 

cotton seed. etc. 30765. 30766. 
Bennett (R. M.) Dental lecture. 304. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bennett (R. S.) Game that beats the 

winner. 44570. 
Bennett (Rolf) : 

Bird of fortune. 30767. 
Sleeping partner. 7655. 
Teeth of McGlure. 20810. 
Bennett (S. K.) Bennett's self study 

form. 305. 
Bennett-Barnes co. Solving your sew- 
erage problem. 30768. 
Bennett's travel bur., inc. European 

travel hints. 30769. 
Bennington, Vt., direct. 60951. 
Bennington, Vt., map. 43169. 
Bennoon (Mendel) United States, 

map. 436S1. 
Benoit, Miss., map. 19487. 
Benscoter (W. E.) Union ball. 44571. 
Benson (B. D.) & sons, inc.: 

Rolnik (Max) Your 1924 income 

tax simplified. 4616. 
West Side hotel assn., lease. 7656. 
Benson (Benney) Our Savior's pas- 
sion play. 28459. 
Benson (C. J.) 50-50 abolishes drunk- 
enness. 7657. 
Benson (E. F.) : 

Colin II. 20811, 20812. 
Corstophine. 7658. 
Benson (H. D.) Good morning, 

neighbor. 20S13. 
Benson (R. H.) Upper room. 54265, 

Benson (V. H.) Minnesota, map. 

Benson (W. S.) : 

Benson schl. of Esperanto, 'inc. 
Dr. Benson's personal mail 
course in practical Esperanto. 
7659, 7660, 20814-20817. 
U n i v e r s a 1 a esperantistigilo. 
Benson (W. S.) & co. Graves (M. B.) 
Muscular writing course of study. 
Benson, N. C., map. 43170. 
Bentley (L. D. G.) : 
Hush. 2885S. 
Old raincoat. 29051. 
Trouble man. 43049. 
Bently lumber co. Bldg. plans. 44572. 
Benton (F. W.) Red letter days. 
. 60956. 

Benton (Paul) Candidate. 18765. 
Benton, Ky., map. 54338. 
Benton-Bailey co. Broadside. 44573- 

Benton Harbor, Me., direct. 7661. 
Benz (G. F.) General finan. status. 

Benziger bros. : 

Eleanore (Sister Mary) Little 
flower's love for her parents. 

Hannan (J. D.) Religion hr. 

Kelly (W, R.) Mass for children. 

Our first communion. 11614. 

Lord (D. A.) Story of the little 

flower of Jesus. 23957. 
Mary Gertrude (Sister) Catholic 

nursery rhymes. 48562. 
Moffatt (J. E.) Thy Kingdom 

come. 12932, 57497. 
Six one-act plays. 29201.* 
Wirries (M. M.) Mary Rose 
keeps house. 59915. 
Berak (Paul) Actor's life. 65421. 
Beran (E. W.) Meletean. 24326. 
Beraud (Henri) Personnage de ro- 

man. 60957. 
Bercovici (Konrad) Devil of the 

desert. 7662. 
Berdan (J. M.) Henry the Eighth. 

Berdu (Natalie) Dub-clogs. etc. 

Berend (Alice) Schlangenmensch. 

Berend adv. agency. When will the 
clock in our windows stop? 60958. 
Beresford (Helen) Phantom knight. 

Beresford (M. H.) Skid chains. 

Beresin (M. I.) Kraft fun forstelung. 

Berg (A. T.) Seattle. Union label 

guide. 16655. 
Berg (F. O.) See Amer. in a jiffy. 

Berg (O. F.) Einer von unsere leut. 

Berg- und sportfilm, g. m. b. h. Peak 

of fate. 6957. 
Bergen Co., N. J., direct. 33882. 
Bergengren (Ralph) : 

Betsy & Christopher Careful Co- 
lumbus, etc. 20819-20820. 
Betsy & the funny man. etc. 

7663-7665, 30771-30772. 
Christopher Careful Columbus. 

etc. 44585, 44586. 
Mysterious disappearance of Betsy 

jr. 308. 
Quest of the doughnut. 60959. 
Berger ( H. H. ) Taxable vs. non-taxa- 
ble securities. 30773. 
Berger (Harry) shirt co. Sportster. 

Berger (J. G.) Reformation of a 

grouch. 30774. 
Berger (Ludwig) Goldene schnitt. 

Berger (Lya) A l'ombre de la Bonne 
dame. 30775. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Berger bros. co. : 

Anatomy for Spencer eorsetieres. 

etc. 20823-20832. 
Backache in the female. etc. 

Comfort creations by Spencer. 

etc. 30776-30783. 
Do you want to reduce? etc. 309- 

Fatigue, the destroyer of charm. 

Spencer system of corsetry. 7666. 
Bergere (Ouida) : 

Journey's end. 42740. 
Passion's slaves. 19204. 
Bergere (R. A.) Tuneland. 54251. 
Bergerhammer (Christian) By royal 

command. 20821. 
Bergh (B. A.) Old Nbrse pictorial 

weaving. 42459. 
Bergin (Alfred) Up to Jerusalem. 

Bergling (J. M.) General style chart 

for jewelry. 7667. 
Bergquist (J. V.) Theory of self ex- 
pression in music. 30784. 
Bergren (E. J.) Voice illusionist. 

Bergs (F. J.) : 

Devotions to St. Anthony of 

Padua. 30785. 
St. Joseph our patron. 20S33. 
Berhalter (A. A.) Gen. price list of 

Berhalter's health foods. 55233. 
Beringer (Vera) South-east & South- 
west. 6287. 
Berkebile (F. M.) Psychology of bus. 

Berkeley (L. M.) Great circle sailing. 

Berkeley, Calif., direct. 58576. 
Berkeley Press of Boston. Other fel- 
low, etc. 55234, 55235. 
Berkey & Gay furniture co. : 

Berkey & Gay newspaper matrix 

service. 307S6. 
Newspaper matrix service. 7668. 
Berkhall (Andrew) Berkhall prod- 
ucts co. Your health. 44594. 
Berkhall products co. Your health. 

Berkley knitting co. : 

Berkley knit. 20834. 
Men who concede the importance 
of propriety. 30787. 
Berkowitz (H. J.) Lex talionis. 

Berkowitz envelope co. Windows of 
Berkowitz envelopes are weather- 
stripped too ! 44595. 
Berkshire life insur. co. of Pittsfield. 
Mass., inc. : 

Barker (John) Bus. insur. 

Summary of life insurs. 314. 

Berl (Kathe) Frohes jahr. 7669. 
Berlewin & co., inc. Retail hardware 
store personal letter service. 20835. 
Berlin. B. T. B. branchen-telefon 

adressbuch. 60848. 
Berlin. Pa., map. 6404. 
Berlin, Vt., direct. 60892. 
Berlinicke < H. R. ) Essay about the 

day in court. 20836. 
Berman < A. K. > Insanity as a de- 
fense in criminal cases. 42460. 
Berman (H. A.) Curtains for two. 

Berman (Morris) Evolution at a 
glance for the general reader. 30788. 
'Berman (O. A.) Ironall factories. 

License. 34470. 34471. 
Bermuda, map. 43171. 
Bernard (Bruce) pseud. See Chester- 
man (E. B. ) 
Bernard (Gabriel) Croisiere de 

T "Energique!" 60963. 
Barnard (J. J. ) : 

Denise Marette. 53805. 
Lodovici (Cesare) Yeux mi-clos. 
Bernard (Richard) pseud. See Leech 

(F. S.) 
Bernard (Tristan) : 

Anglais tel qu'on le parle. 42618*. 
Deux vieillards de Suzanne. 6008. 
Ecole des quinquagenaires. 42595, 

Elle aussi. 6023. 
Bernardine (Sue) pseud. See Par- 
sons (E. G.) 
Bernauer (Rudolf) : 

Chocolate soldier. 18787. 
Geliebte sr. hoheit. 18912. 
Bernede (Arthur) Surcouf, roi des 

corsaires. 30789. 
Bernhard (Arnold) Inn box. 65584. 
Bernhard (Emili Jagd gottes. 53941, 

Bernicken (Louis) Teaching nun's 

mag. 52927. 
Bernstein (Abraham) Sefer Toldes 

Adam. 55236. 
Bernstein (E. E.) : 

Exemplification. etc. 30790, 

Throughout all ages. 60964. 
Bernstein (Harry) : 

How- to use auto-refinish duro 

system, etc. 30792. 30793. 
Galerie des glaces. 2S772. 
Bernstein (Herman) : 

Balfour fears world, etc. 315- 

Besredka. head of Pasteur insti- 
tute, etc. 7670-7677. 
Bernstein (Isadore) His people. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Berolsheinier (Vittorio) Anno santo. 

Berree (N. G.) Pennsylvania, map. 

Berrien (E. V.) Old shipyard. 6201. 
Berrini (Nino) Tutta la vita in 

quindiei giorni. 65773. 
Berry (Daniel) Square peg in a 

round hole. 65744. 
Berry (Derb) Golf membership. 

Berry (E. A.) Sunflower poultry 

farm. 319. 
Berry (F. F.) Alaska-Eastern fox & 
fur reservation co. Fox fax. 
Berry (H. R.) co. Sales manual. 


Berry (S. L.) A. D. R. O. A. S. N. 

of Christ's world. 28460-28463, 

42461, 42462, 60008, 60009, 65405, 


Berry schools. What Theo. Roosevelt 

thought of the Berry schls. 20837. 

Bersch (M. C.) Making the most of 

supervision. 44596. 
Berstl (Julius) Aini. 60022. 
Bert E. Collyer's pocket yr. bk. 7679. 
Bertaux (Felix) Allemand et l'Alle- 
magne par les textes. Classe de 
quatrieme. 60966. 
Bertelli (C. F.) Spain's royal pair 
skips to college jazz. etc. 44597- 
Bertha-consumers co. Bertha-consum- 
ers coal bul. 30794. 
Berthe (Madame) : 

Ab-sent. etc. 20838-20840. 
Excerpts from a lecture. 60967. 
Bertilli (C. F.) Italy disarmed. 320. 
Berton (Rene) : 

Euthanasie. 18875. 
Oreste. 29063. 
Precurseur. 19225. 
Bertram (M. E.) Evening story. 
321-346, 7680-7755, 20841-20892, 
30795-30846, 44600^4649, 55237- 
55265, 60968-60991. 
Bertrand (Louis) Destined — Jean 

Perbal. 20893. 
Bertschy (A. J. P.) Bertschy Eng. 
service co. Bertschy duplex by- 
pass. 347. 
Berty (Jean) Coup d'epee dans l'eau. 

Bertz (George) Angel's rec. best. 

Berwick, Me., direct. 1249. 
Besant (Annie) Coming of the world- 
teacher. 60992. 
Besnard (Lucien) : 

Deux vieillards de Suzanne. 

Fleur au poisnard. 42621. 
Bess (C. T.) Honks. 348. 

Besse-Rolfe co. Pract. trouble shoot- 
ing suggestions. 349. 
Bessemer, Ala., map. 19488. 
Bessemer, Pa., map. 65817. 
Bessey (M. A.) Rivals, and, She 

stoops to conquer. 29155*. 
Bessier (Fernand) Pan! . . . dans 

l'oeil! . . . 65683. 
Bessier movable stairway co. Bessier 

disappearing stairways. 44650. 
Best (A M.) co., inc.: 

Best's illus. of net cost. 7756. 
Best's insur. guide, etc. 20896, 
Best (Mrs,. A. S.) : 

Popular study course. 20895. 
Saint Claudia. 42949*. 
Study course. 60993. 
Best (C. M.) One hundred baseball 

limericks. 30847. 
Best (E.) plumbing & heating supply 

co. Catalogue C. 20898. 
Best (E. C.) Bohemian. 61041. 
Best (T. C.) Peacemaker. 29092. 
Best (W. G.) My mother. 7757. 
Best & co., inc. Every smart ward- 
robe will include a fur-trimmed 
costume, etc. 44651-^4658. 
Best bros. Keene's cement co. : 

Dealers' information, architects' 

specifications. 30848. 
Plasterer's handbk. 55266. 
Best univer. lock co. Best universal 

locking system. 60994. 
Best yet shirt co. 3 genuine broad- 
cloth shirts. 44659. 
Bethany press : 

Kuhn (Mrs. A. O.) Vacation 

church schl. 11765. 
McPherson (H. I.) Vacation 

church schl. 12384. 
Moore (J. E.) Vacation church 

schl. 12961. 
Powell (W. E.) Vacation church 
schl. 15800. 
Bethel, Conn., direct. 9364. 
Bethel, Me., direct. 64176. 
Bethlehem shipbuilding corp., ltd. : 
Bethlehem-Amdyco fire extinguish- 
ing system, etc. 55267-55269. 
Bethlehem motor-driven horizon- 
tal centrifugal pumps. etc. 
Bethlehem oil separator. etc. 

30849, 30850. 
Equipment for refineries. 44660. 
Bethlehem steel co. : 

Bethlehem auxiliary locomotive. 

etc. 55270-55274. 
Bethlehem infantry accompany- 
ing gun. 350. 
Bethlehem pulverizers. 30851. 
Bethlehem rolled steel slabs, etc. 
61000, 61001. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Bethlehem steel co. — Continued. 

Bethlehem sheet steel ref. bk. 
etc. 44661, 44662. 
Betsy Ross full fashioned silk hosiery. 

Betsy Ross silk hosiery. 20S99. 
Better babywear co. Designs & price 

list. etc. 55275, 55276. 
Better bread. 351, 775S-7760, 20900, 
30852, 30854, 44663, 55277, 61002, 
Better eyesight soc. of America. 
Moore (G. E.) Eye-opathy. 24517. 
Better food inst., inc. : 

Dinewell vegetarian restaurant. 

Fischer foods co. Real foods for 

folks in a hurry. 22513. 
Foltis' foods, inc. Foltis' funda- 
mental foods. 10290. 
Foodplus no. 3. Eating place for 

sensible men. 22547. 
Werner's cafeteria. Mother's 

cooking. 28136. 
Whole wheat grains. 7761. 
Why you should eat at the Dorian 
restaurant. 44664. 
Better garage service cal. 353. 
Better health assn. of U. S. Your 
most important step today. 30S55. 
Butter homes in America. Guide bk. 
of better homes in America. 7762. 
Better packages, inc. How to make 
package tapping a success. 20901. 
Better tires co. : 

Better tires, etc. 354, 7763-7765, 
20902-20904, 44665, 55278-55279. 
Catalog. 30S56. 

Larrabee tire & rubber co. Your 
credit is good with Larrabee. 
23699. j 

Better Wisconsin. 552S0. 
Betton (O. F.) Ahoha, 1925. 30160. 
Betts (F. B.) Co. auditor. 30857. 
Betts (J. M.) Kathleen Mavourneen. 

etc. 20905, 20906. 
Betz (F. S.) co.: 

Betzco line for 1926. 61004. 
Improved model multi-plane hy- 
draulic operating table. 20907. 
Beuerle (W. H.) Authorized bk. of 

the mystery clue pastime. 44666. 
Beutler (F. B.) Skin deep. 29203. 
Bever (Jean) Femme qui flambe. 

Beverage blue bk., 1925. 30858. 
Beveridge (F. S.) Field sales organi- 
zation. 30S59. 
Beverly (V. E.) $20,000 earned in a 

night. 44667. 
Beverly, Mass., direct. 355. 
Beverly, O., map. 6405. 
Beverly Hills chamber of commerce. 
Beverly Hills city & telep. direct. 

Beyer (W. H.) You can't get away 

from it. 29382. 
Beynon (E. C.) Happy birthday. 

Bianchi Gherardi (Nella) Storia d' 

Italia del bambino. 7767. 
Bibb City, Ga., direct. 21745. 
Biberman (H. J.) Wolves. 43097. 
Bibesco (Elizabeth) La Peronniere 

letters 356 
Bible (H. W.) John Paul Jones. 

Bible : 

Daily guide. 358. 
First & second Kings. 20908. 
New testament. 357. 
This know. 7768, 7769. 
What God's word says & what it 
teaches. 7768, 7769. 
Bible & missionary cal. 359. 
Bible features syndicate, inc. Bell 
(A. E.) Gist of the Bible. 55200- 
Bible inst. colportage assn. of Chi- 

Andrews (L. E.) How Dan Mc- 

Rae won out. 20477. 
Burnham (F. E.) Four old pals. 

Carvell (A. M.) Songs of deliver- 
ance. 8649. 
Congdon (J. E.) Why do I not 

believe. 61340. 
Dawson (W. B.) Forethought in 

creation. 614S0. 
Deck (Northcote) Gold from 

Ophir. 22031. 
Duncan (M. H.) Modern educa. 

Germann (Gertrude) Scripture 

cross-word puzzles. 33633. 
Guille (G. E.) What must I do 

to be saved? 62096. 
Pope (H. W.) Mary Antipas. 

Schuler (G. S.) Accompanist's 

manual. 40307. 
Stroh (Grant) His church. 

Sutcliffe (B. B.) Rejoicing in the 
Lord. 27702. 
Bibo (Giinther) Mister Globetrotter.. 

Bibo (I. M.) In Zandia. 18999. 
Bickford (C. A.) : 

Red badger. 29138. 
3 a. m. 293S9. 
Bickley (William) Long Beach r 

Calif., map. 43406. 43408. 
Biddle (H*ward) ptg. co. Listenin' 

in to what goes on inside. 44669. 
Biddle (J. G.) Megger & bridge-meg- 
ger testing sets. 7770. 
Biddle-Gaumer co. Church lighting 
equipment. 7771. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bieber (R. P.) Southwestern States, 

map. 65930. 
Bienen (Rev.) Stake. 29224. 
Bieneustok (E. A.) : 

Master visible, etc. 44670-^4672. 
Milwaukee tank works. Accurate 

measure. 57472. 
Tank news. 55281. 
Bier (August) : 

Wbat shall be our attitude toward 

homoeopathy? 61005, 61006. 
Wie sollen wir uns zu der homoo- 
pathie stellen. 61006. 
Bierman (William) comp. Travelers' 

medical guide & manual. 61007. 
Big T, 1925. 30860. 
Bigelow (O. A.) Texas. Know the 

law. .52948. 
Bigelow (Dorothie) : 
All cowards. 65428. 
Susie. 43005. 
Bigelow (E. V.) Reeds in the wind. 

Bigelow (Franklin) White wind. 

Bigelow (L. S.) Amer. gas assn. 

Handy-bk. 55032. 
Bigelow-Hartford carpet co. Heart of 

a room is the rug. 44673. 
Bigelow's sales-extension service. 
Household appliances. 30861, 44674- 
44676, 552S2. 61008. 
Bigelow's selling service. Bigelow's 
classified sales-promotion service. 
Household appliances. 360. 
Bigger self pub. co. : 

Harris (Billups) Secrets of 

dream symbols. 22956. 
Your bigger self. 361. 
Bigot (Raoul) Etrange matiere. 

Bilello (Marion) Blood & gravel. 

Bill (A. C.) : 

Christian science dissolution. 

Figures & symbols of the univer. 

design. 7772. 
Tree of knowledge. 44678. 
Billings (J. W.) Voluntary cube root. 

Billings, Mont., direct. 30863. 
Billings, OkL, map. 29422. 
Billingslea (I. E.) Lawyers' annot. 

synopsis. 44679. 
Billingsley (Logan) Simplex bldg. 
co.. inc. Efficiency apartments. 
Bills (B. F.) : 

Brite Mondays to bankers. 446S0- 

44688. . 
Materials of bank talk-plan. 
Billy (Andre) Madame Collery et sa 
fille. 7773. 

Biloxi, Miss., direct. 30865. 
Biloxi, Miss., map. 19489. 
Bilstein (J. C.) Vocabulary of Xeno- 

phon's Anabasis. 55283. 
Bimeler (Peter) Peter Bimeler's 

memory reviver. 7774. 
Binet-Valmer (Gustave) : 
Bois qui parle. 30866. 
Morte. 7775. 
Bing (John) co., inc. Woodenware & 

kindred lines. 30867. 
Bingham (L. E.) Oh baby, baby! 

Bingham's (Samuel) son mfg. co.* 

Printers' rollers. 44689, 55284. 
Binghamton, N. Y., direct. 30868. 
Binghamton, N. Y., map. 54339. 
Binghamton auto, dealers' assn. Why 
you should buy your used car from 
a member of the Binghamton auto, 
dealers' assn. 30869. 
Binghamton Press. Cross word fans. 

etc. 7776, 7777. 
Binney & Smith co. : 

Bird stories to color. 7778. 
Black art. 44690. 
Little folio of art service letters. 
Binstock (R. A.) Harvest festival. 

Biofood corp. Questions & answers. 

Biola mfg. co., inc. Biola, a golden 

age invention. 20911. 
Biological pub. co. Coburn (J. C.) 

Emancipator. 21679. 
Biow co., inc. Rothschild (J. H.) 

Lotus leaves. 4630. 
Birabeau (Andre) : 
Chifforton. 18779. 
Dejeuner de soleil. 28666. 
Joli jeune homme. 362. 
Petit nez retrousse. 42906. 
Birch (C. E.) Fundamentals of bus. 

Birch (F. L.) : 

Life's a dream. 60163. 
Mountebanks. 60193. 
Birch (Frank) See Birch (F. L.) 
Birch-Field (C. A.) Birch-Field radio 

corp. Instr. bk. 7780. 
Birchard (C. C.) & co. : 
Double-crossed. 286S9. 
Johnny Appleseed. 6110. 
Vandevere (J. L.) Contest of the 
nations. 65029. 
Birchwood code co., ltd. Woodhead 
(Edward) Birchwood code cotton 
suppl. 42266. 
Birdsboro Dispatch, Birdsboro, Pa. 

Special feature section. 44691. 
Birge (E. B.) Progressive music se- 
ries. See McConathy (Osborne) 


pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Birge (M. H.) sons & co. : 

Beautiful interiors. 20912. 
Elgin painting & decorating co. 
Gorgeous reflections of exquisite 
tapestry, etc. 22291-22293. 
Birkenhead (F. E. S., 1st earl of) : 
My famous trials. 7781. 
Famous trials of hist. 20913. 
Birmingham (N. R.) Just stick. 

Birminsham. Ala., direct. 30871. 
Birmingham. Ala., map. 54340-54344. 
Birmingham memorial co. Reviewing 

the aim. 7782. 
Biro (John) Mariska. 28970. 
Birren (Faber) Reading (H. E.) 
organization. A B C of Flossmoor. 
Birstein (Moses) XX C word puzzle. 

Bisbee (Harold) Dramatized story of 

our national songs. 18850. 
Bisbee (R. E.) Essence of Christian- 
ity. 61009. 
Biscayne Centre, Fla., map. 60327. 
Bisch (L. E.) : 

Accuracy in speech aids thinking. 

etc\ 20914-20940. 
Killers. 42751. 
Life's hurdles, etc. 44692-14719, 

55286-55311, 61010-61028. 
Over life's hurdles. 363-378, 

7783-7809, 30873-30926. 
Over the hurdles of life. 7810- 
Bischoff (F. F.) Master-pathic 
science inst. Master-path concentra- 
tion disc. 24238. 
Bishop (A. E.) : 

How men go wrong. 18984. 
Husbands & wives. 28356. 
Mum's the word. 19133. 
Squalls. 19319. 
What's it all about? 43075. 
Why. Beatrice ! 19437. 
Bishop (C. B.) Yackety yack. 42369. 
Bishop (E. M.) Peace pipe. 30927. 
Bishop (F. M.) Chart bk. Bishop 

system. 379. 
Bishop (Farnham) : 
Libertatia. 7820. 
On the acct. 30928. 
Bishop (G. H.) G. H. Bishop mfrs. 
laundry & dry cleaners specialties, 
etc. 30929, 30930. 
Bishop (M. G.) Enoch. 53834. 
Bishop (Ralph) Acid test. 53691. 
Bishton (G. A.) Instrs. for making 

the Bishton cable joint. 61029. 
Bissell (A. D.) Moses. 19130. 
Bissell garage co. Overcoming brake 

troubles. 380. 
Bittenbender co. Catalogue. 381. 
Bitterly (L. P.) Topics for tots. 

Bivins (P. A.) Passaic's growth in 

buildings. 44720. 
Bizeau (Maurice) : 

Cours complet de geographie. 

Enseignement prima ire et classes 
ehimentaires des lycees. Cours 
complet de geographie. 61593. 
Bizet (Rene) Sous le pavilion noir. 

Bizzell (M. E.) Attainment of pros- 
perity. 61030. 
Blabon (G. W.) co. : 

Adler ( H. H. ) Planning the color 

scheme for your home. 54953. 
Blabon's linoleum, etc. 44721- 

Floor for the modern home. etc. 

There's greater profit in linoleum. 
Black (A. & D. R.) : 

Black (Archibald) Table 1— 
scheduled airplane rebuilding, 
etc. 61031, 61032. 
— — Table 2 — estimated unit costs 
for transportation. 55312. 
Black (Archibald) : 

Route of proposed N. Y., Chicago 
& Western airline, etc. 44724- 
Table 1 — scheduled airplane re- 
building, etc. 61031. 61032. 
Table 2 — estimated unit costs for 
transportation. 55312. 
Black (D.) pseud. »S'ee Bullock 

(W. D.) 

Black (D. R.) Black (Archibald) 

Route of proposed N. Y., Chicago & 

Western airline, etc. 44724-44727. 

Black (Dorothy) Bits of dreams. 

Black (E. D.) Colonial home built by 

Black. 30932. 
Black (H. C.) Big Darby Crick. 

Black (J. D.) Introd. 383. 
Black & Decker mfg. co. : 

Equipment manual for Ford serv- 
ice stations. 7822. 
Manual of elec. tool practice for 
master plumbers. 30934. 
Black bros., inc. Blax A. C. polarizer. 

Black Diamond (Hazzard. Pa.) direct. 

Black Hawk Co., la. direct. 28102. 
Black hawk oil co. Oilology. 30935. 
Black Hawk tribe of the Woodcraft 

league. Shabbona. 42964. 
Black Mountain, N. G. map. 6406. 
Black rock asphalt co.. inc. Rock 

asphalt hist. 30936. 
Black sales co. Catalog. 61033. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Blackacler (A. D.) Threescore yrs. & 

ten. 44729. 
Blackburn (J. L.) Work in the 

woods. 55313, 55314. 
Blackburn (M. J.) Miss Ca'line. 

Blackburn (O. V.) Colorado River. 

map. 6440. 
Blackburn (W. J.) Souvenir from 

the Elks natl. home. 30937. 
Blackburn Quadrangle, Okl.,» map. 

Blackledge (S. C.) Open bk. on hid- 
den mysteries. 44730. 
Blacklock (J. C.) Lament on drink- 
ing. 20946. 
Blackman (D. A.) Mind vs. practice 

vs. two. 384. 
Blackman co. : 

Selling to & through the chain 

stores. 385. 
Selling to Canada. 44731. 
Teamwork. Making selling adv., 

making adv. sell. 30938. 
What the newspaper offers the 
natl. advertiser. 7824. 
Blackmore (Frederick) House di- 
vided. 28848. 
Blackmore (Madeline) As the twig 

is bent. 53714. 
Blackstone (A.) lumber co., inc. Sum- 
mer cottages. 7825. 
Blackstone (Richard) New nerves for 

old. 30939. 
Blackstone, Va., map. 43172. 
Blackstone Valley gas & elec. co. : 
Bit of Persia for your home. etc. 

44732, 44733. 
Will you accept $1 free? 20947. 
Blackwell (Basil) : 

Merry-go-round. 2727, 12724, 

24367-24368. 35898. 
Noah's wife. 60199. 
Blackwell (C. H.) Railroading. 

Blackwell (Nell) Wound stripe. 

Blackwell. Okl., map. 43173. 
Blackwood (Algernon) : 
Impulse. 7826. 
Through the crack. 602S5. 
Blade-Times. Brunswick, Md. Special 
feature section of the Blade-Times. 
Bladensburg, Md., map. 29423. 
Blagge (J. H.) Consider the bare 

facts. 61034. 
Blaine (A. M.) : 

Hamilton trust co. Betty dear, 
you have never been. 62113. 

Special purpose acct. 22926. 

Hobart trust co. I'm having so 

much fun shopping. 62252. 
Plainfield. First Natl. bank. On 
the right road. 26463. 

State trust co. I want to tell you 

something. 64802. 
Stepping stones to success. 44734 
Blaine, Me., map. 65818. 
Blaine. Wash., map. 43174. 
Blair (G. A.) Echoes of the past. 

Blair (J. L.) New process co. Dear 

Sir. etc. 36663. 
Blair (Streeter) Gettm' ahead. 

Blaisdell (F. W.) Cry of the black 

partridge. 18815. 
Blake (C. G.) Lawn bowling handbk. 

Blake (E. M.) : 

Girls friendly soc. in America. 

Morning drill. 1661. 
Thought stairway. 22771. 
Blake (J. H.) Just tea. 7827. 
Blake (M. K.) Crossed purposes. 

Blake (W. L.) & co. High grade 

plumbing fixtures. 55316. 
Blake (William) Poems & prose of 

William Blake. 20949. 
Blake bros. & co. Inheritance taxes. 

Blake specialty co. Domestic eng. 

buyer's direct. 387. 
Blakemore & Blakemore. Chattel 

mortgage. 388, 30942, 55317. 
Blakiston's (P.) son & co. : 

Deaver (J. B.) Surgical anat- 
omy of the human body. 55906. 
Pyle (J. O.) Plane geometry. 

Blamire acctg. service. Instrs. for 
the use of Blamire acctg. service. 
Blanc (E. C.) Fused alumina cement. 

Blanc-Peridier (Adrienne) Route 
spirituelle de Maurice Barres. 
Blanchard (Carrie) : 

Are you the kind of girl your 

classmates admire? etc. 7831. 

How I make instant postum. 389. 

Thousands of mothers tell me. 

We mothers are partly to blame. 
Blanchard (Olivia) Aged documents 

tell famous story. 55318. 
Blanchester, O., map. 29424. 
Blandford, Mass., direct. 42052. 
Blaney (C. E.) : 

City of sighs & tears. 60064. 
Dancer & the king. 53797. 
Found wanting. 42629. 
Ladies of the street. 6121. 
Man who dared. 51011. 
Miss Raffles. 601S5. 
Pace that kills. 42S91. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Blaney (C. E.) — Continued. 

Paid with her soul. 42892. 
Women slaves. 29376. 
Blaney (H. C.) 2d: 

Found wanting. 42629. 
Passion hunter. 42899. 
Street walker. 6294. 
Blank (Leon) Father of the Ghetto. 

Blank (Rudolph) : 

Blank (R.) audit co. Improved 
self-instr. & acctg. for every- 
body. 20952. 
I. S. I. home study course in book- 
keeping & acctg. etc. 20953. 
Blanksteen (Edythe & William) Are 

you a coward? etc. 30944, 30945. 
Blanton (H. C.) Contract for share 

crop. 7S31. 
Blanton (M. B.) Manual of instr. 
with suggestions for teaching poetry. 
Blanton (M. G.) Minneapolis pub. 
schl. Child guide clinic. Behavior 
chart. 24488. 
Blanton (.Smiley) Minneapolis pub. 
schl. Child guide clinic. Behavior 
chart. 24488. 
Blaret co. Can you afford to pay 

rent ? 390. 
Blass (P. C.) Great Danes. Dober- 

lnanns & Schnauzers. 30946. 
Blatchford calf meal co. New & vital 
facts on the feeding of live stock & 
poultry. 20954. 
Blirsios i. J. T.) Santa Fe old trails, 

map. 19770. 
Blatt (W. M.) : 

Grooming hubby for the party. 

Oi, such a family. 29047. 
Reading character in a street car. 

Shower bath & other incon- 
veniences. 29189. 
Sister in the medicine closet. 

Starting things at school. 29229. 
Stenogj talks back. 29231. 
Blatz (Yal.) brewing co. Blatz Wau- 
kesha ginger ale. 61036. 
Blau (Morris) Cookie on the radio. 

Blauvelt (B. W.) Direct mail selling. 

Blaw-Knox co. : 

B 1 a w - K n o x clamshell buckets. 

Forge & hammer welded equip- 
ment. 391. 
-B 1 a y 1 o c k (Robert) Catseyetrophy. 

Bleacho chem. works. Immaculacy & 
freshness, woman's constant ambi- 
tion. 61038. 

Bleasdale (B. G.) Trisection of aa 

angle. 44736. 
Bledsoe (Harvey) : 

Do you love me Molly darling? 

Farmer's house. 30947. 
Bleichman (Jacob) Woman in the 

wall (Angemoerte frau) 43098. 
Blethen (C. B.) : 

Curry (W. H.) Search for oil in 
♦Washington. 45922-^5926,. 
Earp (F. L.) War's end. 9700- 

Stratton (C. D.) Search for oil 
in Washington. 59618-59620. 
Blickman (Philip) New York (City) 

Wall st. runners direct. 57722. 
Blinken (M. H.) Federal income tax 

procedure. 51255. 
Blinn (Alice) Complete canner. 

Bliss (C. S.) Pacific bldg. & loan 
assn. Pacific bldg. & loan assn. 
etc. 26245-26247. 
Bliss (H. A.) inc.: 

Birmingham memorial co. Re- 
viewing the aim. 7782. 
Bliss (H. A.) Symbols wrought 
in somber stone. 7832. 
Bliss (L. P.) Rescue. 19249. 
Bliss (P. S.) High places. 2SS32. 
Bliss (W. B.) Glory & the grandeur. 

Bliss (W. L.) Class 1 roads face in- 
crease of millions in running costs. 
Bliss elec. schl. Direct & alternating 
current testing, etc. 44737, 44738. 
Bloch (Bertram) : 

Glory hallelujah. 60123. 
Skyscraper. 40605. 
Bloch (Felix) erben: 

Durch den rundfunk! 28702. 
Gottin auf der balz. 18934. 
Hintertiir. 2SS33. 
Leiehtbekleidete Adele. 60161. 
Otto der treue. 19181. 
Tokaier. 19374. 
Wahre Jacob. 19417. 
Block (Adolph) & co. : 

Getting installment customers by 

mail. 20955. 
Is your name in Aladdin's won- 
derful wish book! etc. 30949, 
Your treasures & mine. 7834. 
Block (Ira i To every woman. 44739. 
Block (Jules) At the seminary. 

Block (M. D.) C. P. A. exams. 44740. 
Blocton, Ala., map. 54345. 
Blodgett (Harvey) : 

Becoming independent, etc. 


aios. 1-12, 1925 





Bus. safeguard. 

Getting ahead monthly. 

10562, 22746-22748, 3363^ 

46751, 56567, 62019. 
Hennepin Co. savings bank. 

Where success begins. 23033. 
Paterson natl. bank. What you 

should know about wills. 26312. 




-Blogg & 

(W. J.) Tanz urns licht. 

(R. W.) Canned goods. 

(Walt) & co. At Grayling's. 

Littauer : 
Mat & copy service for your news- 
paper adv. etc. 44741—44745. 
Modes for the larger woman. 
Blood (J. B.) co. Four-pt. WIZ 

form. 44746. 
Bloodgood (F. H.) Farm property. 

Bloom (C. M.) Another birthday. 

Bloom (J. F.) & co. Memorials of 
permanent beauty in granite, bronze, 
marble. 30952. 
Bloom (M. M.) Tonita of the Holy 

Faith. 19376. 
Bloom (S. C.) Noxall ^rubber co. 
Noxall raincoats are ma'de in vari- 
ous styles. 50908. 
Bloomer (W. L.) : 

Cleveland, O., map. 6438. 
Erie (Lake) map. 43308. 
Bloomfield (W. J.) Old times & new. 

Bloomfield, N. J., direct. 48846. 
Bloomgarden (S.) : 

Bible. O. T. Bk. of Isaiah, etc. 

30953, 30954. 
Bible. O. T. Selections. Hebrew. 
First & Second Kings. 20908. 
Blount Springs, Ala., map. 54346. 
Blue (Monte) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 30955. 
Blue bk. & social register. 44749. 
Blue bk. Baltimore soc. visiting list. 

Blue bk. credit co. Blue bk. credit 

ref. 55321. 
Blue bk. of Araer. bus. 44750. 
Blue bk. of Brookline, Mass. 20960. 
Blue bk. of Cambridge, Mass. 7850. 
Blue bk. of Newton, Mass. 55322. 
Blue bk. of Roland Park. 7851. 
Blue bk. of southern progress. 20961. 
Blue bks. co. : 

Albany, Troy & Schenectady soc. 

bluebk. 30099. 
Dau's soc. blue bk. of Montreal. 

Indianapolis soc. blue bk. 34396. 

Springfield & suburban blue bk. 

Syracuse & central N. Y. soc. blue 
bk. 41462. 
Blue diamond materials co. Pictured 

progress. 393. 
Blue grass tours, inc. 44751. 
Blue Hill, Me., map. 65819. 
Blue lodge & masters direct. 7S52. 
Blue point tool co. Aladdin electro 

plater. 7853. 
Blue Ray productions, inc. Mother- 
hood. 60546. 
Blue seal cleansers, inc. Blue seal 

cleanser, etc. 30956-30962. 
Blue seal mfg. co. Instrs. for wiring. 

Blue Springs, Neb., map. 65820. 
Bluefield, W. Va., direct. 30965. 
Bluefield hardware co. Wholesale 

hardware. 55323. 
Bluefield supply co. Hardware & 

auto, supplies. 20962. 
Bluffton, O. First Mennonite church. 
Women's missionary soc. Kaufman 
(E. G.) Present situation in China. 
Bluffton college. Ista. 34481. 
Bluford Sharp co. Fulton supply co. 

Catalogue. 10455. 
Blum (Abraham) : 

Goddess of love. 28791. 
Monkey glands. 54045. 
Ruth — the excellent woman. 
Blum (Mary) Experiment. 6031. 
Blumenthal (B.) & co. Silk mfr.'s 
quadruplicating back order set. 
Blum's com. map pub. co., inc. : 
Indiana, map. 43360, 43361. 
Long Island, map. 43409. 
Michigan, map. 43443, 43444. 
New Jersey, map. 43484, 43485. 
New York (State) map. 43499, 

Pennsylvania, map. 43545. 
Bly (Merwyn) Cashing in on your 

art ability. 20963. 
Blythe (Neva) Prince! 622S. 
Bly the, Calif., map. 54347. 
Blyth, Witter & co. Hunt (Mrs. Fern- 
Dell) Helps for women investors. 
B'nai B'rith Magazine. Gaer (Yos- 

sef) Hannah's children. 56541. 
Boano (Peter) Economical hygiene 

co. Sack truss. 32871. 
Bd. of Christian educa. of the Pres- 
byterian church in the U. S. A. See 
Presbyterian church in the U. S. A. 
(Bd. of Christian educa. of the) 
Bd. of educa. Cleveland. See Cleve- 
land. Board of educa. 


pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Bd. of educa. Minn. See Minn. Bd. 

of educa. 
Bd. of educa. of the Disciples of 
Christ. See Disciples of Christ, Bd. 
of educa. 
Bd. of publication of the United Luth- 
eran church in America. See United 
Lutheran church in America (Board 
of publication of the) 
Bd. of schl. commers. Ind. Public 
schls. Preliminary pamphlet. Pt. 
of the course of study in handwrit- 
ing. 11282. 
Bd. of Trustees of the U. S. pharma- 
copoeial convention. See U. S. phar- 
macopoeial convention (Bd. of Trus- 
tees of the) 
Boasberg (Al) : 

Formerly of Ziegfeld follies check- 
room. 60118. 
Sisters under the skin. 19295. 
Who are on next. 54292. 
Bobbink & Atkins. Roses. 55324. 
Bobbs-Merrill co. : 

Baker (C. B.) Bobbs-Merrill 

readers. 44440, 44441. 
Crockett (D. W. ) Okl. three in 

one service. 45907. 
Ind. three in one service. 11281. 
Oklahoma three in one service. 
Boca Raton, Fla., map. 54348. 
Boekmeyer <W. C.) Radio stamp al- 
bum. 7854. 
Bodanzky (Robert) Sky high. 6277. 
Bodin (E. F. > Vultures that fly in 

the air. 30966. 
Bodine, Sangree & co. Prim. elem. of 

investment. 20964. 
Bodley (G. R.) Modern practical 

arith. 34030. 47074, 47075. 
Bodley (J. E. C.) Mr. Gladstone pre- 
pares to meet Mrs. Langtry. 61039. 
Boex (J.-H. H.) : 

Rosny (J. H.) aine, pseud. Fi- 
ancee de l'ombre. 26937. 

Fille d'affaires. 64482. 

See also, Rosny (J. H.) aine, 
Boehm (David) : 

Marriage business. 28972. 
Respectable parents. 29146. 
Boehm (F. L.) Uncle Sam's visit to 

West Virginia. 29295. 
Boericke & Tafel. Bier (August) 
What shall be our attitude toward 
homoeopathy? 61005, 61006. 
Boerstler (J. W.) Axioms of reason. 

etc. 53632, 53633. 
Boetcker (W. J. H. ) My 1925 resolu- 
tion, etc. 395. 396. 
Bogard (A.) First yr. college math. 

Bogart (E. L.) Exercise bk. in eco- 
nomic hist, of the U. S. 7855. 

high schl. lab. 

United States, map. 

Teachers' manual. 

Wild animals at 

Mo. statute anno- 
Patterson ( D. S. > 



Bogen ( Ola ) Jr. 

manual. 8195. 
Bogert (C. H.) 

Bogert (G. G.) 

Boggs (A. M.) 
home. 44753. 
Bogota. N. J., community bus. direct. 

Bogota, N. J., direct. 33SS2. 
Bohemian. 61041. 
Bohemians, inc. Greenwich Village 

twins. 2SS10. 
Bohling (W. H.) 
tations. 30963, 
Bonn (F. W.) 

Life. 4192. 
Bohorfoush (A. 

Boies (W. J.) : 

Boies bus. bulletin service. 61042. 
Here is an investment letter. 

New high grade bus. & investment 
service. 7857. 
Boies bus. bulletin service. 61042. 
Boileau (Marie) pseud. See Hardy 

( Jane) 
Boiler code com. on miniature boilers 
(Sub. com. of the) See Amer. soc. 
of mech. engineers. Boiler code 
com. on. miniature boilers (Sub. 
com. of the) 
Boise, Id., direct. 7858. 
Boisguillaume (Henri de) pseud. 

See Sauvage (Henri) 
Boito (Arrigo) Gioconda. 42642*. 
Bojer (Johan) Emigrants. 44754. 
Bokchito, Okl., map. 6407. 
Bolenius (E. M.) Bolenius primary 

reading. 44755, 44756. 
Bolgiano (J.) seed co. Bolgiano's of 

Baltimore seed ann. 398. 

Bolgiano (R. A.) Kitchen aid mfg. 

co. Wouldn't you like to have an 

expert maid in your kitchen. 34794. 

Bolich (C. M.) Pa. state bd. ques. & 

ans., with citations. 30967. 
Boiling (A. J.) Through European 

car windows. 30968. 
Boiling orchards sales. Madden 
(J. C.) ed. Boiling; the story of 
things achieved. 12474. 
Bollinger (Conrad) Cotton produc- 
tion in U. S. 44757. 
Bolotin (M.) & son. Furniture 
dealer's 4HTEK sure quad system. 
Bolton (Guy) : 

Cave girl. 53765. 

Lady, be good! 19035. 

Red & black. 42937. 

Tip-toes. 60289. 

Tree of Aphrodite. 43043. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bolton (Willa) Geog. of Mich. 

Bolton, Miss., map. 54349. 
Boinar (A. L.) Verbos mas comunes 

irregulares en Espanol. 44758. 
Bomberger (H. A.) Constitution of 
the Christian order of the Good 
Samaritan. 30969. 
Bommer (Emil) playgrounds founda- 
tion, inc. In-door base ball. 30970. 
Bon Homme Co., S. D., map. 29425. 
Bonanno (L. B.) Beauty molding. 

Bond (C. J.) In the meadow. 44759. 
Bond (Charles) co. : 

Bond stand, stock gears. 30971. 
Textile leathers & belting. 400. 
Bond (Janet) See Bond (Mrs. Re- 
Bond (R. L.) Law breakers. 28922. 
Bond (Mrs. Reford) Husband 

hunter. 6097. 
Bond & mortgage co. Bond buyers 

pass bk. 7860. 
Bond quotation service, inc. Bond 
quotation service. 7861-7864, 
20967-20969, 30972-30976, 44760- 
44763. 55325, 61043-61045. 
Bonded bldg. & loan assn. Sixth ann. 
report of the Bonded bldg. & loan 
assn. 30977. 
Bonded floors co., inc. : 

Confidential laying instrs. 7865. 

Distinctive floors, etc. 401, 402. 

Bonelle (Madame) In grandmother's 

day. etc. 44764-^4767. 
Bonet (Francois) : 

Biens oisifs. 65451. 
Casier judiciare. 53756. 
Bonfig (H. C.) Sterling radio co. 

S-t-e-r-1-i-n-g herald. 17387. 
Bong & co. (Deutsches verlagshaus) 

Gottes fahnentrager. 18941. 
Bong battery corp. Bong radio A & B 

storage battery. 403. 
Bonham (Mary)-: 

Co'tin' dat counts. 53786. 
Easter lily garden. 18856. 
Outwitting Lucy Lee. 54090. 
Bonhomie. 30978. 

Boni (Albert and Charles) Compro- 
mise. 65486. 
Boni & Liveright, inc. : 

Desire under the elms. 28669.* 
Firebrand. 6042.* 
Saint. 42949.* 
Boniel (R. B.) Sib. 29190. 
Boniface (N. F.) God's fool. 6064. 
Boniface (Symona) : 

Girl who promised. 42643. 
Last woman. 42766. 
Bonn (E. A.) Chiropractic health 
service. You can see through this 
message. 7866. 
Bonn (E. H.) What K means. 44768. 

Bonner (S. G.) Pastor's public invi- 
tation. 404. 
Bonnery (Jean) : 

Chevalier Roselys. 44769. 
Egorgeur de femmes. 20970. 
Bonnet-Brown corp. : 

Adv. service, etc. 7867-7874. 

Bonnet-Brown merchants service. 

etc. 405-411, 20971-20973, 

30979-30988, 44770-44777, 55326- 

55328, 61046-61048. 

Bonney (N. J.) Brethren of the 

coast. 30989. 
Bonniwell (C. A.) Value of dramatic 

art in selling. 30990. 
Bonser (F. G.) Practical mathemat- 
ics for jr. high schls. 30991. 
Bontempelli (Massimo) Nostra Dea. 

Bonus (D. H.) Association tests used 

in psychoanal. etc. 20974, 20975. 
Bonwit, Teller & co. : 

Afternoon fashions, etc. 55329- 

Duplicates of Paris gowns, etc. 

Fashions of figured silks, etc. 

20976, 20977. 
Gift bk. 61049. 

Paris recognizes this shop as the 
fashion interpreter, etc. 44778- 
Book Apostolate of Notre Dame : 

Fidelis (Sister) Little Queen. 

Pranzini. 46485. 

Book house for children. Bookhouse 

bldrs. 412. 
Bk. of Mich, indus. 30992. 
Booker (A. S.) Freud on sleep & 

sexual dreams. 20978. 
Booklovers society of America. Dr. 
Frank Crane's letter to William 
Lyon is typical of the tributes 
offered him for yrs. etc. 20979, 
Bookplate ann. 7878. 
Books-by-mail, inc. Venner (Elsie) 
comp. What shall we name the 
baby? 27994. 
Boon (H. A.) Sex-control. 7879. 
Boone (H. S.) & co. Bond market. 

7880, 7881, 30993. 
Boone (Tom) & co., inc. Insur. 

agency. 7882. 
Boone, la., map. 60328. 
Boone & Boone co., la., direct. 447S3. 
Booneville, Miss., map. 19491. 
Boonville, N. Y., map. 6408. 
Boonville mfg. co. Deans' cross-word 

puzzle game. 7883. 
Boore (E. B.) Buffalo. Fire dept. 
Dauntless club. Statistics of fire 
dept. 45170. 



pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Boorman (F. C.) Banks U. S. ma- 
turity cal. 61050. 
Booster edition writers. Coopersville 
Observer, Coopersville. Mich. Ann. 
Grand Rapids trade booster. 21838. 
Booth (C. N.) Leopard's spots. 

Booth (H. S.) Resistivity of slate. 

Booth (Hilliard) : 

Children's vaudeville. 65476. 
Week end wives. 29331. 
White carnations. 19433. 
Booth (J. H.) : 

Good-for-nothing. 28801. 
Long, long ago. 53991. 
Seventh guest. 6268. 
Booth (L. H.) Black butterfly. 

Booth (Lelia) Franklin art supplies. 

Catalogue. 46622. 
Borah (A. E.) Office idyl. 42875. 
Bordeaux (Henry) : 

Cceur et le sang. etc. 7884, 7885. 
Orient en marche. 61051. 
Secret du cMre. 30994. 
Borden (Mary) : 

Jane our stranger. 53942. 
Tapestry needlework. 7886. 
Borden (N. H.) Suggestions on re- 
port writing. 44784. 
Borden co. : 

Catonsville experiment. 61052. 
Condensing of milk. 20981. 
Bordo products co. 1925 illus. fall 

catalogue & price list. 20982. 
Borel (Pierre) Visage inconnu de 

Marie Bashkirtseff. 7887. 
Borge (Harold) : 

My darling mother. 413. 
Our sleeping soldiers. 30995. 
Borges (V. E.) V. Edward Borges 

announces an adv. service. 78S8. 
Borgfeldt (Geo.) & co. Borgfeldt 1925 

bk. 7889. 
Borgia (Rene) When the leaves be- 
gin to fall. 29344. 
Borguis (F. P.) : 

California, map. 43194. 
Los Angeles Harbor, map. 43417. 
Borguis mapping co. Los Angeles, 

Calif., map. 
Borini (H. L.) Better & improved 
method in the care of cage-birds. 
Borland (Barlowe) : 
Gray Kelly. 42652. 
Janitor's lady. 28884. 
Borlase (J. A.) Ultimate philosophy. 

Borough of Manhattan, New York 

City, real estate direct. 51548. 
Borough of Wilson, Pa., direct. 32850. 

Borton & Borton. Borton's pocket 
manual of Cleveland securities: 
Bosc (Auguste) Musique adresses 

universe. 63160. 
Bosco (G. B.) Granger (Redie) co. 

Checker-foot-ball. 22858. 
Bosler (C. H.) Master radio sales- 
man. 55334. 
Bosley (D. W.) co. : 

Bosley's improved service gasket. 

Bosley's improved service weather 

strip. 30996. 
Commer. & ry. weather strip. 
Boss (J. C.) eng. co. Boss ten-hr. 

dryer. 414. 
Bossert (Louis) & sons, inc.: 

Bossert lumber- jacks. 20983- 

Model Amer. home for the inter- 
nal, exhibition. 55336. 
Bossier (W. A.) Natural charm schl. 
Foundation of all beauty is good 
health. 49136. 
Bostick (P. C.) Christmas greetings. 

Bostock (C. W.) : 

Check-mate. 42554. 
His friend. 53915. 
I'm hungry. 53923. 
Bostock (J. G.) : 

Amateur night in London. 18691. 
On the chain gang. 29056. 
Who dun it? 29356. 
Boston, Mass. : 
Direct. 30997. 

Fairchild's Boston direct. 416. 
Map. 19492, 29426, 43175-13178, 
60329. 60330. 

First church of Christ, scientist. 

Private telegraphic & cable code. 

First natl. bank : 

Inheritance tax information. 

Solving the problems that con- 
front your estate. 20987. 
Boston better bus. commission, inc. 

Facts for shoppers. 7892. 
Boston Chamber of Commerce. Bur. 
of commercial & indus. affairs : 
Boston, an old city with new op- 
portunities. 7893. 
Direct, of the larger New England 

mfrs. 22096. 
Shoe mfg. indus. of New England. 
Boston chap, of the Amer. lit. assn. 
See Amer. lit. assn. (Boston chap, 
of the) 
Boston daily advertiser. Illus. cross 
word puzjile. 7894-7907. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Boston evening transcript. Strangers 

direct. 30998. 
Boston gear works, inc. : 

Boston gear works sales co. Bos- 
ton speed reduction units. 7909. 

Modern speed reduction. 

Boston gears. 790S. 
Instrs. to Boston gears salesmen. 

Quest. & ans. on the appl. of 
Renold-Boston silent chain 
drives. 20988. 
Boston Herald. Doubt Margery pos- 
sesses real psychic power. etc. 
55338, 55339. 
Boston motor club. Goode (D. B.) 
Key to New England's highway no. 
system. 33731. 
Boston Post. How is bus. 61053. 
Boston pub. co. : 

Boston Herald. Doubt Margery 
possesses real psychic power, 
etc. 55338, 55339. 
Doyle (A. C.) Margery genuine. 

9615. 9616. 
Griscom (C. S.) Disavow first 
views. 46S99. 
Boston real estate exchange. As- 
sessed values of real estate in Bos- 
ton. 61054. 
Boston store of Chicago. WIZ regis- 
ters speed up records of goods. 
Boston Sunday Advertiser. Illus. 

cross word puzzle. 7910. 
Boston Sunday Globe. Declares wom- 
en not success in politics. 55340. 
Boston Transcript co. : 

Beaux (Cecilia) Sargent. 20713. 
Boston evening transcript. Stran- 
gers direct. 30998. 
Clapp (J. K.) Boston Evening 

Transcript's direct. 45532. 
Ford (F. W.) comp. Boston 
evening transcript's direct. 
Goldberg (Isaac) Playwright & 

critic. 56593. 
Green (F. C.) Peary aground as 
MacMillan's voyage started. 

(H. L.) Musician & 
of musicians. 2432S- 



Boston univ. 

Best short 

(E. J.) 

College of liberal arts. 
Class of 1926. Hub. 34303. 
Bostwick (J. A.) Prof. J. A. Bost- 

wick horoscopes. 61055-61066. 
Boswell (F. W.) Employee lunch- 
rooms. 24520. 
Bosworth, Chanute & co. Building an 
income fund. 

Bosworth, DeFrenes & Felton. Live 

and help live. 29937. 
Botanical dept. See Barnard college. 

Botanical dept. 
Botany booklet. 961. 
Botany worsted mills. Trend. 7911, 

31000, 44790. 
Boteler (M. M.) Pocket lesson com- 
mentary for 1926. 61067. 
Botelho (F. M.) How & why to own 

a home. 7912. 
Botfield refractories co. What users 

say of adamant. 61068. 
Both (W. C.) : 

Meyer Both co. I Q S. Individ- 
ualized quality service. 2734, 
2735, 12741-12795, 24379, 48717. 

Meyer-Both Worden millinery 

service, etc. 35948. 

W. C. Both men's & boys' 

wear illus. service. 57436, 
57437, 63004. 
Bott (H. S.) Cross-word checkers. 

Bottega di poesia. Profeti di Babi- 

lonio. 19228*. 
Bottomley (Roland) : 

Present day courtship. 42917. 
Snake. 42979. 
Bottoni (Gerolama) Contractador 

dos diamantes. 5987. 
Botz ptg. & stationery co. Sedalia, 

Mo., direct. 52106. 
Bouck (Zeh) Resistor manual. 7914. 
Bouillet (Emile) Presentation of the 

art of violin playing. 417, 7915. 
Bouillon-Sanders & Chopp, inc. : 

Crownfield (Gertrude) Time in 

rime. 55830. 
Swan (Kay) A-B-C chart, etc. 
64882, 64883. 
Boulenger (Marcel) : 

Due de Moray. 44791. 
Venerie. 209S9. 
Boulton (P. G.) What is wrong with 

the world to-day? 18633. 
Bouman-van Tertholen (S. M.) Van 

cirkel en vierkant. 31001-31003. 
Bourbon. Ind., map. 6409. 
Bourget (P. C. J.) Chapeteau roman. 

Bourjaily (B. W.) Oh. mother! what 
can I do? 418-420, 7917-7921, 20990, 
Bourke (X. T.) Chart for determin- 
ing flow of steam in pipes. 31004. 
Bourn (Mary) : 

Man from Shanghai. 42S06. 
What a surprise! 43072. 
Bourne. Mass., map. 6410. 
Bousquet (Jacques) : 

Gosse de riche. 6069. 
Mannequins. 65635. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Boutet (Frederic) : 

Gribiche. etc. 7922, 7923. 
Satanisme moderne. 610C9. 
Duty. 31005. 
Bouton (Howard) Super sex. 19331. 
Boutwell, Milne & Varnum co. Story 

of the Rock of Ages. 7924. 
Boutwell Owens & co., inc. : 

Price per gallon. etc. 44792, 

Radio log. 7925. 
Bove (Emmanuel) Autre ami. 61070. 
Bovee furnace works. Bovee furnace. 

Bovier (N. I.) Bible stories every 

child should know. 7926. 
Bowden (G. T.) Who's on the air & 

when. 7927. 
Bowdish (G. S.) Specifications for 

Texasphaltic pavement. 7928. 
Bowen (F. W.) Portland, Or., map. 

Bowen (Marjorie) Where your treas- 
ure is. etc. 7929. 

Personal life insur. 
20992. 20993. 
Think. 7930. 
Common diseases of 

Bowen (R. L.) 
program, etc, 
Bowen (W. D.) 
Bowen (W. E.) 
swine. 44794. 
Bowen (W. S.) 

Oilology. 30935. 
Bowen pub. co. Bishop 

Peace pipe. 30927. 
Bowen-Shields chemical co. : 

Bowen (W. E.) Common 

eases of swine. 44794. 
Shields (W. A.) Common 
eases of swine. 44794. 
Bower (E. S.) Card mah jong. 

Black hawk oil co. 

(E. M.) 



Bowers (E. F. ) Relief from fatigue 



and nerve strain 
Bowers (L. P.) 

Bowers (R. H.) 

direct. 27799. 
Bowery savings bank : 

Finan. program, etc. 423-426. 
Money bk. for boys & girls. 61071 
Plan your future. 20994. 
Bowes (C. L.) Specifications 
Bowes (Samuel) Stand. 

Four-foot negro 

Theatre & hotel 



Bowie (J. F.) 
shelf. 31007 
Bowie (John) 

Bowker (R. R.) co. : 

Amer. bk. trade direct. 
Book shelf for boys 

Summer reading for 1925. 31008. 
Bowker (W. J.) Athenaeum. 30505. 
Bowlby (N. H.) Intellectophone. 

Bowles (C. W.) World, map. 60474. 

Just life— Madame. 

and girls. 

Bowles (M. S.) Self-help remedial 

lessons, etc. 427, 428. 
Bowles-broad ptg. works. Northern 
California redwood schedule, etc. 
429, 430. 
Bowling (C. J. S.) Evolution. 431. 
Bowling Green, Calif., map. 54350. 
Bowling Green. O., map. 54351. 
Bowman (De Forest) : 

Bankers life co. As a policyhold- 
er of our co. 44489, 55171. 
Make these dreams come true. 
Bowman (E. E.) Salinger (M. D.) 

Straightway Bible course. 51932. 
Bowman (G. K. ) . Bowman's B-B 
7931, 20995, 44805. 
{Mrs. E. K.) Wurld peace 
for clubs & high schls. 

G. M.) Mrs. Bow- 
tests. 44798-44804, 

Bowman (Mrs. 
man's Bible 
Bowman (H. S.) Key to Bowman's 

automatic cal. 7932. 
Bowman (Harvey) : 

Duplex vaporizer co. Pine tar & 
the lemon. 32822. 

-Pine tar vaporized. 61621. 

Pine home treatment. Pine-cam- 
phor vapor fumes. 15693. 
Bowman (Isaiah) New land in far 
North would contain wild life. 
Bowser (Bernice) : 

Bowser lamp service. Lamp pro- 
portion, etc. 53641, 53642. 
Lamp lineage. 60010. 
Box-craft, summer issue, 1925. 31010. 
Boy-ed (Ida) Eine. 44806. 
Boy-joy woodcraft. Bird cottage 

instrs. 20996, 20997. 
Bov rangers lodge, inc. Guide bk. 

Boy scouts assn. Canadian general 
council. Animal tracking for boy 
scouts. 174. 
Boy scouts of America, inc. : 

Boy scout diary. 20998, 61074. 
Bradley (J.- C.) Insect life. 

Palmer (E. L.) Insect life. 44812. 
Boy scouts of America. (Association 
of scoutbrothers of troop 21) Yr.- 
bk. of troop 21's scoutbrothers. 
Boy scouts of America. Reading- 
Berks Co. council (Com. on troop 
organization of the) Bldg. charac- 
ter & citizenship in boys with the 
scouting program, etc. 31011, 31012. 
Boyce (A. E.) co. : 

Boyce stand, system of acctg. 432. 
Do you make every effort count? 



nos. 1-12. 1925 

Boyce (Harrison) Boyce-ite; two 
ways to insure easy starting in win- 
ter. 433. 
Boycott (C. M.) Draft transporta- 
tion. 55344. 
Boycraft co. : 

Janson (A. R.) Patrol stunts. 

McCord (T. G.) Patrol stunts. 

Townsend (A. H.) Patrol stunts. 

Whvs & hows of scouting. 

Townsend (Palmer) First aid 
made easy. 41614. 
Boyd (A. B.) Los Angeles. Calif.. 

map. 43412. 
Boyd (E. B.) Quarantine bul. cir- 
cular, etc. 20999, 21000. 
Boyd (Hutcheson) Man's house. 

Boyd (J. C.) To-day's cross-word 

puzzle. 21001-21006. 
Boyd (K. M.) Machine shop practice. 

Boyd (R. E.) : 

Boyd's selections. 434. 
Code & minute. 61075. 
Boyd (T. M.) Virginia bar exams. 

Boyd (T. S.) Web. 54279. 
Boyd (W. H.) co.: 

Norristown, Bridgeport & Potts- 
town. Pa., direct. 38921. 
Reading. Pa., direct. 39778. 
Williainsnort. Pa., direct. 42182. 
Boyd's city dispatch : 

Foundation of circular adv. 7933 
Genpral price list. 435. 
Boyer (F. Q.) : 

North Carolina, map. 29659. 
Western North Carolina facts. 
Borers (A. P.) Boyers budget bk. 

Bovkansky (Mischa) Naked times. 

Bovkiu (C. 
Ea-lo 9 
Boykin ( M rs . 
lady. 19195. 
Bovkiti (N. G.) 

Boylan (W. 

E.) Battered by seas, 
reaches port, crew well. 

Edward) Part-time 
Part-time lady. 

A.) Graded drill exer- 
risps in corrective Eng. 21007- 
BovIp (E. C.) Princess Matilda. 

BovIp (H. J.) Good world after all. 

Boyle (J. T.) & co., inc.: 
Catalog. 7934. 
Installment protection plan. 436. 

Boyle & Blunt, inc. Accuracy, etc. 

Boyles (L. F.) Morgan woodwork or- 
ganization. Adding beauty to your 
home. etc. 12973-129S0. 

Boylston (H. M.) Steel & its heat 
treatment. 44808, 55345. 

Boynton (C. E.) Applied chem. 1327. 

Boynton (Catharine) Law of supply. 

Boynton (F. D.) Exercises in plane 
geometry. 44810. 

Boys' internatl. anti-cigarette league. 
Boy spirit of 1925. 31016. 

Boys' outfitters co.. inc., N. Y. (City) 
Boys outfitter direct. 3054, 36664- 

Boyson jewelry co. Treasure chest. 

Boyt ("Walter) co. Build bigger har- 
ness bus. 7935. 

Bozeman, Mont., direct. 7936. 

Braaten (Oskar) Store barnedapen. 

Brabaw (Michael) Way to keep flies 
off of cows while be'ng milked with- 
out spraying. 55346. 

Bracco (Roberts) End of love. 18868. 

Brach (E. J.) & sons. Brach mer- 
chandising service. 55347. . 

Braeke (Otto) Recline schnell. 7937. 

Brackett (George) : 

Facts & figures for fox breeders. 

Silver fox breeder mag. 52311. 

Bracketville. Tex., map. 6411. 

Brada, pseud. See Puliga (H. C. S. 
contessa di) 

Bradburv (E. A.) Greetings, old pal. 
etc. 440. 441. 

Bradburv (G. E.> & co. Garage beau- 
tiful. 31018. 

Bradbury (James) jr., Fresh waters. 

Braden (James) Story of a great 
football star. 55348-55355. 

Bradenton. O.. map. 54352. 

Bradermann (M-W.) co. Finding a 
market for your real estate bonds. 

Bradfield-Canterbury co. Contract of 
sale. 7939. 

Bradfield regulator co. Motherhood. 

Bradford (Ethlynne) See Macart. 

Bradford (R. O.) Little talks on 
little ads. 7940. 

Bradford (W. A.) Bradford price 
bk. 442. 

Bradford. Pa., map. 65821. 

Bradford dyeing assn. Facts about 
fast colors. 21010. 

Bradford-Robinson ptg. co. Quit- 
claim deed. 7941. 


Bradley (A. M.) : 

Moonshine. 19128. 
Tootle-oo. 54239. 
Bradley (Alice) Experts bk. on bet- 
ter cooking. 7942. 
Bradley (C. A.) Dogology. 18841. 
Uncle Sam's great educa. etc. 
Bradlev (F. J.) Woodland fires. 

Bradley (J. C.) Insect life. 44812. 
Bradley (M. E.) : 

For the peace of the world. 7943. 
Poster patterns for brave adven- 
turers. 44819. 
Bradley (M. H. ) Caravans & canni- 
bals. 44813^4S18, 55357, 55358. 
Bradley (Milton) co. : 

Bradley's novelty cut-outs. 7944. 
Bradley's schl. materials & bks. 

etc. 44820. 44821. 
Chance (L. M.) Bradley's 
straight line picture cut-outs. 
Dillaway (T. M.) Historic mas- 
terpieces of design, etc. 32724. 
Gardner (I. R.) Speed chart for 

arith. 33596. 
Garis (H. R. ) Two wild cherries 

at the seashore. 3359: t. 
Ohrenschall (H. E.) Bradley's 
designs. 4090. 
Bradley (Uno) pseud. See Bradley 

(C. A.) 
Bradley (W. F.) Shadow. 40526. 
Bradley knitting co. Tyrrell (W. B.) 

Bell ringers. 41664. 
Bradley. Miller & co. Bradley Miller 
Michigan white pine window frames. 
Bradshaw (C. A.) Americanization 

questionnaire. 21011. 
Bradshaw (E. N.) Manual of facts. 

Bradshaw (Margaret) Glimmers of 

the sea. 31019. 
Bradstreet (Howard) : 

Dark days of the republic, etc. 

600S0. • 
Squanto. 55359. 
Bradstreet co.. inc. Bradstreet's bk. 
of commer. ratings. etc. 7946- 
7949. 31020-31023, 44822. 44823, 
61079. 61080. 
Brady (Barrett) Reformer. 42940. 
Brady (G. G.) She had to know. 

Brady (James) Sight ref. for rev. 

rates of postage. 21012. 
Brady (Lena) U. S. Constitution. 

Responsive readings. 59737. 
Brady (P. J.) : 

A. F. L. guns aim child labor, 
etc. 44S24-44828. 

pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

A. F. L. urges peace in Peru. etc. 
55360, 55361. 
Brady (Philip) Collitch post card. 

Brady (Thomas) Bartle' Barthol- 
omew Doyle, etc. 55362, 55363. 
Brady (W. A.) She had to know. 

Brady's tourist guide : 

Oklahoma, map. 19717. 
Ozarks, map. 19726. 
Braecklein (F. H.) We ourselves the 

better serve. 447. 
Braeme (C. M.) Her only sin. 60134. 
Braemoor coat co., inc. Braemoor 
coat means satisfaction, etc. 7950 r 
Bragdon, Lord & Nagle co. : 

How to sell to textile mills. 

Off. Amer. textile direct. 39015. 
Rayon yr. bk. 61081. 
Braham (A. D.) Peerless-Bond 
radio corp. How to enjoy a pro- 
gram. 26327. 
Braislin (J. C.) Transportation in- 
surance. 65407. 
Braley (Berton) Don't bother Jim. 

Brambach piano co. Brambach baby 

grand Nov. campaign. 44830. 
Bramblett (Agnes) Mother memories. 

Bramson (Karen) : 

And their eyes were opened. 

When eyes are opened. 6362. 
Bramwell (R. P.) Not according to 

schedule. 19154. 
Branch (H. E.) Self-evident facts of 

great social import. 44831. 
Branch (J. J.) Orlando, Fla. 448. 
Branch (T. W.) Sammy's select 

games. 61082. 
Brandane (John) pseud. See Macin- 
tosh (John ) 
Brandenburg (Provinz) B. T. B. 
branchen-telefon adressbuch. 60848. 
Brandes (C.) inc.: 

Adjustable table-talker. etc. 

Greater distance for any set. etc. 
7953. 7955. 
Brandes products corp. : 

Brandes cabinet speaker. etc. 

Brandes experts in radio acous- 
tics. 61083. . 
Brandes products. etc. 31027, 

Ma let's cut out the neckties, 
etc. 55364-55369. 
Brandis & sons, inc. Brandis instru- 
ments of precision. 21014-21016. 
Brandon (E. E.) Petite ville. 19209*. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Brandon (Hugh) Allie McCall. 

Brandon (J. R.) Heart disease. 

Brandon sales co. Swimming instrs. 

Brandt (Albert) Ben-dix labs. Ben- 
dix ointment. 30749. 
Brandt cabinet works. Table novelty. 

Branham (Ben P.) co. : 

Advisory rules. etc. 449-452, 

Arkansas fire prevention bur. 

Advisory rules. 7380. 
Branham auto. ref. bk. 61084. 
First suppl. to the auto, list bk. 

etc. 44841-^14847. 
Premium bk. 31029-31037. 
Rate-bk. etc. 21017-21024. 
Branigar bros. co. : 

Action, etc. 31038-31046. 
And the key to the opportunity, 
etc. 21025, 21031. 
Branin & Branin. Branin & Branin 

quick action. 44848. 
Branom (F. K.) Use of maps. etc. 

7968, 7969. 
Branom (M. E.) : 

Branom practice tests in geog. 

Branom tests in geog. 21032. 
Bransford (J. C.) Los Angeles Basin 

oil fields, Calif., map. 54499. 
Brant (A. A.) lumber co. Brant 

homes. 453. 
Brant (Irving) Penny. 29095. 
Braselman (F. M.) : 

Harrington (Marshall) Persua- 
sive evangelism. 47030. 
Robinson (H. McA.) How to con- 
duct family worship. 4584. 
Brashear, Mo., map. 6412. 
Bratten (P. M.) co. Brine tanks for 

use with frigidaire. 44849. 
Bratter (H. D.) Minneapolis daily 
star. Write a penny postal & win 
$200 cash. 2789. 
Bratton (S. M.) Fantasy of long ago. 

Brattleboro, Vt, direct. 454, 61085. 
Braud (C. C.) comp. Your comp(any) 

Braun (C. F.) Land ohne schatten. 

61086. $ 

Braun (C. F.) & co. : 

Braun absorption plants. 31047. 
Braun cooling towers, etc. 455, 

Braun fluid heaters, etc. 44850- 

Braun gas coolers for oil. 21033. 
Braun portable absorption' plant. 

Braun (Edith) Faded roses were be- 
ginning of war to better world, 
etc. 21034-21036. 
Braunbeck (G.) Braunbeck's adress- 

buch der mortorfahrzeug. 21037. 
Brave (Charles) : 

Passion Isle. 54097. 
Undine. 29297. 
Bray (Y. R.) : 

Camel's bump. 65986. 

Dinkev Doodle and the bad man. 

Dinkey Doodle in the circus. 

Dinkey Doodle in the hunt. 

How the bear got his short tail. 

How the elephant got his trunk. 

Leopard's spots. 66057. 
Bray & Mulgrew. Amer. bank. Home 

saver. 55. 
Bray productions, inc. Seeing stars. 

Brazil, map. 43179. 
Breck eng. co. Breck system of auto. 

washing & cleaning. 44854. 
Brede (M. H.) Radi-u-laboratories 
co. Radi-u-beauty clay. etc. 15906, 
Breede (Adam) Hunting big game 

in the African jungle. 61087. 
Breen (J. P.) Poems. 7971. 
Breen (T. H.) White duck suit. 457. 
Breese (V. P.) Scottish terrier. 

Breil (J. C.) Asra. 18705. 
Breit (Use) Kindersommer. 7972. 
Breitbart (Siegmund), inc.: 

Breitbart's nhyical culture course. 

More power. 31051. 
Breitkopf & Hartel. : 

Jahrmarkt von Sor6tschintzft. 
' 42727. 

Madchen von Pskoff. 19085. 
Breitkopf publ., inc. : 

Humiston (W. H.) Little biog. 

Martens (F. H.) Little biog. 
Bremerton, Or., map. 60331. 
Bremerton Daily News Searchlight. 

Winter at Valley Forge. 7974. 
Brennan (E. M.) Mileage chart. 

Brennan (G. A.) : 

As a gift. 55373. 

Delay excuse (Lincoln) 61088. 

Finan. objection. etc. 44S57- 

Kindergarten outlines for Lincoln 
lib. 31052. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Brennan (G. H.) Allie McCall. 

Brennen (R. H.) : 

Evolution, etc. 31053-31055. 
If you could see the kitchen. 
Brenner (Henry) Advantage of liv- 
ing. 31056. 
Brent (L. W.) Mose and the skeleton. 

Brent (R. W.j Doctor Winkelman. 

Brent (W. L.) Introd. 21038. 
Brentano (F. I.) Advice to the love- 
lorn. 18677, 28498. 
Brentano (J. P.) : 

Charity's reward. 5975. 
Scapulars. 6260. 
Brentano's, inc. : 

Fairyland and footlights. 53843. 
Makers of light. 28959*. 
Mandarin coat. 19097*. 
Plays of the 47 workshop. 29103*. 
Theatre pour la jeunesse. 19346*. 
Bresler (M. B.) Little brown house 

in the valley. 797(i. 
Breslich (E. R.) Teachers' guide, jr. 

mathematics. 31057. 

Brethfeld (Max) cd. Schreibers Be- 

siehaftigungs'biichier fiir elternhaus 

mid arbeitsschule. 7977, 7978. 610S9. 

Bretigniei'e (L.) Production du ble. 

Bretz (Martin) Do unto others. 

Breucker (H. A.) Margins & imposi- 
tion regulation sizes paper trade cus- 
toms. 31058. 
Brevard Co., Fla., map. 6413, 43180. 
Brevis (II. W.) On land or sea. 

Brewer (A. L.) West coast theatres, 

inc., Calif. 31059. 
Brewer (F. L.) Night life in Mont- 

clair. 19148. 
Brewer (H. D.) 

Brewer (L. A.) : 
Flapper love. 
Movie stuff. 
Brewer ( Lucile ) 

Brewer (S. H.) 

see you. 7979. 
Brewer (Walpole C.) : 
Enlist now. 31062. 
Paregoric. 65684. 
Brewster (Dorothy) Radio course. 

Brewster (John) Return. 6241. 
Briant (Roy) When it comes to you. 

Briarcliff Manor, N. Y., map. 65822. 

Gist of 


Complete canner. 

I am coming in to 

Brickett (C. J.) : 

Raw silk. etc. 7981, 79S2. 
Silk testing. 21040, 48088. 
Bride's bk. pub. co., inc. Bride's bk. 

Bridge (Al) He who forgets. 42670, 
Bridgeport, Conn., direct. 44864. 
Bridgeport. Conn., map. 54353. 
Bridgeport, Pa., direct. 38921. 
Bridgeport brass co. Phono-elec, 

Bridgeport high schl. Chem. lab, 

manual. 44865. 
Bridgeport Telegram, Bridgeport,. 

Conn. Rotor prin. 21041. 
Bridgeport trust co. Advantage of 

now. etc. 7983-7994. 
Bridgewater, Mass., map. 19493. 
Bridgewater, Me., map. 65823. 
Bridgham (G. R.) : 
Charline. 42553. 
Heart of Maine. 18956. 
Bridun specialties co. Shopping re- 
minder. 31064. 
Brief Eng. systems, inc. It's up to 

you. etc. 61092, 61093. 
Briegleb (G. A.) Our friends in 

'heaven. 44S66. 
Brieii (T. R.) Brien (T. R.) spe- 
cialty co. Rules for athletic target 

practice. 7995. 
Brieux (Eugene) : 
Accused. 53689. 
Americains chez nous. 42490*. 
Briggs (A. L.) Ten minute drills in 

French. 21042. 21043. 
Briggs (C. D.) All fool's day. 1S6S3. 
Briggs (E. B. R.) Horatio Nelson. 

Briggs (H. A. M.) Mt. camp in the 

beautiful Conn. Valley. 31065. 
Briggs (H. P.) Radio bug. 29134. 
Briggs (Harlowe) See Briggs (W. 



(J. De Q.) Inverse duplex. 

Briggs (J. C.) She knew her stuff. 

Briggs (R. H.) : 

Briggs system of turf investment. 

Improved Briggs master method 
of turf investment. 55374. 
Briggs (W. H.) Window dressing. 

43092. * 
Briggs (W. J.) Europa von heute. 

469-471, 7997-S002. 
Brigham (A. P.) Essentials of geog. 

44867. 55375. 
Brigham (C. C.) Princeton-N. R. C. 

tests. 31066-31068, 44868^4S73. 
Brigham (L. M.) Synopsis of pag- 
eant, The Century story. 44874. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Brigliouse (Harold) : 

Bantam (V. C.) 53728. 
Little red shoes. 19058, 65142. 
Mary's John. 6162. 
Bright (R. G.) Sudan. 19330. 
Brightman (W. V.) Hell hath no 

fury like. 53912. 
Brightnioor. Mich, direct. 26725. 
Brillhart (C. E.) Inn. 60061*. 
Brimbleconi (Stednian) Silk slippers. 

Brimmer (B. J.) co. Death & the 

fool. 6006*. 
Briney (Russell) : 

Deposes in liquor case ; cries plot. 

2 die in fueds. 472. 
Bringer (Rodolphe) Heritage de la 

dactylo. 8003. 
Brink (P. P.) Cole & Wickham co. 
O. & W. reversed telep. direct. 945. 
Brinkerhoff (F. C.) Springfield, 

Mass., map. 29758, 60438, 60439. 
Brinkman (O. H.) Putting the pet 

in competition, etc. 44875-44884. 
Brinton (Christian) Ignacio Zuloaga. 

Brinton-Bruner co. Famous $3.00 

Kazabe doll. 55376. 
Brisbane (Arthur) : 

Abolish the Pullman surcharge. 

etc. 8004-8166. 
About happiness. etc. 44885- 

Active corpse, etc. 474-546. 
Another bk. etc. 31071-31237. 
Are the Japanese agile & able. 

etc. 21044-21201. 
Coal strike, etc. 55377-55384. 

rk. etc. 

Greater Lincoln pai 
Bristol (N. E.) Life of Christ. 

Bristol, Conn.; direct. S167. 
Bristol, Conn., map. .6414. 
Bristol, N. H., direct. 45012. 
Bristol, R. I., direct. 8168. 
Bristol & Bauer. Regarding unlisted 

securities. 547. 
Bristol co. : 

Bristol-Derr water level gauges. 

Bristol insured bond adv. 553S5- 

Bristol's elec. recording instru- 
ments. 61100. 
Bristol's mech. motion & elec. op- 
eration recorder. 45013. 
Bristol's recording thermometers 

gas filled. 21202. 
How to select your loud speaker. 
Bristol (Edition) a. g. See Edition 
Bristol, a. g. 


Bristol-Myers co. : 

Are your gums suffering from a 
lifelong slumber? etc. 31239- 
Ask your dentist if this isn't true. 

etc. 21203-21207. 
Check up on your gums. etc. 

No grist to grind, etc. 55389- 

Soft food does damage to teeth & 
gums. etc. 45014^5019. 
Bristow (E. J.) : 

Gold without glitter. 31247. 

Wishing up to God. 55392. 

Brisy (Serge) Venue du Seigneur. 

Britigan (W. H.) Secrets of selling 

real estate. 31248. 
British Columbia, map. 19494, 43181. 
Britt (Albert) Writing for children. 

Brittin (F. L.) : 

How to build. 8175. 
Long-distance portable receiver. 
Brittingham (V. D.) Social arith. 

Britton (Al.) Love in the tropics. 

Britton (K. B.) Amer. inst. of steel 

constr. Steel constr. 81. 
Broach (H. H.) Outline. 1835. 
Broad highway. 54S. 
Broad st. nail, bank of Philadelphia. 

Christmas club. 549, 550, 8177. 
Broad top coal operators assn. 

Smokeless. 45020. 
Broadcast direct, pub. co. Broadcast 

direct. & log. 8178. 
Broadhurst (T. W.) : 
Flames. 28750. 
Sauce for the goose. 54149. 
Broadway subway adv. co., inc. New 

York (City) map. 29652. 
Broadway trust co. No prettier pic- 
ture could you paint. 55393. 
Brock & Weymouth. Eng. data from 

aerial views. 551. 
Brockman (W. F.) Each person 
creates their own tobacco nicotine 
appetite. 31249. 
Brockton. Mass., direct. 552. 
Brockway, Pa., map. 60332. 
Brockway Smith corp. Doors, win- 
dows, frames & blinds. 8179. 
Broda (Rudolf) Call of the Nirvana. 

Broder (W. A.) Brent (R. W.) 

Doctor Winkelman. 7975. 
Broderick (P. S.) : 

Beautiful mountains. 8180. 
Bright Oct. day. 45021. 


pt. I, n. s.. v. 22 

W.) Counsel for cr>n- 
Kleine blutstropfen. 

O ! U ! West ! 

Broclerick (P. S.) — Continued. 

Minstrel from over the sea 

31250, 31251. 
Morning walk in May. 21200. 
Brodie (D. A.) Mecklenburg Co., 

N. C. 45022. 
Brodney (Spencer) : 

Rebel Smith. 19242. 29137: 
Roberta. 65716. 
Broey (E. G.) Publishers service 
bur. inc. Subscriber must mail bal. 
due. 26621. 
Brogdex co. Successful control of 
blue mold decay in marketing citrus 
fruits. 45023, 55394. 
Brokaw & co. : 

Future of bond prices. 31252. 
Successful management of an in- 
vestment fund. 61101. 
Bromfield (Davenport) Burlingame, 

Calif., map. 19497. 
Bromfield (Louis) House of women 

Bromley (A. J.) Damun & Pithius 

Bromley (H. 
verts. 554. 
Bromm (Emma) 

Broneau (Helen) 

Bronson (Aleen) Bullets. 60051. 
Bronson (Betty) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 31255. 
Bronson (Carl) Revealed testament 

of John the disciple. 8181. 
Bronson-Canode ptg. co. Red Fez. 

Bronson shows. Coming Chicago 

Blackie. 8182. 
Bronx bd. of trade. Progressive 

Bronx. 555. 
Bronx (borough of) N. Y., direct. 

Bronx pilot pubis. Arnold (J. M.) 

Health without a dr. 44350. 
Bronze lion. 31256. 
Brook (W. H.) : 

Brook (W. H.) schl. of commerce, 
accounts & finance, inc. Bk.- 
keeping & modern bus. methods, 
etc. 21211-21213. 
Commer. law. etc. 61102-61105. 
Theory of accounts. 31257. 
Brooke (C. F.) : 

Henry the Eighth. 53912.* 
Love's labour's lost. 28947.* 
Brooke (Tucker) See Brooke (C. 

F. T.) 
Brooke, Stokes & co. : 

Hay (E. N.) How to finance your 

bus. 23001. 
Joint stock land banks. 61106. 
Brookes (M. K.) Twenty-eighth star. 
556. I 

Brookfield (C. H. E.) Beyond blue 

water. 28551. 
Brookhaven. Miss., map. 54354. 
Brookland Terrace. Del., map. 43182. 
Brookline, Mass.. direct. 8183. 
Brookline, Mass., map. 43183. 
Brooklyn blue bk. 557. 
Brooklyn Daily Eagle : 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle almanac. 

Brooklyn Daily Eagle auto, guide 

of L. I. etc. 21211-21216. 
Jacquet (Lloyd) Eagle radio bk. 

McGowin-Lyons hardware & sup- 
ply co. Gen. "hardware. 48202. 
O'Neill (J. O.) Eagle radio bk. 

Winter resort direct, sec. 65236. 
Brooklyn Edison co. : 

Good deeds build good-will. etc. 

558, 559. 
Sloan (M. S.) Evolution or revo- 
lution, etc. 27391-27395. 

Privileges & obligations. 


pseud. See Young 

Brooks (Agnes) 

(Mrs. Geo. B.) 

Brooks (A. S.) 

Brooks (A. W. ) 

of Bethlehem? 
Brooks (Alan) 

Brooks (C. A.) 

clubs. 8185-8188. 
Brooks (C. S.) Me too ! 81S9. 
Brooks (Jonathan) Weep no 

man lady. 31258. 

Garden of God. 

What was the star 
Man among women. 

Purebred poultry 


That's whv vou see 


Cohoes, N. Y.. map. 

Brooks (L. W.) 

the Klansmen. 

Brooks (M. J.) 

Brooks (M. L.) : 

Brooks mfg. co. Purchasers' co- 
operative selling plan. 31259. 
Master silk hosiery co. Pur- 
chasers co-operative plan. 48577. 
Brooks (Marty I : 

Greatest lover. 1S943. 
Love test. 19076. 
Brooks (N. L.) : 

Studies in health. 8190. 
What is real & what illusion? 
Brooks (Raymond) psciul.: 
Small garden. 45025. 
See also Young (Mrs. Geo. B.) 
Brooks (Ruth) Sales manual. 61107. 
Brooks (Virginia) Tilly from Tille- 

mook. 561. 
Brooks bros. Bodley (J. E. C.) Mr. 
Gladstone prepares to meet Mrs. 
Langtry. 61039. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Brooks mfg. co. How to play Urn-bar. 

8191, 8192. 
Brookville, Ind., map. 54355. 
Brookville, Miss., map. 43184. 
Brosckek & co. Waldhofen (Konrad) 
Gbttin mit den fischaugen. 41864, 
Brosius (E. E.) Off. ry. guide of 

Pittsburgh. 21217. 
Brotherhood of Amer. freedmen, inc. 

Ritual. 31260. 
Brotherhood of St. Andrew in the 
U. S. See St. Andrew (Brother- 
hood of) in the U. S. 
Brotherhood of tobacco growers. 

Dear sir. 562. 
Broward Co., Fla., map. 29427, 43185, 

Brower (P. S.) Who was the thief? 

Brown (A. F.) Our Christmas tree. 

Brown (A. G.) Job sheets in wood- 
working. 55397. 
Brown (A. S.) : 

Murder will out. 29017. 
Out of the mouths of babes. 
Brown (Agnes) Jr. high schl. lab. 

manual, etc. 8193-8195. 
Brown (Alexander) & co. Eaton 
(T. D.) Romance of transporta- 
tion. 22224. 
Brown (Alex.) & sons. Handy digest. 

federal income tax. 21218. 
Brown (Alice) Joint owners in Spain. 

Brown (Alison) Lure of the Arrow- 
head country. 21219. 
Brown (C. M.) sr.: 

Interchangeable x-word puzzles. 

Ole ark. 45026. 

Straw vote cross name puzzle. 
Brown (Curtis) ltd.: 

Guedalla (Philip) Penguin let- 
ters. 10767-10769, 22896-2289S. 
Langtry (Lily). Adventures'- on 
the stage, etc. 23688-23694. 

My memoirs. 11796-11800. 

Roberts (Cecil). Love rack. 
26834. 26835 
Brown (D. P.) Sartorius. 60239* 
Brown (E. A.) Land of a million 

smiles. 31261. 
Brown (E. E.) Carol. 61108. 
Brown (E. S.) : 

Ambition. 53702. 
In spite of that. 6101. 
Brown (Ettie) Brief course in 

French diction. 55398. 
Brown (F. G.) Adventure. 31262. 
Brown (F. M.) Scandal of the Dun- 
can family. 54151. 

Brown (Francis Yeats-) See Yeats- 
Brown (Francis) 
Brown (G. G.) Kosher cal. 565. 
Brown (G. M.) Stage manager's 

guide. 18249. 
Brown (Gilbert) Good citizenship 
league. After careful investigation. 
Brown (Grace) So they were mar- 
ried. 6283. 
Brown (H. R.) Lawyers' list. 23791. 
Brown (J. C.) : 

Ans. to jr. high schl. math. 65162. 
Jr. high schl. math. 28135. 
Brown (J. I.) Maxine pub. co. Max- 

ine's helpful hints. 35695. 
Brown (J. S.) jr. Tree of knowledge. 

Brown (K. S.) : 

Glorious vagabond. 18928. 
One night in Bethlehem. 19172. 
Vistas. 54270. 
Brown (L. A.) Bk. of etiquette. 

Brown (L. B.) : 
Quad. 39695. 

Schl. of the masters. Sixth sense. 

Teaching the great power of 

the Radian. 59099. 
Brown (L. R.) Bandit's baby. 21222. 
Brown (Lew) Jake the plummer. 

Brown (Mabel Smith-) See Smith- 
Brown (Mabel) 
Brown (Martin) Praying curve. 

Brown (Muriel) Billows of pillows. 

Brown (Patricia) Gloria mundi. 

Brown (R. B.) Natl. pub. corp. of 
America. Univer. laundry bk. 
Brown (R. M.) Picture being paint- 
ed. 31264. 
Brown (R. M. S.) Browns brief hist. 

Brown (R. S.) Ye musick familie. 

Brown (Ralph) Brown (Lew) Jake 

the plummer. 45027. 
Brown (Royal) : 

Girl with the payroll, etc. 55399, 

Love. 31263. 
Miss DArtagnan. 566. 
What do men most admire in 
women? 8196. 
Brown (S. J.) : 

Blue Ridge bubbles. 21224. 
Free Masons. Hawkeye, la. 
Grand commandery of Knights 
templar. Cross & crown. 10429. 
Hist, of the O. E. S. 21223. 

92643—26 5 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Brown (Sarah) Wife driven from 
flat in negligee by fierce blaze. 
Brown (W. J.) Condition. 8197. 
Brown (W. M.) : 

Bible, not Scopes, on trial heretic 

bishop gives view. 31266. 
Heretical bishop avows his faith. 
Brown (VV. R.) Chanticleer for 1925. 

Brown (Whitehill) : 

Land o" lotus. 53968. 
Spongers. 42988. 
Brown & Bigelow, inc. : 

Alpha floral co. Flowers for all 

occasions. 55012. 
Brown & Bigelow's diet. etc. 

Chelsea national bank. Bank 

messenger. 45423. 
Daily rec. cal. 55859. 
Farmers state bank. Bank mes- 
senger. 46446. 
Holm & Olson. Floral topics. 

Mother Goose. Old Mother Goose. 

Niagara Co. natl. bank. Bank 

messenger. 50806. 
Perth Amboy trust co. Bank mes- 
senger. 51226. 
Raymond, Minn. First natl. bank. 

Bank messenger. 51542. 
Reading bank. Bank messenger. 

Robstown, Tex. First state bank. 

Bank messenger. 51768. 
St. Paul. First natl. bank. Bank 

messenger. 51927. 
Showing people how to profit. 

Southern trust & commerce bank. 

Bank messenger. 52533. 
Wauwatosa state bank. Bank 

messenger. 53309. 
Whitney-central banks. Bank 

messenger. 53365. 
Wilburn hot. 45030. 
Wis. Rapids First natl. bank. 
Bank messenger. 53461. 
Brown & Caine, inc. Bee Cee prod- 
ucts. 45031. 
Brown & Saenger, inc. S. D. Schl. 

of laws of S. D. 27446. 
Brown & Sharpe mfg. co. Machinery 

& tools. 8198. 
Brown & Wheeler. Rival Senators. 

Brown City, Mich., map. 6415. 
Brown co. To our Nibroc towel. 

Brown, Durrell co. : 

Gordon hosiery style service. 

Smart hose for every fall event. 
Brown garage. Brown garage. 31268. 
Brown hoisting machinery co. Brown- 
hoist shovel crane. 55406. 
Brown instrument co. : 

Announcing the greatest forward 

steps, etc. 45033-45035. 
Brown recording pressure & vac- 
uum gauge. 21225. 
Instrs. no. 2666. 567. 
Brown, Lisle & Marshall. R. I. in- 
vestments. 31269. 
Brown mfg. co. Cross word tit-tat- 

toe puzzle game. 568. 
Brown-Robertson co., inc. : 

Dillaway (T. M.) Amer. renais- 
sance. 46089. 
Whiton (Sherrill) Amer. renais- 
sance. 46089. 
Brown univ. Syllabus. 55407. 
Browne ( — ) Teachers manual. 

Browne (E. G.) Bk. of golden friend- 
ships, etc. 61110, 61111. 
Browne (Eleanor) : 

Amazing plot of the diamond 

thieves, etc. 8199-8205. 
Behold! the rajah! etc. 31270- 

31278, 45036. 
Discarded letter. etc. 21226- 

How curate's daughter entangled 
five in crime net. 55408. 
Browne (H. J.) : 

Cold waves for 1925. etc. 31279- 

Quart, review & forecast. 45037. 
Sun, moon, oceans and the weath- 
er. 55409. 
Sunspots & the solar constant, 
etc. 21234, 21235. 
Browne (L. A.) Sizzling sixties. 

Browne (Raymond) So much buck- 
she. 54179. 
Browne (T. G.) Triangle loan sys- 
tem of St. Louis. 41623. 
Brownell (E. B.) Legend of the 

laurel. 569. 
Brownell (E. E.) Kalamazoo, Mich.,. 

map. 19606. 
Brownell (J. C.) : 

King of the turf. 65028. 
Three wise crooks. 48952. 
Brownell (James) : 

Gregory, Mayer & Thorn co. 

Sales-aid. 33817. 
Knowing how. 24197. 
Brownell (W. L. ) Home & common 

sense, etc. 21236-21238. 
Browning (J. L.) Eternal triangle 

squared. 28718. 
Browning (Robert) Study outlines 
of selected poems. 21239. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Browning (Ruth) pseud. See Mc- 
Lean (R. B.) 
Browning (Tod) Mocking bird. 

Browning (W. C.) How to study the 

Apocalypse, etc. 4503S. 45039. 
Browning pub. co. Mich. Workmen's 

compensation law. 48755. 
Brownl'ee (R. B.) Teacher's hdbk. 

Brown's bus. college. Course that 

wins. etc. 31282, 31283. 
Brown's direct, of Amer. gas co's. 

Brownsville, Pa., direct. 64999. 
Browntown, Pa., direct. 39385, 39386. 
Brownwood, Tex., direct. 31284. 
Broyde (Israel) Nina. 42863. 
Broyles (W. O.) : 

Be right, then be sure. etc. 

Broyles (W. O.) furniture co. 
Big fool. etc. 21240-21242. 

Country colonels & horse 

traders are gone forever, etc. 
Bruce (C. A.) co. Plumbing mate- 
rials at wholesale prices to you. 
21243. 31289, 55410. 
Bruce (H. A. B.) Air & initiative. 

etc. 8206, 8287. 
Bruce (R.) Horsfall bird leaflets. 

Bruce (Stanley) : 

Battling Red McGuire. 5938. 
Failure. 42608. 
Mister Peppino. 19118. 
Bruce pub. co. : 

Cohoon (S. E.) Design plates. 

Everyman. 28726.* 
Hague (C. W.) Applied print 

shop math. 22913. 
Rohel (L. M.) Drawing problems 

relating to agric. 4613. 
Waits (H. E.) Course in phonics 
for intermediate grades. 28039. 
Bruckner (Joseph) Early morning 

in a tea parlor. 53826. 
Briiel (W.) Codigo telegraphico Mas- 

cotte. [nova ed.] 61113. 
Brugger (F.) Stand, costs. 8288. 
Brundidge (H. T.) : 

Dead wagon of an undertaker. 

etc. 21245-21254. 
Not right time to answer Renard. 
Bruner (H. B.) : 

Children's poetry. etc. 56791- 

Jr. high schl. at work. 31290. 
Bruner (W. H.) Bruner's log. 570. 
Brunner mfg. co. Brunner air com- 
pressors. 55411. 
Brunswick, Ga., direct. 31291. 

Brunswick-Balke-Collender co. : 
Brunswick rec. cat. 571. 
Favorite recreation for centuries. 

Newman traveltalks. 61114. 
Rules for playing. 45050. 
Brunswick-Kroeschell co. Theatre air 

cooling. 55412. 
Bruntlett (Marian) Some see the 

mighty power. 45051. 
Brush (G. S.) Univer. radio applause 

request. 572. 
Bruun (J. E. L.) Brunn's rente-tabel- 

ler. 61115. 
Bryan (A. S.) Well dressed man. 
573-577, 21256-21273, 31292-31300, 
45052-45061, 55413-55419. 
Bryan (Alfred) : 

Movie Mary. 19132. 
Pagan love lyrics. 21255. 
Bryan (C. C.) Seek & find. 8292. 
Bryan (Gertrude) Anne & super- 
Anne. 60028. 
Bryan (M. W.) : 

Hitherto unpublished, songs of 

New Orleans. 8293! 
Sprightly mischief ruled gombo 
songsters. 22967. 
Bryan (W. G.) : 

Cleveland Plain Dealer. Two 

thousand dollars a mo. etc. 

21654, 21655. 

Philadelphia Rec. One thousand 

dollars a mo. etc. 26380-26382. 

Bryan (W. J.) : 

Real issue of Scopes case is con- 
trol of schls. 31301. 
William Jennings Bryan's mem- 
oirs. 45062. 
Bryan, Tex., map. 60333. 
Bryan & Bryan adv. : 

Fifty-two master adv. etc. 45063, 

Fifty-two master newspaper ads. 

Fifty-two oil jobbers advs. 8291. 
Smith & Jones oil co. You'd be 
surprised. 17111. 
Bryant (B. B.) Chiropractic's creed. 

Bryant (Lane) inc.: 

Baby's own bk. etc. 8294-8296, 

31302, 31303. 
Jan., Feb., sale. 61116. 
July-Aug. sale. 21276. 
Stylish apparel for the expectant 
mother. 45066. 
Bryant (Marguerite) [pseud.] See 

Munn (Mrs. Marguerite) 
Bryant (P. M.) Ideal radio stamp 

album & log. 61117. 
Bryant (S. O.) : 

Disillusion of evolution. 578. 
Evolution & science. 45067. 
Bryant (W. C.) Poems. 21278. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Bryant (W. W.) Baby's bk. 21277. 
Bryant & Stratton bus. college. Turn 
the page & pay a visit to Bryant & 
Stratton bus. college. 45068. 
Bryce (A. W.) : 

Flag. etc. 31304, 31305. 
Hogan (N. L.) Nick Hogan, his 
own story. 62256. 
Bryce (W. J.) Toothprints. 6050. 
Brykalski (H. H.) Triumph of evil. 

Brykstep (H. S.) Triumph of evil. 

Bryn (H. B.) Ans. to problems. 

Bryn Mawr college. Exam, papers set 

for matriculation. 55420, 55421. 
Bryson (Lyman) Pike's Peak or bust. 

Buchan (John) John Macnab. 8297- 

8304, 21279-21287, 31306-31308. 
Buchanan (Barry) Billows of pil- 
lows. 42524. 
Buchanan (F. R.) First Noel. 

42556*. , 
Buchanan (Robert) Strange adven- 
tures of Miss Brown. 29389 (10) 
Buchanan (Thompson) Just the girl 

he loved. 42744, 42745. 
Buchanan Bible study club: 
Nehushta. 29026. 
Palestine, map. 6626. 
Bachbinder (Bernhard) Ackermanns 

nachfolger. 53692. 
JSucilla nifg. co. Art needle-krafts. 

Buck (A. H.) Standards of pract. 

Buck (C. H.) & co.. inc. Brass signs. 

Buck (C. P.) Kriss kross aider. 579. 
Buck (H. M.) : 

Crooked trail. 212S8. 
Time to do chores again. 8306. 
Buck (R. O.) Muskrat ranching. 

Buck (W. J.) Compendium of inflec- 
tions. 580. • 
Buckley (Mrs. Charles) I'd find a 

way on your birthday. 45070. 
Buckley (E. D.) Mother's Christmas 

story. 55422. 
Buckley (E. J.) : 

Another case of a check on a 

failed bank. etc. 8308-S319. 
Another significant insur. case. 

etc. 55423-55427. 
Avoiding squabbles bet. landlord 

& tenant, etc. 45071-45077. 
Beware of contentious & hairsplit- 
ting insur. co.s. etc. 31309- 
How & when a partnership bus. 
is responsible. etc. 61119- 

I would abolish the sight-draft- 

bill-of-lading. etc. 21289- 


Look out for this. etc. 581-583. 

Buckmaster (Laura) Psychology. 

Buckner (W. R.) Buckner system of 

memory training. 8320. 
Buckner, Mo., map. 6416. 
Buckwalter radio corp. Super audible 

heterodyne supertone. 31321. 
Bud ptg. & pub. co., inc. Noizy nuze. 

Budd (J. F.) Amer. direct. & buyers' 

guide in the U. S. 44144. 
Buel (E. C. B.) : 

Haandbok av de Forened Stater 
med oplysninger. etc. 55428, 
Socialist propaganda in the U. S. 
Buell (D. C.) Ry. educa. bur. Super- 
vision. 1591S-15920, 39725, 39726, 
Buell (O. D.) Educator cross word 

game. 21297. 
Buell (W. M.) Human freight. 

Buettner (T.) & co., inc.: 

Embroider with Nun's art & craft 
fibersilk. etc. 584-614, 8321- 
Embroider with Nun's art & craft 
strand fiberfloss. etc. 45078- 
Buffalo, N. Y., map. 19495, 43186, 

43187, 54357, 54358. 
Fire dept. Dauntless club. Sta- 
tistics of Are dept. 45170. 
Buffalo Courier. Love letters of Jack 

& Jill. 55430, 61122. 
Buffalo evening news : 

Buffalo, N. Y., map. 19495. 
Market facts about Buffalo. 8338. 
Nover (Barnet) .Why war came. 
Buffalo Evening Times. What is your 

time clock no. 21298. 
Buffalo foundry & machine co. : 

Buflovak atmospheric & vacuum 

dryers. 31322. 
Buflovak dry buttermilk plants. 

Buflovak inclined rapid circula- 
tion evaporators. 21299. 
Buffalo real estate bd. Connaway 
(Cass) Garden spots of industry. 
Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh ry., 

map. 43188. 
Buffalo Times, inc. Buffalo Evening 
Times. What is your time clock no. 
Buffalo trust co. Who will get your 
property? 8340. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Buffalo (Univ. of) Iris. 34468. 
Buffett (E. P.) Animals' Magna 

Charta. 8341. 
Buffum (F. H.) : 

Citizen's almanac. 45171, 55431. 

Weddell (M.) Citizen's almanac. 
Bufton pub. co. Neergaard (P. I.) 
Bufton's loose-leaf extension serv- 
ice. 49139. 
Bugbee (W. N.) : 

At the Cowslip Hollow station. 

Aunt Betsy & the oil stock. 53722. 

Backyard quarrel. 53726. 

Buying shoes. 60054. 

Case of Mudge vs. Pudge. 53755. 

Catchy recitations. 45341. 

Chavis & callers. 60061. 

Cheerful caller. 53770. 

Collectors not wanted. 53780. 

Courtship of Sally & Si. 53790. 

Curin' Hannah. 60076. 

Dainty valentines. 53794. 

Dark side of life. 60081. 

Darky boarding house minstrels. 

Daylight saving. 53801. 

De res' cure. 60083. 

Elder makes a call. 53829. 

Five or six hundred. 60114. 

Fresh air fiends, etc. 60121. 

Her first trip. 60133. 

Jemima's peddlers. 53944. 

Johnny's long pants. 53953. 

Josephine Jesebel. 60151. 

Joyville school minstrels. 53954. 

Katie entertains Mike. 53961. 

Letting the cat out of the bag. 

Magic gift. 54006. 

Mandy reads the newspaper, etc. 

Mr. Gilligan speaks. 60187. 

Mrs. Barker's small pox. 54039. 

Mrs. Murphy's contribution, etc. 

Mrs. Portly's physical culture 

lesson. 60190. 
Murphy's little joke. etc. 60195. 
Nate's new car. 54059. 
Neighborly neighbors. 54063. 
Opal's three lovers. 54085. 
Our automobile. 60209. 
Pa's daily dozen. 54095. 
Pa's radio. 60215. 
President of the Roaring Lions' 

club. 54114. 
Romance & kid brother. 60243. 
Saved by the grange. 54150. 
Seeing a style show. 60254. 
Selina Lou celebrates, etc. 60255. 
Sewin' out by the day. 60257. 
Six little mothers. 54174. 

Smith (Annette L.) Bright ideas 

for Grange lecturers. 52476. 
Speedy courtship. 54192. 
Successful interview. 54203. 
That girl Anne. 54219. 
That hired man. 54220. 
Three not of a kind. 54228. 
Tip-top Halloween book. 60290. 
Tip-top minstrel book. 54233. 
Why photographers go mad. 

Why the washing wasn't out on 

time. 54299. 
Wilbur (Harriette) Tip-top com- 
mencement bk. 65218. 
Wrong Mrs. Emith. 54309. 
Buhl's (Lucille) vanity products inc. 

Lucille Buhl's your vanity. 8342. 
Buick motor co. Buick six. 55432. 
Buie (E. E.) Alford not worried over 

parole probe. 8343. 
Builders' commercial agency of Chi- 
cago. B. C. A., a ref. bk. 8344. 
Builders mutual life insur. co. of Chi- 
cago : 

Please do not read this. 21300. 
Sight draft. 31323. 
Building code pub. co. Wilmington, 

N. C. Bldg. code. 5735. 
Building constr. corp. Deferred bldg. 

contract. 45172. 
Building news pub. co. Direct, of 
architectural & bldg. trades. 15632- 
Building owners & managers assn. of 
San Francisco. San Francisco, 
Calif., map. 29736. 
Building owners & managers assn. of 
Seattle. Seattle, Wash., map. 
29744, 60434. 
Bulger (C. C.) Temple beautiful. 

Bull (C. E.) Hour with Lincoln. 

Bull & bear cal. 8345. 
Bullard (R. L.) : 

Amer. delay, etc. 21301-21326. 
Bullard bares' studied unprepared- 
ness of U. S. in 1917. etc. 
Bulldog, 1925. 31330. 
Bulletin-Adv., Finleyville, Pa. Special 

feature section. 8346, 21327. 
Bulletin co. : 

Bui. family spends $876,000 for 
pots & pans each yr. etc. 
Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia. 
Best way to get & hold sales, 
etc. 33082-330S6. 

Big market's big paper, etc. 


Bui. family. etc. 46365- 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Bulletin co. — Continued. 

Evening Bui. reader, etc. 22387- 

Christmas sales, etc. 61749- 


Goes daily into nearly every 

Philadelphia home. 58745. 

Greater Philadelphia is in 

the making, etc. 56123-56129. 

Philadelphia is America's 

third largest auto, market. 

25 billion, etc. 1383-1385. 

New 1925 route rists. 45173. 
Philadelphia, Pa., map. 29694. 
Purvis (S. W.) America the 
favored, etc. 58876-58881. 

At the turn of the road. etc. 

64334, 64335. 

Boy failure who made good. 

etc. 26641-26647. 

Bread cast on the waters. 

etc. 39681-39690. 
— — Bridge builders, etc. 15877, 

— — Creak of the water wagon, 
etc. 4432-4435. 

Crime, its cause & cure. etc. 

Bulletin of 1925. 45174. 
Bulletin pub. co. : 

Dobie (C. C.) Dobie defends girl 

slayer as rules victim. 1225. 
Johnson (G. E.) Cake-eaters. 

Desire. 11515. 

Marra (W. J.) Good stenog- 
rapher, etc. 57295-57300. 
San Francisco. Route list of San 
Francisco retail grocers. 16499. 
Wheeler (C. E.) Scientists finds 
jazz girl's act is gland murder. 
Willson (R. H.) Thankful S. F. 
clasps five unconquerable souls 
to its heart. 53443. 
Bullinger's monitor guide, inc. : 
Monitor post office. 8347. . 
Transit time of steamer mails to 
Eng. & France. 31334. 
Bullock (Calvin) United States, map. 

Bullock (W. D.) Story of the new 

Eucalptus-sand remedy. 31335. 
Bulova watch co. Increase your Bu- 

lova watch sales. 45175. 
Bundesen (H. N.) : 

Chicago dept. of health. Chi- 
cago's health. 31712. 

Everybody's problem. 8758. 

Our babies. 55433. 
Slate for health. 61123. 
Bundy (C. A.) In(k)spirations. 615, 
21328-21332, 31336, 31337, 45176, 
45177, 55434, 55435, 61124. 

Bungalowcraf t co. : 

Advanced designs & plans. 45178. 
Bungalowcraft. 8348. 
Bunker (John) inc. Stewart, Holop- 
eter & McCune. Adv. real estate. 
Bunker Hill, 111., map. 29428. 
Bunting pubis., inc. Osteopathy's mil- 
lion club is here ! 8349. 
Burbank (B. M.) Thoughts in lei- 
sure. 617. 
Burbank (B. N.) Hole in one. 616. 
Burch (F. S.) & co. Burche's best 

cover winners. 31338. 
Burch direct, co. : 

Akron, Kenmore, ' Barberton & 
Cuyahoga Falls, O., direct. 
Canton, North Canton, & Louis- 
ville, O., direct. 55505. 
Massillon, O., direct. 12555. 
Warren, Niles and Girard, O., off. 
direct. 5613. 
Burchard (C. C.) & co. Cinderella. 

Burchard ( S. D. ) Return, etc. 

55436, 55437. 
Burd (N. E.) Missionary challenge. 

Burden Quadrangle, Okl., map. 54359. 
Burdett college. Burdett college a 

pioneer inst. etc. 31339-31341. 
Burdge (H. C.) : 

Ans. to N. Y. state arith. 64700, 

N. Y. state arith. 27405, 27406. 
N. Y. state arith. advanced bk. 
Burdine (J. M.) Columbia's witching 

pot. 60067. 
Bureau of adv. See Pelletier co. Bur. 

of adv. 
Bureau of bus. research. Graduate 
schl. of Bus. administration, Har- 
vard univ. See Harvard univ. Bur. 
of bus. research. Graduate schl. of 
Bus. administration. 
Bureau of bus. stand., inc., of the. 
Shaw pubis. Costs & profits of 
banking, etc. 31342-31351. 
Bureau of commer. & indus. affairs. 
Boston chamber of commerce. See 
Boston chamber of commerce. Bur. 
of commer. & indus. affairs. 
Bureau of commer. economics : 

Armstrong (L. O.) Fjords of 

America. 44347. 
Boggs (A. M.) Wild animals at 

home. 44753. 
Moore (P. A.) Wild animals at 

home. 44753. 
Travis (Thomas) Fishing tales. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bureau of hygiene & research. Puritas 
water service. Los Angeles. See 
Los Angeles. Bur. of hygiene & re- 
search. Puritas water service. 
Bureau of public personnel adminis- 
tration : 

Moss (F. A.) Standardized tests 

for auto, drivers. 36160. 
Public personnel studies. 4422, 
15853, 15854, 26613, 26614, 
Bureau of publ. Columbia univ. 
Teachers college. See Columbia 
univ. Teachers college, Bur. of 
Bureau of vocational research. What 

shall I be? 21333. 
Burg (Eugen) Ausgerechnet Carotti. 

Burgess (Gelett) Goops. 618-641, 
8350-8419, 21334-21374, 31352-31412, 
45179-45215, 55438-55463, 61125- 
Burgess (K. S.) God winks. 53876. 
Burgess (T. W.) : 

Animal folk. etc. 31413-31419. 
Bedtime stories. 642, 8420, 8421, 
Burgess battery co. : 

Hoffman (W. H.) Short wave 

radio receiver. 34230. 
Schulte (W. B.) . B battery serv- 
ice hours. 27147. 

Dry cell batteries. 40321. 

World, map. 54718. 
Burgess-Norton mfg. co. : 

B-N perfect piston pins. etc. 

643, 644, 31420, 31421. 
B-N piston pin bushings. 21375. 
Burgettstown, Pa., map. 19496. 
Burgoyne (S. J.) Browne (E. G.) 
Book of golden friendships, etc. 
61110, 61111. 
Burich (S. J.) Chem. suppl. 31422. 
Burk (J. T.) Community burial serv- 
ice corp. Life & burial insur. 
Burke (Anne) Fantasy of youth. 

Burke (Barbara) Simpson (R. A.) 
Complete course in manicuring. 
Burke (Edwin) Good medicine. 

65540, 65541. 
Burke (J. S.) Philosophy of play- 
ing cards as a cal. 4257. 
Burke (J. T.) Mussolini to rid Italy 

of secret order. 55464. 
Burke (Moncure) Notes on practice 
in the ct. of appeals of the D. C. 
Burke golf co. Burke's yr. bk. Dodo 

club. 8422. 
Burket (E. L.) John & Mary decide. 

Burkhart (Addison) : 

Chinaman's chance. 18784. 
Chip of the old block. 65477. 
Burkhart (C. A.) Teachers' manual. 

Burkhart (L. R.) Teacher's exam. 

ques. 31423. 
Burkholder (J. D.) House you live 

in. 45220. 
Burleigh (P. B.) Life insur. from the 

buyers viewpoint. 55465. 
Bnrlen (Robert) Village of Ding 

Dong Bell. 54268. 
Burlingame (Eleanor) Dresden shep- 
herdess. 28696. 
Burlingame (F. L.) Classified bus. 

direct.. 8885. I 
Burlingame (G. G.) City man & his 

farm. etc. 8423, 8424. 
Burlingame (M. W.) Limericks. 

Burlingame, Calif., map. 19497. 
Burlingame, Hutchins & King, inc. 
Burlingame (G. G.) City man & 
his farm. etc. 8423, 8424. 
Burlington, N. J., map. 6417. 
Burlington, Vt, direct. 645, 61150. 
Burman (H. A.) Jew & the arts. 

Burmeister {Mrs. Fredericke) On the 

shores of the Potomac. 646. 
Burnand (F. C.) Number nine. 

43110 (12). 
Burnell (F. M.) Better glads. 647. 
Burner (Oolooah) : 

Potters & pipers. 648. 
Ten commandments in the 20th 
century. 61151. 
Burnet (Dana) : 

It is a strange house. 19003. 
What have you & people you know 
given up because of marriage? 
Burnett (E. M.) : 

Burnett (H. D.) Burnett's briefs. 

- — — -Burnett's O. bar exam, serv- 
ice. 55466. 
Burnett (M. S.) co. : 

From puzzles to prosperity. 

Penny a word. 8428. 
Burnett (Verne) : 

Auto & ambition, etc. 8429-8432. 
Maintaining autos & watches, 
etc. 649, 650. 
Burnett bros. Burnett's seeds. 651. 
Burnette (A. W.) Science of health 

brain development. 21377. 
Burnette (Clarence) On land & 
sea. 43110 (13) 



(E.) inc. Dermo-ray. 



(F. E.) Four old pals. 


pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Burnham soluble iodine co. Cardinal 

points. 45222. 
Burning ques. 31426, 31427, 55467, 

Burns (B. K.) Tread of men. 6335. 
Burns (C. P.) Hist, of Cascade 

Range. 61153. 
Burns (G. N.) Formerly of Ziegfeld 

follies check-room. 60118. 
Burns (Mike) Legend of Supersti- 
tion Mountain. 61154. 
Burns (Neal) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 31428. 
Burns (Shirley) Bandolero. 28535. 
Burnstine (Abraham) Diamond ex- 
pert determining quality of dia- 
monds. 61155, 61156. 
Burpee (W. A.) co. : 

Burpee's ann. etc. 652-655, 

61157, 61158. 
Burpee's bulbs. etc. 31429, 

Burpee's dahlias. etc. 8433- 
Burr [pseud.] See Burbank (B. N.) 
Burr (F. S.) Indians. 55468. 
Burr (M. L.) Rules for playing the 

game of Negro quot. 31431. 
Burr (Margaret) Seattle entrance 

class tests. 55469. 
Burrell (J. A.) Radio course. 7980. 
Burrell (P. J.) Pageant of Stone- 
ham. 29078. 
Burrell (R. C.) Makropoulos secret. 

Burrill (B. Y.) Love of Pete. 54000. 
Burris (M. H.) Child-liby. readers. 

Burroughs (E. R.) inc.: 

Burroughs (E. R.) Moon men. 

Red hawk. 45223-45225. 

Burroughs & co. Inactive real estate 

trust stocks. 656, 31432. 
Burrow (A. L.) Jew thief. 28887. 
Burrows pub. co. : 

Burrows, O.. direct. 45226. 
Cleveland, O. Burrows Cleveland 
legal direct. 31872, 31873. 
Bursetown (Goodman) Old Matta- 
thias' home during Maccabean war. 
Burt (O. T. W.) : 

Dainty valentines. 53794. 
Joyville school minstrels. 53954. 
Burtnett (G. B.) Adventures of A. 

homemaker. 45227. 
Burton (Beatrice) : 

Flapper wife. etc. 2137S. 21379. 
His jazz bride, etc. 31433-31438. 
May Seymour footloose. 45228. 
Burton (C. E.) Make-believe. 2S958, 
Burton (C. L.) Hi-o-hi. 34213. 
Burton (D. J.) Watch our friends 
go ! 31439. 

Burton (E. L.) Amer. schl. thrift 

plan. 657. 
Burton (H. B.) Spirit of the West. 

Burton (J. E.j Hoosier tours 

through 111. 8441. 
Burton (Mrs. Jack) Buddy who 

didn't come home. 213S0. 
Burton (Rush) Burton's ad service 

for banks. 8442. 
Burton (W. A.) : 

Are teachers creators? 31441. 
Writing the humorous story. 
Burton Dixie corp. Profit making 

dealer adv. 45229. 
Burwell (J. T.) : 

Home-maker. 18975. 
Sinder Etta. 60266. 
See Burwell (J. T.) 
Burx (B.) Him & her. 8443. 
Bus Fekete (Laszl6) Mihalyine k6t 

lanya. 6170. 
Busch (F. X.) Moonshine. 42841. 
Busch (L. T.) Santa Monica Moun- 
tains, map. 60433. 
Buschmann (August) & sons, inc. 
Buschmann payment plan. 31442, 
Busey (P. G.) Detailed manual of 

instrs. 658. 
Bush (A. M.) : 

Doubting Thomas. 18847. 
Real estater. 65705. 
Woman's irony. 29374. 
Bush (C. M.) Rec. of the phantom 

feast. 21382. 
Bush (D. V.) : 

Applied psychology. 659. 
Concentration made effective & 

easy. 55470. 
Relaxation made easy. 45320. 
Silence, what it is & how to use 

it. etc. 8444-8445. 
14 free lectures. 213S3. 
Bush (F. A.) Laughing guest. 53971. 
Bushnell, 111., map. 19498. 
Bushwick natl. bank of N. T. Bush- 
wick natl. Christmas club. 660. 
Busillo (Nicholas) Matrimonial bu- 
reau. 54021. 
Business ability inst. Cody (Sher- 
win) Making the most of your 
office. 936. 
Business dist. development co. Schary 
(S. S.) Evolution of income trusts. 
Business English pub. co. : 

Campbell (B. J.) Essentials of 

bus. English. 45294. 
Thrift (T. B.) Bus. letters; how 

to write them. 45294. 
Vass (B. L.) Essentials of bus. 
English. 45294. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Bus. extension service, inc. : 

All aboard, etc. 55471-55482. 
Baltimore trust co. After college 

what? etc. 55156-55167. 
Maryland trust co. Assurance, 
etc. 48563-48571. 
Business men's assurance co. of Amer- 
ica. Montague (B. J.) B. M. A. 
sales training course. 12942. 
Business men's cal. 8446. 
Business mens credit assn. Bus. mens 

collection system. 45231. 
Business methods corp. Your greatest 

asset. 21384. 
Business planning service. How to sell 

your services. 45232. 
Business training corp. : > 

Ben Cooper's 5-minute letters. 

661-669, 8447-8553, 21385-21391. 

Dealing with customers, etc. 

Foot anatomy & fitting, etc. 

Helping the prospect to buy. 

When the prospect hesitates. 
Buss (O. W. L.) Buss metal window 
co. For better, brighter bldgs. 
Buss metal window co. For better, 

brighter bldgs. 21392. 
Bussiere (Tadema) : 
Find papa. 42616. 
Salt. 19269. 
Bussing (C. L.) Al. B. Careful ac- 
cident rept. 670. 
Buswell (L. E.) Co-operative mar- 
keting of eggs. 671. 
Buswell (Leslie) Undead. 60298. 
Busy bee. 8454, 31448, 45233. 
Butcher (H. R.) Happy thoughts. 

Butkovic (M. J.) Merry merry 

widow. 65641. 
Butler (B. T.) : 

Such a little fool. 6300. 
Woman among men. 54307. 
Butler (E. P.) Dog wanted male. 

etc. 31450, 31451. 
Butler (F. C.) Radex radio index. 

Butler (H. S.) On to Paris club. 
Paris calls you. etc. 64134-64142. 
Butler (J. A.) Shorthand sprints & 

stunts. 42970. 
Butler (J. K.) trustee for Hawaiian 
sugar planters' assn. Hawaiian 
planters' rec. 34022-34024. 
Butler (J. W.) Butler puts Bryan 

first, etc. 31452-31454. 
Butler (L. E.) Seven good rules. 

Butler (Mildred) Pierrot takes off 
his mask. 19216. 

Butler (R. B.) Mamma's affair. 

Butler (R. G.) Drought. 18852. 
Butler (R. J.) Halifax river. 31455. 
Butler (W. G.) Prince of Peace. 

Butler, Pa., direct. 61160. 
Butler bros. : 

Amazing success of the variety 

bus. etc. 673-691. 
Bus. bldg. service, etc. 8455- 
8457, 21393-21408, 31456-31468, 
Butler bros.' mo. bus. bldg. serv- 
ice., etc. 61161, 61162. 
Monthly bus. bldg. service, etc. 
Butler Co. natl. bank. Strangers of 

the night. 31469. 
Butt (H. C.) : 

Little Sammy Simpson. 19059. 
Y. M. C. A. scandals of 1925. 
Butte, Mont., direct. 696. 
Butterfield (Walton) ■ 

Flaming youth. 28751. 
Kitchen mechanics. 65599. 
Manhandled. 6154. 
Butterick pub. co. : 

Brewer (Lucile) Complete can- 

ner. 31061. 
Cohen (O. R.) Prologue. 55703. 
Delineator. Delineator garden 
plans. 46027. 

Patriotic organizations for 

women. 32549. 
Duncan (Frances) Garden plan 

for a schl. 9635, 9636, 46143. 
Housewife's garden, etc. 8458, 

Midas gold. 31470. 
Sanders (Mrs. C. B.) Methods 

of painting furniture. 16494. 
New uses for a practical fab- 
ric. 40233. 

S*ip-covers. 27083. 

Shaw (L. E.) Reducing in spots. 

Table hospitality. 692. 
Butterworth (J. E.) Geog. of Wyo- 
ming. 45238. 
Buxton & Skinner ptg. & stationery 

co. In memoriam. 21409. 
Buxton- Westerman co. Sales manual. 

Buyers' blue bk. co., inc. Buyers' blue 

bk. 693, 8460, 21410. 
Buyers' pocket-bk. 31472. 
Buyers' red bk. 694. 
Buzza co. : 

Anderson (A. G.) Cheer up. etc. 
30395, 30396. 

Great outdoors is waiting. 

etc. 44313-44316. 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Buzza co. — Continued. 

Bloom (C. M. ) Another birth- 
day. 44747. 
Buckley (Mrs. Charles) I'd find 

a way on your birthday. 45070. 
Buzza ( G. E. ) I searched the bk. 

shops thro' & thro'. 31473. 
Cheney ( Rowena ) May you dwell 

in the vale of contentment. 

Chilson (N. Z.) I'd like to find 

somewhere a shop. 31790. 
Dale (L. S.) Character. etc. 

32450, 32451. 
Downie (J. B.) Folks. etc. 

Edgar A. Guest cal. 32882. 
Frink (A. L. ) Rose still grown 

beyond the wall. 33476. 
Fulmer (Mrs. E. P.) Many 

wishes for a happy birthday. 

Guest (E. A.) Ain't it fine, etc. 

— Good old friend, etc. 46924- 

Hargreaves (R. T.) Christmas 

greetings. 33936. 
Hathaway (Maruine) Dear folks. 

there are that pass our way. 

etc. 33993-34004. 
Higgins (R. H.) Good luck & 

happy birthday. 47164. 
Hoffman (Ruth) If you're 

wishin' that you're fishin'. 

Holsinger (M. B.) Yrs. come, yrs. 

go. 47221. 
McCann (R.) Common sense is 

good to have. etc. 35243-35246. 
McEvoy (J. P.) All I'd want for 

Christmas, etc. 35256-35278. 
Curl your toes around your 

birthday, etc. 48137-48154. 
McLean (A.) House is vours. 

Nesbit (W. D.) Christmas cheer. 

etc. 36593-36620. 
Salisbury (G. L.) Bouquet of 

joys for you. etc. 51933-51957. 
If I could write prescrip- 
tions, etc. 40227, 40228. 

Joker bridge. 59082. 

Shannon (S. I.) Cheer up. etc. 

52227. 52228. 
Wetzel (L. J.) Lonesome like. 

Wright (I. J.) We dedicate this 

house of ours unto good cheer. 

Byers (J. M.) : 

Mud & men. 6186. 
No trump. 18634. 
Byers (Mary) Love. 28941. 

Byllesby (H. M.) & co. Scope & serv- 
ice. 45239. 
Byllesby eng. & management corp. : 
Mt. states power co. 31474. 
Oklahoma gas & elec. co. 8461. 

Add a few dollars regularly 

etc. 50954-50959. 
Western states gas & elec. co. 
Bynum (Elizabeth) Star. 31475. 
Byrd (H. J.) Intermediate silent 

reading cards, etc. 45241,45242. 
Byrne (C. J.) : 

Days of long ago. 8462. 
Painting the old home. 695. 
Time. 31476. 
Byrne (J. J>) : 

Following the fleet. 6048. 
One hour to live. 6205. 
Byrne (L. J.) Meigs Co., O., map. 

Byrne commer. college. Byrne com- 

mer. college. 45243. 
Byrne, Kingston & co. Sludge! in 
your motor means danger. etc. 
Byron (G. G. N. B.) 6th baron. Pris- 
oner of Chillon. 21411. 
Byron (Paul) High-hatting Cupid. 

Bystrom (J. A.) Columbia the bril- 
liant. 45244. 
By water (H. C.) : 

Antique vessels feature big 
French naval review. etc. 
31480, 31481. 
Britain launching today world's 
greatest warship, etc. 45245, 
Turks launch program for strong 
fleet. 21412. 
C. B. C. film sales corp. Justice of the 

far north. 19992. 
C. E. mfg. co., inc. Ce Co radio vacu- 
um tubes. 45247. 
C — it products corp. Keep windows 

clean new easy way. 8463. 
C V lens co., inc. : 

Announcement of interest to you. 

C. V. bifocal manual. 31482. 
Grinding instrs. for C V lenses, 
etc. 8464-8466. 
Cable (A. E. H.) Radio whist. 8467, 

Cable co. : 

Cable piano co. Piano club pub- 
lishers plan. 8470-8471. 
Christian Advocate piano club in- 
vites you to join. etc. 45248, 
Conover pianos. 21417. 
Readers invited to join. etc. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Mich. bus. farmer piano club. 
Cabool, Mo., map. 43189. 
Cadenas (J. J.) : 

M'ano misteriosa. 60176. 
Teocloro y compania. 6310. 
Cadillac motor car co. : 

Advance information, etc. 31483- 

Cadillac, etc. 21419-21421, 45250- 

Cadillac motor car co. Technical 
dept. Cadillac shop manual. 
etc. 698, 699. 
Cadillac operators manual. 697. 
Details of Cadillac constr. etc. 
8472, 8473. 
Cadiz, O., map. 29429. 
Cadman (S. P.) Evolution & Chris- 
tianity. See Goldsmith (W. M.) 
Cadwell (Floralyn) Wicked Wang- 
Pah meets a dragon. 54300. 
Cady (B. C.) : 

Aids & suggestions for captains & 

nature leaders. etc. 31489, 


Requirements for the bird finder 

merit badge, etc. 31486-31488. 

Requirements for the tree finder 

merit. 45255. 

Cady (E. H.) Jeopardizing Jessie. 

Cady (Harrison) Burgess animal 

paint bk. etc. 31413-31419. 
Cady (V. M.) Aids & suggestions for 
captains & nature leaders. etc. 
31489, 31490. 
Cady (W. C.) : 

Falsetto. 6034. 
Thunder-struck. 54231. 
Cage birds & bird world. 700-702, 

8474, 8486, 31491-31493. 
Cahn (B. J.) New power to increase 

bus. 45256. 
Cahn (Gertrude) Little people. 

Cahn, McCabe & co. Mitchell (D. S.) 
Manual of Los Angeles stock ex- 
change securities. 36090. 
Cahuet (Alberic) Regine Romani. 

Cain (Henri) Rosette Floreal et les 

Chevaliers de la reine. 61163. 
Cairnbrook, Pa., map. 6418. 
Cairns (Marietta) Baily's beads. 

Calabrini (Piero) Tawatsee. 6308. 
Calafiura (Anthony) L'evolizione del 

monkey. 31494. 
Calahan (H. A.) Making life easier. 

703-705, 8488. 
Calais, Me., map. 65824. 
Calcaterra (Joseph) How to build. 

Calderon de la Barca (Pedro) : 
Andacht zum kreuze. 28520. 
Life's a dream. 60163. 
Mysteries of holy mass. 65661. 
Caldine (Daniel) Amour qui joue. 

Caldwell (A. L. M.) Her chance. 

Caldwell (C. W.) Peach contract be- 
tween seller & buyer. 45257. 
Caldwell (E. B.) Tobias & the angel. 

Caldwell (E. E.) Chrysalis. 18793. 
Caldwell (H. W.) realty co. Most 

wonderful thing in indus. 45258. 
Caldwell (J. S.) Boston, Mass., map. 

Caldwell (Peggy) pseud. See Cald- 
well (A. L. M.) 
Caldwell (T. B.) jr. : 

Charlotte retail druggists. Try 

the drug store first. 55566. 
Greenville retail druggists. Try 
the drug store first. 46886- 
46889, 56649-56653, 62080. 
Caldwell, N. J., direct. 48846. 
Caldwell, Tex., map. 65825. 
Caldwell & co. : 

Fields (Robert) Information for 

buyers. 10168. 
Fla. municipal bonds, etc. 31496, 

Information for buyers. 8489, 

21430-21431, 55487, 55488. 
Trackwise method. 8490. 
Caldwell store, inc. Modes for larger 

women. 45259. 
Caledonia sales corp. Contract. 

Calendar. 8491. 
Calendar for Americans. 706. 
Calendar of Ford ideas. 707. 
Calendar Presbyterian church. 708. 
Calero (Bernardo) Flat foot con- 
quered. 8492. 
Calhoun (F. D.) Lesson demonstra- 
tion of composition. 709 710. 
California : 

Map. 6419-6422, 19499-19512, 
29430 - 29435, 43190 - 43198, 
Rand, McNally indexed pocket 

map. 8493. 
Synopsis of California vehicle act. 

Workmen's compensation law. 
California & Hawaiian sugar refining 
corp. Something about sugar. 
California by-products co. Smith 
(Donnan) Hand bk. on archery. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

California co. : 

Ballard (R. H.) Water & power 

in Calif. 7504. 
Haskins (S. M.) Interpretation 
of the Calif, irrigation dist. 
California cross-word puzzle co. 
$1000.00 in cross-word puzzles. 
California current digest. 8495, 31500. 
California druggist weather chart cal. 

California elec. bur. Hand bk. of elec. 

appliance information. 31501. 
California home owner. Beautiful 

Calif, homes. 55490. 
California main-event sporting news. 

California no. 1. Natl. assn. of pract. 
refrigeration. See Natl. assn. of 
pract. refrigeration eng. (Calif, no. 
California nursery co. : 

Arboles frutales y de adorno. 

Illus. 1925 descr. catalog. 711. 
Planting & pruning instr. 45262. 
California packing corp. Conklin (H. 
M.) Del monte tomato sauce. 
California (People of the state of) 
.Stanley (G. C.) Outline for study 
of civics. 17309. 
California pottery co. Clay, our 

mother earth. 8497. 
California redwood assn. : 

Bulletins, etc. 45263-45280. 
Redwood home plans by Calif, 
arch. etc. 31503, 31504. 
Calif, state automobile assn. See, for 
entries of maps, this index under 
names of places. 
California state life insur. co. $5000 
cash whether or not you'll have it. 
California suppl. to Wayland's hist, 
stories for primary grades. 31505. 
California telep. direct, co. Telep. 

direct. 31506. 
California (Univ. of southern) Brent 

(W. L.) Introd. 21038. 
Calif, vineyard estates, inc. Calif. 

Calif, white & sugar pine mfrs. assn. 

Pine homes. 21435. 
Californians, inc. : 

Calif, wonder tours. 8498. 
Dougherty (J. E.) Poultry rais- 
ing. 9611. 
Jones (R. E.) Dairying in Calif. 

etc. 11544, 11545. 
Killingsworth (W. G.) Deciduous 
fruit growing in Calif. 11647. 
Calistoga, Calif., map. 54370. 

Calkin-Kelly direct co. : 

Binghamton, Johnson City, Endi- 
cott, & Port Dickinson, N. Y., 
direct. 30868. 
Owego, N. Y., direct. 64167. 
Calkins (Hiram) Handy cal. watch. 

Call (I. S.) Cartoon adv. 31507. 
Callaghan (William) Strange gods. 

Callaghan & co. : 

Callaghan & co's. 111. cumulative 
quart, digest. 712, 8499, 21437, 
31508, 45282, 61164. 
Callaghan's la. digest cumulative 
quart, suppl. 713, 21438, 31509. 
Jacobs & Chaney new Michigan 
digest. Cumulative quart, 
suppl. 2051, 23370, 34487. 
Wilkin (R. H.) Callaghan & co's. 
111. cumulative quart, digest. 
Wisconsin digest cumulative quar. 
5746, 28259, 42222, 59916. 
Callahan (Jack) Freddie the sheik, 
etc. 714-719, 8500-8509, 21439- 
21446, 31510-31512, 45283^5288, 
Callard (E. M.) : 

Pour forth your love. etc. 8510, 

Riches. 720. 
Callendar (E. M.) Condensed gram. 

Callow (Edwin) Tony the barber. 

Calotabs co. inc. Health, how to get 

it & how to keep it. 8513. 
Cals (Jeanne Ramel-) See Ramel- 

Cals (Jeanne) 
Calumet baking powder co. : 

Birds of a feather, etc. 721-724. 
Downing (H. H.) Pastry baking. 

Parker (M. J.) Home & kitchen 
suggestions. 15506-15508. 
26303-26309, 39198-39208, 51130- 
51136, 58704-58708, 64205- 
Calumet Region, Ind., map. 19513. 
Calvert (Alan) Article on natural 
strength vs. made strength, etc. 
Calvert (R. C. M.) Hoot owl. 23158. 
Calyx [1925] 31522. 
Cambria, Wis., map. 43199. 
Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg, Pa. 
Special feature section of Cambria 
Freeman. 21447. 
Cambridge, Mass., direct. 31523. 
Cambridge associates. Boston Post. 

How is bus. 61053. 
Cambridge botanical supply co. Bio- 
logical equipment. 31524. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Cambridge Tribune. Eliot (S. A.) 
Hist, of Cambridge, Mass. 32919. 

Cameo co. Successful selling. 31525. 

Camden (A.) Nature's wonderful 
skin remedy. 1674. 

Camden, N. J., direct. 61176. 

Camden, N. J., map. 65826. 

Camden Courier : 

No toll clause, etc. 61177-61179. 
Paulsboro the prosperous. 55491. 

Camden Post-Telegram co. Parker 
(A. M.) Governor's claim to bridge 
glory is revealed as bunk. 51127. 

Camden safe deposit & trust co. : 

Estates of today, etc. 21448- 

Shadows on a one-man bus. 

Camden shoe market. Startling, sud- 
den, let-go. 55492. • 

Cameo [1925] 31527. 

Cameragraph co. Cameragraph the 
records. 8514. 

Camerlynck-Guernier {Mine.) Au 
pays de France. 8515. 

Cameron (D. B.) Theology -wealth & 
misery. 45290. 

Cameron (G. A.) Hoo-juice plan. 
etc. 45291, 45292. 

Cameron (G. D.) Is there one who 
will dare to tell them? 8516. 

Cameron (George) Lost collar but- 
ton. 19068. 

Cameron (W. H.) Internal adminis- 
tration of radium, etc. 725, 726. 

Cameron, W. Va., map. 29436. 

Cameron machine co. Camachine 
slitting & roll-winding machines. 

Cameron, Michel & co., inc. Invest- 
ment coppers. 31529. 

Cameron pub. co. Davis (W. C.) 
Partial pulpectomy. 9402. 

Cami (Henri) : 

Amours de Mathusalem. 18693. 
Exploits gal ants du Baron de 
Crae. 53841. 

Cammann (D. F.) Night wind. 

Cammon (Don) Prospecting for 
golden acres. 21453. 

Camo. Miquette va a l'ecole. etc. 
8517, 8518. 

Camp (M. M.) Flags. 61180.. 

Camp (Marjorie) Camp fire girls bk. 
of aquatics. 30311. 

Camp (S. H.) & co. Camp maternity 
supporting garments. 21454. 

Camp (W. A.) Flags. 61180. 

Camp directors assn. Publ. com. 
Camps & camping, season 1925. 

Camp fire girls, dept. of publication. 
Camp fire girls bk. of aquatics. 

Camp fire outfitting co., inc. : 

Amer. Red cross life saving serv- 
ice. Camp fire girls bk. of 
aquatics. 30311. 
Mo. thrift chart of the Camp fire 
girls. 8519. 
Camp Point, 111., map. 6423. 
Campana (D. M.) Decorative designs 
for decorations of all kinds, etc. 
31531, 31532. 
Campana (D. M.) art co. Campana 
(D. M.) Self taught China paint- 
ing. 21455. 
Campbell (A. H.) Twenty-five yr. 

survey. 21456. 
Campbell (A. R.) : 

Manitoba, Canada, map. 65883. 
Ontario, Canada, map. 29673. 
Campbell (Alexander) N. T. L. den- 
tal mfg. co. Dental flasks & flask 
presses. 36412. 
Campbell (Anne) Somebody's think- 
ing of you. 45293. 
Campbell (B. J.) Essentials of bus. 

English. 45294. 
Campbell (C. L.) Lady on the loose. 

Campbell (C. N.) Love rustlers. 

Campbell (Mrs. Cecil) : 
Celsia. 5972. 
Million pound note. 6172. 
White witch. 6368. 
Campbell (Clifford) Gift buyers 

guide. 31533, 55493. 
Campbell (Evelyn) Parade. 45295- 

Campbell (G. J.) : 

Always one hundred cents on the 

dollar. 45300. 
Pacific coast bldg.-loan assn. It 
is what you save that counts. 
Vest pocket list of radio telep. 
broadcasting stations. 727. 
Campbell (H. H.) co. Hagey H. 

Campbell co. cal. 62102. 
Campbell (H. W.) Campbell system 

of seed bed preparation. 21458. 
Campbell (J. W.) Ritualistic cere- 
mony of. the Knights of the crusade. 
Campbell (K. L.) Spy. 32255. 
Campbell (Kane) Enchanted April. 

Campbell (L. S.) Nth degree. 65668. 
Campbell (Lawton) See Campbell 

(C. L.) 
Campbell (Mrs. Patrick) Adventur- 
ous age. 42481. 
Campbell (R. C.) More protection. 

Campbell (W. J.) Univer. Sabbath 
extension soc. Common sense sug- 
gestion. 17896. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Campbell (W. R.) Gen. direct, for 
diabetic treatment. 55494. 

Campbell-Ewald co. Adv. well di- 
rected. 8521, 8522, 21459, 31534. 

Campbell, Metzger & Jacobson : 

Cat. of imported tapestry panels. 

etc. 31535-31540. 
Instrs. etc. 728-731,21460,21465, 

New design in filet, etc. 8523- 

Campbell ptg. co. Awnings for the 
home & place of bus. 21466. 

Campion (Cvril) Green room rags. 

Canada (J. W.) How crude oil mul- 
tiplied the cotton yield. 55495. 

Canada, map. 19514, 43200, 60334. 

Canada dry ginger ale, inc. Canada 
dry adv. 8526. 

Canadaigua, N. Y., map. 6424. 

Canadian general council. See Boy 
scouts assn. Canadian general 

Canadian national railways, map. 
43201, 43202. 

Canadian Pacific ry. map. 43203. 

Canal /one, map. 43204. 

Canity (A. II.) Beyond blue water. 

Candrian (H. A.) Candrian's double 
indexed st. no. guide. 8527. 

Canedy-Otto mfg. co. Catalog. 31541. 

Canel (Marie) Give me your hus- 
band. 28788. 

Canfield (E M.) Introducing a new 
Hull sign. 8528. 

Cannelton, Ind., map. 43205. 

Canney (H. E.) Wandering pro. 
8529, 8530. 

Cannon (H. S.) Transformation of 
Mrs. Drudger. 29276. 

Canonsburg, Pa., map. 43206. 

Cansori & Montgolfier. Sample bk. 
etc. 61186, 61187. 

Cantilever salesman. 8531, 55496- 
55504, 61188. 

Cantine (Martin) co. Martin Can- 
tine & his papers. 45301. 

Canton. Miss., map. 29437.' 

Canton, O., direct. 55505. 

Canton actual bus. college co. : 

Canton actual bus. college. 31542. 
You must decide now your future 
life. 21467. 

Canton culvert & silo co. How to 
avoid delay. 55506. 

Cantrell (C. T.) Few sermons. 45302. 

Cantwell (Johnny) Apple sauce. 

Canutt (Yakima) Scar Hanan. 8532. 

Canyon Co., Id., direct. 61189. 

Cape & South Shore blue bk. 45803. 

Cape Elizabeth. Me., direct. 26496. 
Capek (Karel) Makropoulos secret. 

Capital elec. co. Elec. & radio mer- 
chandise. 55507. 
Capital finding co. Statistics. 55508. 
Capital state savings bank. Drive. 

Capital Times, Madison, Wis. Don't 
overlook the diamonds in your path. 
etc. 21468, 21469. 
Capo (Claudio) Island of Porto 

Rico. 21470. 
Capodivacca (Giovanni) Nina non 

far la stupida. 54067. 
Cappelen (A. A. L.) It won't be long 

now. 28880. 
Cappick (M. L.) 12 millions of treas- 
ure buried. 45305. 
Cappleman (J. F.) Out here in Ark. 

Caproni ( G. A. ) Ghost of the mis- 
tress. 18920. 
Car line. 45306. 

Carberry (T. A.) Natl, guide. 13246. 
Carbondale, Pa., direct. 31544. 
Carbondale machine co. : 

Atmospheric drip type condensers. 

Carbondale compression refriger- 
ating systems. etc. 55509, 
Carbondale self contained auto- 
matic refrigerating machine. 
etc. 21471, 21472. 
Compression refrigerating sys- 
tems. 31545. 
Duplex, two-stage compression re- 
frigerating systems. 61190. 
Carbone, inc. Catalogue. 45307. 
Carcano (Giovanni) : 

Ma che tipo, quel Pigorelli. 

Suo passato. 54205. 
Carco (Francis) Paname. 42894. 
Cardboard novelty co. Solved by 
cross-word puzzle bd. etc. 8534, 
Cardinal pennant. 31546. 
Cardinell (J. D.) Cardinell sales co. 
Rules for the fast & fascinating 
game Quadro. 8536. 
Cardinet candy co. Cardinet's 1925 

football schedule. 45308. 
Cardinne-Petit (R.) pseud. See Petit 

Cardui cal. & weather chart. 55511. 
Careskey (J. L.) Univer. schl. of life. 

Carewe (Edwin) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 31547. 
Carey (A. S.) Springfield, Mass., 
map. 65931. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Carey (H. H.) : 

Hypnotism & hypnotism. 18989. 
Illusion. 65577. 
Rebels. 42936. 
Carey (Harry) Navajo. 31548. 
Carey (J. B.) Cuckoo club. 28650. 
Carey (Max) : 

Carey happy Johnson is through 
for a while, etc. 55512, 55513. 
Captain Carey says Aldridge won 
on nerve, etc. 45309-45314. 
Carey (Philip) mfg. co. : 

Archts. specifications for Carey 

built-up roofs, etc. 31549-31570. 

Augusta-Aiken Ry. & elec. corp. 

are making friends, etc. 8538, 


Bldg. dealer bus. etc. 732, 61191, 

Carey asphalt built-up roofs etc. 

21473, 21474. 
If you built a road around the 
world, etc. 45315-45317. 
Carey craft press Ready ref. pub. co. 
Publ. div. See Ready ref. pub. co. 
Publ. div. Carey craft press. 
Carey Ohio porcelain co. Price list & 

discount sheet. 45318. 
Cargile (E. S.) Broken threads. 

Cargill (F. B.) Nehushta. 29026. 
Cargill co. Cargill criterion. 21475, 

Caribbean & Gulf lands, map. 29438. 
Caribbean Sea, map. 29438. 
Carillon radio co., inc. Instrs. 61193. 
Carion (Octave) Amusements dans 

l'etude du francais. 61656. 
Carl (F.) Cage birds & bird world. 
700-702, 8474-8486, 21422-21428, 
Carl (W. W.) Dunlop's cross keyed 

tourist's city ref. guide. 33573. 
Carl Inn, Calif., map. 54371. 
Carle (Cecil) She's her own grand- 
ma. 54168. 
Carleton (W. E.) Useful knowledge 
for auto owners in Carleton's mani- 
fold. 45319. 
Carleton (Will) : 

Joan of Arkansas. 28889. 
Village pests. 43065. 
Carlinville, 111., map. 29439. 
Carlisle (A.) & co. State highway. 

Carlock (R. W.) Carlock's system 

co-operative saving club. 21476. 
Carlock's co-operative saving club. 
Carlock's system co-operative saving 
club. 21476. 
Carlos productions, inc. : 
Prince of pep. 60578. 
Tearing through. 20173. 
Wall street whiz. 54913. 

Carlson (J. W.) How to buy a good 

used car. 8550. 
Carlson (P. A.) Bkkeeping . test. 

Carlson (Robert) Tah-Bo rules. 

Carlton (M. M.) : 

Captain John Smith, etc. 733- 

John Marshall. 8552. 
Lewis & Clark pathfinders of the 
great Northwest. 45320. 
Carlton, Minn., map. 29440. 
Carlyle (Anthony) pseud. Streets of 

everywhere. 31572-31575. 
Carlyle (John) Are you among the 

reds? etc. 8553-8627. 
Carlyon (H. R.) Shovelboard. 61195. 
Carmack (P. R.) Diary of Snubs, 

our dog. 8628. 
Carmichael (Roy) Filipino urges 
U. S. - keep isles, build defenses. 
Carnahan indus. eng. corp. Auto- 
motive rotation revolutionized. S629. 
Carnation milk products co. Some 

people have funny ideals. 8630. 
Carnegie steel co. : 

Safety first. 21477. 
Stand, specs. 31577. 
Carneys Point, N. J., map. 43207. 
Caro, Mich., map. 29441. 
Carolina engineering co. Shelby, N. C, 

map. 43625. 
Carolina playmakers, inc. : 
Old Imes. 19167. 
Out of the past. 19184. 
Romance & the colonel. 19261. 
Caron (H. C.) Crust. 53793. 
Caron direct, co. : 

Columbus, Ind., direct. 32106. 
Connersville, Ind., direct. 32162. 
Louisville, Ky., direct. 23964. 
Michigan City, Ind., direct. 57441. 
New Albany. Ind., direct. 36629. 
Princeton, Ind., direct. 39587. 
Seymour,' Ind., direct. 4858. ' 
Carondelet motoi^ co. Periodical pre- 
ventive service' 735. 
Carpenter (C. D.) Poultry diseases 

& their control. 45321. 
Carpenter (C. W.) Health for every- 
body. 2147S. 
Carpenter (E. D. S.) Window magic. 

Carpenter (F. G.) : 

China's modern silk factories in 

Wusih. 8631-S633. 
Style & culture in the Athens of 
China. 736. 
Carpenter (H. R.) : 

Desperate odds. 21479. 
H. J. Rauin presents Bob Burns. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Carpenter (L. F.) Public publicity 

plan. 31578. 
Carpenter (M. F.) la. placement 

exams. 31579, 31580. 
Carpenter (P. A.) Ans. bk. for tbe 
complete algebra. etc. 61669. 
Carpenter's world travels : 

Carpenter (F. G.) China's mod- 
ern silk factories in Wusih. 

Style & culture in the Athens 

of China. 736. 
Carpentier (C. A.) Quand on a fait 

ga une fois! 42928. 
Carpio (L. F. de Vega) See Vega 

Carpio (L. F. de) 
Carque pure food co. Natural foods 

of Calif. 45322. 
Carr (A. M.) : 

Control class room contagion. 

Teach conscience quarantine. 
Carr (B. J.) Practical rule for cut- 
ting mine timber. 31581. 
Carr (E. S.)* Know your world 

France's own story. 55516. 
Carr (Harold) Brian O'Toole. 

Carr (M. L.) World circle. 65798. 
Carr (P. H.) Bonhomie. 30978. 
Carr & McFadden. inc. West Palm 

Beach, Fla.. map. 60463. 
Carr tire co. Tire insur. policy. 

Carrabine (Oscar) Transplanted. 

Carreno (A.) Figure culture, etc. 

61196. 61197. 
Carretti (John) How to protect your 

feet from bad odors. 55517. 
Carrico (J. F.) Light. 42771. 
Carrier eng. corp. Theatre cooling by 
carrier centrifugal refrigeration. 
Carrier Wave. Evening time table. 

Carrington (Hereward) : 

Astronomy for beginners. 45324. 
Cheni. for beginners. 738. 
Food & diet in relation to life & 
health. 8636. 
Carroll (B. F.) Evolution an un- 

proven theory. 61199. 
Carroll (G. V. S.) Field sales or- 
ganization of the Dennison mfg. co. 
Carroll (L. E.) Eaton's Latin drill 

sheets. 45325. 
Carroll (M. R.J : 

Federal women's bur. etc. 45326, 

Indus, hazards to women in indus. 

Carroll (Maurice) : 

Bungalow by the park. 8637. 
Days not long ago. 61200. 

Carroll (P. H.) Jane McCrea. 

Carroll (V. Y.) Chauffeur. 18777. 

Carroll (W. T.) Nixin. 8639. 

Carrol ton, Miss., map. 43208. 

Carruthers (Roy) Mo. state life in- 
sur. co. Hotel guest accident policy. 

Carse (Elizabeth) ed. Supplementary 
reading lists. 8640. 

Carson (A. J.) Cost accounting in 
the lumber indus. 45328. 

Carson (C. L.) Pupils' outlines for 
home study. 51646. 

Carson (W. G. B.) Tea. 19421, 
29255, 65442. 

Carson (W. W.) Electronic mask. 

Carson, Wash., map. 29442. 

Carson City, Nev., direct. 16040. 

Carstang (J. D.) Troop meeting & 
hike plans. 21480. 

Carte dressee en 1731, map. 54557. 

Carter (Ad) Just kids. 739-745, 
8641-8648, 21481-21488, 31584-31593, 
45329-45334, 61201-61212. 

Carter (Elizabeth) Scientific 
thoughts. 61213. 

Carter (I. C. M.) New tide in China. 

Carter (J. G.) Little studies in 
Greek. 61214. 

Carter (L. H.) : 

Hoo-haa-hee. 65566. 
Magic piano. 65631. 
Now Trixie. 65667. 
Stray cats. 29235. 

Carter (Mrs. Leslie) Shanghai ges- 
ture. 29184. 

Carter (O. M.) : 

Luft mensch. 60171. 
Money business. 54043. 
What a hero! 60306. 

Carter (R. B.) co. Humdinger con- 
tractors pumps. 746. 

Carter (S. B.) Carter (S. B.) de- 
velopment assn. Here is presented 
for your earnest consideration a 
plan. 45335. 

Carter (T. F.) Periods of Chinese 
hist. 45336. 

Carter (William) Carter good-will 
publicity. 45337. 

Carter white lead co. Adapt-style 
mailer. 21489. 

Carthage, Mo., map. 29443. 

Cathage, N. C, map. 43209. 

Carthage, N. Y., direct. 747. 

Carthage, N. Y., map. 29444. 

Carvalho (Claire) See Weiller (C. C.) 

Carvell (A. M.) Songs of deliverance. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Carver (T. N.) Elem. economics. 

Carvon (Tom) Shopping educa. of an 

average male. 748. 
Cary (Lucian) : 

Can each of us acquire more 

charm? etc. 31595, 31596. 
Do men ever really want to 

marry? S650, 8651. 
Don't forget your troubles — learn 

to talk about them. 45338. 
Staying in love. 61215, 
Cary (Marie) Putting it on high. 

Casa editoriale Vecchi. See Vecchi 

(Casa editoriale) 
Casa musicale napoletana (A. Cosen- 
tino) Torresi (Giuseppe) Gram- 
matica musicale ad uso dei regi isti- 
tuti magistrali. 17803. 
Casa musicale Sonzogno, s. a. : 
Cena delle beffe. 65472. 
Diavolo nel campanile. 6009. 
Don Giovanni. 60090. 
Fauvette. 60111. 
Piccola imperatrice. 54104. 
Casad (C. B.) Stop that noise. 

Casadelmar topics. 8652. 
Casalbigi (Raniero de') Opera seria. 

Casanova (Felipe) Teneduria de 

libros moderna. 749. 
Case (A. M.) Staff pictures. 750. 
Case (J. I.) threshing machine co., 
inc. Modern tractor farming. 
Case (Maxwell) : 

Buying motives. etc. 31597- 

Credits & collections, etc. 55519, 
Case-Hoyt corp. Straight line in adv. 

etc. 8653, 8654. 
Casey (E. B.) Dameless divorce of 

the Summers. 53796. 
Cash (J. & J.) inc. Story of Nan. 

Casino adv. co. Merchants contract 
for profit-sharing pastomovie. 31602. 
Caskey (G. M.) African snowball. 

etc. 31603, 31604. 
Caspar oil corp. Caspar oil corp. 
Adv. dept. Caspar process of blend- 
ing castor oil. 751. 
Casparis (H. R.) Pediatric notes. 

Casper, Wy, direct. 31605. 
Casperson (Peter) How to mfr. 

goldlike nuggets. 45339. 
Cass City, Mich., map. 19515. 
Cassagnac (Paul de) : 
Fauve. 28740. 
Toutou. 19378. 
Violon d'Ingres. 21490. 

Cassipolis, Mich., map. 29445. 
Castberg (L. S.) : 

Daily readings. 8656. 
On the trail of immortality. 
Ca stella (Ernest) Scenes de la vie 
de pauvre Jacques de Mme. Eliza- 
beth de France. 6261. 
Castenholz (W. B.) Manual of in- 
come tax procedure. 8657. 
Casti (Giambattista) Prima la musica 

poi le parole. 19228*. 
Castillo (E. G. del) : 

Mano misteriosa. 60176. 
Rosaleda. 6250. 
Teodoro y compania. 6310. 
Castle (E. J.) Auburn bus lines 

schedules, etc. 31606, 31607. 
Castle & Ford, inc. Detroit, etc. 

55521, 55522. 
Castle press. Church yr. cal. 31811. 
Castleman (Samuel) Clothes compe- 
tition. 752. 
Castleton, N. Y., map. 6425. 
Castner (W. H.) : 

Duluth Herald. Chinaman who 
came across, etc. 61606, 61607. 

Credit the soul of honor. 


Set your sails, etc. 32784, 

Harvest time. 31608. 
Castritsy & Elmore. S. O. S. 21491. 
Castro-Scott (Olivia) Spanish Cali- 
fornia days. 21492. 
Caswell (A. E.) Outline of physics. 

Caswell (C. C.) Original chalk talk. 

Catalano (Rosario) : 

Festa di S. Giuseppe. 6041. 
Nofrio studia l'inglese. 6195. 
Catalina Islander. Windle (Ernest) 

Is this emotion? 65284. 
Catanzaro (Santo) Calvario di una 

madre. 18764. 
Catchy recitations. 45341. 
Catena (J. A.) Tio Quico. 60288. 
Cather (A. H.) pub. co. Rowley (D. 
W.) Concerning the ten command- 
ments. 4657. 
Cathey (J. P.) Lincoln Co., Ark., 

map. 19627. 
Catholic art cal. for 1926. 31609. 
Catholic church: 

Little flower prayer bk. 55523. 
Eucharistic clock & the canon of 
the mass. 55524. 
Catholic educa. press : 

Catholic schl. tests. 21493. 
Deferrari (R. J.) Deferrari- 
Foran test in Latin. 9432, 9433. 
Deferrari-Foran tests in vo- 
cabulary & forms. 32537. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Catholic educa. press — Continued. 

Jordan (E. B.) Catholic high 

schl. tests. 23490, 23491. 
M. Callixta (Sister) Educa. ob- 
jectives of arith. 48110. 
Rauth (J. W.) Rauth-Foran 
chem. test. 15950. 
Catholic juvenile pub. co. Augusta 
(Sister) Prayer before & after 
Holy Communion. 210. 
Catholic press direct. 31610. 
Catholic pub. co. : 

Feast & fast cal. 33177. 
Pittsburgh Catholic. 4273. 
Walsh (F. W.) House packed at 
convert lecture by Father 
Walsh. 18093. 
Catholic service co. Life of our Lord. 

Catholic students' mission crusade : 
Aufhauser (J. J.) Pagandom. 

First to reap. 65526. 
Gieringer (P. A.) Outline hist. 

of Christian missions. 22755. 
Hagspiel (Bruno) Philippines- 

1925. 22912. 
In this sign. 65582. 
McMeneniy (W. G.) Africa— 

1925. 24085. 
Manikya. 54015. 
Mary Just (Sister) China— 1925 

etc. 24233, 24234. 
Mathis (M. A.) India— 1925 

Ritual of initiation into the Cath- 
olic students' mission crusade. 
65711. 65712. 
Sitara. 65728. 
Catholic teleg. almanac. 8658. 
Catonsville, Md., map. 54372. 
Cattell (H. F.) For the love of Pete. 

Catton (Earl O.) Story of Mary El- 
len & Old Gunny Wolf. 21494. 
Cattozzo (Nino) Misteri gaudiosi. 

Catullus (G. V.) Life & poems. 31611. 
Catura (E. B.) Notice! To those 

who ask for credit. 8659. 
Caughey (M. L.) Remingtons. 60239. 
Caughey (M. P. L.) Remingstons. 

Caulfield (H. R.) Reasons why you 
should join the Order of stags. 754. 
Causse (Charles) Mariage mondain. 

Cavanaugh (F. W.) Fun of football 
45343^5357, 55525-55541, 61217- 
Cave (D. J.) Success with baby 

chicks. 755. 
Cave (W. P.) Miser. 756, 8660. 
Caverhill (W. S.) Colors. 21495. 
Caverly (Frank) Photografts. 54103. 

Caverly (S. L.) Annual cycl. of in- 

sur. in the U. S. 7368. 
Cawley (M. T.) Campaign song of 

1925. 31612. 
Cazin (Adele) Professional growth. 

Cazort (S. G.) Improved man. 21497. 
Ce (Camille) Farces. 60109* 
Cecil (Mary) All aboard for Tulip- 
town. 18681. 
Ceco weatherstrip co. Agent's sell- 
ing manual, etc. 8661-8664. 
Ced [pseud] See Dost (C.) 
Cedar Co., Nebr., direct. 65347. 
Cedar Grove, N. J., direct. 48846. 
Cedar Heights, Del., map. 43210. 
Cedar Lawn cemetery. Cedar Lawn 

cemetery. 757. 
Cedar Rapids engineering co. : 

How & why of motor performance. 

etc. 21498, 21499. 
Kwik-way. 31613. 
Cedar Rapids savings bank & trust co. 

Extra money plan. 61222. 
Cederborg (C. Aug.) Vita frun pa 

Trollebo. 31614. 
Ceis (F. B.) : 

Coward. 28637. 
State of mind. 42993. 
Celite products co. : 

Better concrete at less cost. 21500. 
High temperature insulation, etc. 

45358, 45359. 
Insulation of boilers. 8665. 
Cellarius (F. J.) Dayton, & adjoin- 
ing territory including Oakwood, O., 
direct. 22011. 
Celles (L. T. de) See De Celles (L. T.) 
Cello products inc. Cel-o-glass. 8666. 
Celluloid co. Celluloid co. Amerith 
div. Amerith & the arch line of 
vanity articles. 8667. 
Celotex co. : 

Celotex insulating lumber, etc. 

21501, 21502. 
Cool fn Aug. vet warm in Jan. 

etc. 31615-31618. 
Dealer success is measured by 
turnover & profit, etc. 55542- 
Homes have changed more than 
people, etc. 45360-45368. 
Cement-gun constr. co. Greetings. 

etc. 758, 759. 
Central America, map. 19516. 
Central bank & trust co. Have you 
the key to tomorrow? etc. 31619, 
Central braiding co. Radio quality 

shoe laces. 55550. 
Central Calif, aff. engineers' adv. 

chart & buyers' guide. 31621. 
Central City, Pa., map. 6426. 
Central electric traffic assn. Central 
States, map. 6427, 43211. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Central Falls, R. I., direct. 51158. 
Central farm acctg. bur. Mettenburg 
(S.) Solution to the farmer's bk- 
keeping problem. 62982. 
Central furniture co. Furniture co.'s 

simple system. 45369. 
Central hardware co. Central hard- 
ware co. Plumbing div. Plumbing 
& heating supplies. 760. 
Central Indian power co., map. 

Central interscholastic press assn. 

Fifth all-American yr. bk. 21503. 
Central iron & wire works. General 

catalogue. 45370. 
Central Islip, N. Y., map. 29447. 
Central mfg. dist. bank. Getting 

ahead, etc. 31622-31625. 
Central mutual auto insur. co. - Rate 

manual, etc. 45371, 45372. 
Central natl. bank, Battle Creek : 

Are you on the big payroll? etc. 

What will you do with your 
Christmas money? 45373. 

Cleveland. Ohio at work. 31632. 

Central N. H. telep. co. Telep. direct. 

761, 31633, 45374. 
Central office of the Epworth league. 
See Methodist Episcopal church. 
South. Central office of the Epworth 
Central petroleum co. Salesman's 

lubrication manual. 8668, 8670. 
Central physio-therapy assn. Proceed- 
ings of the seventh ann. convention. 
Central plumbing supply co. : 

Be as careful in selecting your 
heating plant. etc. 45375- 
Free delivery in Phila. & Camden. 

Home necessities of quality. 
Central power & light co., map. 29448. 
Central pub. house. Bible. Selections. 

English. Daily guide. 358. 
Central sales & specialty co. Come see 
this beautiful Packard roadster. 
Central scientific co. : 

Cumulative unit system. etc. 

31636, 31637. 
How can the apparatus mfr. best 
assist, etc. 8669, 8670. 
Central service co. Haire (W. A.) 

Home bus. method. 10792. 
Central States, map. 6427. 43211. 
Central trust & savings co. Income 

or a shower of money. 21504. 
Central trust co. of 111. : 

Commer. digest. 31638. 
Digest of trade conditions. 45388, 
61224, 61225. 

Central Valley, N. Y., map. 43212. 
Central van & storage co. Your most 

precious possessions. 45389. 
Centralia, Wash., map. 6428. 
Central's : 

Central's lumber & millwork. 

Garage doors, etc. 45390-45392. 
Centre pub. co. Sears (F. W.) Sears 
philosophy messenger. 16637, 52095. 
Centre Reporter, Centre Hall, Pa. 
Special feature section of the Centre 
Reptr. 21505. 
Centreville, Miss., map. 29449. 
Centripetal. 21506. 
Century adv. service, inc. : 

Casco system. etc. 762-765, 

8671-8682, 31640-31652, 45393- 

45398, 55557-55561, 61226-61230. 

Century adv. service, etc. 21507- 


Century co. : 

Aveugles. 42719.* 
Brownies in Fairyland. 53750.* 
Century types < of English litera- 
ture. 42550.* 
Jeremiah. 19005.* 
Joseph. 19010.* 
Intruse. 42719.* 
Merope. 6169.* 
Osman Pasha. 54087.* 
Representative Amer. plays. 6239.* 
Ritual & dramatized folkways. 

Tyndale. 43057.* 
Century machine co. : 

Do you want more dough. 45399. 
Pint of egg white in one mix. 
Cenzato (Giovanni) Moglie innamo- 

rata. 54041. 
Ceredo, W. Va., direct. 62290. 
Cerf (F. B.) Magic in the law of 

averages. 31653. 
Cerf (M. D.) Spineless gusher. 767. 
Certified dry mat corp. Wet mat. 

ptg. with dry mat facility. 768. 
Certified service men's assn. 45400. 
Certified stand, size agency, inc. 
Harte (R. S.) Problem of incor- 
rect sizing & its solution. 47043. 
Cervi (Armando) Radonograph. 

Cessna (C. E.) A-moy co. Fat people 

can now reduce. 60769. 
Chadbourn, N. C, map. 43213. 
Chadbourne (Virginia) pseud. See 

Tapper (Thomas) 
Chadwick (O. L.) : 

Gee ! I'll have some fun. etc. 

769, 770. 
Mother, dear mother. 8684. 
Chadwick pictures corp. : 
American pluck. 60484. 
Blue blood. 60493. 



pt i, n. s., v. 22 

Chadwick pictures corp. — Continued. 
Count of Luxembourg. 65999. 
I am the man. 19960. 
Man of iron. 43S60. 
Midnight girl. 20054. 
Paint and powder. 60550. 
Perfect clown. 60574. 
Prince of Broadway. 66128. 
Some pun'kins. 60595. 
Unchastened woman. 60603. 
Wizard of Os. 44008. 
Chaille (E. W.) & co. Indianapolis, 

Ind., map. 19597. 
Chain belt co. : 

Instr. bk. etc. 8685, 8689, 45401- 

More yards per day. 61231. 
Chaine (Pierre) Mon cur6 chez les 

riches. 42835. 
Chalfant (H. M.) Consider the cow. 

Chalmers (A. F.) King's cupbearer. 

Chalmers (Bryn) According to in- 
structions. 60018. 
Chamber of commerce. See Boston. 
Chamber of commerce. Bur. of com- 
mer. & indus. affairs. — Des Moines. 
Chamber of commerce. Jobbers 
bur. — Los Angeles. Chamber of 
commerce. — Mishawaka, Ind. Cham- 
ber of commerce. — Philadelphia, 
Chamber of commerce. (Indus, re- 
lations com. of the) 
Chamber of commerce of the U. S. 
You bave a hidden bus. mind. 8690. 
Chamberlain (Allen) New search- 
lights on Beacon Hill. etc. 8691, 
Chamberlain (B. G.) Exam, of fire- 
men. 16567. 
Chamberlain (C. W.) Tour dreams. 

Chamberlain (E. F.) Iowa. 31654. 
Chamberlain (G. A.) Lost. 6136. 
Chamberlain (H. W.) Eye of Bud- 
dha. 42605. 
Chamberlain (T. B.) co. New food 

discovery. 771. 
Chamberlin (C. C.) Where Ind. is 

calling you. 8693. 

Chamberlin (J. N.) Cost comparison 

anal, as used in eng. work. 31655. 

Chamberlin metal weather strip co. 

Chamberlin metal weather strip de- 

ta Is. etc. 31656, 31657. 

Chambers (A. E.) What is. God? 

Chambers (A. W.) Divine sonship. 

Chambers (Barbara) Bed & board. 

Chambers (G. C.) Manton makes an 
investment. 31659. 

Chambers (H. K.) On the night boat. 

Chambers (J. J.) Erin's dark hour. 

Chambers (M. D.) Secret of better 

baking. 45404. 
Chambers (R. S.) Specific acct. insur. 

policy. 61234. 
Chambers (W. H.) Harmony of 

God's written word. 8694. 
Chambers mfg. co. You, too, can cook 

with the gas turned off. 8695. 
Chambersburg, Pa., map. 19517. 
Champenois (W. L.) : 

666 Sycamore. 19458, 43109. 

666 Sycamore street. 54316. 

Champion animal food co. Proper 

care & feeding of dogs. 21510. 
Champion coated paper co. Coating 

of paper, etc. 21511, 21512. 
Champly (Henry) Celle qu'on tue. 

Chance (G. W.) Miracles & other es- 
says. 772. 
Chance (L. M.) Bradley's straight 

line picture cut-outs. 61235. 
Chance (W. A.) Featherstone v. 

Frangipanni. 60112. 
Chancel (Jules) Huguette au volant. 

Chandler (A. D.) Pasha's wedding. 

Chandler (A. N.) Willie Static. 

Chandler (Vivien) Memories. 45405. 
Chandler & co. : 

Millinery, fall opening. 45406. 
Millinery — spring opening. 8696. 
Chandler pump co. Plumbing, steam, 

hot water & warm air heating sup- 
plies. 31663. 
Chandon co. Parfumerie Lubin. 773. 
Chaney (Jack) Foolish quests. 

Channon (H.) co. List price catalog. 

Chansky (L. W.) Forbidden chances. 

Chanticleer. 45408. 
Chantler (Everett) Lady screams. 

Chapel Hill, N. C, map. 54373. 
Chapin (B. E.) Dangerous reading. 

31664, 31665. 
Chapin (E. H.) & co. Seaboard ac- 
. ceptance corp. 8697. 
Chaplin (A. W.) Dearies. 18827. 
Chaplin (C. S.) Gold rush. 28794. 

Chapline (J. C.) Spirit of Amer. bus. 

Chapman (A. G.) Vers lubricante. 

Chapman (D. S. D.) Holy night. 




nos. 1-12, 1925 

Chapman (E. R. B.) Turbit. 869S. 
Chapman (J. B.) Writing the sex & 

the true confession story. 31666. 
Chapman (K. H.) Quilt for a battle- 
ship. 60230. 
Chapman (Lawrence) Keating (Wil- 
liam) Cunningham mystery. 11593. 
Chapman (P. W.) & co., inc.: 

Corporate bldg. bonds. etc. 

55563, 55564. 
Water co. securities. 45410. 
Chapman (W. B.) Use of physio- 
therapy. 8699. 
Chapman natl. bank. Duplicate WIZ 

system. 45411. 
Chappaqua, N. Y., map. 60335. 
Chappell (Jeannette) Eighth com- 
mandment. 18860. 
Chappell & co., ltd. Hong-Kong. 6090. 
Chappelle (Chappie) Kentucky Sue. 

Chappelle (Eddie) Eddie Chappelle's 
latest & easiest self-instructor. 
Charash (Jack): 

Green fields. 65550, 65551. 
Living stage. 42778. 
Chardenal (C. A.) Key to Charde- 
nal's complete French course. 55565. 
Charell (Erik) Fuer dich! 53862. 
Charity organization soc. of New 

Gillett (L. H.) Method for deter- 
mining adequate clothing allow- 
ances. 63092. 
Mohr (Mrs. C. R. Lamond) 
Method for determining ade- 
quate clothing allowances. 

New York (City) Direct, of 
social agencies of N. Y. 36670. 
Sadow (Etta) Method for deter- 
mining adequate clothing allow- 
ances. 63092. 
Charles City, la. R. L. Polk & co.'s 
Charles City & Floyd co. direct. 
Charles Williams stores, inc. : 

N. Y. styles & general mechan- 

dise. 31667. 
Special ann. mid-summer sale. 

Special sale. 61236. 
Your bargain bk. 774. 
Charleston, Miss., map. 43214. 
Charleston, S. C. Red bk. 31668. 
1st Baptist church, Ladies' In- 
dus, soc. Rev. of the hist, of the 
First Baptist church in the South. 
Charleston, Wash., map. 60336. 
Charleston bd. of trade, inc. Charles- 
ton, S. C. Red bk. 45412. 
Charlie, pseud. See McConville (F. B.) 

Chariot (Andre) References. 60235. 
Charlotte, empress of Mexico. 8701. 
Charlotte Republican. Remember, 200 

sq. miles. 775. 
Charlotte retail druggists. Try the 

drug store first. 55566. 
Charlton (Basil) Green room rags. 

Charme. Merry Christmas. 776, 

Charmy (Roland) Nordia. 45413. 
Charnoff (M.) Shakspir un kompani. 

Chart music pub. house: 

Sherwood (Frank) Sherwood's 
writing bk. for music pupils. 
Three minute guaranteed course 
for ukulele. 45414. 
Charters (W. W.) : 

Bldg. a sales-training program. 

Methods of measuring personnel 
effort. 777. 
Chase (A. B.) piano co. Div. United 

piano corp. A. B. Chase, America's 

finest piano. 21518. 
Chase (C. A.) Enterprise chemical 

co. Chase system of raising money. 

Chase (C. H.) : 

Evolution, etc. 31670, 31671. 

Western civilization. 61237. 

Chase (C. L.) Long wear shoe co. 

Quality. 12179. 
Chase (E. R.) Druggist's sure-quad 

system. 45415. • - 

Chase (F. B.) Lamoille Valley, map. 

Chase (F. E.) Enterprise chemical 

co. Chase system of raising money. 

1339. * 

Chase (H. G.) Monticito, Calif ., map. 

Chase (Justin) Lameille Valley, 

Vt., direct. 34881. 
Chase (N. M.) St. Johnsbury, Vt., 

direct. 16442. 
Chase (W. M.) Newport mfg. co. 

Wonder-Walker profit-sharing plan. 

Chase & Sanborn. Tea, where it 

grows. 31672. 
Chase co.s., inc. Alpha brass pipe. 

Chase-Hoyt corp. Bldg. an atmos- 
phere of quality with straight line 

adv. 31673. 
Chase metal works. Alpha brass pipe. 

Chase natl. bank of the city of N. Y. 

Expert knowledge needed for es- 
tates of technical men. etc. 31674- 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Chase, Parker & co., inc. Iron & steel. 

Chaska, Minn., map. 29450. 
Chatellus (Andre de) Soeur de Gri- 

bouille. 19305. 
Chatillon (John) & sons: 
Catalog. 61238. 

Dial-parcel post. etc. 21521, 
Chattanooga, Tenn., direct. 45416. 
Chattanooga med. co. : 

Ans. to cardui cross-word puzzles. 

Cardui cal. & weather chart. 

Cardui cross word puzzle bk. 

Ladies birthday almanac. 11770. 
Cbattanooga news co. : 

Bryan (W. J.) Real issue of 

Scopes case is control of schls., 

says Bryan. 31301. 

Kenyon (Nellie) How Scopes 

case really started. 34737. 

Chatterton (C. O.) How to write 

want ads. 1305. 
Chatterton (E. K.) Ship rigs. 21524. 
Chattin (J. A.) Formula for the in- 
stantaneous dyeing. 45417. 
Chaucer. Canterbury tales. See 
White (E. J.) Patient Griselda ; a 
drama of tbe eleventh century from 
Cbaucer's Canterbury tales. 
Chautauqua schl. of nursing : 

Accidents, etc. 45418, 45419. 
Lecture, etc. 8703, 8704. 
Chauviere (Claude) Homme s'est 

jete.' 61239. 
Chayes dental instrument corp. : 

Chayes (H. E. S.) Cavity prep- 
aration. 31686. 
Don't be the last to lay the old 
aside. 8705. 
Chayes system labs., inc. Ring out 

the old ring in the new. 8706. 
Cheboygan Co., Mich., map. 60337. 
Checker cab co. Taxis grow in popu- 
larity. 21525. 
Chehalis. Wash., map. 6429, 19518, 

Chekhov. (A. P.) Steppe. 21526. 
Chelan Co., Wash., direct. 53323. 
Chelazzi (Gino) Canto della vita. 

Cheley (F. H.) : 

Christmas dad-o-gram. etc. 

Just camping out. etc. 8707- 

Some dads I have met. 45420- 
Chelsea, Mass., direct. 8711. 
Chelsea, Okl., map. 60338. 
Chelsea natl. bank. Bank messenger. 

Chemical catalog co., inc. Chemical 

eng. catalog. 45424. 
Chemical inst. of N. Y., inc. Sloane 

(T. O.) Stand, chem. course. 

Chenevier (Pierre) Precis de geo- 
metric plane. 61240. 
Cheney (F. E.) Traffic & parking 

regulations. 55571. 
Cheney (M. C.) Human anal. etc. 

778, 779. 
Cheney (Rowena) May you dwell in 

the vale of contentment. 31687. 
Cherrill (Katharine) Difference of 

opinion, etc. 316SS, 31689. 
Cherrington (E. H.) Anti-saloon 

league yr. bk. ISO, 7374. 
Cherryfield, Me., map. 65827. 
Cherryvale, Kan., direct. 55572. 
Cherryville, N. C, map. 29451. 
Chesaning, Mich., map. 43216. 
Chesapeake, O., direct. 62290. 
Chesapeake & Ohio lines, map. 43217. 
Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. of 

Baltimore City. . Telep. direct. 

21527-21533, 31691-31692, 45425, 

45426. 55573-55578. 
Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. of 

Ya. Telep. direct. 780-784, 21534- 

21537, 31693-31702, 45427-45429, 

55579, 61241, 61242. 
Chesapeake & Potomac telep. co. of 

W. Va. Telep. direct. 785, 786, 

8711. 8713, 21538-21542, 31703, 

31704, 45430, 45433, 55580-55582. 
Chesher (A. M.) ptg. co. Russell 

grader mfg. co. Expense bk. 27024. 
Cheshire, Conn., map. 19519. 
Cheshire, Mass., direct. 30078. 
Chesman (Nelson) & co. Advertiser's 

rate bk. 8714. 
Chess & Wymond co., inc. Barrels. 

Chester (R. B.) Men of purpose. 

Chester (Roy) Heroes. 28830. 
Chester, Conn., map. 43218. 
Chester, Mass., direct. 42052. 
Chester, N. Y., map. 43219. 
Chester products corp. Muf-la-fone. 

Chester times, - inc. Ref. yr. bk. & 

almanac. 4490. 
Chesterman (E. B.) Wintergreen 

farm. 6378 (8). 
Chesterton (Frances) : 

Children's crusade ; Sir Clegis ; 

Christmas gift. 5978. 
Piers Plowman's pilgrimage. 
Chesterton (G. K.) Tales of the long 

bow. 788. 8715, 8716. 
Chetopa, Kan., map. 6430. 
Chevrolet motor co. : 

Case of the Nabers. 31706. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Chevrolet repair manual. etc. 

Chevrolet service schl. Manual. 

Chevrolet 6% purchase certificate. 

etc. 789, 790. 
Helping the banker, etc. 61243- 

How to demonstrate Chevrolet, 
etc. 45434-45436. 
Chevrolet service schl. Manual. 

Chevy Chase schl. Catalog. 21545. 
Chew (R. E.) Magic Christmas tree. 

Cheyenne, Wy., direct. 61246. 
Chezem (S. S.) Our wisdom's trail. 

Chiappi (J. L.) Capitan Renato. 

Chiarelli (Luigi) : 

Fireworks. 53849. 

Lover's tragedy. 65625. 

Direct. 55583. 

Chicago central bus. & office bldg. 

direct. 8719, 8720, 45438. 
Elite auto, direct, etc. 31707- 

Fairchild's men's wear direct. 

etc. 792, 793. 
Gunthorp's legal direct. 791- 

Map.' 6431, 6432, 19520, 19521, 
29452-29457, 43220-43228, 54374- 
Off. direct. Protestant churches. 
8719, 8720. 
Chicago, 111. Dept. of health : 
Chicago's health. 31712. 
Everybody's problem. 8758. 
Chicago, 111. Ordinances, etc. Bldg. 

ordinances. 8718. 
Chicago & midwest musicians' & allied 

artists' direct. 61247. 
Chicago & North Western line, map. 

Chicago & North Western ry. co. Forty 
ways & more to Calif, etc. 31713, 
31714, 61248. 
Chicago apparatus co. Scientific in- 
struments. 61249, 61250. 
Chicago asbestos table mat. co. 
Colonial grade, etc. 21546-21549, 
Chicago assn. of commerce. Chicago 

information. 8721. 
Chicago auto shops : 

Be an auto expert, etc. 8722, 

Corres. course in auto eng. 21550. 
Chicago automatic conveyor co. Chi- 
cago automatic conveyors. 794. 
Chicago auto, trade assn. Natl, used 
car market rept. 795, 796, 8724. 

21551, 21552, 31715, 31716, 45444, 
Chicago Aviation News. 8725. 
Chicago bargain house. Advance 
millinery sale. etc. 31717-31719. 
Chicago bur. of bus. & indus. man- 
agement. Charmed circle. 8726. 
Chicago Burlington & Quincy r. r. co. : 
Car dept. bulletin. 8727. 
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 
r. r. co. Educa. com. Index. 
Chicago bus. college. Why Henry 

was late. 31720. 
Chicago by-product co. Koppers Chi- 
cago coke. 31721. 
Chicago central station inst. Course 

in pract. elec. etc. 797-829. 
Chicago civic opera co. Prospectus 

for Civic opera season. 45446. 
Chicago crucible co. Trantin (J.) jr. 
Beneficial effects of nickel & chro- 
mium. 53011. 
Chicago custom garment co. Tailor's 

guide. 830. 
Chicago daily drovers jour. Drovers 

jour. yr. bk. of figures. 831. 
Chicago Daily News co. : 

Bell (E. P.) Coolidge a survey. 

Chicago Daily News almanac & 

yr.-bk. 8729, 61251. 
Leach (P. R.) Chicago's trac- 
tion problem. 23796. 
Mowrer (P. S.) Red Russia's 
menace. 36204. 
Chicago Daily Tribune: 

Air controversy still divides 
British opinion. etc. 45447- 
Allied report shows Germany still 

warlike, etc. 8730-8757. 
Allies finish note to Berlin, etc. 

Ask U. _S. for new naval units to 
guard Shanghai, etc. 832-841. 
Asserts Soviet must ever stay out 

of league, etc. 31722-31749. 
Bulgars shelled by Greeks, etc. 

Chileans praise fairness of U. S. 
etc. 61252-61261. 
Chicago eng. works, inc. : 
Algebra, etc. 842-857. 
Interior wiring. 8759-8761. 
$1000 given free. 45462. 
Chicago Eng. Works Rev. 858, 8762, 
8763. 21568, 31750-31752, 45463- 
Chicago evangelistic inst. Wilkes 
(A. P.) Dynamic of redemption-13. 
Chicago Evening Amer. Find Indiana 
farm slayer's. 61262-61266. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Chicago Evening Post co. : 

Chicago Evening Post Radio Mag. 
860-862, 8764-8776, 21569- 
21575, 31753, 31764, 45466- 
45473, 55589-55593, 61267- 
Jenkins (W. C.) Lombard. 
Chicago federation of labor : 

Chicago, 111. Off. labor union di- 
rect. 31710. 
Off. labor union direct. 863. 
Chicago federation of musicians. 

Cook Co., 111., map. 6442. 
Chicago fuse mfg. co. New & im- 
ported union renewable fuse. 55594. 
Chicago hardware foundry co. Ver- 
ona artistic metal furniture. 8777. 
Chicago Herald & Examiner : 

Herald & Examiner shopper. 

Michalaros (Demetrios) Balkan 
federation, long aim of Venize- 
los. 12798. 
Phair (G. E.) Breakfast food. 

4224-4251, 15628-15631. 
Worthington (Alice) I drove dad 
to Mexico, etc. 42295-42300. 
Chicago hotel co. Rice (Wallace) 

Palmer house. 58933. 
Chicago mail order co. : 

Art of dress, etc. 45474-^5480. 

Money saving family outfitter. 


Chicago master steam fitters' assn. : 

For bungalows, residences, two & 

three story apts. 31765. 
How to keep your bldgs. out of 
the classifieds. 21576. 
Chicago metallic sash co. Art glass 

metals. 55595. 
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul ry. : 
Trail of the Olympian. 31766. 
Maps. 43230. 
Chicago motor club. Attack on the 

covered wagon, etc. 8780-S7S6. 
Chicago normal college. Art dept. 

Circus bk. 45481. 
Chicago paper co. New kind of fold- 
well. 45482. 
Chicago pneumatic tool co. : 

Chicago-Byer barometric condens- 
ing plants, etc. 864-866, 
Chicago pneumatic air compres- 
sors, etc. 21577, 21578. 
Chicago pneumatic duplex air 
compressors power driven, etc. 
Chicago pneumatic mine car air 
compressors, etc. 45483-45486. 
Chicago pneumatic portable air 
compressor. etc. 8787-8790, 
61271, 61272. 
Chicago produce co.. inc. Dairy-pro- 
duce yr. bk. 21579. 

Rock Island & Pacific ry. 




Natl. Park, Or. 



park. etc. 

O.) Founders & 
the Rock Island. 

natl. park. etc. 


gas & elec. 


co. : 

Hot Springs 

867, 868. 

Leonard (L. 

builders of 

62668, 62669 

Map. 65828. 

Mesa Verde 

Rock Mt. natl. park, Col. 
Yellowstone natl. park. 
S791, 8792. 
Chicago salvage stock stores : 

Radio catalog, etc. 8793-8796, 

Two stores full of Christmas 
radio goods, etc. 869-873. 
Chicago schl. of watchmaking. Your 

future? 874. 
Chicago spring hinge co. Chicago 

spring hinges. 55598. 

Chicago steel & wire co. 

of steel filler rods for 

welding. 45489. 

Chicago Sunday Tribune : 

Peking rioters wreck 

Red rioting in Bulgaria leads to 
martial law. 8797. 
Chicago title & trust co. Another val- 
entine for. etc. 31776-31781. 
Chicago Tribune: 

Ahl-Nielsen (J.) Stiff penalties 
cut Danish auto deaths 50 pet. 
Allen (Jay) Argentine girl nearly 
drowns in Channel swim. 
Booming bonds presage Rus- 
sia debt deal today, etc. 60666- 
Altona (J. H.) Holland turns on 

U. S. movies. 44084. 
— — - Turkey refuses to face court 
*in Mosul row. 55019. 
Backer (Andreas) All Oslo greets 
pole explorers in gay fashion. 

Relief planes give Amundsen 

6 days to return. 20604. 

Reveal Amundsen's plan for 

new polar hop in dirigible. 
Basil (H.) Persians raid soviet 
legation. 20690. 

Self -make king of Persia cuts 

price of bread. 55187. 
Battle on Irish border treaty, etc. 

Boutet (Frederick) Duty. 31005. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Burgess (Gelett) Goops. 618- 

641, 8350-8419, 21334-21374, 

31352-31412, 45179-45215, 55438- 

55463, 61125-61149. 
Carmichael (Roy) Filipino urges 

U. S. keep isles, build defenses. 

Chicago Daily Tribune. Air con- 
troversy still divides British 

opinion, etc. 45447--15461. 
■ Allied report shows Germany 

still warlike, etc. 8730-8757. 
Allies finish note to Berlin. 

etc. 21553-21567. 
Ask U. S. for new naval 

units to guard Shanghai, etc. 

Asserts Soviet must ever stay 

out of league, etc. 31722- 

— — Bulgars shelled by Greeks. 

etc. 55584-55588. 
Chileans praise fairness of 

U. S. etc. 61252-61261. 
Chicago Sunday Tribune. Peking 

rioters wreck homes. 61274. 
Red rioting in Bulgaria leads 

to martial law. 8797. 
Clayton (John) Albania army 

battles rebels close to Tirana. 

etc. 909-917. 
Allied chains on Rhineland 

to be loosened, etc. 61296- 

Allies offer to yield to Berlin 

on league entry, etc. 45546- 

Ask Hindenburg to calm Al- 
lies on Rhine pact. 21632- 

Austro-German merger may 

be put to league, etc. 8890, 

Back Rhine plea. etc. 55670- 

Berlin believes Allies will 

O. K. security parley, etc. 

Cohan (G. M.) Cohan quits the 

job. 8974.. 
Mud pies & maple sugar, etc. 

Cornyn (John) Calles predicts 

closer bond for Mexico & U. S. 

etc. 45830-45835. 
Calles to put Mexico on firm 

finan. basis, etc. 1031-1033. 
Mexican senate gets alien 

land limiting bill. etc. 61393- 

Mexico bus. unites to make 

nation stable. 32298-32302. 
Mexico City wild with ex- 
citement. 55790. 


Mexico plans to expel some 

U. S. newspaper men. 21863. 

Mexico turns seized church 

into schl. etc. 9222, 9223. 

Craig (Elizabeth) Former Chi- 
cago woman to make bow be- 
fore king. 32368. 

Yankee women guide fash- 
ions at St. James. 21906. 

Crusinberry (James) I'll not 
sign until Saturday. 55831. 

Cur ran (Hugh) Row on Irish 
sports. 21924. 

Trouble feared on Irish bor- 
der. 55836. 

Dailey (Charles) Bandits feast 
on chief's wife & daughter, etc. 
9337, 9343. 

Chang Tso-Lin's army in 

Peking, etc. 21946-21949. 

China's chiefs of Islam stir 

war on Britain, etc. 32435- 

Execute 1,065 Chinese for 

looting city. etc. 1100, 1101. 

Day (Donald) Admit Russian 
peasant peril rule of Soviets, 
etc. 1146-1152. 

Await foreign finance czar to 

revive Poland. etc. 45995- 

Bolsheviks free with alibis 

as promises fail. etc. 32503- 

Hungry army of Russian 

waifs invades Crimea. etc. 

Living church of red Russia 

lives no longer, etc. 9411-9413. 

Reds execute grafters to end 

food price rise. etc. 55904, 

Easterling (Anthony) A 1 v e a r 
snubs U. S. in message to Ar- 
gentina. 22222. 

Eckersall (Walter) Eckersall 
picks big 10 honor team. 61665. 

Elliston (Herbert) Hundreds 
drown as new flood rages in 
China. 46273. 

Fendrick (Raymond) Britain at- 
tacks Turks! etc. 46459-46479. 

British offer Turkey Bagdad 

r. r. pact. 10106-10125. 

■ Bulgars avert serious trouble 

with Jugo-Slavs. etc. 22462- 

Caillaux plans U. S. trip to 

talk debts & loan. etc. 33203- 

■ Haywood, broke & disgusted, 

may come home. etc. 1426- 

Fitzgerald (F. S.) Our own 
movie queen. 33296, 33297. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Chicago Tribune — Continued. 

Frohme (William) Feng's troops, 

chanting hymn, enter Peking. 

etc. 61956, 61957. 
Gessler (C. F.) U. S. to keep 

gate shut to Orient. 33636. 
Gibbons (Floyd) Blazing skies 

light battle of Moor & Poilu. 

etc. 33640-33656. 
British base at Singapore 

ideal location, etc. 1623-1626. 
' Color feeling in Philippines 

peril to peace, etc. 22751, 

Famine enlists in French 

ranks to conquer Moor. etc. 

U. S. pussyfoots out of 

Latin's esteem, claim. 56568. 
Griffis (C. N.) Chile's chains on 

Tacna-Arica irk Peruvians, etc. 

See crisis loom for Chile over 

Tacna-Arica row. 46897. 
Hammond (Lorimer) Britain 

adds to rubber quota. etc. 

British market rallies, etc. 

Foreign bonds chief features 

of London mart. 56683. 
Foreign loans cut prices of 

British bonds. etc. 62115, 

London bankers aroused over 

French finances, etc. 10814- 

— — London hopeful on outcome 

of security parley, etc. 46999, 

Russian gold benefits but 

puzzles British. 22929. 
Henning (A. S.) Hawaii falls 

before fleet, etc. 23034-23039. 

Kin back up widow. 56743. 

Hill (W. E.) At the opticians. 

etc. 47167-47169. 

Bank. etc. 23091-23098. 

Best sellers. etc. 11023- 

By the sad sea waves, etc. 

Parlor tricks. etc. 1885- 

Kelly (Raymond) Adventures of 

Fuzzy W u z z y . 2145-2148, 

11607-11613, 23552. 
Kinsley (Philip) Beer rush 

sweeps Ontario. etc. 23581, 

Lahm (Karl) Charges Horthy 

drowned foes in the Danube. 

etc. 23663, 23664. 
Dead peddler called prince 

lost since 1S33. 11772. 

Gland serum rejuvenates 

women. 57020. 

Kill youth for smiling. 34858. 

Vienna in fete for prince who 

brings U. S. wife. etc. 47700, 

Lief (Max) Broadway's July 

proves the dullest on rec. 

Lowe (Corinne) All these are in- 
vited to the fashionable even- 
ing, etc. 48062-48070. 
All types of sleeves, etc. 

At the reception, etc. 12189, 

Be it cape or coat. etc. 

Exquisite colors & textures. 

etc. 35174-35182. 
If our winter's tale be con- 
tinued in the south, etc. 2467- 

Vestees, seaming, & plaits 

contribute to tailored mode. 

Makin (W. J.) Africa messiah 

baptizes 100. 48473. 
Argues skull is missing 

link's. 35566. 
— ■ — ■ Missing link skull almost be- 
came sugar. 2586. 
Platinum rush in Africa. 

Mantle (Burns) Broadway sea- 
son nears its finish, etc. 24188- 

Christmas wk. in the thea- 
tres, etc. 2592-2595. 
Cohan reappears in typical 

role. etc. 48482-48492. 
Comedy about golf opens the 

season, etc. 35583-35590. 
Comes the season's first 

Milne comedy. etc. 12499- 

Laurette Taylor minus her 

humor, etc. 62847-62850. 
— — We have with us a Molnar 

comedy. 57292. 
Martelius (Martin) Expect world 

church parley to hit dry law. 

Swedish left wins fight to 

cut down army. 24217. 
Martin (Gerald) Americans 

gloom, etc. 57303-57307. 
Chile appeals to Coolidge as 

Pershing wins. etc. 62868- 

Columbia sends planes to 

mark air route to U. S. etc. 

35644, 35645. 
— Indians rebel, etc. 12529, 




nos. 1-12, 1925 

Landlords cut rent in Pan- 
ama, etc. 48547-48552. 

Matheson (Roderick) America 
shut, Japan turns to Asia for 
more room. etc. 35666-35676. 

Big navy or rice decision 

faces house in Japan. etc. 
57328, 57329. 

Chaos in China dims out- 
look for autonomy, etc. 62S87, 




Chinese threat seen as bluff 

to cow powers, etc. 48584- 

Japanese favor aircraft ratio. 

etc. 12560-12563. 
Japs fear pact with reds will 

alienate U. S. etc. 2625-2627. 
Second quake in Japan, etc. 

Mencken ( H. L. ) Ambrose Bierce. 

etc. 12669-12691. 
Biography. etc. 35774- 

Chance for a bright young 

man. etc, 48647-48656. 
Chance for novelists, etc. 

Cousin Jocko, etc. 

Heirs of Conrad, etc. 

Myers (Jack) Deport 

who can't pass. etc. 

Planes fly out to sea to greet 

Amer. fleet, etc. 36259, 36260. 
— Wallingford of Australia is 

sought by cops. 2894. 
Parker (A. S.) Bare rare new 

discoveries in King Tut's tomb. 

etc. 58701, 58702. 
Egypt's princess back out- 
laws of Parliament. 64203. 
Europe's best dressed woman 

mdrries again. 4186. 
Sun destroys 3,000 yr. old 

pall of Tut. 15509. 
Pierson (Joseph) Advocate use 

of canal profits to defend canal. 

etc. 4265, 4266. 
Brazil seeks to curb Japs. 

etc. 15683-15692. 

New melting pot. 26410. 

Powell (John) Big boycott near. 

etc. 39526, 39553. 
Big crash looms, etc. 64293- 

— — British fire on Shanghai 

crowd, etc. 51420-51432. 
China aflame with hostility 

to foreigners. etc. 26554- 

Chinese rebels loot Shanghai. 

etc. 4372^378. 

Coolidge asks rept. on arms 

trade in China, etc. 15793- 

14 provinces of China call 

Wu to power again. 58847. 
Preston (W. S.) British stocks 

firm despite Paris troubles. 


■ Oil securities. 58856. 

Prohme (William) Feng pounds 

at Tientsin gates, etc. 64317- 

Raymond (Clifford). Wilder 

flowers. 26715. 
Rosman (A. G.) Lock, stock & 

barrel. 26936. 
Rowland (H. C.) When you stop 

to think. 40152. 
Rue (Larry) Across no man's 

land. etc. 40159-10167. 
All Italy grows & make put 

in Mussolini grip. etc. 64518- 

Arrest Facists for anti-Ma- 
son terror in Rome. etc. 51876- 

Beheaded man's thyroid 

makes idiot girl sane. etc. 

16385,. 16386. 
De Chambrun's views, etc. 

Fascisti to oust 19 members 

for Florence riots, etc. 59052- 

Sabatini (Rafael). Gates of 

doom. 27041, 
40200, 51906. 

Sanborn (Dean) 
mail. 51964. 

Schultz (Sigrid) 

27042, 40191- 

Columbia-U. S. 

Berlin cabinet 
crisis looms on security pact, 
etc. 52029-52049. 

Berlin Fascist anti-Locarno 

rally fizzles, etc. 64589-64592. 

Count defends wife. etc. 


Dawes plan ruin aim of 

France. German charge, etc. 

Death crew of German cheka 

goes to trial. etc. 16584- 

Gay Cologne is sad as free- 
dom fails to come. etc. 4782- 

22.000 in torch light parade. 

etc. 27148, 27149. 

Seldes (George) Admits Ger- 
man cabinet talked monarchy 
plan. etc. 4835-4S52. 

All Islam urged to war. etc. 


Berlin reveals Ruhr threats 

of secession, etc. 16673-18691. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Chicago Tribune — Continued. 

Seldes (George) Bolshevism, etc. 

Burning towns signal French 

drive in Syria. 64614-64617. 
Druse quit Suedia. etc. 

Fascism drops ideals, etc. 

Sheean (Vincent) Dead of Spain 

choke up roads in North Africa. 

etc. 16727-16735. 
Spanish retreat from Moroc- 
co now complete. 4864. 
Skene (Don) All Eng. awaits 

running of derby today, etc. 

Allied-German experts study 

security pact. etc. 52443-52456' 
Allies offer to give Germany 

Cologne, etc. 59360-59374. 
Alcysius, owned by king, 

wins at Ascot, etc. 40791- 

British tribute paid to Cur- 

zon at Westminster. etc. 

Peggy Marsh of Field fame 

is married again, etc. 5004, 

Smith (Frank) Dempsey out, 

Sunday story is confirmed. 

Smith (George) Canada ballots 

this week. etc. 59381, 59382. 
Steele (John) Action on Mosul 

rends Britain's league loyalty. 

etc. 52669-52704. 
After Eng. bankers. etc. 

Alexandra of England lies 

near death, etc. 64803-64831. 
Anglo-French debt gathering 

in London seen. etc. 17333- 

Ape points to ancient origin 

of woman's liking for gay garb. 

etc. 59512-59532. 
Baldwin hurls challenge to 

British labor, etc. 41191-41205. 
Britain drops empire parley 

on peace pact. etc. 5200-5208. 
Storer (John) Italian premier is 

accused of Fascist crimes, etc. 

5232, 5233. 
Swinnerton (Frank) Guest. 

Tatam (Harold) Hull urges lake 

outlet. 52910. 
— — Lawmakers of Argentine feel 

reform urge. 41482. 
Von Schoenaich (Maj. Gen.) 

Trotsky shuns league. 53229. 

Wales (Henry) Agree to pay 
U. S. war claims, etc. 5538- 

Allies rept. says Germany 

violates pact. etc. 18013- 

Alsace stirred by movement 

to quit France, etc. 41866- 

Bogus prince gets Glencoe 

gems in Paris. etc. 65078- 

Britain, Turkey in Mosul 

fight before league, etc. 53245- 

■ Caillaux seeks to free France 

from banks' grip. etc. 28041- 

French Croesus maps strategy 

to save finance, etc. 59796, 

Warren (Lansing) Britons say 
U. S. did not tangle self in Eu- 
rope, etc. 5610-5612. 

World court to gain prestige 

if Yankees join. 18120. 

Wilgus (Walter) Ct. decis. rocks 
U. S. rule in Philippines. 53376. 

Philippines may hold plebis- 
cite on independence. etc. 

Young (F. H.) Trib's all- western 
quint is picked. 18608. 
Chicago tribune newspaper syndicate : 

Thomas (Lowell)' Acres of peo- 
ple welcome flyers in Los An- 
geles. 17704-17716. 

— — British airmen cheer Yankee 
world flyers, etc. 5352-5381. 
Chicago (Univ. of) : 

Fuller (G. D.) Vegetation of the 
Chicago region. 22690. 

Hagboldt (Peter) How to study 
modern lang. in college. 10791, 

Newberg (M. J.) Right living. 
49153, 49154. 

Palmer (J. L.) Cases & prob- 
lems, etc. 26265. 

Pettit (Edison) Forms & mo- 
tions of the solar prominences. 

Projects in world-friendship. 

Shaver (E. L.) Leader's guide 
for young people's projects. 

Studies in secondary educa. II 
Univ. high schl., Univ. of Chi- 
cago. 17564. 

Tatum (A. L.) Prescription 
notes. 64900. 

World, map. 19S49, 29827-29833. 
Chicago wet wash co. Washing pro- 
tected. 8798. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Chicago, Wilmington & Franklin coal 
co. Do you remember Aladdin's 
lamp. 55599. 
Chicken Chatter. 45490. 
Chicopee, Mass., direct. 23152, 40997. 
Chicora, Pa., map. 54380. 
Chieftain. 45491. 
Chihuahua, Mexico, map. 54381. 
Chilcote co. Schedule of prices. 

Child (R. W.) : 

Are you driving or are you being 

driven? 31783, 31784. 
How are you expressing yourself. 

Revolutionary labor amendment & 
the constitution. etc. 8799- 
Child guide clinic. Minn. Public 
schls. See Minn. Public schls. 
Child guide clinic. 
Child health bul. 31785, 31786. 
Child-play co. Child-play. 61275. 
Child study assn. of America, inc. : 
Gesell (Arnold) Child's first bks. 

Naumberg (E. H.) Child's first 
bks. 63302. 
Child welfare pub. co. My baby. 8801. 
Children indemnity co. $1,000.00 
Amer. schl. children's auto, accident 
indemnity policy. 45492. 
Children's natl. tuberculosis soc. 

Mother & child. 61276. 
Childs (C. F.) & co.: 

Comparative anal. 876. 
Concerning bank note circulation. 

Quot. rec. of all joint stock land 
bank bonds. 31788. 
Childs (W. T.) Inasmuch. 877. 
Childs, Pa., direct. 31544. 
Chilmark park realty corp. Chilmark 

park. 31789. 
Chilson (N. Z.) I'd like to find some- 
where a shop. 31790. 
Chilton (F. S.) : 
As ever. 28529. 
Beach-nuts. 65447. 
Bluff. 28566. 
Rural romance. 42949. 
Chilton auto, direct. 31791, 55600. 
Chilton trade list. etc. 8802- 

Dropped names, etc. 878-882. 
Revision sheet. ' 21581-21583. 
Chilton class jour. co. : 

• Auto, trade direct. 20589-20590, 
30566, 30567, 60844. 
Basic facts on automotive distri- 
bution. 55605. 
Bulletins, etc. 21585-21587. 
Chilton auto, direct. 31791, 55600. 

Chilton class jour. Dropped 
names. etc. 31794-31797, 

61277, 61278. 

Wholesalers' list. 55601- 

Chilton trade list. 31792, 31793, 
31800-31803, 55606-55610, 61277, 
Distributors list. 22097. 
Revision sheet. 31798, 31799. 
Wholesalers list. 55601-55604. 
Chilton co. : 

Chilton auto direct. Chilton 

trade list. etc. 8802-8809. 
— — Dropped names, etc. 878- 

Revision sheet, etc. 21581- 

Chilton trade list. Dropped 
names. 21584-21587. 
Chilton trade list. 31800-31803. 

Dropped names. 21584-21587, 
55606-55610, 61279, 61280. 
Chimney Rock Mountains, inc. Lake 
Lure development in western North 
Carolina. 45493. 
China, map, 19522. 
Chino, Calif., map. 65829. 
Chipman chemical eng. co., inc. Atlas 

N P etc. 8810-8812. 
Chippewa Falls, Wis., map. 6433. 
Chisolm (B. O.) Reflections. 215S8. 
Chittenden (C. R.) Songs of life & 

love. 883. 
Chittenden (E. W.) la. placement 

exams. 41229^1233. 
Chittum (J. W.) Lab. physics for 

college students. 45494. 
Chlorine products co. Teleg. prescrip- 
tion dept. 884. 
Choate (H. M.) Masterpiece. 28981. 
Chobahn (A) pseud. See Fishman 

Choeorua Region, N. H., map. 29458. 
Choctaw medicine co. Start Ka-to-na 

treatment now. 21589. 
Choos (George) : 

Queen Sesha. 19236. 
Sapphire ring. 6258. 
Chord pictures corp. Lena Rivers. 

Chorpenning (C. B.) Sheepman. 

Choudens : 
. Gladys. 18925. 
Hussarde. 189S8. 
Monsieur de Pourceaugnac. 19127 
Chown (C. M.) CM. Chown's retail 

repts. 885. 
Chrisman, 111., map. 543S2. 
Christ (Clifford) Radio tab. 31804. 
Christeen (M. C.) : 

Line he could not cut. etc. 

31S05, 31806. 
Univer. color keyboard. 45495. 


Christensen (E. O.) Test in art ap- 
preciation. 21590. 
Christgau (O. G.) Does an agricul- 
tural ecluca. pay? 6011. 
Chi-istgau (V. A.) Does an agricul- 
tural educa. pay? 6011. 
Christian (Eugene) How to gain 

weight, etc. 55611. 55612. 
Christian alliance pub. co. Simpson 
(A. B.) Lord for the body. etc. 
Christian life cal. 886. 
Christian life cal. co. : 

Bible & missionary cal. 359. 
Cal. of Ford ideas. 707. 
Cal. Presbyterian church. 708. 
Christian life cal. 886. 
Southern Baptist cal. 5045. 
Christian Science Monitor. Motiva- 
tion of spelling. 8813. 
Christian science pub. soc. : 

Bergengren (Ralph) Betsy & 
Christopher Careful Columbus 
need the garden, etc. 20819, 

Betsy & the funny man go 

to look for the ocean. etc. 
30771, 30772. 

Betsy & the funny man look 

for signs of spring, etc. 7663- 
Christopher Careful Colum- 
bus, etc. 44585, 44586. 

Mysterious disappearance of 

Betsy jr. 308. 
Quest of the doughnut. 

Boston. First church of Christ, 
scientist. Private telegraphic 
& cable code. 44786. 
Educa. & the newspaper, etc. 

887, 888. 
Providencei a del bien. 21591. 
Christian workers fed. Every member 
organization for Christian service. 
Christianson (B.) Hardware store 

office methods. 21592. 
Christianson (C. J.) Cleito of the lost 

Atlantis. 21593. 
Christie (Agatha) Tommy & Tup- 
pence. 889-891, 8814-8816. 
Christie (H. B. W.) Mental treat- 
ment for the nerves. 8817. 
Christie (H. K.) Car safety appli- 
ance reg. 881S. 
Christie film co., inc. : 
Air tight. 43728. 
Be careful. 54743. 
Call a cop. 43749. 
Charley's aunt. 19883. 
Don't pinch. 19906. 
French pastry. 6801. 
Good spirits. 6825. 
Goofy gob. 66025. 

pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Great guns. 19934. 
Hot doggie. 66040. 
Love goofy. 20042. 
Madame Behave. 60543. 
Off his beat. 54847. 
Oh Bridget. 43874. 
Rarin' Romeo. 20126. 
Sea legs. 7000. 
Seven days. 43954. 
Sit tight. 30006. 
Slippery feet. 66147. 
Soup to nuts. 54894. 
Step fast. 7021. 
Stop flirting. 20166. 
Tender- feet. 30023. 
Watch out. 54915. 
Why hesitate. 20192. 
Christmas club : 

Natl. Ulster Co. bank. $2,500 in 

cash prizes. 24681. 
Rawll (H. F.) Three hundred 
million dollar idea. 64355. 
Christol (P. A.) Presenting a series 
of human, forceful advertisements. 
Christophe (Henri) Gladys. 18925. 
Christophe (Jacques) Deux prison- 

niers. 31807. 
Christopher & Golbeck (Drs.), inc. 

Ref. bk. & rev. prices. 55613. 
Christy (J. F.) Pan-American pho- 
netic mag. 31808. 
Chrysler (C. B.) Don't be a sucker. 

Chrystal (Leiz) See Pratt (L. C.) 
Chun (Carl) World, map. 60470. 
Church (A. H.) Foremanship. 21595. 
Church (C. F.) mfg. co. Stevens 
(Mildred) Easy way to make a 
bathroom more attractive. 52710. 
Church (E. V.) Tips for the radio 

amateur constructor. 892. 
Church (Hayden) : 

Greatest diet, maker of Eng. etc. 

31809, 31810. 
Queen Marie longs for day when 

she can visit America. 893. 
Youth feels confident he will win 
polar race. 21596. 
Church (John) co. Martens (F. H.) 

Captain Kidd. 2609. 
Church (John) inc. Thompson (Ir- 
win) Fortuno. 64937. 
Church (R. W.) Essence of Catholi- 
cism. 21597. 
Church (Virginia) Legend. 6124. 
Church (W. C.) jr.: 

Bus-schedule of la. 55614. 
Do all roads lead to success, etc. 
Church erection soc. : 

Churches at cost. etc. 21598 r 

Siddall (A. C.) Story of enter- 
prise church, etc. 27280, 27281. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Church kalendar. 45497. 
Church pub. house. Chicago, 111., map. 
29454-29457, 43223, 43224, 43227, 
Church yr. cal. 31811. 
Churchill & Alden co. Free, a mould 

of your foot. 8824, 45498. 
Ciannelli (Edwardo) : 
End of love. 18868. 
Perfect love. 42902. 
Puppets & passions. 29125. 
Two miracles. 29290. 
Cicero (M. T.) Impeachment of Ver- 

res. etc. 21600, 21601. 
Cincinnati, O., direct. 61281. 
Cincinnati, G., map. 29459, 29460. 
Cincinnati, O. Route bk. of grocery 
wholesale & retail delicatessen 
stores. 8825. 
Cincinnati & suburban Bell telep. co. 
Telep. direct. 894. 895, 21602, 21603, 
31812, 45499, 61282. 
Cincinnati artistic wrought iron 

works. 61283. 
Cincinnati Bickford tool co. 4, 5 & 6 
foot 32-speed, plain radial drills. 
Cincinnati Commercial Tribune. Cin- 
cinnati, a city of excellent news- 
papers, etc. 8826-8832. 
Cincinnati milling maching. co. : 

Cincinnati face mill grinder. 

Cincinnati 8 self contained saddle 
type grinder, etc. 55615, 55616. 
Cincinnati centerless grinder, etc. 

8833, 8834. 
New Cincinnati M-type millers, 
etc. 31813-31814. 
• New Cincinnati millers. 21604. 
Cincinnati musical festival assn. Off. 

programme. 21605. 
Cincinnati public schls. Vocational 
bur. Corre (M. P.) Introd. of the 
study of occupations. 9258. 
Cincinnati Shopping News. 896. 
Cincinnati Times- Star : 

Cincinnati. Route bk. of grocery, 
wholesale & retail delicatessen 
stores. 8825. 
Route bk. & direct. 26956. 
Route bk. & direct, of bakers & 
confectioners, etc. 16290. 
Cincinnati Victor co. Directs, for 
starting & operating an auto, light 
adjusting station. 61284. 
Cinema corp. of America : 
Braveheart. 65979. 
Coming of Amos. 54764. 
Hell's highroad. 43802. 
Made for love. 66063. 
Man from Red Gulch. 60544. 
People vs. Nancy Preston. 54857. 
Road to yesterday. 54875. 

Three faces east. 66157. 
Wedding song. 60610. 
Cinna. pseud. See Van Cortlandt 

Cippico (G. count) Fate. 6036. ' J 
Circle A products corp. : 

Crowds are coming, etc. 21606- 
■■• Must they stay at home. etc. 

31815, 31816. 
Circle pump co. Circle pump dealers 

hdbk. 897. 
Citator pub. co. Citator. 898, 899, 
8835-18837, 21609, 31817, ' 31818, 
45502-45505, 61285. 
Citer-digest co. : 

Citer-digest. 45506. 
Mason (W. H.) Citer-digest quar- 
terly pamphlet. 12538, 35653. 

Citer-digest, suppl. 2620. 

Cities service co. : 

Luck piece of the Lattimores. etc. 

55617, 55618. 
Motor rec. & lubrication guide. 
(Del.) Manual for service sta- 
tion. 61286. 
Citizens assn. of Grosse Pointe Town- 
ship. Grosse Pointe Township, 
Mich., map. 19575. 
Citizens finance co. Press bk. 45508. 
Citizens finance service co. Shark is 

dead ! 900. 
Citizens natl. bank. Commer. digest. 

Citizens natl. bank & trust co. Of 
every hundred successful artists, 
etc. 45509-45517. 
Citizens radio service bur. Citizens 

radio call bk. 8838, 45518. 
Citizen's telep. co. Telep. direct. 

8839, 31819, 45519. 
Citizens trust co. : 

Bedtime story for grown ups. etc. 

31820, 31821. 
Explanation, etc. 45520, 45521. 
Citrus Co., Fla., map. 6434, 65830. 
Citrus products co. Profit-plans for 

blue bird bottlers. 61287. 
City auto repair co. Auto. sale. 

21611, 21612. 
City baking co. : 

As if made in your own kitchen. 

etc. 8840-8874. 
At the beginning of Baltimore's 
golden era. etc. 55619t-55666. 
At the gateway of the South, etc. 

Fit for exquisite fingers. etc. 

Heiress to a long tradition. 61288. 
City direct, co. of Knoxville. Knox- 
ville, Tenn., direct. 11712. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

City guide co. : 

Chicago, map. 43222, 54375. 
Cozzens (C. W.) Cozzens' Chi- 
cago guide. 45877. 

City natl. bank of Binghamton. Se- 
curity thrift fund. etc. 8875, 8876. 

City of Paris dry goods co. Fashions, 
1850-1925. 53845. 

City-tate-nation-pub. co. City-state- 
nation legislative digest. 45529. 

Civic auditorium assn. Mi Careme 
fashion revue. 8877. 

Civic press, inc. Municipal index. 

Civitan club (The Highway & city 
beautification com. of the) Winter 
lawns for Jacksonville & N. Fla. 

Clack (H. W.) Can. 31845. 

Claflin (Fuller) inc. About that bldg. 
proposition. 31846. 

Claiborne (J. H.) Creed of Elkdom. 

Claiborne (R. W.) Woodcraft music. 
55667, 61289. 

Claim dept. Merchants claim adjust- 
ment service. See Merchants claim 
adjustment service. Claim dept. 

Clairsange (Jean) Amour a vaincu. 

Clairton, Pa., map. 6435. 

Clampett (F. W.) Luther Burbank, 
a scientist in tune with the infinite. 

Clancy (C. S.) Lonesome. 6135. 

Clancy (J. R.) inc. Theatrical stage 
hardware. 21613. 

Clancy (M. E.) First to reap. 65526. 

Clapham (C. E.) Orchid hunters. 

Clapp (E. R.) Rosemary junior high 
schl. Greenwich, Conn. 40024. 

Clapp (F. H.) Pocket baseball disk. 

Clapp (J. K.) Boston Evening Tran- 
script's direct. 45532. 

Clapp (R. C.) Spiritualism. 45533. 

Claremont, Calif., map. 29461. 

Claremont, N. H., map. 64383. 

Clark (A. G.) : 

And all doing well. 2851S. 
What was a poor girl to do? 

Clark (A. M.) Your community & 
you. 61290. 

Clark (B. A.) Acorn that grew into 
a tree. 61291. 

Clark (Bobby) Fools rush in. 18901. 

Clark (C. F.) : 

Mixture of madness. 19121. 
Newly rich. 29031. 
Pork. 19222. 

Clark (C. M.) Accurate shooting 
brings down two deer. 21615-21620. 

Clark (Mrs. C. T.) Clark (C. T.) 

Homespun rimes. 31847. 
Clark (D. L.) Copy, 1925. 28632*. 
Clark (Duane) : 

Mixture of madness. 19121. 
Newly rich. 29031. 
Pork. 19222. 
Clark (E. A.) Verbos irregulares. 

Clark (E. G.) Discovery of Clark's 

super-hard blackhull. 45534. 
Clark (E. T.) Over against the 

treasury. 901. 
Clark (F. H.) Laughing at danger. 

etc. 31848, 31849. 
Clark (F. J.) Flower service. 61295. 
Clark (Ford) Getting even. 53870. 
Clark (George) pseud. See Currier 

(G. H.) 
Clark (George M.) & co., div., Ameri- 
can stove co. See American stove 
co., George M. Clark & co., div. 
Clark (J. L.) Glorifying the Amer. 

girl. 45535. 
Clark (J. R.) : 

Instructional tests in algebra. 

Plane geom. 45536. 
Clark (J. W.) : 

Moore & Evans. Our salesman. 

Our salesman mo. 902. 
Clark (J. W.) : 

Investment. 28876. 
Loudspeaker. 19070. 
Clark (L. S.) Onamia. 8879. 
Clark (M. C.) Empty clothes. 28711. 
Clark (M. F.) : 

Family adjustment. 42611. 
Whose baby? 29359. 
Clark (M. G.) Vermont, map. 19823. 
Clark (M. M.) Dangerous quest. 

Clark (M. V.) : 

Mixture of madness. 19121. 
Newly rich. 29031. 
Pork. 19222. 
Clark (N. R.) Hamlet on the puppet 

stage. 53643. 
Clark (Norman) : 

At the oculist's. 42500. 
Great Dr. Van Dyke. 60125. 
Pump ladles. 54122. 
Clark (P. W.) Just a dear. 65595. 
Clark (S. E.) Mental nuts. 21621. 
Clark (Triad) pseud. See Clark 
(M. V.), Clark (Duane) and 
Clark (C. F.) 
Clark (W. B.) : 

Geog. of Md. etc. 904, 1812. 
Geog. of the D. C. 904. 
Clark (W. P.) : 

How I got straight on home buy- 
ing. 65669. 



. nos. 1-12, 1925 

Retailers pub. co. Killing the 

mail order octupus. 16046. 
Who is my real competitor? 903. 
Why do people buy from mail 
order houses? 8881. 
Clark (Wallace) Control of output 

in offices. 8880. 
Clark car co. Extension side dump 

cars. 45537. 
Clark ptg. & mfg. co. Hist, feature 

cal. 1S96. 
Clark thread co. Clark's O. IS. T. bag 

bk. etc. 45538, 45539. 
Clark tructractor co. : 

Clark indus. haulage equip. 21622. 
Clark tructractor. 8882. 
Clarke (A. K.) Persephone. 54229. 
Clarke (D. L.) : 

Alpen glow. 65430. 
Rainmaker. 42932. 
Clarke (Don) Emancipation ball. 

Clarke (E. H.) Clarke (Marcus) 
Romance of three continents. 
Clarke (E. M.) Matchmaker. 42815. 
Clarke (E. P.) See Hayes (E. P. C.) 
Clarke (F. E.) Lessons for teaching 
humane education in elementary 
schools. 53977. 
Clarke (J. Q.) : 

John's vision revealed in diagram. 

Kingdom. 8883. 
Clarke (M. D.) Noah's ark. 42868. 
Clarke (Marcus) Romance of three 

continents. 45540. 
Clarke (Marianne) Ten command- 
ments of ideal Americanism. 905. 
Clarke (Mildred) Concha. 32130. 
Clarke (W. I.) Gilbert (R .V.) Pub- 
licity plan in parish evangelism. 
Clarke (W. P.) Clarke's st. guide. 

Clark's O. N. T. thread co. Sewing 
bk. for children's, girls', & young 
women's clothes. 45541. 
Clarksburg, Mass., direct. 30078. 
Clarksburg, W. Va., direct. 45542. 
Clasen (C. F. N.) Gary home build- 
ers, inc. Contract. 56549. 
Clason (C. B.) Story of period furni- 
ture. 45543. 
Clason (G. S.) : 

Clason (C. B.) Evolution of arch, 
etc. 31850, 31851. 

Story of period furniture. 

Gregory (I. L.) Character read 

on sight. 46894. 
Kramer (G. N.) Origin of mus. 
instruments. 47683. 

Everyday miracles. etc. 

34848, 34849. 

Spencer (L. W.) Astronomy 

without a telescope. 40980. 
Stone (A. W.) Catholic, Jew, Ku 
klux Man ; what they believe. 
White (F. E.) Illusion in the 
drama. 53351. 
Clason map co. See, for entries of 
maps, this index under names of 
Class (J.' F.) health fume system. 
Health, happiness, prosperity. 
Class jour. co. : 

Class jour. co. Research dept. 
Market research rept. on alu- 
minum, etc. 21626-21628. 
Market research rept. 21625. 
Classical assn. of the Atlantic states. 
Knapp (Charles) Classical weekly 
index. 56995. 
Classified bus. direct. 8885. 
Classified direct, of shoe mfrs. 906. 
Classified direct, of tanners. 8886. 
Classified mailing list of jobbers. 907. 
Clatsop Co., Or., direct. 30502. 
Claudy (C. H.) Power house. 45544. 
Clausen (Carl) : 

Crime or crook story. 21629. 
Shelled. 908. 
Claussen & Wieting. Zehn tausend 

deutsche weltfirmen. 45545. 
Claverack, N. Y., direct. 62284. 
Clawson (Elliott) Virtue. 21630. 
Clay, Ky., map. 54384. 
Clay Co., Fla., map. 19523, 43231, 

Clay products assn. Vitrified salt 

glazed clay sewer pipe. 21631. 
Claycomb (M. B.) Playtime music 

chart game. 31852. 
Clayes (Lillian) Nth degree. 65668. 
Claypole (G. M.) Claypole's code. 

Clayton (A. B.) Lab. experiments. 

Clayton (J. K.) Iron heel. 

Clayton (JT, M.) Crystal set gets 

K D K A in Australia. 8919. 
Clayton (John) : 

Albania army battles rebels close 

to Tirana, etc. 909-917. 
Allied chains on Rhineland to be 

loosened, etc. 61296-61308. 
Allies offer to yield to Berlin on 
league entry, etc. 45546-45561. 
Ask Hindenburg to calm Allies on 

Rhine pact. 21632-21648. 
Austro-German merger may be 
put to league, etc. 8890, 8919. 
Back Rhine plea. etc. 55670- 

Berlin believes Allies will O. K. 
security parley, etc. 31853- 

92643—26 7 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Clayton (W. H.) Long term lease- 
holds. 918. 
Clayton, 111., map. 6436. 
Clayton, N. Y., map. 43232. 
Clayton, N. C, map. 54386. 
Cle Elum, Wash., map. 29462. 
Cleaners & dyers adv. service. How 

often do you take a bath. 21649. 
Clear (P. D.) Star-bound states must 

ever stand. 919. 
Clearfield, Pa., map. 43233. 
Clearview, Pa., direct. 33916. 
Clearwater Co., Minn., map. 60339. 
Cleburne, Tex., map. 65831. 
Clee (R. E.; Block ball. 8920. 
Clegg (Ernest) : 

Long Island, map. 6533. 
Maine, map. 29591. 
Massachusetts, map. 29600. 
Rhode Island, map. 29715. 
West Indies, map. 6713. 
Cleland Heights, Del., map. 43238. 
Clellan (J. C.) Half-caste. 53898. 
Clemens (A. B.) Boiler details. 

Clement (A. G.) : 
Lab. guide. 920. 

Student's lab. manual & note bk. 
in general science. 45562. 
Clement (B. R.) Overcharge claims. 

Clement (J. W.) co. Housewives 

hdbk. & almanac. 1943. 
Clement (Kay) pseud. See Peddell 

(M. M. C.) 
Clements (C. C.) Curtain! 65493. 
Clements (G. R.) Unity & simplicity 

of disease. 921. 
Clements (John) : 
Desire. 53806. 
For you & I. 60117. 
Clements mfg. co. Care of rugs & 

house furnishings. 55683. 
Clendenin (William) Sweetest story 

ever told. 21G51. 
Clerk (A. B.) pseud. See Stavisky 

(B. N.) 
Cleveland (E. P.) Practice leaves in 

Eng. fundamentals. 48002. 
Cleveland (Treadwell) Paul Kimball 

hospital community appeal. 8921. 
Cleveland, Miss., map. 29463. 
Cleveland, O. : 

Burrows Cleveland legal direct. 

31872, 31873. 
Direct. 31872. 31873. 
Map. 6437, 6438, 19524, 43234- 
43237, 54387, 60340, 60341, 65832. 
Cleveland, O., Board of educa. Illus. 

course of study, etc. 21652. 
Cleveland, O., Chamber of commerce. 

Cleveland, O., map. 43237. 
Cleveland, Tenn., map. 65833. 
Cleveland academy of cosmetology. 
Cleacos system of beauty. 61309. 

Cleveland assn. of bldg. owners & 
managers. Sidewalk pedestrian 
traffic count. 922. 
Cleveland automobile assn. Cuyahoga 

Co., O., map. 29475. 
Cleveland automobile club. Cleveland, 

O., map. 6437, 43236. 
Cleveland automobile club co. Ohio, 

map. 19709. 
Cleveland auto, dealers & mfrs. assn. 

Billion dollar bus. 61310. 
Cleveland community fund. Magic 

chest. 6907. 
Cleveland co. : 

Cleveland News. Fill-a-want. 

• Foster gets $5,000,000 for 

plant. 31874. 
Cleveland Co., Ark., map. 60342. 
Cleveland direct, co. Cleveland, O., 

direct. 55684. 
Cleveland elec. illuminating co. What 

do the women want? 45563. 
Cleveland heater co. Be comfortable 

indoors, etc. 8922, 8923. 
Cleveland life insur. co. : 

Through frosted windows, etc. 

55685, 55686. 
18th ann. rept. 8924. 
Cleveland News : 

Fill-a-want. 21653. 
Foster gets $5,000,000 for plant. 
Cleveland Pioneer. 8925. 
Cleveland Plain Dealer. Two thou- 
sand dollars a mo. etc. 21654, 
Cleveland press. Williams (Joe) 

Grange will quit schl. 65249. 
Cleveland Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Cleveland, r. r. co., map. 29644. 
Cleveland realty corp. Lake Elsinore. 

Cleveland savings & loan co. Safety 

for savings, etc. 31876, 31877. 
Cleveland Shopping News : 

All fagged out. etc. 21656-21659. 
Aug. furniture sales, etc. 31878- 

Exactly as advertised, etc. 8926, 

Men ! Why not be frank about 
bargains. 45564. 
Cleveland Shopping News co : 

Cleveland Shopping News. Exact- 
ly as advertised. 8926, 8930. 

Shopping news adv. service. 

etc. 31883-31893. 
Cleveland trust co. : 

Jones finishes the job. 31894. 
Money & your future. 55687. 
Cleveland twist drill co. : 
Catalog. 21660. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Drills, reamers, screw extractors. 

etc. 45565-45568. 
Hclbk. of drillers. 8931. 
Cleveland varnish co. Cleveco system 

of finishing auto. 31895. 
Click (W. B.) Click mfg. co. Royal 

origin of the tamale. 55688. 
Cliff (Tom) : 

Know before yon knock. 60158. 
Shut yo' mouth. 60261. 
Cliff e (F. B.) Budgeting practices. 

Clifford (A. M.) Investment coun- 
selor. 45569. 
Clifford (E. E.) Clifford (Elmer) 
schl. of Eng. Elmer Clifford ten- 
minute Eng. test. 21661, 21662. 
Clifford (W. G.) New ways to sell 

your product. 923. 
Clifford (Mrs. W. K.) Searchlight. 

Clifford (W. H.) Spirits. 31896. 
Clifford & Lawton. Hand bk. of the 
allied interior decorative trades. 
Clift (Denison) : 

Making the spectators wait. 924. 
New earth. 19140. 
Clift (I.. Y.) Sisters under the skin. 

Clifton (Ethel) : 

Do your stuff. 42586. 
Doormat. 6014. 
. Frame up. 6052. 
Clifton (F. M.) Riding the wind. 

Clifton, N. J., direct. 64213. 
Clifton labs. Your energy. 8932. 
Clinch (M. C. H.) Residential prop- 
erty & subdivisions. 21664. 
Cline (May) Discovery of the voice 

organ. 31898. 
Clinger (D. S.) Twentieth century 

basketball. 925. 
Clinical labs. co. : 

Asthma suffers, here's relief at 

last. etc. 55689, 55690. 
At last rose fever is conquered. 

etc. 31899-31930. 
Hay fever conquered in 24 hrs. 

etc. 45570-45587. 
You can dry up any head cold. 
Clinton (C. L.) Under false colors. 

Clinton (Guy) Lab. course in chem. 

Clinton, la., direct. 927. 
Clinton, la., map. 54388. 
Clinton, Mass., direct. 8933. 
Clinton, Mass., map. 19525. 
Clinton, Tenn., map. 54389. 
Clinton Co., la., map. 43240. 
Clipper belt lacer co. Clipper belt 
lacing catalog. 31931. 

Clohessy constr. co. Homes that en- 
dure. 45588. 
Close (Upton) Acting as press agent 
during a Chinese war. etc. 61313— 
Clothes. 8934, 31932, 455S9, 45590. 
Clothier pub. co., inc. Style forecast 

for spring & summer. 31933. 
Cloud (C. M.) Auto, rates. 8935. 
Clough (A. L.) Hints for the motor- 
ist. 928, 929, 8936-8940, 21665- 
21668, 31934-31938, 45591^5594, 
55691-55695, 61316. 
Cloverport, Ky., map. 54390. 
Clovis jour. Have you been fair with 

him ! 31939. 
Club members of N. Y. 930. 
Club securities corp. Miami Beach 
club. America's finest club. 48744. 
Club women of N. Y. co. Club women 

of N. Y., 1925-1926. 21669. 
Clugston (K. T.) Finished! 42618. 
Clugston (W. G.) Inside state govt. 

Clutter (M. O.) Me & Pa in Fla. 

Clyde (Arthur) Gods & toys. 18933. 
Coahuila, Mexico, map. 54391. 
Coal & iron natl. bank of the city of 
N. Y. : 

Certificates of intro. etc. 31940, 

Word to our friends. 8941-8952. 
Coal catalog combined with coal field 

direct. 931. 
Coal dealers' blue bk. 8953, 31942. 
Coal field direct. 61317. 
Coast woolen mills : 

Removal & grand opening an- 
nouncement. 55696. 
Startling announcement of Coast 
woolen mills. 45596. 
Coates {Madam) schl. of dressmaking. 

Coates (B. N.) Christmas reflection. 

Coates (J. W.) Today's idea — tomor- 
row's success. 8954. 
Coates (J. & P.) thread co. Sewing 

bk. 45597. 
Coates (L. T.) : 

French model figure fitting. 55698, 
Home (Joseph) co. Madam 
Coates' seventh ann. schl. of 
dressmaking. 11156. 
Jordan Marsh co. announces the 
opening of Madame Coates' 
13th ann. schl. of dressmaking. 
Madam Coates schl. of dress 
making. 48463, 55699. 
Coats & Burchard co. How to place 

& collect fire insur. 45598. 
Cobb (C. B.) Commer. credit. 61318. 



pt. 1, 11. s.. v. 22 

Cobb (Carlisle) Is the prohibition 

law immoral? 932. 
Cobb (Ernest) Mile's McCarthy. 

Cobb (H. F.) El Paso, Tex., map. 

Cobb (H. P.) Shoe factory -organiza- 
tion & management. etc. 8955- 
8959, 21671-21677, 31944-31951. 
Cobb (I. S.) : 

And there was light. 28519. 

If I were a woman. 21678. 

.Cobb (R. W.) Costs for oil producers. 

Cobb (W. F.) Maine invites you. 

Coble (G. W.) Coble's home almanac. 

Coble's home almanac. 45600. 
Coburn (J. C.) Emancipator. 21679. 
Coca-cola bottlers' assn. Bulletin. 
21680, 31953, 31954, 45601, 45602, 
55700, 55701. 
Coca-cola co. Treat for all occasions. 

Cochran (C. B.) Secrets of a show- 
man. 8961-8964, 21681-21683, 31955. 
Cochran (D. S.) Kansas exam. ques. 

'bk. 8965. 
Cochran (Dot) Me & my boy friend. 

31956-31958, 61319, 61320. 
Cochran (G. I.) Partial list of Amer. 
& Canadian life insur. co.'s. S966. 
Cochran & McCluer co. Behind the 
scenes where bonds are made. 
Cochrane corps. : 

Cochrane bulletin. etc. 61321, 

Cochrane flow meter, etc. 45603- 

Cochrane jr. filter, etc. 8907, 

Direct, for installing. 21684. 
Instrs. for installation, etc. 31959, 
Cocke (S. J.) : 

First of the month. 18894. 
Look out fur de po-leece. 28939. 
Love's fragments. 19078. 
Cockrell (Maud) Innkeeper's shirt. 

Cocks (G. W.) Statement, form A-D. 

etc. 21685-216S8. 
Coconut Grove, Fla., map. 19526. 
Cocroft (Susanna) How to treat your 

face. 933. 
Codding (H. W.) Five stunts in auto 

tire economy. 934. 
Coddu (William) Chart for use in 
connection with apparatus for com- 
puting butter-fat values. 24067. 
Codex bk. co.. inc. Economic trends, 
etc. 22249-22254. 

Codey (Emile) Au bonheur des 

dames. 5927. 
Cody (Mrs* A. B.) Birds & blossoms. 

Cody (G. A.) Engineman's guide 

hdbk. 46546. 
Cody (G. G.) : 

Union labor digest. 8969. 
Union labor yr. bk. 21689, 31961, 
Cody (Shervvin) schol. of Eng. Cody 
( Sherwin ) How you can master 
good Eng. etc. 935-938, 8970. 
Coe (J. A.) Numerology. 939. 
Coe (M. E.) : 

Cousin Tom's reincarnation. 

54316 (1). 
Crown prince. 6378 (1). 
Just home from Hades. 53957. 
Coeur d'Alene hardware & foundry co. : 
Coeur d'Alene elec. hoists, etc. 

21690, 21691. 
F ahrenwald constant-density. 
Coffeeville, Miss., map. 29465. 
Coffey (J. M.) Overhead during low- 
volume production. 5226. 
Coffeyville, Kan., direct. 45608. 
Coffin (C. Z.) Acceptance of checks in 

retail stores. 45609. 
Coffin (Carl) Treaty city bk. of 

candy recipes. 31962. 
Coffin (E. W.) Lower cost bldgs. 

Coghlan (J. J.) Coghlan's jester. 

Coglan (L. F.) Realization. 8972. 
Cogswell (Asa) Bed-time stories for 

old codgers. 8973. 
Cohan ( G. M.) : 

Amer. born. 53704. 

Cohan quits the job. 8974. 

Mud pies & maple sugar, etc. 

Running for office. 43110 (17, 18). 
Song & dance man. 42983. 
Tip on the Derby. 43110 (21). 
Cohen (Adolph) Blood test. 65457. 
Cohen (Alfred) Law of indus. deben- 
tures. 944. 
Cohen (Bella) : 

Dear Mr. Sweeney. 6006. 
Mr. Jennings. 6177. 
Orient express. 65679. 
Skipper. 6276. 
Cohen (H. L.) What is modern mer- 
chandising. 1433. 
Cohen (Leon) Super-vitality inst. 

Super-vitality. 5272. 
Cohen (O. R.) : 

Bear facts. 61324. 
Framing of the shrew. 31963. 
Prologue. 55703. 
Spider & the lie. 8975. 
Union suit. 21693. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Cohen (Robert) Arclances. 45610. 

Cohen (S. H.) : 

Divine love. 18838. 
Who are you? 29355. 

Cohen's (J. H.) sons co., inc. ■ Re- 
ceiving system for goods. 45611. 

Cohn (James) : 

Dream of life. 2S694. 
He who— 18954. 
Love's intrigue. 28947. 
Traum des lebens. 19381. 

Cohn (M. C.) Tentative draft of pro- 
posed-uniform bldg. code. 21694. 

Cohn (Milton) Linen chest. 45612. 

Cohn (W. I.) Traveler. 43040. 

Cohoes, N. Y., direct. 53028. 

Cohoes, N. Y., map. 43241, 65834. 

Cohoon (S. E.) Design plates. 45613. 

Cokal stoker corp. Inspection rept. 

Cokato, Minn., map. 54392. 

Cola (Felix) Dictionnaire de chimie 
des parfums. 31964. 

Colantuoni (Alberto) : 

Passione di Cristo. 290S7. 
Sagra dei f ringuelli. , 19267. 

Colbron (G. I.) Chocolate soldier. 

Colburn (H. S.) Factory site in the 
heart of the new indus. area. 45614. 

Colburn (H. S.) co. : 

Get your eyes on this bldg. 61325. 
Modern indus. plant. 45615. 

Colburn (J. B.) Webster (F. S.) 
Hunter's dream. 28116. 

Colby (Archie) Wise-crackers. 6372. 

Colchester. 111., map. 6439. 

Golden (C. J.) Rail rates as a factor 
in port development. 31965. 

Coldeway (Anthony) Garden of 
weeds. See Smith (V. B.) 

Coldwater, Miss., map. 43242. 

Cole (A. D.) Curse of drink. 6002. 

Cole (G. F.) McLaughlin (H. T.) 
Hundred per cent directed study in 
hist. 35350. 

Cole (M. M.) Illus. five minute guar- 
anteed ukulele course. 21695. 

Cole (W. B.) Plain view, 1925. 

Cole & Wickham co. C. & W. reversed 
telep. direct. 945. 

Cole motors co. Heiler (P. J.) Serv- 
ice message to all owners of Cole 
eights. 47096. 

Coleman (A. E.) New & authentic 
hist, of the Herald of the Bennetts. 
8977-8987, 21696-21701, 31966- 

Coleman (B. B.) Pathway to read- 
ing. 8988, 21702, 21703. 31973-31975, 

Coleman (David) There's a roomful. 

Coleman (Leon) : 

Coyote's last call. 45623. 
Devil of the desert. 31976. 
Coleman (S. N.) Creative music. 

Coleman (S. R.) Coleman's 20-year 

ref. cal. chart. 61326. 
Coleman (Thomas) I love the bright 

sword. 21704. 
Coleman (William) Immaculate serv- 
ice monthly. 56837. 
Coleman lamp co. : 

Coleman gifts for the holiday 

trade. 45625. 
Coleman quick-lite lamps & lan- 
terns. 31977. 
Dealers' adv. cut service — Cole- 
man cookers, etc. 8989, 8990. 
Coles (Ross) Slivers. 54177. 
Coleville, Calif., map. 19527. 
Colgate & co. : 

Bennett (R. M.) Dental lectures. 

Home washing helps. 45626. 
Way to loveliness. 31978. 
Collamore (E. W;) Epistles to the 

Thessalonians. 8991. 
Collateral bankers, inc. 7 % deben- 
ture bonds. 31979. 
College entrance exam. bd. : 

Advanced math. etc. 45627- 

Biol. etc. 31980-32015. 
College of dentistry, University of 
Southern Calif. See University of 
Southern Calif. College of dentistry. 
S888, 8889. 
College of liberal arts Boston univ. 
Class of 1926. See Boston univ. 
College of liberal arts. Class of 
Collegiate hosiery co. Receipt & con- 
tract. 55704. 
Collier (Constance) Down hill. 

Collier (H. L.) Texas, Map. 60445. 
Collier (P. F.) & son co. : 

Collier's new encycl. Yearly re- 
vision service. 21705. 
Eliot (C. W.) Happiness. 22295. 
Moral code for youth. 32016. 
Ward (Adam) comp. Popular 

science liby. 28082. 
World, map. 43720. 
Collier (Robert) Secret of the ages. 

Collier (William) Re : ward. 19251. 
Collier auto. co. Worn cylinders & 

piston rings. 946. 
Collier's new encycl. Yearly revision 

service. 21705. 
Collin (L. J. M.) : 

Joie d'aimer. 65593. 
Maitresse de Bridge. 65633. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Collin (L. J. M.)— Continued. 
Pile ou face. 54107. 
Women & ladies. 29375. 
Colline (Paul) Agnes et son chat. 

Collings (H. T.) Bus. economics. 

Collins (Anne) Apple a day for Tom- 
my. 28526. 
Collins (Charles) Paris theatres 

night by night. 21706-21715. 
Collins (Dale) : 

Good that is in the worst of us. 

Ordeal. 29062. 
Collins (F. A.) Where do you fit? 

Collins (Floyd) Called all 1st day 

in cave for air. 8992. 
Collins (H. H.) Field card of all 
birds. etc. 32018. 32019, 45650- 
Collins (H. M.) My guide. 11208. 
Collins (Joseph) Lost for forty yrs. 

Collins (Justus) Roberts (W. D.) 
Coal information for householders. 
Collins (Lucretia) camp. My trip. 

Collins (T. D.) Collins (T. D.) inc. 

Barry apartments. 32020. 
Collins (W. E.) Aegis. 30087. 
Collins (W. F.) Passing of the Pen- 
dleton Kid. 21717. 
Collins, Miss., map. 43243. 
Collins & Aikman co. Plush primer. 

8994, 32021. 
Collins service : 

Collins service. 948, 949, 8995, 
8996. 21718, 32023-32025, 45654, 
Progress ser. 32022. 
Roseland state savings bank. Ad- 
vancement series. 59016. 
Springfield, Mass. First natl. 
bank. Universal service. 59457. 
Collis co. Catalog of Collis sanitary 

bakers' equipment. 45656. 
Collison (Wilson) : 

Knight of the road. 28908. 
Second maid. 29177. 
Collisson (W. H.) 
X. J., map. 6613 
Collister (M. C.) 
note bk. 32026. 
Collyer (Carrie) 

(C. C.) 
Collyer's news 
Turf news 
Collyer's pub. 

jr. Ocean City, 
Iroquois science 
See Heermance 

bur. Collyer (B. E.) 

& gossip. 8997-9005. 

32027-32093. 45657- 


Bert E. Collyer's 

pocket manual yr. bk. 7679. 

Colman (J. & J.) ltd.: 

New recipes & others. 9006. 

Signed by the artist. 32094. 

Colonial furniture co. Christmas gift- 

bk. 9007. 
Colonial poultry farms. Real profits 

from Colonial chicks. 9008. 
Colonial printery, inc. Arlington Co., 

Va., map. 6392. 
Colonial trust co. : 

Boy & his future. 21743. 

Every man who has $25,000 or 

more life insur. 61329. 
If you make no will. 951. 
What is a life insur. trust? 950. 
Colorado, map. 19528-19530. 29466, 

43244, 54393. 

Colorado. Workmen's compensation 

law. 32095. 
Colorado, Tex., map. 65835. 
Colorado college of divine science. 

Mitchell (Miriam) Ques. for the 

study of truth & health. 36091. 
Colorado druggist weather chart cal. 

Colorado Mt. club. Hart (J. L. J.) 

Fourteen thousand ft. 33951. 
Colorado River, map. 6440. 
Colorado sporting goods co. Where 

to go fishing. 32096. 
Colorado Springs, Col., direct. 32097. 
Colorado Springs, Col., map. 29467, 

43245. 43246. 

Colorado Springs, Col. Public schls. 
Course of studv. Handwriting. 
Colorado tent & awning co. Catalog. 

Colorado to Gulf highway, map. 29468. 
Colorado (Univ. of) Univ. extension 
div. : 

Allen (Thomas) Coal mine gases 

and safety lamps. 44077. 
Colorado (univ. of) Univ. exten- 
sion div. bur. of bus. & govern- 
mental research. Operating ex- 
penses of retail drug stores. 
Freed (Sam) Co-operative adv. 

Operating expenses of retail gro- 
cery stores. 3209S. 
Coloroto corp. Liberty (Adv. dept. 

of) Circulation. 2406. 
Colroy (Max) pseud. See Ro^et 

Colson (U. O.) co. : 

Dozen points for home town prog- 
ress. 21744. 
Greetings, etc. 32099, 32100. 
Williams (J. D.) As the old yr. 
draws to a close. 5721. 
Colt (J. B.) co.: 

Colt fixtures & supplies. 45684. 
Daylight 24 hrs. a day. 952. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Dingens (W. J.) Carbide Dick's 

fairy tales. 32727. 
This bus. of selling Colt lighting 
& cooking service. 32101. 
Colton (John) : 

Shanghai gesture. 291S4. 
Very loose lady. 19409.. 
Colum (Padraic) Three plays. 54229.* 
Columbia. Miss., map. 29470. 
Columbia, Tenn., direct. 32102. 
Columbia, Utah. map. 29470. 
Columbia Bible schl. McQuilkin 
(R. C.) Outline & message of Ro- 
mans. 12385. 
Columbia credit corp. Assignment by 

the jobber-dealer. 32103. 
Columbia gas & elec. co., map. 43247, 

Columbia highway, map. 29471. 
Columbia inst Herrold (L. D.) Bus. 

letter writing. 23056-23059. 
Columbia metal box co. : 

Columbia quality new approved 

type mail boxes. 32104. 
Slate base entrance switches. 
Columbia phonograph co., inc. : 

Columbia masterworks set no. 20. 

Columbia new process records, 
etc. 45685, 45686, 61330. 
Columbia picture corp. : 
After bus. hrs. 19859. 
Arme maedchen. 60033. 
Danger signal. 43761. 
Enemy of men. 43768. 
Fate of a flirt. 66004. 
Fight to the finish. 66011. 
Fighting the flames. 19920. 
Fool & his money. 6790. 
Great sensation. 54784. 
Lure of the wild. 66061. 
New champion. 54844. 
Price of success. 54869. 
S. O. S. perils of the sea. 60584. 
Sealed lips. 54883. 
Steppin' out. 54897. 
Unwritten law. 43994. 
When husbands flirt. 60614. 
Who cares. 7046. 
Columbia pub. co. Dialog. 9011. 
Columbia schl. of music. Columbia 

schl. of music. 32105. 
Columbia trust co. See Irving bank — 

Columbia trust co. 
Columbia univ. Dohr (J. L.) Cost 

acctg. 22111. 
Columbia university, Dept. of univ. 
extension : 

Brewster (Dorothy) Radio 

course. 7980. 
Columbia univ. bulletin. 953. 
Hill (P. S.) Syllabus of radio 
course. 11021. 

Krout (J. A.) Radio course. 

Mecham (J. L.) Syllabus of 

Hispanic-Amer. hist. 2678. 
Schumann (C. H.) jr. Struc- 
tural concrete drafting. 16598. 
Columbia univ. Teachers college : 
Bruner (H. B.) Jr. high schl. 

at work. 31290. 
Crabbs (L. M.) Stand, test les- 
sons in reading, etc. 48115, 
Dodge (Amy) Teacher's manual. 

Falk (Rita) Teacher's manual. 

Garrison (N. L.) Teacher's man- 
ual. 48117. 
Gates (A. I.) Sates-Strang 

health knowledge. 56551. 
Kennon (Laura) Kennon test of 

literary vocabulary. 62521. 
Knowlton (Helen) Nutrition in 

an elementary schl. 51786. 
McCall (W. A.) Manual of di- 
rect, etc. 48114-48117. 
Rogers (F. R.) Physical capac- 
ity. 40001. 
Rose (M. S.) Nutrition in an 

elem. schl. 51786. 
Schorling (Raleigh) Schorling- 
Sanford achievement test in 
plane geom. 27141. 
Strang (Ruth) Gates-Strang 
health knowledge. 56551. 

Teachers college, Bur. of publ. 

Survey of public opinion. 45687. 
Columbian hardware co. Columbian 

garage & household vises. 45688. 
Columbian rope co. Columbian knot 

chart. 61331. 
Columbus. Ga. direct. 21745. 
Columbus, Ind., direct. 32106. 
Columbus, Miss., direct. 9010. 
Columbus, Neb., map. 60343. 
Columbus, O., direct. 45689. 
Columbus, O., map. 43249. 
Columbus mutual life insur. co. 

insur. 61332. 
Colver (R. B.) Shakespeare's women. 

Colvin (B. S.) How to make money 

with alfalfa. 32108. 
Colvin bros. drug co. Clinic. 9012. 
Colwell (N. L.) Cross-word bound. 

Colyear motor sales co. Genuine pts. 

catalog. 954. 

Comb (H. D.) co. Ideal hair. 955. 

Combination thrift system, inc. 

Greatest independence comes 

through possession of wealth. 9013. 

Combs (B. G.) How America came 

to light. 18983. 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

N. Y. 


Combustikator co. Long looked for, 
now here ! 55709. 

Comer nifg. co. Corner suits. 1 etc. 
9014, 9015. 

Corney (A. C.) Chocorua Region, 
N. H., map. 29458. 

Comey (H. D.) Silent sales service. 

Comfort ptg. & stationery co. Ptg. by 
the inch. 61333. 

Comite France-Amerique Paris-guide. 

Comito (R. R.) Conversion. 42563. 

Commercial & finan. chronicle. Hdbk. 
of securities. 9016. 

Commercial & savings bank of Stock- 
ton, Calif. Our savings letter. 957. 

Commercial colortype co. Souvenir of 
Tabor farm. 21746. 

Commercial credit co. Automotive 
statistical service. 9017-9019. 

Commercial credit co., ltd. Grand 
Rapids rating guide. 55710. 

Commercial directories corp. 
(City) Buyer's secretary. 
3065, 36665. 

Commercial elec. supply co 
catalog. 21747. 

Commercial federal savings bank. 
What will you do with your Christ- 
mas money? 45693. 

Commercial jour. co. L. M. & D. 
stock list. 21748. 

Commercial map service. California, 
map. 43197. 

Commercial news pub. co. Vessels 
owned on the U. S. Pacific coast 
exclusive of the Philippine Islands. 

Commercial pub. co. Commercial 
discount bk. 9020. 

Commercial ref. co. Philadelphia. 
Red bk. of individual ratings. 51252. 

Commercial reg. 32109. 

Commercial savings bank & trust co. : 
Factors of strength, etc. 32110, 

Have you the key to tomorrow. 

Commercial tribune pub. co. Cincin- 
nati Commercial Tribune. Cincin- 
nati, a city of excellent newspapers, 
etc. 8826-8832. 

Commissariat of the Holy Land. 
Third Amer. Catholic pilgrimage to 
the Holy Land & Rome. 958. 

Committee on regional plan of N. Y. % 
& its environs. Lewis (H. M.) 
Highway traffic. 23885. 

Common brick nifrs' assn. of America : 
Hollow walls. 61335. 
Multiple dwellings of brick. 

Commonwealth apartments, inc. Com- 
monwealth. 45691. 

etc. 32121, 

Sales con- 

Commonwealth bond corp. Robinson 

(Allan) Taxation. 64430. 
Commonwealth Edison co. : 

Frozen dainties made in serv-el. 

Material specs, etc. 9021-9023. 
Commonwealth Edison co. Federal 

elec. washer sales div. 

Retail salesmen's manual. 959. 
Commonwealth-Fed. savings bank. 

Bui. & bus. direct, etc. 32112- 

Commonwealth insur. co. of N. Y. 

Where is my baggage? etc. 45694, 

Commonwealth pub. co. 

certified rec. of income. 

Commonwealth sales co. 

tract. 45696. 
Commonwealth univ., inc. : 

Bus. management. 45697. 
Rhodus (B. F.) Bus. man in the 
making. 51652. 
Community burial service corp. Life 

& burial insur. 32123. 
Community bus. direct., Haverstraw, 

N. Y. 21750. 
Community bus. direct., Pearl River, 

N. Y. 32124, 45698. 
Community bus. direct., Ridgefield 

Park, N. J. 21751. 
Community chest of Montclair. 

Night life in Montclair. 19148. 
Community finance service, inc. 

Presidents' ann. rept. 21752. 
Commuters air transport, inc. What 

every intelligent man should know 

about commer. aviation. 45699. 
Como, Miss., map. 43250. 
Compendium of off. life insur. repts. 

Compo bd. co. Compo bd. 45701. 
Comprehensive pub. co. Compre- 
hensive expense acct. 45702. 
Comprex oscillator corp. Attachments 

for the Havs comprex oscillator. 
. etc. 21753, 21754. 
Compson (Betty) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 45703. 
Compton (C. N.) Meeting of Number 

one. 19108. 
Compton (F. E.) & co. Gillfillan 

(S. J.) Bus. builder. 105S4. 
Compton (Thomas) pseud. See Pak- 

enhani (T. C.) 
Compton, Calif., direct. 18152. 
Compton, Calif., map. 43251. 
Comptroller's dept. Amer. telep. & 

teleg. co. See Amer. telep. & teleg. 

co. Comptroller's dept. 
Comstock (C. E.) Answers for be- 
ginners' algebra. 17632, 64S95. 
Comstock (C. F.) Effect of music. 




nos. 1-12, 1925 

Comstock (E. B.) Mrs. Waterby and 

the nine little Waterbys. 32125. 
Comstock (L. L.) Mailing dates for 

Christmas packages. 32126. 
Comstock (M. E.) : 

Playing the game. 29103. 
Tyranny of love. 54259. 
Comstock pub. co. : 

Field & camp notebk. 32127. 
Palmer (E. L.) Field bk. of na- 
ture-study. 51091. 
Comus. 32128. 

Conant (Roger) co-operative bank. 
Gardner (F. A.) Roger Conant, the 
leader of the old planters. 56548. 
Conard (H. W.) Merry Christmas. 

Conard-Pyle co. : 

Fall guide to good roses. 32129. 
More about good roses. 12965, 

Star guide to good roses. 962. 
Concha. 32130. 

Concha (Carlos) Peruvian univers. 
possess democratic organization. 
Concord, Mass., direct. 61337. 
Concordia pub. house. Kretzmann 
(P. E.) Practical helps for Bible 
students. 57014. 
Concorifor. 32131. 
Concrete surface corp. : 

Direct, to supts. 32132. 
Surfacing concrete. 55712. 
Condensograph co. Condensogram. 

Condie (Christopher) Problem. 

9025, 9026. 
Condit (G. B.) Bay-state bubble. 

Condon (Edward) Curiosities of 

math. 45705. 
Condon (M. E.) Cressy (W. M.) 

Cressy's hist. etc. 45895-45904. 
Cone (H. G.) Youth & old age. 

Cone (W. S.) Verse. 61339. 
Conemaugh iron works. Conemaugh 
roughing — in measurements. etc. 
32133, 32134. 
Congdon (J. E.) Why I do not 

believe. 61340. 
Conger (C. T.) Educa. 45706. 
Conger (M. L.) : 

Brown bull of Norway. 18749. 
Festival of Proserpina. 1S888. 
Congoleum co., inc. Every rug in this 
rack is a genuine, guaranteed gold 
seal. 963. 
Congoleum-Nairn, inc. : 

Along the st. that lead to your 

store, etc. 9027-9038. 
Congoleum by-the-yard. 21756. 
Latest designs. 32135. 

Things every woman should know 
about gold seal congoleum art- 
rugs. 964. 
Conkey (R. J.) Conkey's one-to-fill. 

Conkle (E. P.) Lection. 42770. 
Conklin (H. M.) Del monte tomato 

sauce. 32137. 
Conklin (Les) Freaks of nature. 
965-971, 9039-9048, 45707-^5711, 
21757-21764, 32148, 32149, 55713- 
55719, 61341-61344. 
Conklin (M. G.) Great mothers of 

the world, etc. 32148. 
Conklin (W. H.) Declaration of in- 
dependence keyed with a study in 
high finance. 21765. 
Conkwright (B. T.) Little tours 

among hist, shrines. 21766. 
Conlan (Francis) Prophecy. 19229. 
Conley (Aloys) Calif. 9049. 
Conlon (J. F.) Skat. 55720. 
Conn (Harry W.) pseud. See Kahn 

(H. W.) 
Connaway (Cass) Garden spots of 

industry. 61345. 
Connecticut : 

Rand McNally indexed pocket 

map. 9050. 
Workmen' s compensation law. 
Connecticut. Supreme court of errors. 
Conn, repts. 32150-32160, 61346- 
Connecticut co. system, map. 29472. 
Connecticut daughters of the Amer. 
revolution : 

Buel (E. C. B.) Socialist propa- 
ganda in the U. S. 21296. 
Minor (A. R.) Why I am a 
daughter of the Amer. revolu- 
tion. 24490. 
Connecticut fire insur. co. Conn. 

Connecticut gen. life insur. co. : 

Compilation of 40 estates. 972. 
Compilation of 44 typical estates. 

etc. 61353, 61354. 
Compilation of 50 estates of Al- 
bany Co. 55721. 
Compilation of estates. 9052. 
Connecticut investment trust. Bene- 
ficiaries participation acceptance, 
etc. 55722. 55723. 
Connell (B. J.) Lieut. Connell tells 
desperate plight of Pacific fliers, 
etc. 45712, 45713. 
Connell (Norreys) pseud. See O'Rior- 

dan (Conal) 
Connell (Richard) : 

Always the lady. 2S507. 
Big idea. 28552. 
Fair enough. 28731. 
Nothing but service. 29039. 
Poor old Joe. 29109. 

92643—26 8 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Connellsville, Pa., map. 6441. 
Connelly (J. F.) Teacher's manual. 

Connellv (Marc) : 

How's the king? 42698. 
Merton of the movies. 28987. 
Wisdom tooth. 19443. 
Connelly direct, co. Chattanooga, 

Tenn., direct. 45416. 
Conner (G. W.) : 
Fate. 61355. 

Indigo days. etc. 45714-45721. 
Never pack a grouch. 55724. 
Conners (Barry) : 

Hell's bells. 28826. 
Love lessons. 28943. 
Connersville, Ind., direct. 32162. 
Connery (Constance) See Connery 

(S. C.) 
Connery (S. C.) Virginia's vengeance. 

Conning & co. Leading N. Y. banks. 

Connolly (Lillian) Lillian's own. 

Connor (J. F.) Too late. 29275. 
Connor (W. B.) inc. Ace steam traps. 

etc. 982, 9054, 9055. 
Conrad (Joseph) : 

Laughing Anne, and One day 

more. 28920, 28921. 
Suspense, etc. 9056, 21767, 21768, 
32163, 32164. 
Conrad (Mrs. Joseph) Joseph Con- 
rad as I knew him. 45722^5728. 
Conrad (R. T.) Jack Cade. 60239*. 
Conroth stores, inc. Blossoms of 

spring. 9057. 
Conselman (Bill) Ella Cinders. 

Conservator co. Bankers' maturity 

cal. 55172. 
Considine (J. W.) jr.: 
Eagle. 60502. 
Wild justice. 54920. 
Consolidated elec. lamp. co. Mfr's. 
seven pt. continuous interfolded set 
for billing. 983. 
Consolidated gas co. of N. Y. Obser- 
vations of the total solar eclipse. 
Consolidated mag. corp. Bechdolt (F. 

R.) His flesh & blood. 60902. 
Consolidated radio call bk. co., inc. 

All about aerials. 9S4. 
Consolidated steel strapping co. Pack- 
ing reinforcement supplies. 21770. 
Consolidation coal co., inc. : 

Ask your dealer, etc. 45729, 

Buy Consolidation clean coal this 

winter. 55725. 
If you could see the heat in coal, 
etc. 9059-9061. 

Like shoveling dollars into the 

furnace, etc. 32165, 32166. 
Raw material of power. etc. 
Consolidation coal co., map. 43252. 
Consolidation coal corp. Startling 

r. r. economies. 61356. 
Consrad co. : 

Consolidated radio call bk. co., 

inc. All about aerials. 984. 
Fitch (C. J.) How to make a 

tropadyne superadio. 1461. 
Radio listeners' guide. 9062. 
S. Gernback's radio encycl. 
10550, 33634, 51904, 51905, 
59071, 64547. 
Twenty radio phone diagrams. 
Constantinopoulos (Constantinos) Ila- 

TpiocTiKrj £7rt<rToXj7 xa-P LV dfirjOeLas. Greek 

patriotic letter for sake of truth. 

Constellation charts, maps. 43644, 

Constructive-psychology league. Lea- 

vitt (Sheldon) Songs. 2337. 
Consumers co. Mighty public servant. 

Consumers coal co. There's one. 986. 
Consumers oil assns. holding co. Sales 

plan. 55726. 
Conter (E. N.) Fredrick & Nelson 

furniture service. 987, 9063-9065, 

21775. 32108-32170, 45731, 55727, 

55728, 61358. 
Continental & commer. natl. bank of 

Chicago. Ad-itorials. 61359. 
Continental baking corp. Bamburgh 

(W. O.) Story of bread. 44479. 
Continental distributing co. Chance 

to leave. 21776. 
Continental illus. co. Publicity aid. 

Continental labs., inc. Keros is a 

vaginal antiseptic. etc. 61360, 

Continental motors corp. For indus. 

purposes. 61362. 
Continental sales corp. Pioneer 

shackle bolts. 988. 
Continental scale works : 

Beauty-here today. etc. 9066, 

Dont be fat. etc. 32171-32176. 
Continential supply co. : 

Boiler & engine trimmings. 55729. 
Casing equipment, etc. 45732- 

Hardware, etc. 32177-32179. 
Packers & plugs. 61363, 61364. 
Contract sales co. This contract is 

good. 55730. 
Control. 21780. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Controller's congress of the natl. re- 
tail dry goods assn. See Natl, re- 
tail dry goods assn. (Controller's 
congress of the) 

Convention yr. bks. co. Convention 
yr. bk. 989, 61365. 

Convento veneziano. 9068. 

Converse (A. D.) Ride your hobby 
at toy town. 21781. 

Converse (C. M.) Home made toys 
for girls & boys. 45735. 

Converse rubber shoe co. Sewall 
(William) comp. Converse basket- 
ball yrbk. 1925.- 59187. 

Conveyors corp. of America. Amer. 
high duty conveyors. 990. 

Convoy to health co. Convoy to 
health. 991. 

Conway (Cornelius) Interna tl. assn. 
of optimist clubs. Code of by-laws. 

Conway (J. W.) Con's tomato framed 
for come-back. 32180. 

Conway, Pa., map. 60344. 

Cook (A. L.) Ans. to problems. 

Cook (A. W.) Independent church 
of God. 21782. 

Cook (Behn) Marshall, Tex., map. 

Cook (C. L.) George Worth's story, 
etc. 9069, 9070. 

Cook (C. W.) Story of viscose. 

Cook (Dyrus) Phantom brother. 

Cook (F. K.) ed. To-day's stories of 
yesterday. 61366. 

Cook ^G. C.) Tickless time. 60286. 

Cook (J. A.) Hearts of ice. 53909. 

Cook (J. L.) : 

Cook's internatl. memoscript. 992. 
Perfected memoscript. 45737- 

Cook (L. M.) 

Cook (L. W.) 

Cook (M. H.) 

Cook (N. P.) Brooding, care & feed- 
ing of baby chicks, etc. 21784, 

Cook (P. I.) Laughing guest. 53971., 

Cook (Peter) Cook (N. P.) Brood- 
ing, care & feeding of baby chicks, 
etc. 21784, 21785. 

Cook (Phil) Blah ! blah ! black sheep ! 

Cook (Ted) Cook-coos. 993-1010, 
9071-9146, 21786-21827, 321S1-32248, 
45748-45801, 55731-55766, 61367- 

Cook (W. A.) High schl. observation 
& practice. 55767. 

Cook Co., 111., map. 6442, 43253. 

Sage. 27050. 
Trying it on the dog. 

Salvation of Sambo. 

Cook paint & varnish co. More sales 

& quicker profits. 21828. 
Cooke (B. W.).: 

Be an auto expert, etc. 8722, 

Corrs. course in auto eng. 

Cooke (J. F.) Little folks' picture 

hist, of music. 9147. 
Cooke (K. M.) Pants. 19193. 
Cooke (L. L.) : 

Chicago eng. works, inc. Algebra, 
etc. 842-857. 

Interior wiring, etc. 8759- 


$1000 given free. 45462. 

Chicago eng. works rev. 858. 859, 
8762, 8763, 21568, 31750-31752. 
Endorsement that means some- 
thing, etc. 45802^5804. 
How to be your own boss, etc, 
■ Let's go. etc. 32249, 32250. 
Look inside & get the vital facts. 

etc. 1011, 1012. 
Pract. elec. etc. 9148, 9149. 
Cooke (M. E.) Messages from the in- 
ner voice. 21832. 
Cooke (R. A.) Messages from the in- 
ner voice. 21832. 
Cooke (T. G.) Perfect voice inst. 

Students the world over. 64239. 
Cooke Co., Tex., map. 6443-6445, 

Cookman (Joseph) For love or 

money. 60116. 
Cooksey (Curtis) : 

Hardy perennial. 65555. 
Holy ones. 18974. 
Cooley (A. T.) Pedal pusher. 32251. 
Cooley (Hallam) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 32252. 
Coolidge (Dan) Hawk. 9150-9173, 

Coolus (Romain) pseud. See Weill 

(M. R.) 
Coombs (C. L.) Tut tut. 29284. 
Coombs (J. H.) Colonial motor tours. 

Coomler (R. C.) False prophets, etc. 

Cauliflowers. 28598. 
Hist, of brush making. 

C.) Court reporter. 

Coon (H. C.) 
Coon (J. H.) 

Cooney (J. 

Coons (C. W.) Digest of the laws of 

111. 61385. 
Cooper (Belle) Spirit of the West. 

Cooper (Benjamin) Besse-Rolfe co. 

Pract. trouble shooting suggestions. 

Cooper (C. H.) Running wild. 21834. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Cooper (C. R.) Dummy. 45807. 
Cooper (C. & G.) co. Cooper single- 
acting gas engines & compressors. 
Cooper (Christopher C.) Nolan Co., 

Tex., map. 60405. 
Cooper (Claude) Uncle John. 54262. 
Cooper (Colon C.) Head acres. 

Cooper (E. A.) Horoscopes for the 

twelve mos. of the yr. 1014. 
Cooper (Gordon) Sinilin' th'u. 32254. 
Cooper ( H. P. ) Our mutual problems. 

Cooper (H. R.) Mr. Clive from Cey- 
lon. 2S996. 
Cooper (I. S.) Sheehan (Edmund). 

Teaching & worship. 27217. 
Cooper (J. F.) Spy. 32255. 
Cooper (J. M.) Undivided responsi- 
bility. 41689, 53058. 
Cooper (J. P.) Fishin' with dad. 

Cooper (L. L.) Financing the church. 

Cooper (L. M.) : 

Cooper (L. M.) co. Complete line 
of uniform dresses. 45808. 

Constructive merchandising 

idea. 61386. 
Cooper (L. M. B.) Clara Louise Par- 
melee Botsford, the girl whom Whit- 
comb Riley loved. 53644. 
Cooper (M. C.) Barefoot thousands 

in mountain snow. 21835. 21836. 
Cooper (M. M.) Unparalleled con- 
quest. 45809. 
Cooper (W. J.) Teaching of soc. 

science in secondary schls. 21837. 
Co-operative boosters assn. California, 

map. 19508. 
Co-operative bldg. & loan assn. Power 

of co-op. 32256. 
Co-operative service co. of the life 
insur. men. Practical salestalks. 
Co-operative wavers. Contract. 55768. 
Cooperstown natl. bank : 

Are your valuables in a burglar- 
proof place? etc. 1017-1021. 
Are your valuables protected, etc. 
Cooporsville Observer. Coopersville, 
Mich. Ann. Grand Rapids trade 
booster. 2183S. 
Coor (P. H.) Secret of a master 

shave. 1022. 
Coos telep. co. Telep. direct. 1023, 

Copeland (A. B.) Society & club reg. 

of southern Calif. 27438. 
Copeland (A. C.) Guaranteed knife 

sharpener. 21839. 
Copeland (B. R.) Ribbons. 21S40. 

Copeland (C. C.) Dangerous Dan Mc- 

Groo. 28657. 
Copeland (H. H.) & son: 

Baltimore & Ohio r. r. etc. 32258- 

32261, 55769-55773. 
Buffalo & Susquehanna r. r. corp. 
railroad valuation, etc. 21841- 
Chicago Great Western r. r. etc. 
Copeland (M. L.) Bus. builders. 

Copeland (R. S.) Pure food. 9186- 
9202. 21848-21854, 32263-32275, 
Copenhaver (L. S.) Striking of Amer- 
ica's hour. 29238. 
Copp (W. S.) Home-spun poems. 

Copson (C. A.) How I saved $500. 

Copson (Clyde A.) Miss Hamilton's 

husband. 42827. 
Copyrighted publicity co. Peoples bus. 

guide. 45817. 
Co-quin-ol co. Importance of being 

well groomed. 32276. 
Corbett (J. J.) : 

Bradlev registered sensational vic- 
tory, etc. 21855, 21861. 
Britt outslugged Young Corbett to 
win 20 round bout. etc. 32277- 
Chicago develops youngster, etc. 

Cobb claims he is no longer able 
to plav complete vr. etc. 1024- 
Control is big aid to pitcher, etc. 

Fighters losing old money, etc. 

Jack Dempsey, the nonpareil, etc. 
Corby (E. M.) Beside the bonnie 

briar bush. 43110 (3). 
Corbyn (H. E.) Nonsense. 42869. 
Corcoran (E. J.) Thrift teaching in 

the public schls. 21862. 
Corday (B. F.) Soul's eye. 65742. 
Cordav & Gross co. Outer circle. 

Cordeal (Ernest) R. r. organization. 

Cordley & Haves. New delight, etc. 

9217. 921S. 
Cordo-Hyde co. Cordo-craft garter. 

Cordray (J. M.) Eat Calif, seedless 

raisins. 61390. 
Cordts (A. D. ) Word-unit system of 

phonics. 1029. 
Corey & McKenzie ptg. co. : 

Good will builder, etc. 55777- 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Thank you & something more. etc. 

U & I. 61391. 
Corinth, Miss., map. 6446. 
Corley (Donald) Limelight. 19054. 
Corliss (J. B.) jr. Our next move in 

politics. 54088.* 
Cormack (Bartlett) High noon in 

Chicago. 42679. 
Corn belt farm dailies. Hughes (R. E. ) 

Radio receiving set. 47273. 
Corn exchange natl. bank of Phila. 

907 c lost. 9219. * 
Corn products refining co. Mary Jane's 

merry journeys. 9220. 
Cornelius (Franz) Hiibsches mad- 

chen zu verschenken. 18985. 
Cornelius (O. F.) Tie that binds. 

Cornelius (Peter) Barbier von Bag- 
dad. 60040. 
Cornell (D. W.) Dough. 42589. 
Cornell (H. N.) Cornell's univ. 

Cornell (W. B.) Syllabus of indus. 

organization. 55789. 
Cornell (W. W.) That accidents may 

be averted. 1030. 
Cornell annuals, inc. Cornellian. 

Cornellian council. Solution. 9221. 
Comely (A.) Amour qui joue. 65431. 
Corning (Leavitt) : 

Coming's quart. Razoo. 32297. 
.Stott briquet co. Why Stott bri- 
quets. 5235. 
Corning, N. Y., map. 19531. 
Corning evening leader. Corning, N. 

Y., map. . 19431. 
Coming glass works : 

Blake (J. H.) Just tea. 7827. 
Bradley (Alice) Experts bk. on 
better cooking. 7942. 
Cornish Arms Bulletin. Adventures 

of the Cameron kids. 45828. 
Cornog (J.) la. placement exams. 

Cornwall (E. E.) Dietetic prescrib- 
ing. 45829. 
Cornwall (G. M.) Timberman direct. 

Cornyn (John) : 

Calles to put Mexico on firm finan. 

basis, etc. 1031-1033. 

Calles predicts closer bond for 

Mexico & U. S. etc. 45830- 


Mexican senate gets alien land 

limiting bill. etc. 61393-h61395. 

Mexico bus. unites to make nation 

stable, etc. 32298-32302. 
Mexico City wild with excitement. 

Mexico plans to expel some U. S. 
newspaper men. 21863. 

Mexico turns seized church into 
schl. etc. 9222, 9223. 
Corona del Mar, Calif., map. 43255. 
Corona typewriter co. Corona for 

Christmas, etc. 61396, 61397. 
Corporation & directors direct, of O. 

Corporation cal. 1034, 9224, 32303. 
Corporation co. of Del. Del. Digest 

of the general corp. law. 46025. 
Corporation direct, co. Corporation & 

directors direct, of O. 21864. 
Corporation jour. 1036, 1037, 9225, 
9226, 21865, 21866, 45836, 55791, 
Corporation service co. Stock with- 
out par value. 45837. 
Corporation trust co. : 

Corp. jour. 1035, 9225, 9226, 

21865, 21866, 45836, 55791, 61398. 

Delaware corps. 9257, 32304- 

Federal income tax service, etc. 
1038-1060, 9227, 9256, 21867- 
21893, 45838-45859, 55792- 
55814, 61399n61412. 
Corpus Christi hardware co. Dusting 

the boll weevil. 61413. 
Corre (M. P.) Introd. of the study 

of occupations. 9258. 
Corregan (F. H.) : 

How can cost work be simplified. 

Indus, anal. & control. 55815, 
55816, 61414-61416. 
Correlator. 32342. 
Corrick (F. P.) Lincoln sixty-one 

club. 47981. 
Corriere della sera : 

Lettura. 2385, 12021, 238S0- 

23882, 35052-35054, 47958, 47959, 

62696, 62697. 

Memoria. 60182*. 

Corrigan (A. M.) Christmas. 61417. 

Corset & underwear rev. hdbk. & 

direct. 9259. 
Corsi (Mario) : 

Mondo di carta. 6181. 
Uccidmi ! 54260. 
Cortez (Ricardo) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 45861. 
Corthis (Andre) pseud. See Lecuyer 

(Mme Andree Husson) 
Corticelli silk co. : 

Fashionable Corticelli silks, 
etc. 9260-9264. 

Irene Castle Corticelli fashions. 
45862, 55817. 
Cortland, N. Y., direct. 1061. 
Cory (Charles) & son, inc.: 

Corv audible & visible signals. 

Cory central station load indi- 
cators, [etc.] 9265, 9266. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Cosens (Monica) Cautious Campbell. 

Cosmopolitan. Distribution state- 
ment. 45864. 
Cosmopolitan auto service assn., inc. 
Service contract & faithful perform- 
ance bond. 32343. 
Cosmopolitan state bank. 10th anniv. 

drive. 45S65. 
Cnsnn (porcelain co., inc. Carey Ohio 
porcelain co. Price list & discount 
sheet. 45318. 
Cosper (W. L.) Cosper extension 
course. etc. 21894-21897. 32344- 
Costa (Leon de) Seq De Costa 

( Leon ) 
Costello (T. D.) Lincoln motor co. 

Milestones, etc. 23913. 23914. 
Cotton. Permanent rec. of goods in 

process. 9267. 
Cotton yr. bk. statistical compilations. 

Cottrell (II. A.) Light comedy. 

Coty, inc. Parfums de luxe de Coty. 

Cpudersportj Pa., map. 6447. 
Coughlin (J. P.) Air line radio map 

& log. 45S66. 
Coulomb (Jeanne de) Ailes ouvertes. 

etc. 21898. 21899. 
Coulomb (Jeanne de) Ombre des 

lieures. 61418. 
Coulon ( Mme. Georges) Puericulture. 

Couls (It. R.) Paramount pro rata 

insur. table. 32351. 
Coulter (V. C.) Exercises for sen- 
tence analysis. 9268. 
Council Bluffs, la., direct. 9269. 
Council of women for home missions : 
Amelida. 42490. 
Good scouts. 53882. 
Kingdom of love. 42753* 
Courier co. : 

Belli (Felix) Del-Sea heights. 

Black (E. D.) Colonial home 

built by Black. 30932. 
Camden Courier. No toll clause, 

etc. 61177-61179. 
Fitz-gerald (J. J.) I am a rum 
runner is boast of man. 22518. 
Flannery (E. F.) Million dollar 

hours in Roney deal. 33301. 
Stanley's (Henry) & sons co. 
Stanley's have the key to profits 
for developers on the Del-Sea 
highway, etc. 41165, 41166. 
Stratford bldg. co., inc. Stratford 
where nature & man combined 
forces. 4127S. 

Suburban home realty co. One 
hundred homes for State High- 
way Manor. 41381. 
Tucker (J. R.) From Camden to 
county line along White Horse 
pike, U. S. A. etc. 41645, 41646. 
Courier-Jour. : 

Bell (Ulric) 4,000 U. S. men in 

rebuilt fleet. 20734. 
Briney (Russell) 2 die in feuds. 

Collins (Floyd) called all 1st day 

in cave for air. 8992. 
Deposes in liquor case ; cries plot. 

Gerald (Johnnie) Recounts own 
pt. in plans to aid Collins. 
Henderson (J. H.) Bell circuit 
ct. system aids accused, etc. 
— — Fields gives pardon on forged 

plea. 34136. 
Hoodoo no. of magic dollars in 
circulation, etc. 55818, 55819. 
Love letters of Jack & Jill. 61420- 

Magic dollar players have dozen 

chances, etc. 45867-^5869. 
Miller (W. B.) Man doomed by 
3d cave-in. etc. 12895, 12896. 
River tug down near Memphis. 

Boeder (Gus) $6,000 main staged 
at Winchester. 4591. 
Courteline (Georges) Lettre chargee. 

Courtnay (W. B.) Limited mail. 

Courtright (E. S.) Jean Vicq. 42734. 
Cousens (Margaret) Fairies' home- 
coming. 65.120. 
Couvreur (Andre) Memoires d'un 

immortel. 1063. 
Cove Fort. Utah. map. 43256. 
Covell (Nathaniel) Modern revisors 

of the Bible. 21901. 
Covenant bk. concern. Covenant 

graded lessons. 32352. 
Coventry. R. L. map. 43257. 
Covington (Ethel) Health. 11105. 
Covington (Zellah) Second childhood. 

65725, 65726. 
Covington children's home campaign. 

Workers' manual. 21902. 
Covington Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Coolus (Romain) pseud. See Weil 

(M. R.) 
Cowan (H. E.) : 

Exercises in bkkeeping. 1064, 

9270, 45870. 
Teacher's manual. 32353, 32354, 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Cowan (Sacla) Sintram of Skag- 
gerak. 42955* 

Cowan cabinet co. Cowan cabinet. 

Cowan co. Saving from 40% to 60%. 
of handling costs. 1065. 

Coward (Noel) : 

Fallen angels. 28732, 28733. 
Hay fever. 65557. 
Vortex. 6354, 19414. 

Cowdrey (C. F.) Certificates. Brake 
test & adjustments. 1066. 

Cowdrick (E. S.) Ann. rept. 1067. 

Coweta, Okl., map. 54395. 

Cowin (H W.) Instrs. Plan of bus. 

Cowl (M. Z.) Intensive unit courses 
in technical music. 45871. 

Cowles detergent co. : 

How radio batteries affect fab- 
rics. 21903. 
Laundry management talk. etc. 

32356, 32357. 
Profits begun in your wash room. 

etc. 45872, 45873. 
Scientific washing. 55820. 

Cox (Abram) stove co. Novelty boiler 
handbook. 9271. 

Cox (C. F.) Crystal mineral water 
co. Announcing the merits of crys- 
tal mineral water. 32399. 

Cox (Coleman) More than likely. 

Cox (E. S.) Let my people go. 21904. 

Cox (F. P.) Management viewpoint 
of extra incentive wage plans. 32359. 

Cox (H. T.) Commerce. 61424. 

Cox (M. A.) Just-suppose storv. 

Cox (Palmer) Brownies in Fairy- 
land. 53750* 

Cox (S. A. D.) Duplex gas burner 
co. More steam with less gas. 

Cox (Thos.) & sons machinery co. 
Machinery & supplies. 32360. 

Cox (William) Had I with you an- 
other day. etc. 45874, 45875. 

Cox & Trainer. Partner, investor or 
speculator? 45876. 

Cox cash stores., Cash chain store 
uses onix-trip bks. 1069. 

Cox corp. Bil-Cox that rust-proof 
bumper. 9272. 

Coxhead (A. H.) Subscription con- 
tract. 32361. 

Coy (E. V.) Auto owners' club. 61425. 

Coy (Richard) Mitts. 29000. 

Coye (N. B.) Musical memory bk. 
etc. 9273, 9275. 

Coyle (Campbell) : 

First Easter day. etc. 32362- 

Wife o' mine. 9276. 

Coyne (J. G.) : 

Infinite virgin. 42714. 
• Isle of hope. 42723. 
Cozzens (C. W.) Cozzens' Chicago 

guide. 45877. 
Crabb (E. P.) Yeller or yaller. 

Crabbs (L. M.) Stand, test lessons in 

reading. . etc. 48115, 48117. 
Craft (E. W.) Economic develop- 
ment of plantation rubber. 9277. 
Craft (P. P.) Freiburg passion play. 

Craftex mills, inc. Craftex quality. 

Crafton, Calif., direct. 15966. 
Crafts (G. P.) Crafts shoe for men 

& boys in stock. 61426. 
Crafts co. Crafts line wall emblems. 

Cragin (L. S.) Loyal league Man- 
ual. 2470. 
Craig (D. R.) Compensating retail 

salespeople. 32367.. 
Craig (Elizabeth) : 

Former Chicago woman to make 

bow before king. 32368. 
Yankee women guide fashions of 
St. James. 21906. 
Craig (J. B.) : 

Bible schl. survey. 32369. 
Graded memory work. 9278- 

Nature study by seasons. See 
Barton (W. H.) Outline for 
nature study. 
Craig (John) Girl overboard. 53872. 
Craig (R. H.) Signal. 19290. 
Craighead (F. R.) Love in cross 

words. 28464. 
Craigie (G. W.) Briggs (A. L.) Ten 

minute drills in French. 21042, 

Cram (G. F.) co. See, for entries of 

maps, this index under names of 

Cram (Mildred) Paris-France. 45878. 
Cramer (I. N.) Message for Amer. 

citizens. 1070. 
Cramer realty co. Gateway to happi- 
ness. 1071. 
Cramer, Tobias co. Caldwell store, 

inc. Modes for larger women. 

Cramp (A. J.) Patent medicine. 

Cranbury Press, Cranbury, N. J. Spe- 
cial feature sec. 45879. 
Crandall (I. J.) Memories. 42823, 

Crandall. Pierce & co. Bus. index. 

9284. 21907, 32371-32374, 45880, 

45881, 55822, 61428. 
Crane (C. B.) Crane's first sheet 

computing stock charts. 32375. 


pt i, n. s., v. 22 

Crane (C. E.) Pen-drift. 9285. 
Crane (P. C.) Boston & Sandwich 

glass co. 9286. 
Crane co. : 

Crane iron & ferrosteel double 
disc gate valves, etc. 45882, 
Crane plumbing fixtures. 32376. 
Hutton (Norman) Richard Tel- 
ler Crane ; an address. 47289. 
Crane-Kent clothes, inc. Famous 

Crane-Kent clothes. 32377. 
Crane packing cos. Walton (J. N.) 

Metallic packing. 65106. 
Cranston (G. B.) : 

Bell (A. G.) Adventures of the 

Cameron kids. 55199, 60911. 
Cornish Arms Bulletin. Adven- 
tures of the Cameron kids. 
Gloria's adventures in Fairyland. 
Cranston, R. I., direct. 45885. 
Cranston, R. I., map. 54396. 
Cranz (Aug.) g. m. b. h. Grosse un- 

bekannte. 28813, 42661. 
Crapsey (A. S.) Kiss & make up. 

Crary (R. W.) Glaring lights & the 

saturation point. 61429. 
Craven (Frank) : 
Kick-off. 65597. 
New brooms. 42861. 
Cravens (G. W.) Elec. welding. 

92S7, 9288. 
Cravens (H. L.) Blue bk. credit co. 

Blue bk. credit ref. 55321. 
Cravens, Dargan & co. Stand, poli- 
cies; insur. of all kinds. 55823. 
Crawford (F. G.) Administrative 
reorganization in N. Y. state. 45886. 
Crawford (J. R.) Contemporary 

plays. 28630.* 
Crawford (M. M.) Do Europe on 

$500? 55824. 
Crawford (N. A.) : 

Great Christian hymns. 1072. 

Poems. 2S196. 

Poems about Jesus. 21908. 

See Bryant (W. C.) 

Crawford (W. T.) Exhibit & bk. of 

instrs. 33757. 
Crawford pub. co. : 
Eng. direct. 1335. 
Mill supply buyers' guide. 12818. 
Crawfordsville, Ind., map. 43258. 
Crawley (M. W. H.) Morals. 42843. 
Crawshay- Williams (Eliot) Man in 

the next room. 54009. 
Creager (S. H.) : 

Greater Santa Monica club. Santa 
Monica foundation & super- 
structure, etc. 46875, 46876. 

Santa Monica the light of 

the West. 56642. 

Santa Monica, the star in 

the west. 1707. 
Los Angeles Daily Times. Santa 

Monica. 35155. 
Santa Monica. 32378 - 32380 
Creagh-Henry (M.) Gold. 28793. 
Cream rec. cal. 32381. 
Creamolive co. Better soap cream- 
olive. 92S9. 
Creative studio. Dance. 55825, 

Credit finance eorp. Character & 

credit. 32382. 
Credit life insur. co. Credit life in- 
sur. policy. 9290. 
Credit reference exchange, inc. Credit 
ref. exchange card index. etc. 
Creditors' collection alliance. 9294. 
Creditors natl. clearing house, inc. : 
Creditors natl. clearing house, inc. 

Little diplomat. 32383. 
I am the credit man's little diplo- 
mat. 21910. 
Creditors protective bur. : 

Appl. as provided, etc. 1073, 

Debtors protest rec. etc. 323S4, 

Order bk. etc. 45888, 45889. 
Payment guarantee, & power of 
attorney. 55826. 
Creditors service bur. Franklin sys- 
tem. 55S27. 
Creecy (E. W.) Devil dogs. 9786. 
Creehan (Joseph) Reformer. 54132. 
Creelman (J. A.) : 

Always the lady. 28507. 
Big idea. 28552. 
Creese & Cook co. Excellence. 61431. 

(Bertha) Juanita-May. 

Abbe Constan- 




Creighton, Neb., map. 
Cremieux (Hector) 

tin. 29389 (1) 
Creo-dipt co., inc. : 

Attractive, distinctive & alto- 
gether livable is the Creo-dipt 
shingled homfe. 
Economical small 
truly beautiful. 
Engaging exterior that's durable 
yet inexpensive, etc. 45890- 
Give that weather-beaten old 
home a brand new lease on life. 
Houses of charm — yet low in 
cost — made truly individual. 





nos. 1-12, 1925 

How to re-beautify that unattrac- 
tive old house, etc. 21911- 
Crescendo theaterverlag, g. m. b. h. 

Paganini. 60212. 
Crescent City, Calif., map. 43259, 

Crescent shoe co. Dr. Copland's 
health shoes for women, etc. 9302, 
Crescent washing machine co. : 

Cleaning dishes at less cost. 9304. 

Hdbk. of Crescent dishwashers. 


Cressman (R. B.) Gleason-Tiebout 

glass co. Celestial light. etc. 

33689, 33690. 

Cressy (W. M.) Cressy's hist. etc. 

Creston auto co., inc. Catalog. 

Crete Vidette. Listen in — Crete 

broadcasting. 9305. 
Cretors (C.) & co. Popping facts. 

Crewe (A. C.) Outline of course in 

arith. 62067. 
Crewe, Va., map. 43261. 
Crimmins (M. J.) Loveliest girl of 

all. 32390. 
Crimp (W. G.) South Central assn. 

Souvenir. 40889. 
Crisp (Donald) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 32391. 
Crites (Lucile) : 

Chairs & callers. 60061. 

Curin Hannah. 60076. 

De res' cure. 60083. 

Fresh air fiends, etc. 60121. 

Josephine Jesebel. 60151. 

Mandy reads the newspaper, etc. 

Mrs. Portly's physical culture les- 
son. 60190. 
Seeing a style, show from behind 

a post. 60254. 
Selina Lou . celebrates. etc. 

Sellin' drugs. 60243. 
Those old sweethearts of mine. 

Tip-top Halloween bk. 60290. 
Trying on hats. 60055. 
Crittenden (E. F.) Ourselves. 19183. 
Crittenden (N. B.) : 

Economy grate & equipment co., 
inc. Memo, regarding the issue 
of $300,000. 56033. 

$300,000.00 trust. 46237. 

Crocker (Betty) Macaroni & spa- 
ghetti. 45905. 
Crocker Land, map. 54397. 
Crockett (Althea) Desert sands. 

Crockett (D. W.) Okla. three in one 

service. 45907. 
Crockett (F. M.) Wortham Town- 
site, Tex., map. 6728. 
Crockett (W. V.) Cotton picking 

table. 32392. 
Crockett, Tex., map. 43262. 
Crogman (Ada) Director's guide for 

the producing of Milestones, etc. 

1076, 1077. 
Croissant (G. F.) : 

Croissant sales manual. 45908. 
Iverson (H. A.) Calumet City. 
Croisset (Francis de) : 
Bluebell. 18739. 
Nouveaux messieurs. 19159. 
Croisset (Francis de) pseud. See 

Wiener (Francis) 
Croker (M. E.) Flash card Bible 

drills. 32393. 
Crompton (M. P.) Physiography. 

Crompton & Knowles loom works. 

C & K loom-inary. 45909. 
Cromwell (John) Vivi. 29316. 
Cromwell, Conn., map. 19533. 
Cronan (T. J.) Insur. policy for ac- 
cidental death. 45910. 
Crondon, Wis., map. 6448. 
Cronin (J. F.) : 

Fitchburg, Mass., map. 29503. 
Jim's bk. of information. 21916. 
Cronin (P. H.) Automobilists com- 
puting guide. 32394. 
Cronk (K. S.) Striking of America's 

hour. 29238. 
Crosby (F. J.) memorial. Pageant of 

the life of Fanny Crosby. 6208. 
Crosby (J. W.) Mo. visitors guide to 

Savannah. 21917. 
Crosby underwear co., inc. Guide for 

ordering sizes. 21918. 
Crosley (P. S.) Marriages by in^ 

ference. 1078. 
Crosley (R. S.) Nuts. 9306. 
Crosley radio corp. Quest. & ans. 

about Crosley radio receivers. 

Cross (A. K.) Schl. .'of the museum 

of fine arts. Home study course. 

Cross (Claude) Good will. etc. 

Cross (E. M.) Lane (Barre) Jolly 

jingles & kiddie rhymes. 11793. 
Cross (G.M.) Where is Thyi? 54289. 
Cross (W. L.) Love's labour's lost. 

Crossword game, inc. Directs, for 

playing Puzz. 9307. 
Cross-word puzzle co. Puzzle pad. 

Crosticon co.. inc. Rules for playing 

the game of crosticon. 1083. 



pt. i, n. 8., v. 22 

Croswordo co. Croswordo rules. 1084. 
Crothers (Rachel) : 

Expressing Willie. 6032. 
Heart of Paddy Whack. 42673. 
Mary the third. 6161. 
Mother Carey's chickens. 5404S. 
Once upon a time. 29060. 
Six 1-act plays. 65734.* 
39 East. 19457. 
Crouch (A. C.) Tune in. 9308. 
Crouch (E. S.) Crouch's druggist 

guide. 32396. 
Crouse (B. C.) Our Presidents. 

Crouse (Clay) Legacy of labor. 

Croutear (George) investment co. 

Forget them not. 21919. 
Crowder (W. A.) Way of life. 1085. 
Crowe (J. J.) Billingtons. 2S554. 
Crowell (T. Y.) co. Spyri (J. H.) 

( 'hildren's carol. 41002. 
Crowl (E. A.) Bearing the message. 

Crowley ( G. W. ) : 

Geo. W. Crowley tours. 61432. 
Tours under the personal direc- 
tion of G. W. Crowley. 21920. 
Crowley, La., map. 29173. 
Crowley & Lunt : 

Bath, Me., direct. 7565. 
Beverly, Mass.. direct. 355. 
Exeter, N. H., direct. 9946. 
Crowley, Milner & co. Sale 10,000 fine 

wash dresses. 9310. 
Crown overall mfg. co. Crown adjust- 

alls. 9311. 
Crown productions, inc. Fighting cub. 

Crownfield (Gertrude) Time in rime. 

Crowther (W. M.) Quar. cumulative 

suppl. 9312. 
Croy (M. S.) : 

Red letter day. 29139. 
So conventional. 29208. 
Croyle (C. J.) He ain't a goen a 

reign no more. 1086. 
Croyle (E. H.J, Bus. mens credit 
assn. Business mens collection sys- 
tem. 45231. 
Crum (M. M.) Omen. 29052. 
Crum (W. L.) Lab. problems in eco- 
nomic statistics. 45911. 
Crusinberry (James) I'll not sign 

until Saturday. 55831. 
Crusius (E. L.) Reducing weight 

without danger. 1087. 
Cruver mfg. co. Lumber and concrete 

scale. 61433. 
Cruz (Carlos) pseud. See Bareiro- 

Pereyra (C.) 
Crystal filter co. Produce your own 
pure water. 45912. 

Crystal ice & fuel co. Why you should 

use Crystal ice. 32398. 
Crystal mineral water co. Announcing 
the merits of crystal mineral water. 
Crystal Springs, Miss., map. 43263. 
Cuba. Mo., map. 6449. 
Cuddy (Lucy) : 

Jack & Jill. Little Miss Muffet, 
Six little mice & yellow pussy. 
Thanksgiving in Plymouth. 
Culbertson (E. H.) : 

Roads of sin. 6247. 
Two men. 29289. 
Cullen (C. F.) Fortune dice & a 

barrel of fun. 61434. 
Cullen (T. W.) Loans on character. 

Cullinan (Ralph) You can't win. 

Cullingford (L. G. ) Just home from 

hades. 530r,7. 
Cullis (E. M.) Telegram. 29256. 
Cullum (Ridgwell) Black wolf. 9313. 
Culver, Ind.. map. 19534. 
Culver City, Calif., map. 54398. 
Cumberland. Md.. direct. 21921. 
Cumberland. R. L. direct. 32400 
Cumberland chemical co., inc. : 

Are you as voung as your father? 

etc. 1088-1090. 
Direct challenge to imitators, 
etc. 32401-32403. 
Cumberland Gap, Tenn., map. 54399. 
Cumberland telep. & teleg. co. Telp. 
direct. 9314, 9315, 32404-32410, 
45914, 55832-55835, 61435-61437. 
Cummings (J. H.) Facts in law. 

Cummings (Leroy) Oraculum mystic 

psychograph. 61438. 
Cummins (B. C. S.) Familv legends. 

Cumulative daily digest of corp. news. 
1091, 9316, 21923, 32412, 45915, 
Cunard steam ship co. ltd. Europe by 

way of New England. 9317. 
Cunningham (Brysson) Port admin- 
istration. 32413. 
Cunningham (Eugene) Good for 

nothing. 9318. 
Cunningham (F. A.) Natl, inspira- 
tions. 9319. 
Cunningham (Leon) Wonder-ship. 

Cupola. 32414. 
Cupples & Leon co. : 

Baker (W. F.) Bob Dexter & 
the Beacon Beach mystery, etc. 
30606, 30607. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Emerson .(A. B.) Ruth Fielding 

at Golden Pass. etc. 32935, 


Garis (H. R.) Curlytops touring 

around. 33598, 33599. 

Gupples co. Tough as a rhino. 45916, 

Curran (C. P.) ptg. co. Anheuser- 
Busch, inc. Free mookow prizes 
for boys & girls. 7365. 
Curran (Hugh) : 

Battle on Irish border treaty, etc. 

Row on Irish sports. 21924. 
Trouble feared on Irish border. 
Currens (F. H.) College chemistry 

lab. manual. 45918. 
Current anal, of the cotton trade. 

Currey (Margery) Pictures for schls. 

etc. 45919, 45920. 
Currie (K. D.) Note on brush mer- 
chandising. See Coon (J. H.) Hist, 
of brush making. 
Currie (Nadine) Children of Adam. 

Currie (W. K.) Petition to the Presi- 
dent & the Congress of the U. S. 
Currie (W. R.) Speaking of ciga- 
rettes, etc. 21925, 21926. 
Currier (Frank) Recoil. 15964. 
Currier (G. H.) : 

In a Pullman smoking room. 

Natural resources. 3034. 
Curry (J. B.) & sons. Customer's 

credit agreement. 21927. 
Curry (W. H.) Search for oil in 
Washington. 45922-45926, 55837- 
Curtis (E. M.) Corn country. 28633. 
Curtis (H. C.) : 

Amer. class piano course. 45927. 

Amer. class piano course, etc. 

55840, 55841. 

Curtis (H. S.) . Socialized schl. 9321. 

Curtis (P. F.) How to examine a 

bank. 1092. 
Curtis (W. D.) : 

America's waste baskets, etc. 

Are you a good employee? etc. 

Courtesy, etc. 45930, 45931. 
Curtis (Walter) : 

Independent manual, etc. 45928, 
. 45929. 
Curtis & Tompkins. Importance of 

sampling. 45932. 
Curtis cos. inc. : 

Curtis woodwork. 45934. 
Peep inside a piece of upholstered 
furniture. 45933. 

Curtis lighting, inc. : 

Again X-ray leads! etc. 32417- 

32423, 45935^5937. 
Architectural detail plates, etc. 

9322, 9329. 
Artificial lighting of show win- 
dows, etc. 21928-21931. 
Better indus. lighting pays, etc. 

Demonstrate the idea. 1093. 
Eye comfort. 22404, 46373. 
Curtis pub. co. : 

Adv. in farm publications, etc. 

All winds are fair. etc. 55847- 

Curtis acct. bk. etc. 32424- 

Curtis bus. guide, etc. 45938- 

How to sell the Country Gentle- 
man, etc. 9330, 9331. 
Making friends & money, etc. 
61451, 61452. 
Curtis 1000, inc. : 

Catalog, etc. 9332, 9333. 
Short cut savings int. table, etc. 
; 21938, 21939. 
Curtiss (P. V.) Emma Goldman says 
Russia wants to wipe out Bolshevist 
regime. 1094. 
Curtman (L. J.) Calculations in 
qualitative anal. etc. 32428-32430. 
Cusack (A. M.) Happy children read- 
ers. 4203. 4204. 
Cusack (W. A.) Eternal love. 45943. 
dishing (C. C.) : 

Edgar Allan Poe. 42596. 
Jinx. 42739. 
Marge. 42809. 
Master of the inn. 42813. 
Peter & Pan. 42904. 
Prince & the pauper. 42920. 
Vagabond poet. 43060. 
Cushing (Tom) Out o' luck. 65681. 
Cushing Quadrangle, Tex., map. 43264. 
Cushman (G. L.) Crazy lady. 53791. 
Cushman (S. F.) Cross word work 

bd. 9334. 
Cushman (Wilbur) Adventures of 

Abe & Gabe in Heads up. 5913. 
Custer, Mont., map. 6450. 
Custer Battlefield hiway, map. 29474. 
Custom house guide, inc. Custom 

house guide. 21940. 
Customers Christmas savings club. 
Appl. for membership, etc. 61453- 
Cutaiar (A. L.) My wife's step hus- 
band. 6378 (3) 
Cutler (E. H.) co. Cutler confidential 

service. 45944. 
Ciftler (W. H.) : 

Students' encycl. on federal tax 
returns. 1095. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Cutler (W. H.)— Continued. 

Williams (F. C.) inc. Facts & 
figures relevant to mortgages. 
Cutler mail chute co. : 

Cutler mail chute. 45945. 

Mail early. 21941. 

Preparatory work steel angle 

frame. 32431. 
Sweet's architectural catalogue. 
Cutshaw (M. B.) Directions for oper- 
ating calculator. 1096. 
Cutter & Wood supply co. Catalog. 

Cutting (T. A.) : 

Contest, Amer. hist. etc. 21942, 

Hist, contest. 32432. 
Cuyahoga Co., O., map. 19535, 29475. 
Cuyahoga Falls, O., direct. 44040. 
Cycle trades of America, inc. Natl. 

bicycle wk. 9335. 
Cvkler (E. F.) Duocrete piling. 

Cyril (Victor) Mayotte. 21944. 
D. & B. pump & supply co. D. & B. 

oil well pumps, etc. 1097, 1098. 
D. S. B. S. co. Daily summarized 

balancing system. 9336. 
Dabney (J. P.) Waters of life. 29327. 
Dade Co., Fla., map. 29476, 29477, 

43265, 43266, 54400. 
Dadeville, Ala., map. 6451. 
Daggett (W. P.) Spoken word course. 

Daghistan co., inc. : 

Certificate of satisfaction. 45947. 
Direct to you. 32434. 
DAgostino bros. Amodio (Frank) O 

Catharina. 20452. 
Dahl (Andre) Sucrier empire. 1099. 
Dahl (Edward) : 
Return. 6242. 
Soul of the brush. 6286. 
Dahl (J. L.) : 

Garage utilities co., inc. Hi-lo 
horse. 46694. 

3-point safety chock. 61984. 

Dahlman (H. A.) : 

Fisher (G. F.) Thrilling cattle 
drive up from Pan-Handle in 
the early days. 22515. 
Morning World-Herald. Dahl- 
man's Christmas gift from his 
wife is unique. etc. 2849, 
Sunday World-Herald. Dahlman 
ruse cheated mob. 5270. 
Dahlstrom (J. T.) Finan. survey & 

program for yourself. 45948. 
Dailey (Charles) : • 

Bandits feast on chief's wife & 
daughter, etc. 9337-9343. 

Chang Tso-Lin's army in Peking. 

etc. 21946-21949. 
China's chiefs of Islam stir war 
on Britain, etc. 32435-32446. 
Execute 1,065 Chinese for looting 
city. etc. 1100, 1101. 
Dailey (W. E.) : 

Metropolitan bldg. & loan assn. 

How to avoid the fate of the 

'54. 12733. 

Story of Mr. Fifty-four. etc. 

9344, 9345. 

Daily Amer. Tribune. Radio-by-the- 

clock. 21950. 
Daily commer. news. Suggested short 
rate table for cancellation of insur. 
policies. 9346. 
Daily Food. 45949. 
Daily Herald. Special feature sec. 

32447, 32448. 
Daily inspiration cal. 1102. 
Daily Mirror, N. Y. Relativity word 

puzzle. 55858. 
Daily Nebraskan : 

Hints from Beau B r u m m e 1. 

Hints from Paris. 9347. 
Daily News. San Francisco Daily 
News Crossword puzzlegame. 16500. 
Daily News, N. Y. : 

Crisscrossword puzzle. 9348. 
$800.00 a week for moviegrams. 
Daily rec. cal. 55859. 
Daily talks with God. 45950. 
Daily workers pub. co. Miihlen (Her- 
minia zur) Fairy tales for workers 
children. 36205. 
Dairy products Last, of America. Pas- 
teurization. 45951. 
Dairy research division of the Fred- 
erick C. Mathews co. See Mathews 
(F. C.) co. (Dairy research div. of 
Daisy mfg. co. Daisy manual. 9349. 
Dalby (H. B.) Square. 29222. 
Dale (Charles) : 

Clancey's minstrels. 18799. 
New schl. teacher. 19141. 
Dale (L. S.) Character, etc. 32450, 

Dale (R. V.) : 

Coast woolen mills. Removal & 
grand opening announcement. 

Startling announcement. 

Dillon (J. L.) John L. Dillon in- 
agurates news policy. etc. 
32725, 32726. 
Hackett (J. W.) Announcement. 

etc. 33883, 33S84. 
Special notice. 46953. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Richmond (H. B.) tailoring co. 
H. B. Richmond breaks sales 
records, etc. 39886, 39887. 
H. B. Richmond co. inaug- 
urates new policy. 39885. 
Silver & co. Silver & co. talks 
again, etc. 64671-64673. 

Special announcement. 52309. 

Universal tailoring co. Twentieth 
anniversary event. 41768. 
Dale (W. B.) Murmurmontis. 48926. 
Daleiden (J. P.) co. : 

Bergs (F. J.) comp. Devotions to 
St. Anthony of Padua. 30785. 

■ St. Joseph our patron. 20833. 

Jezu przyjdz do mnie. 21951. 
Pine (M. S.) Counsels of Jesus 
to Sister Beuigna Consolata 
Ferrero. 51275. 
Dales (G. S.) co. And now in Akron! 

Daley (0. A.) Maintenance of way 
reclamation by the oxyacetylene 
process. 32452. 
Dalgliesh (Alice) Happy schl. yr. 

Dall (Ian) Noah's wife. 60199. 
JDallas, Or., direct. 45954. 
Dallas, Tex. : 

Fairchild's Dallas direct. 32453. 
Numerical criss-cross guide of 
Dallas. 55861. 
Dallas, Tex., direct.- 61457. 
Dallas, Tex., map. 54401, 65836. 
Dallas Co., Tex., map. 19536. 
Dallas Morning News : 

Buy real estate now ! etc. 1104- 

Cotton picking in West now is in 

full swing. 45952. 
Lucky dog. etc. 9350-9351. 
Dallas telep. co. Telep. direct. 9352, 

Dallin (V. C.) Vision of peace. 

Dallwig (P. G.) Instr. sheet for 

using the Dallwig policy. 55863. 
D'Alroy (Marceline) You said it, 
Marceline ! 1108-1114, 9353-9361, 
21952-21950, 32454-32460, 45955- 
45967, 55863-55SS7. 
Dalrymple (A. D.) Republicans ex- 
pect first Texas victory. 9362. 
Dalsey (Jules) : 
Penalty. 6215. 
Sadie"s lover. 29163. 
Dalton (E. F.) Rules for playing 

crosswords. 1115. 
Dalton (Test) : 

Among those present. 42491. 
In New York City. 28866. 
Dalton, Ga., map. 19537. 
Dalton adding machine co. : 

New Dalton multiplex bank 
ledger. 6145S. 

New Dalton multiplex commer. 
ledger posting & statement ma- 
chine. 55888. 
Daly (Augustine) Number nine. 

Daly (C. J.) Say it with lead. 21957. 
Daly (Edwcl. H.) Number nine. 

Daly (F. R.) Pocket chart co. Every 

day, if you weigh. 26483. 
Daly (Hubert) Waterford radio corp. 

Hist, of Waterford glass. 5618. 
Daly (Jack) Fool there was — & is. 

Daly (J. A.) Selling guide. 32461. 
Daly-Fetherston corp. Blind pig. 

etc. 32462, 32463. 
Damascus, Va., map. 54402. 
Dambry (Paul) Mylord l'Arsouille. 

Dame Wiggins of Lee & her seven 

wonderful cats. 32464. 
Damerell (S. J.) Who's my father? 

Damiani (G. R.) Temple labs. 
Don't grow old before your time. 
17691, 17692. 
Damourette (Martini) Immunity & 

longevity. 21958. 
Dana (W. B.) co. : 

Commer. & finan. chronicle. 

Hdbk. of securities. 9016. 
Todd (J. A.) World's cotton 

position. 41582. 
Withers (Hartley) Advantage of 
fluctuations, etc. 53463, 53464. 

America & the gold stand. 

etc. 183S3-18385.' 

British indus. & the embargo. 


• British pessimists & the state 

of indus. 65294. 

Money & morals— seeking to 

discriminate between credits. 

Natl, capacity to pay — the 

influences affecting it. etc. 
Danahey (T. P.) Survey of office 

bldg. space. 61460. 
Danbury, Conn., direct. 9363. 
Danbury, Conn., map. 6452. 
Dancey-Davis press. Brower (P. S.) 

Who was the thief? 563. 
Dancray (Paul) pseud. See Darcy 

Dane (Clemence) pseud. See Ashton 

Dane (Essex) On the park bench. 

29058, 65442.* 
Danfelt (Sonja) Cushion trims in 

cross-stitch on canvas. 1116. 
Danforth, Me., map. 65837. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Dangler stove co., div. Arner. stove 

co. See Amer. stove co. Dangler 

stove co. 

Daniel (William) Dr. Bunk. 61554. 

Daniels (A. M.) Technical instr. 

9364-9366, 61461-61466. 
Daniels (Bebe) My biggest thrill in 

the movies. 32465. 
Daniels (E. W.) Casino adv. co. 
Merchants contract for profit-shar- 
ing pastomovie. 31602. 
Danielson (F. W.) At schl. with the 

Great Teacher. 26346. 
Danielson & son : 

Blackstone Valley gas & elec. co. 
Bit of Persia for your home, 
etc. 44732, 44733. 

Will you accept $1 free? 

Some timely Xmas gift sugges- 
tions. 61467. 
Danilova (Augusta) Equinoctial 

storm. 6025. 
Dank (D. J.) : 

Hire letzte trehren (Her last 

tears) 28861. 
Unter di grates fun leben (Under 
the bars of life) 29300. 
Danks (J. C.) Far from Folly wood. 

Danley machine specialties, inc. 
Danly standardized-machined die 
sets. etc. 32466, 32467. 
Danoff (P. K.) Highest ideal. 9367. 
Dansville & Mt. Morris r. r. co. Dans- 
ville & Mt. Morris r. r. co. In- 
dus, dept. Indus, possibilities of 
Dansville. 9368. 
IV Ante (Gabriel) Peace on earth. 

Dantzic (E. R.) Dantzic optical co. 
Dept. of Optometry. Optometric 
graphic rept. 55889. 
Daprato statuary co. : 

Ovations in eccles. art. 32468. 
Daprato altars, etc. 9369-9371. 
Daprato cal. of Catholic feast & 

fast days. 21432. 
Ecclesiastical art review. 32867, 
Darbrook service. Wash silks that 

wash. 55890. 
Darby (Dermot) See Darbv (W. D.) 
Darby (W. D.) Nadia. 42856. 
D'Arcy (Jack) Half baked. 65553. 
Darcy (Paul) : 

Au pays des fakirs, etc. 61468- 

Cceur de Liliane. etc. 21959, 
21960, 61469. 
Darcy & Wolford, inc. : 

Because she loved. 42515. 
Fool & his wife. 6049. 
Great liar. 6073. 

Ladies' man. 19034. 
Love bug. 42782. 
Love trap. 28944. 
Poor devil. 42912. 
Prophet. 42924. 
White squadron. 29354. 
Dare, pseud. See Frances (Dare) 
Darlay (Victor) Hussarde. 18988. 
Darling (G. C.) Mr. Gilligan speaks. 

Darling valve & mfg. co. Darling 

gate valves. 45968. 
Darlington (W. A.) Alf's button. 

Darn E-Z labs. : 

Million women darn it with darn 

E-Z. 21961. 
Salesmanship. 32469. 
Darnell (Albertus) Key to elemen- 
tary algebra. 2488. 
Darnton (M. C.) : 

Her second innings. 6085. 
Man's house. 6155. 
Darrah (D. D. ) Passion play. 29086. 
Darrow (Clarence) Is life worth liv- 
ing? etc. 64800, 64801. 
Darrow (C. S.) Voltaire. 21962. 
Darst (J. E.) People's choice. 42901. 
Dart (H. F.) : 

A u d i o - frequency amplification. 

Commer. vacuum tubes. etc. 

32470, 32471. 
Constr. of receiving sets. 21963. 
Dart (H. G.) Gooseberry pop. 53886. 
Dart (R. A.) : 

African man ape link in human 

ancestry. 9372. 
So. African man-ape closest link 
to man found, say prof. 21964. 
Dartmouth, Mass.. map. 6453. 
Dartnell corp. Dartnell adv. agency 

guide. 21965. 
Darwin ( Emma ) When dreams come 

true. 6361. 
Daschbach (M. G.) Intensive unit 
courses in technical music. 45871. 
Data pub. co. : 

Creditor's collection alliance. 

Here's great entertainment. 1117. 
Daube (Otto) Barenhauter. 1S713. 
D'Audiffret (Countess) Ina) See 

Audiffret {Countess Ina d') 
Daugherty (R. L.) Investigation of 
the performance of centrifugal 
pumps. 9373. 
Daugherty (Sonia) Brass heart. 

Daugherty (T. C.) Foreign finan. 

news bur. 21966. 
Daum (Kate) Good housekeeping 
inst.'s daily diet diary, etc. 45970, 


zios. 1-12, 1925 

Daus (F. F.) duplicator co., inc. Di- 
rects, for using the Daus' dupli- 
grand. .9374. 
Daus blue bks., inc. Dau's N. Y. blue 

bk. HIS. 
Dau's soc. blue bk. of Montreal. 

D'Autony (K. N.) See Autoney (K. 

N. d') 
Dave & Robinson. San Diego, Calif., 

map. 6663. 
Daven radio corp. : 

Big little things of radio, etc. 

45972, 45973. 
Bouck (Zeh) Resistor manual. 

Resistor manual. 1119. 
Davenport (Dixwell) Bankers & 
shippers insur. co. Proven prin. 
Davenport (Win.) Rosina of Buenos 

Aires. 21967. 
Davenport, la., direct. 45974. 
Davenport, la., map. 43267. 
Davenport bed makers of America: 
Did you ever toast marshmellows ? 

etc. 1120-1122. 
What will your friends, think? 

You'll be proud of it. 9375. 
Davenport hosiery mills : 

Advs. & other dealer helps in sell- 
ing humming bird pure silk 
hosiery. 21969-21975. 
Appl. for membership in the hum- 
ming bird color club. etc. 
1123-1126. ' 
Cashing in on the color club. etc. 

Christmas vision. etc. 55891, 

Fitting gift is Humming Bird 
pure silk hosiery, etc. 61471, 
Fred (T. W.) Humming bird. 

Good news travels fast. etc. 

Hall (Oliver) co. Hosiery past 

& present. 10802. 
Hosiery retailer. etc. 45975- 

Kann (S.) sons co. Humming 

bird cross word puzzle. 2135. 
M. & O. bootery. Humming bird 
cross word puzzle. 12269. 
Davey (G. W.) Tweeklie tales. 21976. 
Davey inst. of tree surgery : 

Foremanship acctg. rules, etc. 

Grove (D. Q.) Standardized 
methods. 22S90. 
Davey tree expert co., inc. : 

Cement fillings in trees are like 
dentistry. 21978. 

First aid to starving trees, etc. 

500 Davey tree surgeons — all reg- 
ular Davey employees — none ob- 
tainable elsewhere, etc. 9384, 
David (Plain) pseud. See Autoney 

(K. N. d') 
David-Neel (Alexandra) See Neel 

(Alexandra David-) 
Davido (Leon) Adieu, Manette ! 2S496. 
Davidoff (Henry) Globe Eng. verb. 

drill. 9386. 
Davidson (A. M.) Wither' s op'ry. 

Davidson (Ada) Over the ironing 

boards. 29074. 
Davidson (C. L.) Pinto productions. 

Davidson (Clinton) Wickenden (C. 

R. F.) Manners family. 18296. 
Davidson (David) Davidson (David) 
studio. David Davidson pictures. 
Davidson (David) jr. : 

All for Gladys. 53698. 
Ginger-bread man. 18924. 
Omar Khyam. 6203. 
Soap. 60270. 
Davidson (David) studios. David 

Davidson pictures. 21979. 
Davidson (Flora) Manners family. 

Davidson (G. A.) jr. Davidson (G. A.) 

Vital ques. 32483. ' 
Davidson (Gustav) : 
Escape. 18874. 

There will be no performance. 
Davidson (Isobel) Lincoln readers. 

Davidson (J. E.) : 

Bonn (E. A.) chiropractic health 
service. You can see through 
this message. 7866. 
Give the kiddies a chance ! etc. 

9387, 93S8. 
Saxmann (R. B. & H. E.) Let 
chiropractic help you. 4747. 
Davidson (John) Not on rec. 29037. 
Davidson (K. J.) Betsy Vetters. 

Davidson (M. L.) Three pin circle. 

Davidson (S. H.) : 
Criminals. , 28643. 
Everything' is possible. 53839. 
Fool clown. 18898. 
Madam Clown. 42797. 
Davidson (W. C.) Pediatric notes. 

Davidson (W. M.) Short plays from 

Amer. hist. & literature. 1928S* 
Davidson (Winifred) Isle Loma. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Davidson, N. C, map. 54403. 

Davies (J. P.) Northwestern mutual 

educa. course. 55893-55895. 
Davies (L. T.) : 

Davies' par value card. etc. 1134- 
1137, 9389, 9393, 21981-21983, 
32485-32489, 45980, 45981, 55896, 
Davies' transfer card. 61473. 
N. Y. (City) Cashiers' guide, etc. 
3056-3060, 13364-13369, 24753- 
24763, 36666-36669, 49184-49191, 
57717-57722, 63328-63331. 
Davies (M. L.) Emissary Thirteen. 

Davies (M. R.) co. How a modern 
adv. agency handles details. 32490. 
Davies (O. G.) Social direct, of Kan- 
sas City. 52510. 
Davies (T. A.) Trust agreement. 

Davies- Young soap co. : 

At last we've found a real laun- 
dry, etc. 21984, 21985. 
Call in the chemist, etc. 45982, 

Here's a way to reduce your costs ! 

etc. 9394, 9396. 
Leaves no odor or discoloration. 

See how clean & fresh they look. 

etc. 32491, 32492. 
Which is your customer? 61474. 
Davis (A. L.) New Hampshire, map. 

Davis (A. M.) co. Birthday greet- 
ings, etc. 21986-22001. 
Davis (Alfred) Ans. to problems in 

plane trig. 26803. 
Davis (Allan) : 

Golden love. 6065. 
Wolves. 54306. 
Davis (B. E.) Eight pts. of speech. 

Davis (B. M.) Lab. exercises on the 

human body. 9397. 
Davis (C. F. ) Ford car owner's dec- 
laration. 61475. 
Davis (C. T.) : 

Bachelor's brides. 42506. 
Yellow dog. 43101. 
Davis (David) Logan & Lincoln. 

Davis (E.) realty co. St. Louis bil- 
lion dollar bldg. program. 939S. 
Davis (E. C.) : 

Help! help! police! 6082. 
Pokes & jokes. 6223. 
Davis (Emanuel) Ancient order of 
mechanics of the world, inc. Charge 
of District knights. 30393. 
Davis (Esther) Dub. 28701. 
Davis (Eugene) : 

Base file numbers. 1139. 

Trans-continental freight bur. 
Davis (F. E.) Fargo tourist guide. 

Davis. (F. E.) fish co. Delightful sea 
food dishes for hot summer days. 
Davis (F. G.) Ten yrs. of prize win- 
ning. 1140. 
Davis (F. K.) Davis personal prob- 
lems test. 32494. 
Davis (F. M.) Hermit love. 32495. 
Davis (F. P.) Jews hold the key to 

earth's peace. 32493. 
Davis (F. T.) Cross words. 5998. 
Davis (G. F.) More money by better 

barbering. 9399. 
Davis (George) Maroon of Cham- 
paign high schl. 35623. 
Davis (H. L.) Supervision. 1142. 
Davis (H. T.) Course in general 

math. 32496. 
Davis (Hartley) Taboo. 65752. 
Davis (Helen) Problems in mental 

testing. 65181. 
Davis (I. K.) Behind the veil. 18723. 
Davis (J. F.) Ladder. 65602. 
Davis (J. L.) Los Angeles. 45984. 
Davis (Jerome) Adventuring in 

world co-operation. 55899. 
Davis (L. G.) Come see. 22005. 
Davis (L. T.) When Niagara went 

out. 9400. 
Davis (M. L.) Traffic, 

go game. 26583. 
Davis (Mary) Play's 

Davis (Owen) : 

Beware of widows. 
Come easy, go easy. 
Easy come, easy go. 
Fear. 28741. 
Great Gatsby. 65547. 
Davis (P. H.) tailoring co. 33 for- 
mulas for the removal of spots & 
stains. 45986. 
Davis (R. B.) co. : 

Rutledge (R. L.) Lesson plan on 
baking powder. etc. 16407- 
Teacher's outline for a do- 
mestic science course. 4670. 
Davis (Roy) : 

Advanced exercises in Eng. 9401. 
Manual & key. 61477. 
Practical exercises in Eng. 
Davis (Susie) Emancipation procla- 
mation. 1143. 
Davis (Thomas Lasure) Trailing the 

tracks of Cain. 22007. 
Davis (W. C.) : 

Partial pulpectomy. 9402. 
Sar's frisky satire's. 61478. 

the stop & 
the thing. 





qos. 1-12, 1925 

Davis (Watson) Scientist predicts 
final fate of present solar system. 
Davis (William) Truth about moles. 

Davis & Furber machine co. Spin- 
ning mules. 22008. 
Davis & Geek, inc. : 

Antonio Stradivari, etc. 32497- 

Davis & Geek, inc. etc. 9404- 

Famous hospital where D & G 
sutures are used. etc. 55901, 
Mr. Walter K. Gillett, research 
chemist, etc. 45987, 45988. 
Davis boring tool co. Davis expan- 
sion boring tools. 9407, 22009. 
Davis distributing div., inc. : 

Daughter of the Sioux. 65993. 

Demon rider. 65996. 

Fire flies. 60509. 

Gold hunters. 66023. 

Invention. 60534. 

It might happen to you. 60535. 

Klynick. 66055. 

Mystery box. 66073-66082. 

Peggy in a pinch. 60569. 

Peggy of the secret service. 

Peggy, the vamp. 60570. 
Peggy's helpers. 66119. 
Peggy's heroes. 60571. 
Peggy's pests. 60572. 
Peggy's putters. 60573. 
Peggy's reward. 66120. 
• Power god. 66127. 
Red love. 66129. 
Ringling's rivals. 60582. 
Saturday. 60586. 
Six faces west. 66144. 
Tales of a thousand & one nights. 

Tin hoss. 66159. 
Tricks. 66162. 

What price, orphans? 60612. 
$50,000 reward 60619. 
Davis paint co., inc. Davis give you 

Ford car free. etc. 55903. 
Davis press, inc. : 

Sellner (Eudora) Amer. cos- 
tumes. 16694. 

Human proportion. 4854. 

Davison (G. M.) Minimum essentials. 

Davison (W. B.) : 

Closing of the year. 
My mother & yours. 
Davison pub. co. : 
Davison's knit 
trade. 45990. 
Davison's knit goods trade, the 

Stand. 45991, 45992. 
Davison's mattress direct. 9408. 


goods jobbing 

Davisons silk trade. 9409, 9410. 
Davison's textile blue bk. 32500, 

Davison's textile buyers' guide. 

Davison's textile direct. 32502. 
Dawson (Clayton) Dawson's new 

sure shot bus. plan. 45993. 
Dawson (E. M.) Hidden meanings. 

Dawson (Robert) Dawson real es- 
tate co. How you can become a link 
in our chain of real estate experts. 
Dawson (W. B.) Forethought in crea- 
tion. 61480. 
Dawson Springs, Ky., map. 60345. 
Day (C. L.) : 

Village mayor. 6347. 
What price virtue ! .19426. 
Day (Donald) : 

Admit Russian peasant peril rule 

of Soviets, etc. 1146-1152. 
Await foreign finance czar to re- 
vive Poland, etc. 45995HL6000. 
Bolsheviks free with alibis as 
promises fail. etc. 32503- 
Hungry army of Russian waifs 
invades Crimea, etc. 61481- 
Living church of red Russia lives 

no longer, etc. 9411-9413. 
Reds execute grafters to end food 
price rise. etc. 55904, 55905. 
Day (F. L.) : 

Dark house of Usher. 28660. 
Great city. 28809. 
Makers of light. 28959*. 
Slump. 29103*. 
Day (J. B.) & co. Shellac. 1153, 

Day fan radio. Air telep. direct. See 
Day fan radio. Air telep. direct. 
Dayton (Katharine) Miragia. 65648. 
Dayton, O., direct. 22011, 22012. 
Dayton, O., map. 54404. 
Dayton co. Louis (Margaret) Heap 

o' hygiene. 12194. 
Dayton fan & motor co. : 

Air telep. direct. Day fan radio. 

Day fan for the radio fan. 61486. 
Dominating the Chicago dist. in 
radio. 32569. 
Dayton rubber mfg. co. Figure the 

cost at the finish. 9414. 
Dayton wire wheel co. Wheel of steel, 

light & strong. 1155. 
Dazey (Frank) Gentleman. 18913. 
De Acosta (Mercedes) : 
Better life. 5941. 
World without end. 6376. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Deal (Guy) Deal's rapid freight cal- 
culator. 1156. 

Deal (W. M.) Nu knowledge lessons. 

Dealy (W. A.) Wilson (Lake) map. 

Dean (C. L.) How to eat your way 
to health. 1157. 

Dean (C. J.) inc. Dean (C. J.) Cur- 
ing piles. 46001. 

Dean (E. E.) Nancy Hart. 6190. 

Dean (E. M.) Mr. & Mrs. S. Glenn 
Young. 46002. 

Dean (F. S.) Alaskan. 1158. 

Dean (G. B.) Manual on personal 
Guide for diabetic pa- 

Reeves Co., Tex., map. 

Dean (P. R.) 

tients. 1159, 
Dean (W. W.) 

Dean & Dean : 

Roonville mfg. co. Deans' cross- 
word puzzle game. 7883. 
Deans' cross-word game. 9416. 
Dearden (M. H.) : 

Dearden system. 32511. 
Eye strain relieved without 
glasses. 46003. 
Dearman (Clarence) Flag signal 

code bk. for motor cars. 46004. 
Denver (J. B.) Surgical anatomy of 

the human body. 55906. 
De Baroncelli (E.) : 

Broadway trust co. No prettier 
picture could you paint. 55393. 
Parkside title & trust co. Pro- 
fession of faith. 58709. 
De Beck (Billy) My best laugh story. 

De Beck (W. M.) Barney Google & 
Spark Plug. etc. 1160-1169, 9418- 
9428, 22013 - 22028, 32512 - 32530, 
46005-46017, 61487-61507. 
DeBles (Arthur) Walls & their deco- 
rations. 1170. 
Debnam (W. K.) Farmer's guide. 

DeBoth (J. M.) comp. Monarch mal- 
leable elec. cook bk. 32531. 
DeBow (D. E.) : 

Liberty bell. 23898. 
Natl, liberty league. Educa. cam- 
paign fund ticket. 36538. 
De Brown (Zernard) Brown's fishing 

service. 22029, 22030. 
Debtor register. 32532. 
De Cameron, inc. Babani. 1172. 
De Camp (J. E.) Pa. state college. 

De Cassagnac (Paul) See Cassagnac 

(Paul de) 
Decatur, 111., direct. 9429. 
Decatur, 111., map. 19538. 
Decatur, Tex., map. 43268. 

DeCelles (L. T.) : 

All for Belladonna. 42484. 
Gildaeus the money changer. 

That's the woman. 6312. 
What does your name mean? 
De Chatellus (Andre) See Chatellus 

(Andre de) 
Deck (Northcote) Gold from Ophir. 

Decker (A. B.) When, where & how. 

Decker (Alfred) & Cohn. Here it is 

men ! 61508. 
Decker (Bruno) Vier schlaumeier. 

Decker (H. T.) NowAdolph! 42871. 
Decorative novelty co. Boco knows. 

De Costa (Leon) : 
Crooks. 5995. 
Kimmel. 19022. 
Picture bride. 19214. 
Seas of sounds. 19278. 
Stung. 6297. 
Decourcelle (Pierre) Abbe Constat 

tin. 29389 (1) 
De Dub (L. S.) See Dub (L. S. de) 
Dee (M. R.) Hist, rhymograms. 

Deedera (Carleton) Poor evolution I 

It never had a start. 61509. 
Deeks (Clara) Flapjacks. 28752. 
Deem (Fred) I'm afraid, etc. 32535, 

Deep River, Conn., map. 43269. 
Deer Creek Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Defensive-diet league of America. 

Household chart. 9431. 
Deferrari (R. J.) : 

Deferrari-Foran test in Latin. 

etc. 9432, 9433. 
Deferrari-Foran tests in vocabu- 
lary & forms. 32537. 
Deffenbaugh (W. S.) Schl. lighting 
as a factor in saving sight. 34005. 
De Fontenelle (Bernard Le Bovier) 
See Fontenelle (Bernard Le Bovier 
Deford (D. H.) Bare hands. 9434. 
De Ford (M. A.) : 

Augustan poets of Rome. etc. 

46019, 46020. 
Cicero as revealed in his letters. 

House devided. 18982. 
Life & poems. 31611. 
De Forest radio co. : 

De Forest audion manual, etc. 

32538, 32539. 
De Forest radio inst. Biggs de- 
cides, etc. 9435, 9436. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Capitalizing the customers' 

requirements. 1173. 

Closing more sales. etc. 


Reaching out for customers. 


De France (C. Q.) Little talks on 
trust co. functions & service, etc. 
9437, 9438. 

De Frees (W. J.) Fortune telling 
stamps. 22036, 

De Goncourt (Edmond) See Gon- 
court (Edmond de) 

De Gorsse (Henry) See Gorsse 
(Henry de) 

DeGraff (M. H.) Iowa Amer. hist, 
test. 46021. 

De Grange (L. M.) Dream fulfilled. 

DeGreene (A. L.) North of the mid- 
dle. 55908. . 

De Gregorio (Franco) Bel canto. 

De Groat (H. C.) Mental lessons in 
arith. 9439. 

DeGrott (A.) Math, for structural 
drawing. 17114. 

De Haro (Cesar) See Haro (Cesar 

Dehly (A. G.) Hagar. 18948. 

Dehm (R. L. D.) America's angelus. 

Deihl (E. G.) : 

Little black hen. etc. 61510, 

Little rabbit that would not eat. 

Dejean (Georges) Tant que femme 
voudra. 9441. 

Dekker (Thomas) Shoemaker's holi- 
day. 42550*. 

Dekobra (Maurice) On demande un 
amant. 29054. 

DeKosenko (Vera) Ex libris. etc. 

De la Barca (Calderon) See Barca 
(Calderon de la) 

De la Fond- Snider (Clarice) Ro- 
mance de L'Angelus de Millet. 9442. 

Delagrave (Librairie) Bretigniere 
(L.) Production du ble. 61090. 

Delair, N. J., map. 43271. 

De La Mare (A. T.) co. Horticultural 
trade direct. 56778. 

De Lance (J. A.) Arrowhead co. 

DeLand (C. J.) Michigan. Supreme 
court. Michigan repts. Off. ad- 
vance sheets. 48745-4S754, 63006- 

De Land, Fla., map. 60346. 

De Lane (A. E.) Dying yr. 9443. 

Delaney (E. L.) Bits of life. 42526. 

De Lano (Allan) Clipped wings. 

Delapaine (E. S.) Life of Thomas 

Johnson. 1174, 22038, 32542, 46022. 

DeLartigue-Kennedy (Annie) Poems. 

Delarue-Mardrus (Lucie) : 
Beau baiser. 32543. 
Graine au vent. 61512. 
Hortensia degenere. 46024. 
Veau lunaire. 1175. 
De Laurence (L. W.) De Laurence's 
famous methods for experiments in 
mental telepathy. 22039. 
De Laurence co. De Laurence (L. W.) 
De Laurence's famous methods for 
experiments in mental telepathy. 
DeLaval steam turbine co. DeLaval 
centrifugal pumps single stage & 
multistage. 32544. 
Delaware. Digest of the general corp. 

law. 46025. 
Delaware, map. 19539, 19540, 29478. 
Delaware, Okl., map. 65838. 
Delaware & Atlantic teleg. & telep. co. 
Telep. direct. 1176, 1177, 30745, 
32545-32554, 61513, 61514. 
Delaware & Hudson co. Summer par- 
adise. 22040. 
Delaware & Hudson r. r. system, map. 

Delaware Co., Pa., map. 54405. 
Delaware engraving co. Constr. draw- 
ings, etc. 9444-9457. 
Delaware high schl. Bulletin. 45174. 
Del Castillo (E. G.) See Castillo 

(E. G. del) 
De Lellis (Francesco) Advance publ. 
of De Lellis amnemonic shorthand. 
De Leon (Walter) : 

Best room at Sally's. 55916. 
Trap. 19380. 
DeLestry (E. L.) Splinters. 46026. 
Deleutre (P. C. P. E.) : 

Capitaine Nilia. 22041. 
Corsaire triplex. 9458. 
Message du Mikado. 32548. 
Voleurs de foudre. 61515. 
Delf (Harry) : 

Unearthly affair. 29298. 
Vaccine Cutherthroat. 29303. 
Delgado (Sinesio) Hi jo de mi alma! 

De Lima (C. A.) God plays his game. 

Delineator : 

Delineator garden, plans. 46027. 
Patriotic organizations for women. 
Delkin (F. L.) Within my heart. 

Dell (C. G.) Price he paid. 29114. 
Dell (E. M.) pseud.: 

Master key. 9459, 9460. 
See also Savage (E. M.) 



pt. i, n. s., v. 

Dell (Robert) : 

Domestic troubles seen in Moroc- 
can crisis, etc. 32550-32554. 
French govt, sincere in intention 
to meet debts. etc. 22042- 
Delmar (Madeline) On the threshold. 

Delmont (Joseph) Zeloten. 19455. 
De Lorde (Andre) See Lorde (Andre 

Delorme (Octavio Morfin) See Morfin 

Delorme (Octavio) 
Del Riccio (Luigi) True story of 
Eleanora Duse's love affair with 
D'Anmmzio. 22048. 
Del Rio, Tex., map. 19541. 
Delson (H. J.) : 

Triple text hunting suit. 55918. 
Triple-wear corp. 10-spot suit for 
real men. 59717. 
Delson chemical co.. inc. Deleseo ken- 
nel manual. 22049. 
Delta Gamma fraternity. House 

budget statement. 9461. 
Delta-Star elec. co. Standardized unit 

type bus bar supports. 55919. 
De Lucio (Jose) S^e Lucio (Jose de) 
De Luxe lamp mfg. co. De Luxe re- 
search labs. Treatise on radiant 
light therapy. 55920. 
DeLuxe products Corp., inc. New im- 
proved deluxe catalog & price list. 
De Luxe research labs. Treatise on 

radiant light therapy. 55920. 
De Luxe Savo cooker co. : 

De Luxe savo cooker cooks. 

Streyckmans (F. B.) Mrs. Bran- 
don's secret. 27659. 
Delvaille (Albert) Au bonheur des 

dames. 5927. 
Del Valle (C. M.) Therapeutic value 
of iodine & the iodic radical. 22051. 
Demais (Jean) pseud, See Priollet 

(Mine, Julien) 
Demaison (Andre) Reine de l'ombre. 

Demarest (V. B.-C.) Broken lives. 

Demarest, N. J., map. 29479. 
De Martino (Eugene) Tony's barber 

shop. 19377. 
Demasy (Paul) Cavaliere Elsa. 

42550, 64571. 
De Menezes (J. B.) Machete e o ze' 

preira. 32556. 
DeMille (C. B.) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 32557. 
De Mille (W. C.) Lost paradise. 

6378 (2). 
De Milt (A. R.) : 

Bittersweet : 28558. 
Clown who laughs. 28617. 





Lamp. 28914. 
Survival. 43004. 
Values. 29304. 
Denting (Agathe) Camp cookery hints 

for leaders. 9463. 
De Montalvo (Marie) Power. 19224. 
DeMore ( G. G. ) Love among the Bol- 

sheviki. 32558. 
Demorest (W. S. ) For those spots. 

Dempsey (Jack) : 

Berly shows much promise. 

Big ones easy to bring down. 

Champion scoffs at stories. 

Dempsey can see no reason for 
being declared ineligible, etc. 
Dempsey, on the way to Europe. 

etc. 22052-22058. 
Dempsey plans to engage in three 
battles this yr. etc. 1179- 
Jess made less than Red Robert, 
etc. 61516-61519. 
De Musset (Alfred) Story of a white 

blackbird. 9492. 
Demuth (G. S.) How to produce 

comb honey. 9493. 
De Navarro (Carlos) Passing of 

summer. 19197. 
Denhaene (C. L.) Comment devenir 
heureux par la science eternelle. 
Denhard co., inc. Instalment acct. bk. 

Denis (Marcel) M. Clemenceau de- 

vant l'ecran. 9494. 
Denison ( T. S. ) Convention of papas, 

43110 (5). 
Denison (T. S.) & co. : 

At an Irish wake. 18706. 

Bit of gossip. 42525. 

Good things for schl. programs. 

Grooming hubby for the party. 

Humorous plays for children. 

In a Pullman. 18995. 
Jewish saleslady. 19006. 
Joys of ill health. 19012. 
Kaser (A. L.) Fun 

My father kin lick yours. 
Oi, such a family! 29047. 
Over the ironing boards. 29074. 
Reading character in a street car. 

Richard (Genevieve) Games &. 
parties for young people, etc. 
51668, 51669. 



mos. 1-12, 1925 

Shower bath & other inconven- 
iences. 29189. 
Sister in the medicine closet. 

Solid ivory. 541S2. 
Some corn & potatoes. 54183. 
Starting things at schl. 29229. 
Stenog. talks back. 29231. 
Swanee minstrel first-part. 54210. 
Swell pitcher tonight. 19336. 
Talkative Tilly. 54213. 
What you got. 43078. 
Denison, Tex., direct. 1184. 
Denkewalter (Fred) : 

Beautiful house plants. 1185. 
Directs for using formula B. etc. 

9495, 9496. 
Plant marvel labs. Birth of a 
marvelous plant food. etc. 
26464, 26465. 
Directs, for using plant mar- 
vel, etc. 15704, 15705. . 
Denney pub. co. Natl. adv. recs. 
1186, 9497, 9498, 32570, 36430-36433, 
46036, 49006, 57611. 
Dennison (H. S.) Need for an ap- 
plied psychology of organization. 
Dennison mf g. co. : 

Catalog of jewels' stock boxes. 

How to make crepe paper cos- 
tumes, etc. 32571, 32572. 
Denny (Ernest) Vanity. 65781. 
Denny (Orrin) Hunter barely es- 
capes in flight from elephant. 
Denny, Hilborn & Rosenbach. Infor- 
mation gleaned from the power 
press man. 22062. 
Denoyer-Geppert co. : 

Biology catalog. etc. 61521, 

See, for entries of maps, this in- 
dex under names of places. 
Dent (F. A.) : 

Halleluiah. 28814. 
White man's wife. 6366. 
Dent (G. H. B.) Reward of sym- 
pathy. 1187. 
Dent (J. G.) Rope work. 9499. 
Dentinger (W. E.) Somatic eng. in 

the alimentary canal zone. 22063. 
Dentinol. & pyorrhocide co., inc. : 

Causes & effects of pyorrhea. 

Following illus. are invaluable to 
dentists. 22064. 
Dentists' supply co. : 

Atkinson (A. E.) Carrying your 

bed with you. 20565. 
Prin. of selection & articulation. 
Denton (A. N.) McCormick (G. H.) 
agency. Jnst. place. 48127. 

Denton (C. J.) : 

Best dialogue bk. 53734. 
Christmas at Happy Valley. 

Denton's best plays & dialogues. 

Dialogues & plays for closing day. 

Denton (R. B.) Trouble shooting 
helps for machinists & operators. 

Denton (Dr.) sleeping garment mills. 
Denton mag. adv. etc. 32573- 

Denver First mortgage bond co. Ac- 
cumulative first mortgage. etc. 
55925, 55926. 

Denver, Col. Off. musicians' direct. 

Denver, Col., direct. 32579. 

Denver, Col., map. 43273-43281. 

Denver lodge no. 41, Knights of 
Pythias. See Knights of Pythias 
(Denver lodge no. 41) 

Denvir (Arthur) Prince & the prima 
donna. 6229. 

De Orriols (Alvaro) See Orriola 
(Alvaro de) 

DePalma (Ralph) Art of driving. 

Department of development & re- 
search. Ainer. telep. & teleg. co. 
See Amer. telep. & teleg. co. Dept. 
of development & research. 

Department of Educa. of United ty- 
pothetae of America. See United 
typothetae of America. Dept. of 

Department of English literature, 
Wellesley college. See Wellesley 
college. Dept. of English literature. 

Department of Eng. (Professional) 
Univ. of Neb. (Univ. extension div. 
of the) Teachers college. See 
Univ. of Neb. (Univ. extension div. 
of the) Teachers college. Dept. of 
Eng. ( Professional ) . 

Department of 111. Veterans of for. 
wars of the U. S. See Veterans of 
for. wars of the U. S. Dept. of 

Department of instr. & training. See 
Travelers. Dept. of instr. & train- 

Department of law. See LaSalle ex- 
tension univ. Dept. of law. 

Department of modern salesmanship. 
LaSalle extension univ. See La- 
Salle extension univ. Dept. of mod- 
ern salesmanship. 

Department of operation & eng. 
Amer. telep. & teleg. co. See Amer. 
telep. & teleg. co. Dept. of opera- 
tion & eng. 



pt. I, I), s., V. 22 

Department of public instr. Hawaii 
(Territory of) See Hawaii (Terri- 
tory of) Dept. of public instr. 

Department of publications. Camp 
fire girls. See Camp fire girls, dept. 
of publications. 

Department of ry. station manage- 
ments. See LaSalle extension univ. 
Dept. of ry. station management. 

Department of religious educa. Prot- 
estant Episcopal cburch in the 
U. S. A. Natl, council. See Prot- 
estant Episcopal church in the 
U. S. A. Natl, council. Dept. of 
religious educa. 

Department of religious educa. & 
psychol. Union theological semi- 
nary. See Union theological semi- 
nary. Dept. of religious educa. & 

Department of religious educa. of the 
natl. council. See Protestant Epis- 
copal church (Dept. of religious 
educa. of the natl. council) 

Department of research. See United 
typothetae of America. Dept. of 

Department of technique of instr. in 
Eng. of the Teachers college, Univ. 
of Neb. See Neb. (Univ. of) 
Teachers college (Dept. of tech- 
nique of instr. in Eng. of the) 

Department of univ. extension, Colum- 
bia Univ. See Columbia Univ. 
(Dept. of univ. extension) 

DePew (C. E. ) Lincoln adv. co. Adi- 
torials. 47980. 

De Peyster (Katherine) Etiquette. 
1189-1194, 9501-9510, 22066-22072, 
32581-32588, 46039-46045, 55927- 
55931, 61523-61529. 

De Pitray (Paul) See Pitray (Paul 

De Prorok (B. K.) Child's savings 
bank dug up in old Utica. etc. 

Dequer (J. H.) Key to human types. 

Derby (N. S.) See Palmer (N. D.) 

Derby, Conn., direct. 60778. 

Derennes (Charles) Image d'un bar. 
etc. 9518-9519. 

De Richelavie (George) Quits. 

De River (J. R.) 

Dern (Sberman) 
pby. 28622. 

Dernier (P. A.) 

De Rogartis (Frank) We, ourselves 
& the others. 65786. 

Deroissic (Marcel) Coup d'epee dans 
l'eau. 42564. 

Trance. 43037. 
Colored photogra- 

Distinctive homes. 

Sec Rosalia 


Custom house. 
See Van Der- 
Custom house. 

Custom house. 

De Rosalia (Giovanni) 

(Giovanni de) 
Derr (Thompson) 

Derveer (L. C. van) 

veer (L. C.) 


DeSanty (Frank) Won't you come 

back sweetheart of mine? 32590. 
De Savieu (Charles) While Harlem 

sleeps. 29348. 
Desclee & co. Ordinaire de la messe 

et messe pour les defunts. 64146. 
Descriptive tax-free music co. Tacs- 

phree music guide. 22073. 
DeSelms (O. C.) : 

DeSelms (O. C.) novelty co. 
Fountain pen missionary cou- 
pon, etc. 32591, 32592. 

Ann. catalog. 55932. 

Deselms watch schl. Then & now. 

Your new glasses. 46046. 
Deselms (R. E.) My four days in the 

Argonne. 9521. 
Deselms watch schl. Then & now. 

Desert News. Salt Lake City. News 

launches $5,000 ad writing contest. 

Des Gachons (Jacques) : 

Huit heures de M. Colbert. 

Nicolas Poussin. 61530. 
Des Lahrer Hinkenden boten neuer 

historischer kalender. 9520, 61531. 
Des Moines. Chamber of com. Des 

Moines. Chamber of commerce. 

Jobbers' bur. Shippers' guide. 

Des Moines. First natl. bank. Cure 

for worry. 9522. 
Des Moines, la., direct. 1196. 
Des Moines Capital. Less population 

in rural la. 4604S. 
Des Moines Sunday reg. Sec. 8. 

Photo-gravure section. 1197, 1198, 

9523-9535, 22076-22083, 32594-32604, 

46049-46056, 55933-55937, 61532, 

De Sola (Alis) : 
Panic. 42895. 
Primrose way. 
Despierres (Mile.) 

Dessart bros., inc. Domestic gauze 

masks, etc. 32605-32608. 
Desvallieres (Maurice) Champignoe 

nialgre lui. 53766. 
De Terreros (A. A. R.) See Terreros 

(A. A. R. de) 


Meilleure cuisine. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

De Tremaudan (A. H. de) See Tre- 
maudan (A. H. de) 
Detroit : 

Bldg. trades blue bk. 55938. 

Direct. 1199. 

Kingston's direct, of the bldg. 

trades. 32609-32613. 
Map. 6454, 6455, 19543-19546, 

43282^3289, 54406, 54407. 
Masonic direct. 9536. 
My neighborhood directorette. 

32610, 32611. 
Social secretary of Detroit. 
Detroit auto, club : 

Logs. etc. 32614-^32688, 46057- 

46072, 61535, 61536. 
Road log. 55939-55943. 
Detroit Edison co., map. 29483. 
Detroit Free Press : 

G. O. P. ticket sweeps state, etc. 

Richards (W. C.) Ford may get 
into shipping on big scale. 
Detroit pract. schl. of steam & elec. 

eng. Exam. ques. & ans. 32689. 
Detroit public schls. Articulation 

test. etc. 9541, 9542. 
Detroit real estate bd. : 

Detroit, Mich., map. 43289. 
Detroit Realtor. Rev. schedule of 
unit cost. 9543. 
Detroit Realtor. Rev. schedule of unit 

cost. 9543. 
Detroit research lab. Blood tests. 

etc. 32690-32698. 
Detroit show case co. Merchandising 

jewelry. 22085. 
Detroit steel product co., inc. : ' 

Causas y efectos de la piorrea. 

Detroit springs. 1200. 
Detroit stoker co. : 

Detroit stokers. 32699. 
Detroit underfeed stoker. 61537. 
Stack tables. 46073. 
Detroit Sunday Times. First choice 

on Southfleld. 55944. 
Detroit testing lab. Rept. 9544. 
Detroit twist drill co. Drill for today. 

22086, 32700. 
Dette (G. R.) Insur. 61538. 
Dettelbach (Dan) Dettelbach (D. 
W.) audit co. Labor saving com- 
parative -finan. statement. 61539. 
Deutsche chemische gesellschaft, Ber- 
lin. Berichte der Deutschen chemis- 
chen gesellschaft. 9545. 
Deutsche uhrmacherzeitung. Deut- 

scher uhrmacherkalender. 9546. 
Deutscher flug-almanach. 61540. 
Deutscher uhrmacherkalender. 9546. 
Deutsches verlagshaus Bong & co. 
See Bong & co. 

Deval (Jacques) : 

Amant reve. 18689, 28509. 
Beaute du diable. 42514. 
De Vargas (Luis) See Vargas (Luis 

Deveron (Marie) Princess Marieah. 

DeVilbiss mfg. co. DeVilbiss spray. 

Devils Lake, N. D., map. 19547. 
Devney (J. J.) Self-supporting worn- 

an. etc. 32701, 32702. 
Devoe (A. J.) Weather forecasts. 


Devoe & Raynolds co., inc. Pigments 

used for artists' oil colors, etc. 

1203, 1204. 
De Volt (Cora) Musical obligations 

of the Amer. people. 28466. 
Devon (J. Henry) pseud. See Sonnen- 

berg (J. H.) 
De Vonde (Chester) : 

Alimony market. 28504. 
Congo. 65487. 
Swamp. 54208. 
Devotional bk. co. Devotional note 

bk. etc. 32703, 32704. 
De Voy (Arthur) Smith (A. S.) Ex- 
plorer. 65417. 
Devoy (Emmet) : 

All wrong. 60025. 
Diplomat. 28677. 
Dewar (A. E.) Road to Carolina. 

De Weese (H. H.) Other side; or, De 

Wesse philosophy. 9547. 
De Werthemer (Gaston) Ballerine. 

etc. 32705, 32706. 
Dewey (H. T.) & sons co. Hands 

cold? etc. 61541, 61542. 
Dewey, 111., map. 54408. 
De Wilde (E. G.) Elements of elec. 

ignition. 55946. 
Dewing (E. B.) See Bender (E. D.) 
DeWitt (C. N.) Dragon & the beasts. 

DeWitt arrow press. Scott (F. A.) 

Your coffee now or later. 16605. 
DeWolf (David) : 

Our houses of clay. 54088. 
Suite affair. 29247. 
DeWolf (James), inc. Well-dressed 

man. 1205, 1206. , 

DeWolf (L. H.) Whom seek ye? 

DeWolf (Philip) DeWolf 's locator. 

DeWolf (W. P.) Quest for the Agua 

de Oro. 1208. 
Dexheimer (L. M.) Studies in geog. 

Dexheimer (W. A.) Silver spruce. 




pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Dexter (Gordon) 'Round the islands. 

Dexter (S. R.) : 

Property redemption. 32707. 
Realty investigation syndicate. 
We find the lost. 26722. 
Dexter (W. F.) Rose of the world. 

Dexter direct, co. : 

Community bus. direct. 45698. 
Ridgefield Park, N. J., community 

btts. direct. 21751. 
Rutherford, N. J., community bus. 
direct. 40186. 
Dexter press : 

Bogata, N. J., community bus. 

direct. 7856. 
Community bus. direct. 32124. 
Haverstraw, N. Y., community 

bus. direct. 21750. 
Wellman (Walter) Ace cross 
word puzzles. 5640, 5641. 
Dey (Charles) : 

It looks like it. 6165. 
Leech. 28924. 

Mrs. Brown's husband. 65650. 
Stupid cupid. 6298. 
De Zogheb (Jacques) See Zogheb 

(Jacques de) 
Dial. 22087. 
Dial (F. R.) : 
Air. 65426. 
Dark. 53798. 
Dial (Rebecca) See Dial (F. R.) 
Diamond crystal salt co. One hun- 
dred & one uses. 1209, 32708. 
Diamond elec. specialties corp. De- 
pendability, etc. 61543-61545. 
Diamond expansion bolt co. : 

Diamond — watrons hot galvaniz- 
ing process. 22088. 
Catalog, etc. 1210, 1211. 
Vesper. 32709. 
Diamond match co. United States, 

map. 19S02. 
Diamond pub. co. Liberty digest. 

Diamond state telep. co. Telep. direct. 

1212, 9550, 32710, 32711. 
Diamond T motor car co. Driver's 

view. 32712. 
Dicenta (Joaquin) hi jo Marieta. 

Dick «(A. B.) co. Mimeograph man- 
ual. 9551, 9552. 
Dick (F. J.) Maya chronology. 

Dick (M. T.) Gates of gold. 1213. 
Dick & Schrager, inc. Good turns. 

Dickelman (W. L.) Merchant & cus- 
tomer's fur garment insur. policy. 
Dickens (H. E.) Our Flag. 5884. 

Dickenson (Benjamin) : 
Rube's letter. 9553. 
What the city guy did to our little 
Nell. 46077. 
Dickenson (C. F.) Egypt her mys- 
teries partly unveiled. 1214. 
Dickenson (M. F.) Jungle. 28S94. 
Dickerhoff (S. C.) jr., inc.: 

Judge the Engineers by its con- 
tents. 46078. 
Nothing like the Engineers has 
ever been pubd. 32713. 
Dickerson (D. F.) Gen. agric*. 9554. 
Dickerson (G. W.) What the war 

sent back to us. 9556. 
Dickie-Raymond, inc. Direct results. 

Dickinson (Albert) co. : 
Egg rec. cal. 22283. 
From now on, a good lawn. etc. 

46079, 46080. 
Globe milk recorder. 32714. 
More eggs. etc. 1215, 1216. 
Dickinson (B. S.) Hints on frater- 
nities. 46081. 
Dickinson (F. G.) Big 10 champion. 

32715, 46082. 
Dickinson (F. S.) Sascopism. 9557. 
Dickinson (H. P.) : 

Dickinson co. Dickinson finan. 

advisory service. 32717. 
Getting the money under the idea. 
Dickinson (J. B.) Dickinson short- 
hand. 220S9. 
Dickinson (L. A.) : 

Illinois, map. 65864. 
U. S. map. 65951, 65952. 
Dickinson (T. H.) Contemporary 

plays. 28630*. 
Dickinson & co. : 

About canned corn. etc. 46084, 

Dicks kitchen. 32716. 
Dickison Co., Mich., direct. 11363. 
Dicks (Irene) Cameo. 31527. 
Dickson (Elsa) White man. 29353. 
Dickson (G. E.) Natl, surety co. 
Certified hotel guests bond. 3029. 
Dickson (H. W.) Time study. 9557. 
Dickson (Ted) White man. 29353. 
Oictaohone corp. Lawson (Bevan) 

Zero hour. 2331. 
Dictaphone sales corp. What's wrong 

with shorthand? 32718, 32719. 
Didier (Henri) Camerlynck-Guernier 
(Mme.) Au pays de France. 8515. 
Dieck & co. : 

Dorr (Wilhelm) Ringkampf in 
bildern und merkworten. 9576. 
Flaig (Walther) Felsklettern in 
bildern und merkworten. 10191. 
Luther (C. J.) Schneelauf in bil- 
dern und merkworter. etc. 
12261, 12262. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Menzler (Dora) Korperschulung 
der frau in bildern und merk- 
worten. 12692. 
Diederich-Schaefer co. Ecclesiastical 

& liturgical cal. 1291, 61664. 
Diemer (Hugo) : 

Bus. management. 32720, 32721, 

46086, 46087. 
Sales manual for La Salle indus. 
courses. 22090. 
Diesel (Eugen) Sonne Fortunats. 

Diesing (A. E.) 

Contribution toward 


lyceum. Hdbk. of 

Story of the post- 

Rosette Lan- 

a curriculum. 

Dietetic educa. 

foods. 32722. 

Dietz (August) 

office dept. 9558. 
Dietz (J. H. W.) nachf. : 
Ignorabimus. 65573. 
Kampffmeyer (Paul) Erste deut- 

sche revolution. 62503. 
Krafft (Ernst) 100 jabre eisen- 

babnunfall. 62596. 
Sozialaristokraten. 19312. 
Werk von Arno Holz. 19423*. 
Zerfass (Julius) Reise mit dem 
lumpensack. 65401. 
Dietz (W. H.) Christmas story, etc. 

9559, 9560. 
Dietz ptg. co. (Press of the) What 

women know about men? 1217. 
Dietzgen (Eugene) co. Use & care of 

drawing instruments. 
Dieudonne (R. F. E.) 

glois. 46088. 
Dieudonne (Robert) : 

Coup de deux. 28635. 
Guitare et le jazz-band. 18946. 
Digestive ferments co. Difco schem- 

tic chart. 9561. 
Digges (M. L.) My father's house. 

Dilkes (H. B.) Psychol., or shoe 

leather. 32723. 
Dill (Hays) Ebinger (D. A.) sani- 
tary mfg. co. Dill system of quick 
service. 9721. 
Dillaway (T. M.) : 

Amer. renaissance. 46089. 
Historic masterpieces of design, 
etc. 32724. 
Diller (Angela) Three writing bks. 

Dilley (P. J.) : 

•Barrel o'trouble. 42511. 
Black king. 42528. 
Hungry man. 42702. 
Red Ridinghood & the wolf. 

Snow-white & the seven dWarfs. 
Dillingham (J. C.) Mutual benefit 
life insur. co. Protection & invest- 







Man-power eng. 
Bound for Rio 

Fathomless. 9563- 

ment visualized from these photo- 
graphs. 57557. 

Dillman (J. F.) Theory of bookkeep- 
ing & acctg. 22092. 

Dillmore (R. C.) Liberty's heroes, 
flag & bell. 46090. 

Dillon (J. L.) John L. Dillon inaug- 
urates new policy. etc. 32725, 

Dillon, Read & co. Dodge dollar. 

Dillonvale, O., 

Dingens (W. 
fairy tales. 

Dingham (C. 

Dingle (Capt.) 
Grande. 32728. 

Dingle (A. E.) 

Dingle (E. J.) Laughed himself out 
of jaws of death, etc. 9566, 9567. 

Dingier (W. W.) Rubaiyat. 40158. 

Dinsmore (E. L.) : 
Ans. bk. 46091. 
Lab. manual of chem. 55950. 

Dinuba, Calif., map. 54409. 

Dippern (Karl) Lieber kerl. 53981. 

Direct advertect service : 

Homecrafters, inc. 34278. 

Independence month. 47235. 

Direct adv. agency. Fifty-two news- 
paper advs. for realtors. 55951. 

Direct adv. agency of Chicago, inc. 
Personalized publicity direct mail 
questionnaire. 46092. 

Directory of agric. & home economic 
leaders. 22094. 

Directory of cement, gypsum & lime 
mfrs. 22095. 

Directory of directors. 1218. 

Directory of directors co. Directory 
of directors. 46093, 46094. 

Directory of directors in the state of 
R. I. 32729. 

Directory of the larger New England 
mfrs. 22096. 

Directory to advertisers. 61550. 

Di Salvo (Vincenzo) pseud. See 
Resta (Renato) 

Disciples of Christ, Bd. of education. 
Pound (J- E.) Why, the when, 
the who, the what of wills. 26553. 

Dispatch ptg. co. St. Paul Pioneer 
Press. Live wires in their line. 

Display men's vr. bk. & buyers' guide. 

Display pub. co. Display world serv- 
ice bur. Survey of the display serv- 
ice field. 1219. 

Disser (J. J.) Spirit of Christmas. 

92643— 2f 



pt. i, n. s„ v. 22 

Disston (Henry) & sons, inc.: 

Catalog no. 5-S. etc. 55952, 

How a Disston hand saw is made. 

Saw in history. 9568. 
Distinctive pictures corp. Wildfire. 

Distribution service, inc. One week 

each yr. 55954. 
Distributors list. 22097. 
Distributors list. Chilton class jour. 

See Chilton class jour. Distributors 

District of Columbia, direct. 9569. 
District of Columbia, map. 19548, 

19549, 29485, 29486, 54410. 
District of Columbia inst. of certified 

public accountants. Hamel (C. D.) 

Practice before the U. S. Bd. of 

tax appeals. 46994. 
Ditmars (Raymond Lee) Living nat- 
ural hist. 19999-20036. 
Ditson (Oliver) co. Mitchell (A. J.) 

Mitchell's improved fingerboard 

chart.' 48825. 
Dittman (E. W.) Attention spotters. 

Divan (Le) Reincarnations du Pere 

Ubu. 42940*. 
Diversity mfg. co. : 

Clean news. 32732. 
C0 2 . 1222. 
Divilbliss (L. R.) Choosing a voca- 
tion. 32733. 
Divine (B. H.) Use & treatment of 

glue. 22098. 
Divine bros. co. Buffing wheels. 

Divine science pub. co., inc. : 

Murray (W. J.) Mental culture. 

Nuggets. 24574. 

W. John Murray affirmations. 

Division of child hygiene. See Minne- 
sota State bd. of health. Div. of 

child hygiene. 
Di Vita (Rosario) See Vita (Ro- 

sario di) 
D'lvoi (Paul) pseud. See Deleutre 

(P. C. P. E.) 
Dix (Beulah Marie) See Flebbe (B. 

M. D.) 
Dixie circulation bur. Every effect 

has a preceding cause. 9570. 
Dixie Co., Fla., map. 65839. 
Dixon (Flossie) See Dixon (M. F.) 
Dixon (J. W. ) Making my cakes with 

you. 1222. 1223. 
Dixon (M. F.) Bella's Billie. 42519. 
Dixon. 111., direct. 61551. 
Dixon & Hillen. Specs. 22099. 
Dixon Co., Neb., map. 60347. 

Dixon mfg. co. Dixon guaranteed 

products. 1224. 
Djabadary (M. A.) princesse. Goul- 

nara. 65542. 
Dniestroff (Gregory) Hold your 

tongue. 42688. 
Doane (Valentine) Tones of the sea. 

Dobbins (H. M.) Selling plan. 55955. 
Dobie (C. C.) : 

Dobie defends girl slayer as rules 

victim. 1225. 
Whistle & I'll come to you. 19432. 
Dobie (Gilmore) Eckersall's wonder- 
ful brain brings Chicago unexpected 
victory over Wisconsin team. etc. 
1226, 1227. 
Dobie (J. F.) ed. Publ. 46096. 
Doblin (Benjamin) How to conduct 
a one-to-one luncheon conference, 
etc. 61552, 61553. 
Doblinger (L) : 
Agri. 18680. 
Hoheit Franzl. 18971. 
Dobson (D. L.) : 

Little funny paper. 23936, 35129. 
Quick, fun. 22100. 
Dobson-Evans co. : 

Europe, map. 6464. 
Ohio, map. 6614. 
U. S., map. 6698, 6699. 
Dockham pub. co. : 

Dockham's Amer. rept. & direct. 

9571, 22101-22103. 
Dockham's dyers & finishers rept. 
Dr. Bunk. 61554. 
Dodd (H. B.) Bohemian eats of San 

Francisco. 9572. 
Dodd (J. L.) Bohemian eats of San 

Francisco. 9572. 
Dodd (L. W.) : 

Pals first. 42893. 
Stranger in the house. 42998. 
Unseen. 65779. 
Dodd (West) Dodd system of light- 
ing protection. 22104. 
Dodd & Struthers Dodd (West) 
Dodd system of lighting protection. 
Dodd, Mead & co., inc. : 

Comstock (E. B.) Mrs. Waterby 
& the nine little Waterbys. 
Everyday plays for home, schl. 

& settlement. 60104** 
Internatl. plays for young people. 

Lenglen (Suzanne) Tennis as an 
art. 34981-34992. 47855-478S7. 
Onions (B. R.) Kneel to the 
prettiest. 39070. 
Dodds (J. E.) Prayer of mastery. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Dodds (J. H.) Astro primer. 9573. 
Dodge (Amy) Teachers' manual. 

Dodge (C. K.) : 

Dodge radio shortkut. 61555. 
Honor roll. 1228. 
Dodge (F. W.) Corp.: 

Distribution list of Sweet's eng. 

catolog. 32735. 
Sweet's catalogue service. Sweet's 
architectural catalog. 59655. 

■ Sweet's power plant spec. 

digest. 41435. 
Dodge (J. W.) Stage manager's 
guide. 55957. 

Stage manager's guide. See 

Dodge (M. H.) 
Dodge (M. E.) Auto, from A to Z. 

Dodge (M. H.) Stage manager's 

guide. 1229, 55957. 
Dodge (W. H.) Radio Evening Post. 

Dodge bros., inc. : 

Sales ammunition service, etc. 
22108-22109. 32736-32740, 46097" 

Used cars. 9574, 9575. 
Dodge mfg. corp. Story of big facili- 
ties & big jobs. 22110. 
Doering (Gertrude) Edelian of the 
Edward Drummond Libbey high 
schl. 32881. 
Dormann (Felix) : 

Hoheit Franzl. 18971. 
Liebling von London. 19050. 
Yerbotene frau. 43063. 
Dorr (Wilhelm) Ringkampf in bil- 

■dern und merkworten. 9576. 
Doherty (H. L.) & co. : 

Empire gas & fuel co. & subsidi- 
aries. Indus, empire. 32939. 
O. pub. service co. Best invest- 
ment you can make. 26147. 
Dohr (J. L.) Cost acctg. 22111. 
Dolan (A. H.) Life of the Little 

■ Flower, etc. 61556-61558. 
Dolan (Agnes) Blogg & Littauer. 
Mat & copy service for your news- 
paper adv. etc. 44741-44745. 
Dolan (B. A.) Order blank. 22112. 
Dole (H. B.) trans. Children's carol. 

Dolgeville, N. T., map. 43290. 
D'Olier (Henry) jn Service on 

standards. 55958. 
Dolin (Stanislaw) Universe of ideas. 

Doll (Anthony) & co. Publicity 

guide. 22113-22115. 
Doll & Smith. Publicity guide for 

radio dealers. 22116. 
Dollar bk. house. Katzoff (S. L.) 
How to hold your husband. 2136. 

Dollar cleaning co., inc. Dollar Bill 
says progress is what counts, etc. 
9577, 9578. 
Dolley (Georges) Amours, delicies. 

Dolonne (E. A.) Education des sens. 

Dolph (F. B.) : 

Florida, map. 60355. 

Pinellas Co., Fla.. map. 19740, 

Tampa, Fla., map. 54656. 
Domann (Jack) Solution for elimi- 
nating the trouble experienced by 
dealers with used cars. 61561. 
Domer (F. A.) Baptismal font. 

Domestic appliance pub. co. Heating 

the home with oil. 55959. 
Domestic eng. co. Domestic eng. cat- 
alog direct. 1230. 
Dominik (Hans) Atlantis. 61562. 
Dominion Atlantic ry. Parker (R\. 
U.) Land of Evangeline, Nova Sco- 
tia annotated guide. 39209. 
Dominique (Pierre) pseud. See Lu- 

ehini (P. D.) 
Donahue (Jack) Corny. 28634. 
Donahue-Adams co. : 

McFadden (Ward) Secret of 
Walter Speelman's amazing suc- 
cess. 12328. 
Nerlinger (A. F.) Secret of 
finan. independence. 57689. 
Donald (G. D.) : 

California, map. 43191. 
Los Angeles, Calif., map. 6536. 
Donaldson (Finney) Relation of pic- 
tures to human thoughts. 5885. 
Donatelli granite co. Memorials in 

granite. 9579. 
Doncourt (J. H.) jr. Before & after. 

Dondo (Mathurin) : 

Pie & the tart. 54105. 
Two blind men & a donkey. 
Donham (S. A.) Economic center. 

Donley bros. co. : 

Complete the home with Donley 

devices. 9581. 
Donley bk. of fireplaces. 22118. 
Donna, Tex., map. 43291. 
Donnay (Maurice) : 

Homme leger. 42691. 
Reprise. 6240, 29145. 
Donnell (Cushing) : 

Five yards— fire ! 18895. 
Illegal. 65576. 
Jungle moon. 19014. 
Legionnaire. 53974. 
Phantom ships. 60219. 
September noon. 54162. 
Without convoy. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Donnell (J. H.) Freight rates & tar- 
iffs. 22119, 32741, 46100, 55960- 
Donnelley (C. J.) War! War! in old 

Chicago for past 20 yrs. 22120. 
Donnelley (R. H.) corp. : 

Cincinnati & suburban Bell telep. 
co. Telep. direct. 894, 895, 
21602, 21603, 45499, 61282. 

Cirizens telep. co. Telep. direct. 

111. Bell telep. co. Telep. direct. 
19S2-2005, 11245-11270. 23256- 
23271, 34334-34380, 47296-47332, 
r,i;si6-r,G.S20. 62310-62313. 

N. Y. (City) Donnelley's direct. 

X. Y. telep. co. Telep. direct. 

Southern New England telep. co. 
Telep. direct. '5047-5055, 40908- 

Telep. direct. 95S2-9585, 32742- 
32745, 46101. 
Donnelley (R. R.) & sons co.: 

Andrae (Julius) & sons co. Gen. 
catalog. 7343. 

Banister & Pollard co. Catalog. 

Banks-Miller supply co. Machin- 
ery. 20660. 

Best (E.) Plumbing & heating 
supply co. Catalog C. 20898. 

Bittenbender co. Catalog. 381. 

Blake (W. L.) & co. High grade 
plumbing fixtures. 55316. 

Capital elec. co. Elec. & radio 
merchandise. 55507. 

Cbanler pump co. Plumbing, 
st (-am, hot water & warm air 
beating supplies. 31663. 

Chase. Parker & co., inc. Iron & 
steel. 21520. 

Cox (Thos.) & sons machinery co. 
Machinery & supplies. 32360. 

Cutter & Wood supply co. Cata- 
log. 45946. 

Duncan & Goodell co. Automo- 
tive equipment & tools. 9675. 

English bros. machinery co. Ma- 
chinery & supplies. 22309. 

Fleck bros. co. Modern plumbing 
& heating supplies. 46526. 

Fla. elec. supply co. Catalog. 

Fort Pitt supply co. Plumbing, 
heating & water supplies. 

Globe machinery & supply co. 
Gen. catalog. 10608, 46798. 

Inter-mt. elec. co. Automotive 
catalog. 47379. 

James supply co. Mill, mine, fac- 
tory, plumbing, contractors', 
railroad supplies. 2085. 

Joplin supply co. Catalog. 23489. 

Kansas City pump co., inc. 
Plumbing catalog. 23512. 

Lakeside press. Training dept. 
Course in ptg. practice. 34876, 

Lawrence (F. D.) elec. co. Cat- 
alog. 2328. 

McCullough elec. co. Elec. sup- 
plies. 12284. 

McGraw (James) inc. Jobbers of 
mill supplies. 48204. 

Machinists supply co. Hd.-bk. 

Maddock & co. Tools & supplies. 

Mersick (C. S.) & co. Factory 
supplies. 24369. 

Monongahela supply co. Mine, 
mill & contractors' supplies. 

Murphy supply co. Plumbing, 
heating, steam, mill & elec. sup- 
plies, etc. 36228, 36229. 

Natl, supply co. Catalog. 36564. 

Northwestern elec. equip, co. 
Elec. merchandise. 58546. 

Norvell-Wilder hardware co. Blue 
bk. B. 58552. 

P. & H. supply co. Wholesale dis- 
tributors. 26242. 

Plumbers supply co. General cat- 
alog. 39389. 

Rochester elec. supply co. Elec. 
supplies. 4590. 

Russell (J.) & co., inc. Catalog 

St. Cloud auto supply co. Cat- 
alog. 51918. 

South Bend supply co. Catalog B. 

Southwest gen. elec. co. Gen. cat- 
alog. 17174. 

Stambaugh - Thompson co. Mill 
supplies. 41006. 

Stewart (F. H.) elec. co. Gen. 
catalog. 5222. 

Toole (Wm. K.) co. Mill sup- 
plies. 52985. 

Treadway elec. co. Catalog. 

Weed & co. Wholesale hardware, 
iron & steel mill contractors' & 
r. r. supplies. 53312. 

Wesco supply co. Catalog. 42034. 

Western iron stores co. Machin- 
ists', mill, foundry etc., sup- 
plies. 59833. 

Wing (J. T.) & co. Catalog. 
Donnelly (Dorothy) Student prince. 

6296, 29240. 
Donoghue (T. A.) First Christmas. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Donoghue (T. J.) Constructive 

commer. Spanish method. 1231. 
Donohue (M. A.) & co. Smith (L. R.) 
Nan & Ann in Manners town. etc. 
27417, 27418. 
Donohue (M. D.) My father's house. 

Donovan (Larry) Ex-mayor of Kelso 

says six in plot. 46102. 
D'Ooge (B. L.) Plunder of Syracuse. 

Dootson (L. L.) Riddle bk. 9586. 
Doran (G. H.) co. : 

Benson (E. F.) Corstophine. 

Bright Island. 28572. 
Eight little plays for children. 

Hoh (P. J.) Bible cross-word 

puzzle bk. 23134. 
Old King Cole. 42880*. 
Orczy (Em musk a, baroness) 
Moorland tragedy. 26190. 

-Mystery of the Montmartre 

hat. 4113. 
Phillimore (Mrs.) Paul. 26383, 
26384, 39317, 39318. . 
Doran (Marie) Honor pupil. 28845. 
Doran (O. T.) Syllabus for a first 
course in the hist, of educa. 46291. 
Doree (Nadage) : 

Gelta. 29389 (4). 
Sinful bachelor. 54172. 
Doremus (Mrs. C. A.) See Doremus 

(E. W.) 
Doremus (E. W.) Georgiana, duchess 

of Devonshire. 18916. 
Doremus (Laura) Character in hand- 
writing. 9587. 
Dorfman (N. N.) Hoofer. 42693. 
Dorgan (T. A.) Indoor sports, etc. 
1232-1239. 9588-9604, 22122-22138, 
32746-32757, 46103-46106, 61563- 
Dorian (Sylvestre) Epigrams of love. 

Dorland (J. P.) inc. Philadelphia. 
Direct, of material dealers. 15633. 
Dorling (Taprell) Outcast. 9605. 
Dorman (Bob) Ainer. ship highballs. 

etc. 1240-1245. 
Dorney (O. C.) : 

Dorney stand, system of simplified 

cost acctg. 46107. 
Penn trust co. Penn squibs. 
Doro (Grace) Glass houses. 53873. 
Dorrian (C. I.) Lola Montez. 28936. 

Whispering shadows. 43082. 
Dorros bros., inc. : 

Bridal veils, etc. 1246, 1247. 
Bridal wreaths, etc. 9606-9608. 
Dorsey (L. H.) Fine arts assn. Poly- 
chrome portraits. 10182. 

Dorsev (S. L.) Shillings & pence. 

Dorthy & Slater. Atlas rays. 7429. 
Dos Passos (John) Garbage mam 

Dost (C.) Uberwindung des kapi- 

talismus ! 61578. 
Doster (W. J.) Joseph sold into 

Egypt. 9609. 
Dostoevski'i (F. M.) : 

Facheuse histoire. 22139. 
Journal intime de Raskolnikov. 
D'Ostoya (Georges) Dostoevski! (F. 

M.) Facheuse histoire. 22139. 
Doten (E. K.) Pageant of the life of 

Fanny Crosby. 6208. 
Doty (L. L.) Desirability of using 
service tickets for all inspectors. 
Doubleday bros. & co. Trust dept.. 

acctg. 32758. 
Doubleday, Page & co. : 

Augusta Herald. Herald's guess- 
word puzzle. 7438-7447. 
Bullard (R. L.) Amer. delay, 
etc. 21301-21326. 

Bullard bares studied unpre- 

paredness of U. S. in 1917. etc.. 
Conrad (Joseph) Suspense. 9Q56,_ 

21767, 21768, 32163, 32164. 
Conrad (Mrs. Joseph) Joseph 
Conrad as I knew him. 45722— 
De Musset (Alfred) Story of the 

white blackbird. 9492. 
Filene (E. A.) Way out. 33274. 
Guess-word puzzles. 1248. 
Here is your ans. to the call of 

the wild. 9610. 
Internatl. bus.-inst. 46108. 
Ladies' Home Jour, one-act plays. 

Laughing Anne, & One day more. 

28920, 28921. 
Leonard (Benny) Keeping fit 
N with Benny Leonard. etc. 
Macfarlane (Willie) Athletic 
sense is necessary in golf. etc. 

-Ball not livelier claims Mac- 

Farlane. etc. 35305-35323. 
Minick. 19111*. 

Wiikins (L. A.) cotnp. French 
word & idiom lists, etc. 53381, 
Young (J. C.) Clue of the per- 
fumed bank note. etc. 28387- 

Mystery of an old book stall. 

Doubleday, Page bk. shop co. Rental 
liby. 32759. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Doud (Charlotte) Are you lonely? 

Dougherty (Mrs. C. V.) Beside the 

bonnie brier bush. 19458 (1) 
Dougherty (J. E.) Poultry raising. 

Dougherty (Patricia) Lies, cry of 

Westbrook on sickbed. 46109. 
Douglas (A. B.) City of the soul & 

other sonnets, etc. 22140, 22141. 
Douglas (A. C.) ptg. co. Miami, Fla., 

map. 658S6. 
Douglas (C.N.) Searchlight of truth. 

Douglas (Lyle) Bag o' tricks. 55964. 
Douglas (M. B.) Dreams. 28695. 
Douglas (M. D. ) Over here in Jer- 
sey. 42890. 
Douglas (Malcolm) Brownies in 

Fairyland. 53750.* 
Douglas (Richard) Over here in Jer- 
sey. 42890. 
Douglas (Ruby) Two women. 29292. 
Douglas (Walter) pseud. See Hem- 

mer (Matthias) 
Douglas, Ariz., map. 54411. 
Douglas-Pectin corp. Certo. etc. 

Douglas ptg. co. Detroit, Mich., map. 

19546, 29481, 29482. 
Douglass (H. B.) Investment buyers 

corp. Buried treasure, etc. 62359, 

Douglass (W. B.) Outline. 61580. 
Doumani ( — ) Forty six Syrian 

songs, etc. 46954, 46955. 
Dove & Robinson. Balboa Park, Calif., 

map 6399. 
Dover, N. H., direct. 1249. 
Dover, N. H., map. 43292. 
Dover, N. J., direct. 48885. 
Dow (H. F.) & co. Land of man's 

desire. 46110. 
Dow (L. F.) co. : 

Bk. of the bride, etc. 32760, 

Hist, pad cal. 47174. 
Dow, Jones & co. : 

Gasoline prices. etc. 32762-. 

Prescott (R. B.) Twenty-five yrs. 
of motor progress. 4395. 
Do well (J. E.) On your toes. 19170. 
Dowey (G. G.) Church & motion pic- 
tures. 22148. 
Dowling (A. D.) Swimmer. 9612. 
Dowling (A. N.) Little bluffer. 

Down (C. W.) Enter your radio 

world. 46111. 
Down (Oliphant) Three 1-act plavs. 

Downey (Maurice) Behind the 

scenes. 28541. 
Downey, Calif., map. 294S7. 

Downie (J. B.) Folks. 32767-32770. 
Downieville mining district, Calif., 

map. 29488. 
Downing (H. F.) Liberia & her peo- 
ple. 9613. 
Downing (H. H.) : 

Home & kitchen suggestions. 

1250-1253, 22149-22154. 
Parker (M. J.) Home & kitchen 

suggestions. 26303-26309. 
Pastry baking. 61581. 
Downing (P. J.) Three short Latin 

plays. 19363. 
Downing (W. J.) Osteopathic tech- 
nique. 9614. 
Downs (B. W.) Radio broadcasting 

station direct. 55965. 
Downs (D. G.) Hurrah for the Red, 

the White & the Blue. 61582. 
Downs (Wash) pseud. See Murr 

(L. C.) 
Downs pub. co. Collection of success- 
ful bus. plans, etc. 46112, 46113. 
Downs-Whipple (N. A.) Whipple 
(Mrs. J. T.) America's mission. 
Doying (G. E.) Illinois, map. 43358. 
Doyle (Sir A. C.) Margery genuine. 

etc. 9615, 9616. 
Doyle (Arthur) : 
Exile. 53841. 

It's time something happened. 
Doyle (E. J.) : 

Elyod's poultry instrs. 32771. 
Triple mail order plan. 55966. 
Doyle (E. R.) : 

Loveless passion. 42790. 
Tommyrot. 54236. 
Doyle (J. F.) Howe (E. J.) Repub- 
lic of Peru. 56788. 
Doyle (J. W.) co. : 
Insulate ! 46114. 

Insulate your warm air furnace. 
Drake (Carlos) Goin' abroad. 28792. 
Drake (F. E.) Book of words. 

Drake (H. G.) Evolution of varnish. 

55968, 61586. 
Drake (R. W.) Hand of Lydia. 

Drake (Stoney) Arcy. 22155. 
Drake (W. A.) Back-stage of the 

soul. 53724. 
Drake hotel co. : 

Drake. For your convenience we 

are prepared to place a six tube 

portable radio set in this room. 


Shopping list. 9617. 

Drama league of America. Best (Mrs. 

A. S.) ed. Popular study course. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Draper (Kate) That northern man. 

Draughon's bus. college. Catalog. 

Dregley (Gabor) Voros ember. 6352. 
Dreher (D. F.) : 

Dreher's simplex st. & house no. 

guide. 22157. 
Toledo, O., map. 19799. 
Dreher's music house. Spring is 

almost at hand. 9618. 
Drei. 615S7-61591. 
Drei masken verlag, a. g. : 

Achtung! welle 505! 53690. 

Fuer dich ! 53863. 

Krome (Hermann) ed. Am Rhein 

beim wein. 62604. 
Milliardensouper. 28993. 
Monsieur TrOulala. 29004. 
Oily-Polly. 54079, 60207. 
Pusztaliebchen. 19235. 
Teresina. 54218, 60281. 
Wenn man verliebt ist . . . 19423. 
Dreier (Edward) Kids of our st. 

Dreizy (J. C.) Bill Jones & other 

poems. 22160. 
Dresden (John) Famous Dresden 
condensed information service. 
Dresen (P. W.) : 

Monroe Co., N. Y., map. 29622. 
Orleans Co., N. Y., map. 29679. 
Dressel (Herman) New Barnes 

readers. 22160-22163. 
Dressier (A. F.) Blec. machinery & 

controlling apparatus. 46116. 
Dressly (Harold) Comus. 32128. 
•Drew (Pearson) U. S. crime laid to 

revolver by Austrian. 32773. 
Drew, Miss., map. 43293. 
Drewett (Stanley) Hush-a-bye baby. 

Drewry (J. E.) Chancellor David C. 

Barrow. 32774. 
Drexel (Constance) Amer. girl reptr. 
lunches with King of Spain. 1256. 
Dreyer (O. J.) Get rieh. 22164. 
Driault (Edouard) : 

Cours complet de geographie. 

Enseignement primaire et classes 
elementaires des lycees. 61593. 
Drimer (Henry) : 

Day & night. 28663. 
Don the Cossack. 28686. 
Drinkwater (John) Robert Burns. 

Driscoll (D. J.) Racing aid. 9619. 
Driscoll (L. J.) Calif, main-event 

sporting news. 31502. 
Dritz-Traum co. Distinctive group of 
beaded bags. 46117. 


Droit (C. H.) Furniture's shop's 

code of ethics. 46118. 
Drouilly (J. G.) Frangois Villon. 

Drovers jour. pub. co. Chicago daily 
drovers jour. Drovers jour. yr. bk. 
of figures. 831. 
Drozeski (F. S.) Printers' paper 

direct. 32776. 
Drozeski (S. S.) Printers' paper 

direct. 32776. 
Druce (J. J.) There sleeps Titania. 

Druck (Herman) Twin wives. 

Drucker (August) co. Prophylaxis. 

Drug store products, inc. : 

Another advantage to women. 

F e m i n e x. etc. 46120-46125, 
55969, 61594, 61595. 
Druggist weather chart. 1257. 
Druggists Circular, inc. Chain drug 

stores in the U. S. 55970. 
Drumni (H. A.) Nederland, Col., 

map. 54536. 
Drumm Standish comm. co. : 
Illus. cattle chart. 1258. 
Illus. hog chart. 32777. 
Drummond Hay {Lady) : 

High takes worry crown prince. 

etc. 32778, 32779. 
Mafalda weds prince today. 
Drury (Bernard) Exercise chart. 

Drushel (J. A.) Arithmetical essen- 
tials. 46127, 46128. 
Druten (John van) See Van Druten 

Dryer (J. A.) Great strength, perfect 

health. 46129. 
Dryice corp. of America. Dryice. 

Dryz (C. T.) Treatise on the raising 

of silver foxes. 46130. 
Duane (W. R. G.) : 

Rip & a slip. 29153. 
Think nothing of that. 19356. 
Duard (Emile) William Shakespeare. 

Duarte, Calif, direct. 24505. 
Dub (L. S. de) Diana spielt. 53808. 
Dubilier condenser & radio corp. Ap- 
plications of Dubilier condensers. 
Du Bois (Boice) Du Bois safe de- 
posit bulletin. 9621. 
Du Bois (C. C.) Bringing up the 

baby. 46131. 
Du Bois, Pa., map. 6456. 
Du Bois road direct co. : 

Pa. auto trail road guide. 9622. 
Pennsylvania, map. 6635. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Du Bose (H. M.) Blood atonement 

of Jesus Christ, etc. 9623, 9624. 
Ducas (Dorothy) : 

I gave up law for Eastern Star. 

It's a privilege to serve. 46132. 
Dudevant {Mme. ) See Sand 

(George) pseud. 
Dudley (Bide) See Dudley (W. B.) 
Dudley (F. E.) : 

Children's radio page. 32780. 
• Study in brown. 61596. 
Wm. McKinley. 46133. 
Dudley {Mrs. Leslie) Mamie. 28961. 
Dudley (W. B.) : 

All square. 18685. 
Matinee girl. 42819. 
Dudley (W. R.) Budgets we leave 

behind. 9625. 
Dudziak (Ignacy) Pamia.tka misji 

swietej. 46134. 
Duff (D. M.) Poseur. 54112. 
Duff (W. N.) Natl. assn. of life un- 
derwriters. Personal survey. 24600. 
Duffey (W. R. ) Everyman, and, Sec- 
ond shepherds' play. 28726*. 

Duffield (C. H.) Rome under Nero. 

Duffield & co. Baker (Margaret) 

Pedlar's ware. 7491. 
Duffy (B. J.) Wagon & the star. 

Dugan (J. M.) Master waiter. 22166. 
Dugan (M. R.) Economy inventory. 

etc. 61597. 61598. 
Dugan (W. F.) : 

Great thrill. 55973^55975, 61599, 

Thrills. 6325. 
Duganne (Phyllis) Heap big squaw. 

Du Genestoux (Magdeleine) : 

Aventures de Passepartout, etc. 

Cirque piccolo. 28613. 
Devinez ces proverbes. ' 1261. 
Duggan (W. J.) : 

Amer. credit system, etc. 9626, 

Amer.'s hoarded wealth. 55976. 
Does U. S. commerce require po- 
lice protection? etc. 32782, 
Error in cash price. 1262. 
D»gger (J. P.) Chiropractically 

speaking. 1263. 
Duke (A. E.) Bk. of rules of the card 

game. 55977, 61605. 
Duke (C. C.) Creed universal. 55978. 
Duke (H. C.) Public speakers are 

made not born. 46135. 
Duke (O. K.) Telep. direct. 9628. 
Duke, N. C, map. 43294. 


Duker (W. T.) co. Before you buy 
from a peddler consider these facts. 
Dukinfield (A. S.) Fire insur. sta- 
tistics state of AVash. 22167. 
Dulaney (W. H.) Chronology espe- 
cially for Bible students. 1264. 
Dulfer (Alexander) San Francisco 

blue bk. & club direct. 40245. 
Duluth, Minn., direct. 1265. 
Duluth, Minn., map. 29489, 65840. 
Duluth Herald: 

Apportioning claims on German 

payments, etc. 9630, 9631. 
Chinaman who came across, etc. 

61606, 61607. 
Credit the soul of honor. 55979. 
Set your sails, etc. 32784, 32785. 
Dumas (Paul) : 

Auto, cooling equipment. 61608. 
Front-end drives & accessory 

shafts, etc. 55980, 55981. 
Overhauling of cylinders. etc. 
46136, 46137. 
Du Maurier (Gerald) Bulldog Drum- 

mond. 28582. 
DuMaurier co. Bring it closer with 

binoculars, etc. 46138-46140. 
Dumont (C. E.) : 

Say it with flowers. 42954. 
Small town-itis. 6281. 
Dumont (Raymond) Human ape. 

Dumore products co. Kynol, an ideal 

mouth wash. 9632. 
Dun (R. G.) & co. Mercantile agency. 
Ref. bk. 2707, 35852, 35853, 62974. 
Dunbar (Barry) See Dunbar (W. L. 

Dunbar (W. L. B.) : 

Case of super-Scotch. .28594. 
Night. 19146. 
Dunbar & co. Making money with 

popcorn ! 22168. 
Dunbar pattern co. Style letter. 
9633, 9634, 22169-22171, 32786, 
46141, 46142, 55982, 61609. 
Duncan (Frances) : 

Garden plan for a schl. 46143. 
Garden plans. 9635, 9636. 
Duncan (H. I.) 6 per cent certificate. 

etc. 55983-55985. 
Duncan (J. C.) Weekly review of 
Chicago stocks. etc. 1266-1269, 
9637-9673. 22172-22190, 32787-32817, 
46144-46170, 55986-56003, 61610- 

(M. H.) Modern educa. 



equipment & tool 
Dunham (C. A.) 


(R. M.) Hi-o-hi. 34213. 
& Goodell co. Automotive 


Dunham hdbk. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Dunham (C. H.) Direct.: 
Ayer, Mass. 60847. 
Bristol, R. I. S168. 
Cumberland, R. I. 32400. 
East Greenwich, R. I. 32846. 
Groton, Mass. 60847. 
Harvard, Mass. 60847. 
Littleton, Mass. 60847. 
Narragansett, R. I. 64730. 
South Kingstown, R. I. 64730. 
Tiverton, R. I. 52972. 
Dunham (E. F.) Ties of brotherly 

love. 61616. 
Dunham (G. W.) corp. Betty Whirls 

rhymes. 61617. 
Dunham & co. We stand on this rec. 

Dunkirk, N. Y., direct. 22191. 
Dunlap (C. H.) Turn your training 

into cash. 22196. 
Dunlap (O. E.) jr. Dunlap's radio 

call bk. 9676. 
Dunlap & co. See Knox hat co. & 

Dunlap & co. 
Dunlea (N. D.) Sewin' out by the 

day. 60257. 
Dunmore (Weston) pseud. See 

Henry (G. A.) 
Dunn (C. F.) : 

Blue grass tours, inc. 44751. 
Man o' war & Thorobread farm 
tour. 22192. 
Dunn (Caesar) : 

Four-flusher. 28761, 60119. 
My favorite husband. 54052. 
Dunn (Catherine) Sampler. 40229. 
Dunn (D. E.) Gasoline sales-promo- 
tion adv. idea. 18636. 
Dunn (E. D.) Knickerbockers. 

Dunn (F. W.) Everyday classics 

first reader, etc. 22193, 22194. 
Dunn (H. B.) Zenda's mental telepa- 
thy act. 22195. 
Dunn (Herbert) Sentinel. 40452. 
Dunn (J. A.) : 

Dragon's breath. 9677. 
Pearl of Amaru. 1270. 
Dunn (J. P.) Plains poems. 56004. 
Dunn (V. K.) In time of trouble. 

Dunn, N. C, map. 29490. 
Dunne (J. J.) roofing co. Dunne 150 
lb. four play built up gravel roof 
spec. 32819. / 
Dunning (Frances) Bright lights. 

Dunning (P. H.) Bright lights. 

28573. • 
Dunphy (H. M.) A. B. C.'s of auto, 
laws, of Calif, in pictures. 1271. 
Du Page Co., 111., direct. 9678. 
Duplay (Maurice) Ecole des larrons. 

DuPlessis (Jean) Electronic atlas. 

Duplex envelope co., inc. : 

Accurate church accts. easily ob- 
tained, etc. 22197-22201. 
Aldrich (D. B.) Mr. Pledge wins. 

Children-worth all we can do for 

them. etc. 61618, 61619. 
Church income chart. 56005. 
Du-plex postal advisor. 61620. 
Perry (Rufns) Limitations of 

the envelope system. 51220. 
Suggestions for ushers. 32821. 
Duplex gas burner co. More steam 

with less gas. 9679. 
Duplex mfg. co. Duplex drain clean- 
ing devices. 22202. 
Duplex motion picture indus., inc. 
Duplex cumminone chemicals. 
Du-plex Postal Advisor. 61620. 
Duplex vaporizer co. : 

Pine tar & the lemon. 32822. 
Pine tar vaporized. 61621. 
Du Pont (J. K. F.) Painters of Del, 

Du Pont de Nemours (E. I.) & co., 
inc. : 

Blasting accessories. 56006. 
Ditching with Du Pont. etc. 

9680, 9681. 
Du Pont permissible explosives. 

etc. 22203, 22204. 
Farmers' handbk. of explosives. 

Prins. of upkeep painting for the 
petroleum indus. 46173. 
Dupre (Marcel) Traite d'improvisa- 

tion a l'orgue. 61622. 
Duquesne, Pa., map. 19550. 
Durable hosiery corp. : 

Durable salesgetter. 22205. 
When customers interrupt. 32824. 
Durand-Lefebvre (Mme) pseud. See 

Despierres ( Mile. ) 
Durand steel locker co. Catalog. 

Durango, Co., map. 43295-43298. 
Durant (G. E.) Manhattan academy 
of art. Anatomy. etc. 12489- 
Durant (Harry) When it comes to 

you. 29343. 
Durant (Will) : 

Anatole France. etc. 32825- 

Contemporary European philoso- 
phers, etc. 22206. 22207. 
Nietzche: Who he was. 1273. 
Durant, Miss., map. 29492. 
Durant, Okl., map. 29491. 
Durant motors, inc. : 

Anal, of capacity to sell Star & 
Durant cars. 22208. 

92643—26 10 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Durant motors, inc. — Continued. 

Manhattan Durant co. How to 
buy a used car right. 24175. 
Duranty (Walter) : 

Banquet in Moscow ends bicente- 
nary, etc. 46174-46205. 
Capablanca suggests new chess 

technique, etc. 61624-61644. 
French plan seeks amity with 

Soviet. 32828. 
Grafters in trade shot by Soviet, 
etc. 56007-56009. 
Durell (Fletcher) : 

Ans. to Durell & Arnold's A first 

bk. in algebra. 9682, 9683. 
Key to A first bk. in algebra, 
etc. 46206-46209. 
Durell (T. J.) Ans. to The Durell 
& Gillet N. Y. state ariths. 46210- 
Durham (A. D.) Aryans. Prospectus 

of the Aryans. 304S9. 
Durham (Helen) Nativity of the 

manger. 61615. 
Durham (J. W.) Minnesota's last 

frontier. 56010. 
Durham, N. H., direct. 1249. 
Durham, N. H., map. 6457. 
Durham-duplex razor co. Diogenes 

has a new job. 46215. 
Durieux (Jehan) Requiem. 96S4. 
Duriron co., inc. : 

Centrifugal pumps, etc. 46216, 

Drain pipe & lab. equipment, etc. 

9685, 9686. 
Duriron digestion equipment, etc. 


Price list E on Duriron acid-proof 

drain pipe, fittings, etc. 22209. 

Tanks, outlets & steam jets. etc. 

32829, 32830. 

Durkee (H. B.) Improving dormitory 

service. 96S7. 
Durkin (James) Lesson in salesman- 
ship. 46218. 
Duro system auto refinish. Best for 

refinish work. 32831. 
Du Roy (Robert R.) pseud. See 

Davidson ( S. H. ) 
Durr (C. A.) packing co., inc. Durr's 

Mohawk Valley. 32832. 
Durst (Louise) Baking indus. in Cin- 
cinnati. 46219. 
Durville (Henri) II vient. 62297. 
Dnse Mohammed Ali. Ethiopian re- 
demption (The Mystic Egyptian or- 
der of nobles & of ladies) Mystic 
Egyptian order of nobles & ladies. 
Dusinberry (C. H.) Fairy told a se- 
cret. 32833. 32834. 
Du Souchet (H. A.) My wife's step 
husband. 6378 (3). 

Duston (Merle) Radio constr. for 

the amateur, etc. 46220, 46221. 
Duston radio lab., inc. Duston (Merle) 
Radio constr. for the amateur, etc. 
46220, 46221. 
Dutch (G. IS.) Pract. drawing. 10059, 

Dutch Boy Painter. 22210, 32835- 

32837. 46222, 46223, 56011. 
Dutch Boy Quar. 22211, 32838, 46224. 
Dutchess Co., N. Y., direct. 39522. 
Dutchess mfg. co. : 

Dutchess assured sales plan. etc. 

Increase your profits. 46225. 
Duttenhofer (Val) sons' co. From the 

Chinese & the Indian. 32839. 
Dutton (E. P.) & co.: 

Manito masks. 54015.* 

Plays of G. Martinez sierra. 

Representative plays by Amer. 
dramatists from 1765 to the 
present day. 60239.* 
Verdery (Eleanor) About Ellie 
at Sandacre. 5317S. 
Duval (Norman) pseud. See Wash- 
ington (L. D.) 
Duval Co., Fla., map. 60348. 
Duval jewelry co. Growing a dia- 
mond. 9688. 
Duvall (M. M.) Mother Goose's pig. 

Duvall-Babcock co. Motogard for dis- 
tinctive protection. 22217. 
Duvernois (Henri) : 
Dibengo. 65504. 

Eternal pr'ntemps. 28719, 53836. 
Eunuque. 9689. 

Guitare et le jazz-band. 18946. 
Duz co., inc. Experts say Duz does it 

better. 32841. 
Dvorak (August) Stand, speller. 

Dwinell-Wright co. Flavor is roasted 

in. 9690, 46226. 
Dyar (R. E.) : 

Dretful snug. 28697. 
Moll, Jane & sinner. 65655. 
Dyart labs. How to apply Dyart. 

Dyer (Elizabeth) Geog. of D. C. 

Dyer (F. E.) Tenement house. 


Dyer (L. F.) Radio pocketbk. 61647. 

Dygert (H. A.) Health aid clinic. 

Urinalysis terms used in members' 

repts. 34044. 

Dyke (A. L.) Dyke's auto. & gasoline 

engine encycl. 32843. 
Dykes lumber co. Specialtv catalog. 

Dymow (Ossip) pseud. See Perel- 
man (O. I.) 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Dynamite Jake pseud. See Kilbourne 

(W. C.) 
Dyrenforth (James) Wallanbys. 

Dysart (T. B.) Tax lien foreclosures 

in Neb. 61649. 
Dyson (J. D.) Rudiments of music. 

E. I. Co. <~Aurch (E. V.) Tips for 
tbe radio «.„iateur constructor. 892. 
E. M. F. elect, yr. bk. 22218. 
E. R. V. corp. In-mo-ray tberapy. 

etc. 56013, 56014. 
Eagan (L. W.) Guide for st. car 

passengers. 61650. 
Eager (Honor) Gift tags. 56015. 
Eagle Pass, Tex., map. 19551. 
Eagle pencil co. Eagle cross word 

puzzle bk. 1277. 
Eagle-Picber lead co. : 

Eagle wire containers, etc. 1278- 

Fighting rust with sublimed blue 
lead. etc. 9691-9694. 
Eagle ptg. & binding co. Pittsfield, 

Mass., direct. 51281. 
Eagle radio co. : 
Eagle. 32844. 
Eagle conquers, space. 9695, 

End of a perfect day. etc. 46228, 

Just a song at twilight. 61651. 
Sell Eagle receivers. 22219. 
Eagle River, Wis., map. 6458. 
Eagleston (Joseph) Method to ex- 
tract the roots of quantities. 9697. 
Eagleton (H. A.) Hampton Roads 

district, Va., map. 19578. 
Eakman (F. E.) : 
I have it. 1283. 
Let there be peace. 9698. 
Earhart (Will) Teachers' bk. 10569. 
Earle (Marie), inc. Other side of the 

moon. 22220. 
Earll (Millicent) : 
Encore. 42600. 
Silver bracelet. 29194. 
Earlsboro Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Early & Daniel co. : 

Sales manual. 9699. 

Tuxedo Feed Bag. 46230, 56016, 

Tuxedo hog ration. 1284. 
Earnshaw mfg. corp. It's the little 

things. 1285. 
Earp (F. L.) War's end. 9700, 9711. 
Earseman (G. S.) Field sales or- 
ganization. 32845. 
Easley, S. C, map. 6459. 
East Brady, Pa., map. 60349. 
East Brook, inc. Turn (J. W.) Clini- 
cal experience. 17838-17840. 

East Coast development co. Fla. the 
land of opportunity. 22221. 

East coast films, inc. Crackerjack. 

East Douglas, Mass., map. 43299. 

East Falls bank & trust co. Christ- 
mas savings club. 1286. 

East Grand Forks, Minn., direct 

East Greenwich, R. I., direct. 32846. 

East Haddam, Conn., map. 43300. 

East Hampton, Conn., map. 43301. 

East Hartford, Conn., direct. 47045. 

East Michigan tourist assn. : 

Do you know these people? 56017. 
Michigan, map. 29607. 

East Montpelier, Vt, direct. 60892. 

East Paterson, N. J., map. 19553. 

East Pensacola Heights, Fla., map. 

East Rochester, N. ¥., map. 19554. 

East Syracuse, N. Y., map. 54413. 

Eastburn Heights, Del., map. 43302. 

Easterling (Anthony) Alvear snubs 
U. S. in message to Argentina. 

Eastern automatic pump co. Auto- 
matic motor driven condensation & 
boiler feed pumps & receivers. 32847. 

Eastern Buick sales co. Carbon on 
cylinder heads. 1287. 

Eastern clay products assn. Stands. 
price list. 61653. 

Eastern Okl. playgrounds assn. Play 
in eastern Okl. 32848. 

Eastern productions, inc. Prairie 
wife. 20119. 

Eastern science supply co. Stars, 
map. 60442. 

Eastern Stand. 1288, 1289, 22223, 

Eastern telep. & teleg co. Telep. di- 
rect. 9712, 32849. 

Eastern weatherstrip & screen mfg. 
co. Stop wasting heat. 61654. 

Easthampton, Mass., direct. 50862. 

Eastin (R. L.) Govt. & religion. 

Eastman (E. C.) co. Leavitt's farm- 
er's almanack. 57138. 

Eastman (L. R.) Future of the bus. 
man. 9714. 

Eastman (M. F.) Index to the Get- 
tysburg & Fort Leavenworth mili- 
tary & geological survey maps. 

Eastman (R. O.) inc. Instrs. 1925 
natl. mag. investigation, etc. 9715- 

Easton, Me., map. 65841. 

Easton, Pa., direct. 32850. 

Eastwood (Oliver) Graven image. 

Eastwood, N. Y., direct. 41461. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Eatherly (C. B.) Tampa, Fla., map. 

Eaton (R. B.) Orangeade. 42S85. 
Eaton (R. W.) Eaton's true blue 

Amer. hist, note bk. 9717. 
Eaton (T. D.) Romance of trans- 
portation. 22224. 
Eaton axle & spring co. Eaton bump- 
ers. 22225. 
Eaton bros. Eaton's ranch. 9718. 
Eau Claire, Wis., direct. 61655. 
Eau Gallis Record. Special feature 

sec. 9719. 
Ebel (P. R.) Aurora. 30548. 
Eberle (E.) Amusements dans l'etude 

du francais. 61656. 
Eberle & Riggleman : 

Economic service. 1290, 22226- 

22247, 32851-32864, 56019-56028, 


Los Angeles bus. statistics. 9720. 

Ebert (A. J.) Ants. 18699. 

Ebert (Erika) Funf englein kommen 

gesungen. 65531. 

Ebin (Louis) Progress rept. 11288. 

Ebinger (D. A.) sanitary mfg. co. 

Dill system of quick service. 9721. 

Ebroclo shirt co. Six-pt. continuous 

interfolded form. 46232. 
Eby (W. M.) : 

Fifty practical dont's for clarinet. 

etc. 32865, 32866. 
Reed knowledge. 61663. 
Virtuoso music schl. Saxophone 
embouchure, 28005. 

Saxophone lessons. 59788. 

Ecclesiastical & liturgical cal. 1291, 

Ecclesiastical Art Review. 32867, 

Echard (Margaret) : 

Be yourself, dearie! 18718. 
Davy's Irish nose. 18824. 
Happy wreck. 42666. 
He who forgets. 42670. 
Hittin' in four. 18968. 
Terrible toll. 43014. 
Echegary (Jose) Gran Galeotto. 

Eck (W. J.) Alternating-current 

block signals. 56030. 
Eckel (E. H.) Approximate place & 

time. 32868. 
Eckenrode (H. J.) What dreams may 

come. 43073. 
Eckerman (W. A.) Rev. credit. 1292. 
Eckersall (Walter) Eckersall picks 

big 10 honor teams. 61665. 
Eckhardt (C. C.) Outline of the hist. 

of modern Europe. 1293, 46233. 
Eclipse air brush co. Appl. of lac- 
quer. 9722. 
Eclipse Bendix co-operator. 32869, 
32870, 56031, 61666. 

Eclipse glare shield co. At-last! 

Eclipse. 22248. 
Eclipse machine co. : 

Catalog suppl. etc. 46234-46236. 
Eclipse Bendix co-operator. 32869, 
32870, 56031, 61666. 
Economical hygiene co. Sack truss. 

Economic systems : 

Moore (T. J.) Insyn operating 

method. 24521. 
Planogram system of accumula- 
tion. 9723. 
Economic trends. 22249-22254. 
Economist pub. co. Chicago, 111., map. 

Economy bias binding co. Gentlemen : 

true enough. 32872. 
Economy eng. co. : 

Economy non-telescoping lifter. 

etc. 22255-22260. 
Economy on the job. 9724, 9725. 
Telescoper. 9724, 9725. 
Economy glove co. Direct, for put- 
ting gloves together. 56032. 
Economy grate & equipment co., inc. : 
Memo, regarding the issue of 

$300,000. 56033. 
$300,000.00 trust. 46237. 
Economy metal weatherstrip co. All 
metal weatherstrip in cartoons, etc. 
Economy service. Apparel bulletin, 
etc. 9726-9731, 22261-22263, 32876- 
32880, 46238-46243, 61667, 61668. 
Ed (Ida Boy-) See Boy -Ed (Ida) 
Edbauer (John) New guide & key to 

Niagara Falls & Toronto. 22264. 
Eddie (Jennie) : 

Her only sin. 60134. 
Puck. 60228. 
Eddyville, Ky., map. 54414. 
Edelian of the Edward Drummond 

Libbey high schl. 32881. 
Edelman (Samuel) co. Colonial 

smoker's lamp. 56034. 
Eden pub. house. Daily talks with 

God. 45950. 

Edenburn (J. W.) Edenburn & co. 

Executive's confidential recs. 22265. 

Eder (M. D.) Too much love. 54238. 

Edeson (Robert) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 46244. 
Edey (B. O.) : 

How St. John came to Bencer's 

schl. 53921. 
Lo, the poor suitcase. 65619. 
Edgar A. Guest cal. 32882. 
Edgar-Morton co. Feeding the happy 

family. 9732. 
Edge Moor iron co. McLain-Simpers 
organization. Lakeside, the world's 
most efficient steam plant. 2535. 
Edgerton (E. I.) Ans. bk. for the 
complete algebra, etc. 61669, 61670. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Edgerton (J. A.) My personal ad- 
ventures in truth. 56035. 
Edgerton ( J. H.) Virgin Mary. 1294. 
Edgerton, Wis., map. 54415. 
Edgeworth, Pa., map. 65842. 
Edina, Mo., map. 29493. 
Edinburg, Tex., map. 43303. 
Edinger (Gaston) Amour, cette 

blague. 32883, 32884. 
Edison (T. A.) inc. Meadowcraft (W. 
H.) Notable events & achievements 
in the life of Thomas Alva Edison. 
Edison elec. appliance co., inc. Hot- 
point plan free elec. cooking schl. 
Edison lamp works of Gen. elec. co. : 
Causes & effects. 22266. 
These help you sell lamps by the 
kit. etc. 32886-32891. 

■ -See also General elec. co. Edison 

lamp works. 
Edison storage battery co. Edison 
steel-alkaline storage batteries. 
Edition Bristol, a. g. : 

Liebling von London. 19050. 
Orlow. 29064. 
Verbotene frau. 43063. 
Edition Vuvag. : 

Einmal ist Keinmal. 28707. 
Gaunerliebchen. 28777. 
Lolott. 28937. 

Tausend siisse beinchen. 54215. 
Vertauschte frau. 29308. 
Vier schlaumeier. 29311. 
Weisse weste. 54281. 
Yoshiwara. 19451. 
Editor & publisher co. Coleman (A. 
E.) New & authentic hist, of the 
Herald of the Bennetts. 8977-8987, 
21696-21701, 31966-31972. 
Edland (Elisabeth) : 
His bk. 42681. 

Over the hills & far away. 54091. 
Plum blossoms & other plays. 

Waiting guest. 54273. 
Edmonds (M. D.) Jour's, story of 100 

yrs. etc. 22268, 22269. 
Edmondson (C. C.) Spa, Waukesha, 
Wis. Food & its use. 38899, 38900. 
Edmondson (D. J.) : 
Helpmates. 28829. 
Survival of the fittest. 29249. 
Edmunds (G. J.) Mosquitoes & flies. 

Edmunds (M. M.) How to reduce the 

high cost of living. 1296. 
Edson (A. W.) : 

Busy folks, etc. 2243-2245. 
Working together. 1297. 
Edstrom-Wetmore-Henderson corp. : 
Edstrom red tip roller cures shade 
troubles. 22270. 

Hamilton (Frances) Are your 
windows well dressed. 22924. 
Educational com. Chicago, Burling- 
ton & Quincy r. r. co. Index. See 
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy r. r.. 
co. Educa. com. 
Educational dept. Associated knit un- 
derwear mfgs. of America. See As- 
sociated knit underwear mfgs. of 
America. Educa. dept. 
Educational film exchanges, inc. : 

Baby be good. 65975.- 

Beware. 54746. 

Bobby Bumps & co. 54748. 

Cheap skates. 65987. 

Dog daze. 60500. 

Fair warnings. 54774. 

Fighting dude. 66013. 

Fire away. 66016. 

In deep. 60525. 

Look out. 54831. 

Maid in Morocco. 66064. 

Movies. 54840. 

Permit me. 54862. 

Pleasure bound. 60577. 

Props & the spirits. 54871. 

Puzzle. etc. 9733-9747, 22271- 

Scrambled eggs. 66139. 

Spot light. 66149. 

Sweet & pretty. 66152. 

Tourist. 54907. 

Who's which. 60615. 
Educational films corp. of America : 

Fun's fun. 43785. 

Have a heart. 6837. 

Have mercy. 6838. 

High hopes. 19950. 

Inside out. 19969. 

Mad rush. 6906.. 

Merrymakers. 20053. 

Rock bottom. 29993. 

Ship shape. 20155. 

Wake up. 43996. 

Weak knees. 7043. 

Welcome danger. 20188. 

Wild waves. 30041. 
Educational pictures of America. 

Never fear. 43869. 
Educational pub. co. Plays & pag- 
eants for children. 54108*. 
Educator supply co. Ward (F. E.) 

Duties of Co. officers. 18094. 
Edwards (B. M.) U. S. fleet. 9748. 
Edwards (C. L.) Nature stories for 

Aunt Belinda says- 

primary grades. 

Edwards (E. G.) 

Edwards (Eleanor) Violet ray. 19413. 

Edwards (Emily) Story in your 
hand. 9750. 

Edwards (Fraser) New evidence 
filed in Rogers-Hart army contro- 
versy. 56036. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Edwards (George) Science of trap- 
ping the coyote. 9751. 
Edwards (Gus) : 

East side West side revue. 60097. 
Juvenile frolic. 60153. 
Schl. days of today. 60252. 
Seminary belles. 65727. " 
Edwards (H. S.) : 

Aeneis parva. 61671. 
There's a land that loves a sweet- 
heart. 32892. 
Edwards (J. B.) Direct selling. 

Edwards (J. D.) Aluminum paint. 

etc. 56037, 56038. 
Edwards (J. L.) Raccoon raising. 

Edwards (L. H.) L. H. Edwards 

financing plan. 9754. 
Edwards (Lelia) Prophet's voice. 

Edwards (Leo) Jerry Todd & the 

Oak Island treasure, etc. 22277- 

Edwards (M. H.) See Comstock 

(M. E.) 
Edwards (M. R.) Thought training 

for young & old. 32S93. 
Edwards (Monetta) Man created & 

not evolved. 40245. 
Edwards (O. J.) Dovre den. 46246. 
Edwards (R. G.) Wound stripe. 

Edwards (S. T.) & co. Amarillo feed 

& seed co. Highland feeds to meet 

your needs. 44088. 
Edwards (Thomas) Poems. 22280. 
Edwards (Vinton) pseud. See Ed- 
wards (Lelia) and Vinton (Iris) 
Edwards (W. L.) Congo of color. 

Edwards. Miss., map. 54416. 
Edwards adv. & promotion service. 

Series of 100 adv. 222S2. 
Edwards & Deutsch litho. co. Heinz 

interest & discount time teller. 

Edwards & Theis. Acceptance of 

checks in retail stores. 56039. 
Edwards bros. Bogard (A.) First 

yr. college math. 397. 
Edwards bros., map. 54719, 54720, 

r,472:j. 54727. 
Edwards bros. World, map. 43723. 
Edwardsport, Ind., map. 29494. 
Edwardsville, 111., direct. 1299. 
Egan (Walter) Survey of Franklin 

Co., estates. 56040. 
Eger (Rudolf) Wege nach Rom. 

Egg rec. cal. 22283. 
Eggers (F. C.) Gen. agric. 9555. 
Eggert (G. B.) Golf courses. 1300. 
Eggleston (D. C.) Higher ac- 
countancy. 61672, 61673. 

Egri (Lajos) There will be no per- 
formance. 6316. 
Egry reg. co. : 

Better shipping recs. 32894. 

Buying the better way. 1301. 

Ehler (H. B.) & co., inc. Bus. of 

raising money. 9755. 
Ehlert (Fay) Ravens nest. 42934. 
Ehrat (George) & co. Forty four 
tempting ways to serve Ehrat's 
grated Italian cheese. 46247. 
Ehresman (Margaret) Pageant of 

Arkansas. 54092. 
Ehret (George) Cal. 8491. 
Ehrlich (I. L.) : 
Delilah. 60085. 
Listening in. 6131. 
One hundred dollars. 42882. 
Ehrlich (J. H.) Christmas gift 

budget. 61674, 
Ehrmann (Harry) Fifth Ave. tailor 

to see you, sir. etc. 46248, 46249. 
Ehrmann (Max) Gay life. etc. 

32895. 32S96. 
Eibschultz (Nathan) Bodin (EL F.) 
Vultures that fly in the air. 30966. 
Eichel (L. P.) : 

Advice to the lovelorn. 18677. 
Advice to the lovelorn. 28498. 
At sea. 5925. 
Way out west. 19420. 
Eichholzer (Rupert) Voyage de 

Monsieur Perrichon. 29317.* 
Eichinger (J. W.) Iowa, map. 43364. 
Eichler (Lillian) To the manner 

born. 9756. 
Eichmann (H. N.) Commer. credit 
co. Automotive statistical service. 
Eichwaldt (J. A.) : 

Affirmation. 32897. 
Physical rejuvenation through 
mental reaction. 9757. 
Eickelberg (L. E.) : 

Farmers are being misled by short 

sighted farm leaders. 56041. 
Sunday schl. teachers' digest. 
Eickmann (Walther) I am a Chris- 
tian. 22284. 
Eilshemius (L. M.) Creation's end. 

Einarsen (Oscar) Great fivefold mes- 
sage. 46250. 
Einspruch (Henry) Jewish confes- 
sors of the faith. 56042. 
Eisenberg (I. P.) Framed. 42630. 
Eisenhart (G. H.) Progress rept. 

Eisenstadt mfg. co. Eisenstadt in- 
comparable pens. 9758. 
Eisinger (Frank) Catalog. 1303. 
Eisler (Adolf) Sanatorium G. u. G. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Eklund (K. J.) Theatrical & shop- 
ping guide. 9759. 
Eklund (L. B.) : 

Barbara's wedding day. 2S536. 
Shell-shock & flu. 29188. 
Elbe file & binder co., inc. : 

Elbe line schl. supply catalog. 

222S5, 22286. 
Elbe line supplementary catalog. 

Schl. supplies. 9760. 
El Caniino, Real. map. 54417. 
El Centro, Calif., map. 54418. 
Elden (R. W.) How to write want 

ads. etc. 1304, 1305. 
Elder (G. W.) Code of the De Molay. 

Elder (M. M.) : 

Crocker Land, map. 54397. 
Smith Sound, Greenland, map. 
Elder & Shannon : 

Human ads. 46251. 
News-ads. etc. 9761-9763, 32899- 
Eldred (E. B.) Aviator. 60037. 
Eldredge (W. S.) How to set the 

mighty powers. 9764. 
Eldridge entertainment house : 
Animated slang. 18695. 
Ashbaucher (Lorin) comp. Pop- 
ular parodies for group singing. 
At the doctor's office. 28530. 
Aunt Nan goes traveling. 28531. 
Back again, home town. 18709. 
Backbone. 18711. 
Barbarian. 18716. 
Barrel of fun. 18717. 
Betti-attitudes. 18727. 
Bluners from Blue Ridge. 18740. 
Cheer up Chad. 18778. 
Christinas everywhere. 18790. 
Christmas in the land of Make- 

Believe. 18791. 
Christmas on a day coach. 18792. 
Church plays. 1307. 
Cinderella's sisters. 18795. 
Commencement dilemma. 18806. 
Corn bringers. 18809. 
Dark meetin. 18820. 
Deacon Jenkins' choir meeting. 

Diamond pin. 18833. 
Easter lily garden. 18S56. 
Easter song bird. 18857. 
Fighting it out at the Cheer club. 

Gieseker (B. M.) Exhibition 

march & drill. 10570. 
Good English comes to town. 

Hallowe'en in the garden. 18949. 
Harvest pageant. 18953. 

Home of confusion. 18976. 
In the garden of life. 18998. 
Joseph & his brethren. 19011. 
Little learning now & then. 19056. 
Lost violin. 19069. 
Luck of Derryveraugh. 19080. 
Lucky moon. 19081. 
Lundman (Alma) comp. Armis- 
tice day program. 35213 
Magic Christmas tree. 19088. 
Man who understood women. 

Martin (J. M.) comp. Amer. pa- 
triot collection. 2615. 
Misfortunes of Arabella's fortune. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robin find a winter 

home. 19116. 
Not according to schedule. 19154. 
Old codger. 19164. 
Pie, pickle & ham. 19215. 
Pilgrim maiden's dream. 19219. 
Protecting Peg Jane. 19230. 
Rag doll's Christmas eve. 19241. 
Saint & the fairies. 19268. 
Sammy Leyman's cow, and, Liar's 

contest. 29165. 
Setting the nation right. 19280. 
Sisson (H. G.) Fickle fidelity. 

Spring's heyday. 19317. 
Sweeny (N. D.) Good Friday & 

Easter morn. 17608. 
Thanksgiving through the ages. 

They do say. 19352. 
Tilton, the uplifter. 
Truthful husbands. 
Watch your step, Wilton. 19418. 
When heroes come. 19430. 
Eleanore (Sister Mary) Little flow- 
er's love for her parents. 56044. 
Elec. apparatus com. tech. natl. sec. 
Natl. elec. light assn. See Natl. elec. 
light assn. Elec. apparatus com. 
tech. natl. sec. 
Electric bean grader products co. 
Pract. experiment with the amplifi- 
cation of radio by light. 32907. 
Electric bond & share co. Pictorial 
review of the growth of the elec. 
power & light indus. 61675. 
Electric machinery mfg. co. : 
Automatic starters. 22287. 
Belted synchronous motors. 

Elec. Buhr mills, etc. 130S, 1309. 
Synchronous motors in pulp & pa- 
per mills. 9765. 
Electric power club : 

Hdbk. of stands. 56045. 
Instr. for care & operation of 
transformers. etc. 32908- 
Transformer standards. 1310. 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Electric service supplies co. Flood- 
lighting projectors. 46253. 
Electric storage battery co. : 

Exide batteries, etc. 9766-9769, 

22288, 32912, 32913, 46254. 
Exide news. 22403. 
Exide radio batteries. 61676. 
Electrical alloy co. Pioneers in the 

elec. indus. 9770. 
Electrical bus. assn. of Cleveland. 

Rept. of com. on estimating knob 

& tube constr. 46255. 
Electrical dept. See Hartford steam 

boiler inspection & insur. co. Elec. 

Electrical trade pub. co. E M F elec. 

yrbk. 22218. 
Electrification industrielle et rurale de 

la France. 22289. 
Electro-chemical pattern & mfg. co. 

Stand, electro-chemical pattern scale. 

Electro-kold corp. Service manual. 

Electro metallurgical sales corp. 

Electromet brand. 61677. 
Electron. 9772, 9773. 22290, 32915- 

32917, 46256, 46257, 56046, 61678. 
Electron research labs. Foods, elec- 
trons & health. 56047. 
Elenius (Hannes) Siirtolaisia. 

Eleventh ward bldg. & loan assn. 

Tables of thrift. 32918. 
Elf co service. Worsek (M. M.) How 

to make more sales. 18482. 
Elfelaf (C. S.) productions. Fighting 

courage. 66012. 
Elflyn syndicate. Newspaper golf. 

Elgin painting & decorating co. Gor- 
geous reflections of exquisite tapes- 
try, etc. 22291-22293. 
Elias (A. M.) Baseball bat bag. 

Elias (M. J.) : 

Discarded. 18836. 
Stake. 29225. 
Eliot (C.'.W.) Happiness. 22295. 
Eliot (S. A.) Hist, of Cambridge, 

Mass. 32919. 
Eliot (S. A.) jr. Inhuman soil. 

Eliot, Me., direct. 46258. 
Eliott (Gilbert) & co. : 

Bank stocks. 1312. 22296. 32920- 
32923, 46259, 46260, 56048, 61679. 
See also Gilbert, Eliott & co. 
Elite entertainment bureau. Village 

of Ding Dong Bell. 54268. 
Elite stationery co. Presentation of 

Elite personal papeteries. 61680. 
Elizabeth, N. J., direct. 9774. 
Elizabeth, Pa., map. 60350. 

Elizabeth Herald & Clairton .crucible. 

Special feature sec. 32924. 
Elizabeth manor, inc. Elizabeth 

manor. 46261. 
Elkhart, 111., map. 6460. 
Elkhorn, AVis., map. 19555. 
Elkhorn life & accident ins. co. 

Choose for yourself. 46262. 
Elkin, N. C, map. 19556. 
Elkind (H. B.) Twenty aids. 46263. 
Elkins (Felton) Imperfect 36. 

Ellensburg. Wash., map. 6461, 29495. 
Eller co. Dear Friend. 1313. 
Ellicott machine corp. : 

Diesel driven hydraulic dredges. 

etc. 22297, 2229S. 
Ellicott dredging pumps in opera- 
tion. 32925. 
Ellinger (T. W. H.) Marketing live- 
stock & meats. 1S187. 
Ellingson (Dorothy) Jazz girl asks 

old man jury. 56049. 
Ellington (W. K.) : 

Joys & sorrows. etc. 32926, 

Leisure thoughts. 46264-^16267, 
Ellington, Conn., direct. 64468. 
Elliott (C. H.) co. Mercersburg cal. 

Elliott (E. S.) How to secure aa 
additional $1,000 yearly on the 
N. D. quarter sec. farm. 46268. 
Elliott (F. P.) Pals first. 42893. 
Elliott (J. L.) Chelsea idyll. 32928. 
Elliott (L. E.) Boots. 56050. 
Elliott (M. E.) : 

Animated slang. 18695. 
Dark meetin'. 18820. 
Elliott (William) Worts (G. F.) 
Son of Madame Butterfly. 42304- 
Elliott (Mrs. William) Tornado dis- 
aster. 61682. 
Elliott addressing machine co. Di- 
rect-by-mail adv. 46269. 
Elliott co. : 

Air leakage meter, etc. 61683- 

Conquering corrosion. 9775. 
Elliott co. Turbine sales dept. 

Kerr turbines. 1315. 
Feed-water heaters. 1314. 
Form CP Kerr turbine. 32929. 
Instrs. for the use of portable 

test kit. 56051. 
Lagonda valves. 22299. 
Liberty mfg. co. Liberty clean- 
ers. 62701, 62702. 
Elliott service co. Do foremen know? 

etc. 1316-1321. 
Ellis (C. E.) Buy it at home. 9776. 
Ellis (D. G.) Related science man- 
ual. 56572. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Ellis (Edith) : 

Ben of Broken Bow. 53733. 
Song. 54187. 
See also Furness (E. E.) 
Ellis (H. M.) Schwanke (W. H.) 

inc. Baby. 27155. 
Ellis (Lawrence) Ninon. 38905. 
Ellis (Nete) W. K. Johnson hem- 
stitching & picoting attachment. 
Ellis (R. E.) Re-marks. 46271, 

Ellis (R. N.) Slip-on hemstitching & 

picoting attachment. 46270. 
Ellis (S. J.) Greek educa. game. 

Ellis (S. S.) inc. Auction sales of 

real estate. 56052. 
Ellis service. Ellis (W. T.) Chris- 
tianity's experiment with socialism. 
Ellison (J. V.) : 
Bunk ! 18753. 

Cheerful liar. etc. 42463, 42464. 
Down with everything. 60094. 
King of all trades. 28468. 
Lark in the park. 42764. 
That comes later. 43015. 
That's different. 43017. 
Try & do it. 18637. 
1935. 43110. 
Elliston (Herbert) Hundreds drown 
as new flood rages in China. 46273. 
Ellreich (C. C.) Sacrifice. 6256. 
Ellsworth Wayne) Ku Klux Klan, 

what is it? 9777. 
Ellwood City Ledger. Special feature 

sect. 32931. 
Elman (D. K.) : 

Seeing the movies. 54159. 
Shooting of Sam the Jew. 54170. 
Elmer (William) Maxecrat. 9778. 
Elmhurst, Del., map. 43304. 
Elmhurst, 111., map. 19557. 
Elmira college. Introd. to the Eng. 

.Bible. 56053. 
El Monte, Calif., direct. 30143. 
El Monte, Calif., map. 54419. 
Elmore (R. E.) Church & its rela- 
tion The Kingdom. 32932. 
Elms & Sellon: 

Decorative possibilities of cre- 
tonne. 9779. 
People's outfitting co. Decorative 
possibilities of cretonne. 51207. 
Elmsford, N. Y., direct. 42109. 
El Paso, Tex., direct. 22301. 
El Paso. Tex., map. 54420. 
Elrich (O. M.) Secret of sewing. 

Elsey (M. G.) : 

Buying shoes. 60054. 
Dark side of life. 60081. 
Five or six hundred. 60114. 
Romance & kid brother. 60243. 

Elson (L. C.) Students' note-bk. & 

syllabus. 56054. 
Elson (W. H.) : 

Child-library readers, etc. 9781, 

9782, 22302, 32933, 46274. 
Manual for the Elson readers. 
Elston state bank. Our employees 

golden opportunity. 61687. 
Elto outdoor motor co. Elto, fastest 

light twin motor. 22303. 
Elton (George) Green room rags. 

Elton corps. : 

Don Q, son of Zorro. 43764. 
Douglas Fairbanks in Don Q. 
Elwell (A. F.) Mowglis howl. 2869. 
Elwell (G. D.) How to organize a 
boys' community baseball league. 
Elwood (J. W.) Lessons in furcraft. 

Elwood (Walter) Last eden. 42765. 
Ely (H. S.) Ely (H. S.) jr. High 

spots abroad. 9784. 
Ely (I. W.) Multum in parvo. 9785. 
Ely (J. J.) Devil dogs. 9786. 
Ely (L. B.) : 

Joan of Arkansas. 6109. 
Sex o'clock. 54164. 
Twinkle, twinkle. 6340. 
Ely, Minn., map. 6462. 
Ely & Walker dry goods co. Ely & 
Walker dry goods co. Merchants' 
service dept. Cut catalog. 9787. 
Elyria, O., map. 43305. 
Elzey (E. P.) My Del. 22304. 
Embleton (W. K.) Opportunity. 

Embree (D. O.) To my grandson. 

Emeny (J. J.) Vision in 1888. 9788. 
Emerfck (Robert) Fog. 9789. 
Emerson (A. B.) Ruth Fielding at 

Golden Pass. etc. 32935, 32936. 
Emerson (J. E.) : 

Emerson & co. Marking devices. 

Metal & rubber marking de- 
vices. 56056. 
Emerson (J. H.) : 

My Princess Pat. 42854. 
Poor fish. 42913. 
Whole town's talking. 65794, 
Emerson (L. P.) Revelation vs. evo- 
lution. 32937. 
Emerson (Marguerite) Searchlight 

of truth. 46275. 
Emerson (R. W.) Poems. 22306. 
Emerson & co. Marking devices. 

Emery (F. B.) Applied chem. 1327. 



pt. i, n. a., v. 22 

Emery (Gilbert) Thank you, Doctor. 

65756, 65757. 
Emery (S. M.) Scalawag. 42955. 
Emery, Hauser & Everett. Efficiency 

acctg. system. 61688. 
Eminence, Ky., map. 43306. 
Emmett Co., Mich., direct. 4219. 
Emmons & co. Nurserymen. 32938. 
Emms (J. M.) Under suspicion. 

Empey (A. G.) Sawdust rat. 61689. 
Empire gas & fuel co. & subsidiaries. 

Indus, empire. 32939. 
Empire milking machine co. How to 

milk for bigger profits. 1328. 
Empire New England co., inc. : 
Canada, map. 60334. 
Europe, map. 60352. 
New York (State) map. 60403. 
Pacific Ocean, map. 60415. 
World, map. 60473. 
Empire trust co. United family with 

an undivided estate. 1329. 
Employing bkbinders assn. of N. Y. 

By-laws. 32940. 
Emporia, Ya., map. 54421. 
Emporium, Pa., map. 65843. 
Emporium-world millinery co. Illus. 

service bk. 1330. 
Enander (H. L.) Black flower. 23560. 
Enbe syndicate. Enbe miniature cut 

service. 32941, 46276, 61690. 
Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc. : 
These eventful yrs. 46277. 
Wells (H. G.) Forecast of the 
world's affairs. 28133. 
Endelman (Edward) Save on your 

inheritance taxes. 1331. 
Enders (P. J.) pub. co. Better Wis- 
consin. 552S0. 
Endicott (D. C.) Key to fortune. 

Endicott, N. Y., direct. 30S68. * 
Endotone labs. Jak odzyskac Mlodosi? 

i Zdrowie. 1332. 
Endrey (Eugene) Matriarch. 19106. 
Enfield, Conn., direct. 1333. 
Engel (A. M.) Detroit first grade in- 
telligence test. 1334. 
Engel (Louis) Off-route guide. 

Engel (W. P.) Her masterpiece. 

Engeldrum (J. J.) : 

Disinherited. 65506. 
Jim. 42738. 
Engelhart (Al) Where there's a will. 

Engelhorns (J.) nachf . : 

Don Gil von den griinen hosen. 

Dummes zeug wird hier getrieben. 

Reineke. 65706. 
Rote mond. 54141. 

Enggass jewelry co. Choose her or 
his gift at this big busy store, etc. 

Engineering & contracting pub. co. 
Road & st. catalog. 22307. 

Engineering direct. 1335. 

Engineering News-Record. News. rec. 
kink bk. 46278. 

England (G. A.) Unwritten story. 

Engle (J. B.) Miami Beach, N. J., 
map. 65887. 

Engle (J. L.) Allegheny Co., Pa., 
map. 19463, 29403. 

Engle (W. B.) Prospectus-chart of a 
proposal. 61692-61696. 

Engleman (J. O.) New Barnes read- 
ers. 22308. 

English (Bert) : 

Directs, for scoop of winning 

words. 9803. 
Solitare. 32942. 

English (F. G.) Modern scientific 
treatment. 9804. 

English (R. F.) Modern scientific 
treatment. 9804. 

English (R. T.) Were you there, etc. 
56057, 56058. 

English bros. machinery co. Machin- 
ery & supplies. 22309. 

English dept. of the Albuquerque high 
schl. See Albuquerque high schl. 
(Eng. Dept. of the) 

Eng.-French & French-Eng. vocab- 
ulary. 32943. 

Engravo co., inc. Halloran (Mrs. M. i 
Stand, vocabulary. 10805. 

Engstrum (Paul) Duro system auto- 
refinish. Best for refinish work. 

Enholm (H. N.) Instr., direct. & 
processes for eradicating bindweed. 

Enid, Okl., direct. 46279. 

Enid, Okl., map. 43307. 

Enna (August) Don Juan Marafia. 

Ennes (Stanton) Dispatching trains 

by signal indication. 9805. 
Ennis (D. R.) Defenders of public 

morals. 28665. 
Ennist (Fred) : 

Average production falls off 6,000 
barrels daily, etc. 32945-32949. 
Coastal crude price reduction is 
feature of past wk. etc. 46280- 
Great increase in wildcat tests, 
etc. 9806-9810. 
Enright (R. E.) : 

Borrowed shield. 46287-46290. 
Grogan girl. 9811-9815. 
Mr. Monocle of Manhattan. 1336- 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Ensey (R. F.) Martin Co., Fla., map. 

Ensign (F. C.) Syllabus for a first 
course in the hist, of educa. 46291. 
Ensley, Ala., map. 54422, 54423. 
Ensminger (Abraham) Key to the 

planets. 22310. 
Enstrom (E. M.) Daily success bk. 

Enterprise & Vt., Vergennes, Vt. Spe- 
cial feature sec. 46292. : 
Enterprise, Belle Vernon, Pa. Spe- 
cial features sec. 32951. 
Enterprise chemical co. Chase sys- 
tem of raising money. 1339. 
Entwisle (S. I.). White (Alice) If a 

thing's out of style. 18250. 
Ephraim (Armand) Maitress de rof. 

Ephraim, Utah, map. 29496. 
Epicure pub. co. Shryock (E. M.) 

oomp. Epicure. 16813. 
Episcopal church (St. Frances guild 

of the) Bazaar. 56059. 
Epperson (S. C.) Special. Patriotic 

sir : Just across the Alps. 22311. 
Epps (F. A.) : 

Dept. of insur. & welfare fire pre- 
vention bulletin, etc. 56060, 
Fire prevention bul. etc. 22312, 
Epstein (S. M.) : 

Friedberg's. At the zero hr. etc. 

Join our holiday savings club. 

etc. 32952-32953. 
Sandler's (Leo) Dress up. 27084. 
Epstein (S. M.) co. Grand opening 
sale of the dollar profit store. 
Equitable bond & mortgage co. Equi- 
table achievements. 1340. 
Equitable life assurance soc. of the 
U. S.: 

Int. & discount tables. 32955. 
Me at college. 56062. 
Equitable life insur. co. of Iowa. 
Ray (P. M.) Life insur. salesman- 
-ship. 39762. 
Equitable trust co. of N. Y. : 

Far simpler than an income tax 

return, etc. 9817-9821. 
How long will your estate last? 

etc. 1341, 1342. 
Lending wings to bus. etc. 

One of the largest banks in Paris, 

too. etc. 32956, 32957. 
Stock transfer. etc. 56063- 

Suppose your dr. gave you six 
months more to live. etc. 
Tell your lawyer to-day. 9816. 

What bonds should a lawyer 
buy? 61697. 
I^quity land trust. Gilt-edge 8% se- 
cured certificates. etc. 32958, 

Era druggists direct. 9822. 
Erb (Ray) Camden shoe market. 

Startling, sudden, let-go. 55492. 
Erick (T. B.) Anthony Wayne inst. 

etc. 7371-7373. 
Erickson (A. F.) co. World does 

move. 1343. 
Erickson (E. S.) Study guide for a 

course in the psychology of common 

branches. 607S0. 
Erickson (J. N.) Hist, elm of Cam- 
bridge. 61698. 
Erickson (R. C.) Point of view. 

Ericsson (E. A.) Jester. 9823. 
Erie, Pa., direct. 32960. 
Erie, Pa., map. 65844. 
Erie City iron works. Chambers (G. 

C.) Manton makes an investment. 

Erie (Lake) map. 43308. 
Erie malleable iron co. Story of the 

Emico kondu-box. 56067. 
Erie ptg. co. Folks & flowers, etc. 

9824, 9825. 
Erikson (Leonard) Erikson (L.) 

elec. co. Lighting reflectors for 

banks. 22317. 
Eriksson (E. M.) Thurlow Weed, 

anti-masonic editor & politician. 

Erin Township, Mich., map. 19558. 
Erk (E. F.) First born documents. 

Erlanger (M. L.) Homeward bound. 

Ermine productions, inc. : 
Broken law. 6750. 
Rattler. 6976. 
Son of Sontag. 20161. 
Erney (J. F.) Cleveland pocket bus. 

& st. direct. 22318. 
Ernst (J. H.) : 

Break it gently. 28569. 
Odd jobs in rubber. 19160. 
Ernst (T. R.) Laughter. 9826. 
Ernst & Ernst. Budget control. 1344. 
Errett (J. R.) Stand, kinder-lehrer. 

etc. 9827-9S30, 32961-32964, 46298- 

Errett (J. S.) Union trust estate. 

Erskine (G. S.) Great thrill. 55973- 

55975, 61599, 61600. 
Erskine (R. N.) Jackson loose leaf. 

Erskine-Danforth corp. : 

As a capable bus. man. etc. 
32965-329S5, 56069-56086. 



pt. I, n. s., V. 22 

Erskine-Danforth corp. — Continued, 
('iirgoes of mahogany & rare 

woods, etc. 61700-61709. 
Choice mahogany furniture built 
in Maiden Lane. etc. 46302- 

Ertle (Harry) My 16 yrs. as a ref- 
eree. :-:2!)S6-32992. 
Ervine ( S. G. i Anthony & Anna. 

Erwin, Tcmi.. map. 60351. 
Erwood ( W. J.) Consolation, etc. 

46309, 46310. 
Erz (A. A.) Verdict of science on 

chiropractic. 22319. 
Escliolier (Raymond) : 
Ours. 22320. 

Quaud on conspire. 32993. 61710. 
Eskimo pie corp. Eskimo pie hdbk. 

Espinosa (J. M. ) Key to Spanish 
cmss word puzzle bk. etc. 61712, 
Espitallier (Louis) Citadel. 46311. 
Essrx. Conn., map. 54424. 
Essex Fells. X. J., direct. 48846. 
Estate stove CO. : 

Big new idea in small-home bldg. 

etc. 22327. 22328. 
Estate cook bk. etc. 1345-1350. 
Estate Retailer. 22322-22326, 
32994, 32995, 46312, 560S7, 56088. 
61714, 61715. 
How bk. of the 1925 free, coal 
campaign, etc. 32996. 32997. 
Este (Robert) pseud. See Scott (A. 

Estep (William) : 

Course of master teachings of in- 
ner mysteries. 46313. 
Path of light, etc. 22329, 22330. 
Super science & health. 32998- 
Estes (J. E.) Remember her today. 

Eternite chemical products corp. Ever- 
tite system of danrpproofing base- 
ments of residences, etc. 22331- 
Etheridge (W. B.) Michiganensian. 

Ethicus labs. inc. What everybody 
should know about digestion. 22335. 
Ethiopian redemption (The Mystic- 
Egyptian order of nobles & of 
ladies) Mystic Egyptian order of 
nobles & ladies. 9832. 
Etiquette films co. Davidson (Flora) 

Manners family, etc. 1128-1133. 
Etiquette of corres. cal. 46315. 
Etrick (F. A.) Farming in the great 

Southwest. 46316. 
Ettl studios. Catalog. 61716. 

Euclid burner sales. Euclid gas 
burner for household heating sys- 
tems. 46317. 

Euclid chemical co. Concrete floor 
hardeners. 9833. 

Eugene. Or., direct. 9834. 

Eugene, Or., map. 6463, 43369. 

Eulenberg (Herbert) Rote mond. 

Eureka, Calif., direct. 33003. 

Eureka. Calif., map. 43310. 

Eureka fire hose mfg. co. Eureka fire 
hose. 33004. 

Eureka ptg. co. Humboldt Co., Calif., 
map. 29542. 

Eureka publishers. Americans on 
guard. 28513. 

Eureka Springs commer. club. Eureka 
Springs, Arkansas, capital resort of 
the Ozarks. 56089. 

Eureka vacuum cleaner co. Eureka 
high vacuum window grams. 33005. 

Euripides : 

Adorers of Dionysos. 42479*. 
Alkestis. 60023. 
Iphigeneia at Aulis. 61717. 
Iphigenia in Aulis. 42720*. 
Iphigenia in Tauris. 42720**. 

Europa. Miss., map. 29497. 

Europe, map. 6464. 6465, 19559, 19560, 
29498, 29499, 43311, 54425, 60352, 
60353, 65845. 

European beginnings in America, map. 

Eustace (Edyth Kaigh) Through 
jungle wilds. 30026. 

Eutaw, Ala., map. 65846. 

Evangelical home for the aged of the 
German evangelical aid soc. See 
German evangelical aid soc. (Evan- 
gelical home for the aged of the) 

Evans (D. J.) : 

No husbands. 29034. 
Shakespeare pageant. 54165. 
When the blind see. 54288. 

Evans (F. B.) Two men in a pull- 
man. 61718. 


Evans (H. W.) Attitude of 

Knights, etc. 1351, 1352. 
Evans (I. M.) Su sum sa. 33006r 
Evans (N. C.) Milling chem. 23790. 
Evans (W. A.) : 

Health & success. 7346. 

How to keep well. 1353-1379, 

9835-9919, 22336-22382, 33007- 

33077, 46318-46364, 56090^56120, 


Evans (W. H.) Bible knowledge. 

Evans (W. L.) Evans ring joint. 

Evans & Barnhill, inc. : 
Plee-zing. 9922. 
Pleez-ing corp. Plee-zing. 15708. 



bos. 1-12, 1925 

etc. 33079- 

Girl mer- 

Abolish the 
etc. ,8004- 

Evans & Brisebois : 

Evans & Brisebois furniture serv- 
ice. 1380, 9923, 22383-22385. 
Progressive furniture service. 
Evans City, Pa., map. 54426. 
Evans elec. co. Double purpose wiz. 

Evans lime putty co. Here it is. 

Evans, Stillman & co. Equipment 

trust securities. 1382. 
Evanston, 111., direct. 22386. 
Evanston, 111., map. 6466. 
Evaporated milk assn. Story of evap- 
orated milk. 56122. 
Evarts (C. L.) : 

Aero prayer song. 

Radio song. 9924. 
Evening Amer. pub. co. : 
Baenziger (A. F.) 

cenary. 219. 
Brisbane ( Arthur ) 
pullman surcharge. 

About happiness, etc. 44885- 


Active corpse, etc. 474-546. 

Another bk. etc. 31071- 


Are the Japanese agile & able. 

etc. 21044-21201. 

Coal strike. etc. 55377- 


Greater Lincoln park. etc. 

Brown (Sarah) Wife driven 
from flat in negligee by fierce 
blaze. 31265. 
Chicago Evening Amer. Find 
Indiana farm slayer's. 61262-1 
Forrest (Justine) Gunmen of 

Gangland, etc. 1525-1528. 
Lee (Sonia) Boy's love-making 
unopposed, etc. 23808-23810. 

Diggers half way to entombed 

man despite rains, etc. 11919- 
Shepherd (W. D.) Says Mc- 
Clintock didn't want to wed. 
Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia : 

Best way to get & hold sales. 

Big market's big paper. etc. 

Bulletin family spends at the rate 
of $386,000. etc. 46365-46370. 
Bulletin reader spends $762,000 
for straw hats. etc. 22387- 

Christmas sales set new record in 

Philadelphia, etc. 61749-61751. 

Greater Phila. is in the making. 

etc. 56123-56129. 
25 billion, etc. 1383-1385. 
Evening Herald pub. co. Los Angeles 
Evening Herald. Your bank bk. 
Evening News assn. Salsinger (H. 

G.) Umpire. 51958. 
Evening Sun, Baltimore : 

Disposal of human husks, etc. 
56130, 56131. 
. Eclipse apparatus. 1386. 

Indians of Panama again under 

study, etc. 9935-9937. 
Mencken (H. L.) Aftermath, 
etc. 48639-48646. 

Battle joins. etc. 24328- 


Battle now over. etc. 35773- 


Bunkophagia. etc. 57347- 


Chiropractic. etc. 12669- 

Migration in ice age shown by 

skull find. 22395. 
Wife of Knapp. 33087. 
Everett (Milton) Hdbk. of southwest 

Texas. 9938. 
Everett (R. H.) Hygiene sociale. 

etc. 33088, 33089. 
Everett, Pa., map. 19561. 
Everett, Wash., direct. 9939. 
Everett, Wash., map. 19562. 
Everwear mfg. co. : 

Everwear steel playground ap- 
paratus. 9944. 
Everwear water apparatus for 

beaches, lakes, rivers. 61752. 
Really now. 22396. 
Everybody's talking machine co., inc. : 
Complete Columbia outfits, etc. 

22397, 22398. 
Honest Quaker main springs & 

repair materials. 9940. 
Quaker ideal attachment, 46371. 
Everyday almanac & home helps. 

Everyday Hostess. 9942-9943, 22399, 
33090-33092, 46372, 56132, 61753, 
Examiner ptg. co. : 

Frances (Dare) Dare will solve 
your apparel perplexities. 
San Francisco Examiner. Am- 
phibious devil dogs. 16501. 

Out of the jaws of death. 

Excelsior pubrs. Giles (J. K.) 
Rational proof of immortality. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Exceptional photoplays. 1387, 9945, 

22401, 33093, 56133. 
Exchange bur. Exchange bur. infor- 
mation service. 22402. 
Exerjian (Gabriel) D'AntS (Gabriel) 

Peace on earth. 28465. 
Exeter, N. H., direct. 9946. 
Exhibit supply co. Astrology read- 
ing, etc. 56134-56437. 
Exide News. 22403. 
Experimenter pub. co. 45 circuit- 
grams. 33094. 
Exporters' encycl. corp. Exporters' 

encycl. 9947. 
Express body corp. Landscape beauty 

hints. 1388. 
Expressions. 33095. 
Extension press. Catholic art cal. 

Eye Comfort. 22404, 46373. 
Eye sight conservation council of 
America, inc. : 
Ann. rept. 9948. 
Eyesight assay. 22405. 
Hathaway (Winifred) S c h 1. 
lighting as a factor in saving 
sight. 34005. 
Henry (G. A.) Defective eyes in 

schls. & indus. 1849. 
Story of eyesight conservation. 
Eyegraphs, inc. : 

Hartford, Conn., map. 60369. 
Road ladder. 33096, 46374, 46375. 
Eyland (S. H.) Nibroc kraft towels. 

Eyre (Lincoln) : 

Accepts Allies' terms. etc. 

Aids German cities to get loans 

here. etc. 46376-46426. 
Banks deny credits to a Stinnes 

plant, etc. 56438-56442. 
Deported Germans cross line in 
misery, etc. 33098-33122. 
Faber (Fred) Then the fun began. 
1389-1396, 9949-9956, 22406-22413, 
33123-33131, 46427-46430, 61809- 
Faber (Z. B.) Kard kennel. 9957. 
Fabian (Warner) pseud. Flaming 

youth. 28751. 
Fabre (Emile) Theatre. 60281.* 
Fabricius (Jan) Onder een dak. 

Fabulet (Louis) Kipling (Rudyard) 

Don de William. 34789. 
Factory supply co. Factory mills, con- 
tractors', r. r. & mine supplies. 
Fac-to-U mail order service. Modern 

mail order system. 33132. 
Facts & Fallacies, Brushton, N. Y. 
Special feature sec. 33133. 

Fafnir bearing co. Fafnir ball-bear- 
ings. 46431. 
Fagan (L. F.) Isle of enchantment. 

Fagan (M. C.) Snake. 6282. 
Fagg (C. J.) Freight traffic red bk. 

Fagrell (Else) Fashions, 1850-1925. 

Fahnestock (Sarah) Success. 46432. 
Fair Island fox farm. 33134. 
Fair pub. house. Fair secretary. 

33135, 33136, 61817. 
Fair trading co., inc. Real guide bk. 

of values. 9958. 
Fairbairn art co. : 

Kerr (R. N.) How they dress cos- 
tume dolls. 34742. 

Interpretive costume design. 

Fairbank (J. A.) Moonshine. 42841. 
Fairbank {Mrs. Kellogg) Moonshine. 

Fairbanks (O. W.) Lettering plates. 

Fairbanks co. Fairbanks brass & iron 

valves. 1397. 
Fairbanks, Morse & co. Home water 

service. 33137. 
Fairchance, Pa., direct. 64999. 
Fairchild pub. co. : 

Boston. Fairchild's Boston direct. 

Chicago, 111. Fairchild's men's 
wear direct. etc. 792, 793, 
31708, 31709. 
Dallas, Tex. Fairchild's Dallas 

direct. 32453. 
Fairchild's retail direct. 9959, 


New York (City) Fairchild's 

direct, etc. 3061-3065, 36671- 

36674. . 

Fairchild's retail direct. 9959, 9960. 

Faircloth (F. T.) Secret of Santa 

Claus. 1398. 
Fairfacts co., inc. Fairfacts fixtures. 

9961. 9962. 
Fairfax (B. R.) On the first tee. 

Fairfield, Conn., direct. 44864. 
Fairfield, Me., direct. 18132. 
Fairhaven, Mass., direct. 36630. 
Fairland, Okl., map. 60354. 
Fairless (Orelio) Fairless & Mazott. 
Crown of the King of Truth. 61818. 
Fairless & Mazoot. Crown of the 

King of Truth. 61818. 
Fairley map co. Memphis, Tenn., 

map. 6561. 
Fairlie (A. M.) Manufacture of sul- 
phuric acid. 61819. 
Fairmont, N. C, map. 54427. 
Fairmont, W. Va., direct. 22414. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Fairmont high schl. Vocational guid- 
ance questionnaire. 9963. 
Fairmont ry. motors, inc. : 

Accessories price list. 22415- 

Bui. etc. 9964-9968. 
Fairmont M19 safety-quick motor 
car easy light lift. etc. 1399- 
Regrind your cylinder. etc. 

Repair parts price list. 56444. 
Fairplay (Justin) [pseud.] See Hale 

(H. W.) 
Fairport, N. Y., map. 6467. 
Fairway pub. co. Hunter (Robert) 

Making of golfers. 23229. 
Fairyline. Stitching directions. 

Fales (L. F.) 68 degrees is warm. 

Fales & Jenks machine co. : 

Comparative yarn tables. 9970. 
Fraser (W. N.) Illus. catalog. 

Illus. catalog. 46434. 
Falk (Henri) : 

Gosse de riche. 6069. 
Mannequins. 65635. 
Falk (Rita) Teacher's manual. 

Falk (Sawyer) : 

For Grade's sake. 42624. 
Rape of the lock. 42933. 
Triumph of the spine. 19383. 
Falk corp. : 

Falk-Bibby coupling, etc. 9971, 

Falk small herringbone speed re- 
ducers. 22421. 
Fall River, Mass., direct. 1402. 
Faller (James) Damanigger. 6003. 
Falletta (Giusto) Martirio di due 

anime. 28975. 
Fallis, inc. : 

More than 10,000,000 people, etc. 

Peter Pan opal-hue powder. 9973. 
Fallon (T. F.) Lovebound. 42789. 
Fallow (Sam) Sam Fallow, artists 

representative. 33145. 
Falls (C. E. ) service co. At tempting 

prices, etc. 9974-10029. 
Famous players hosiery cu C dis- 
count bk. etc. 61820, 61821. 
Famous players-Las ky corp.: 
Adventure. 19S56. 
Air mail. 19860. 
Ancient highway. 60487. 
Any woman. 19863. 
Are parents people? 29S66. 
Beggar on horseback. 54745. 
Best people, etc. 46435-46442, 

Charmer. 19884. 







Coast of folly. 54763. 
Cobra, etc. 61822-61829. 
Code of the west. 19889. 
Coming through. 6762. 
Contraband. 6763. 
Crowded hour. 19894. 
Dean (F. S.) Alaskan. 
Devil's cargo. 6768. 
Dressmaker from Paris. 
East of Suez. 6772. 
Eve's secret. 29889. 
Flower of night. 60510. 
Forty winks. 6798. 
Golden bed. 6824. 
Golden princess. 54783. 
Goose hangs high. 19926. 
Grounds for divorce. 29905. 
He's a prince. 54792. 
Holman (Russell) 

Hot sheiks. 54799. 
In the name of love. 
Irish luck. 66053. 
King on Main St. etc. 

56448, 60538. 
Kiss in the dark. 19993. 
Light of the western stars. 
Little French girl. 29935. 
Locked doors. 29938. 
Lord Jim. 66058. 
Lost, a wife. 29939. 
Lovers in quarantine, etc. 

33162, 54832. 
Lucky devil. 43851. 
Madame Sans-Gene. 20047. 
Man who found himself. 54836. 
Manicure girl. 43862. 
Marry me. 43864. 
Men & women. 20052. 
Miss Bluebeard. 6919. 
New lives for old. 6922. 
Night club. 20063. 
Night life of New York. 43870. 
Not so long ago. 54846. 
O'Day (Molly) Men & women. 

Old home week. 29955. 
Paramount press sheet. 

10050, 22426-22437. 
Paths to paradise. 43920. 
Peter Pan. 6959. 
Pony express. 54867. 
Rugged water. 43950. 
Salome of the tenements. 
Seven keys to Baldpate. 
Shock punch. 30002. 
Smith (V. B.) Dangerous money. 

etc. 5030, 5031. 
Son of his father. 54892. 
Spaniard. 20163. 
Stage struck. 60597. 
Street of forgotten men. 
Swan. 7027. 
That Royle girl. 66155. 
Thundering herd. 7031. 






pt i, n. s., v. 22 

Famous players-Lasky corp. — Contd. 
Tomorrow's love. 7033. 
Too many kisses. 7035. 
Trouble with wives. 54910. 
Welcome home. 30032. 
Wild horse mesa. 54919. 
Wild, wild Susan. 54928. 
Womanhandled. 66171. 
Famous tailors corp. Dealer's confi- 
dential net price list. 1403. 
Fancher (Mildred) : 

Getting prestige. 65536. 
Me too. 60182. 
Newleweds. 60199. 
Fane (Irvin) Savitar. 27100. 
Fanny J. Crosby memorial. See 

Crosby (Fanny J.) memorial. 
Fansler (H. E.) Philippine natl. lit. 

Fansler (P. E.) : 

House heating with oil fuel. 

Iso-degree-day chart of the U. S. 
& Canada, etc. 46443, 46444. 
Fansler (T. L.) jr. Papa's election. 

Fantus (E. L.) How to be a success- 
ful agent. 46445. 
Fantus (E. L.) co. Johnson (A. J.) 

Salesman's protector. 23473. 
Fantus (Felix) Hard-boiled love. 

Faraday (Paul) Notes on old lamps. 

Faries mfg. co. Home of the Faries 

line. 22440. 
Farigaule (Louis) : 

Doctor Knock. 18839. 
Marriage de le Trouhadec. 19101. 
Farina (Pasquale) Daniel in the 

lions' den. 1404. 
Faris (L. A.) Stand. Bible story. 

Farkas (Imre)^ N6t;1s kapitany. 

Farkas (Karl) Rivieratraum. 29156. 
Farley (E. B.) From my garden of 

thoughts. 61830. 
Farley (J. R.) Super sex. 19331. 
Farm bid. pub. co. : 

Douglas, Neb., direct. 64133. 
Omaha, Neb., direct. 64133. 
St. Joseph, Kan., direct. 64553. 
Sarpy Co., Neb., direct. 64133. 
- Sedgwick Co., rural direct. 59127. 
Farm implement news co. Farm im- 
plement news buyer's guide. 22441. 
Farm jour. : 

Balanced adv. 10053. 
Co. index. 61831. 
Farm autos & accessories. 33163. 
Farm memo cal. 56449. 
Farmer (C. B.) Creed that brought 
success. 10054. 

Farmers alliance insur. co., Kansas 

cal. 61832. 
Farmer's almanac. 10055. 
Farmers & merchants savings bank. 

Foundation, etc. 10056, 10057. 
Farmers deposit savings bank. Prince 

Christmas club. 1405. 
Farmers loan & trust co. Farmers' 

loan & trust co. 22442. 
Farmers savings bank. Your sure 

harvest. 33164. 
Farmers state bank. Bank messenger. 

Farmington, 111., map. 29500. 
Farmington, N. H., direct. 1249. 
Farmville, Va., map. 29501. 
Farnham (M. L.) Neighborly neigh- 
bors. 54063. 
Farnol (Jeffery) Manhattan. See 

Holman (Russell) 11127. 
Farnsworth (C. H.) Girls camp. 

Farnsworth (D. B.) jr.: 

Public state bank. Protected in- 
come bond. 39659. 
Protected income bond pay- 
ment bk. 51482. 
Farnum (R. B.) Pract. drawing. 

10058, 22443, 46447, 46448. 
Farquhar (A. B.) co., ltd. Mfrs. con- 
tinuous interfolded cost system. 
Farquhar (Ross) : 

Backbone. 18711. 
Old codger. 19164. 
Farquhar & Albright co. Stehman 
(J. H.) jr. ed. Applied movement 
primary practice pads. 41206. 
Farr (W. E.) Farr's st. guide. 

Farr & co. : 

Central Aguirre sugar co. 1407. 
Cuba cane sugar corp. etc. 

56450, 56451. 
Manual of sugar co.s. etc. 33165. 
Farrah (E. S.) I'm sad & blue. 

Farrar (F. W.) Bible. 22445. 
Farrar (John) Magic sea shell. 

Farrell (L. B.) : 

Fear complex — not highbrow. 

Gold & dust. 42647. 
Whipped. 6365. 
Farrell-Cheek steel foundry co. Far- 

rell's 85. 10060. 
Farrelly-Walsh. inc. Genuine rims & 

wheel pts. 33167. 
Farrington (F. E.) Chevy Chase 

schl. Catalog. 21545. 
Farris (V. M.) Fairmont high schl. 
Vocational guidance questionnaire. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Farwell, Mich. 
Fashion coram. 

erwear assn. 

Fashion sales co 
Fashion Service. 

map. 6468. 
See Natl knitted out- 
( Fashion comm. of 

Contract. 56452. 
61834, 61835. 
Fashion wear hosiery co. Fashion 

wear quality hosiery- 10061. 
Fashion wear shirt co. Fashion wear 

shirts. 10062, 33168. 
Fasquelle (Eugene) Mardrus (J. C.) 

Cantique des cantiques. 62854. 
Fassett (Dorothea) Courage. 65490. 
Faulkner (J. A.) Miraculous birth 

of our Lord. 10063. 
Faulkner (Margaret) Still small 

voice. 22446. 
Faultless rubber co. Faultless wear- 
ever rubber sundries. 1408, 1409, 
22447, 33169, 33170. 
Faunthorpe (J. C.) Chased through 
jungle by ferocious boar. etc. 
Faure (Gabriel) Journee avec Pierre 

Loti. 10069. 
Favor (H. C.) Trees & how to save 

them. 10069. 
Fawcett (P. H.) : 

Bobbed-hair flappers greet Faw- 
cett at edge of Jungle. 33171. 
Col Fawcett expects to find tribes 
of Amazons in jungle. etc. 
22448, 22449. 
Fawcett & Fawcett. Fawcett's ap- 
pointment bk. 10070. 
Fawcett pub. co. Fawcett & Fawcett. 

Fawcett's appointment bk. 10070. 
Fawnskin folks. 33172. 
Fax (James) : 

Avenger. 5930. 
Retribution. 60240. 
Fay (Alice) Parnassus. 10071. 
Fayard (Artheme) & cie. : 

Manon, fille galante. 28968. 

de Alexandre Parodi. 

Journal d'un colonel. 


Fayard (Jean) 

Faycox (Emma) Washburne individ- 
ual arith. etc. 28096. 

Fayette, Miss., map. 29502. 

Fayette, Mo., map. 43312. 

Fayette Co., Pa., map. 6469. 

Fazio (Achille) Papa or nothing. 

Fealy (L. A.) Four keys to the king- 
dom of heaven, etc. 1410, 1411. 

Feary (C. L.) Divine tree. etc. 

Feasel (W. H.) 

Credit & collections. 

Feast & fast cal. 33177. ' 
Feather (William) co. Getting ahead 

Feature hosiery mills. Dame Fashion 

decrees. 22451. 
Feature press. Tenings bros. & co. 
Stand, radio station logger. 27785. 
Feature service bur. Cross-word puz- 
zle tablet. 10072. 
Feck (L. A.) Complimentary notice. 

etc. 46450-46452. 
Fedders mfg. co. . Bronseal piston 

rings. 10073, 10074. 
Feder (Adelberg) stores, inc. Peo- 
ple's store. Announcing the opening 
of our new store, etc. 51212. 
Federal art guild. If I could come to 

you to-day. etc. 1412-1425. 
Federal commer-detective assn. Fed- 
eral service. 33178. 
Federal feature syndicate. Bernstein 
(Herman) Balfour fears world, 
etc. 315-318. 
Federal feature syndicate. Bernstein 
(Herman) Besredka, head of Pas- 
teur inst., sees America leading 
scientific world, etc. 7670-7677. 
Federal fur dyeing corp. Becher 
(H. M.) How to judge furs. 7581. 
Federal light & traction co., map. 

Federal ptg. co. Christmas bul. of the 

best bks. etc. 56453, 56454. 
Federal reserve life insur. co. : 

Semi-ann. statement, etc. 33179, 

Stock purchase contract. etc. 
Federal reserve system. "What our 
membership in the Federal reserve 
system means to you. 56455. 
Federal schls., inc. : 

Almars (Joseph) Commer. de- 
signing. 20280. 
Calhoun (F. D.) Lesson demon- 
stration of composition. 709, 
Hutton (Hugh) Modern Aladdin. 

Illus. a profession. 61836. 
See Minneapolis. Federal schls., 
Federal securities corp. Your estate. 


Federal trade information service. 

IT. S. Federal taxes for 1924. 5480. 

Federation of mutual fire insur. co.s. 

Proceedings & papers. 22457, 56456. 

Federer (G. T.) Federer's computing 

chart. 61837. 
Feeney (J. L.) Union labor direct. 

Feeny (Leonard) Poems. 46454. 
Feerick (F. P.) Hart (F. J.) monu- 
ment co. Monuments of the ages. 
56710, 62141. 
Fef pseud. See Bell (A. G.) 
Feige (Gregory) Pagandom. 20570. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Feigel (M.) & bro., inc. Romance of 

shellac. 33181. 

Feigenbaurn (Jos.) Safety concrete 

incinerator co., inc. Making waste 

make haste, etc. 16433, 16434. 

Feigl (J. M.) French verbs. 10075. 

Feiker (D. R.) Spare time study 

course of watch-repairing. 22458. 
Feitelberg (A. D.) & co. Most re- 
markable opportunity in foreign se- 
curities. 10076. 
Feldheim (D. S.) Eng. for beginners. 

Feldman (Anatole) Half baked. 

Felix (E. H.) How to pick a good 

radio set. 46455. 
Felix (W. B.) Felix (W. B.) co. 

Contract of appointment. 10077. 
Feiker (C. C.) Major (Jack) Mark 

of the blood brother. 4S472. 
Fellows gear shaper co. Put money 

in your purse. 61S38. 
Fellows medical mfg. co. Heart & its 

disorders. 22460. 
Fels. & co. : 

After 25 yrs. I know. etc. 10078- 

10104. 33182-33200. 
If I were a woman, etc. 61839, 

If you could buy health, etc. 
46456, 46457. 
Felsen (M. B.) Survival. 43004. 
Felt & Tarrant mfg co. : 

Comptometer course. 46458. 
Decimal of a rupee. 10105. 
Decimals of a foot for each % of 

an inch. 56457. 
Pay roll table. 33201. 
Felter (G. A.) Stand thou by. 22461. 
Felty (E. F.) Economy chart. 33202. 
Fendrick (Raymond) : 

Britain attacks Turks'. etc. 

British offer Turkey Bagdad r. r. 

pact. etc. 10106-10125. 
Bulgars avert serious trouble with 
Jugo-Slavs. etc. 22462-22471. 
Caillaux plans U. S. trip to talk 
debts & loan. etc. 33203- 
Haywood, broke & disgusted, may 
come home. etc. 1426-1429. 
Fenn ( D. F. ) Bootlegging tobacco. 

Fenner (E. H.) : . 

Apple of her eye. 60029. 
Disturbing element. 
Printer's ink. 65696 
White aster. 65789. 
Fenner (W. H.) : 

Disturbing element. 
Printer's ink. 65696. 
White aster. 65789. 

Fenner & Beane. New Orleans cotton 
exchange. Texas weather & cotton 
rept. 13363. 
Fensky (Charles) Radium ear aids 

the deaf to hear. 22472. 
Fenton (C. L.) : 

Dwellers of the ponds. etc. 

Embroyology & its evidence for 

evolution, etc. 10126, 10127. 
Life among the apes & monkeys. 

Lower invertebrate animals. 

Recs. of evolution. 10128. 
Fenton (M. A.) Recs. of evolution. 

Fenton (Norman) Outline for self- 
anal. & improvement. 61841. ■ 
Feoderoff (Leo) Night of love. 6192. 
Ferber (Edna) : 
Eldest. 53830. 
Minick. 19111*, 65647. 
Ferenc (Martos> See Martos (Fe- 

Ferenczi (J.) & fils. Sazie (Leon) 
Zigomar contre Zigomar. 27104- 
Feret (C. T.) Chauffeurs. 1430. 
Fergus Falls, Minn., map. 19563. 
Ferguson (A. C.) Stand., speller. 

Ferguson (G. R.) Lolomi. 53990. 
Ferguson (George) Soaring flight & 

power. 1431. 
Ferguson (H. K.) co. Big bus. builds 

the Ferguson way. 10129. 
Ferguson (J. B.) inc. Blind hus- 
bands. 10130. 
Ferguson (T. R.) : 

Elston state bank. Our employees 

golden opportunity. 61687. 
Suburban trust & savings bank. 
Certificate for first mortgage. 
Ferguson (Wynne) : 

Easv lessons in auction bridge. 

Rules & laws of auction bridge. 

100 bridge lessons. 22478. 
Fernandez (M. V.) Two-letter word 

chart of the Eng. lang. 22479. 
Fernandez Ardavfn (Luis) Dona 

diabla etc. 60092, 60093. 
Fernandez de la Puente (Manuel) 

Molino de la viuda. 6180. 
Fernandez del Villar (Jose) Senorita 

Primavera. 60256. 
Fernandez-Shaw (Carlos) Vida breve. 

Fernbach .(Joseph) Who's the boss! 

Ferrand (A.) How to build a good 
B eliminator. 61812. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Ferrar (Jules) Ephraim's black 

Santa Claus. 46482. 
Ferrari (Ineris) Behold the world. 

Ferrer (S. M.) Seeking a symbol. 

Ferrero (Guglielmo) Ferrero predicts 

Mussolini's fall. 1432. 
Ferris (C. E.) What is modern mer- 
chandising. 1433. 
Ferris (W. J.) Masha the merciless. 

Ferris (W. L.) Colonel Chabert. 

Ferron (M. L.) Murza (Dr.) Little 

bk. of wonders. 48939. 
Fersen (Eugene) Triune system. 

10131, 10132, 22480, 46483. 
Ferster (L. F.) Busyness vs. bus. 

etc. 33232-33250. 
Fesell (F. A.) Guaranteed success- 
system. 1621, 1622. 
Fessler (Walter) Ride for life. 

Fetherston (T. O.) comp. Oast iron 

welding. 22481. 
Fetter (G, W.) co. Sure Trip bk. wins 

out over customer's own product. 

Fetterolf (H. G.) co. Nicols (George) 

& co. Fetterolf quality Wiltons. 

Fetzer (Herman) Beacon Jour.'s off. 

outline of Akron's hist. 22482. 
Feuchtinger (Eugene) Manual for 
the study of the human voice. 
Feuerstein (Michael) From bed & 

board. 28769. 
Feuerstein (Richard) From bed & 

board. 28769. 
Feusier (N. R.) : 

Her midnight visitor. 18960. 
Jes' lookin' 'round. 53946. 
Fewkes (John) Virginal conception. 

Feydeau (Georges) Champignol mal- 

gre lui. 53766. 
Fialks (Nathan) HobbiS rpaA. Novy 

grad. (The New City) 33251. 
Fickinger (P. L.) Mirage, 1925. 

Fidelis (Sister) : 

Little flower prayer bk. 61843. 
Little Queen. 56458. 
Prazini. 46485. 
Fidelity & casualty co. of N. Y. Roof 

guarantee policy. 46486. 
Fidelity & deposit co. of Md. Govt. 

purchases & contracts. 33252. 
Fidelity investment assn. : 

Paid up annuity contract. 61844. 
$2000 special annuity contract. 
22483, 22484. 

Fidelity mutual life insur. co. What's 

ahead? 46487. 
Fidelity trust co. : 

Finan. independence. 22485. 
Let Father Time work for you 
not against you. etc. 10134- 
Fidelity union trust co. : 

Descent & distribution of prop- 
erty in N.J. 10150. 
How much will your estate shrink? 
etc. 33253-33258. 
Fiegley (S. H.) Brown & Caine, inc. 

Bee Cee products- 45031. 
Field (C. A. Birch)- See Birch-Field 

(C. A.) 
Field (C. W.) Marshall, Tex., map. 

Field (Carter) U. S. govt, ready to 
co-operate in opening St. Lucie inlet 
to commerce. 10151. 
Field (Eugene) Wynken, Blynken & 

Nod. 22486. 
Field (Jane) pseud. See Kennedy 

(J. Z.) 
Field (Louis) Just in jest. 1434- 
1437, 10152-10165, 22487-22492, 
33259-33268, 46488-46493, 56459. 
Field (Marshall) & co. Home beau- 

■tiful. 56460. 
Field (W. T.) : 

Direct, to teachers for the use 
of the Field-Martin primer, etc. 
33270, 33271. 
Field fifth reader. 33269. 
Field fourth reader, etc. 10166, 

Field, the Tenn. Burbank. 33272. 
Field word & sentence tests, etc. 
Field dog stud bk. 33273. 
Fieldbrave (Alfred) Apostolic mode 

of baptism. 46499. 
Fielding (W. J.) : 

Child's sexual life. etc. 22493, 

Determination of sex. etc. 61845- 

Homo-sexual life. etc. 46500, 
Fields (D. M.) I'm going to Tia 

Juana. etc. 61848-61850. 
Fields (Robert) Information for buy- 
ers. 10168. 
Fields (W. C.) : 

Bimbo lodge. 5948. 
Great Magillicuddy. 42656. 
Sleeping porch. 6279. 
Fields motor car co. : 

Grout (W. A.) Balance held es- 
sential to good sales force. 

Careful training needed by 

auto, salesman. etc. 46903- 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Fields motor car co. — Continued. 

Grout (W. A.) Chevrolet auto 
sales cycle. 228S9. 
Fifield (E. W.) : 

Deacon Jenkins' choir meeting. 

Diamonds & hearts. 43110 (6). 
Fifth ave. corset co. ? inc. Throw 
' away your corset! 56461. 
Fifth Ave. fashion service : 

Plaids play a part in new knitted 

modes. 1438. 
Sweet (I. M.) Lure of lace in- 
spires the knitted shawl. 2770S. 

Necessary accessory is the 

knitted scarf. etc. 17609- 
Turtle neck takes a smart step to 
the fore. etc. 22495, 22496. 
Figg-Hoblyn (R. A.) Incidents of 

Calif, hist. 10169. 
Filene (E. A.) AVay out. 33274. 
Filene's (W.) sons co. : 




31932. 45589, 

values for the 

Filene baby 

Clothes. 8034. 

Filene's classified 
whole family. 

Finan. division & training dept. 

Main store. 1439. 

Main store floor superintendents 

& the training dept. Main store 
service division. 1440. 
Fillmore (A. L.) Simplified rudi- 
ments of music. r>6462. 
Fillmore (J. E.) Open door. 29061. 
Fillmore bros. co. : 

Freeman (C. R.) Tableaux. 1557. 
Heyser (E. K. ) Eternal Son of 
God. 11005. 
Film Progress. 1441-1443, 10173, 
10174. 22500, 22501, 33282-33284, 
Filmtechnik. 61851-61862. 
Finance co. of America at Baltimore. 

E Z pay plan. 46502, 46503. 
Finance pub. co. Jordan (E. S.) 
Where do we go from here? 47541. 
Financial advertisers assn. of Amer- 
ica. Banking & finance simplified. 
Financial adv. corp. : 

Christmas club pass bk. 22502. 
Dear Christmas club member ! 

Inland trust & savings bank. 
This certificate. 34402. 
Financial div. & training dept. 
Filene's (William) sons co. See 
Filene's (William) sons co. Finan. 
div. & training dept. 

Financial pub. co. : 

Adequate bond values, etc. 61864, 

Bonds listed on N. Y. exchange 
payable at a premium. 33286. 
Graph. showing mo. deposits 
which accumulate, etc. 22503, 
Int. tables. 56466. 
Serial bond values tables. 10175. 
Finan. service syndicate. Modern 

finan. service. 1444. 
Fincastle Herald. Special sec. 10176. 
Finch (J. B.) Duluth, Minn., map. 

Finch (W. O.) Bkkeepers master 

key. 61S66. 
Findlay (Paul) : 

Brass tack selling suggestions. 

etc. 10177-10181. 
Chain store grocers want increase 
in gross profits. 1445. 
Findlay, O., direct. 1446. 
Findley (O. P.) Univer. auto signal 

code. 1447. 
Findley (W. C.) Research data for 

long div. 17563. 
Fine arts assn. Polychrome portraits. 

Fine feature service. Burman (H. A.) 

Jew & the arts. 45221. 
Fineberg (H. L.) Struggle & victory. 

Finger (C. J.) : 

Bk. of strange murders, etc. 

Gist of Burton's anatomy of mel- 
ancholy, etc. 22505-22508. 
Romantic rascals. 33293, 46504, 
46505, 56467, 56468. 
Finlay (C. E.) Finlay realty co., inc. 

Kenwood. 56469. 
Finletter (G. D.) Runaway road. 

Finley (Wilson) Finley (Wilson) co. 

Catalogue. 61867. 
Finn (A. F.) Speaker of the House 

has a dream. 54191. 
Finn (M. J.) pump mfg. co. : 

Sweet's architectural catalog. 

Tag no. 1-5. 1448-1452. 
Finnegan (Edward) Prodigal son. 

Fiorentino (Franco) Ne' pace ne' per- 

dono ! 19138. 
Fique (Carl) Castles in the air. 

Fireside indus. inc. : 
Catalogue. 46506. 
Petite (G. A.) Decorative appli- 
cation of plant & animate life. 
Firestone tire & rubber co. Firestone 
twenty-fifth anniv. 46507. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Firman (S. G.) Winston companion 

readers. 22509. 

First Baptist church, Ladies' , indus. 

soc. See Charleston, S. C, First 

Baptist church, Ladies' indus. soc. 

First Christian church of numerology 

science. Charter. 46508. 
First natl. bank: 

Portsmouth^ O. First natl. bank. 
Source of prosperity. 39443. 

When you're looking ahead. 

See Oakland, Calif. First natl. 

See Portsmouth, O. First national 
First natl. bank & trust co., Hamilton, 
O. See Hamilton, O. First natl. 
bank & trust co. 
First natl. bank in St. Louis. Built 

for you. 33293. 
First natl. bank of Boston: 

Boston. First natl. bank. In- 
heritance tax information. 
See Boston. First natl. bank. 
First natl. bank of Hartford. See 

Hartford. First natl. bank. 
First natl. bank of Long Beach. Long 
Beach, Calif. First . natl. bank. 
Showing the wealth-bldg. possibili- 
ties. 2452. 
First natl. pictures, inc. : 
As man desires. 6729. 
Chickie. 19885. 
Desert flower. 29880. 
Frivolous Sal. 6802, 6803. 
Half-way girl. 43797. 
* Heart of a siren. 19941. 

Heart of a temptress. 19942. 

Her husband's secret. 6841. 

I want my man. 19961. 

Joanna. 66054. 

Just a woman. 29980. 

Knockout. 43833. 

Lady who lied. 43836. 

Live wire. 54830. 

Lost world. 6898. 

Making of O'Malley. 43859. 

My son. 20057. 

Necessary evil. 20060. 

New commandment. 54845. 

One way street. 20073. 

One year to live. 6927. 

Pace that thrills. 54851. 

Sally. 20144. 

Scarlet saint. 54882. 

Scarlet west. 43952. 

So big. 7010, 7011. 

Splendid road. 60596. 

Talker. 30019. 

Unguarded hour. 60606. 

We moderns. 60609. 

What fools men are. 54916. 

White monkey. 30037. 
Why women love. 54917. 
Winds of chance. 44006. 
First Wisconsin co. Selecting sound 

investments. 33294. 
Firth (Florence) My Hawaiian lei. 

Firth carpet co. Seamless chenille 

rugs. 33295. 
Firth-Sterling steel co. Announcing 

a change in price. 22510. 
Fischer (C. V.) Frog. 1453. 
Fischer (Carl) inc. Maynard (W. A.) 

Drum, fife & bugle corps. 62907. 
Fischer (H. G.) & co., inc.: 

Chapman (W. B.) Uses of phy- 
siotherapy. 8699. 
Giesy (J. U.) Uses of physio- 
therapy. 10571. 
Kolischer (Gustav) Uses of phy- 
siotherapy. 11718. 
Plank (T. H.) Uses of physio- 
therapy. 15703. 
Pope (Curran) Uses of physio- 
therapy. 26490. 
Tyler (A. F.) Uses of physio- 
therapy. 27900. 
Fischer (H. W.) Werk von Arno 

Holz. 19423*. 
Fischer (J.) & bro. : 

Fokine ( Michael ) Choreographic 

compositions. 10252. 
Howard (J. T.) Studies of con- 
temporary Amer. composers. 
Fischer (J. A.) co. : 

Four spring complete Columbia 

outfits, etc. 22511, 22512. 
Valley Forge main springs. 
46509, 56470. 
Fischer (L. H.) Daily Amer. Trib- 
une. Radio-by-the-clock. 21950. 
Fischer (Louis) Beware of your 

friends. 53737. 
Fischer (S.) : 

Gesammelte werke von Hugo von 
Hofmannsthal. 6060*. 
. Land der treue. 19037. 

Neue rundschau. 2471S-24721. 
Wiedertraufer von M ii n s t e r . 
19439. . 
Fischer (S.) verlag: 

Angewahlte werke, von Gerhart 

Hauptmann. 60035.* 
Berend (Alice) Schlangen- 

mensch. 30770. 
Boxkampf. 18743. 
Gesammelte werke von Hugo von 

Hofmannsthal. 18917. 
Koenigskinder. 1902S. 
Komodie der verfiihrung. 19030. 
Neue rundsachau. 13318-13320, 
36626, 36627, 63313-63315. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Fischer foods co. Real foods for 

folks in a hurry. 22513. 
Fisele (M. D.) Fisele (T. J.) mop 

mfg. co. Announcing an improved 

mop. etc. 56471, 56472. 
Fisele (T. J.) mop mfg. co. An- 
nouncing an improved mop. etc. 

56471, 56472. 
Fish (L. G.) Browning (Robert) 

Study outline of selected poems. 

Fish (R. C.) Index-digest of life, 

accident & health insur. 1454. 
Fishbein (Abraham) Living dead. 

Fishbein (Frieda) Still waters. 

Fishbein , (Morris) 

(A. R.) 

Diabetes. 42135. 


Fisher (Adam) Fisher (Adam) mfg. 
cm. To mfrs. 22514. 

Fisher (G. F.) Thrilling cattle drive 
up from Pan-Handle in the early 
days. 22515. 

Fisher (G. R. G.) First aid in acci- 
dents. 61869. 

Fisher (H. C.) Mutt & Jeff. 61870. 

Fisher (H. Cecil) Great day. 65546. 

Fisher (H. G.) Fisher's baseballs de- 
cisions. 22516. 

Fisher (I. N.) Clay feet. 65483. 

Fisher (J. R.) Baby's bk. 1455. 

Fisher (Mrs. Margaret) Peterson 
(Margaret) Rut. 15620. 

Fisher (M. C.) Biscuits & honey. 

Fisher (R. T.) Supreme football 
strategies. 1456, 1457. 

Fisher (Robert) Fisher's Amer. 
holiday & gift bk. 46510. 

Fisher (W. K.) Ocean City, N. J. 

Fisher (W. L.) Pacific coast Chris- 
tian science educa. home. Weekly 
lessons. 5106S. 

Fisher (Wm.) & co. Lista perma- 
nente de precios. 61871. 

Fisher & Mason. Gold medal dahlias. 

Fisher's probate law direct. 10184. 

Fishman (David) Harum-scarum. 

Fisk (E. L.) : 

Life cycle changes. 1459. 
Manual of procedure. 10185. 

Fiske ( C. A. ) Michigan Sup. ct. over- 
ruled cases. 1460. 

Fiske (T. S.) Four-place mathe- 
matical tables. 22517. . 

Fislar (J. C.) John C. Fislar re- 
lates experiences in escape from 
Libby prison. 10186. 

Fitch (B. E.) Lyrics of L. A. hinter- 
lands & lakes. 10187. 
Fitch (C. J.) How to make a tropa- 

dyne super adio. 1461. 
Fitch (F. W.) co. Fred W. Fitch's 
message to the Associated master 
barbers of Amer. 56473. 
Fitch pub. co., inc. Fitch bond bk. 

etc. 56474, 56475. 
Fitehburg, Mass.. direct. 10188. 
Fitehburg. Mass., map. 19564, 29503. 
Fitcraft insur. works. Flitcraft com- 

pend 1925. etc. 33328, 33329. 
Fitz Gerald (D. M.) Aids in learn- 
ing to swim. 46511-46515. 
Fitzgerald (F. S.) : 

Our own movie queen. etc. 

33296, 33297. 
Pusher-in-the-face. 33297. 
Rags Martin-Jones. 10189. 
Fitzgerald (H. V.) : 
Combusto. 33298. 
Pay dirt. 65685. 
Fitzgerald (J. J.) I am a rum run- 
ner is boast of man. 22518. 
Fitzgerald direct, co. Trenton, Mer- 
cer Co., N. J., direct & Morrisville, 
Pa., bus. direct. 41621. 
Fitzgerald mfg. co. Lemonade & cats. 

Fitzgerald pub. corp. : 

Family disturbance. 42612. 
Freemasons. N. J. Blue lodge 

enlightment. Ritual. 10430. 
Handsome is as handsome does. 

Her husband's watch. 42677. 
It can't be done. 42725. 
Fitzgibbons boiler co., inc. : 

Compact steel boiler in small 

home sizes, etc. 22519, 22520. 

Fuel economy in the heating of 

any bldg. increases its value. 


Firzhugh (C. H.) Smart Alec & 

Amaryllis. 19302. 
Fitzhugh (P. K.) Westy Martin in 

the Rockies. 22521. 
Fitzpatrick (Antonio) Hier et au- 

jourd'hui. 33300. 
Fitz Patrick (J. W.) Corny. 28634. 
Fitzpatrick (W. J.) Fitzpatrick plan 

thrift club. 10190. 
Fitzpatrick ( V. De P. ) Cardinal Bon- 
zano tells of his love for the Pre- 
mier See. etc. 22522-22524. 
Fitzpatrick & McElroy. Lewis-Munn 

wrestling bout special. 43837. 
Fitz Randolph (Helen) Roses & 

Rose Island. 46516. 
Fitzsimmons (O. K.) Vivogen sales 
co. Astonishing new discoveries 
about sickness. 28009. 
Fitzwater (G. W.) Scriptural exposi- 
tion of the bk. of Jonah. 56476. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Flagg (Eugenia) : 

Madam Diogenes. 42798. 
Tilings that are Caesar's. 43022. 
Flagg (M. I.) : 

Bawths. etc. 46517-46524. 
Fly-by-night, etc. 22525, 22530. 
Flagg features. Flagg (M. I.) 

Bawths. etc. 46517-46524. 
Flaig (J. W.) : 

August already. etc. 61873- 

Dear Customer, etc. 1462-1466. 
Flaig (Walther) Felsklettern in 

bildern und merkworten. 10191. 
Flament (Albert) Manon, fille gal- 
ante. 28968. 
Flamma (Ario) Power. 60225. 
Flammarion (Ernest) : 

Amours de Mathusalem. 18693. 

Milesienne. 6170*. 

Pour epater ma voisine. 54113*. 

Theatre. 29260*. 

Theatre complet de Edmond See. 

Theatre, de Emile Fabre. 602S1*. 
Flanagan (A.) co. : 

Bailey (C. S.) What to do for 

Uncle Sam. 7480. 

Byrd (H. J.) Intermediate silent 

reading cards. etc. 45241, 


St. Nicholas Christmas bk. 42950. 

Smith (L. R.) Drills & plays for 

patriotic days. 17105. 
Worst (E. F.) Worst's match- 
ing no. cards. etc. 42277- 
Flanagan (R. J.) What is elec? 

Flanagan (T. S.) Betsy Ross full 

fashioned silk hosiery. 20899. 
Flanner (Hildegarde) Tree in bloom 

& other verses. 1467. 
Flannery (E. F.) Million dollar 

hours in Roney deal. 33301. 
Flannery (J. J.) jr. May the souls 
of the faithful departed through the 
mercy of God. 46525. 
Flarsheim co. This case holds profits 

for you! 56477. 
Flash card co. Rules for playing 

flash. 33302. 
Flatau (Dorota) Pretty lady. 60227. 
Flathead Lake, map. 65847. 
Flaurier (Noel) Christmas entertain- 
ment book. 53775. 
Flavin (Martin) : 

Caleb Stone's death watch. 

Lady of the rose. 60159. 
Flavoring extract mfrs. assn. of the 

U. S. Minutes. 33303. 
Flaws (H. B.) . Christmas greetings. 

Flax-li-num insulating co. : 

Heat insulation for brick & hol- 
low tile houses. etc. 1468- 
Heat insulation for brick veneer 
houses, etc. 22531, 22532. 
Flebbe (B. M. D.) Road to yester- 
day. 54136. 
Fleck bros. co. Modern plumbing & 

heating supplies. 46526. 
Flecker (Helle) Don Juan. 60090*. 
Flecker (J. E.) Don Juan. 60090*. 
Fleeson (Neville) Lo*e boat. 53996. 
Fleischer (N. S.) Lundy (Benjamin) 

Lost & found. 23993. 
Fleischman (D. E.) What a woman. 

Fleischmann co. : 

At calving & foaling time. etc. 

Bigger hatches bigger poultry 

profits, etc. 10193-10203. 
In handling animals how many 
times have you found this true? 
etc. 1471-1476. 
Fleisher (B. W.) inc. Fleisher 

hooked rugs. 56478. 
Fleisher (S. B.) inc. Fleisher hooked 

rugs. 56478. 
Fleisher (Wilfrid) : 

Armed thugs storm Premier 
Kato's home. etc. 10204- 
Internatl. hospital burns in Tokio. 
etc. 1477-1487. 
Fleming (C. A.) Fire insur. funda- 
mentals. 46527. 
Fleming (G. T.) : 

Bernarr McGladden. 18725. 
Screen test. 29176. 
Fleming (J. E.) : 

Nesociation. 65664. 
Flers (Robert de) : 
Bluebell. 18739. 
Nouveaux messieurs. 19159. 
Fletcher (C. A.) Red eagle outing & 

motors club. Appl. blank. 51553. 
Fletcher (F. I.) : 

Fletcher service, inc. Adv. copy. 
1489, 10227, 22535, 33322-33325, 
46529-46531, 564S0, 56481. 

Institutional editorial. 

Fletcher (Frances) Tomorrow a 

legend. 29272. 
Fletcher (Frederick) Architectural 

drawing. 12222. 
Fletcher (Guy) Greater love. 6075. 
Fletcher (Inglis) Vilhjalmur Stefans- 

son. 56479. 
Fletcher (N. W.) York blvd. proph- 
ecy class. God's interlocking sys- 
tem for Bible study & teaching. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Fletcher (Victor) : 

How woman can make herself 

attractive to marry. 10225. 
Thrifty bldg. & loan assn. Beau- 
ties of prohibition, etc. 17735- 
Fletcher (W. L.) Personnel manage- 
ment. 46528. 
Fletcher (W. L.) inc. Fletcher's bul. 
service. 1488, 10226, 22533, 22534. 
Fletcher service, inc. : 

Adv. copy.# etc. 1489, 10227, 
22535, 46529-46531, 56480, 56481. 
Institutional editorial. 61886. 
Flewelling (E. V.) Cast out the flaw. 

Flexlume corp. Blank service. 10228. 
Flexner (A. C.) Mrs. Wiggs of the 

Cabbage patch. 6179. 
Flint (A. A.) Turning forty. 6337. 
Flint (D. W.) oil co. Better lubrica- 
tion for all Ford cars, Fodol. 56482. 
Flint (E. E. Owen-) See Owen-Flint 

(E. E.) 15406. 
Flint (E. K.) Naked times. 
Flint (G. L.) : 

Elizabeth's dream. 10229. 
Where is brother Robert? 
Flint (M. H.) A. A. O. N. 


M. S. 

(Imperial council) Tentative pro- 
Flint, Mich., direct. 33326. 
Flint & Walling mfg. co. Star wind- 
mills, towers & tanks. 33327. 
Flintkote co. Certificate of quality. 

etc. 10230-10232. 
Flood (F. M.) Cancer. 46532. 
Florence, S. C, map. 6470. 
Florence stove co. : 

Cooking heat that goes straight to 
the point. etc. 1491-1496, 
Have you seen this Florence stove. 

etc. 46533-46539. 
This flame heats the kettle — not 
the kitchen. 22536. 
Florey bros., inc. For tone quality. 

Florian, inc. Florian mentholated bay 
rum shaving cream, etc. 46541, 
Florida. Corp. state law of Fla. 

Florida, map. 6471-6477, 19565, 
29504, 29505, 43314, 43315, 5442S- 
54432, 60355-60358, 65848, 65S49. 
Florida, N. Y., map. 43316. 
Florida automobile assn. inc. Florida, 

map. 60356. 
Florida dense long leaf pine mfrs. 
Jones (S. A.) Lumber lore for 
home builders. 34632. 
Florida druggist weather chart cal. 

Florida elec. supply co. Catalog. 

Florida ltd., syndicates corp. Fla. 

profits for you. 618S8. 
Florida realty associates inc. Baum 
(J. L.) comp. Florida — some rea- 
sons why. 7567. 
Florida state gazetteer & bus. direct. 

Florida, the land of opportunity. 

Florman (Irving) co. Hurleur. 

Florsheim shoe co. : 

Florsheim shoe in stock. etc. 

10244, 10245. 
Florsheim stock styles. 61889, 
Flory (S.) mfg. co. Hoisting ma- 
chinery. 46544. 
Flotow (Friedrich von) Fatme. 

Flower (E. H.) Pageant of the trees. 

Flowers (A. U.) Bright star Of 

Bethlehem. 46545. 
Flowers (Montaville) Of one mind. 

Floyd (Channing) Little golf teacher. 

Floyd (John) : 

Country quiet. 60072. 
Red owl. 60234. 
Floydada, Tex., map. 65850. 
Fluckere (H. A.) Univ. of Paris aims 

at educa. of specialists. 10246. 
Fluxo products co. Fluxo. 10247. 
Flynn (J. H.) Evolution of the U. S. 

mail. 56485. 
Flynn (J. J.) Engineman's guide 

handbk. 46546. 
Flynn (J. T.) : 

Taxes sap life. 46547. 
Calls on America to end Indian 
slavery. 61891. 
Flynn (Louise) Priscilla smocking 

bk. 33332, 
Foamite-Childs corp. : 

About the Childs motor pick-up st. 

sweeper, etc. 10248-10250. 
Correct protection against fire. 

Fires that water cannot check. 

etc. 33333-33339. 
How this great eng. schl. is safe- 
guarded, etc. 46548-46550. 
How this leading mfr. guards 
against fire. etc. 61892-61898. 
Indus, fire chief. 2015, 11284, 

11285, 47345. 
Model H D Foamite chem. 

equipment. 22537, 22538. 
Murray (H. T.) What happened 
at Pankersville. 2890. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Foerderer (R. H.) inc.: 

Latest vici kid colors. 61899. 
Vici kid. 1498. 
Foerste (Mina) ■ Meatless cooking. 

Fog (Harold) Enoch Arden. 18869. 
Fogg (J. A.) Merchants claim ad- 
justment service. Claim dept. Mer- 
chants-collection system. 2719. 
Fokine ( Michael ) Choreographic 

compositions. 10252. 
Folds (M. W.) Aurine remedy co. 
How to take care of the ears. 
Foley (E. J.) Quest for the best. 

Foley (J. W.) : 

Christmas greetings to mother. 

etc. 10260-10288. 
Jolly Christmas. etc. 22539, 

Two outdoor plays. 65774.* 
Folger (J. A.) & co. : 

After all you alone are the judge 

of coffee quality, etc. 10289. 
Appetizing breakfast, etc. 22541- 

Blend of the world's finest coffee. 

etc. 46551-46557. 
Now they want them in 29 states. 

Pioneering east. 1499. 
Folger (S. L.) inc. Club & college 

pins & rings. 46558. 
Folger (Mrs. W. H.) Giftlovers' bag. 

Follansbee bros. co. : 

Follansbee forge. etc. 61900, 

Instinct for quality is a priceless 
inheritance. 46559. 
Follmer, Clogg & co. Proper care of 

umbrellas, etc. 46560, 46561. 
Folsom (CD.): 

Presbyterian hosp. in Phila. 
Names that will live. etc. 
26580, 26581. 
Worker's manual. 1500. 
Folsom (M. B.) Field of office man- 
agement. 10290. 
Foltis - foods, inc. Foltis' fundamen- 
tal foods. 10291-10300. 
Foltz (F. B.) Institution of Oddfel- 

lowship. 53935. 
Folwell (R. C.) Football strategy. 

Fond du Lac, Wis., map. 65851. 
Fondell (E. W.) Cupola. 32414. 
Fontenelle (Bernard Le Bovier de) 

Dialogues of the dead. 28673. 
Food & life inst. Food & life. 1502. 
Food research inst. Stanford univ. 
See Stanford univ. Food research 

Foodplus no. 3. Eating place for sen- 
sible men. 22547. 
Foor (Wm.) National highway, map. 

Foort (R. J.) : 

Foort (Reginald) Master-method 
of memory-playing. 10291- 
Master-method of memory-play- 
ing. 33345-33354. 
Foort (Reginald) Master-method of 

memory-playing. 10291-10300. 
Foot Comfort wk. news. 22548. 
Foot remedy co. : 

Medical study of feet. 61902. 
Why foot pains go in 5 minutes. 
Football. 33357. 
Foote (L. A.) : 

Adapt-table system — a c c r u a 1 & 

audit. 33356. 
Adap-table system of accrual 

acctg. 22549. 
Foote adap-table systems co. 
Adap-table system. 56486. 
Foote (R. E.) Clothes-pin pilgrim. 

Foote adap-table systems co. Adap- 
table systems. 56486. 
Foote bros. gear & machine co.* 
Foote bros. IXL speed reducers. 
Foote concrete machinery co. Foote- 

print. etc. 22550, 22551. 
Foran (T. G.) : 

Catholic high schl. tests. 23490, 

Deferrari-Foran test in Latin. 

etc. 9432, 9433. 
Rauth-Foran chem. test. 15950. 
Foran (T. W.) Foran collecting & 
adjusting service. Foran self-collec- 
tion system. 10301. 
Foran collecting & adjusting service. 
Foran self-collection system. 10301. 
Forbes (B. C.) : 

Alexander, former dock hand, 
now heads fleet, etc. 33358- 

Amer. co.s. in 1924. etc. 1504- 
AU dividend, records broken by 

All finan. eyes on Europe this wk. 

etc. 22552-22593. 
Are motor men excelling our r. r. 

managers? etc. 46563-16608. 
Are too many of our young Amers. 
looking for genteel lines of 
work. etc. 10302-10380. 
Big men sold stocks at lower 

prices, etc. 56487-56510. 
Checking of speculation good 
thing for bus. etc. 61903- 





pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Forbes (H. E.) Kwick kote co. 

Kwick kote. 34855. 
Forbes (James) Young blood. 54313. 
Forbes (S. D.) Twelve lessons in 

interior decoration. 10381. 
Forbes-Leith (F. A. C.) : 

Assault on a brigand lair. 61921. 

Blind driving in a sandstorm. 

etc. 56511-56513. 

Forbes-Robertson ( Sir* Jobnston ) 

Plaver under three reigns. 10382- 


Ford (E. H.) Hillyer revelation of a 

theory of evolution. 33417. 
Ford (F. W.) comp. Boston evening 
transcript's direct, of radio broad- 
casting stations. 10390. 
Ford (H. C.) Carnival Carney. 5970. 
Ford (Harriet) : 
Anne. 28523. 
Bride. 5958. 
Dummy. 60096. 
In the next room. 53930. 
Ponty & the pirates. 19221. 
Ford (J. B.) co.: 

Wash room hints. 1521. 
Wet cleaning hints for the cleaner 
& dyer. 46609. 
Ford (J. D. M.J Hills & Ford 
First Spanish direct method charts. 
Ford (J. G.) Father. 603S. 
Ford (L. S.) High Point, N. C. map. 

43343, 544(5.-). 
Ford (Luther) & co. Mrs. Stewart's 

guide for removing stains. 10391. 
Fonl ( M. A. de) See De Ford (M. A.) 
Ford Co., Kan., map. 19566. 
Ford dealers mutual corp. Extracts 
reprinted from provisions of char- 
ter. 10392. 
Ford motor co. : 

Carburetor. 29875. 

Ford air transportation service. 

43782, 54778. 
Ford educa. library. 6791-6797. 
Ford indus. 22594, 56514. 
Fordson. 60511. 
Fordson mfg. 54779. 
Fordson tractor manual. 10393. 
Fordson. Transportation. 54780. 
Love of caddying. 43849. 
Ford regulator valve co., inc. Water 
pressure & supply in high bldgs. 
Ford-ette. 33418, 33419. 
Fordham pub. co. German verb drill 

pads. 1522. 
Fords, N. J. direct. 26355. 
Fords porcelain works, inc. Sanitary 
porcelain & vitreous china plumbing 
fixtures. 22595. 
Fordsville, Ky.. map. 54433. 
Fordyce (E. W.) God's handwriting 
in nature. 61922. 

Foreign language information service. 
Panunzio (Constantine) Immigrant 
portrayed. 15498. 
Foreign trade supply corp. Graphic 
chart of the economic position of 
Europe. 33420. 
Foreman & Clark, inc. : 

Acid test which .is an acid test. 

etc. 22596-22598. 
Fall styles, etc. 46610-46612. 
Famous rejection policy. etc. 

56515, 56516. 
First 10 styles oif April, etc. 

Get this hand-shaped, hand-tai- 
lored soft-rolled front. etc. 
61923, 61924. 
This price will buy. etc. 1523, 
Forest (Louis) Par un jour de pluie. 

Forest City, N. C, map. 54434. 
Forlani (Osvaldo) : 

DalF Italia alia America. 18817. 
Ultimo dramma. 19395. 
Forman (S. E.) Govt, of New Eng- 
land. 56517. 
Forman-Bassett co. : 

Cleveland, O., map. 19524, 543S7. 
Ohio, map. 54565. 
Forncrook (C. S.) Hollydale, Calif., 

map. 6497. 
Forrest (Charles) Stolen horse. 

Forrest (Justine) Gunmen of Gang- 
land, etc. 1525-1528. 
Forrest (M. M.) Game of mah jong. 

Forrest (May) Trying it on the dog. 

Forrest (Sam) Mysterious way. 6189. 
Forrester (M. S.) Talking things 

over. 6306. 
Forro (Pal) Lava. 53972. 
Forshee co. Roofing & roof mainte- 
nance. 1529. 
Forsman (J. A.) Duluth, Minn., map. 

Forst ( Emile) Parisian nights. 

Forster automatic poultry separator 
co., inc. What takes the guess out 
of the poultry indus. 61925. 
Forsyth (T. W.) Cotter's Saturday 

night. 18810. 
Forsythe (Lucille) Victory & veg- 
etables. 29310. 
Ft. Atkinson, Wis., map. 6478. 
Fort Collins & Welington oil fields, 

Col., map. 29506. 
Fort Collins, Col., direct. 1530. 
Fort Collins oil fields, Col., map. 

Fort Dodge, la., direct. 1531. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Fort Dodge, la., map. 54435. 
Fort Gibson, Okl., map. 54436. 
Fort Lauderdale, Fla., map. 65852. 
Ft. Madison, la., direct. 61926. 
Ft. Meade, Fla., map. 6479. 
Fort Myers, Fla., direct. 46613. 
Fort Pitt supply co. Plumbing, heat- 
ing & water supplies. 56518. 
Fort Scott, Kan., direct. 56519. 
Fort Scott hydraulic cement co. Hand 

bk. on hydraulic cement. 46614. 
Fort Wayne, Ind., direct. 33422. 
Fort Wayne eng. & mf g. co. : 

Deferred payment sales plan. 

Paul soft water generator. 33423. 
Fort Wayne ptg. co. Drake (F. E.) 

Bk. of words. 61583-61585. 
Fort Worth, Tex., direct. 33424. 
Fort Worth, Tex.,, map. 29509. 
Fortune (Phyllys) Ocean & the sun. 

Fortune foundation inc. : 
Textbk. of riches. 1533. 
To the new friends of the Fortune 
foundation. 22599. 
Forzano (Giovacchino) : 

Count de Brechard. 18811. 
Fiordalisi d'oro. 18892. 
Goldene kafig. 18936. 
Maestro Landi. 42800. 
Thiem-Hoa. 54223. 
Thien-Hoa (Flower of Heaven) 
Foss (H. D.) & co., inc. Foss cross 

word puzzle bk. 1534. 
Foss (Kenelm) Uncle Joblpt. 29294. 
Foss-Soule press, inc. : 
Rochester. 56520. 
Traveletter. 33426. 
Foster (D. H.) Better bus. 1535- 
1540, 10403-10411, 22600-22607, 
Foster (E. P.) Zacy rofagz. 22608. 
Foster (F. A.) & co., inc. North 
(Rosalie) Cretonne solves the 
problem. 15256. 
Foster (G. B.) : 

Ghesters' luck. 28606. 
She won. 29186. 
Foster (H. D.) : 

Gazley (J. G.) Syllabus of mod- 
ern European hist. 56521. 
Syllabus of modern European hist. 

Waterman (W. R.) Syllabus of 
modern European hist. 56521. 
Foster (Irving L.) Americains chez 

nous. 42490*. 
Foster (Isabelle L.) Texas Tommie. 

Foster (I. W.) pseud. Nesco better 
kitchens. 22609. 

Foster's manual. 
Doan's direct. 

Little bk. about 

Foster (J. B.) Orange Co., Fla., map. 

Foster (J. E.) : 

Coward. 42567. 

Straight & narrow. 19328. 

Foster (M. W.) Lyrics. 22610,56522. 

Foster (R. J.) Chain surveying. 

Foster (R. M.) Naylor (R. M.) Syl- 
labus of modern European hist. 

Foster (W. W.) : 

Mt. Logan climbers reach trail 

end. 22612. 
Mt. Logan scaled by six climbers. 

Foster (S. A.) Catechism in const'l. 
govt. 22611. 

Foster lumber co. 

Foster-Milburn co. 

Fostoria, O., map. 

Fostoria glass co. 
glassware. 10413. 

Fostoria pressed steel co. Re-fender- 
ing. 33432. 

Foti (Vincent) Mortorio. 6184. 

Foucar (W. H.) Schedule of pay- 
ments. 46615. 

Foucault (Andre) Tour au Maroc. 

Fougera (E.) & co., inc. Science & 
technique of ampoule medication. 

Foulk (Geary) Tomorrow. 1542. 

Foulston (P. H.) Thought garden. 

Foundation co., map. 43317. 

Fouquet (Monsieur le commandant) 
Jolie Berbel. 61928, 61929. 

Four L bul. Logging & sawmilling 
productive compilation. 22613. 

Four seas co. : 

Burx (B.) Him & her. 8443. 
Call of the Nirvana. 5967. 
Ghoul. 18921. 
Hurricane. 6096. 
White cargo. 54291. 

Fournier (P. P.) Appelants. 18700. 

Foussemagne (H. de Reinach-. cam- 
tesse) See Reinach-Foussemagne 
(H. de, comtesse) 

Fout (Mrs. F. D.) Forward Klans- 
men. 22614. 

Fow (E. H.) Fatgo. 33434. 

Fowle & Fowle. Security thrift club. 

Fowle ptg. co. Cheapest way to lo- 
cate new customers. 22615. 

Fowler (A. L.) Fowler's blue bk. 

Fowler (A. N. C.) Wedding pre- 
ferred. 29829. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Fowler (Alfred) : 

Everlasting whisper. 54773. 

Bookplate aim. 7878. 

Every man's wife. 29S8S. 

Walker ( I). S. ) Dust of seven 

Failure. 60506. 

days. 180S5. 

Feud. 66010. 

Fowler (Brenda) Doormat. 6014. 

Fighting heart. 29894. 

Fowler ( C. L. ) Synthesis of the hk. 

Fighting tailor. 66014. 

of Genesis, etc. 22617. 22618. 

Flying fool. 66020. 

Fowler (II. S.) Daily bond interest 

Folly of vanity. 6788. 

cul. 1543. 

Fool. 29901. 

Fowler (J. D.) Toast. 46617. 

Fox film corp. 22nd ann. an- 

Fowler (Mrs. J. E.) Forget-me-not. 

nouncement. 22621. 


Gold & the girl. 19924. *"" 

Fowler (J. F. ) jr. Lion oil. 61931. 

Gold heels. 6823. 

Fowler (Stan) Wedding preferred. 

Golden strain. 66024. 


Greater than a crown. 43795. 

Fowlkes (J. G.) : 

Grief in Bagdad. 6831. 

Fowlkes-Goff practice in arith. 

Guest of honor. 6832. 


Havoc. 43799. 

Key to the Fowlkes-Goff practice 

Head over heels. 6840. 

tests. 46618. 

Heart breaker. 54794. 

Fox (A. C.) : 

Hearts & spurs. 29907. 

Miss Peck. 28994. 

Heavy swells. 66035. 

What can angels do? 29336. 

Hell) yourself. 19944. 

Fox (Alt p.sriid. See Smith (C. S. C.) 

High jinx. 19951. 

Cotton blossoms. 

His own lawyer. 66037. 

Fox (F. M.) Little bear's ups & 

Honeymoon ltd. 29911. 

downs. 33435. 

House of flickers. 6847. 

Fox (Frances) Frances Fox course 

Hunted woman. 19958. 

of instruction on the scientific care 

Kentucky pride. 43831. 

Of the scalp & hair. 22620. 

Kiss barrier. 29932. 

Fox (H. H.) N. Y. building congress. 

Lazybones. 60540. 

Committee on building conditions. 

Light nin'. 43839. 

Summary of building connections. 

Lion love. 6893. 


Man without a country. 6911. 

Fox (H. W.) Everyehild's lang. bk. 

Love & lions. 43846. 

7085. 7086. 

Lucky horseshoe. 43852. 

Fox (M. F.) & co. Will yours be one 

Marriage in transit. 20048. 

of the 2 or the 98? 56523. 

Mysterious stranger. 6920. 

Fox ( Paul ) : 

Neptune stepdaughter. 20061. 

Black rider. 2S561. 

Nobody works but father. 6925. 

Brigand. 18748. 

On the go. 43875. 

Fox ( S. D.) Roaming the air lanes. 

Papa's darling. 20078. 


Parisian knight. 66091. 

Fox ( S. W. ) Exercises in rapid cal- 

Peacemakers. 60568. 

culi! tion. 26716. 

Ports of call. 6970. 

Fox ( William ) : 

Rainbow trail. 20125. 

All abroad. 54740. 

Riders of the purple sage. 20132. 

Amateur detective. 19S62. 

Say it with flour. 20147. 

As no man has loved. 19865. 

Scandal proof. 29998. 

Best bad man. 60489. 

Scarlet honeymoon. 6998. 

Big game hunter. 43738. 

Scientific husband: 29999. 

Blue blood. 6742. 

She wolves. 20152. 

Brainless horseman. 19877. 

Shoes. 54887. 

Bus. engagement. 54752. 

Sky jumper. 43958. 

Butterfly man. 6752. 

Sleepwalker. 7006. 

Champion of lost causes. 6755. 

So this is art. 7012. 

Cloudy romance. 54762. 

Spanish Romeo. 7015. 

Control yourself. 60498. 

Star dust trail. 7020. 

Cupid a la carte. 65992. 

Stop, look & whistle. 20167. 

Dancers. 6766. 

Strong for love. 60599. 

Desert's price. 65997. 

Sweet Marie. 43975. ' 

Dick Turpin. 6769. 

Thank you. 43978. 

Durand of the Bad Lands. 60501. 

Thunder Mountain. 60600. 

East Lyrine. 54772. 

Timber wolf. 43985. 

East side, West side. 60503. 

Tons of trouble. 7034. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Trail rider. 7036. 
Transients in Arcadia. 54909. 
Wages for wives. 66163. 
When dumb-bells ring. 20190. 
When the door opened. 66167. 
Wheel. 43999. 
Winding stair. 54929. 
Wings of youth. 20198. 
Wrestler. 54931. 
Yankee senor. 66172. 
Fox film corp. 22nd ann. announce- 
ment. 22621. 
Pox furnace co. : 

Best known heating man in the 

town. etc. 1544-1547. 
How to sell modern heating, etc. 
10415, 10416. 
Fox health-gum corp. Chew for a 

healthful purpose. 61933, 61934. 
Fox labs. : 

Fox health-gum corp. Chew for 
a healthful purpose. 61933, 
Millions of people who never chew 
gum. etc. 61935-61937. 
Fox's music trade direct. 61938. 
Frager (Marcel) Derniere carte.- 

Frakes (C. D.) Convention of papas. 

43110 (5). 
Fraley (Adda) Self-help exercises 

for written lang. 22622. 
France (Anatole) : 

Comedie de celui qui epousa une 

femme muette. 5985*, 42618*. 
Wisdom of the ages & other sto- 
ries. 22623. 
France (W. N.) Direct appeal. 

France mfg. co. Coast to coast adv. 
for France battery charges, etc. 
Frances (Dare) Dare will solve your 

apparel perplexities. 22625. 
Francillon (H. R.) Little rift. 42777. 
Francis (G. G.) New Roekford st. 

guide. 46619. 
Francis (George) Beatty (J. M.) 

Under surveillance. 60897. 
Francis (J. L.) Bible quests an- 
swered by the Bible. 10418. . 
Francis (J. M.) Poor Charlie. 29108. 
Francis (Joseph) Yr. 1925 at a 

glance. 1548. 
Francis (Owen) Violet ray. 19413. 
Francis Quadrangle, Okl., map. 19567. 
Francis (Sankey) Fame of Napo- 
leon. 10419. 
Francisco (A. B.) Syllabus of an ad- 
dress. 33439. 
Francisco (Hale) : 

Peachy Malone. 29093. 
See Francisco (W. H.) 

Francisco (W. H.) : 

Peachy Malone. 29093. 
Shooting shadows. 60260. 
Franck-Philipson (A.) Bonds of her- 
itage, etc. 56524, 56525. 
Franco-Amer. bd. of commerce & 
indus. Demandes d'articles fran- 
cais recues. 1549, 1550. 
Franco-Belgique tours co., inc. Super 
service auto tours. Europe. 10420. 
Francois (V. E.) Abbe Constantin. 
29389 (1) 

Optimism or pessi- 

Lolomi. 53990. 
Natural science. 

Christmas gift 

Frank (Henry) 
mism. 33440. 
Frank (J. McC.) 
Frank (O. D.) 

Frank (S. E.) : 

Ehrlich (J. H.) 
budget. 61674. 
Gems. 56553, 61993. 
Frank (Waldo) Malva. 42802. 
Frankau (G lbert) Masterson. 10421, 

10422, 22626, 22627. 
Frankel clothing co. You select one 
of our $38 marvel 2 trousers suits. 
Franklin, Ky., map. 54437. 
Franklin (R. J.) Evolution with the 

Bible. 46620. 
Franklin (W. S.) Elem. treatise on 

precision of measurement. 46621. 
Frankin art supplies. Catalogue. 

Franklin co. Electrotype jour. 46623. 
Franklin ptg. co. Football radio- 
graph. 46624. 
Franklin savings & trust co. Apostle 

of thrift. 46625. 
Frankfort, Ky., map, 29511. 
Frankfort, N. Y., direct. 23043. 
Frankfort distillery, inc. Something 
about spiritus frumenti & its me- 
dicinal uses. 33442. 
Franklin (Benjamin) Poor Richard's 

almanac. 22628. 
Franklin (M. A.) : 

Scene in a farmer's kitchen. 

Telephone operator in a western 
village. 29257. 
Franklin (Pearl) : 

Dude ranchers. 18853. 
I havent time. 42704. 
Following father. 28755. 
Mountain wedding. 65659. 
Franklin (S. P.) Comprehension test 

on the sayings of Jesus. 61939. 
Franklin, N. G, map. 6480. 
Franklin, N. Y.. map. 29512. 
Franklin, Pa., direct. 1551. 
Franklin Co., Id., map. 65853. 
Franklin Co., Ind., map. 19568. 
Franklin Co., O., map. 60359. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Franklin auto. co. Franklin stand- 
ardized service, etc. 33443-33445. 
Franklin Co. telep. co. Telep. direct. 

10423, 33446. 
Franklin bldg.-loan assn. Franklin 

bldg.-loan assn. 22629. 
Franklin food products co. Franklin 

infant food. 33447, 33448. 
Franklin inst. : 

Design News. etc. 56526, 56527. 
U. S. map. 60452. 
Franklin knitting mills, inc. Fall 

figuretones of infinite variety. 

Franklin natl. bank. Rept. on $1250 

in prizes. 22630. 
Franklin ptg. co. : 

Blue bk. of Roland Park. 7851. 
Orrin Tbacker direct. 26192. 
Franklin process co. Franklin proc- 
ess <>f yarn dyeing. 1552. 
Franklin ry. supply co. New locomo- 
tives can work on 30% less fuel. 

Franklin statistical corp. Forecasting 

security prices. 56529. 
Franklyn ( I. R. ) : 
Battle. 5937. 
Home's tbe thing. 42689. 
Franklyn products coi*p. Advance 

season styles, etc. 61940-61944. 
Frantz mfg. co. Trustworthy. 10425. 
Franzen-Solem (1). N.) Naturopathic 

health diet. 40885. 
Franzini ( J. B. ) San Miguel Co., 

N. ML, map. 19760. 
F lappa (J. J) Idee. 42706. 
Fraser (A. C.) Patent law reform. 

oio 15. 
Fraser (Emily) Such is life. 43002. 
Fraser (Georgia) Money in the 

family. 6183. 
Fraser (II. M. ) How to regulate 

your weight, etc. 46627-46633. 
Fraser ( S. (J. ) Internatl. movement 

for public security. I-M-P-S const. 

& by-laws. etc. 34441. 34442. 
Fraser (W. M.) Illus. catalog. 

Frasier (G. W.) Standardized exam. 

Frasier (S. McK.) Bus. man's 

prayer. 61947. 
Frasier (T. L.) : 

No alibi. 42865. 
Sinners on seventh. 19292. 
Fraternal bldg. & loan assn. Are you 

buying rent receipts, etc. 33449- 

Fraternal bldg. loan & savings co. 

Are you paying for your landlord's 

house? etc. 33452-33454. 
Fraternal monitor : 

Consolidated chart of insur. or- 
ganizations. 22631. 

Hamilton (A. S.) comp. Statis- 
tics fraternal soc. 22922. 

Fraudet (Rene) Homme a l'Hispano. 

Fraun (Edith) Formalism is dying 
fast with soc. etc. 31048-31050. 

Fred (T. W.) Humming bird. 

Frederick (Fritz Friedmann-) See 
Friedmann-Frederick ( Fritz ) 

Fredericksburg, Tex., map. 6481. 

Fredericksen (Karen) : 

Glittering sunbeams. 56531. 
Valley of the moon. 46634. 

Frederics (E.) inc. Frederics meth- 
ods. 10426. 

Fredonia, Kan., direct. 61948. 

Fredonia, N. Y., direct. 22191. 

Fredonia, Wis., map. 43318. 

Fredericks (Jack) You can do it. 

Freed (Sam) Co-operative adv. 22634. 

Freed co. Automatic reductions. 

Freedman (David) Ladies first. 

Freedman (Joseph) Spring tonic. 

Freedman (W. H.) Machine switch- 
ing. 22635. 

Freeman (C. R.) Tableaux. 1557. 

Freeman (D. S.) Battlefields around 
Richmond. 22636. 

(F. N.i 


(H. C.) 

Correlated hand- 

Control of stocks. 

(J. D. ) Colorado, map. 

Dutchess of Pitts- 

$10,000 or a sweet 
Pacific fisherman. 

Bible. New testa- 




Freeman (L. D.) 

burg. 65512. 
Freeman ( M. K. ) 

secret. 22637. 
Freeman (Miller) 

Freeman (N. C, ) 

ment. 357. 
Freemasons. Haiti. Ancient free & 

accepted masons Amer. Scottish 

rite. The Rising sun of the daugh- 
ter of Haiti univer. Ritual of 

catechist. 33455-33458. 
Hawkeye, la. Grand comma nd- 

ery of Knights templar. Cross & 

crown. 10429. 
N. J. Blue lodge enlight'ment. 

Ritual. 10430. 
N. Y. & N. J. Direct, of lodges. 

Rqyal arch. 74 H. T. YV. S. S. 

T. K. S. & his followers. 10432. 
Freeport, N. Y., map. 43319. 
Freeport, Okl., map. 43320. 
Freeport, Pa., map. 54438. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Freer (R. J.) : 

Don't forget your good old buddy 

over there, etc. 22638, 22639. 

Give us songs of old Ireland. 


Freezer, new series. 22640, 22641, 

33459, 33460. 
Freiman (Freida) Love's sacrifice. 

Freimann (Albert) Vereinigten Frein 

Staaten von Europa. 61951. 
Fremont, Ind., map. 19569. 
Fremont, Neb., direct. 46636. 
French (A. L. W.) All inn. 53699. 
French (Burton) : 

House of a thousand scandals. 

Miami in pinafores. 65642. 
French (F. F.) investing co., inc. 
Fred F. French investing co., inc. 
French (F. F.) security co., inc.: 

Address to the sales managers. 

etc. 33462-33470. 
New Miami housekeeping apart- 
ment. 10433. 
Prospectus & subscription agree- 
ment. 56533. 
French (F. L.) Tree dweller. 56534. 
French (Helen) Edelain of the Ed- 
ward Drummond Libbey high schl. 
French (J. A.) Sabbath clay. 22642. 
French (R. L.) Official mind. 42876. 
French (R. M.) Descr. of an expedi- 
ent devised for a special job of 
shoring. 33472. 
French (R. T. ) co. French's cream 

salad mustard. 33471. 
French (Samuel) : 

And there was light. 28519. 
Ann's little affair. 28525. 
Baby mine. 5932. 
Behold the man. 60042. 
Ben of Broken Bow. 53733. 
Bernstein tries 'em out. 65449. 
Bride. 5958. 
Brownie's dream. 5961. 
Captain Applejack. 53754. 
Coming of the light, St. Patrick 

at Tara. 65484. 
Curtain ! 65493. 
Discovery. 28680. 
East is west. 6019. 
Egypt's eyes. 6021. 
Gloria mundi. 53874. 
Harlequinade in green & orange. 

Heart of Paddy Whack. 42673. 
Honor pupil. 28845. 
Imaginary invalid. 28862. 
In Aunt Mahaly's cabin. 65579. 
In his arms. 53929. 
Joan the maid. 1900S. 
Jury of our peers. 19015. 

Kick in. 42749. 

Lady fingers. 65604. 

Lady of destiny. 53967. 

Lady of the rose. 60159. 

Legend of the juggler. 65611. 

Lo, the poor suitcase ! 65619. 

Long ago in Judea. 65621. 

Lost collar button. 19068. 

Lottery man. 6138. 

Love & friendship. 65623. 

Love test. 42788. 

Mamma's affair. 42804. 

Melody of youth. 65639. 

Memories. 65640. 

Merton of the movies. 28987. 

Might-have-beens. 65644. 

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage patch. 

Mother Carey's chickens. 54048. 

Once upon a time. 29060. 

One act plays for stage & study. 

Pathfinder. 19206. 

Poor nut. 65692. 

Return of the goblins. 6243. 

Sally & co. 60247. 

Say it with flowers. 6259. 

Shadow. 29182. 

Short plays from Amer. history & 
literature. 19288.* 

Three graces. 65766. 

Three John Golden plays. 54227. 

Three one act plays. 54229. 

Tie that binds. 65769. 

Time. 6326. 

Twilight saint. 54253. 

Undertones. 54263. 

Wicked Wang-Pah meets a dra- 
gon. 54300. 

Youngest. 65802. 
French ( Samuel ) inc. : 

Boys will be boys. 53747. 

Cave girl. 53765. 

Coffee-house. 53778. 

Four-flusher. 60119. 

Gay Matilda. 2S778. 

I haven't time. 42704. 

Just imagine. 28898. 

Lection. 42770. 

Minick. 65647. 

Northeast corner. 60202. 

One hundred dollars. 42882. 

Pals first. 42893. 

Present day courtship. 42917. 

Quality of mercy. 54124. 

Road to yesterday. 54136. 

Two blocks away. 54255. 

Yellow triangle. 43102. 
French (Samuel) ltd. : 

According to instructions. 60018. 

All's fair. 42486. 

Bits & pieces. 5951. 

Bulldog Drummond. 2S582. 

Camberley triangle. 42545. 

Cautious Campbell. 28599. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

French (Samuel) ltd. — Continued. 

Chariot revue sketches. 53768. 

Children's crusade ; Sir Clegis ; 
Christmas gift. 5978. 

Chums. 60062. 

Cucumber king. 6000. 

Diana of Dobson's. 28676. 

Eternal spring. 28717. 

Evening dress indispensable. 

Evenings at eight. 28724. 

Featherstone v. Frangipanni. 

From the prompt corner. 42635. 

Gold. 28793. 

Golf clubs. 28796. 

Green room rags. 53894. 

Kiss cure. 60155. 

London please. 65620. 

Marys John. 6162. 

Nerves. 60198. 

Oh, these authors! 60205. 

Out of the box. 42887. 

Philippa comes back. 60220. 

Piers Plowman's pilgrimage. 

Plays of pioneers. 65689. 

Possessions. 54113. 

Pressgang. 60226. 

Prince in chains. 6230. 

Searchlight. 19277. 

Snobs. 29206. 

South-east & South-west. 6287. 

Stars. 29227. 

Straws on the wind. 54197. 

Sundry sketches. 6304. 

Three comedies, by Hermon Ould. 

Three fairy plays. 65765. 

Through the crack. 60285. 

To have the honour. 54234. 

Vanity. 65781. 

Water in a sieve. 29326. 
French (W. C.) Remedial spelling 

notebk. 10434. 
French f reres, inc. : 

Maiden & Melrose gas light co. 
Mass. coupons. 24162. 

Maiden elec. co. Mass. coupons. 
French Lick, Intl., map. 54439. 
Frenehtown. N. J., map. 29513. 
Frenck (R. L.) Thunder-struck. 

Fresno. Calif. 
Fresno. Calif. 
Freund (F. 

hands. 6374 
Frey (C. M.) 

Frey (Henry) : 

Be a booster. 33473. 

Go West young man & grow 
with the country. 56535. 

Janitor & the female chiropractor 

direct. 46637 
map. 29514. 
E. W. ) 

With clean 

Expert war on rats 


Watch them all. 

Repeal the direct 

Loyal patriotic appeal for all 

peoples. 1558. 
Oh. you Calif. 
Freybe ( C. E. ) 

Freyd (Bernard) 

primary. 33474. 
Freyling & Mendels. It's not a home 

until its planted. 10436. 
Friars Point. Miss., map. 6482. 
Fricke (C. W.) Manual of criminal 

law. 22643. 
Frick & Lindsay co.. inc. Challenge 

wire line pumping outfits. 10437. 
Friedburg (L. H.) Lab. exercises in 

organic chein. 22644. 
Friedman (Nehemiah) & co.. inc. 

Joint stock land banks operating 

under supervision of the U. S. 

Friedmann-Frederick (Fritz) Lolotl. 

Friedberg's. At the zero hr. etc. 

Friedmann (Armin) Gliickstrom- 

peter. 18931. 
Friedricii (Annie) Hand hinter der 

welt. 33475. 
Friel (A. O.) : 

Hard wood. 22646-22648. 
Mts. of mystery- 1568-1570. 
Spook, etc. 56536, 56537. 
Friend (Berthold) Family doctor. 

etc. 10438. 10439. 
Friend. Neb., map. 60360. 
Friendly sales corp. Friendly sales 

corp. etc. 46638, 46639. 
Frier (E. D.) Hannibal pharmacal 

co. How you must use neet. etc. 

10831, 10832. 
Friesen (A. I.) Kentucky shiek. 

Frigid fluid co. How to use frigid 

embalming fluid. 46640. 
Friml ( Rudolf ) Rose Marie. 42948. 
Frink (A. L.) Rose still grows be- 
yond the wall. 33476. 
Frisch (Frank) When & where to 

hit. 22649-22683, 33477-33527, 

46641. 46642. 
Friss (R. J.) Childs (C. E.) & co. 

Quot. rec. of all joint stock land 

bank bonds. 31788. 
Frith (H. W.) Design, construction 

& operation of a grain jetty. 33528. 
Fritsch (H. S.) : 

Cups. etc. 10440. 10445. 
Faith. 46643. 
I'd rather have love. 1571. 
Life is too short, etc. 22684, 
Fritsch (R. E.) Philadelphia, Pa., 

map. 43550. 
Fritsch (S.) What is a woman? 



nos. 1-12, 1925 


Fristsche (L. F.) Mexico direct. 

Fritz (E. B.) Paper & pulp mill cat- 
alogue. 33529. • - 
Frodshain (S. E.) Boomerang boy. 

etc. 61954, 61955. 
Frodshain (S. H. ) Happy hrs. with 

little folks. 1572. 
Frohman (Charles) iuc. Riviera. 

Frohme (William) Feng's troops, 

chanting hymn, enter Peking, etc. 

61956. 61957. 
Frontier club of America. Ritual. 

Froom (H. A.) Froom's color chart. 

Frost (J. R.) Univer. empire. 46645. 
Frost (S. E.) Educa. bk. covers. 

Frost (W. A.) No questions asked. 

Frost (W. B.) & co. Jobber's hdbk. 

Fruit auction co. Hammer that turns 

your crops. 10446. 
Fruit dispatch co. : 

Arctic coolness-tropic flavor, etc. 

Ripe & mellow. etc. 4665S- 
Fruit grower's almanac. 1573. 
Fruit growers nurseries. Selection of 

nursery stock. 33554. 
Fruit growers state bank. Do you 

know how to spend money? 33555. 
Fry (C. L.) Census anal, of middle 

western villages. 1574. 
Fry (R. J.) Poet o' the lowlands. 

Frye (C. W.) Frye's kennels. Frye's 

circular. 22686. 
Frye's kennels. Frye's circular. 

Fryeburg. Me., map. 64S3. 
Fue (Charles) : 
Glitter. 1S927. 
Money. 6182. 
Fuel eng. co. of N. T. Mo. coal serv- 
ice rept. 1575, 10447, 10448, 22687, 
33556-33559, 46664, 46665, 56538, 
Fuerste (Lucile) Denouement. 65499. 
Fiirstner (Adolph) : 

Arianna a Nasso. 60032. 
Intermezzo. 60148. 
Ruinen von Athen. 54144. 
Fuhrman (J. M.) Struggle & victory. 

Fulda (Ludwig) Lost paradise. 

6378 (2) 
Fulgham (Elizabeth) pseud. See 

Anderson (Mis. Earl) 
Fulham (Elizabeth) Lodge of the 
flaming heart. 

Fuller (A. F.) Novelty theatrical act 
titled, Talking motion pictures in 
natural colors. 22689. 
Fuller (G. D.) Yegitation of the 

Chicago region. 22690. 
Fuller (H. B.) Ship comes in. 42955*. 
Fuller (H. H.) jr. Bits o' life. 28469. 
Fuller (H. R.) E-Z-learn shocarding 

system. 61959. 
Fuller (L. C.) Empty nests. 18867. 
Fuller (R. G.) Instrs. for using mo- 
tor world improved acctg. system. 
Fuller (R. W.) Teacher's hdbk. 

Fuller (W. A.) Merritt Island, map. 

Fuller brush co. : 

And none of the turmoil of house- 
cleaning. 10450, 10452. 
Enjoy the luxury of a Fuller 
friction shower, etc. 33560- 
Fuller man has shown ten mil- 
lion housewives easier, simpler, 
quicker cleaning methods. 1576. 
Fuller man who comes to your 
house is the personal point of 
contact, etc. 22691, 22692. 
Fuller service demonstration, etc. 

Fuller World. 46670. 
Fuller-Hart co. Groovit practiset. 

Fuller-Lehigh co. Pulverized coal. 

Fullerton (A. R.) comp. Life insur. 

law chart. 56540. 
Fulmer (Mrs. F P.) Many wishes 

for a happy birthday. 46671. 
Fulmore (S. R.) Pract. geog. 46672. 
Fulton (A. H.) How to build the 

Hammarlund Roberts. 61961. 
Fulton (K. I.) Corona del Mar, 

Calif., map. 43255. 
Fulton (W. M.) Students' topical 

lesson. 10453. 
Fulton, Ky., map. 43321. 
Fulton co. : 

Sylphon packless expansion joint. 

etc. 61962-61964. 
Sylphon regitherm. 10454, 22693. 
Fulton supply co. Catalogue. 10455. 
Fung (Paul) Guy from Grand Rap- 
ids. 1578-15S1. 
Funk (Levi) Housewive's meat 

guide. 33564. 
Funk & Wagnalls co. Literary Digest 

distinctive methods. etc. 46673- 

Fur buyers market guide. Fur buy- 
ers market guide. 22694. 
Fur buyers' service. Aug. sale of fine 

furs. 33565. 




pt. I, n. S., V. 22 

Furber (Douglas) Buying a hat. 

Furnas (I. L.) : 

Balanced occlusion, with special 
ret", to retrusion of the mandi- 
ble. 33566. 
Full denture const, for the gen. 
practitioner. 10456. 10457, 22695. 
Furness (E. E.) Strickland. 29237. 
Furniture pub. corp. Home inspira- 
tion. 33567. 
Furniture shops. Furniture for the 

living room. 1045S. 
Furs & fashions. 33568. 
Furuya (Kiuzo) Or. Japanese telep. 

direct. 46676. 
Fussner (C. J.) : 

Feir-Ewon thrift-e-guide. 33569. 
Feir-Ewon thrift-economic pros- 
perity guide. 10459. 
Original Feir-ewon system. 61965. 
Futterer (A. F.) : 

Christian's stand to rise or perish. 

Voice of Jacob. 46677. 
Fyfe (K. W.) Freight classification. 

Fyleman (Rose) Eight little plays 

for children. 18859*. 
Fyr fyter CO., Bldg. a permanent in- 
come, etc. 61970, 61971. 
G & G atlas systems, inc. G & G atlas 

pneumatic tube system. 33570. 
G & S. realty corp. Special bargain 

coupon. 61972. 
G. M. Clark & co., div. Amer. stove co. 
See Amer. stove co. G. M. Clark & 
co., div. 
Gabbert (M. R.) : 

Outline of six radio talks. 10460. 

Series of six radio talks. 22697. 

Gabbott (John) Philippa conies back. 

Gabel ( Max > : 

Noa'S fortunes. 5406S. 
What will people say? 43077. 
Gabirondo (Victor) Pasion de es- 

clavo. 6213. 
Gabor (Dregley) S&e Dregley (Ga- 

Gabriel (R. H.) ed. Pageant of Amer. 

Gabriel (Saml.) sons & co. : 

Deihl (E. G.) Little rabbit that 

would not eat. 9440. 
Funny friends, etc. 10461-10467. 
Gabrilowitsch (C. C.) Tom Sawyer 

& Huck Finn. 46678. 
Gad-fly. 22698. 

Gadsden Co., Fla., map. 54440. 
Gaer (Yossef) Hannah's children. 

Gaertner scientific corp. Physical ap- 
paratus for advanced lab. work. 

Gaffney (W. H.) Acctg. service co. 

Foreword. 60623. 
Gage (Gerald) Sure shootiu'. 61973. 
Gage (W. V.) Odd-fellow lodge. 

Gage Co., Neb. farmers direct. 30693. 
Gage printing co.. ltd. Battle Creek, 

Mich., map. 6402. 
Gage pub. co., inc. : 

Dealers radio discount record. 

Elec. rec. contract form. etc. 

56542, 56543. 
Elec. Xmas gifts. 61974. 
Gage list of elec. buyers, etc. 

Spencer & Hubbard. Dear ma- 
dam. 17199. 

What elect. rec. offers. 

Gage-Rogers co. Autolog. 46679. 
Gahan (Micheal) Density of the 

color of light. 46680. 
Gail (R. S. ) Communication. 61975. 
Gainesville, Ala., map. 65854. 
Gainesville. Fla., direct. 46681. 
Gair (B. W.) : 

Links that form the chain. 61976. 
Real estate mortgage. etc. 
33574. 33575. 
Gaisser (C. C. ) Johnson twins. 

Exam, chart. 11534. 
Gaithersburg. Md., map. 6484. 
Galbraith (E. E.) Brink of silence. 

Galdos (Benito P6rez) See Perez 

Galdos (Benito) 
Galdston (Iago) Health speaker's 

handbk. 33576. 
Gale ( David ) Printer's devil puzzle. 
10469. 22701, 33577-33581, 46682- 
46685, 61977-61979. 
Gale ( Elizabeth ) Not quite such a 

goose. 29038, 65442*. 
Gale (M. B. ) Gale (F. L.) Poems 

of faith. 33582. 
Gale (Zona) : 

Mister Pitt. 19119. 
Winter's tale. 10470. 
Galena, 111., map. 6485. 
Galena-Signal oil co. Agreement. 

Galey & Lord, inc. Successful mfrs. & 
merchandising of novelty fabrics. 
Galizi (E.) & bros. Accordian mfrs. 

Gall (E. M.) : 

Now Trixie. 65667. 
Stray cats. 29235. 
Gall (J. C.) U. S. bd. of tax ap- 
peals. 10471. 
Gallagher (D. F.) & co. Investigated 
investments. 33584. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Gallagher (E. L.) : 

Good wood. 56544. 
Mus. nonsense primer. 61980. 
Gallard (W. J.) : 

Booklet, etc. 33585-33588. 
Getting co-operation from jobbers. 

etc. 46687, 46688. 
Securing the co-operation of re- 
tailers, etc. 61981, 61982. 
Gallatin Co., Mont., direct. 7936. 
Gallieni (J. S.) Noel au Soudan. 

Gallimard (Librairie) : 

Maison ouverte. 54007. 
Malborough s'en va-t-en guerre ! 

Marriage de le Trouhadec. 19101. 
Six personnages en quete d'au- 
teur. etc. 60267.* 
Gallishaw (John) : 

Bodv of the short story. etc. 

Bldg. up a story. 42466. 42467, 

How the short-story writer causes 
the effect upon the reader, etc. 
Galloway (Lee) Personnel adminis- 
tration in college curriculi. 46689. 
Gallup (C. M.) Conscience-freedom. 

2862S, 537S4. 
Gallup, N. H., map. 43322-43326. 
Gallup map & supply co. : 
Iowa, map. 43363. 
Kansas, map. 43378. 
Kansas City. Mo., map. 43382. 
Missouri, map. 43457. 
Galsworthy (John) : 

Fenster ( Windows ) . 
Loyalitat. 19079. 
Show. 42971. 
Gaiter (Louis) service. 

grams. 10472. 
Galvan (Cruz) Orphan of Monterey 

Rodarti. 10473. 
Galvin (J. R.) Inhabited world de- 
stroyed. 53646. 
Galzy (Jeanne) Pelerinage de Psyche. 

Gamache (E. P.) Brunswick's own. 

Gamble (E. L.) Black & 

Gamble (E. L.) : 
Crooks. 42571. 
Oi vhat a bargain. 29048. 
Gamble (R. W. ) Vitamina. 
Gamble (W. F. ) Experience. 
Gamble hinged music co. Music super- 
visor's ref. rec. 46690. 
Gammans (H. W.) Spirit of Ann 

Rutledge. 19315. 
Gandera (Felix) : 

Bride retires. 28571. 
Faeon de se donner. 65519. 





Nicole et sa vertu. 6191. 
Petit chaperon rouge. 42905. 
Vie de gargon. 19410. 

Gandy (F. J.) Salesmans contract. 

Gandy (W. P.) Service sales plan for 
publishers. 51534. 

Gannon (F. A.) Shoe machinery- 

Gans (Robert) Recipes for sweet 
milk chocolate. 46692. 

Ganse (F. W.) Inheritance-tax-ex- 
empt bonds. 1585. 

Ganse estate protection service : 
Inheritance taxes. 46693. 
New England mutual life insur. 
co. Creating & conserving your 
estate. 36633. 

Gantner & Mattern co. Gentlemen : 
Make more swimming suit sales, 
etc. 33589, 33590. 

Garage utilities co., inc. : 
Hi-lo horse. 46694. 
3-point safety chock. 61984. 

Garard & co. Sure road to finan. 
independence. 10475. 

Garber (C. U.) Trousers. 54248. 

Garbett (A. S.) Deaf composer tells 
magic of radio ears. 10476. 

Garcelon (Merrill) Information for 
advertisers. 10477. 

Garden club of Jacksonville, Fla. 
Fla. garden primer. 22704. 

Gardine (L. T.) Uncle Sam's work- 
shop. 19397. 

Gardiner (H. C.) Human side of the 
constitution. 60012. 

Gardiner (J. H. ) Agricola. 7082. 

Gardiner, Me., direct. 44386. 

Gardiner & Lewis, inc. Basic specifi- 
cations for waterproofing. 10478. 

Gardinier (H. E.) Memory bk. 

Gardner (C. E.) Farmer's profit & 
loss accts. etc. 56546. 56547. 

Gardner (E. F.) Gardner (E. F.) 
adv. service. Complete direct* mail 
financing campaign. 33592. 

Gardner (E. V. R.) What I learned 
about myself. 10479. 

Gardner (F. A.) Roger Conant, the 
leader of the old planters. 5654S. 

Gardner (G. E.) Modernized method 
of home ownership. 33593. 

Gardner (G. W.) Ambitious girl's 
choice, etc. 33594. 33595. 

Gardner (H. W.) Bremerton Daily 
News Searchlight. Winter at Val- 
ley Forge. 7974. 

Gardner (I. R.) Speed chart for 
arith. 38596. 

Gardner (M. L.) 

Gardner (N. E.) 
bus. women 

Wow ! Andy Gump. 
Do's & don'ts for 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Gardner, Mass., direct. 10480. 
Gardner. Mass.. map. 19570. 
Gardner ptg. co. : 

Amer. hardware & supply co. 

Catalog. 30251. 
Babcock, Hinds & Underwood, inc. 

Wholesale hardware. 20G01. 
Baldwin (A.) & co., ltd. Bald- 
win general catalog. etc. 
44455. 44456. 
Black sales CO. Catalog. 61033. 
Bluefield hardware co. Whole- 
sale hardware. 55323. 
Bluefield supply co. Hardware & 

auto, supplies. 20962. 
Creston auto co., inc. Catalog. 

Grier-Sutherland co. Garage 

equipment. 10738. 
Lindsay (J. O.) hardware co. 

1925 catalog. 57171. 
Tri-state ignition corp. Catalog. 

Valley supply co. 10481. 
Garfield, X. J., direct. 64213. 
Garfield Park state savings bank. 
Bank in the heart of the Great 
West Side. 104*2. 
Gargilis (Stephen) Simplified les- 
sons in astrology. 46697. 
Gargoyle. 33597. 
Garin (G. P.) Garin (G. P.) & co. 

Ague card. etc. 619S5-61990. 
Garis (II. R. > : 

Curlytops touring around. etc. 

:-;:;59x. :5:;5<><). 
Second adventures of Uncle Wig- 

gily. 22705. 
Uncle Wi.irgily & his umbrellas. 
Garis (Lilian) Connie Loring's am- 
bition, etc. 22706. 22707. 
Garland (II. W. ) : 

Adults mag. 20215. 
If. 33600. 

Men's companion. 35851. 
Seniors Mag. 27195. 
Garland (Peter) Eternal spring. 

Garland mfg. co. Care of cotton 

twine loom harnesses. 22708. 
Garlock packing co. : 

Garlock metal packing service. 

etc. 33601, 33602. 
Garlock packing service. 22709. 
Garman (K. E.) Ideal painting with- 
out paints, etc. 22710-22714. 
Garment corp. of Amer. Living 

clothes, etc. 46698. 46699. 
Garnichard (J. A.) Get well. 46700. 
Garon (Pauline) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 33603. 
Garratt-Callahan co. Magic boiler 
preservative. 33604. 

Garren (J. J.) : 

Bandits. 42509. 
Bob the gob. 42530. 
Embarrassing moments. 1SS66. 
Friendly neighbors. 42633. 
In union there is strength. 28870. 
Love lessons. 42783. 
Modern Paul Revere. 19124. 
Nonsensicalities. 60200. 
Spuds. 19318. 
You heard me. 6377. 
Garrett (C. II.) Word of love. 10483. 
Garrett ( George ) : 

Flowers & candles. 65528. 
Lambkin. 34.sso. 
Tombstones & grass. 54235. 
Garrett (Baronet* Sophie Royce-) 
See Royce-Garrett (Baroness So- 
phie ) 
Garrett & Massie, inc. Farmers han- 
dy rec. bk. 1587. 
Garrick (David) Lying valet; peep 
behind the curtain; Bon ton. 19083.* 
Garrison (N. L.) Teacher's manual. 

Garson (E. C. ) Around-the-world 
drawings to color. etc. 46701- 
Garson & Wood furniture co. How 

do they do it? 22715. 
Gartland (T. E.) Had your iron to- 
day? 1588. 
Gartling (George) Egypt that is. 

Garvey (A. J.) African fundamental- 
ism. 33605. 
Garvey (J. A.) Indus, partnership 
plan of the Dennison mfg. co. 
Garvey (P. J.) Research studies of 
crime as related to heredity. 51636. 
Garwood (O.) Acme credit service. 

Gary home builders, inc. 56549. 
Gas appliance soc. Yes, a gas fur- 
nace can be economical. 56550. 
(ias research co. New fuel gas. 

Gaskell (W. H.) Consumers coal co. 

There's one. 986. 
Gastman (Jesse) Cross-count puzzles 

exercise mental faculty. 1590. 
Gaston ( E. P. ) Amer's. rapid guide 

to England. 46709. 
Gaston (Mrs. Edwin) Life story of 

a sweet girl graduate. 33606. 
Gaston (William) Second best. 

Gaston systems & supply co. Few 

facts? about schl. funds. 33607. 
Gatchel & Manning, inc. : 

Etchings. 1591, 10485, 10486, 

Gatchel & Manning, inc., photo en- 
gravers. 46710. 



nos. 1-^12, 1925 

Miser once buried all his money 
in the earth, etc. 33608, 33609. 
Gate city direct, co. : 

Kansas City, Kans., direct. 23511. 
Kansas City, Mo., direct. 34671. 
Gates (A. I.) Gates-Strang health 

knowledge. 56551. 
Gates (Eleanor) :-' 
Fish bait. 53850. 
Lost range. 33610. 
Skeleton island. 10487. 
Gates (H. K.) His son's husband. 

Gates (H. L.) Joanna. 10488-10519, 

Gates rubber co. Gates plan of tire 

buying. 33611. 
Gateway to health, inc. Gateway to 

health. 46711. 
Gatewood (W. B.) Statutory amnesty 
bill may solve Ferguson tangle. 
Gathmann eng. co. Gathmann meth- 
ods for sound ingot production. 
Gatts (G. H.) Some girl. 19307, 

Gatts (G. M.) Some girl. 54184. 
Gaudet (F.J.) Visions & testimonials 

of truth. 1592. 
Gaument (Jean) Farces. 60109*. 
Gauntlett & co. : 

Cloudhopper. 29876. 
Dome doctor. 19904. 
Gauss (H. C.) Docene system for 

classifying. 10521. 
Gauss (L. F.) Marry the prince. 

Gavin (Margaret) Phonetixs for all. 

Gavitt (W. W.) medical co. Some of 

our successful agents. 22719. 
Gazetteer pub. & ptg. co. Denver, 

Col., direct. 32579. 
Gazley (J. G.) Syllabus of modern 

European hist. • 56521. 
Gazzam (C. G.) Character. 1593. 
Gearen (J. H.) Chiropractic — as a 

health restorer. 1594. 
Gearing (Harry) Drill regulations. 

Geary (T. W.) : 

Irish Tralee Rose. 61991. 
Tralee rose. 58552. 
"Wash, where the last of the West 
begins. 22720. 
Geaque (H. A.) Classification of the 
elements according to the periodic 
law. 33612. 
Gebhardt (G. F.) Boiler room opera- 
tion. 22721, 22722, 46714-46716, 
Gebhardt (Hertha von) Januskopf. 

Gee (M. G.) Plays from Amer. his- 

otry. 42909*. 
Geebee (Uncle) pseud. See Robyn 

(A. G.) 
Gehres (E. H. Ml) Silent readers. 

23896, 23897. 
Gearing pub. co. Gehring hotel direct. 

etc. 33615, 33616. 
Geib (E. R.) Projector carbons. 

Geiger (J. G.) Typist. 18641. 
Gem supply co. Under our guarantee. 

Gems. 56553, 61993. 
General airways system, inc. Air- 
ways night landing trails. 46717. 
General assembly. S. C. See S. C. 

Gen. assembly.i 
General baking co. Smallest state 
helped largely in bettering the bread 
of the nation. 10523. 
General biological supply house : 
Catalog. 22724. 
Conanf (G. H.) Botany booklet. 

Turtox botany exercise sheets. 

Turtox museum catalog. 61994. 
General commer. engineer's office. 
See Ohio Bell telep. co. General 
commer. engineer's office. 
Gen. conference of the Life-Savior 
apostolic benevolent church. See 
Life-Savior apostolic benevolent 
church (Gen. conference of the) 
General drafting co., inc. : 
Florida, map. 65848. 
Mercer Co., N. J., map. 19650. 
New England, map. 6589. 
New Jersey, map. 19689. 
New York state, map. 19697. 
Pennsylvania, map. 54586. 
General elec. co. : 

Corregan (F. H.) Indus, anal. & 
control. 55S15, 55816, 61414- 
Diary, etc. 56554, 56555. 
Indus, anal. & control. 46719- 
(Edison lamp works of) An- 
nouncing the first contest. 22725. 
General Alteration co., inc. Filtros. 

General fireproofing co. Safeguarding 

vital tees, of bus. 46723. 
General instrument Corp. Radio re- 
ception as it should be. 46724. 
General labs. : 

Farmers wife became tired. 

Lost 11 calves from contagious 

abortion, etc. 46725, 46726. 
Peols (L. H.) Carry it on your 
hip-something good. 51287. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

General machine co. This vender is 

designed to stimulate. 46727. 
General motors export eo. : 

Auto-export primer. 22726. 
Automobiel lwiar behandeling en 
verzorging. etc. 46728—16733. 
General motors export co. Serv- 
ice dept. Manual of service 
operations. 10524, 10525. 
Manual de instruceoes. 10524, 

Manual de instrucciones automo- 

viles. etc. 1596-1605. 
Trouble-shooter & his car. 1595. 
General organization co. Banta (V. 
F.) comp. Finan. rec. for income 
tax rept. 243. 
General phonograph corp. Odeon a 
revelation in musical enjoyment. 
General signal co. : 

Fck (W. J.) Alternating-current 

block signals. 56030. 
Elec. dishwashing, etc. 22727- 

Few facts about a new develop- 
ment, etc. 33618, 33819. 
(IKS color light & position 

light signals. 56556. 
Wight (S. N.) Signaling at the 
age of maturity. 28203. 
General tire & rubber co. What no 
tire mfr. has ever done before. 1606. 
General x-ray inst., inc. Dear Doc- 
tor : Will you read carefully, the 
following suggestions. 46734. 
Genesee. Pa., map. 6486. 
Genessee mountain silver fox farms, 
inc. Highest pedigreed silver foxes. 
Genestoux (Magdeleine du) See Du 

Genestoux ( Magdeleine ) 
Geniaux (Charles) Maison d'eternite. 

Gensler-Lee customer's club. Here is 

the plan. 46735. 
Gensler-Lee jewelry co. : 

Extraordinary diamond event, etc. 

10528, 10529. 
Gensler-Lee customer's club. Here 

is the plan. 46735. 
Now a mighty super-sales event. 
Gentlemen (F. W.) Teachers' man- 
ual. 28014. 28015. 
Gentles (H. W.) Bauer & Black jr. 

first aid. etc. 22731, 22732. . 
Gentry (Caroline) Lost Atlantis. 

Genung (N. H.) Service in retailing. 

Geographical pub. co. : 

North Carolina, map. 6606. 
Southern States, map. 6678. 
Geography of the D. C. 1608. 

George (Charles) : 

Beauty is skin deep. 65448. 

Hell fire. 60130. 

Nothing succeeds like success. 

Say when. 60251. 
Wreckage. 65799. 
George (Ernest) All's fair. 42486. 
George (H. H.) H. H. George's course 

of self instr. 33621. 
George (Henry) Crime of poverty. 

George (Llewellyn) Planetary daily 

guide for all. 61996, 61997. 
George (R. H.) Brown univ. Sylla- 
bus. 55407. 
George (W. H.) Albertson (J. L.) 
A-B-C system simplified double en- 
try acctg. etc. 30100-30103. 
George (W. L.) : 

Chameleon women. 10542-10545. 
Heart of a wife. etc. 1610-1618, 

Love's crucible. 22733-^22740, 
33622-33628, 46736-4674 3, 
56557-56564, 61998-62015. 
Georgetown, S. C, map. 6487. 
Georgia, map. 19571-19573, 43327, 

Georgia. Workmen's compensation 

law. 46744. 
Georgia bond sales co. Ga. bond- 
mortgage co. First mortgage col- 
lateral trust coupon bond. 22741. 
Georgia druggist weather chart cal. 

Georgia farmers fire insur. co. As 

permanent as Stone Mt. 22742. 
Georgia light, power & railwavs, map. 

Georgia ry. & power co., map. 29516. 
Georgian co. Sunday Amer., Atlanta. 
Last effort of Napolean to beat foes. 

Geraghty (F. J.) 

map. 43396. 
Geraghty (T. J.) 
Gerald (Johnnie) 

Lake County, 111., 

Big I am. 5946. 
Recounts own pt. 
in plans to aid Collins. 10546. 
Gerard (Andre) Quand on a fait ga 

une fois ! 42928. 
Gerard (Barney) : 

For the love of a girl. 42626. 
If she can do it he can do it. 

Riding academy. 29152. 
Gerard ( Rosemond ) See Rostand 

(Mme Edmond) 
Gerbidon (Marcel) : 

Alain, sa mere et sa maitresse. 

Ecole des cocottes. 53827. 
Gerdes ( D. T. ) Birth of Crater Lake. 

Gereke (N. H.) To my mother. 10547. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Gerhart (F. W.) Bucket o' suds. 

Gering (Marion) Tragedy in 7 tele- 
phone calls. 54241. 
Gerken (N. F.) : 

Feather River. etc. 33629, 

Lightnin. 10548, 23907. 
Germain (Jose) pseud. See Drouilly 

(J. G.) 
German evangelical aid soc. (Home 
for the aged of the) : 

Home for the aged of the German 

evangelical aid soc. 33632. 
Letter of appeal. 33631. 
Germann (Gertrude) Scripture cross- 
word puzzles. 33633. 
Germantown, 111., map. 54441. 
Germantown, Mass., direct. 64336. 
Germantown coal & ice. co. Cross 

word puzzle. 10549. 
Germantown trust co. : 

Emerson on inheritances, etc. 

22743, 22744. 
You die — who gets your money? 
Gernsback's (S.) radio encycl. 10550, 

Geronimo, Ariz., map. 54442. 
Geroule (Henri) Coup de deux. 

Gerow (E. A.) Love or money on the 

fourth of July. 42787. 
Gerry (M. d'A.) Prologue to the play 
Fashion written in 1845 by A. C. 
Mowatt. 18642. 
Gershwin (Ira) Lady, be good. 

Gerstenberg (Alice) : 
At the club. 42499. 
From afar. 28768. 
Latch keys. 19040. 
Opera matinee. 54086. 
Trap. 43038. 
Gerstenberg (C. W.) How to prepare 

a tax brief. 10551. 
Gerstendorfer bros. Sapolin buyers 

guide. 46745. 
Gerth (C. S.) : 

Cash for your real estate. 22745. 

Gerth's realty experts, inc. This 

property will be sold at public 

auction. 33635. 

List of machinery, etc. 46746- 


Gerwig (F. L.) Gerwig's analyzed 

finan. repts. 1620, 10552. 
Gery (Adolf) Gluck durch sturem. 

Gesell (Arnold) : 

Child's first bks. 63302. 
Retarded child. 46749. 
Gesell (F. A.) : 

Bank losses eliminated] 




Combination insur. 

62017, 62018. 
Inter-Ocean casualty co. Insur. 

receipt bk. etc. 47407, 47408. 
Liberty bank. Guaranteed suc- 
cess-system. 2407. 
Gessler (C. F.) U. S. to keep gate 

shut to Orient. 33636. 
Gest (Morris) Death of Pazukhin. 

Gesundheitswacht, a. g. : 

Neustatter (Otto) ed. Gesund- 

heitskalender, 1925. 13322. 
Systematisches verzeichnis hy- 
gienischer volksbelehrungs. 

Gets-it, inc. How to use Gets-it. 

Getting ahead monthly. 10556-10562,. 
22746-22748, 33637-33639, 46751, 
56567, 62019. 
Getto (F. A.) Acrobatic stunts made 

easy. 10563. 
Gettysburg, Pa., map. 6488. 
Gevel (Claude) : 
Ca... ! 18761. 
Petit chaperon rouge. 42905. 
Geyer (A. C.) Church calls to you, 

Geyer (Albert) : 

Denny's redemption. 28668. 
Mrs. Montague's boarding house. 

Tong war. 29274. 
Geyer (Andrew) inc. Gift & art shop 

buyers' direct. 10572, 56570. 
Geyser ( A. C.) Hypertrichosis. 10564. 
Gfeller (Jack) : 

Money mad. 19125. 
Slag. 42977. 
Gheon (Henri) Comedien et la 

Grace. 537S2. 
Gherardi (Nella Bianchi) See 

Bianchi Gherardi (Nella) 
Gherwal (Y. R. S.) Yogo lessons in 

personal development. 22750. 
Giacometti (Paolo) Morte civile. 

Gibbes (J. W.) S. C. Gen. assembly. 

Legislative manual. 17165. 
Gibbons (A. N.) Question outline of 

the side of human society. 46752. 
Gibbons (Floyd) : 

Blazing skies light battle of Moor 

& Poilu. etc. 33640-33656. 
British base at Singapore ideal 

location, etc. 1623-1626. 
Color feeling in Philippines peril 

to peace, etc. 22751, 22752. 
Famine enlists in French ranks to 
conquer Moor. etc. 46753- 
U. S. pussyfoots out of Latin's 
esteem, claim. 56568. 



pt. I, n. S., v. 22 

Gibbons (R. H.) : 
Duchess. 42591. 
Hop across. 18978. 
Gil ibs (C. D.) Stagger inn. 65745. 
Gibbs (Elsie) Mystic light. 10565. 
Gibbs (G. W.) King Tut's daughter. 

Gibbs osteopathic pub. co. English 
(R. F. ) Modern scientific treat- 
ment. 9804. 
Gibney (A. J.) : 

Firemen's first yr. exams, etc. 

46762, 46763. 
Handling locomotives at terminal. 

etc. 33657-33660. 
Ry. capitalization & finance. 
62020, 62021. 
Gibney (Charles) Poor millionaire. 

Gibney ( S. De R.) : 
Cauldron. 18770. 
Dona Volga. 6012. 
Harvest moon. 53903. 
Gibraltar savings & bldg. assn. What 

successful men say. 22753. 
Gibson (A. F.) Okeechobee Co., Fla., 

map. 54567. 
Gibson (C. H.) id. Yr. bk. of poems. 

Gibson (C. R.) and co. : 

Autographs & birthdays. 56569. 
Happy hours, etc. 1627, 1628. 
Winter (A. R.) Knightime. 

Schl. belles. 1S374. 

Gibson (C. S. ) Modern practical 

arith. 34030, 47074, 47075. 
Gibson (I). L.) Texas has a Ku Klux 

klan.' 1<»2!>. 
Gibson (G. II.) Leading steam engi- 
neers of the U. S. Cochrane corp. 
Gibson (G. T. ) inc. Klytia treatment 

chart. 10566. 
Gibson (Gerolt) Mankind in the 

making. 28967. ' 
Gibson (Henry) Retrospect. 39838. 
Gibson (J. B.) Club members of 

N. Y. 930. 
Gibson (L. E.) Proofs of the resur- 
rection. 54121. 
Gibson (Marie) Trite against fidel- 
ity. 65772. 
Gibson (R. F.) Shepherd's dogs. 

Gibson (Thomas) Ann. forecast of 

bus. etc. 1630, 1631. 
Gibson co. Automotive ecpiipment. 

Gibson-Sears radio corp. New prin- 
ciple of broadcast reception. 1056S. 
Giddinss (T. P.) Teachers' bk. 

Gieringer (P. A.) Outline hist, of 

Christian missions. 22755. 
Giese ( C. A. ) Further doings of the 
Clinton Hill discussion club. 1632. 
Gieseker (B. M.) Exhibition march 

& drill. 10570. 
Giesy ( J. W.) Uses of physiotherapy. 

Giftoni (Giuseppe) Frame up. 

Gilford (H. E.) Directs for playing 

the Life-savers. 1633. 
Gift & art shop buyers' direct. 10572, 

Gigear (W. M.) Perkins Co., S. D., 

map. 19736. 
Giglio (Clemente) : 

Kidnappers. 60154. 
Prima notte di matrimonio di 
Nofrio. 54117. 
Gignoux (Regis) : 
Age d'or. 65425. 
Agnes et son chat. 42483. 
Fruit vert. 6057. 
Monde renverse. 42836. 
Vampire apprivoise. 43061. 
Gilbert (Clinton) : 

Bank, trust, title & insur. 1634. 
Comparative table. 10573, 22750. 
Gilbert (E. J.) : 

Easin' in. 18S55. 
Making a personal appearance. 
Gilbert (Hilda) See Sylvane (H. G.) 
Gilbert (J. V.) Desert verse. 56571. 
Gilbert (J. W.) Medicinal food com- 
pounds. 62022. 
Gilbert (R. V.) Publicity plan in 

parish evangelism. 22757. 
Gilbert (W. L-) clock co. Gilbert 

clocks. 1635. 
Gilbert (W. S.) H. M. S. Pinafore & 

other plays. 65552*. 
Gilbert & co., inc. Birthflower rings. 

Gilbert, Elliott & co. : 

Analyt. comparison title & mort- 
gage co's. 1636. 
Bank stocks insur. stocks. 10576, 
Gilbert mining district, Nev., map. 

Gilbert spruance co. Fluid light. 

Gilbertson (H. S.) Mine manage- 
ment policies. 33661. 
Gilbreath (Olive) Vermillion pencil. 

Gildea (F. J.) Amer. heroes, etc. 

1057S. 10579. 
Gilds (N. B.) Related science man- 
ual. .56572. 
Giles (J. K.) Rational proof of im- 
mortality. 46765. 



1-12, 1925 

Giles (J. T.) Giles recitation score 

card. 46766, 46767. 
Giles (Josephine) : 

Love bug. 42782. 
Poor devil. 42912. 
Prophet. 42924. 
Giles (N. W.) Gift bk. of rhymes. 

Giles (Ray) Salesman's fright. 

Giles (William) : 

Love bug. 42782. 
Poor devil. 42912. 
Prophet. 42924. 
Giles can co. Giles round cone top 

tin cans. 33663. 
Gill (B. M.) Crimson shadow. 

Gill (Barney) pseud. See Gill 

(B. M.) 
Gill (E. B.) Index. 33664. 
Gill (J. G.) Complete street, ave., 
number & car-line guide of Chicago. 

Gill (W. L.) Charter of the schl. 

city. 22759. 
Gill & Jenkins, inc. Follow through. 

22760, 33666, 33667, 46768, 46769. 
Gill mfg. co. Economy oil ring. 

Gill pubis., inc. Shoe repairer & 

dealer. 10580. 
Gillan (W. A.) Master mind system. 

Gilles (Pierre) : 

Ogresse (Jeanne Weber) 46770. 
Vert— Galant. 10581. 
Gillespie (C. E.) Shasta putting on 

a night-cap. 10582. 
Gillespie (Marian) Skin deep. 

Gillespie (N. S.) Royal sons of Isaac 

& daughters of Rebekah of the 

U. S. A. Gillespie improved circu- 
lar. 40154. 
Gillespie (R. L.) Gillespie's guide. 

Gillespie, 111., direct. 10583. 
Gillespie, 111., map. 43330. 
Gillet (H. M.) Gladiolus beautiful. 

Gillet (H. O.) Ans. to The Durell & 

Gillet N. Y. state ariths. 46210- 

Gillett (L. H.) : 

Method for determining adequate 

clothing allowances. 63092. 
What children of various ages 
should eat. 22763. 
Gillett (M. O.) Anthony Rowley. 

etc. ' 1639-1658. 
Gillette (G. A.) Dr. Ku Klux ques- 
tioned. 46771. 
Gillette (William) : 
Electricity. 6022. 

Held by the enemy. 60316 (1). 
Secret service. 60316 (2). 
Gillfillan (S. J.) Bus. builder. 10584. 
Gilligan (F. J.) Welcome Calif, tour- 
ist. 33668. 
Gillinder & sons, inc. Glassilk shades. 

Gillis & Geoghegan, inc. G. & G. tele- 
scopic hoist. 1659. 
Gilman (E. D.) Eastern stand, time 
as it would affect Cincinnati. 56574. 
Gilman (J. M.) Bus. forecasting. 

Gilman (Lawrence) : 

Notes on the program. 56575. 
Program, second pair of concerts 
with analytical notes. 62023. 
Gilman (Stephen) Personal accts. 

rec. 22765. 
Gilman, Vt, map. 60361. 
Gilmore (A. B.) Gilmore's direct. La. 

sugar planters. 33670. 
Gilmore (A. S.) Honolulu chop suey. 

Gilmore (Barney) Hogan's alley. 

Gilmour (S. C.) Asia. 34716. 
Gilpatric (CD.): 

Forty miles an hour. 28758. 
Moving day. 6185. 
Sardines. 19273.- 
Gilpin (J. H.) Cistern-breeder of 

germs. 22766. 
Gilpin, Langdon & co., inc. : 

And then her mother told her. 

etc. 46772-46781. 
Eight little bugs. • etc. 22767- 

Half-mast this flag they're all 

dead. etc. 33671, 33672. 

Let the bugs beware ! 10585. 

Gilson slide rule co., inc. Slide rule 

manual. 62024. 
Gilston (J. F.) La Belle, 1925. 23659. 
Giltner (N. S.) My life. 33673. 
Ginn & co. : 

Atwood (W. W.) Practical map 

exercises in geog. 30545. 
Bengtson (N. A.) Pupil's work- 


Bogert (G. G.) 

ual. 61040. 
Brown (J. C.) 

the geog. of Nebr. 

Teachers' man- 

Ans. to jr. high 

schl. math. 65162. 

Burdge (H. G.) Ans. to N. Y. 
state arith. 64700, 64701. 

Carter (T. F.) Periods of Chi- 
nese hist. 45336. 

Cowan (H. E.) Exercises in 
bookkeeping. 1064. 9270. 45870. 

Teacher's manual. 32353, 

32354, 61423. 

Davis (Roy) Manual & key. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Ginn & co. — Continued. 

Giddings (T. P.) Teachers bk. 

Hadsell (H. I.) Class rec. bk. 

Hawkes (H. E.) Ans. bk. 62165. 

Henderson (W. E.) Teachers' 
manual. 62831. 

Higgins (L. D.) Teachers' man- 
ual. 11015. 

Hotchkiss (E. A.) Syllabus de- 
signed to aid teachers. 62276. 

Immaculate Heart of Mary {Sis- 
ters, servants of) New Corona 
primer. 62324. 

Loker (H. W.) Exercises in 
bookkeeping. 45870. 

— — Teacher's manual & key. 

Luby (W. A.) Ans. bk. 62165. 

MePherson (William) Teachers' 
manual. 62S31. 

Moreno-Lacalle (J.) Spanish 
idioms & phrases. 48876. 

Mosaique mysterieuse. etc. 

Potter (M. C.) Time-table & sug- 
gestions for teachers. 51417- 

Redfleld (E. B.) Pupil's work bk. 
in geog. 4463. 

Reeve (W. D.) Ans. to essentials 
of Algebra. 64698-64701. 

Roberts (George) Kentucky 

suppl. to elem. agric. 16105. 

Smith (D. E.) Ans. to Essentials 
of algebra, etc. 40839, 40840, 

Ans. to jr. high schl. math. 


Teachers' manual. 27404. 

Stiles (L. B.) Pupil's workbk. in 
the geog. of Wis. 41226. 

Tests on Shawkey's West Virginia, 
etc. 62025-62027. 

Touton (F. C.) Ans. bk. 62165. 

Wentworth (George) Ans. to jr. 
high schl. math. 65162. 

Jr. high schl. math. 28135. 

Wheeler ( M. L. ) Recent progress 
of the great republic. 18239. 

Whitbeck (Florence) Porto Rico. 

Young (C. A.) Lessons in astron- 
omy. 42432. 
Ginsburg (Elias) : 

Deserter. 42580. 

Felled by pigmies. 188S7. 

Shmates un brilianten. 54169. 
Ginter (R. W.) Stage of life. 10590. 
Ginzberg (Louis) Friday night sto- 
ries. 56576. 
Giorloff (Ruth) : 

Jazz & minuet. 42730. 

Maizie. 60173. 

Gipsy trail camp & country club, inc. : 
Gipsy trailings. 33674. 
Guiterman (Arthur) Gypsy trail. 
Girard (Maxime) Suivez-la, jeune 

homme ! 54204. 
Girard, O., direct. 5613. 
Girard, O., map. 29517. 
Girdlestone (W. H.) comp. Shontz 

radio trouble shooter. 46782. 
Girl scouts, inc. : 

Cady (B. C.) Requirements for 
the bird finder merit badge, 
etc. 31486-31488. 

Requirements for the tree 

finder merit badge. 45255. 
Cady (V. M.) Aids & suggestions 
for captains & nature leaders, 
etc. 31489, 31490. 
Ceremonies around the girl scout 

yr. 46783. 
Everybody's affair. 53837. 
How St. John came to Bencer's 
school. 53921. 
Girls friendly soc. of America : 
Morning drill. 1661. 
Thought stairway. 22771. 
Girls' kalendar. 1925. 1662. 
Girton ( M. W.) Shick. 33675. 
Girvin (Brenda) Cautious Campbell. 

Gitlin (Murray) Masquerade. 6164. 
Gits bros. mfg. co. MacGerald ' (W. 

P.) I wish you. 2512. 
Glacier to Gulf motorway, map. 

Glades Co., Fla., map. 65855. 
G la sco elec. co. : 

Glasco salesman. 1663. 10591- 
10593. 22772, 22773. 33676, 33677, 
46784, 46785, 56577, 62028. 

Traveling men's perfect income 

tax. 22774. 

Glaser (C. W. ) & co. How lower costs 

produce large profits, etc. 10594, 


Glaser (J. L. ) New & improved base 

bat. score form. 22775. 
Glason (Billy) Eppy laughs. 65410. 
Glaspell ( Susan ) : 
Outside. 42955.* 
Tickless time. 60286. 
Glass (C. S.) Bus. & indus. propertv. 

Glass (Dudley) Rhymes of the road. 
1664, 1665, 10596-10605. 22777- 
22782, 33678-33688. 46786-46793, 
56578-56580, 02029-62032. 
Glass (Everett) : 

Grandmothers unaware. 53889. 
Ladies change. 2X012. 
Glass (Montague) Potash & Perl- 
mutter, detectives. 65694. 
Glass factory direct. List of factories. 



DOS. 1-12, 1925 

Glassniire (Albert) : 

California rose. 28585. 
Night thrill. 42862. 
Glassmire (Bert) See Glassmire 

Glassmobile co. Glassmobile. etc. 

46794, 46795. 
Glassport, Pa., map. 60363. 
Gleason-Tiebout glass co. : 

Celestial light, etc. 33689, 33690. 
Lighting glassware g 1 e t i a n. 
Gleeman staff. Gleeman. 62033. 
Glen bros., inc. Dependable trees & 

plants. 1666. 
Glen Cove, N. Y., map. 60364. 
Glen Ridge, N. J., direct. 48846. 
Glen Rock, N. J., map. 6489. 
Glen Saint Mary nurseries co. : 
Citrus catalog. 62034. 
Southern planting facts. 46796. 
Glendale, Calif., map. 43331, 65856. 
Glentield, Pa., map. 65857. 
Glenn (B. G.) Nutty. 62035. 
Glenn (C. O.) Air brake inspection. 

Glenn (E. M.) Arrested for speeding. 

Glenn (J. M.) 111. Direct of 111. 

mfrs. 1979. 
Glenn (Mabelle) Music notes. 

62036, 62037. 
Glenn novelty co. Glenn (B. G.) 

Nutty. 62035. 
Glens Falls insur. co. Brevis (H. W.) 

On land or sea. 44863. 
Glenside, Pa., map. 54443. 
Glick (Hershel) Draten geherin 

(The wire walker) 28693. 
Glidden co. Automobil. etc. 10606, 

Glinger (Adolf) Hundekonig. 28855. 
Globe bk. co. : 

Amster (Isidor) Key to problem 

in commer. law. 55077. 
Davidoff (Henry) Globe Eng. 

verb drill. 9386. 
Eng. composition & gram, note bk. 

Mann (Jacob) Latin verb blanks. 

Nelson (W. B.) Physics experi- 
ment sheets. 13311. 
Wilkins (L. A.) Spanish verb 
blanks. 18305. 
Globe Democrat pub. co. : 

Globe-Democrat. A B C of con- 
sistent saving & sound invest- 
ment. 33691. 
Radio marketing. 22785. 
Selected jaunts in & about the 
49th State. 33692. 
Globe machinery & supply co. Gen. 
catalog. 10608, 46798. 

Shadow. 29182. 
Love bird. 60168. 


Globe mail service, inc. : 

German evangelical aid soc. 
(Home for the aged of the.) 
Home for the aged of the Ger- 
man evangelical aid soc. 33632. 

Letter of Appeal. 33631. 

Globe perpetual cal. 12943. 
Globus (J. H.) Lab. aid. 22786. 
Glorget (Albert) Sonate d'automne. 

Gloster, Miss., map. 29518. 
Gloucester City, N. J., map. 43332. 
Glover (B. A.) Inter-city adv. 
agency. Off. Kansas state bus 
guide. 34411. 
Glover (C. A.) Suggestions on rept. 

writing. 44784. 
Glover (C. M.) Seeing Santa Bar- 
bara, Calif. 10609. 
Glover (H. B.) co. Test your buying 

judgment with this chart. 33693. 
Glover (Halcott) Fools' paradise. 

Glover (J. W.) Ludwig Van Bee- 
thoven. 6145. 
Glover (N. G.) 
Glover (R. W.) 
Gluck (Carl) : 

Mediator. 1668. 
Mediator light. 10610. 
Gluckin (William) & co. 

mfr.'s invoice. 46799. 
Glyn (Elinor) : 

By beautiful thoughts, 

to you. etc. 56581-56584. 
Truth. 10611, 10612, 22787-22792, 
33694-33701, 46800-46806, 6^8- 
Goal. 1669. 
Gocni (Otin) pseud. See Boniface 

(N. F.) 
Goddard (J. C.) : 

Best gifts, etc. 62045, 62046. 

Boom, etc. 46807-46816. 

Can spring be far behind, etc. 

Cheap pleasures. etc. 33702- 

Easy does it. etc. 565S5-56589. 
Golden age. etc. 1670-1672. 
In memoriam. etc. 22793-22795. 
Goddard & Goddard co. Special & 

stand, milling cutters. 33715. 
Godefroy (C. W.) Godefroy method 
of scalp treatments, etc. 22796, 
Godsey (Roy) : 

British bounty on Missouri scalps 
in early periods, etc. 62047- 
Christian County, Mo. etc. 46S17- 

Indians induced to farm by old 
federal treaty. etc. 56590- 

draw love 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Godsev (Townsend) Sec Godsey 

(W. T.) 
Godsey (W. T.) : 

Clavers'l git ye. 65482. 
One who dreams. 65676. 
Godvin (J. B. ) Plan for the re- 
building & development of the jew- 
elry indus. 22798. 
Goedorp (Victor) Femme du rajah. 

33716, 62051. 
Gohl ( Th. ) Schreibers anleitung zum 

vorzeichnen. 10625, 62052. 
Goethe (J. W. von) : 
Egmont. 28705. 
Faust, etc. 46824, 46825. 
Torquato Tasso. 43035*. 
Goff (Charles) Inside story of fight 

on rum revealed. 62053. 
Goff (R. R.) High schl. slide rule 

with instr. for its use. 33717. 
Goff (T. T.) : 

Fowlkes-Goff practice tests in 

arith. 22619. 
Key to the Fowlkes-Goff practice 
tests. 46618. 
Gold (Emanuel) Medley of melody. 

Gold ( Michael I : 
Fiesta. 42615. 
Hoboken blues. 65562. 
Gold dust corp. Goldy & Dusty, etc. 

MM71S, 33719. 
Gold medal camp furniture mfg. co. 
Furniture for camp & home, 1924. 
Gold seal products co. Sales talk & 

general instr. 46S26. 
Goldberg (I). 8.) Let's act. 27647. 
Goldberg ( Isaac) : 

Critical excerpts from Poe. 26485. 
Enjoyment of music, etc. 22800- 

Enjoyment of reading. 46S27. 
George Jean Nathan, etc. 33720, 

Playwright & critic. 56593. 
Goldberg (Israel) : 

His children. 18966. 
Invader. 19001. 
Goldberg (Louis) Three brides. 

Goldberg (Michael) : 

.Secrets of paradise. 29179. 
Substitute. 29243. 
Goldberg (S. M.) enterprises, inc. 
Adv. service. 46S2S, 54954, 56594, 
62054, 62055. 
Goldburt (Abraham) Valley king- 
dom. 60299. 
Golden (G. C.) Healing of Harry 

Landers. 56595. 
Golden (John) : 

Re : ward. 19251. 

Straight-shooter. 6293. 

Three John Golden plays. 54227. 

Golden (R.) Nature's wonderful skin 

remedy. 1674. 
Golden (Samuel) Great mistake! 

etc. 1675-1677. 
Golden rule. Ethics in bus. 1678— 

1680, 10626-10630. 
Golden state auto. club. 22804. 
Goldenberg's. Coupon sale. 62056. 
Goldenburg (G. D.) Stage manager's 

guide. 46829. 
Goldenrod ice cream co. Ask for 

Goldenrod ice cream. 33722. 
Golding (S. R.) Homeward bound. 

Goldoni (Carlo) Coffee-house. 53778, 
Goldsmith (Cliff) Fashion plates, 

Goldsmith (E. H.) Wedgewood vase. 

Goldsmith (L. R.) : 

East & west — and the twain shall 

meet. 42593. 
Who cares? 6370. 
Goldsmith (Oliver) : 

Deserted village. 22805. 
She stoops to conquer. 29155.* 
Goldsmith (S. L.) : 

Staff & the fiddle. 54193. 
Wonder clock plays. 19446.* 
Goldsmith (W. M.) Evolution & 

Christianity. 46S30. 
Goldstein (F. F.) : 

Color builder, etc. 1681-16S3. 
Silent reading seat work. 62057, 
Goldstein ( K. A.) Daily Nebraskan. 

Hints from Paris. 9347. 
Goldstein ( Mabel ) : 

Child dramatization, etc. 56596, 

Elliptical stories, etc. 16S4-1686, 
Goldwyn (Samuel) : 
Dark angel. 54768. 
His supreme moment. 19952. 
Golf. 33724. 
Golfiex. Ensemble. See Wilkin & Ad- 

ler, inc. 
Golomb (Morris) Ripley (Robt.) 

ed: Everlast boxing rec. 4555. 
Gomes (J. P.) Auto, direct. Hono- 
lulu & Island of Oahu. 20580. 
Gomez (Auguste) : 
Everest. 2S725. 
Over the waves. 29075. 
Goncourt (Edmond de) Juliette 

Faustin. 65594. 
Gonzales (A. E. ) Chips from an old 

log. 16S7, 1688, 10631. 10632. 
Gonzales del Toro (Ricardo) : 
Autores de mis dias. 60036. 
Por una mujer. 60223. 
Good citizenship league. After care- 
ful investigation. 46831. 
Good co. of the Pacific, inc. Catalogue 
G. 33725. 


DOS. 1-12, 1925 

Good health cal. 46832, 46833. 
Good housekeeping : 

Beautiful things for the home. 

etc. 22807-22810. 
Daum (Kate) Good housekeep- 
ing inst.'s daily diet diary, etc. 
45970, 45971. 
Direct, of guaranteed merchan- 
dise. 33726, 
Direct, of merchandise. etc. 

1689, 1690. 
English renaissance living-room. 

Pansier (P. E.) Selecting & in- 
stalling an oil burner. 46444. 
Good housekeeping inst. A. B. C. 

of elec. etc. 22811-22813. 
— — Cleaning equipment & meth- 
ods. 33727. 

Daily diet for the adult. 

Rogers (M. R.) Principal peri- 
ods. 40002. 
Smart suggestions for the unusual 
gift. 46834. 
Good mfg. co., inc. Catalogue G. 

Good mfg. co. of Canada, ltd. Cata- 
logue G. 33729. 
Good roads assn. of greater Kansas 

City. Kansas, map. 29563. 

Good roads machinery co., inc. Hand 

bk. of snow removal practice. 56599. 

Good Samaritans (The Natl, united 

order of) First degree ritual. 


Good times club of America. Manual 

for schl. branches. 10633. 
Good will cal. 62059. 
Goode (D. B.) Key to England's 

highway no. system. 33731. 
Goode (BE. D.) Merchandising 1925. 

Goode (Reginald) pseud. See Butler 

(R. G.) 
Goodenough (F. S.) Beat last yr. 

Goodenow & co. We have purchased. 

Goodhand (Milton) Which one. 

Goodman (Adam) So is your old 

man. 60269. 
Goodman (B. J.) inc.: 

Furs & their origin. 10634. 
Goodman's fur-aid direct. 22S17. 
Goodman (D. C.) Man among women. 

Goodman (J. E.) : 

Might have beens. 28991. 
Potash & Perlmutter, detectives. 
Goodman (K. S.) Wonder hat & 
other one-act plays. 43098.* 

Goodman (L. L.) Real silk hosiery 
mills. You be the judge-guarantee. 
Goodman (Nathan) N. Y. 56600, 

Goodman (W.- W.) Good-art poly- 
craft system. 1691. 
Goodman mfg. co. Goodman cutter 

chain hdbk. 22816. 
Goodmans fur-aid direct. 22S17. 
Goodrich (Arthur) You don*t under- 
stand. 29383. 
Goodrich (B. F.) co. Goodrich tire 

repair method. 33733. 
Goodrich (E. P.) Highway traffic. 

Goodsell (W. H.) Fashion Fanny & 

her friends. 10635-10651. 
Goodspeed (C. E.) & co. Holman 
(L. A.) Old maps & their makers. 
Goodspeed (E. J.) William Tyndale, 

martyr. 1692. 
Goodwear Chicago, inc. Your oppor- 
tunity in a great indus. 33734. 
Goodwin (E. E.) Links in life's chain. 

Goodwin (E. S.) Goodwin-Beach & 
co. Adopt a sound & constructive 
investment policy. 10652, 10653. 
Goodwin (Hilda) Colonel's opera 

cloak. 5985. 
Goodwin (Isabel) Simple Susan. 

Goodwin (T. D.) Little talk about 

letters. 1694. 
Goodwin-Beach & co. Adopt a sound. 

10652, 10653. 
Goodyear (A. C.) ' Sculpture & draw- 
ings. 62060. 
Goodyear (N. A.) Tableau synop- 
tique des verbes frangais. 33735. 
Goodyear tire & rubber co., inc. : 

Are balloon tires durable? etc. 

Belt you're looking for. 

Day at Goodyear. etc. 

Difference in balloons. 

Facts about Goodyear. 

Goodyear tires & tubes for every 

car, etc. 46838-46852. 
Useful the yr. around. etc. 
62061, 62062. 
Goodyear's India rubber glove mfg. 
co. Glove brand rubber druggists' 
sundries. 10671. 
Goold (M. N.) Saint Claudia. 

42949*, 5414S*. 
Gordel (G. P.) Swept by the ocean 

breezes. 29252. 
Gordon (C. E.) Mother. 22833. 







pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Gordon (Don) Writing the love 

story. 46853. 
Gordon (Dorothy) Freehand draw- 
ing. 30720. 
Gordon (F. H.) inc. Gordon silver 

black fox ranches. 10672. 
Gordon (H. K.) Bill & company. 

Gordon (H. L.) San Francisco Daily 

News. Prison grist mill. 40246. 
Gordon (J. M.) : 

Broad highway, etc. 548. 
Busy bee. S454. 31448. 45233. 
Cleveland pioneer. 8925. 
Dial. 22087. 
Goal. 1669. 
Habit. 46952. 
Jr. anchor. 2132. 56941. 
Little acorns. 47995. 
Pals. 15495, 26291. 51108. 
Progress. 39632. 64316. 
Prosperity. 58866. 
Right idea. 51677. 
Safety first. 40207. 
Self starter. 4583. 16692. 
Self starter jr. 40444. 52156, 
Gordon ( J. P. ) co. : 

Adjustable tire covers. etc. 

Gordon auto, seat covers, etc. 

33755. 33756. 
Gordon catalog. 22834. 
Spring days are here at last. etc. 
10673, 10674. 
Gordon (Jack) Bullets. 60051. 
Gordon ( Kilborn ) : 
Chased. 28603.- 
Congo. 65487. 
Gordon ( Leon ) : 

Garden of weeds. Kec Smith 

(V. B.) 
White cargo. 54291. 
Gordon (Merle) Love's intrigue. 

Gordon (R. M.) Interpres of class 
of 1926. univ. of Rochester. 23348. 
Gordon (R. W.) : 

Exhibit & bk. of instrs. 22835, 

Hartley's pathfinder course. 
24535. 36153. 4SS89. 57530. 
Gordon bankers publicity club corp. 

Join our Christmas club. 10675. 
Gordon-Van Tine co. : 

Bldg. material, etc. 10676-10678, 

Gordon-Van Tine homes. 22838. 
Gore (Edward) Our American 

guests. 29068. 
Gorgensen (Marie) Twilight & you. 

Gorham (A. E.) Rept. of grand 
chancellor. 10679. 

Gorham (E. S.) Wood (J. S.) 

Manual for altar guides. 18425. 
Gorin (Bernard) In every house. 

Gorman (B. P.) Gorman's how to 
know Chicago st. no. guide. 1697. 
Gorman (H. S.) : 

Amer. doctor in old Mexico. 

Colenso's mistress. 62063. 
Gorman, realtors : 

Consider investments in bus. etc. 

56623, 56624. 
Inside tip to clients. 46854. 
Gornston (M. H. ) Only road to joy- 
ous health. 46855. 
Gorsse (Henry de) : 

A qui le milliard? 5911. 
Hussarde. 18988. 
Par dessus les moulins. 29084. 
Gorton ( George ) machine co : 

Area chart for engraving ma- 
chines, etc. 22837-22842. 
Gorton patent engraving ma- 
chines. 33760. 33761. 
Gosdorfer (Eugenie) Virtue in dan- 
ger. 43068. 
Goshen. N. Y., direct. 63024. 
Gospel art cal. 33762. 
Gospel graphic pub. co. Gospel graph- 
ics. 33763. 
Gospel light pub. co. Andrews 
(H. V.) India's girls & women. 
Gospel pub. house : 
Frodsham ( S. 
boy. etc. 61954. 



— Happy hrs. with little folks. 
Yeomans (Amy) Golden bird & 
other stories. 5852. 
Gosselink (S. E.) Two paramount 

Christmas plays. 43056. 
Gossip printery : 

Gateway to independence. 46856. 

Miller (D. H.) Complete course 

of instr. in auto painting. 


Wicks (P. G.) Selling the world. 


Gotham productions. Silent pal. 

Gotham silk hosiery co., inc. : 

As others see Gotham gold stripe 

hosiery. 22843. 
Mfrs. Gotham gold stripe hosiery. 
Gottlieb (Max) You've been search- 
ing for this sincere bk. on health. 
Gottlieb (Rudy) Peoples tailoring co. 
of Tenn. What 1000 men will be 
able to accomplish as stock-holders. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Gotto, Garrettson. Mathias co. Miami 
visitors' guide & bk. of facts. 56625. 
Gottschalk (L. R.) : 

Consulate of Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Empire of Napoleon. 33764. 
Restoration & reaction in France. 
Gough (J. T.) State realty co., inc. 

Int. plus. etc. 52662-52664. 
Goulard & Olena, inc. Go-nex. etc. 

33765. 33766. 
Gould (G. G.) Monograph. 46857. 
Gould {Mrs. G. G.) Monograph. 

Gould & Eberhardt. Instrs. for oper- 
ating. 22846. 
Gould storage battery co., inc. Bat- 
erias Gould para circuitos radio- 
fonicos. 33768. 
Goulds mfg. co. : 

Daugherty (R. L.) Investigation 
of the performance of centrifu- 
gal pumps. 9373. 
Gould pumps, etc. 22847-22849, 
33769-33771, 62065. 
Gould's St. Louis red-blue bk. 33767. 
Goussett (J. B.) Adams, Williams- 
town, Cheshire. Savoy, Clarksburg, 
' New Ashford, Mass., direct. 30078. 
Gove (H. S.) Glades Co., Fla., map. 

Gow (Ada) Sporting life. 29389 (9) 
Gow (R. M.) Jersey breed. 62066. 
Gow-Smith (Francis) Caught in the 
leap of a black jaguar, etc. 56627- 
Gowans & Gray, ltd. : 

Courtin' Christina. 5991. 
Innkeeper's shirt. 28873., 
Those class distinctions. 6319. 
Thread o'scarlet. 6320. 
Three 1-act plays. 6322. 
Wolves. 19445, 54305. 
Goyau (Georges) Grand mission- 

naire. 46858. 
Goytia (Victor) Argentine univer. 
Give students complete freedom. 
Grablachoff (W.) Danoff (P. K.) 

Highest ideal. 9367. 
Grace (M. A.) Outline of course in 

arith. 62067. 
Grace (M. J.) Charleston fire pre- 
vention jour. 6206S. 
Grace Congregational church. Fram- 
ing-ham, Mass. Service for Armis- 
tice day. 56631. 
Graduate sjchl. of Bus. administration, 
Harvard univ. Bur. of bus. research. 
See Harvard univ. Graduate schl. 
of Bus. administration. Bur. of 
bus. research. 
Grady (W. E.) Modern Eng. series. 

Grady (W. H.) New America. 
Graf-Barton signal co. Graf-Barton 

traffic signals. 46859. 
Graff (E. U.) : 

New Barnes readers. 22160-22163. 
See also Dressel (Herman) 
Graff am (G. M.) Common sense in- 

sur. 46860. 
Graham ( C. E. ) & co. : 

Educator cross word puzzles. 

Field (Eugene) Wynken, Blyn- 

ken & Nod. 22486. 
Garis (H. R.) Second adven- 
tures of Uncle Wiggily. 22705. 
Rig-ma-role picture land. etc. 

22852, 22853. 
Story of Peter Pan. 56632. 
Wellman (Walter) What is it? 
Graham (Dale) Missouri bankers 
assn. Bank's place in the com- 
munity, etc. 57483-57491. 
Graham (F. L.) When Chris crosses. 

Graham (H. S.) Opening, initiation 

& closing ceremonies. 62070. 
Graham (Harry) Family. 10680, 

22854, 22855, 33772. 
Graham (Joseph) : 
At last. 18707. 
Furnished rooms. 18909. 
Lovers by night. 19077. 

(K. C.) Locomotive head- 
(M. W.) Brussels lace. 



Graham (R. B. C.) Inveni Portam 
Joseph Conrad. 1699. 

Graham (W. F.) Scent of roses. 

Graham (William) Graham's grocery 
radiograms. 33773. 

Graham bros. Operating rec. for mo- 
tor trucks & passenger buses. 56633. 

Graham, Parsons & co. Yield tables. 

Graham-Reynolds elec. co. Whole- 
sale elec. supplies. 46863. 

Grain marketing co. Hatching, brood- 
ing & feeding baby chicks. 22856. 

Grainger (Porter) Lucky Sambo. 

Grammes (L. F.) & sons, inc.: 

Adv. novelties of the better kind. 

Grammes metal goods, etc. 1700, 

Grand central art galleries. Leopold 
Seyffert portraits. 10681. 

Grand central printers & stationers, 
inc. Specimens of our type faces. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Grand chapter of the state of N. Y. 
N. Y. (State) (Grand chapter of 
the) Chapter guide N. Y. 24750. 
Grand commandery of Knights tem- 
plar. Free Masons, Hawkeye, la. 
See Free Masons. Hawkeye, la. 
Grand commandery of Knights tem- 
Grand Forks. X. D„ direct. 33775. 
Grand Island, Neb., map. 6490. 
Grand priory of America. See St. 
John of Jerusalem (Knights of the 
order of the hospital of) Grand 
priory of America. 
Grand Rapids, Mich. : 
Direct. 46864. 

Mead's classified direct. 10683. 
Welcome to Grand Rapids. 62072. 
Grand Rapids cal. co. : 

Ala. druggist weather chart cal. 

54957, 54958. 
Arizona druggist weather chart 

cal. 55103. 
Arkansas druggist weather chart 

cal. 55105. 
California druggist weather chart 

cal. 55489. 
Colorado druggist weather chart 

cal. 55706. 
Farm memo cal. 56449. 
Florida druggist weather chart 

cal. 564S3. 
Georgia druggist weather chart 

cal. 56565. 
Idaho druggist weather chart cal. 

Ideal weather chart cal. 56815. 
111. druggist weather chart cal. 

Indiana druggist weather chart 

cal. 56840. 
Iowa druggist weather chart cal. 

Kansas druggist weather chart 

cal. 56944. 
Kentucky druggist weather chart 

cal. 56968. 
Louisiana druggist weather chart 

cal. 57189. 
Maryland .fc Delaware druggist 

weather chart cal. 57314. 
Michigan druggist weather chart 

cal. 57442. 
Minnesota druggist weather chart 

cal. 57479. 
Mississippi druggist weather chart 

cal. 57482. 
Missouri druggist weather chart 

cal. 57492. 
Montana druggist weather chart 

cal. 57505. 
Nebraska druggist weather chart 

cal. 57681. 
New England druggist weather 
chart cal. 57691. 

New Jersey druggist weather 

chart cal. 57707. 
New York druggist weather chart 

cal. 57768. 
North Carolina druggist weather 

chart cal. 58524. 
North Dakota druggist weather 

chart cal. 58525. 
Ohio druggist weather chart cal. 

Oklahoma druggist weather chart 

cal. 58611. 
Oregon druggist weather chart cal. 

Pennsylvania druggist weather 

chart cal. 58724. 
Service cal. 59160. 
South Carolina druggist weather 

chart cal. 59414. 
South Dakota druggist weather 

chart cal. 59415. 
Tennessee druggist weather chart 

cal. 59673. 
Texas druggist weather chart cal. 

U. S. cal. 59739. 
Utah druggist weather chart cal. 

Virginia druggist weather chart 

cal. 59787. 
Washington druggist weather 

chart cal. 59814. 
AVest Virginia druggist weather 

chart cal. 59831. 
Wisconsin druggist weather chart 

cal. 59917. 
Wyoming druggist weather chart 
cal. 59977. 
Grand Rapids direct, co. Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich., direct. 46864. 
Grand Rapids furniture co. 4 room 

outfit. 10684. 
Grand Rapids label co. Rules for 
playing the card game Polly. 56634. 
Grandpa, pseud. See Pomerov (J. H.) 

Grands vins de France. 62073. 
Grandview, Tex., map. 29519. 
Grandview, Wash., map. 43333. 
Granfield bridge co. Wichita national 

forest. Okl.. map. 43706. 
Grange (L. M. de) See De Grange 

(L. M.) 
Granger (Enrique) Simplificador 
para codigos telegraficos Granger. 
Granger (Redie) co. Checker-foot- 
ball. 22858. 
Grangeville, Calif., map. 29520. 
Granichstaedten (Bruno) Orlow. 

Granite City. 111., direct. 1702. 
Grant (A. R. ) All in fun. 65429. 
Grant (Adolph) Catechism of zon- 
ing. 1703. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Abdon & Zerah. 

Other side of the 

Ark. teacher-training 
Possessions. 29111, 

Grant (George) 


Grant (H. A.) 

grave. 10686. 

Grant (H. S.) : 

Missouri Pacific r. r. co. freight 

train classification bk. 46865. 
Missouri Pacific r. r. co., map. 
Grant (I. M.) Jesus Christ, defined. 

Grant (J. R.) 

Grant (N. F.) 

Grant (Robert) Treatise on practical 

diamond setting. 22859. 
Grant Co., Ind., gazetteer. 62855. 
Grants Pass, Calif., map. 43334. 
Grants Pass; Or., map. 54444. 
Granville, Mass., direct. 42052. 
Granville telep. co. Granville telep. 

direct. 22860. 
Grass (Alice) Golden autumn. 46867. 
Grasset (Bernard) : 

Exploits galants du Baron de 

Crac. 53841.* 
Farces. 60109.* 
Homme de Dieu. 28842. 
Vierge au grand coeur. 19411. 
Grassmuck (C. P.) Payroll budget- 
ing. 62074. 
Grassyfork fisheries, inc. Grassyfork 

fisheries. 33776. 
Gratiot (J. T.) Riding the ridge of 

the Rockies. 10687. 
Graton & Knight mfg. co. : 
Belting manual. 62075. 
Correas de cuero. 1704. 
Graton & Knight memo. bk. 
Gratue (S. R.) Chart system of 

touch typewriting. 56635. 
Graver corp. Graver domestic water 

softener. 22861, 33777-33779. 
Graves (Douglas) Home brewing. 

Graves (Ernest) : 

Trick plays. 56636, 56637. 
42 trick plays. 46868, 46869. 
Graves (L. E.) Graves' wire & mo- 
tor chart. 46870. 
Graves (M. B.) ; 

Ladder 6' lies. 28911. 

Muscular writing course of study. 

X-rayed. 29379. 
Graves (Robert) John Kemp's wager. 

Graves (Thomas) Do you know your- 
self? 62076. 
Graves (W. E.) : 

Central mfg. dist. bank. Getting 

ahead, etc. 31622-31625. 
Double interest. 46S71. 

Gravity carbonator co. Gravity auto- 
matic dispenser. 33780. 
Gray (A. M.) Evolution, or the Bible, 

which? 46872. 
Gray (Beverly) pseud. See Stokes 

Gray (C. J.) : 

Duval Co., Fla., map. 60348. 
Florida, map. 54428, 54429. 
Ohio, map. 54564. 
United States, map. 54679. 
Gray {Mrs. C. R.) Series of Bible 

studies. 10689. 
Gray (C. W.) Man behind the wheel. 

10690, 10691. 
Gray (Dolly) Dolly Gray modes of 

the season. 10692. 
Gray (Edmund C.) : 

Bathing for health. 10693. 
Call to citizenship. 56639. 
Gray (Ethel C.) Some teachers of 

life & literature. 29211. 
Gray (F. F.) : 

Honor degree ritual. 22862. 
Merit degree ritual of the senior 
div. 10694. 
Gray (F. ML) : 

Out of the past. 19184. 
Romance & the colonel. 19261. 
Gray (Francis) pseud. See Wadding- 
ton (Ivy) 
Gray (J. S.) Ray — A unit of meas- 
ure. 1705. 
Gray (Thomas) Selected lyrics. 

Gray & Dudley co. : 

Heat — beauty economy. 1706. 
Washington home furnace sales 
manual, etc. 10695. 
Gray line motor tours. Sightseeing in 

Southern Calif. 33782. 
Graybill (O. J.) Flaming heart, 

Graydon (James) Poison ivy. 54111. 
Grayo (Belva) pseud. See Graves 

(M. B.) 
Greason (C. E.) Learning to swim 

in a basin of water. 33783. 
Great aim soc. Soc. dream bk. 22863. 
Great Amer. equity, inc. Subroga- 
tion dilemma solved. 46873. 
Great Britain, map. 65858. 
Great comm. prayer league. Suppose. 

Great Falls, Mont., direct. 62077. 
Great Lakes Region, map. 65859. 
Great northern fur dyeing & dressing 

co. About norther hevre. 22864. 
Great northern life insur. co. : 
Netpar policy. 33784. 
Woods (J. H.) Are you sailing a 
charted course? 65314. 
Great western insur. co. A. A. non- 
cancellable policy, etc. 33785-33787, 



pt. i. n. S:, v. 22 

Great western laundry eo. Let the 
biggest washwoman in Chicago do 
your washing. 56641. 
Greater harbor committee of two hun- 
dred of Los Angeles chamber of 
commerce. Los Angeles, Calif., map. 
Greater Milwaukee Sentinel-Telegram. 
Marketing service dept. Route list 
of Milwaukee druggists. 33788. 
Greater N. Y. vaudeville theatres 
corp. : 

Field (Louis) Just in jest. 1434- 
1437, 10152-10165, 22487-22492, 
33259-33268. 46488-46493. 56459. 
Skolsky (Sidney) Just in jest. 
1434-1437, 22487-22492, 33259- 
33268. 4648S-46493, 56459. 
Greater Santa Monica club : 

Santa Monica foundation & super- 
structure, etc. 46875, 46876. 
Santa Monica the light of the 

West. 56642. 
Santa Monica, the star in the 
West. 1707. 
Grebe ( A. H. ) & eo., inc. : 

Grebe radio apparatus, 22865. 
Grebe synchrophase. 10697, 
10698, 46877-46881. 
Grebenstcbikoff (George) : 

Churaevy spusk v dolinu. ^ypaenti 

cnycK b jjojihhv. 10699. 
Churaevy velenia zemli. etc. 
IvpaeBM, BeJieHHH 3eMJin. 56643, 
Greece, map. 65S60. 
Greeks pub. co. Greeks U. of N. 

Greeks U. of X. 46882. 
Given (C. P.) Love cheat. 28942. 
Green (Doe Doe) pseud. See Overton 

(T. D.) 
Green (F. C.) Peary aground as Mac- 

Millan's voyage started. 46883. 
Green ( F. W. ) Pioneer homebuilders 

bk. of plans. 33789. 
Green (Goldie) : 

Mr. Pessimism. 43010. 
Taking a club to father. 43010. 
Green (H. J.) : 

Rehearsal. 29144. 
Twins a la carte. 29285. 
Green (M. A.) Prodigal son. 65700. 
Green (M. L.) Stray thots. 62078. 
Green ( Mrs. M. L. ) If the shoe fits — . 

Green (M. W.) Beggars all. 18722. 
Green (Paul) In Aunt Mahaly's 

cabin. 65579. 
Green (Thomas) Instructions for 

playing the game. 33790. 
Green (V.) co., inc. Greenhaven. 

Green (W.) a corp. Plan plus plant. 

Green (William) Child labor. 22867. 
Green & Green co. : 

Five carloads in one mo. etc. 

Mayrand (H. J.) What Sandy 
MacHarg did with an idea. 
Green bag. 468S4. 

Green ball fruit express, map. 43639. 
Green Bay, Wis., direct. 1708. 
Green bros. co. How to solve the 

cross-word puzzles. 10704. 
Green, Ellis & Anderson. Rayon, arti- 
ficial silk. 22869. 
Green Island, N. Y.. direct. 53028. 
Greenberg (Cesar) Grand street boys. 

Greenberg. pub., inc. Sarg (Tony) 
Tonv Sarg's bk. of animals, etc. 
519S2, 51983. 
Greenberger (David) Human mes- 
sage. 56645. 
Greene (Alexander) Greene & Goet- 
schius, inc. Simplified form auto 
rate sheet. 22870. 
Greene ( F. X. ) Difference of opinion. 

Greene (G. G.) Exercises in letter- 
ing. 33791. 
Greene (H. A.) : 

Diagnostic tests in arith. 16384. 
Manual of direct, for compass 

diagnostic tests. 59050. 
Manual of direct, for diagnostic 
tests in arith. 27006. 
Greene (H. M.) Great game. 53891. 
Greene (J. A.) Laundry talks. 

Greene (J. H. ) : 

On Cultivator Shoal. 33792. 
Radio riches. 60231. 
Greene ( L. A. i Dawning of the great 

day of Revelations. 1709. 
Greene (L. W.) Indoor base-ball 

game. 1710. 
Greene (W. K. ) Devotional services. 

Greene (W. W.) Soft stuff. .",4181. 
Greene & Goetschius, inc. Simplified 

form auto rate sheet. 22870. 
Greenebaum sons bank & trust co. 
Greenebaum sons bank & trust co. 
drive. 46S85. 
Greenewald (Valentine) : 

Greenewald schl. of natural phys- 
ics, etc. 56646, 56647. 
Greenewald schl. of practical 
psychol. etc. 33793, 33794. 
Greenfield. Mass.. direct. 62079. 
Greenfield adv. agency. Buy home 

products — at home ! 56648. 
Greening nursery co. : 

Fruit growers almanac. 1573. 
Wetzel (H. H.) Apple scab. 



nos. 1-12. 1925 

Greenland, N. H., direct. 26198. 
Greenlaw (E. R.) Horn talk. 33795. 
Greenman (G. R.) Opportunities 

opened to salesmen. 33796. 
Greenman (H. K.) Willard service 
station of Greater Cleveland. Radio 
log bk. 5717. 
Greenough (W. A.) co. : 

Adams Shore, Mass., direct. 

Atlantic, Mass., direct. 64336. 
Brockton, Mass., direct. 552. 
Brookline, Mass., direct. 8183. 
Cambridge, Mass., direct. 31523. 
Germantown, Mass., direct. 64336. 
Nashua, N. H., direct. 13180. 
New Bedford, & Fairhaven, Mass., 

direct. 36630. 
Portsmouth, Greenland, Newcastle 
& Rye, N. H., & Kittery, Me., 
direct. 26498. 
Quincy, Mass., direct. 64336. 
Somerville, Mass., direct. 59412. 
Woburn, Mass., direct. 5763. 
Greens Farms, Conn., direct. 53338. 
Green's nursery co. Catalog. 1712. 
Greensboro, Ala., map. 54445. 
Greensboro, N. C, map. 19574. 
Greensburg, Pa., map. 54446. 
Greenslade (J. E.) From the buyer's 

view point, etc. 33797, 33798. 
Greenspan (Jack) Judicial assign- 
ments. 1713. 
Greenville, Miss., map. 29521. 
Greenville, S. C, map. 43335. 
Greenville retail druggists. Try the 
drug store first. 46886-46889, 56649- 
56653, 62080. 
Greenwald (Valentine) Private-hy- 
giene, etc. 22871, 22872. 
Greenwood (Louise) Greenwood schl. 
of corset & brassiers designing. Cor- 
set designing course. 46890. 
Greenwood schl. of corset & brassiers 
designing. Corset designing course. 
Greer (Erwin) Greer college of auto- 
motive eng. Be the man never out 
of a job. 22S73. 
Greer (J. H.) Physiology of sex life. 

etc. 1714, 1715. 
Greer college of automotive eng. Be 
the man never out of a job. 22873. 
Greever (E. L.) Indian maiden's 

treasure. 62081. 
Greevy (M. J.) Court of honor. 

Cregersen (E. U.) Federal comput- 
ing tables. 33799. 
Gregg (A. A.) Directions for playing 

the Gregg football game. 22874. 
Gregg (A. J.) Group leadership. 

Gregg (E. N.) Curtis cooker bk. 

Gregg (Paul) secretary. Bldg. owners 
& managers assn. Office bldg. prob- 
elms. 39014. 
Gregg pub. co. : 

Birch (C. E.) Fundamentals of 

bus. 30870. 
Ha gar (H. A.) Teacher's key. 
Gregh (Fernand) Broceliande. 65465. 
Gregoire (C. M.) Introducing better 

bus. letters. 46893. 
Gregory (Augusta, lady) Workhouse 

ward. 42531.* 
Gregorv (C. V.) Mum's the word. 

Gregory (E. R.) Rebecca's market 

basket. 10733. 
Gregory (Gladys) Little Half Chick. 

(I. L.) 
(J. M.) 

Character read on 

Rift in the veil. 


Gregory (O. L.) : 

Gregory insur. co. Accumulating 

combination policy. 10734- 


Gregory's unlimited cumulative 

death benefit. 33800-33813. 

Gregorv (P. A.) Poems of life. 

Gresrorv (R. G.) Life insur. training 

course, etc. 33815, 33816. 
Gregory (W. H.) : 

Federal reserve life insur. co. 
Semi-ann. statement. 33179, 

Stock purchase contract, etc. 

Gregory insur. co. Accumulating com- 
bination policy. 10734-10736. 
Gregory, Mayer & Thorn co. Sales 

aid. 10737, 33817. 
Greist mfg. co.. inc. Elrich (O. M.) 

Secret of sewing. 9780. 
Gremple (C. W.) Manual of organon. 

Grenada. Miss., map. 29522. 
Grenell adv. agency. Southfield gar- 
dens. 46895. 
Grennan bakeries, inc. Daily rept. of 
route inspection, etc. 33S19-33821. 
Gresac {Mine. Fred) Passerelle. 

Gresham (H. C.) 
appeared thru 
Greusel (F. B.) New York life insur. 

co. Service questionnaire. 36818. 
Grew (W. A.) : 

Don't play with love. 18843. 
Human nature. 53922. 
There you are. 43020. 
Wander-lust. 29321. 
Grey (Clifford) Fez. 65524. 


How my sister dis- 
a Catholic convent. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Grey (Edward) Grey. 1st viscount. 
Twenty-five yrs. 22S75, 22876, 
Grey (Serene) Egos. 28708. 
Grey Lady pseud. See Bates (H. M.) 
Grey studios. Furs & fashions. 

Gribble (G. D.) Masque of Venice. 

Gribble < H. W. ) : 

Gardenia gird. 18911. 
Messer Marco Polo. 28988. 
Gridiron sport service. Football fore- 
casts. 62082-62084. 
Grier-Sutlierland co. Garage equip- 
ment. 10738. 
Griffen grocery co. Wholesale grocer's 

sure-quad system. 46S96. 
Griffin (C. S.) Lime starvation. 

See Griffin (E. C.) 
Misfits. 54034. 
Supplementary prob- 

Binghamton auto. 
Why you should buy 

One hundred per cent 

Griffin (Cora > 
Griffin (E. 0.) 
Griffin (F. L.) 
lems. 56654. 
Griffin (J. E.) 
dealers' assn. 
your used car 
Griffin (J. T. ) 

promotion. 22877. 
Griffin. Johnsen & Mann, inc. : 

Niagara. Lockport & Ontario 
power co. Beauty secret, etc. 
38897, 38898. 

Washing machines & pianos. 

Western N. Y. elec. co. Call 
141 — ask for service. etc. 
28145, 28146. 

Jamestown can do it too! 

etc. 18209-18213. 

Prosperous setting for 

greater Jamestown. 42048. 
Griffis ( C. N. ) : 

Chile's chains on Tacna-Arica jrk 

Peruvians, etc. 33825-33827. 
See crisis loom for Chile over 
Tacna-Arica row. 46897. 
Griffith (C. B.) Cotton yrbk. statis- 
tical compilations. 1062. 
Griffith (Clyde) Natl, studio of stage 
dancing. Stage & its opportunities. 
Griffith (Corinne) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 33828. 
Griffith ( Corinne ) productions, inc. : 
Classified. 54759. 
Declasse. 19899. 
Infatuation. 66042. 
Marriage whirl. 43863. 
Griffith (D. W.) inc.: 

Isn't life wonderful. 19991. 
Sally of the sawdust. 54878. 
Griffith (F. L.) Sweetheart time. 

Griffith (Graves) Patents. 22S7S. 

Griffith (W. H.) Premium repayment 

clause. 1717. 
GriTleau (Henry de) Gain scientifique 

d'une seule unite. 33829. 
Grillet (Gustave) Malibran. 19092. 
Grimes (Casey) Salt & pepper. 

Grimshaw (Beatrice) : 

Brides of Tarabora. etc. 10740- 

Paradise-poachers. 22880, 228S1. 
Grindstone Hill forge. Things from 

Grindstone Hill forge. 46898. 
Grimiell (R. L.) Mr. & Mrs. Robin 

find a winter home. 19116. 
Grinstead (K. C.) My true life's 

story. 33830. 
Grip-n-stik co. Dear sir. etc. 22882, 

Griscom (C. S.) Disavow first views. 

Griscom Russell co. Price (Joseph) 

Raw water distilling plants. 39583. 
Griswold (L. E. ) Handbk. of craft- 
work, etc. 62085-62087. 
Groat (H. S.) Groat's Pacific North- 
west fruit code. 1718. 
Groben (E. K. ) Election cal. for 

Philadelphia co. 22884. 
Grobet file corp. of Amer. Grobet 

Swiss files. 62088. 
Groc (Leon) Ombre du tribun. 

Groesbeeck, Tex., map. 43336. 
Grogan ( L. A. ) Gateway of independ- 
ence. 46900. 
Grolier soc. : 

Science remaking our lives. 56655. 
Story of all created things & the 
world they live in. 33831. 
Gropper (M. H.) Wolf at the door. 

Gros (G. J.) Parfum d'aventure. 

Gross (B. S.) Husbands. 189S7. 
Gross (Benjamin & E. J.) CO., inc. 

Mr. Bengro throw back the lid of 

this treasure chest. 46901. 
Gross (Francis) Bishop Walsh & 

Father Gross. 1719. 
Gross (H. W.) St. Louis, Mo., map. 

Grosse Pointe Township, Mich., map. 

Grosser (Gustav) Sanssouei-jahr- 

bueh. 64562. 
Grosser volkskalender des Lahrer 

Hinkenden. 10743, 62089. 
Grosset & Dunlap : 

Edwards (Leo) Jerry Todd & 
the Oak Island treasure, etc. 
Fitzhugh (P. K.) Westy Martin 
in the Rockies. 22521. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Garis (Lilian) Connie Loring's 

ambition, etc. 22706, 22707. 
Goldenrod list. 46902. 
Hardy (A. D.) Flyaways & Cin- 
derella, etc. 22912-22944. 
Hope (L. L.) Blythe girls. 
23161, 23162. 

Bobbsey twins keeping bouse. 

Thorndvke (H. L.) Honey Buncb. 
Grossman (H. M.) Judgment, speed 

& accuracy test. 22887. 
Grossman (S. S.) : 

Easy come — easy go. 18858. 
Marriage table d'hote & marriage 

a la carte. 19102. 
Rags. 60232. 
Grossman (William) : 

Farlazene Esther. 18882. 
Fifth commandment. 2288S. 
Grote (J. L.) Houston, Tex., map. 

Groth (H. A.) Travelers baggage pro- 
tection bur. Story of certified qual- 
ity luggage. 53012. 
Groton, Conn., direct. 49178. 
Groton. Mass.. direct. 60847. 
Grout (A. H.) Vermont bur. of pub- 
licity. Where to stop when in Vt. 
Grout (W. A.) : 

Balance held essential to good 

sales force. 33832. 
Careful training needed by auto. 

salesman, etc' 46903-46905. 
Chevrolet auto sales cycle. 22889. 
Grove (D. Q.) Standardized methods. 

Grove (J. E.) Miniature example of 
Grove's internatl. cipher code bus. 
direct. 10744. 
Grove ( J. R.) Magazine feature page. 

Grove (M. W.) It really doesn't mat- 
ter. 10745. 
Grove (Roy) Mag. feature page. 

10746-10754. 33S33-33835. 
Grover (A. E.) Cost of distribution. 

Grubb (G. W. ) How to reduce your 

elec. bill. 33836. 
Gruber (J.) Hagerstown Town & 

country almanack. 46957. 
Gruelle (J. B.) Raggedy Ann's wish- 
ing pebble. 46907. 
Gruen (James) Let's go Gallagher. 

Gruen watch makers guild. Inter- 
changeable pts. etc. 1726-1741. 
Grueninger (Christian) Kensico 

(Lake) map. 19611. 
Grundy (Emily) : 

Fool's paradise. 54316 (2) 
Glass of fashion. 54316 (3) 

Pair of spectacles. 54316 (5) 
Silver shield. 54316 (6) 
Grundy (Sydney) : 

Fool's paradise. 54316 (2) 
Glass of fashion. 54316 (3) 
Pair of spectacles. 54316 (5) 
Silver shield. 54316 (6) 
Grundy Co., la., map. 6491. 
Gruner (Mabel) Teacher's creed. 

Grunewald (Hudson) Romance of 

Jean Lafitte. 22891. 
Grus (L.) & cie. Pan!... dans 

l'oeil ! . . . 65683. 
Gstalder ( Herbert ) Centripetal. 

Gualtieri (Lorenzo) pseud. Rosa del 

Bosco. 62090. 
Guanajuato, Mexico, map. 54447. 
Guarantee title & trust co. Why an 

escrow? 46909. 
Guaranteed guide co. Guaranteed 

postal zone guide. 22892. 
Guaranteed independence co. Dreyer 

(O. J.) Get rich. 22164. 
Guaranteed securities co. : 

Stokes (Jeremiah) Trust agree- 
ment. 41251. 
Way of finan. success. 33838. 
Guaranty co. of N. Y. : 
Japan, map. 19603. 
Tokyo elec. light co. ltd. 33839. 
Guaranty development co., inc. New 

Orlean's great hotels. 56656. 
Guaranty safe deposit co. Safe de- 
posit boxes. 33840. 
Guaranty trust co. of N. Y. : 

Are you familiar with federal 

form 706? etc. 46910-46919. 
Bank & public holidays. etc. 

Banking facilities in Europe. 

etc. 62091-62094. 
Build the carefully planned struc- 
ture of your will. etc. 33841- 
Care of your securities. etc. 

22893, 22894. 
Patterson (S. H.) What the 
items of a bank statement 
mean. 51155. 
Sentiment may well dictate, etc." 

Theis (H. A.) When the market 
brings a rush. 17697. 
Guardia (R. F. ) Costa Rican tales. 

Guardian trust co. : 

By a flickering light. 33847, 

License agreement. 56661, 56662. 
Making your investment property 

earn more. 10766. 
More happiness. etc. 46920- 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Guastalla (Claudio) Belfagor. 5939. 
Gubbins (Florence Irene) My house. 

Gubbins, McDonnell & Blietz. What 
is a co-operative apartment home? 
Gueda Springs Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Guedalla (Philip) Penguin letters. 

10767-16769. 22S96-22898. 
Guentber (Johannes von) : 

Dummes zeug wird hier getrieben. 

Reineke. 65706. 
Guerinon (Emile) Frangois Villon. 

Guerney (B. G.) Norman (Charles) 

Far harbour. 4052. 
Guerra (R. H.) Del rincon boricua. 

Guest (E. A.) : 

Ain't it fine — when things are 

going topsy-turvy, etc. 33849- 


Good old friend. etc. 46924- 


Gugle (Marie) Willie Fox's diary. 

Gum del comprador. 46947. 
Guichard (G. L.) Kingdom of 

heaven. 62095. 
Guide post menu co. : 

Clearfield, Pa., map. 43233. 
Davenport, la., map. 43267. 
Guide pub. co. : 

Ind. farmer's guide. Booster cer- 
tificate. 23286. 

Hardin County. O. two dollar 

trade booster certificate. 56841. 

Indiana farmer's guide one 

dollar trade booster certificate. 
Guigini Puliga (Mme. la conte&se del 
Puliga (H. C. S. contessa di) 
Etoile filante. 26624. 26625. 
Guild (G. R.) Guiding an indus. by 
means of long term trends, etc. 
33868. 33869. 
Guild (June Purcell-) Sec Purcell- 
• Guild (June) 
Guilford. Conn., map. 43337. 
Guille (G. E.) What must I do to be 

saved? 62096. 
Guillot (A. H.) New Orleans, La- 
map. 19693, 43492, 54539. 
Guiraud (Edmond) Femme. 28742, 

Guiterman (Arthur) Gipsy trail. 

Guitry (Sacha) : 

Etoile nouvelle. 6027, 28720. 
On ne joue pas pour s'amuser. 

Gulbransen co. : 

Arouse the house Christmas with 

music. 62097. 
Biggest thrill in music is playing 
it yourself, etc. 46948, 46949. 
Charm of the classics. 22899. 
First grand that plays roll music. 

etc. 33870-33873. 
Gulbransen the registered piano. 

Hidalgo's ear could distinguish 

no difference. 56666. 
Kieselhorst piano co. Gulbransen 
the registering piano. 34759, 
Personal mastery of music. 
Gulesian (G. W.) Immigrant. 609S. 
Gulesian (M. H.) Immigrant. 6098. 
Gulick (Paul) Encyclopedia of 

Amer. art. science & bus. 1743. 
Gulfport. Miss., direct. 22900. 
Gumbs (E. B.) Advice to husbands. 

Gundelfinger (G. F.) What is the 

new fraternity? 1744. 
Gunkel (H. H.) : 

Famous tailors corp. Dealer's 
confidential net price list. 1403. 
Gunkel-Novy co. Autumn & win- 
ter. 33874. 

Spring & summer, prince list. 

Gunn (J. R.) Sermon for today. 

Gunn (J. W.) Charles Lanb & his 

friends, etc. 22902-22904. 
Gunnison, Utah, map. 43338. 
Gunold (Rolf) Bellizona. 28545. 
Gunsolus (F. E.) To my dear mother. 

Gunthorp (R. G.) Chicago, 111. Gun- 
thorp's legal direct. 791-793. 
Guppy (E. L.) Cypress of Monterey. 

Guptill (E. F.) : 
Senses man. 
Gurdon, Ark., map. 
Gusack (Harry) 

Gustin (M. W.) 

farmers. 10774. 
Guth (E. F.) co.: 

Guth lighting equipment. 

Porcelain aglite enamel. 22905. 
Guthrie (K. S.) : 

Mithraic mysteries restored & 
• modernized. 65652.* 

Pagan Bible, etc. 56667, 56668. 
Guthrie (R. R.) Twilight at Joe's. 

Gutmann (Ludwig) Trail of the wil- 
derness. 46950. 





Figured facts for 




nos. 1-12, 1925 

Gutschow (W. S.) Umbrellas to 

mend. 22906. 
Guttag bros. Formula for wealth. 

Guttmann (Eugen) Bromodruck und 

umdruck. 62100. 
Guyde pub. co. Motor trips. 22907. 
Gwin, White & Prince, inc. Prviate 

code. 33878. 
Gwynne (E. W.) : 

Mrs. Murphy's contribution, etc. 

Murphy's little joke. 60195. 
Gwynne (Penn) pseud. See Guedalla 

Gvldendalske boghandel, Nordisk for- 

lag. Rejsegildet. 60238. 
H & M system co. H & M system. 

H. & W. co., inc. Behind gilded cur- 
tains. 10775. 
Haan (G. J.) cal. co. Druggist 

weather chart. 1257. 
Haanel (C. F.) Garden of Eden. 

etc. 33880, 33881. 
Haar (C. J.) Modern formula bk. 

Haas (H. E.) Joseph & his brethren. 

Haas (J. H.) Spell it with a G. 

Haas (J. P.) Scoop. 19276. 
Haas (Martha) Sex control. 22909. 
Haas (R. D.) Rules for games. 

Haas (R. K.) inc.: 

Asserson (M. A.) Dangers of the 

schl. age. 20541. 

Gillette (L. H.) What children 

of various ages should eat. 


Halsted (Harbeck) Pre-natal 

care & the baby's birth. 22921. 

Hyatt (T. P.) Hygiene of the 

mouth & teeth. 23239. 
Mitchell (David) Educa. prob- 
lems, etc. 24494. 24495. 
Schroeder (L. C.) Babies. 27142. 
Habberstad (Claude) Bush queer. 

Haberdasher co. : 

Haberdasher's natl. direct. 10776. 
New York (City) Haberdasher's 

natl. direct. 36675. 
Ross (W. A.) Ross proportion- 
ate system. 40040. 
Habicht (C. von W.) Goat. 18932. 
Habit. 46952. 
Hachette (Librairie) : 

Agraives (Jean cl') Petit Robin- 
son. 36088. 
Bertaux (Felix) Allemand et 
l'Allemagne par les textes. 

Bon petit diable. 42531. 

Chenevier (Pierre) Precis de 

geometrie plane. 61240. 
Coulon (Mme. Georges) Puercul- 

ture. 61419. 
Denis (Marcel) M. Clemenceau 

devant l'ecran. 9494. 
Du Genestoux (Magdeleine) 
Aventures de Passepartout, 
etc. 61601-61604. 
— — Devinez ces proverbes. 1261. 
Egmont. 28705.* 
Isaac (J.) Institutions actuelles 

de la France. 62366. 
Jean qui grogne et Jean qui rit. 

Laumann (E. M.) Etrange ma- 

tiere. 11888. 
Leblanc (Maurice) Aventures 
extraordinaires. 47848. 

Formidable evenement. 

. Maquet (Charles) Exercices 
latins, classe de cinquieme. 
etc. 62852, 62853. 
Moulis (A.) Figures d'animaux. 

Plinval (G. de) Resume aide- 
memoire. Histoire de la litter- 
ature frangaise. 64258. 
Ranees (Maurice) Manuel de 

grammaire anglaise. 64352. 
Soeur de Gribouille. 19305. 
Torquato Tasse. 43035.* 
Hackebeil (Guido) a. g. : 

Dentscher flug-almanach. 61540. 
Guttmann (Eugen) Bromodruck 
und umdruck. 62100. 
Hackensack, N. J., direct. 33882. 
Hackett (E. A.) Lisher takes com- 
mand. 28933. 
Hackett (J. C.) Hypnotism & life. 

Hackett (J. W.) : 

Announcement of James W. 

Hackett. etc. 33883, 33884. 
Special notice to all former resi- 
dents of N. Y. 46953. 
Hackett (Thomas) Yankee land. 

Hackett (Walter) Captain Applejack. 

Hacklet natl. bank. Acid test. etc. 

Haddad ( — ) Forty six Syrian songs. 

etc. 46954, 46955. 
Haden (E. W.) Realty deals. 42935. 
Hadley (C. R.) co. : 

Gordon (R. W.) Exhibit & bk. 
of instrs. 22835, 33757. 

Hadley's pathfinder course in 

bookkeeping. 48S89, 57530. 
Le Deuc (C. A.) Hadley's path- 
finder course in bookkeeping. 
48889, 57530. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hartley (C. R.) co.— Continued. 

Morton (D. W. ) Hartley's path- 
finder course. 24535, 36153, 
4SSS9, 57530. 
Hartley (Marian M.) Story of a 
w Oman's successful combination. 
Hartley, Mass., direct. 60761. 
Hadley-Uean glass co. Ideal copper 

store fronts. 46956. 
Hadsell (H. I.) Class rec. bk. 56609. 
Hartel (W.) & co. Barenhauter. 

Haeusler (W. L.) Our argument. 

Hafelfinger (F. T.) Complete list of 

drugstores in D. C. 10790. 
Hafer ( E. G. ) : 

Back again, home town. 18709. 
Cheer up Chart. 18778. 
It happened in June. 19002. 
Watch your step, Wilton. 19418. 
Hagaman (J. D.) Psychology. 5887. 
Hasan corp. Water for steam gen- 
eration. 33885. 
Hagar (H.-A.) Teacher's key. 22911. 
Hagbolt (Peter) How to study mod- 
ern lang. 10791, 33886. 
Hagen (J. M.) Skin deep. 42976. 
Hagerstown town & country almanac. 

Hagerty (H. H. ) Lone scout yr. bk. 

Hagey H. Campbell co. cal. 62102. 
Hagner (H. R.) Social precedence in 

Washington. 56670. 
Hagspiel (Bruno) Philippines 1925. 

Hagstrom (A. G.) co., inc.: 

New York (City) map. 6594, 

43497. 54540. 
United States, map. 6697. 
Hague (C, W.) : 

Applied print shop. math. etc. 

22913, 22914. 
Ptg. job sheets. 56671. 
Hague (R. L. ) Standard oil co. (New 
Jersey) Marine dept. Register of 
tank vessels for carrying petroleum 
products. 41068. 
Hahn (H. H. ) Projects in observa- 
tion & practice teaching. 46958. 
Hahn (J. C) $25.00 a day plan. 

Hahn (J. H.) Locomotive boiler in- 
spection, etc. 46959,46960.. 
Hahn ( L. W. ) How to remember a 

person's name. 46961. 
Hahn (Wm.) & co. : 

Boys & girls. 33887. 
Hahn's fun club. Announcing the 
organization of Hahn's fun club. 

Hahn eng. co. : 

Hahn ash & coal handling equip- 
ment. 62104. 
Hahn octagonal. etc. 22915, 
Haight (C. S.) jr.: 

Aquilera (Francisco) Chilean 
univ. powerful factor in nation's 
politics. 204S7. 
China's future depends, etc. 1745- 

Concha (Carlos) Peruvian univs. 
possess democratic organization. 
Fluchere (H. A.) Univ. of Paris 
aims at educa. of specialists. 
G o y t i a (Victor) Argentine 
univer. give students complete 
freedom. 22850. 
Great war has had a world wide 

effect. 22917. 
Liisberg (Ingeborg) Instr. of 

students plays. 12126. 
Marmond (R.) Clubs are feature 

of life. 12518. 
Mehta (Hansa) Universities of 

India. 12665. 
Ogden (Helen) Russian univ. 
students face discouraging ob- 
stacles. 15279. 
Riley ( O. E. ) Japanese universi- 
ties offer students care-free ex- 
istence. 16096. 
Tapia (Simona) Univ. educa. 
federalized by Mexican govt. 
Vaagts (Alfred) Life in German 
universities has changed much 
since war. 17912. 
Vecchi (Paolo de) Universities 
of Italy develop with growth of 
empire. 17959. 
Haileyville, Okl., map. 60365. 
Haines (J. B.) adv. agency. Phila- 
delphia inquirer. Who, what & 
where. 15638. 
Hains (Edmont) Twelve o'clock one 

Christmas eve. 43052. 
Hains {Mrs. R. T. ) Hell hath no 

fury like. 53913. 
Haire (W. A.) Home bus. method. 

Haire pub. co., inc. Corset & under- 
wear rev. hdbk. & direct. 92591 
H a j e 1 e d ( Verlag) Purim-theater. 

Hal-a-fum co. Hal-a-fum for health. 

Haldeman-Julius (E.) Studies in. ra- 
tionalism. 46963. 
Haldeman-Julius co. : 
Acharnians. 28495. 
Anderson (Sherwood) Hands, & 
other stories. 20474. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Augustinus (Aurelius) Saint op. 
of Hippo. Confessions of St. 
Augustine. 20572. 

Bender (C. J.) Twenty yrs. 
among African negroes. 30T4S. 

Birds. 28556. 

Blake (William) Poems & prose. 

Bonus (D. H.) Association tests, 
etc. 20974. 20975. 

Booker (A. S.) Freud on sleep 
& sexual dreams. 20978. 

Brothers (Adelphi) 28578* 

Bryant (W. C.) Poems. 21278. 

Captives. 28592. 

Carrington (Hereward) Astron- 
omy for beginners. 45324. 

Cheru. for beginners. 738. 

Food & diet. S636. 

•Catullus (G. V.) Life & poems. 

Church (R. W.) Essence of 
Catholicism. 21597. 

Clouds. 18803. 

Condon (Edward) Curiosities of 
mathematics. 45705. 

■Cramp (A. J.) Patent medicine. 

•Crawford (N. A.) Great Chris- 
tian hymns. 1072. 

Poems about Jesus. 21908. 

Darrow (Clarence) Is life worth 
living? etc. 64800, 64801. , 

Voltaire. 21962. 

Deford (M. A.) Augustan poets 
of Rome. etc. 46019. 46020. 

Cicero as revealed in his let- 
ters. 22032. 

Del Riccio (Luigi) True story. 

Dialogues of the dead. 28673. 

Douglas (L. A.) City of the soul 
& other sonnets, etc. 22140. 

Durant (Will) Anatole France, 
etc. 32825-32S27. 

Contemporary European phi- 
losophers, etc. 22206, 22207. 

Nietzsche : Who he was. 1273. 

Emerson (R. W.) Poems. 22306. 

Euripides. Iphigeneia at Aulis. 

Pent on (C. L.) Dwellers of the 
ponds, etc. 22473-22477. 

Embryology & its evidence 

for evolution. etc. 10126. 

Life among the apes & mon- 
keys. 33229. 

Lower invertebrate animals. 


Tenton (M. A.) Recs. of evolu- 
tion. 10128. 

Eielding (W. J.) Child's sexual 
life. 22493. 22494. 

Determination of sex. etc. 

Homo-sexual life. etc. 46500, 

Finger (C. J.) Bk. of strange 

murders. 33287. 
Gist of Burton's anatomy of 

melancholy. 22505. 
France (Anatole) Epigrams of 

love. 10417. 
Wisdom of the ages & other 

stories. 22623. 
Frank (Henry) Optimism or 

pessimism. 33440. 
Franklin (Benjamin) Poor Rich- 
ard's almanac. 22628. 
Frogs. 28767. 

George (Henry) Crime of pov- 
erty. 1609. 
Goethe (J. W. von) Faust, etc. 

46824, 46825. 
Goldberg (Isaac) Enjoyment of 

music, etc. 22S00-22803. 
— — Enjoyment of reading. 46827. 
George Jean Nathan. etc. 

33720. 33721. 
Goldsmith (Oliver) Deserted vil- 
lage. 22805. 
Goldsmith (W. M.) Evolution & 

Christianity. 46830. 
Gottschalk (L. R.) Consulate of 

Napoleon Bonaparte. 22845. 
— #- Empire of Napoleon. 33764. 
Restoration & reaction in 

France. 56626. 
Greer (J. H.) Sex in psycho- 
analysis, etc. 1714. 1715. 
Guardia (R. F.) Costa Rican 

tales. 22895. 
Gunn (J. W.) Charles Lamb & 

his friends, etc. 22902-22904. 
Haldeman- Julius (Emanuel) John 

Brown, etc. 33SS9. 33890. 

Studies in rationalism. 46963. 

Hansen (Harry) Carl Sandburg. 

Hecht (Ben) Broken necks, etc. 

1822, 1823. 
Heine (Heinrich) Pictures of 

travel. 23013. 
Herrick (Robert) Poems. 23045. 
Herts (B. R.) Pract. hints on 

interior decoration. 10999. 
Holderlin ( Friedrich ) Short 

poems. 23118. 
Holmes (O. W.) Poems. 23150. 
Joubert (Joseph) Thoughts on 

the meaning of life. 23495. 
Jung (Leo) Essence of Judaism. 

King (Ediphus. 19022* 
Knights. 28909. 
Lay (Wilfrid). Confidential chats 

with husbands. 23792. 




pt. I, n. s., V. 22 

Haldeman-Julius co. — Continued. 

Lewis (M. G.). Tales in verse of 

Terror & Wonder. 23893. 
Lobato (Monterior). Brazilian 

short stories. 23942. 
Long (E. R.). Tuberculosis. 

Loving (Pierre). Revolt in Ger- 
man drama. 23967. 
Lucretius. Lucretius on the Na- 
ture of things. 48086. 
Mahan (W. B.) Hist, of soc. 

ideals. 48468. 
Manning (Cardinal) Rome or 

reason. 2590. 
Maris (Faith). African negro 

folk tales. 24206. 

French cooking. 62856. 

Markun (Leo) Introd. of 

Chaucer. 35618. 

Max Stirner. 24207. 

Miller (A. G.) Foundations of 

science. 36010. 
Mother Goose. 2857. 
Nasby (P. V.) Let's laugh. 2967. 
Nietzsche (Friedrich) Epigrams. 

Nordau (Max) Conventional lies 

of our civilization. 38914. 
Octavia. 29040.* 
Oedipus at Colonus. 54076. 
Oppenheim (James) Psychology 

of Jung. 64145. % 

Peace. 29091. 
Perrault (Charles) Bluebeard. 

Poe (E. A.) Critical excerpts 

from Poe. 26485. 
Pot of gold. 29112. 
Powys (Llewelyn) Cupbearers of 

wine & hellebore. 15803. 
Pusey (W. A.) Syphilis. 51503. 
Randolph (Vance). Beekeeping 

for profit, etc. 26702-26708. 
How to know the spiders. 


Physiology self taught. 4452. 

Rossetti (D. G.) House of life. 

Scott (Sir Walter). Ballads. 

Seibel (George) Hauptmann & 

Sudermann. 40417. 
Self tormentor. 54161.* 
Seneca (L. A.) Agamemnon, etc. 

52163, 62164. 

Morals of Seneca. 27194. 

Seymour (F. W.) Five civilized 

Amer. Indian tribes. etc. 

Shakespeare (Wm.) Popular 

Shakespearian quot. 27213. 
Shelley (P. B.) Poems of Percy 

Bysshe Shelley. 27223. 

Shipley (Maynard) Elec. & life. 

etc. 27252-27256. 
Greek physics & modern 

science. 40611. 
Sinclair (Upton) Captain of 

indus. 17024. 
Smith (Lloyd E.) Amorous tales. 

Arith. self taught. etc. 

40855, 40856. 

Bluebeard. 59385. 

Bk. of familiar quot. etc. 

Common faults in writing 

Eng. etc. 5025-5027. 
Five hundred riddles, etc. 

Spears (R. S.) Camping, wood- 
craft & wildcraft. etc. 27472, 

Stael-Holstein (A. L. G. N.) 

baronne de. Memoirs of 

Madame De Stael. 52578. 
Starr (Frederick) Is life worth 

living? etc. 64800, 64801. 
Swasey (Robert) Life & works 

of Walter Scott, etc. 27706, 

Swift (Jonathan) Voyage to 

Lilliput. 27713. 
Swinburne (A. C.) Poems & 

ballads. 52880. 

Triumph of time. 27715. 

Three coin man. 29263.* 

Tripp (N. R.) Behaviorism. 

Van Sicklen (H. P.) Short hist. 

of Japan. 59753. 
Vedder (H. C.) Life of Ignatius 

Loyola. 27993. 
Wasps. 29323. 

Whittier (J. G.) Poems. 28196. 
Wilde (O. F. O'F. W.) Harlot's 

house. 53374. 
Wilde (Oscar) Panthea. 2S204. 
Wilder (R. M.) Diabetes. 42135. 
Woman from Andros. 29369.* 
Word (Clement) Auction bridge 

for beginners. etc. 18422- 

Byron & the women he loved. 


Emerson, etc, 28289-28303. 

Hale (E. A.) Suffolk co-operative 

bank. Your bus. 17571. 
Hale (F. E.) Use of copper sulphate. 

Hale (F. E.) mfg. co. Bookcases. 

Hale (H. L.) Wiregrass Jour. 

Jour's cross-word puzzle p. 18376. 
Hale (H. W.) To be humble. 1748. 
Hale (K. B.) Indoors with God's bk. 
See Pacific press pub. assn. True 
education reader series. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hale (M. C.) Trouble-catcher. 43048. 
Hale (P. H.) : 

Girl I am breaking in. 22918. 
Lovely white hair. 46964. 
Hale (Robert) pseud. See Holmes 

(R. H.) 
Haledon, N. J., direct. 64214. 
Halevy (Ludovic) AbbS Con- 

stantin. 1. 
Haley (M. A.) All day with you. 

etc. 46965-46970. 
Halfway, Mich., map. 6493, 19576. 
Halfway down. 33892. 
Haliburton (M. W.) Stand, speller. 

Halifax Gazette. Special feature sec- 
tion. 22919. 
Hall (A. N.) : 

Home mechanics. etc. 10797, 

Perkins (Dorothy) Home handi- 
craft. 15574. 
Hall (Burton) Dynamiting evolution. 

Hall (D. W.) Salome frog is going 

to learn to swim. 56672. 
Hall (E. H.) Cathedral. 1749. 
Hall (F. R.) Half dozen sketches. 

Hall (F. S.) Medical certification for 

marriage. 1750. 
Hall (G. O.) Topeka, Kan., direct. 

Hall (G. N.) Father wires his con- 
sent to wedding. 33893. 
Hall (G. R.) Cal. of select dances. 

Hall (G. W.) : 

Abraham Lincoln's classic epi- 
gram, etc. 46972-46980. 
Do a little thinking of your own. 
etc. 56673, 56674. 
Hall (Headon) Skeleton finger. 

Hall (Hoi worthy) Holiday love. 

Hall (Howard) Man who dared. 

Hall (J. A.) : 

Home & country cal. "Wall chart. 

State & nation cal. 52661. 
Hall (J. B.) Depreciation of office 

bldgs. 10801. 
Hall (J. H.) : 

Auto, fire & theft policy, etc. 

Bk. of the presidents. 62109. 
Hall (L. E.) Labor troubles. 56675. 
Hall (L. W.) Tired business man. 

Hall (Oliver) co. Hosiery — past & 

present. 10802. 
Hall (Quin) Over Sunday tourists. 

Hall (Radclyffe) Like cures like. 

Hall (Reita) : 

New Era Bulletin. Wooden nut- 
megs. 49176. 
Our vegetable past. 469S7. 
Hall (Tom) Beside the bonnie brier 

bush. 19458 (1), 43110 (3). 
Hall (W. J.) : 

Natl. fed. of music clubs. Dept. 

of jr. & juvenile clubs. Course 

of study for 1924-1926. 36513. 

Stanford Memorial Church. 1751. 

Hall (W. R.) Fur-bearing animals. 

Hall & McCreary co. : 

Golden bk. of favorite songs. 

Jones (W. F.) Jones complete 

course. 34633. 
Robinson (O. E.) Amer. high 

schl. music note bk. 4586. 
Smedley (E. A.) First reader. 

Spriggs (L. V.) Amer. hist, note 
bk. 40995, 40996. 
Hall-Mack co. : 

Appearances are deceitful. 53710. 
Christmas novelties no 1. 60061*. 
Christmas specials no. 2. 53776. 
Easter specials. 10804. 
Gifts. 60122. 
Haller (Herman) Achtung! welle 

505 ! 53690. 
Halley (H. H.) Suggestions on Bible 

reading. 1752. 
Hallinan (Joseph) : 

Critical divergences. 46988. 
Daily lesson service. 56676. 
Outline of the scope. 1753. 
Hallock (G. T.) Dramatizing child 

health. 42589*. 
Halloran (Mrs. M.) Stand, vocabu- 
lary. 10805. 
Halloran (W. P.) : 

Silver bullion. 33898. 
Stand, silver dollar. 10806. 
Hallowell, Me., direct. 44386. 
Halm (Alfred) Schreck von Hohen- 

ley. 54155. 
Halman (D. F.) Will-o'-the-wisp. 

Haloid co. Family group. etc. 

Halperine-Kaminsky (E.) Dostoev- 
ski'! (Fedor Mikhailovich) Journal 
intime de Raskolnikov. 61579. 
Halse (H. G.) Deity in dust. 33899. 
Halsey garage co., inc. Engine with a 

fever. 10807. 
Halsey, Stuart & co., inc. : 
Anal, sheet. 22920. 
Harley (H. K.) Fundamentals of 

investment. 22946. 
Investment bonds acctg. 1754. 



pt. I, 11. 8., V. 22 

Halsey, Stuart & to., fiftc. — Contiimod 
Love (C. W.) Fundamentals of 

investment. 23965. 
Sills (C. W.) Bank's bond ac- 
count. 27285-27288, 40636. 
Halstead (St. John) Pastor's ideal 

sermon bk. 10808. 
Halstead-Dierks & co. Sanctis means 

protection eternal. 10809. 
Halsted (Harbeck) Pre-natal care & 

the baby's birth. 22921. 
Halton (Theo) Indische trommel. 

Ham (A. H.) com p. Work of the 

Remedial loan socs. 46989. 
Ham (CD.) Nicaragua, map. 6601. 
Ham ( M. F. ) How to live under the 

good health star. 10810. 
Hambleton (Mark) Reese (D. P.) 

Story of an Amer. 4487. 
Hambleton & co. : 

Finan. security & a second in- 
come, etc. 46990-46992. 
Gas. etc. 33900-33901. 
Hamburger (Isaac) & sons. Youth 

must be served. 46993. 
Hamburger iibersee-jahrbuch, 1925. 


Haniby (W. H.) Oh hell week. 

Hamden, <).. map. 29523. 
Hamel (C. D.) Practice before the 

T. S. P,d. of tax appeals. 46994. 
Hamel (('. F. ) U. S. anal. assn. 

Urinalysis. 27934. 
Hamil (L. E.) Geog. of Ala. 33905. 
Hamill (H. S.) Mad campaign. 

Hamill (®tuart) &ee Hamill (H. S.) 
Hamilton ( A. S. ) romp. Statistics 

fraternal soc. 22!>22. 
Hamilton (B. M.) Guide posts. 

Hamilton (C. G.) 

music. 56677. 
Hamilton (Cbily, 
. son's. 28676- 
Hamilton (Cosmo) : 

Exchange of wives. 6030. 
Whoso findeth a wife. 56678. 
Women & ladies. 29375. 
Hamilton (Edith) Klubwoman. 

Hamilton (Frances) 
(lows well dressed. 
Hamilton (G. V.) : 
Biometer. 53740. 
Mutant. 29018. 
Hamilton (H .II.) New Orleans pra- 
line. 29028. 
Hamilton (J. G. : 

Briand seeks cabinet with out- 
look dark. etc. 56679-56682. 
Radical Socialists serve ultima- 
tum on Allies. 62111. 

Suppl. to piano 
Diana of Dob- 

Are your win- 

Hamilton (J. H.) British disarma- 
ment aims rouse Paris' ire. 62112. 
Hamill on (Lloyd) Corp.: 
Half a hero. 19937. 
Hooked. 6846. 
King Cotton. 29931. 
Waiting. 43995. 
Hamilton (O. W.) Renter's problem. 

Hamilton (Theo) Little dramas of 

Dinkey ville. 42775. 
Hamilton (W. P.) : 

From Saturday to Sunday. 6055. 
Right to happiness. 19254. 
Hamilton. O., direct. 10811. 

First natl. bank & trust co. 

What is a bank. 10S12. 
Hamilton trust & savings bank. Two 

families. 22925. 
Hamilton trust co. : 

Betty dear, you have never been. 

Special purpose acct. 22926. 
Hamlet. N. C. map. 60366. 
Hamlin (G. J.) Barbara grows up. 

Hamman (L. M.) Absolutely no 

pain. etc. 46996, 46997. 
Ilammel, Riglander & co. Catalog. 

etc. 33906, 33907. 
Hammer (L. H.) : 

Burden of love. 42538. 
Children of hope. 5977. 
Hammer & tongs. 1755, 22927, 2292S. 
Ilanimermill paper co. : 

Better letterheads. 46998. 
Getting things done in an office. 

Signal system. 10813. 
Hammerslough (A. K.) Coo-Coo. 
, 59SS. 

Hanimerstein (Oscar) 2d. Rose Ma- 
rie. 42948. 
Hammond (Benjamin) Hammond's 
paint & slug shot works cal. 1761, 
Hammond (Bert) Entertainment 

direct. 62114. 
Hammond (C. S.) & co. See, for en- 
tries of maps, this index under 
names of places. 
Hammond (Edward) pseud. See 

Cady (E. H.) 
Hammond (J. B.) Brief & argu- 
ment. 1756. 
Hammond (Lorimer) : 

Britain adds to rubber quota. 

etc. 33909-33911. 
British market rallies. etc. 

Foreign bonds chief features of 

London mart. 56683. 
Foreign loans cut prices of Brit- 
ish bonds, etc. 62115, 62116. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

London bankers aroused. etc. 

London hopeful. etc. 46999, 

Russian gold. 22929. 
Hammond (W. E.) Prelude. 47001. 
Hammond (W. M.) Acctg. methods 

& procedure. 56684. 
Hammond & Stephens co. Award 

booklet. 56685, 62117. 
Hammond bros. co. Municipal owner- 
ship certificates. 10821. 
Hammond's paint & slug shot works 

cal. 1761, 6211S. 
Hampshire Co., W. Va., map. 19577. 
Hampton (Charles) Reincarnation. 

Hampton (E. L.) : 

Master thriller. 1762. 
Mineral detector. 10823. 
Hampton (Earl) Blood & oil. 2955. 
Hampton (John) Husbands. 18986. 
Hampton (T. J.) Insight into truth 

no. 7. 10824. 
Hampton (W. L.) Religion of the 

presidents. 1763. 
Hampton & Hampton. Who is me? 

Hampton Roads district, Va., map. 

Hampton shop. Hampton shops. 

10S25, 22930. 
Hamsel (R. S.) Highland coffee co. 

Expansion of an old & successful 

prayer. 1879. 
Hanaford (H. P.) N. Y. theatrical 

bus. men's guide. 10826. 
Hanau (C.) Resurrection. 65707. 
Hanau (R. L. O.) Full denture tech- 
nique. 10827. 
Hanbery (Welch) Associated telep. 

co. Telep. direct. 30498. 
Hanbury (I. M.) Organization lec- 

ture4essons. etc. 62119-62121. 
Hancock (C. T.) Mt. Hope mauso- 
leum co., inc. Abodes of the silent. 

Hancock (Herbert) Help yourself. 

Hancock (John) mutual life insur. co. 

Manning (E. G.) Environment & 

the pt. it plays in home life. 24186. 
Hancock Co., O., direct. 1446. 
Hand (A. E.) Prayer. 1764. 
Hand (A. R.) Cool Cape May twenty 

miles at sea. 22931. 
Hand out. 22932, 22933, 56686, 56687, 

Handbook. 1765. 
Handkarte zur wirtschaftsgeographie 

der welt, map. 60471. 
Handley (L. P.) Auto parts co. 

Price list. 7452. 

Handy information pub. co. What 
every good Amer. wants to know. 
Haney (P. E.) : 

Laurels. 42767. 
Lavender. 19043. 
High tower. 42680. 
Haney (J. G.) : 

Granite. 18942. 
High tower. 42680. 
Laurels. 42767. 
Hanford (C. H.) Invisible frater- 
nity. 22934. 
Hanford (Edwin) Bringing up 

mother. 65463. 
Hanford, Calif., map. 29524. 
Hangartner (Louisa) : 

Christmas bells. 33912. 
In the bungalow just you & me, 
Hangen (William) music pub. Don 

Juan Marana. 28685. 
Hankins (E. R.) Text bk. for cor- 
rugated fibre box indus. 33913. 
Hankins (M. M.) Mother. 22935. 
Hanley (G. W.) Genealogy chart. 

Hanley & Kinsella coffee & spice co. 

H & K free deal. 47004. 
Hanline (M. A.) Woman of Samaria. 

Hanlon (R. W.) : 

Florida, map. 60358. 
Tennessee, map. 19795. 
Hanna (T. M.) Clipped. 18802. 
Hanna, Okl., map. 60367. 
Hanna eng. works : 

Hanna bull riveters, etc. 10828, 

Hanna pinch bug riveters, etc. 

1766, 1767. 
Hanna yoke riveters. 22936. 
Hannah (F. A.) Why a marketing 

counsel? 10830. 
Hannan (J. D. ) Religion hr. 62124. 
Hannibal, Mo., direct. 33914. 
Hannibal pharmacal co. How you 

must use Neet. etc. 10831. 10832. 
Hannibal! coal co. Coal facts. 10833. 
Hanning bros. Don't wish — act! 

Hannum (J. E.) Schl. lighting as a 

factor in saving sight. 34005. 
Hanotaux (Gabriel) : 

Du consulat a l'empire. 22937. 
Earth's origin never solved. 
Hanover, Pa., direct. 33916. 
Hanover, Pa., map. 6194. 
Hansel (R. S.) : 

Amer. trust co. Not once in a 

life time. etc. 60755.60756. 
Ashland wholesale co. Great 
safety & profit. 203. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hansel (R. S.)— Continued. 

Don't treat this folder like the 

college son. etc. 1769-1773. 
Mackall (J. H.) candy co. Great 

safety & profit. 62803. 
Miller labs. inc. Bus. planted 20 

yrs. ago. 63061. 
My dear Mr. etc. 62125, 62126. 
Smithfield oil co. Strong refs. 
that bespeak a great & unusual 
opportunity. 5034. 
Hansen (F. F.) & bro., ltd. New Or- 
leans public schl. Spelling list. 
Hansen (C. A.) Trees, shrubs, bulbs, 

seeds. 10834. 
Hansen (D. B.) & sons: 

Catholic church. Little flower 

prayer bk. 55523. 
Hansen (Louis) comp. Christian 
doctrine drills. 33917. 
Hansen (Harry) Carl Sandburg. 

Hansen (Heliner) Transcript. 27875. 
Hansen ( O. C. ) mf g. co. : 

New fall styles in leathers from 

overseas. 566S8. 
Smart & light as a dress glove. 
Hanskat (Rose) : 

Rosehan co. 21 salient reasons. 

Rosehan welfare co. IS salient 
reasons. 26929. 
Hanson (J. E. ) co.. inc. To Mont- 

clair's bus. men. 10835. 
Hanson & Van Winkle co. Electro- 
plating equipment. 47006. 
Hansen & Vernon. Household budget. 

Hanson bros. scale co. Importance 
of weighing the baby. etc. 1774, 

Hanson-Whitney machine co. Pre- 
cision tools. 47007. 
Hapgood (Norman) : 

British laborites baffled. etc. 

Land in Ukraine for Jews. etc. 
Happich (W. F.) Wright plan. 

Happiness club : 

Good-bye, worry! etc. 47017, 

Second ward sayings bank. $500 
happiness certificate. 16656. 
Happy's cal. 47019. 
Haranger (Andree) Call of romance. 

Harbach (O. A.) Rose Marie. 42948. 
Harbor Springs, Mich., direct. 4219. 
Harbour- Longmire co. Radio catalog. 

Radio dealers price list. 

Harco co. 

Harcourt, Brace & co. : 

Mayo (Katherine) Agitation for 
independence, etc. 2664-2677. 
Warremeyer (D. W.) Cumula- 
tive maths. 53324. 
Harden (R. W.) In. 60145. 
Harder (Emil) Danger sigh. 33921. 
Harding (B. B.) Screen liby. Screen 

liby. service. 59124. 
Harding (Edward) Wonderful man 

of war method. 22939. 
Harding (F. A.) Bulgarian blind 

bees. 28581. 
Harding (Frank) : 

Brennen (R. H.) Evolution, etc. 

■ If you could see the kitchen. 

Dickenson (Ben) Rube's letter. 

What the city Guy did to our 

little Nell. 46077. 
Hicks (Frank) Curse of drink. 

etc. 11012, 11013. 
Mahoney (John) Graft. 48469. 
Harding (H. E.) Oxford vocabulary. 

Harding (J. W.) : 

Fire-doors, bell ringers, & Sand- 
ers. 62129. 
Southern locomotive valve gear. 

Steam grate shaker & coal pusher. 
Harding (L. D.) Vibro-modus theory. 

Harding (W. T.) Instr. for playing 

the harmonica. 22940. 
Hardinge co., inc. : 
/"~Fine grinding with tube mills. 
\ etc. 10837-10840. 
/ Hardinge conical mills. etc. 

62130, 62131. 
\Hardinge rotor spray. etc. 
^ 47021, 47022. 
Hardinsburg, Ky., map. 54449. 
Hardisty (E. B.) Kurosis prophylac- 
tic supplies. 10841. 
Hardt (Bruno) Riviera traum. 29156. 
Hardt-Warden (Bruno) Sky high. 

Hardware age verified list. 10842. 
Hardware buyers catalog. 33922. 

inc. Hard- 

Hardware dealers' maj 

ware dealers' mag. 

rating reg. 10S43. 
Hardwick, Mass., direct. 
Hardwick & Magee co. 

descriptions of Hardwick & Magee 

Wilton rugs. 47023. 
Hardwood interior trim mfgrs. assn. 

Rules for measurement & inspection 





nos. 1-12, 1925 

of hardwood mouldings & finish. 
Hardwood mfrs. inst. Hardwood 
mfrs. inst. (Cost acctg. com.) 
Sawmill cost acctg. plan. 33923. 
Hardy (A. D.) Flyaways & Cinder- 
ella, etc 22942-22944. 
Hardy (Jane) Check to the queen. 

Hardy Co., W. Va., map. 6495. 
Hare (W. B.) : 

Backwoods school in '49. 18712. 
Cheer-up. 53769. 
Hare & Chase, inc. : 

Buy motor car from earnings. 

etc. 33924-33935. 
News. 47024, 47025, 62132. 
Shall the dealers meet their prob- 
lems? 22945. 
Hargreaves (R.) Who's my father? 

Hargreaves (R. T.) Christmas greet- 
ings. 33936. 
Hargreaves (S. C.) Sunrise. 47026. 
Haring (F. B.) U. S. Synopsis uni- 
form conditional sale law. 65005. 
Harker (E. B.) Practical guide bk. 

Harkins (J. W.) jr. White squadron. 

Harkins (P. J.) Special' notice. 

Harlan (M. E.) : 

Gas appliance soc. Yes, a gas 
furnace can be economical. 
• Roberts (L. S.) inc. Another of- 
• fer. etc. 39919-39927. 

I'm on my way with your 

Zenith. 64426. 

Short on claims, etc. 58950, 


Stars of the San Francisco 

opera, etc. 51690-51692. 
Harlan (Walter) Friihstuck in 

Genua. 53861. 
Harlan, Ky., map. 29525. 
Harley (H. K.) Fundamentals of in- 
vestment. 22946. 
Harley-Davidson motor co. Harley- 

Davidson rider's hand bk. 47027. 
Harlingen, Tex., map. 29526. 
Harman (J. L.) Why you should 

graduate from high schl. 22947. 
Harman & Lowe. Assignment of jus- 
tices. 62133. 
Harmer (L. G.) U. S. mortgage & 
trust co. Twenty yr. insur.-invest- 
ment trust, etc. 53073, 53074. 
Harmon (D. A.) Harmon (R. M.) 

Toy patterns. 33938. 
Harmon (R. M.) Toy patterns. 

Harmonium. [Harmonium] 56690. 
Harmony, Pa., map. 54450. 

Harmony in the home. 62134. 
Harms (Louis) Harms' plan. 22948. 
Harmsworth's children's e n c y c 1 . 
1779-1781, 10844-10852, 22949- 

22952, 33939. 

Harn (O. C.) Dutch boy in story 

land. 1782. 
Harness horse assn. Racing rules. 

Harnsch'feger corp. Cargadoras de 

cana corduroy. 10853. 
Harn well (A. J.) Half minute of 

darkness. 60127. 
Haro (Cesar de) Capitan Renato. 

Harper (C. W.) : 

Civic pride. 65480. 
Community spirit. 654S5. 
Harper (E. E.) Prodigal son. 47029, 

HariDer (H. H.) Real estate practice. 

Harper (L. L.) Bargains. 60041. 
Harper (M. H.) Married life of 

Helen & Warren. 10854, 10855, 

22953, 22954, 33940-33941, 62135- 

Harper (Nan) See Dudley (Mrs. 

Harper (R. H.) Tepee folk. 1783. 
Harper (Stuart) : 

Teachers' mutual benefit assn. 
Constitution. 59671. 

Membership certificate. 

Universal brotherhood of Amer- 
ica. Constitution & by-laws. 
Harper (W.J.) Extra incentive wage 

plans. 51805. 
Harper & bros. Wonder clock plays. 

Harpole (Louis) Portal. 39435. 
Harraden (C. I.) Ye copper kettle 

candies. 22955. 
Harrar (Annie) pseud. See Friedrich 

Harriman (G. W. R.) : 

Harriman geograph index card. 

United States, map. 60454, 65939. 
World, map. 43719. 
Harriman, Tenn., map. 60368. 
Harrington (Marshall) Persuasive 

evangelism. 47030. 
Harrington (P. J.) Light. 53982. 
Harrington & King perforating co. 
Grilles of perforated metal. 33942. 
Harrington Park, N. J., map. 54451. 
Harris (A. E.) Play's the thing. 

Harris (Allena K.) See Harris (Mrs. 

Harris (Augustus) Sudan. 19330. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Harris (Barnett Walter) Total solar 

eclipse. 30027. 
Harris (Billups) Secrets of dream 

symbols. 22956. 
Harris (D. B.) Convention letter. 

Harris (D. W.) Finan. executive's 

pt. in management. 33943. 
Harris (F. M.) Preliminary draft 

discussion outlines. 10856. 
Harris (G. L.j Solutions to problems. 

Harris (G. S.) Legal primer for 

fresbmen. 22957. 
Harris (H. H.) Bible selections for 

schls. 56691. 
Harris (H. J.) : 

Divine word of God. etc. 2295S, 

Roman Catholic confessional. 
Harris (J. E.) co. Stand, of the 

world. 22960. 
Harris (J. T.) Poems. 22961. 
Harris (Mrs. L. R.) Trials of a bach- 
elor. 19382. 
Harris (M. H.) Care of the eyes. 

Harris (M. W.) : 
Stush. 43001. 

Troupin' in the sticks. 43050. 
Harris (Mrs. Martin) : 
It's like this. 28878. 
Last straw. 28918. 
Harris (R. C.) Totem, 1925. 41610. 
Harris (R. H.)* Star trail. 29226. 
Harris (Stanley [Bucky] ) : 

Johnson in shape to win last 

game. etc. 56692-56697. 

Mine boy to manager. 22962- 


Harris (T. 'p.) Would you? 56698. 

Harris (W. C.) Real estate. 62138. 

Harris (W. K.) Something about 

Australia. 33944. 
Harris (W. S.) I. O. O. F. rev. 

Harris automatic press co. : 
A B C of offset. 18643. 
Offset ; that something different in 
adv. 47032. 
Harris bros. co. Bldg. material, etc. 

33945-33948, 47033-47035. 
Harris, Forbes & co. : 

Munich the capital of Bavaria. 

etc. 33949, 33950. 
Walker (H. C.) Value of time. 
Harris trust & savings bank : 

Big bus. methods & your income. 

etc. 5670S-56709. 
Conquest of fear. 47036. 
Writing of your will. 62139. 
Harrisburg, Pa., direct. 47037. 

Harrison (A. R.) Philos. of life. 

Harrison (Arch.) House that disease 

built. 18644. 
Harrison (C. F.) : 

Heaven or hell. 53910. 
Henry knows how. 60132. 
How's that. Judge? 28850. 
Just a few doors clown the street. 

Oh, look at ma. 60204. 
Other people's business. 29066. 
Selling souls. 6265. 
Harrison (C. H.) co. C. H. Harri- 
son homes. 10858. 
Harrison (L. F.) : 

Miss Wise Cracker. 54037. 
Rubetown Romeo. 54143. 
Harrison (Mary) : 

Come back to mother. 22966. 
I am hungry for that thing you 
call love. etc. 10859-10862. 
Harrison (Orin) Holland bakery. 

Loaf series. 47204. 
Harrison (R. M.) Sprightly mischief 

ruled gombo songsters. 22967. 
Harrison (Ruth) Bryan (M. W.) 
Hitherto unpublished songs. 8293. 
Harrison (W. Z.) Oh! you mama. 

Harrison Co., Miss., map. 54452- 

Harrisonville, N. Y., map. 54455. 
Harrold (E. D.) Dyer monthly & 

yearly rept. system. 1786. 
Harrold (Rich) Ku Klux klan. 

Harrower lab., inc. : 

Harrower's endocrine chart series, 
etc. 22968-22970, 47040. 47041. 
Harrower's organotherapeutic in- 
dicator. 10864. 
Important announcement. 62140. 
Harrv (De W. L. ) Magic of money. 

Harry (Myriam) pseud. Manteau 

tutelaire. 10866. 
Harry-Perrault (Mme) Harry (My- 
riam) pseud. Manteau tutelaire. 
Harshman (J. A.) Natl, grocery club. 

Hart (Anita) Watch them all. 

Hart (D. W.) True to form. 60295. 
Hart (E. M.) Ed. Hart clothes shop, 

inc. 47042. 
Hart (F. J.) monument co. Monu- 
ments of the ages. 56710, 62141. 
Hart (H. W.) Dividends paid to 

stockholders. 62142. 
Hart (J. L. J.) Fourteen thousand 

feet. 33951. 
Hart (J. W.) Thy kingdom come on 
earth. 22971. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hart (Leo) Holiday cal. 34251. 
Hart (T. P.) Catholic teleg. almanac. 

Hart (W. S.) : 

Children of the South. 22972. 
Law on horseback. 33952. 
Order of Chanta Sutas. 29062*. 
Hart (W. S.) co. Tumbleweeds. 

Hart & co. If you use false teeth. 

Hart & Cooley co. Handy craft. 

Hart & Hegeman mfg. co. Arch.'s 

hdbk. 1787. 
Hart, Schaffner & Marx. Style bk. 

22974, 62144. 
Harte (R. S.) Problem of incorrect 

sizing & its solution. 47043. 
Hartenstein (Arno) Reservist. 

Harter (C. J.) Elem. mech. drawing. 

22973, 47044. 
Harter (S. V.) Defensive-diet league 
of America. Household chart. 
Harter schl. supply co. : 

Albinger (L. C.) Self supervised 

• seat work. etc. 60641-60647. 

Aldredge (E. M.) Silent reading 

seat work. etc. 54963-54967, 


Animal & bird stencils. 62145. 

Goldstein (F. F.) Color builder. 

etc. 1681-1683. 

Silent reading seat work. 

Goldstein (Mabel) Child drama- 
tization, etc. 56596, 56597. 

Elliptical stories, etc. 1684- 

Great cross country auto race. 

etc. 1788-1790. 
Johnson (D. H.) Toy store arith. 

seat work. 56929. 
McKee (J. F.) Silent reading 

seat work. 60651. 
Myers (G. C.) Diagnostic test 
etc. 63166-63221. 

Grocery store, etc. 57560- 


Summarizing paragraphs. 


Toy store arith. seat work. 

Niergarth (Almeda) Silent read- 
ing seat work. 64071. 
Persing (K. M.) Summarizing 

paragraphs. 58736-58740. 
Sampson (Florence) Mother 
Goose posters to color, etc. 
59083, 59084. 

Poster p i c t u r e. Action 

words. 64558. 

Hartfield (J. W.) Private cable code. 

Hartford, Conn. : 
Direct. 47045. 
Map. 60369. 
Hartford, Conn. First natl. bank. 

Trust service. 47046. 
Hartford Daily Times: 

Complete list of the broadcasting 

stations, etc. 62146-62150. 
Lewis (John) Changing single- 
circuit receivers, etc. 12042- 
Standard table. etc. 56711- 
Hartford ptg. co. Hartford, W. Hart- 
ford. & E. Hartford, Conn., direct. 
Hartford steam boiler inspection & 
insur. co. Notes on the care & op- 
eration of elec. apparatus. 1791, 
Hartford Times: 

Clayton (J. M.) Crystal set gets 

KDKA in Australia. 8919. 
Hartford Daily Times. Complete 
list of the broadcasting stations, 
etc. 62146-62150. 

■ Stand, table. etc. 56711- 

Hatry (S. W.) Binaural broad- 
casting, etc. 229S2-22997. 

Connecting antenna to loop 

set. etc. 34007-34020. 

Getting no. of circuits 

. straight, etc. 47055-47063. 

Good crystal set. etc. 


Stand, circuit. 56717-56721. 

Lewis (John) Adding regenera- 
tion, etc. 12042-12096. 

Buzzer test for crystal set. 

etc. 23887-23892. 

Final instrs. etc. 2398-2402. 

Stand circuit. 3506S. 

Hartland. Vt., map. 54456. 
Hartley (C. A.) Instr. key to simpli- 
fied bookkeeping. 1792. 
Hartley (R. E.) Course of true love. 

Hartley, la., map. 29527. 
Hartman (E. A.) 


Hartman (Zoe) Tempest in a hat 

shop. 43013. 
Hartman furniture & carpet co. : 

Clean-up of 3622 odd pieces & 

suites, etc. 33955-33983. 
Zwerg (Karl) Temple to the 
goddess of the home. 28414. 
Hartman system, inc. Hartman sys- 
tem, inc. 22977. 

Costume design. 
M. ) Three patriots. 

92643—26 14 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Hartmann (E. C.) : 

Lord hath need of thee. etc. 

Remedies of the Great Physician. 
Hartmann Malcom co. Enchanted 

lamp. 10871. 
Hartmann trunk co. Bon voyage. 

Hartmayer (F. L.) World peace 

maker. 10872. 
Hartney (Frederick) Celestial scroll. 

Hartsburg, 111., map. 54457. 
Hartsdale, N. Y., direct. 18274, 42109. 
Hartshorne (Stewart) : 

Chenille rug weaving. 47048. 
Mosaic weaving. 33984. 
Hartshorne, Okl., map. 65861. 
Hartsock (F. E.) Ode to Mount 

Rainier. 62152. 
Hartson (E. S.) Calif, cross-word 
puzzle co. $1,000.00 in cross-word 
puzzles. 8494. 
Hartson (L. D.) Oberlin student rat- 
ing scales. 1794-1798. 
Hartson (W. J.) Father. 6038. 
Harty-Musch press, inc. : 

Crum (W. L.) Lab. problems in 

economic statistics. 45911. 
Patton (A. C.) Lab. problems in 
economic statistics. 45911. 
Hartz (Erich von) : 
Horos. 18977. 
Kaiser Heinrich VI. 19019. 
Harvard, Mass., direct. 60847. 
Harvard, Neb., map. 29528. 
Harvard ath. assn. Harvard-Yale 

regatta. 47049. 
Harvard co. Harvard course in lit. 

Eng. etc. 1799, 1800. 
Harvard lampoon inc. Garcelon (Mer- 
rill) Information for advertisers. 
Harvard Square pubrs. Goat getter 

cross word puzzle bk. 10873. 
Harvard univ. : 

Borden (N. H.) Suggestions on 

rept. writing. 44784. 
Glover (C. A.) Suggestions on 
rept. writing. 44784. 
Harvard univ. Bur. of bus. research. 
Operating expenses in retail jewelry 
stores. 47050. 
Harvard univ. Graduate schl. of bus. 
administration. Charlotte mills, 
inc. etc. 10884, 10S85. 
Harvard univ. press. : 

Harvard univ. Bur. of bus. re- 
search. Operating expenses in 
department stores, etc. 33985- 
Graduate schl. of bus. ad- 
ministration. Common figures. 

Explanation of schedule. 

etc. 10874-10883. 
— Study of the distribu- 
tion of textiles. 33990. 
Harvel, 111., map. 29529. 
Harvey (Alexander) : 
Acharnians. 28495. 
Birds. 28556. 

Brothers (Adelphi) 28578. 
Captives. 28592. 
Clouds. 1S803. 
Frogs. 28767. 
King OMipus. 19022.* 
Knights. 28909. 
Octavia. 29040.* 
Oedipus at Colonus. 54076. 
Peace. 29091. 
Pot of gold. 29112. 
Self tormentor. 54161.* 
Three coin man. 29263.* 
Wasps. 29323. 

Woman from Andros. 29369.* 

Harvey (C.J.) Teacher's key. 15957. 

Harvey (Clarence) Natl, co-operative 

information bur. Prospectus. 63279. 

Harvey (F. A.) Twin Falls, Id. bus. 

direct. 59724. 

Harvey (W. F.) Adam fell up. 47051. 

Harvey bros. Harvey bros. pure wool 

clothing union made $23.50. 33991. 

Harvey tourist auto guide. Harvey 

tourist auto guide. 1801, 10886, 

33992, 47052, 56716. 

Harwell (A. L.) Word pictures from 

real life. 47053. 
Harwell (J. W.) Last will & testa- 
ment. 22979. 
Harwood (H. M.) Pelican. 54099. 
Harwood (W. H.) Financing the 

home. 22980. 
Hasco products co. Giant cleaner. 

Haskins (S. M.) Interpretation of 

the Calif, irrigation dist. 10887. 
Haskins & Sells. Technical proced- 
ure manual. 108SS. 
Haslam (D. B.) : 

Monumental drawing & lettering. 

Skipton (R. E.) Perspective 
measurement. 64694. 
Hasluck (N. R.) Evolution. 60105. 
Hassler (J. O.) Teachers' manual. 

2S014, 28015. 
Hassler (R. H.) inc. Hasler stabil- 
izer. 47054. 
Hastings (A. A.) Hasco products co. 

Giant cleaner. 229S1. 
Hastings (E. C.) Dry goods econo- 
mist yr. bk. 34304. 
Hastings (G. W.) Better health assn. 
of U. S. Your most important step 
today. 30855. 
Hastings (H. G.) co. Hasting's seeds. 


bur. 1-12,1925 

Hastings (Milo) Phys. culture. 1802. 
Hasty (J. E.) : • 

Advertising follies of 1925. 65423. 

Anthony makes his mark. 18696. 

What's wrong with this picture. 


Hatch (A. K.) End of the trail. 

Hatch (Leonard) O. K. 54075. 
Hatch (R. D.) : 

Call of Nancy Lee. 18763. 
Memories. 54026. 
Hatch adv. & sales service : 

Troy retail merchants' bur. — 
Chamber of Commerce. Every- 
thing under the sun. 53029. 

Miss Luxury, Miss Economy. 

Hatch music co. Macdougall (H. C.) 
First bk. of musical theory, etc. 
12296, 12297. 
Hatcher (Ward) Orpha. 65680. 
Hatfield, Mass., direct. 60761. 
Hathaway (Maurine) Dear folks, 
there are that pass our way. etc. 
Hathaway (W. C.) Nu Grape bot- 
tling co. What do your children 
drink? 389S3. 
Hathaway (Winifred) Schl. lighting 
as a factor is saving sight. 34005. 
Hatheway- White (Mary) Ye musick 

familie. 34006. 
Hatry (L. W.) : 

Binaural broadcasting. etc. 

Connecting antenna to loop set. 

etc. 34007-34020. 
Getting no. of circuits straight. 

etc. 47055-47063. 
Good crystal set. 62155-62161. 
Standard circuit. 56717-56721. 
Hattiesburg, Miss., map. 43339. 
Hatton (Fannie) Playthings. 42910. 
Hatton( Frederic) Playthings. 42910. 
Hatton (Raymond) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 47064. 
Hauber (U. A.) Catholic opinion on 

the evolution controversy. 47065. 
Haubold (M. C.) Cosmic meditation. 

Haughton (P. D.) Football strate- 
gies. 1803. 
Hauk (R. J.) Graphic cross-word 

synonyms. 1804. 
Haulage hints. 1805, 47066. 
Haun (P. M.) Jester. 53947. 
Hauptman ( Gerhart ) Dramatic 

works. 18849* 
Hauser ptg. co. La. La. courts of 

appeal. Advance repts. 48026. 
Hausman (Leon) Monev scum. 

Havana, 111., map. 54458. 

Havana elec. ry. light & power co., 

map. 29530. 
Havens-Blair-Cartlich. Announcing the 

super-line. 62163. 
Haverlin (Carl) Salvage. 60249. 
Haverty (J. J.) African golf. 34021. 
Hawaii (Territory of) Dept. of pub- 
lic instr. : 

Hawaii Japanese bang. schl. 

primer. 47067, 47068. 
Schwartz (H. B.) Japanese lang. 
ability test. 59120. 
Hawaiian annual for 1926. 62164.. 
Hawaiian sugar planters' assn. : 

Hawaiian planters' rec. 34022- 

Hawaiian sugar planters' rec. 

McGeorge (W. T.) Influence of 
aluminum, manganese and iron 
salts. 48199. 
Hawesville, Ky., map. 60370. 
Hawk (E. L.) Eyes. 22998. 
Hawkes (H. E.) Ans. bk. 62165 
Hawkeye, la. Grand commandery of 
Knights templar. Free Masons. 
See Free Masons. Hawkeye, la. 
Grand commandery of Knights 
templar. 10429. 
Hawkin-system. 22999, 23000, 34025, 

47069, 56723. 
Hawkins (J. W.) Sebring, Fla., map. 

Hawkins (L. A.) Grow your own 

fruit. 10889. 
Hawkins (Ml H.) : 

Bargain day. 5935. 
Their first anniversary. 6314. 
Hawn (H. G.) News. 29032. 
Haworth (S. A.) Ensign Baird. 

Haworth (William) Ensign Baird. 

Haworth, N. J., map. 6496. 
Hawthorn (H. B.) Outlines of sociol- 
ogy. 1806. 
Hawthorne (Julian) Sea secret. 

Hawthorne (O. L.) : 

Again we count the many joys. 

etc. 10890-10907. 
Dawn of a new day. etc. 1807, 
Hawthorne (Ruth) : 

Mrs. Partridge presents. 65652. 
Standards. 42992. 
Hawthorne, N. J., direct. 64214. 
Hawthorne roofing tile co. Haw- 
thorne roofing tile. 47071. 
Hay (Lady Drummond) See Drum- 

mond Hay (Lady) 
Hay (E. L.) Gist & jest. 1809. 
Hay (E. N.) How to finance your 
bus. 23001. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hay (H. H.) sons. Hay's guide to 

Portland. 34026. 
Hay (Ian) [pseud.] See Beith (I. 

Hay (James) jr. Fair chance. 23002. 
Hay (T. W.) Brains boiled down. 

Hay (V. A. S.). Lord Kilmarnock. 

Dream kiss. 6017. 
Hayden ( Everett ) Ok Mother Nature. 

Hayden (H. B.) Fina. management 

of the Dennison mfg. co. 34027. 
Hayden Park, Del., map. 43340. 
Hayek (Simon) Hayek's kontrak- 
tions-tabellen fur mischungen von 
alkohol urid wasser. 34028. 
Hayes (E. P.) Leisure reading repts. 

Hayes (E. P. C.) : 

Godmother. 42646. 
He who gives. 53907. 
Prineess-of -dreams. 54118. 
Hayes (Frederick) pseud. See Bab- 

.cock (F. H.) 
Hayes (I. M.) Modern practical 

arith. 34030, 47074, 47075. 
Hayes (J. E.) : 

Diana of Madison square, etc. 

Lyrics, etc. 47076-47080, 56724- 
Hayes (J. J.) Moon maid. 54046. 
Hayes (J. R.) Steer rec. ann. 10908. 
Hayes pump & planter co. : 

Hayes fruit fog sprayers. 10909. 
Speed-spra auto washer. 34036. 
Hay man (Joe) : 

Audition. 42501. 
Embankment scene. 42598. 
Hayne (Edward) Hayne (Edw.) 

supply co. Oh, yes. 10910. 
Hayne (Levi) : 

Christmas joy. 34037. 
Family reg., pink bk. 23003. 
Mankind. 56727. 
Progress. 1810. 
Hayne (R. A.) Sheep for mutton, 

wool & money. 62166. 
Haynes (C. B.) Twelve great signs. 

Haynes (D. O.) & co. : 

Era apprentice course in phar- 
macy. 56728. 
Era druggists direct. 9822. 
Era price list. 23004, 34038. 
Haynes ( G. B.) Chicago, Milwaukee 
& St. Paul ry. Trail of the Olym- 
pian. 31766. 
Haynes (W. S.) 

47081, 56729. 
Haynes corp. : 
Cost margin 

Haynes' radio log. 

computation sheet. 

Daily confidential rept. of office. 

Weekly cost & savings rept. etc. 
47082, 47083. 
Haynes-Harmon-Haynes co. Haynes 
(J. W.) Redemption certificate 
plan. 34039. 
Haynes stellite co. : 

Cutting tools. 47084. 

Haynes steelite stand, products. 

Home of the Haynes stellite. 

Properties of Haynes stellite. 
Hays (Daniel) co. Manual of retail 

glove selling. 56732. 
Hays (J. W.) Correct firing methods. 

Hay ward (Grace) pseud. See Gatts 

(G. H) 
Hay ward (H.) : 

Geog. of Del. etc. 904, 1812. 
See also, Clark (W. B.) Geog. 
of Md. 
Hay ward (M. L.) : 

Law in everyday life. 47085. 
You. your bank & the law. 62167. 
Hay ward (Maude) Savannah, Ga., 

map. 29742. 
Hay ward (Walter) Dollar growing 

invitation card. 10912. 
Hayward, Calif., direct. 34042. 
Hay ward co. Hayward class G & 
class H clam shell buckets. 
62168, 62169. 
Hay worth (A. D.) : 

Hayworth ptg. co. Our 

barometer. 62171. 
Some hard luck story. 62170. 
What Congress has done. 10913. 
Hayworth ptg. co. Our mule barom- 
eter. 62171. 
Hazard (J. R.) Swarthmore, Pa., 

direct. 41433. 
Hazeldell, Del., map. 43341. 
Hazlehurst (C. B.) Double yes. 

Hazelhurst, Miss., map. 54459. 
Hazelton (E. C.) Alaskan forget-me- 
nots. 23006. 
Hazelton (J. B.) pseud. See Hazel- 
ton (J. J.) 
Hazelton (J. J.) Man in the closet. 

Hazleton, Pa., direct. 47086. 
Hazleton Heights, Pa., direct. 47086. 
Hazzard (J. E.) Hello, Lady Liberty. 

Head (Cloydj Arabesque. 53711. 
Headley good roads co. Headley 

grlade crossings. 10914. 
Heald (Louise) Love's ferry. 1813. 
Heald's bus. college. Heald's special 
calculating machine course. 34043. 





nos. 1-12, 1925 

Health aid clinic. Urinalysis terms 

used in members' repts. 34044. 
Health aid co. : 

Health aid mag. 34045. 
Tension erektor. 23007, 23008. 
Health & accident underwriters con- 
ference. Off. classification manual. 
Health cal. 62172. 
Health-o-products co., inc. Health-o 

50-50 club. 10915. 
Health-o quality products co. Making 
friends & money with health-o. 
Healy (Betty) See Nash (B. H.) 
Healy (F. D.) Emblem of goodfel- 

lowship. 34046. 
Healv (K. L.) Yr.'s supervision. 

Healy (Ted) See Nash (Ted) 
Heaney (N. J.) Be alive. 28539. 
Hearn (J. A.) & son, inc. Guide for 

buyers. 1815. 
Hearn (P. W.) Interstate farm. 

ledger. 47087. 
Hearn (W. A.) Natl, window & office 
cleaning co. 1925 salesmen's man- 
ual application. 24686. 
Hearne, Tex., map. 54460. 
Hearst (William Randolph) : 

International news. 6861-6880, 
19970-19987, 29916-29927, 43816- 
43829, 54801-54820, 60526-60533, 
Janice Meredith. 6883. 
Never the twain shall meet. 
. Zander the great. 30048. 
Heath (D. C) & co. : 

Aitken (Margaret) Every child's 

lang. bk. etc. 7085-7087. 
Bodily (G. R.) Modern practi- 
cal arith. 47074, 47075. 
Ford (J. D. M.) Hills & Ford 

first Spanish direct. 47171. 
Gibson (C. S.) Modern practical 

arith. 47074, 47075. 
Hayes (I. M.) Modern practical 

arith. 34030, 47074, 47075. 
Hills (E. C.) Hills & Ford first 

Spanish direct. 47171. 
O'Toole (R. M.) Practical Eng. 

for new Americans. 15402. 
Scovill (H. T.) Key to elem. 

acctg. 4791. 
Selections from The Impeachment 

of Verres. 1816. 
Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon. 

Watson (B. M.) Modern practi- 
cal arith. 47074, 47075. 
Webb (W. P.) Historical outline 

maps. 65152, 65153. 
Webster (Hutton) Historical 
outline maps. 65152, 65153. 

Wells (Webster) Syllabus for 

modern algebra. 65160. 
Young (W. J.) Outlines of early 
European hist. 53584. 
Heath (E. P.) Mysterious ways. 

Heath (H. C.) Lab. manual. 1817. 
Heath (H. W.) : 
Boy. 53745. 
Circus day. 18796. 
Heath (Herbert) Punch. 39673 

Heath (Hy) See Heath (H. W.) 
Heath (M. J.) Modern household 
management. 34047-34049, 47088- 
Heath (Percy) Wyoming wildcat. 

Heath (R. N.) : 

Bat eyes. etc. 24425-24459. 
Because she's your dream girl. 

etc. 36016-36056. 
Feb. hallmark, etc. 1818-1821. 
Half a million satisfied customers. 

etc. 63059, 63060, 
Jan. hallmark newspaper adv. 

service. 2770-2772. 
Miller's jeweler. 24469, 24470, 

Square deal Miller cash jewelry 
service. etc. 48781-4S795, 
Heath and Nicely. Nicely (W. E.) 
comp. Spa, Waukesha, Wis. Food 
& its use. 38899, 38900. 
Heather (Herbert) Punch. 4428- 

4430, 15864-15875, 26629-26636. 
Heating & piping contractors natl. 
assn. : 

Exposure, etc. 62173-62176. 
Stand, radiation estimating table. 
Heating & ventilating mag. co. : 

Fansler (P. E.) comp. House 

heating with oil fuel. 22438. 
New home-study course. 10916. 
Heatly (M. L.) Revelation of the 

source of Silver Springs. 62177. 
Heaton (Harold) Chameleon. 28600. 
Heaton (J. S.) Thermit welding. 

Heaton (K. E.) Eng. composition. 

10917, 47093. 
Heavener, Okl., map. 54461. 
Hebert (L. A.) Greatest believers in 
quality are the people who never 
forget, etc. 34055. 34056. 
Hebrew pub. co. Jewish-Eng. weekly 

cal. 47521. 
Hebron. Ind., map. 29531. 
Hecht (Ben) : 

Broken necks. 1822. 1823. 
Wonder hat & other one-act plavs. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Hecht's furniture house: 

Bedroom outfit wk. etc. 10918- 

Five rousing specials, etc. 1824- 
Heckenkanip (Andi'ew) Amer. natl. 

acad. of violin. Local branch. 

Heckman (A. W.) Paintings of many 

lands. 34057. 
Heckman (James) Hiawatha's ha-ha. 

Hedda. Petruccio e il cavolo cappuc- 

cio. 19210. 
Hedges (F. A. M.) Battles with tiger 

sharks & sawfish. etc. 34058- 

Hedges (M. H.) Outline. 1835. 
Hedlund (B. L.) Hedlund-Johnson 

silver fox farms. Silver foxes. 

Hedman (Martha) First fiddle. 

Hedman mfg. co. : 

Blue bk. of Amer. bus. 44750, 

02178, 62179. 
Insur. for losses paid. 23011. 
Raised from $1.00 to $175.00. 
Hedspeth (B. E.) Gateway to card- 
land. 34062. 
Hee (Louis d') Amour sacrilege. 

Heermance (C. C.) Gin. 287S5. 
Heeter (A. J.) America's sweetest 

epic. 1836. 
Heffernan (R. E.) Real estate 

leases. 10941. 
Heffner (H. C.) Biggest story on 

earth. 10942. 
Heffner (R. L.) Old Imes. 19167. 
Heger (Robert) Friedenslied in funf 

uvsiingen. 34063. 
Heidrick (J. G.) San Francisco. 

Heidt (G. J.) Radio score bd. 

Heiges (R. E.) Ruby, 1925. 16383. 
Heights sr. high schl. Pennant. 

Heijermans (Herman) Good Hope. 

Heilbroner (Louis) : 

Baseball blue bk. suppl. 1837. 
Heilbroner's off. baseball blue bk. 
Heiler (P. J.) Service message to all 

owners of Cole eights. 47097. 
Heilman (R. E.) Profit-sharing. 

1838, 34065. 

Heim (Walter) 
Adele. 60161. 

Heimann (P.) & 


co. Mah jongg. 

Hein (Ruth) Victory & vegetables. 

Heindel (Mrs. Max) Simplified 

scientific ephemeris. 47097. 
Heine (H. T. J. B.) Medford, Or., 

map. 54517. 
Heine (Heinrich) Pictures of travel. 

Heinemeyer (F. LaV.) Booklet for 

expectant mothers. 62180. 
Heiny (E. B.) Social science. 62181. 
Heinz (H. J.) co. Golden day. 

Heinz interest & discount time teller. 

Heisey (P. H.) Lutheran graded 

series. 1839. 
Heisman (J. W.) Supreme football 

strategies. 1840, 1841. 
Heitzmann (W. G.) co. Gloucester 

City, N. J., map. 43332. 
Hejoini service bur. Hejomi market 

method. 10944. 10945. 
Helbig (B. G.) World war & stamps. 

Helbig (G. F.) World war & stamps. 

Helfman (Alberto) Granger (En- 
rique) Simplificador para codigos 
telegraficos. Granger. 22857. 
Helios corp. Helios. 10946. 
Hellener (J. R.) & co. : 

Art for heart's sake. 65438. 

Broadcaster. 65464. 

Mother Tongue as match-maker. 

Virginia's new car. 6349. 
Thin & forty. 65759. 
Hellens (Franz) : 

Pierre hantee. 23014. 
Sept. voyages d'Annibal. 10947. 
Keller (B.) & co. : 

Contents exterminator. 10948. 
Recipes for preparing meat loaves, 
etc. 3406S-34072. 
Heller (H. C.) & co. inc. Survey of 

municipal bond market. 1842. 
Heller (Maximilienne) Feddha da- 

hiba, L'argent qui fuit. 62182. 
Heller (W. C.) & co. Heller hard- 
ware cabinets. 1843. 
Hellwig (E. W.) co. Win on the 

losers. 10949. 
Helm (A. T.) : 

Flaws (H. B.) Christmas greet- 
ings. 61885. 
Nightfall on the desert. 56735. 
Helm (D. H.) Fresh meat. etc. 

Helm (G. E.) Tell them about the 

rugs. etc. 56736, 56737. 
Helm (W. P.) jr.: 

Billions wasted every yr. on U. S. 
law-making orgy. etc. 34073- 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Finish fight in anthracite, etc. 

Inglis (W. W.) Finish fight in 

anthracite. 47361. 
Lewis (J. W.) Finish fight in 

anthracite. 47966. 
Odlin (W. S.) Completion of 
great Wilson dam. 39013. 
Helmeke (Walter) Speed with ease. 

Helms (E. T.) Nuggets of knowledge. 

Helms (P. M.) Prose & poetry. 

Helper, Utah, map. 19579. 
Helpful hints. 23015. 
Heming (G. E.) Stitches from life. 

34118-34125, 47132-47136. 
Hemingway (W. H.) Hemingway's 
accountancy inst. Prospectus of 
Hemingway's accountancy inst. 
Hemingwaysilk co. In 1849. 1845. 
Hemmer (Matthias) Mary Reynolds. 

Hemphill (E. A.) : 

Fool-proof guide. etc. 23016- 
23025, 34126-34135, 47137- 
Fool-proof real estate system, 
etc. 56739, 56740. 
Hemphill (J. O.) : 

Better side of Chamberlain. 

56741, 65742. 
Roosevelt nightmare is laid. etc. 
62184, 62185. 
Hempstead, Tex., map. 54462. 
Hence (E.) & co., inc. New York 

(City) map. 19698. 
Henck (Wilhelm) Frohliches rech- 

nen. 62186. 
Henderson (G. S.) : 

Court day in Dogdom. 53788. 
Flippety-Flop. 53854. 
Flowers for Flossie. 28754, 53855. 
House of Jornbreck. 42695. 
Woman, the silent sufferer. 54308. 
Henderson (H. W.) Henderson (H. 
W.) co. Henderson's tax & holiday 
cal. 47145, 62187. 
Henderson (J. D.) Milestones, etc. 

Henderson (J. H.) : 

Bell circuit ct. system aid accused. 

etc. 23026-23032. 
Bond refused to Steele in Hyden. 

etc. 62191, 62192. 
Fields gives pardon on forged 
plea. 34136". 
Henderson (M. L.) : 
Evol-u-tion. 53840. 
So this is paradise. 29209. 
Two of a kind. 6342. 
Henderson (P. R.) Behind the scenes 
with master salesmen. 34137. 

Henderson (Peter) & co. : 

Everything for the garden, etc. 

1846, 1847, 62193. 
Henderson's autumn catalogue. 

Henderson's famous pot-grown 
strawberry plants, etc. 34138, 
Sports turf. 10953. 
Henderson (Sara K.) pseud. See 

Henderson (G. S.) 
Henderson (W.. E.) Teachers' 

manual. 62831. 
Henderson (W. K.) iron works & 
supply co. Henderson locomotive 
drop pit jack. 34140. 
Hendley (C. W.) & co., inc. Western 

valleys anthracite. 62194. 
Hendrick (Welland) Joysome hist, of 

educa. 62195. 
Hendricks (H. F.) press. Rays of 

sunshine. 39769. 
Hendricks (S. E.) co., inc. Hendricks 
conimer. register of the U. S. for 
buyers & sellers. 34141. 
Hendrickson (W. H.) Melodyland. 

Hendrie (W. E.) Speed & accuracy 

arith. drill cards. 10954, 10955. 
Hendriks (J. A.) How to feed baby 

chicks. 34142. 
Henk (F. L.) Community you live in. 

Henkin (C. L.) Meddlers. 65638. 
Henkin (Mollie) Meddlers. 65638. 
Henkle (L. L.) Instr's. in ball 

juggling. 10957. 
Henley (J. W.) Dope fiends. 42588. 
Henley (Mack) Little Mary Brown. 

Henley (N. W.) pub. co. Page (V. 

W.) Location of auto, engine 

troubles. 26262. 
Henn-O-Kemp, inc. Facts regarding 

superfluous flesh. 1848. 
Henneberry (R. W.) Merchants profit 

calculator. 10958. 
Hennel (C. B.) Course in general 

math. 32496. 
Hennepin Co. savings bank. Where 

success begins. 23033. 
Hennes (W. R.) Vocabulary of 

Cicero's Pro Archia. 47147. 
Henneve (Louis) Pan ! . . . 

l'oeil ! . . . 65683. 
Henning (A. S.) : 

Hawaii falls before fleet. 

Kin back up widow. 56743. 
Henning (B. O.) : . 

Quality paid in full. 10959. 
Remembrance of quality. 34143. 
Hennis (J. C.) Henn-O-Kemp, inc. 

Facts regarding superfluous flesh. 






pt. I, ri. S., V. 22 

Henry (Arthur) Time. 6326. 

Henry (G. A.) : 
Cough. 53787. 
Defective eyes in schls. & indus. 

Land of golden dreams. 28915. 
Proverbs 23 : 7. 42925. 

Henry (G. A. S.) Devil of a night. 

Hemv (G. E.) Happily led astray. 

Henry (J. F.) Henry pub. co. Bank- 
ers communicator. 1852. 

Henry (Jewel) Argo. 55102. 

Henry (Leroy) Happiness ther- 
mometer. 1850. 

Henry (M. Creagh-) See Creagh- 
Henry (M.) 

Henry (N. E.) Teachers' manual to 
accompany second Latin bk. 41668. 

Henry (O.) Diet & nutrition in rela- 
tion to the teeth. 47148. 

Henry (R. A. C.) Budgeting finan. 
requirements. 62196. 

Henry (R. C.) Truth about Muscle 
Shoals. 1851. 

Henry (Symons) uS'ee Henry (G. A. 

There is a Santa 

Henry (Victor) 
Glaus. 43019. 
Henry (W. J.) Henry wants to see 

you. 34144. 
Henry Ellen, Tex., map. 54463. 
Henry-Lacaze (Lydie) Baiser dans 

la nuit. 62197. 
Henry furnace & foundry co. Win- 
ning home comfort. 34145. 
Henry pub. co. Bankers communi- 
cator. 1852. 
Henry's. Why the Lyric has its bal- 
cony. 10960. 
Henschel's garage corp. Cause of a 
thousand thumps. etc. 10961- 
Hense-Adams syndicate. Renee (Ma- 
dame) Your horoscope. 39835. 
Henschke (Alfred) : 

Circle of chalk. 60063. 
Kreidekreis. 28910. 
Lasterhafte leben des weiland. 
etc. 65607. 
Henshaw (C. S.) Just to keep our 

friendship evergreen. 34146. 
Henshaw motor co. : 

Approved service stations. 10969. 
Information for automotive sales- 
men. 34147. 
Hentz (H.) & co. Coffee & sugar. 

Hepenstall (W. D.) Hush-a-bye baby. 

Herald & Examiner : 

Arrested in Pittsburgh. 34149. 
Doughterty (Patricia) Lies. 

Shepherd (J. M.) Married him 
to nurse him after injury, etc. 
27244, 27245. 
Herbalist almanac. 1853. 
Herbert (F. H.) : 
Poseur. 29110. 
Within the family. 54303. 
Herbert (Henry) Father's vacation. 

Herbert (W. H.) Athena of 1925. 

Herbert specialty mfg. co. : 

Macnair (A. L.) Coo coo boo. 

Pictures that children have made. 
Herbold (P. A.) Sheepmen's ranch- 
ers' & trappers' predatory animal 
poison guide. 10970. 
Herculaneum, Mo., map. 29532. 
Hercules film productions : 

Gentleman roughneck. 66022. 
Speed madness. 54895. 
Hercules mortgage corp. Secrets of 

a high shelf, etc. 10971, 10972. 
Hercules powder co. : 

Cushioned blasting of coal. 

23041, 23042. 
Hercules steam-distilled wood tur- 
pentine, etc. 34150, 34151. 
High guns of 1924. 10973. 
Landis (C. S.) Shooter's guide. 
Hereford (M. E.) What is peace? 

Herendeen ( C. F. ) Step on it. 65746. 
Herendeen (Frederick) : 

Adventures of Abe & Gabe. 5913. 
Charlestown chatter. 65475. 
Lotus flower. 6139. 
Herford (Oliver) What'll you have? 

Herkimer, N. Y., direct. 23043. 
Herman (A. C.) Way out west. 

Herman (Nathan) : 

Beauty goddess. 53731. 
Deceptive pretentions. 18828. 
In behalf of orphans. 42710. 
Man or money. 54010. 
Herman (W. C.) When Peggy passes 

by. 54286. 
Hermann (E. P.) Confident sales- 
manship, etc. 56744, 56745, 62198- 
Hermann post card co. Souvenir of 
St. Benedict's college, Atchison, Kan. 
Hermansville, Mich., map. 19580. 
Hermant (Abel) Discorde* 42583. 
Hermosa, Calif., direct. 51557. 
Hern (Hope) Back numbers. 42507. 
Hernandez (Fortunato) Delirio de 

la inmensidad. 34152. 
Hernando. 'Miss., map. 43342. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Herndon (T. T.) Ritual of the Kind 

kings of Kluxoria. 56746. 
Herndon News. Special feature sec- 
tion. 23044. 
Heme (Julie) Dangerous flirt. 

Herold (J. B.) La. courts of appeals. 

Advance repts. 48027. 
Heron (Henrietta) How old am I? 

Herrburg (Walter) Mi-own caterer. 

Her rick (Robert) : 

Dangerous money. See Smith (V. 

Poems. 23045. 
Herrick (W. G.) Yule-tide insur. 

policy. 10974. 
Herriman (George) Krazy Kat. 
1855-1861, 10975-10982, 23046- 
23053, 34155-34164, 47151-47154, 
Herring (J. P.) Individual non-lang. 

intelligence exam. 23054, 23055. 
Herrman (W. J.) Herrman's schl. of 

acrobatics. 1862. 
Herrold (L. D.) Bus. letter writing. 

Herrschner (Frederick) inc. Art 

needlework. 47155. 
Hersey (F. W.) Warner (F. L.) 

Steel & holly. 59810. 
Hershberger (R. A.) : 

Natl. schl. of cartooning. Circle 
system of drawing. 3024. 

Lesson no. 2. 13283. 

Hershfield (Harry) Abie the agent. 
1863-1876, 10983-10998, 23060-23075, 
34165-34181, 47156-47161, 62211- 
Hertel (J. A.) co. Personal Christ- 
mas greeting card rec. bk. 56747. 
Herter (H. T.) Glimpses. 34182. 
Herts (B. R.) Pract. hints on in- 
terior decoration. 10999. 
Hertz drivurself system, inc. : 

Answering your quests. etc. 

Hertz drivurself system. 23076. 
Hervey (Walter) Cut-outs for seat- 
work. 1877. 
Herz (R. K.) What will you be 

worth at 65? 23077. 
Herz bed co. : 

Big profits from a 20 stamp, etc. 

Gene Herz' best bet. 11003. 
Herzig (C. S.) Oil investors' service. 

Special letter. 50932. 
Herzmansky (B.) See Doblinger 

Herzog (Rudolf) Wieland der 

schmied. 11004. 
Herzog co. Dyer & cleaner uses WIZ. 

Hess (C. W.) Slumbercraft hdbk. 

Hess (E. A.) Redwood highway. 

Hess (Fjeril) Good scouts. 53882. 
Hess (G. B.) Hullabaloo. 23218. 
Hess (L. L.) This mortal coil. 6318. 
Hess warming & ventilating co. Mod- 
ern furnace heating. 23082. 
Hess (Raymond) Age d'or. 23083. 
Hester (R. F.) Beyond the law. 

Hetherington (C. W.) Decathlon 

scoring chart, etc. 34184-34187. 
Heugel : 

Arlequin. 5922. 
Broceliande. 65465. 
He desenchantee. 65575. 
Serieyx (J. M. C. A.) Elements 
de grammaire musicale. 64621. 
Tristan et Isolde. 43046. 
Heumann (L.) & co., inc. Heumann 
(L.) Rev. Heumann's new thera- 
peutic method. 62231. 
Hewitt (P! C.) Yenom adv. service. 

Bk. of Yenom. 42429. 
Hewitt (S. S.) Psychol, of the ap- 
proach, demonstration & closing. 
Hews (F. H.) Key to the kingdom. 

Heydrick (L. C.) : 

Olney District, Tex., map. 6623. 
Texahoma District, Tex., map. 

Tillman Co., Okl., map. 54669. 
Heyert (L. G.) Big man. 42523. 
Heyser (E. K.) Eternal Son of God. 

Hey ward (Dorothy) : 

Lighted house. 19053. 
Professional cad. 29119. 
Hey wood (D. H.) Wheldon (E. J.) 
Salesmanship & character anal. 
Heyworth star. 11006. 
Hick (C. B.) : 

Four walls that told. 28762. 
Pink & white. 29100. 
Watching eye. 29324. 
Hickens (R. S.) Port-hole. 11007. 
Hickey-Freeman co. : 

Hickey-Freeman customized 

clothes, etc. 62233, 62234. 
Hickey-Freeman models. 341S9. 
Suggestions for newspaper adv. 
11008, 11009. 
Hickman (Alfred) Stronger than 

love. 54199. 
Hickman (R. N.) Hickman schl. of 
speech & expression. Home study 
course in self expression. 11011. 
Hickman (W. E.) Lecture, the mod- 
ern hist. & future hist, of the world. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hicks (A. 

Hicks (Carnii) 

Hicks (F.. C.) 

Hicks (Frank) 

11012, 11013. 
Hicks (R. E.) 

dened. 47163. 
Hicks (Seymour) 

29389 (9) 
Hicks (William) 
Abstract of 
instrs. etc 

C.) Happy Hoppers. 

Staging the sale. 

Teacher's manual. 

Curse of drink, etc. 

Conscience unbur- 

Sporting life. 

W. Hicks feeding 
34191, 34192. 
Poultry truth & science. 39523. 
Hicksville, N. Y., map. 54464. 
Hicky (D. W.) Red carnation. 54130. 
Hidalgo Co., Tex., map. 19581. 
Hier (E. G.) Boyhood & youth of 

Edward MacDowell. 65462. 
Hiers (Walter) My biggest thrill in 

the movies. 34193. 
Higby (C. P.) Studies in the hist, of 

contemporary Europe. 56748. 
Higenbotham (Evelyn) : 
Man's rights. 6156. 
Moon rocket. 29006. 
Higginbotham (A. L.) Lost city dis- 
covered in Nevada sands. 11014. 
Higgins (L. D.) Teachers' manual 

for introd. physics. 11015. 
Higgins (R. H.) : 

Figure remoulding. 34194. 
Good luck & happy birthday. 
High Point, N. C, map. 43343, 54465. 
High schl. of commerce student body. 

Silver pencilings. 40637. 
Highland, 111., map. 29534. 
Highland, N. Y., map. 29533. 
Highland coffee co. Expansion of an 

old & successful prayer. 1879. 
Highland Park, 111., map. 43344. 
Highland Park, N. J., direct. 63317. 
Highland shaker sweater co. High- 
land shaker-knit sweaters. 11016. 
Hight (Francis) : 

Acquaintance of one of the Roth- 
schilds, etc. 34195-34197. 
Here's your sugar, etc. 23085, 

Hight (Francis) publicity serv- 
ice. James Hunt letter. 23087. 
Highton (Wm.) & sons co. Better 
ventilation through the use of High- 
ton warm air registers. 34198. 
Highton & Gallard, inc. : 

Gallard (W. J.) Booklet, etc. 

Getting co-op. from jobbers. 

etc. 46687, 46688. 

Securing the co-operation of 

retailers, etc. 61981, 61982. 
Hightstown, N. J., map. 43345. 

Highway & city beautification com. of 

the Civitan club. See Civitan club 

(The Highway & city beautification 

com. of the) 

Hilbroner (Louis) Hilbroner's yr. bk. 

Major league players. 10943. 
Hildreth (M. D.) Fur coats & shiny 

serge. 18908. 
Hildreth (Owen) : 

I have a pansv too! etc. 23088- 

Old city bach', etc. 11017-11019, 
Hiles (G. H.) Yeers luck! 1880. 
Hiley (N. T.) Mother. 1881. 
Hilkene (R. M.) Willie Fox's diary 

Hill (C. E.) Gambling with death 

Hill (C. R.) Minneapolis, Minn. 

map. 43449. 
Hill (D.) nursery co. Hill's ever 

greens. 1882. 
Hill (E. F.) Los Angeles, Calif. 

map. 29583, 43413. 65879. 
Hill (Gus) Happy Hooligan. 60129, 
Hill (Headon) Red rain mystery, 

Hill (L. A.) : 

Flash card co. Rules for play 

ing flash. 33302. 
Off. photoplay-motion picture 
players. 34200. 
Hill (P. B.) Truth about evolution 

Hill (P. S.) Syllabus of radio course 

Hill (Pamela) Little bk. about hap- 
piness. 11020. 
Hill (R. C.) : 

Base of reason. 56749. 
Distant drum. 42585. 
Wolf at the door. 43096. 
Hill (R. G.) Seven-yr. cal. 11022. 
Hill (R. L.) Brood sows. 1S83. 
Hill (Roger) Todd schl. for boys. 
Mentor system of basketball rec. 
keeping. 5413. 
Hill (S. F.) Visit to the summer- 
land. 1884. 
Hill (W. E.) : 

At the opticians. etc. 47167- 

Bank. etc. 23091-23098. 
Best sellers, etc. 11023-11033. 
By the sad sea waves. etc. 

Parlor tricks, etc. 18S5-1888. 
Hill (W. J.) Pubrs.' co-operative cir- 
culation co. Spelling bee. 58874. 
Hill (W. S.) White wind. 43086. 
Hill (W. W.) Timothy Tealeaf. 

Hill (Wycliffe) Buried stakes. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hill direct, co., inc.: 

Hill's southern almanac. 1891. 
Richmond, Va., map. 19755. 

Hill, Hubbell & co. Hubbell (R. H.) 
Modern practice in tank protection. 
23189. i 

Hillbrand (E. EL) What every stu- 
dent ought to know. 1889. 

Hille (R. E.) Introducing dawn. 

Hillebrand (Fred) : 

Cupid's columns. 18816. 
Novelogue. 18645. 

Hillegas (M. B.) Horace Mann sup- 
plementary arith. 11034. 

Hiller (I. R.) Home (C. F.) World 
& its people. 1935, 1936, 11154, 
11155, 23164. 23165, 3428S-34290, 
47245, 47246. 

Hiller (N. H.) Gravity r. r. 11035, 

Hilliard (H. W.) co., inc. Envelope 
system built for Catholic churches. 

Hillman* (P. M.) Studies in Chris- 
tian comradeship. 47170. 

Hills (A. B.) Out there. 11037. 

Hills (E. C.) Hills & Ford first 
Spanish direct. 47171. 

Hills (I. W.) Million animal trap. 

Hill's southern almanac. 1891. 

Hillsdale amusement co., inc. : 

Bringing up father in Ireland. 

Happy Hooligan. 60129. 

Hillside supply co. Builder's supply 
dealer's bill. 1892. 

Hillyer (Curtis) B.-M. co.'s cumula- 
tive current code annot. 44413. 

Hilo varnish corp. Hilo crystalizing 
lacquer. 11038. 

Hilpert (R. E.) Reading in the 
Saint Cloud public schls. 11039. 

Hilt (F. T.) Sworn statement of 
facts. 62237. 

Hilton (E. D.) Acctg. 34210. 

Hilton (Roy) Spanish homes of 
Calif. 47172. 

Himmelblau (David) ed. Complete 
accounting course. 50882, 56750. 

Hinchman (Benjamin) jr. Double 
wedding. 18846. 

Hind (E. W.) Practical stone cut- 
ting & drafting. 23101, 34211. 

Hinds (A. S.) co. Hinds honey & 
almond cream. 34212. 

Hinds (G. R.) Fortune for you. 

Hinds (William) Smith welding. 

Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge co., inc. 
Plays from Arner. history. 42909.* 

Hines (A. E.) Poems of life. 23102. 

Hines (J. S.) Amer. battle fleet ta 

war. etc. 23103-23105. 
Hines (T. F.) Old Neptune's 

almanac. 58613. 
Hines-Ludovici (Arline) Fur wearing 

animals. 53867. 
Hinkley (E. H.) Changing acres. 

Hinsmann (Friedrich) D r a m e n. 

Hinton (C. M.) Girl in the garden. 

Hinton (Irene) Moberly high schl. 

Salutar. 36100. 
Hinton (W. B.) French window. 

Hinton (Walter) On a smashed plane 

in a jungle river. 62239. 
Hi-o-hi. 34213. 
Hirsch (Arthur) : 

Audo kaderr. 42502. 
Femina. 53848. 
Juliette Faustin. 65594. 
Karriere. 42746. 
Lieberkerl. 53981. 
Hirsch (C. H.) : 

Aimable voleur. etc. 23106- 

Suborneur. 1894. 
Hirsch (E. W.) Silly notions. 60264. 
Hirsch (Fritz) Baby. '60038. 
Hirsch (Richard) Reconstruction. 

Hirsch bros. Exact marshmallow 

powder, etc. 11040-11056. 
Hirsch, Weintraub & co. Uniforms 

for every purpose. 47173. 
Hirschboeck (H. C.) Silver arrow. 

Hirschfeld (Mark) : 

Open sesame. 42883. 
Stake. 29224. 
Hirschmann (Maurice) Ssanin. 

Hirsh (Alice) Precious worry. 

Hirsh (Harry) Hirsh (J. L.) Ar- 
rival of Messiah. 34215. 
Hirsh, Wickmire co. Finest of clothes 

ready to wear. 1895. 
Hirshbein (Peretz) : 

Green fields. 65550, 65551. 
Mois mitu glekel. 29001. 
Zwei stet (Two cities). 29388. 
•Hirshberg (L. K.) Stop. 42468. 
Hirst (G. C.) Along the old Santa 

Fe trail, etc. 11057-11081. 
Hirt (Ferdinand) & sohn : 

Bailer (Adele) Hei von allerlei. 

Berl (Kathe) Frohes jahr. 7669. 
Breit (Use) Kindersommer. 

Stadlmayer (Marie) Was uns 
freut. 17229. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Hislop (T. W.) Protective credit re- 
porting exchange. Credit-man's 
most valuable possession. 26605. 
Hiss (J. M.) Treatment & care of the 

feet. 34210. 
Hissam (H. M.) Farm ills. 34217. 
Historical feature cal. 1896. 
Historical pad cal. 47174. 
Historical pub. co. Jordan (T. B.) 

Hist, cut-out silhouettes. 34638. 
Hitchcock (C. H. ) Alkestis of 

Euripides. 00023. 
Hitchcock (F. H.) General informa- 
tion. 1897. 
Hitchman (A. B.) Tamaulipas, 

Mexico, map. 6686. 
Hite ( M. H. ) & son. Auction sales 

news. 23109. 
Hitt (T. G.) Hitt fireworks display 
co. of America, Scintillator pyro- 
technique. 62240. 
Hitt (W. C.) Pot & Kettle club. 

Code of ethics. 64287. 
Hitt fireworks display co. of America. 
Hitt's scintillator pyrotechnique. 
Hoag (J. J. ) San Francisco blue bk. 

& club direct. 40245. 
Hoaglund (O. L.) Epluribus-unum. 

Hoar (D. A.) -How I quit the tobacco 

habit. 34218. 
Hoard (W. D.) & sons co. Hoard 
( W. D. ) Cow is the foster mother 
of the human race. 23110, 47175. 
Hoban (Walter) Jerry on the job. 
1898-1907. 11082-11089. 23111-23115. 
34219-34223. 47176. 47177, 62241- 
62251. (G. V.) It's up to you John 

Henry. 28880. 
Hobart trust co. I'm having so much 

fun shopping. 62252. 
Hobble (J. L.) : 

Enter the bride. 18870. 
Soon or late. 19309. 
Hobbs (C. M.) Learn how to burn 

soft coal. 56751. 
Hobbs (Franklin) : 

Central trust co. of 111. 

digest. 31638. 
Citizens natl. bank. 

digest. 21610. 
Commercial & savings 
Stockton. Calif. Our 
letter. 957. 
Finan. rev. etc. 11090, 11091. 
Hobbs (Franklyn) & co. Amer. 
commerce & finance. etc. 
11092. 11093. 

Commer. digest. 

34224. 47178, 47179, 
Joliet natl. bank. Our 
letter. 11536. 


bank of 



Mishawaka, Ind. Chamber of 
commerce. Amer. commerce & 
finance. 2795. 
Hobbs (L. E.) One & only solution. 

Hobbs (S. H.) jr. Know your own 

state— N. C. 11094. 
Hobgood (Olivia) Tobaccer crazy. 

Hobson ptg. co. Christmas gift & 

shopping list. 47180. 
Hochstadt (Max Kempner-) See 

Kempner-Hochstadt ( Max ) 
Hochstein (Karl) Methusalem. 

Hockaday co. Detailed spec. & in- 

strs. 23117. 
Hockett (H. C.) New syllabus of 

Amer. hist. 47181. 
Hockings (C. W.) Hockings system 

for raising baby chicks. 11095. 
Hocky (Milton) Rehearsal. 29144. 
Hodge (C. W.) Lincoln auto. assn. 

Advantages of membership. 35100. 
Hodge (W. T.) Kirbys. 42TC6. 
Hodges (C. C.) Progressive song 

sheet. 2125. 
Hodges (G. W.) inc.: 

Christmas suggestions, etc. 62254, 

Weber & Heilbroner. You are 
invited. 59820. 
Hodges (Mrs. G. W.) Maryland's 

next of kin. 1908. 
Hodges (M. P.) Three-man checkers. 

1909, 11096. 
Hodgkiss (William) : 

Iron men & wooden ships. 42721. 
Subjection. 29242. 
Hodgson (E. F.) co. Hodgson's in 

& outdoor furnishings, etc. 1910- 

Hodson (Clarence) Lesson 8, 9. etc. 

Hodson (E. H.) In our Land of 

Used-to-be. 47182. 
Hodson (R. F.) Hodson's plans for 

stabilization. 11097. 
Hodson (Sherwood) Homestead. Fla., 

map. 43349. 
Hoe (R.) & co.. inc. Electrotyping 

machinery accessories & supplies. 

Hoeber (P. B.) inc. Globus (J. H.) 

Lab. aid. 22786. 
Hocker (P. O.) : 

Dicks erziehung zum gentleman. 

Modell sirene. 34226. 
Holderlin (Friedrich) Short poems. 

Hoelzel (Frederick) Off. rec. of fact. 

Hoenes (J. E.) Truth on trial. 34227. 


iios. 1-12, 1925 

Hoevenberg (Huyler van) See Van 

Hoevenberg ( Huyler ) 
Hon: (Rhoda) Goose step. 42651. 
Hoff (William C.) Chest of gold. 

Hoff liminator co. Radio A storage 

battery liminator. 34228. 
Hoff metal products co. Chart for 

Hoff custom made chains. 56758. 
Hoffman (A. C.) Christmas specials 

no. 2. 33776. 
Hoffman (Aaron) Two blocks away. 

Hoffman (C. E.) Rural poems. 34229. 
Hoffman (E. J.) Striking, isn't it? 

etc. 11098-11103. 
Hoffman (F. P.) Unico system. 

Hoffman (H. B.) Cripple. 42570. 
Hoffman (H. F.) Health. 11105. 
Hoffman (J. E.) Tioga, Tex., map. 

Hoffman (M. V.) Practice leaves in 

Eng. fundamentals. 48002. 
Hoffman (Michael) : 

Ancient law. 23120. 
Descriptive tax-free music co. 
Tacs-phree music guide. 22073. 
Hoffman (Phoebe) : 

Lady of destiny. 53967. 
Man of the moment. 19094. 
Tangles. 19338. 
They're all alike. 19353. 
Undertones. 54263. 
While the kettle boils. 19431. 
Hoffman (Renaud) On the threshold. 

Hoffman (Renaud) productions. Pri- 
vate affairs. 20120. 
Hoffman (Ruth) If you're wishin' 

that you're fishin'. 47184. 
Hoffman (W. H.) Short wave radio 

receiver. 34230. 
Hoffman motor co., inc. Triplicate 

system for repair orders. 1912. 
Hoffmann (R. H.) : 

Colonel Chabert. 18805. 
Prophecy. 19229. 
Hoffmann-Crosby funeral home. Ful- 
filling an ideal, etc. 34231-34245 
Hoffrers watch co. : 

Graduation day. 47185. 
Hoffrers watch insur. policy, etc 
Hofmann (Gibbs) Cross word puz 

zle. 5997. 
Hofmannsthal (Hugo von) : 
Arianna a Nasso. 60032. 
Death & the fool. 6006* 
Gesammelte werke. 6059, 18917 
Ruinen von Athen. 54144. 
Hogan (F. G.) syndicate. Build 
something & let us help you. etc 
11106, 11107. 

Hogan (F. P.) : 

Rules & instrs. for playing natl. 

dominoes. 34246, 47186. 
Rules & instrs. for playing tactics 
& auction bridge. 11108, 11109. 
Hogan (N. L.) Nick Hogan, his own 

story. 62256. 
Hogenson pie co. Delicious & nu- 
tritious nut brown puf-pie. etc. 
11110, 11111. 
Hoggson (N. F.) : 

Amsterdam bourse in the seven- 
teenth cent. 56759. 
Bankers of the Venetian fleets. 

etc. 47187, 47188. 
Birth of the Eng. natl. debt. 

Early money & the first coinage, 
etc. 34247-34249. 
Hogue (H. M.) Aunt Mary. 42503. 
Hogue (J. R.) Interrupted journey. 

Hoh (P. J.) Bible cross-word puzzle 

bk. 23134. 
Hohl (J. E.) : 
Key. 6118. 
Muddler. 6187. 
Hohner (M.) inc. How to play the 

Hohner harmonica. 47189. 
Hohwiesner (F. M.) Daily Commer. 
News. Suggested short rate table. 
Hoke (C. M.) : 

How to clean platinum filings. 

Instr. on refining, etc. 62257, 
Hoke (S. W.) Care of the Hoke- 

Phoenix regulators. 47191. 
Holbert (C. M.) Go wild again. 

Holbrook (Estelle) Mt. metal. 34250. 
Holbrook (H. E.) co. Whitco case- 
ment hardware, etc. 11112-11115. 
Holbrook, Merrill & Stetson. Plumb? 

ing & heating. 47192. 
Holbrook's. Dexdale full fashioned 

silk stockings. 11116. 
Holcombe (R. E.) What do you 

think? 29337. 
Holdaway (M. E.) Calif. 11117. 
Holdenville Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Holderness, N. H., direct. 51285. 
Holding (E. S.) Things beyond rea- 
son. 47193. 
Holeproof hosiery co. After today. 

etc. 56760-56762. 
Holiday cal. 34251. 
Holland (C. A. de L.) Hall of fame 

theatre. 47194. 
Holland (F. Fa) If I knew you. etc. 

34252, 34253. 
Holland (John) pseud. See West (C. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Holland, Mich., map. 43346. 

Holland adv. co., inc. : 

Daily store talks, etc. 1913-1916, 

Holland planned newsp. adv. etc. 
23136-23142, 34254-342 5 9, 
47195-47203, 62259-62261. 

Holland bakery- Loaf series. 47204. 

Holland soc. of New York. Year bk. 

Holland varnish co., ltd. Architec- 
tural spec. 23143. 

Hollander warehouses. Storage with- 
out risk. 23144. 

Holley (C. S.) Dying & lost. 47205. 

Hollidaysburg, Pa., direct. 202S3. 

Hollingshead (R. M.) co. Plumber's 
reward, etc. 47206-4720S. 

Hollingsworth (H. H.) Bobbed. 
5976, 60046. 

Hollingsworth (W. I.) Management 
of prop. 23145. 

Hollis (D. W.) Persecution of O. 
Henry. 47209-47215. 

Hollis (W. G.) Christmas comes but 
once a yr. 62263. 

Hollister (H. K.) What's the color of 
vour galluses. 34260. 

Hollister (L. D.) Trouble Island. 

Holloway (Pearl) Two Paramount 
Christmas plays. 43056. 

Holly (F. C.) Bridgewater, Mass., 
map. 19493. 

Holly Oak, Del., map. 43347. 

Holly Oak Terrace, Del., map. 43348. 

Hollv Springs, Miss., map. 29535. 

Hollydale, Calif., map. 6497. . 

Hollywood writers studio. 23146. 

Holm (C. J.) Common sense with 
Amei'. problems. 11125. 

Holm (Johanna) Pract. projects in 
the kindergarten. 11126. 

Holm & Olson : 

Floral designs. 1917. 
Floral topics. 47216. 

Holman (A. J.) co. Kelchoner (J. 
W.) Description of King Solomon's 
temple. 34701. 

Holman (E. S.) Millions of mistakes. 

Holman (L. A.) Old maps & their 
makers. 62264. 

Holman (R. W.) Amer. colored peo- 
ple in the light of Christianity & 
humanity, etc. 34261, 34262. 

Holman (Russell) Manhattan. 


Holmen (E. S.) How to sell the sys- 
tem Bible study. 62265. 

Holmes (E. E.) Geog..of Id. 34263. 

Holmes (E. S.) Course of lessons on 
mental science. 11128. 

Holmes (H. A.) 101-yr. cal. 34264. 

Holmes (H. S. ) Don't be sold— buy. 

etc. 2314S, 23149. 
Holmes (O. W.) Poems. 23150. 
Holmes (R. H.) Town that died. 

Holmes (Robert) Diamond pin. 

Holmes (S. S.) Extra incentive wage- 
plans. 47218. 
Holmes (T. C.) Holmes' garden bk. 

Holmes (T. J.) Spiral motion theory. 

Holmes elec. protective co. Sixty- 
seven yrs. of protection. 47219. 
Holmesdale (Jeffery) : 
Liberty. 28929. 
Reformation. 29143. 
What a lady. 29334. 
Holophane glass co. Sts. that are 

safe. 34265. 
Holorib, inc. Holorib insulated roofs. 

Holser (Charles) Health depends on 

what we eat. 56763. 
Holsinger (M. B.) Yrs. come, yrs. go. 

Hoist pub. co. Hoist (B. P.) Loose 

leaf extension service. 34266. 
Holstein (A. L. G. N. Stael-) baronne 
de. See Stael-Holstein (A. L. G. N.) 
taronne de. 
Holstein-Friesian assn. of America : 
Advanced register yr. bk. 56764. 
Holstein-Friesian herd-book. 
1918, 34267. 
Holt (D. H.) Federal reserve life 
insur. co. To the policyholders. 
Holt (E. F.) 
Holt (G. E.) 
Holt (H. L.) 

etc. 47222, 47223. 
Holt (Henry) oo : 

Comedie de celui qui epousa. 

Far princess. 28734*. 
King of Razbo-Jazbo. 65598*. 
Loca de la casa. 6134*. 
Pelleas et Melisande. 29094*. 
Sept comedies modernes. 54161*^ 
Sweet times. 54211. 
What '11 you have? 29337*. 
Whitfield (R. M.) High schl. 

Eng. exercises. 18287. 
Wilkins (L. A.) Achievement 
test in Spanish. 59S53. 
Holt (Jack) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 3426S. 
Holt (M. M.) Blue devil of Va. 

Holt (L. P.) Supper in the field. 

Holt bid service co. Holt bidders plan 
surveys. 56765. 

Mowglis howl. 2869. 
Encinitas. 11130. 
Hepsall toilet products. 



uos. 1-12, 1925 

Holt mfg. co., inc. : 

It has made hist. etc. 11131- 

Nation's roadniaker. etc. 1919- 
Holtbid service co. Holt bidders instr. 

etc. 47224, 47225. 
Holters co. Hanging out the welcome 

sign. 1923. 
Holton (George) Dairymen's friend. 

Holtzer-Cabot elect, co. Bank signal 

& alarm systems. 56766. 
Holy Name soc. of Chicago. Arch- 
diocesan union : 

Archdiocesan union of the Holy 

Name soc. of Chicago. 47226. 
Review. 11134. 
Holyoke, Mass., direct. 23152. 
Holyoke, Mass., map. 29536. 
Holyoke natl. bank. Bank uses Wiz 

in its savings dept. 47227. 
Holz (Arno) : 

Ignorabimus. 65573. 
Sozialaristokraten. 19312. 
Werk von Arno Holz. 19423*. 
Home (John) Home's Douglas. 

Home & country cal. Wall chart. 

Home appliance corp: What oil 

should I use? 56767. 
Home builders catalog co. Home 

builders catalog. 62267. 
Home builders service : 

Here is a dignified home. 47229. 

This beautiful house. 62268. 

Home bldg. assn. co. What will you 

do with your Christmas money. 


Home bldg. pub. co. Home bldg. 

Home endowment, inc. Baird founda- 
tion. See Baird foundation. Home 
endowment, inc. 
Home for the aged of the German 
evangelical aid soc. See German 
evangelical aid soc. .(Home for the 
aged of the) 
Home gym sales co. Home gym. 

Instrs. 1924. 
Home insur. co. Storage battery 

policy. 56768. 
Home savings & loan co. : 

. Have you the key to tomorrow? 
etc. 34272-34276. 
When vou're looking ahead, etc. 
Home supply co. : 

Free! Here is an opportunity. 

1925, 1926. 
Free premium catalog. etc. 

Latest Parisian craze, etc. 23153, 

Premium catalog free. 47234. 
Home telep. & teleg. co. of Spokane. 

Telep. direct. 1927, 34277. 
Home training dept. See McSweeney 
automotive & elec. training shops. 
Home training dept. 
Homecraft pub. co. California home 
owner. Beautiful Calif, homes. 
Hoinecrafters, inc. : 

Direct advertect service. 34278. 
Hoinecrafters' course in interior 

decoration. 62269. 
Independence month. 47235. 
Homer (Frances) See Price (Francis 

Homer (Joseph) Diet & denture 

basis. 11138. 
Homer, N. T., direct. 1061. 
Homer natl. bank: 

Checking acct. etc. 56769, 56770. 
Investment accounts. 62270. 
Homestead, Fla., map. 43349. 
Homestead, Pa., direct. 11139. 
Homestead almanac. 11140. 
Homestead co. Pierce's farm week- 
lies. Farm paper circulation. 
Homestead endowment corp. Home- 
stead endowment assurance. 11141. 
Honan (W. J.) That sciatica rag. 

Honest Ridge-Ben Hur section, Tex., 

map. 54467. 
Honeywell (A. A.) Honeywell plans. 

Honig-Cooper co. : 

Californians, inc. Calif, wonder 

tours. 8498. 
Findlay (Paul) Brass tack sell- 
ing suggestions, etc. 10177- 
— — -Chain store grocers want in- 
crease in gross profits. 1445. 
Honolulu, Hawaii, direct. 56771. 
Honolulu auto, direct. 20580. 
Hood (D. D.) Gambling mothers. 

Hood (Fitz- James) Do & dont do 

wise & otherwise. 47236. 
Hood (Marian) Beauty takes life 

while lover waits. 56772. 
Hood finance corp. Conditional sale 

agreement. 47237. 
Hooe (Lida) Pract. drawing. 1005S. 
Hoof (J. C.) & co. Mechanic's guide 

bk. 23155. 
Hook (J. M.) Course of instr. on 

proper replenishment. 62271. 
Hooker (R. M.) : 

Amer. blower co. Rept. of an in- 
vestigating com. 7174. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hooker (R. M.)— Continued. 

Investigating com. of arch. & 
eng. aims & methods, etc. 

Off. bulletin. 11357. 

Off. bul. of approved prod- 
ucts. 34465. 
Off. bul. of approved prod- 
ucts. 47410. 47411. 
Peerless weather strip co. Rept. 
by an investigating com. 15547. 
Sturtevant (B. F.) co. Off. bul. 
of approved products. 17567. 
Hooker (W. F.) : 

Frontier freight train wagon-boss 
of the early 70's. etc. 34279, 
When red men lurked in the hills. 
Hooper (H. E.) : 

Conn, fire insur. co. Conn. 9051. 
Phoenix, 1925. 26394. 
Hooper ( W. P. ) Ah ! this is the life ! 
' 28502. 

Hooper, Neb., map. 6498. 
Hoosier bldg. tile & silo co. Hoosier 

giant brix explained. 11144. 
Hoosier mfg. co. : 

Beauty makes its autumn debt in 
the kitchen. [etc.] 56773, 
One room exclusively the wom- 
an's. 34281. 
Outstanding model. 23157. 
Hoosier state auto. assn. Past-is- 

gone. etc. 1928-1930. 
Hoot owl. 23158. 
Hoover (C. F.) Daughters of union 

veterans of the civil war. 34282. 
Hoover code advisory service. Avoid 

costly mistakes. 11145. 
Hoover co. : 

Are your rugs safe plavgrounds? 

etc. 11146, 11147. 
Complete house cleaning servant. 

etc. 23159, 23160. 
Dirt can't hide from the Hoover. 

etc. 1931. 1932. 
Give her a Hoover & you give 

her the best. 56775. 
Hoover co. Sales educa. dept. 
Internatl. champion demonstra- 
tions. 1933. ^ 

Prepared sales meetings, etc. 

11148. 11149. 
I bought it without touching my 

savings, etc. 47238. 47239. 
Robinson (M. J.) Home econom- 
ics bul. 64465. 64466. 
Taylor (L. H.) Eleven door 

openers. 5307. 
Then he saw from her point of 
view. etc. 34283, 34284. 
Hopatcong (Lake) map. 29537,29538. 

Hope (Bertha) : 

Covers for two. 5993. 
See Thackwell (Bertha) 
Hope (J. R.) : 

Florida, map. 43314. 
Hist, tours of Va. 34285. 
United States, map. 65936. 
Virginia, map. 54693-54694. 
Hope (L. L. » : 

Blythe girls. 23161, 23162. 
Bobbsey twins keeping house. 
Hope & promise cal. 1934. 
Hopedale, Mass., direct. 63026. 
Hopf (H. A.) & co. Hopf (H. A.) 

Management. 62272. 
Hopkins (B. S.) Lab. exercises & 

problems for chem. 47240. 
Hopkins (Edwin) : 

Chemistry of the soul. 53771. 
Love nest. 42785. 
Hopkins (G. J.) Society man. 42981. 
Hopkins (,G. M.) co. Pittsburgh, Pa., 

map. 43553. 
Hopkins (G. R.) Stories of the Bible 

lands. 18162. 
Hopkins (M. H. D.) Psyched. 29122. 
Hopkins (P. B. M.) Surf. 29248. 
Hopley (J. C.) Slowdown. 34286. 
Hopp press, inc. Hopp press system. 

Hoppe (Albert) Supreme crown of 

justice. 56777. 
Hopper (Fred) Long Island, map. 

Hopper (G. H.) Stanley & Patterson, 
inc. Radio receivers & accessories. 
Hopter (I. E.) Stronger hand. 6295. 
Hopwood (Avery) Naughty Cinder- 
ella. 54060, 54061. 
Hopwood. Pa., direct. 64999. 
Hord (P. A.) Tyndale. 19393. 

Horder's inc. : 

Horder's departmentized office 

guide. 47241. 
Horder's office guide. 11151. 
Horine (M. C.) Chassis overhauling 

& repairing. 47242. 
Horlick's food co. Horlick's food. 

Horlick's malted milk co. Important 
in preparing Horlick's malted milk. 
Horn (A. C.) co. : 

Dy-sect that garden of yours. 

For enduringlv color staining. 
Horn (Ernest) : 

Learn to study readers. 11153. 
Manual of directions. 47243. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Horn (Francis) Edelain of the Ed- 
ward Drunirnond Libbey high schl. 

Horn (J. F.) Game of spell-well. 

Horn (M. A.) Required stories. 

Horn (O. C.) Natl, lead co. Picture 

bk. 13270. 
Hornburg (E. C.) Butterfly- girl. 

Hornby (Frank) Jackie Coogan bk. 

Home (C. F.) World & its people. 

1935, 1936, 11154, 11155, 23164, 

23165, 34288-34290, 47245, 47246. 
Home (Joseph) co. Madame Coates' 

seventh ann. schl. of dressmaking. 

Home (W. L.) How to sell the sys- 
tem Bible study. 62265. 
Hornell, N. Y., map. 54468. 
Hornstein (I. O. ) Americanization 

questionnaire. 21011. 
Hornstine (N. H.) Ivri Onochi (I 

am a Jew) 42726. 
Hornung (J. B.) It is in vain they 

build. 11157. 
Horowitz (J. I.) Industry asleep. 

Horse assn. of Amer. Why men ride. 

Horst (F. F.) Nu-way plan will pay 

you. etc. 1937, 1938. 
Horstmann (W. H.) co. : 

Columbia bk. of yarn rugs. 47247. 
Columbia yarn bk. 11158. 
Horstmann's Columbia art needle- 
work products. 62275. 
Horticultural trade direct. 56778. 
Horton (Chester) Horton (Chester) 

golf inst. Visa-golf. 47248-47251. 
Horton (Douglas) Legend of the 

Graal. 28924*. 
Horton (Kate) : 

Harvest. 28819, 53901. 
Horton (M. C.) Echo radio. 1939. 
Horton (R. W.) Bankers legal ma- 
turity cal. 11159. 
Horwood (Robert) Wolf — wolf. 

Hosic (J. F.) Pathway to reading. 

8988, 31973-31975, 45619. 
Hoskins (Chapin) What is surviving 

extra incentive wage plans? 34291. 
Hoskins (G. G.) : 

Money mad. 19125. 
Slag. 42977. 
Hospitality. 47252. 
Hot Springs, Ark., map. 19582. 
Hot Springs Nat'l Park, Ark., map. 

Hot water. 34292, 34293. 
Hotchkiss (A. B.) Rules of inslrs. 


Hotchkiss (E. A.) Syllabus designed 

to aid teachers. 62276, 
Hotchkiss (W. E.) Extra incentive 

wage plans. 47253. 
Hotel Astor. Instr. for maids, etc. 

Hotel bk. 56779. 
Hotlen (Adolf) Madison, Wis. 

Houck (O. K.) piano co. Grand- 
mother said our piano came from 
Houck's. 23173. 
Houde eng. corp. Say Hoo-dye. 

Hough (A. S.) Republican high pro- 
tective tariff. 56780. 
Houghtelin (G. R.) Trees at timber- 
line. 1940. 
Houghton (E. F.) & co. Houghton 
(E. F.) & co. Research staff. Tex- 
tile hd-bk. 1941. 
Houghton, Mifflin co. : 

Bolenius (E. M.) Bolenius pri- 
mary reading. 44755, 44756. 
Cooper (W. J.) Teaching of soc. 
science in secondary schls. 
Griffin (F. L.) Supplementary 

problems. 56654. 
Robert Burns. 60242. 
Stone (C. R.) Stone's silent 

reading. 27651. 
Tappan (E. M.) ed. Children's 
hr. 17652. 
Houison (John) : 

Are you buyer or spender? etc. 

Barnum knew. 

etc. 62277-62280. 




Houma, La., map. 19583. 
House (C. W.) Cross-word game in- 

strs. & rules. 11160. 
House (F. R.) House with the green 

shutters. 65569. 
House (H. A.) First fiddle. 18893. 
House (J. W.) House free paying- 
power plan. 11161. 
House of art. Straub (C. F.) 

Mother. 41279. 
Household efficiency cal. 1942. 
Household outfitting co. Christmas 

gift bk. 11162. 
Householder (F. E.) : 

First Christian church of nu- 
merology science. Charter. 
Householder's success game. etc. 
47256, 47257. 
Housewives hdbk. & almanac. 1943. 
Houseworth (A. J.) Superman & 

superwoman. 47258. 
Houseworth (F. G.) : 

Adams Co. Independent. Special 
feature sec. 20214. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Houseworth (F. G.) — Continued. 

Advertiser, Port Norris, N. J. 
Special feature section. 44037. 

Apex jour. Special feature jour. 

Bellwood Bui., Bellwood, Pa. 
Special feature section. 20793. 

Birdsboro Dispatch, Birdsboro, 
Pa. Special feature section. 

Blade-Times, Brunswick, Md. 
Special feature section. 20948. 

Bul.-Adv., Finleyville, Pa. Special 
feature section. 21327. 

Bulletin- Advertiser, Finleyville, 
Pa. Special feature section. 

Cambria Freeman, Ebensburg, 
Pa. Special feature section. 

Centre Reporter, Centre Hall, Pa. 
Special feature section. 21505. 

Cranbury Press, Cranbury, N. J. 
Special feature section. 45879. 

Daily Herald, Wellsburg, W. Va. 
Special feature section. 32447, 

Eau Gallis Record. Special fea- 
ture sec. 9719. 

Elizabeth Herald & Clairton cruci- 
ble, Elizabeth, Pa. Special fea- 
ture section. 32924. 

Ellwood City Ledger. Special 
feature section. 32931. 

Enterprise, Belle Vernon, Pa. 
Special features section. 32951. 

Enterprise & Vermonter, Ver- 
gennes, Vt. Special feature sec. 

Facts & Fallacies, Brushton, N. Y. 
Special feature section. 33133. 

Fincastle Herald. Special feature 
section. 10176. 

Halifax Gazette. Special feature 
section. 22919. 

Herndon News. Special feature 
section. 23044. 

Marietta Times. Special feature 
section. 24200. 

Middletown transcript, Middle- 
town, Pa. Special feat. sec. 

Mohawk Valley Democrat. Spe- 
cial feature section. 57498. 

Muncy Luminary & Lycoming Co. 
adv., Muncy, Pa. Special fea- 
ture section. 24550. 

North Marion News. Special fea- 
ture sec. 15248. 

On the St. Lawrence & Clayton 
Independent, Clayton, N. Y. 
Special feature sec. 39064, 

Pleasantville Press. Special fea- 
ture section. 393S8. 

Progress, Enfield, N. C. Special 
feature sec. 15846. 

Safety Harbor Herald. Special 
feature sec. 16435, 16436. 

Smithfield Times. Special fea- 
ture sec. 17113. 

Southington News, Southington, 
Conn. Special feature section. 

Spectator, Roselle-Roselle Park, 
N. J. Special feature section. 

Stonington Mirror & Mystic Jour., 
Stonington, Conn. Special fea- 
ture section. 52733. 

Times, Thomasville, N. C. Spe- 
cial feature section. 17758. 

Tri-county democrat, Altavista, 
Va. Special feature section. 

West Va. Herald. Special fea- 
ture section. 42042. 

Wrightsville Star. Special fea- 
ture section. 28325. 
Housser, Wood & co., ltd. : 

Colombia as a field for Amer. cap- 
ital. 56787. 

French crisis. 62281. 

Japanese finan. developments. 

Norwegian & Danish Kroner 
bonds. 23174. 

Return to gold basis of European 
countries. 34296. 
Houston (A. J.) : 

Houston golf score card. 11163. 

My golf rec. 34297. 
Houston (Harry) Houston's writing 

lesson. 47260. 
Houston (Norman) : 

Armistice. 60034. 

Deuces wild. 53S07. 

Kiss-proof. 60157. 

Loose lady. 53992. 

So is your old man. 60269. 

Who's whose? 60311. 
Houston, Miss., map. 29540. 
Houston, Tex. : 

Direct. 23175. 

Map. 19584, 43350, 54469. 60371, 

Traffic laws, city & state. 34298. 
Houston, Tex. Second natl. bank. 

Bus. or sentiment? 11164. 
Houston Chronicle. $10,000.00 for 

you. 23176. 
Houston pub. co., inc. : 

Duluth Herald. Apportioning 
claims, etc. 9630, 9631. 

Lancaster New Era. Our world 
inst. 2254, 2255, 117S4-11788. 

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.' 
Allied debt question, etc. 16194- 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat. 
French political circles revive 
talk. etc. 51922, 51923. 

Unsettled question. 16443. 

Houston touring co. Houston, Tex., 

map. 60371. 
Hovestad (J. F.) Consideration of 
porcelain for single tooth restora- 
tions. 23177. 
How to play baseball. 11165. 
Howard (A. S.) Travelers. 54242. 
Howard (Bronson) Old love letters. 

65803 (3). 
Howard (E. M.) When oil is struck. 

Howard (Florence) See Wolcott (F. 

Howard (Harold) : 

Concord, Mass., direct. 61337. 
Revere, Mass., direct. 26749. 
Howard (J. T.) Studies of contem- 
porary Amer. composers. 23179- 
Howard (L. J.) : 

American consul. 43110(1). 
Bulls & bears. 43110 (4). 
Lost paradise. 43110(10). 
Master & man. 43110 (11). 
On special service. 43110(14). 
Prisoner of war. 43110 (15). 
Romany rye. 43110(16). 
Saints & sinners. 43110 (19). 
Sealed instructions. 43110 (20). 
Howard (R. W.) China fears red 

firebrand, etc. 47261, 47262. 
Howard (Sidney) : 

Derniere nuit de Don Juan. 

Lexington. 19048. 
Lucky, Sam McCarver. 6144. 
Pi-Pa-Ki (Story of the lute) 

They knew what they wanted. 
6317, 29262. 
Howard (Tom) Spy. 60275. 
Howard auto. co. Answer is. 23182. 
Howard mfg. co. Wiring diagram. 

Howard plan co. Out of the mouths 

of babes. 11166. 
Howard-Wier (Beryhl) Man's 

chance. 1944. 
Howat map co. Dade Co., Fla., map. 

Howe (A. H.) Howe's manual of 

liquor tests. 23183. 
Howe (D. B.) Howe's manual .of 

liquor tests. 231S3. 
Howe (E. J.) Republic of Peru. 

Howe (Lyman H.) films co.. inc. 

Lyman H. Howe's hodge podse. 

6902. 6903. 20045, 20046. 29941, 

29942, 43S54-43856, 54833. 60542. 


Howe (M. W.) Ten lessons in nutri- 
tion. 23184. 

Howe, Okl., map. 54470. 

Howe, Quisenberry & co., inc. Earn- 
ings tables of Chicago surface lines. 

Howell (Arthur) Little things that 
make big producers. 34300. 

Howell (C. G.) comp. Legends of 
gold. 11168. 

Howell (Edward) Epitome of the 
principles. 11169. 

Howell (H. D.) Profitable way to 
mix pleasure with bus. 1945. 

Howell (H. R.) pub. co., inc. Long 
(E.). Variety of chignons. 23949. 

Howell (L. D.) New Howell primer. 

Howell (Lois) See Mullally (Mrs. 

Howell (R. R.) & co. Well machinery 
catalog. 23186. 

Howell (Will) & associates, inc. 
Almanack for the second fortnight. 

Howells (J. M.) Previous engage- 
ment. 6378 (4). 

Howells (Mildred) 



Previous engage- 
Previous engage- 

6378 (4). 
(W. D.) 
6378 (4). 
Howes (S.) co.. inc. Eureka-champion 

package filling & weighing ma-' 

chines. 47263. 
Howeth (J. D.) Cooke Co., Tex., 

map. 6443-6445, 43254. 
Howland (C. S.) Dicex base ball 

game. 34301, 56789. 
Howze (J. A.) Palmetto, Fla., map. 

Hoxie (Evelyn) : 

Just for fun dialogues. 53956. 
Seven dialogues for adults. 54163. 
Hoy (F. A.) Human eng. 34302. 
Hoyle, jr. Ferguson (Wynne) Easy 

lessons in auction bridge. 46481. 
Hoyt (C. B.) : 

Move on. 42846. 
Roaring forties. 19257. 
Hoyt (C. W.) co., inc. Hoyt (C. W.) 

Laws of successful adv. 1946. 
Hoyt (H. O.) Kissers. 19025. 
Hoyt (R. O.) Corning, N. T., map. 

Hrebelanovich (E. C. Labarovich, 

princess) See 1 Lazarovich-Hrebela- 

novich (E. C, princess) 
Hub. 34303. 
Hubbard (B. A.) Who's Judas. 

Hubbard (C. C.) Microscopic study 

of fabric. 47264. 
Hubbard (Elbert) Roycroft birthday 

bk. 1947. 



pt. I, U.S.. v. 22 


G.) Ze-majak-ke. 

Judgment without 

Dry goods econo- 



Hubbard (P. E.) 
mercy. 28893. 
Hubbart (Guy) ed. 

mist yr. bk. 34304. 
Hubbeil (Harvey) inc.: 
Heed the trend. 1948. 
Hubbeil convenience outlets. 

62282. 62283. 
Hubbeil toggle switches. 47266. 
Hubbeil twin tetaps. etc. 23187 

New multiple plug. 11171. 
Signalite, 34305. 56790. 
Hubbeil (P. R.) You. 1949. 
Hubbeil (R. H.) Modern practice 

tank protection. 23189. 
Huber (Laura) Christmas prepara- 
tory services. 65478. 
Huber (M. B.) Children's poetry. 

etc. 56791-56S00. 
Huber (Valentine) Children's joy. 

Huberman (Joe) : 

His honor, the kid. 6087. 
What will you have. 6359. 
Huberty (L. W.) World beater mfg. 
co. World-beater churn & liquid 
mixer. 18476. 
Huckins-Smith, inc. Hux cuts. 23190. 
Hudgings (W. F.) Abrams way. 

Hudgins (Bert) Field studies in 

geology. 11173. 
Hudson (Marie) : 

Borrowed petticoats. 42533. 
If we but knew. 53925. 
Page Mr. Ryan. 60213. 
Hudson (Oscar) Von Waldo-Nemese 
(Augustine) Greatest power. 41831. 
Hudson. Mass., direct. 62857. 
Hudson, N. Y., direct. 62284. 
Hudson coal co. Best method for the 
miner, etc. 1950, 1953, 11174- 
11206, 23189-23208, 47267, 47268. 
Hudson co. : 

Illinois, map. 19590. 
Iowa, map. 6507. 
Michigan, map. 19652. 
Minnesota, map. 6571. 
North Dakota, map. 19702. 
Hudson Falls, N. Y., map. 6499. 
Hudson River section, N. Y., map. 

Hudspeth direct, co., inc. : 

Amarillo, Tex., direct. 55020. 
El Paso city direct. 22301. 
Huebaeh (B. W.) inc. Day before 

commencement. 28664. 
Huebinger pub. co., inc. : 

Illinois, map. 19591, 2954S, 65863. 
Seeing 111. 34307. 
Hiibner (Harms) Bubikopf. 18750. 


Heubsch ( B. W. ) inc. Dramatic works 
of Gerhart Hauptmann. 18849*. 

Huegal (R. W.) Huegal-Levis penalty 
scoring system. 47269. 

Huene (A. C.) Banks & trust cos. 
1954. 11207. 

Huff (C, H.) Court of appeal. 42565. 

(Mary) Lit. assn. 


Huff's natl. fair 

As dreams are. 


Huffman (E. L.) 

direct. 34308. 
Hufstutler (B. B.) 

Huge (E. E.) My guide. 11208. 
Hughes (A. C.) Package up-to-date. 

Hughes (C. H.) Copper & alloys. 

Hughes (C. P.) Who's who in radio. 

Hughes (Mrs. Gene) : 
Joker. 28891 
Youth. 43108. 
Hughes (Glenn) : 

Bottled in bond. 18741. 
Harlequinade in green & orange.. 

Lady fingers. 65604. 
Hughes (Hatcher) Ruin't. 19265, 

Hughes (J. J.) Mother Goose follies. 

Hughes (John) Fac-similes of eye- 
glass cleaners. 23209. 
Hughes (Liana) Be alive. 28539. 
Hughes (P. C.) Appl. for guaranteed 

assurance bond plan. etc. 47270- 

Hughes (R. E.) Radio receiving set. 

Hughes (Richard) : 

Christopher Columbus. 28610. 
Magic music. 28957. 
Man who sang in his bath. 28984. 
Hughes (Vernon) Hughes' catechism 

of keys. 62285. 
Hughes (W. E. ) Merchants & buyers 

cooperative saving service. 1955. 
Hughes (W. J.) & sons co., inc. Know 

the pride & joy. [etc.] 11211, 

Hughes & Brettell, inc. : 
Appropriations. 23210. 
Printed idea. 11213. 
Hugo (Charles) Hugo's at sight 

French course. 56802. 
Hugo. Okla., map. 29541. 
Hugon (P. D. ) Eng. expression. 

4ir,r>, 11214, 23211-23215, 34309, 

34310, 47274, 47275. 
Huhn (W. H.) United States, map. 

Hulbert (A. G.) Hulbert plan trust 

estate administration. 11215. 

nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hulbert (M. A.) Woodrow Wilson I 
knew. 1956-1958, 11216-11221. 

Hulbert (R. W.) Way to health, hap- 
piness & success. 47276. 

Hulburt (D. W.) Life of Jesus. 

Hull (B. M.) Sons of the sheik. 
11222, 23217. 

Hull (Heinz) Pferdchen's tochter. 

Hullabaloo. 23218. 

Hulley (Lincoln) : 

Alice Coventry, etc. 1959-1961. 
Angels that beckon me. etc. 

62286, 62287. 
Ariel & Cinderella. 42496* 
Broken hearts & lives, etc. 

Christina, etc. 11223, 11225. 
Eden — a paradise of love. etc. 
23219, 23220. 

Hulse (D. T.) Employing & han- 
dling men. 34311. 

Hulst (W. G. van de) Voor onze 
kleinen. 62288. 

Hultberg (Grant) Weigle (L. A.) 
Pupil & the teacher. 53313, 65155. 

Human progress assn. Through the 
portals. 47277. 

Humboldt bank : 

Battleship protection for your 

valuables. 11226, 11227. 
Humboldt bank trust investment 
savings plan. 47278, 56807. 

Humboldt Co., Calif., direct. 33003. 

Humboldt Co.. Calif., map. 29542, 

Hume (C. W.) Manufacturers credit 
agency. Important to one who owes, 
etc. 35591-35593. 

Hume (H. H.) Civitan club (The 
Highway & city beautification com. 
of the) Winter lawns for Jackson- 
ville & N. Fla. 45530. 

Hume (J. B.) Hume color spray 
system instr. 47279. 

Hume-Gibbons (Robert) See Gibbons 
(R. H) 

Humiston (W. H. ) Little biogra- 
phies. 23221-23224. 

Humphrey (F. B.) Nebraska. 56808. 

Humphrey (H. B.) Lower cost bldgs. 

Humphrey (H. E.) Billy the kid. 

Humphrey (L. G.) Teaching chil- 
dren poetry. 11228. 

Humphrey (M. H.) Convoy to heath 
co. Convoy to health. 991. 

Humphreys (L. R.) Franklin Co., 
Id., map. 65853. 

Humphreys (Llewellyn) Million dol- 
lar girl. 6171. 

Humphreys' homeopathic medicine co. 
Health is wealth. 1962. 

Humphries (B. A.) : 

Upstage-downstage. 29302. 
Learned council. 42769. 

Humpty Dumpty card co. Kiddies ! 

Hungerford (Edward) : 

Ancient Vera Cruz. etc. 11229- 

New rail route, etc. 1964, 1965. 

Hungerford (U. T.) brass & copper 
co. Add to the appearance and 
value of your property. 11233. 

Hunleth music co. Reeve (R. R.) jr. 
Rudiments of music. 51596. 

Hunley (J. B.) Shelton & the crim- 
son trail. 6270. 

Hunnewell, Mo., map. 6500. 

Hunsaker (O. W.) Roll your own 
radio. 56809. 

Hunsberger (B. K.) Latin vocabu- 
lary drill bk. 34312. 

Hunsinger (C. S.) Hunsinger radio 
scrap bk. 34313. 

Hunt (C. H.) pen co. Modern letter- 
ing. 1966. 

Hunt (C. J.) inc. Blue bk. of bulbs. 

Hunt (E. M.) : 

Hunt plan of financing insur. 

premiums. 11234. 
Insur. premiums financed. 23226. 

Hunt (Mrs. Fevn-Dell) Helps for 
women investors. 11235. 

Hunt ( G. A. ) Balanced man. 34314. 

Hunt (H. L.) Secret of sewing. 

Hunt (I. F.) Pursuit for happiness. 

Hunt (Laura) Good English comes 
to town. 18939. 

Hunt (Percival) Pittsburgh (Univ. 
of) Student themes. 15700. 

Hunt (R. L.) Historical pageant of 
Tallahassee. 42685. 

Hunt (Rodney) machine co. Riggs 
(H. C.) Dyeing artificial silk. 

Hunt (Stromberg) corp. Off the high- 
way. 66085. 

Hunt (T.) Social intelligence test. 

Hunt (W. E.) Unbeliever. 43058. 

Hunt (W. M.) & co.. inc. Hunt's 
perfection bulbs. 23227. 

Hunter (A. B.) : 

Grocery store jingles. 34315. 
Lessons on thrift. 23228. 

Hunter (Ansella) Honeymoon lovers. 

Hunter (Bates) See Hunter (C. B.) 

Hunter (Burtis) Story of P & A, 

Hunter (C. B.) : 

Bully old England. 60052. 
Possession. 6224. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Hunter (D. B.) Uncle Reuben's 

promise. 19396. 
Hunter (E. D.) Allen (G. H.) Plan 

to insure peace. 30146. 
Hunter (Hi H.) Bus. deal. 47281. 
Hunter (J. L.) Dallas, Tex. Nu- 
merical criss-cross guide of Dallas. 
Hunter (Robert) Making of golfers. 

Hunter (V. S.) Bluffer. 5889. 
Hunter (W. L.) Visual memory test. 

Huntington (R. E.) : 

Huntington's investor's map. 

11236, 11237. 
United States, map. 54681. 
Huntington, W. Va., direct. 62290. 
Huntington, W. Va., map. 6501. 
Huntington natl. bank of Columbus. 

Ser. of bank advs. 34316. 
Huntley (T. At) From a window in 

Washington, etc. 472S2, 47283. 
Huntsville, Mo., map. 43352. 
Huntsville, Tex., map. 43353. 
Huntting (Ella) Schl. neighborhood. 

Hurd productions, inc. : 
Broadcasting. 6748. 
He who gets socked. 6839. 
Mellow quartette. 20051. 
Monkey business. 29947. 
Prop's dash for cash. 43939. 
Sawmill four. 6996. 
Two cats and a bird. 20180. 
Two poor fish. 43988. 
Hurlbnt (A. O.) : 

Forest rover. 23230. 
From log kitchen to the Seminole. 
Hurlbut (C. A.) Fred'k. Southack & 
Alwyn Ball jr. inc. stock campaign, 
etc. 11238, 11239. 
Hurlbut (William) inc.: 

Bride of the Lamb. 53750. 

Laugh. 19041. 

New Year's day. 19143. 

Nice girl. 19145. 

Princess and the courtesan. 

Shortest way home. 19289. 
Hurley (T. P.) : 

Directions for playing keno. 

Keyno. 23231. 
Hurlock (Madeline) My biggest 

thrill in movies. 47285. 
Huron press, inc. : 

Pow Wow. 39524. 
This telep. 1967. 
Hurricane film corp. : 

Hidden menace. 6842. 
Trunk mystery. 54911. 
Hurst (Mont) Tip-top minstrel book. 

Hurst (N. O.) Teaching the customer 

to visualize. 34318. 
Hurst (W. O.) It's up to you John 

Henry. 28879. 
Hurston (Z. N.) Meet the mamma. 

Hurt (H. W.) Mechanics of human 

relations. 23232. 
Hurtig (C. M.) Bases & forms for 

baskets, trays, lamps, etc. 23233. 
Hussey (L. M.) Price of curiosity. 

Husslein (Joseph) : 

Blessed Virgin Mary. 47286. 
Sacred Heart. 23234. 
Your own St. Joseph. 11240. 
Hussman (Harry L.) refrigerator co. 
Facts in the case. etc. 34320- 
Hustead (C. D.) Retail merchants 

natl. assn. 39837. 
Husting (Leo) Federal income tax 

laws. etc. 1968, 1969. 
Huston (J. J.) Baldwin piano par- 
lors. Why? Should there be music 
in the home? 20630. 
Huston (R. C.) Stepping. 34323. 
Hutchens (L. L.) Isn't life wonder- 
ful? 47287. 
Hutcheson (Boyd) Her second in- 
nings. 6085. 
Hutcheson (D. L.) Poems & ballads. 

Hutcheson (J. M.) Dispensational 

chart. 1970. 
Hutcheson (Mrs. J. M.) See Hutch- 
eson (D. L.) 
Hutchins (M. S.) Pioneer days of 

Rochester. 1971. 
Hutchinson (A. S. M.) : 

Increasing purpose. 23236, 23237. 
One increasing purpose. 47288. 
Hutchinson (David) Introd. to the 

law of Amer. citizenship. 34324. 
Hutchinson (Harold) Out of the 

night. 29072. 
Hutchinson (Vera) Maroon of Cham- 
paign high schl. 35623. 
Hutchison (E. K.) Game o' life. 

Hutchison (M. R.) : 

Acoustic inventions co. Muf-la- 

fone. 20209. 
Chester products corp. Muf-la- 

fone. 787. ' 
Pencilnife corp. Pencilnife. 
Hutten zum Stolzenberg (B. R., frei- 

frau von) Mother. 56810. 
Huttig mfg. co. Cow, the seaplane, & 

Huttig. 1972. 
Hutton (Hugh) : 

Modern Aladdin. 62292. 
Nutty natural hist. 23238. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hutton (Joseph) Fashionable follies. 

60239 *. 
Hutton (Norman) Richard Teller 

Crane; an address. 47289. 
Huttpn (Rachel) See Harris (R. H.) 
Hutton & Jenks. Constructive adv. for 

creameries. 47290. 
Hutty (Mrs. Lee) Sin. 29197. 
Hyannis, Mass., map. 6502. 
Hyard (Eugene) Essai d'une nota- 
tion chromatique basee sur le tem- 
perament egal. 62293. 
Hyatt (E. B.) Commer. discount 

sheet. 1973. 
Hyatt (E. C.) Seat work for silent 

reading. 62294. 
Hyatt (H. S.) Secret service collec- 
tion system. 34325. 
Hyatt (T. P.) Hygiene of the mouth 

& teeth. 23239. 
Hyatt roller bearing co. Dimension & 

load bul. 34326. 
Hyde (A. L.) Directs, for playing 

Tut-Ankh-Amen. 1974. 
Hyde (E. B.) Van Horn (Don) 

Student's ref. bk. 5501. 
Hyde (E. Belcher) co., inc. Nassau 

Co., N. Y., map. 19679. 
Hyde (F. S.) Good times club of 
America. Manual for schl. branches. 
Hyde (Mrs. F. S.) Good times club. 

Hyde and Wells. Moon rocket. 29006. 
Hydraulic-Press brick co. Polychro- 
matic decoration. 56811, 56812. 
Hydraulic press mfg. co. : 

Golden harvest from your under- 
grade apples. 11242. 
MacMillan (H. F.) Profitable 
utilization of sound under-grade 
fruit. 12367. 
Mount Gilead equipment. 23240. 
Hyland (W. J:) Trial balances. 

Hyldahl (E. R.) Dogs reach Nome 

with plague serum. 11243. 
Hyman & Oppenheim. Coiffures. 

etc. 23241-23243. 
Hymer (J. B.) East is west. 6019. 
Hymers (Lewis) Stock cuts from the 

cartoon shop. 34327. 
Hysterical history of the Olympic 

games. 6856. 
I. O. B. B. San Francisco lodge no. 
21: • 

Lazarus (S. J.) Amer. citizen. 

Levey (E. C.) Amer. citizen. 

Marks (Milton) Amer. citizen. 

Wolff (H. K.) Amer. citizen. 

Ibsen (Enrico) Spettri. 19314. 
Ibsen (Henrik) Enemy of the 

people. 42531*. 
Ibsen (Tancred) Viking hero. 1976. 
Ice (J. R.) : 

Hampshire Co., W. Va., map. 

Hardy Co., W. Va., map. 6495. 
Lewis Co., W. Va., map. 6525. 
Nicholas Co., W. Va., map. 6602. 
Pendleton Co., W. Va., map. 
Ice & refrigeration blue bk. & buy- 
ers' guide. 34328. 
Iehthyolitic products corp. of Amer- 
ica. Key that unlocks the door. 
Ickes-Braun mill co. Modern green- 
houses. 34329. 
Idaho, map. 19586, 19587, 29543, 

29544, 43354. 
Idaho. Workmen's compensation law. 

Idaho City, la., map. 54471. 
Idaho druggist weather chart cal. 

Ideal aeroplane & supply co. Ideal 

model aeroplanes. 56814. 
Ideal cocoa & chocolate co. True 
story of Dr. Brooks cocoa liquor. 
Ideal corp. : " 

Lill (Kate) Chiropractic is a 
faithful friend. etc. 35083- 

Mother Goose bank jingle. 

etc. 12136. 
Ideal merchandising co. : 

Fraternal order catalog. etc. 

1977, 1978. 
Mail order catalog. 1978. 
Ideal schl. supply co. : 

Albinger (L. C.) Animal, vege- 
table & mineral kingdoms, etc. 

Silent reading seat work. 

etc. 60643-60647. 
Holm (Johanna) Pract. projects 

in the kindergarten. 11126. 
Peacock (Agnes) Silent reading 

seat work. 4196, 4197. 
Weinberger (Rose) Color design 
seat work. etc. 18169. 
Ideal truck equipment. Cutting 

trucking. 47292. 
Ideal weather chart cal. 56815. 
Ideas. 47293, 47294. 
Idell (A. P.) Off. volley ball rules. 

Iglehart (J. A. W.) & co. Story of 

6% security bonds. 62296. 
Igleheart bros. Cake secrets. 34331. 
II vient. 62297. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 



Ilg elec. ventilating co. : 

Condensed cat. of Ilg products. 

Simple instrs. 34332. 
Ilgenstein (Heinrich) Liebfrauen- 

milch. 19049. 
Iliff (E. C.) Money saving receipts 

& formulas. 34333. 
Ilion, N. Y., direct. 23043. 
Ilion, N. ¥., map. 43355. 
Illinois : 

A. B. C. contractors. 62298. 
Direct. 23245. 
Direct, of 111. mfrs. 1979. 
Map. 6503. 19588-19593, 29545- 
29550, 43356-43358, 65863, 
Sup. ct. 111. off. reptr. 

23255, 62299-62309. 
Workmen's compensation 
Illinois asbestos products co. Insulex, 
the mineral cork. etc. 1980, 1981. 
Illinois automotive trade assn. Coons 
(l.\ W.) Digest of the laws of 111. 
111. Bell telep. co. : 

Amer. telep. & teleg. co. Step-by- 
step. 30339. 
111. Bell telep. co., Chicago plant 
dept. Between two telephones, 
etc. 47333, 47334. 

Maintenance methods. 34381- 

34383; 56821-56829. 
111. Bell telep. co. Traffic dept. 
Operating instr. etc. 11272, 
11273, 23272-23275. 
Local operating practice. 11271. 
Telep. direct. 19S2-2005, 11245- 
11270, 23256-23271, 34334-343S0, 
47290-47332, 56816-56820, 62310- 
Illinois central system, map. 60372. 
Illinois dept. of public works & build- 
ings. Illinois, map. 29550. 
Illinois druggist weather chart cal. 

Illinois malleable iron co. Catalogue. 

Illinois mfrs'. mutual casualty assh. 
Fisher (G. R. G.) First aid in 
accidents. 61869. 
Illinois merchants trust co. : 

Bank behind the bk. 11274, 

23276, 23277, 34384, 47335. 
Have you made your will? etc. 

Money for Christmas. etc. 
Illinois pub. & ptg. co. : 

Chicago Herald & Examiner. 
Herald & Examiner shopper. 
Leveson (Inez) Shopping in Chi- 
cago with Sally. 2386. 

Illinois sales co. Few whipping facts. 

Illinois schl. of accountancy. Ama- 
teur vs. professional, etc. 47337, 
Illinois soc. of architects. Hdbk. for 

architects & builders. 11275. 
Illinois state reg. : 

Best ever cook bk. 34385. 
Cooking recipes mem. bk. 56835. 
Illinois state teachers assn. County 
superintendents' sec. 111. state 
course of study. 47339. 
Illuminating eng. soc. : 

Illuminating eng. nomenclature & 

photometric stand. 34386. 
Measurements of natural light 
during the solar eclipse. 23278. 
Illustrated milliner co. : 

May T. I. M. service. 23279, 

T. I. M. millinery adv. service. 

etc. 47340, 47341. 
T. I. M. service. 2007, 11270- 
11278, 34387, 50836, 62322. 
Illustrierter neuer deutscher reichs- 

ka lender. 62323. 
Illustro syndicate. Stokes (Jeremiah) 
Grandma Betty's kiddie rhymes, 
etc. 17453-17456, 41234-41251. 
Imbimbo (Gino) Raccolta di mono- 

loghi drammatici. 23281. 
Imhof (Roger) Slap. 54176. 
Immaculate Heart of Mary (Sisters, 
servants of) New Corona primer. 
Immaculate service monthly. 56837. 
Immella (A.) Vittima. 54271. 
Impekoven (Toni) : 
Igel. 28860. 
Otto der treue. 19181. 
Imperial, Pa., map. 65865. 
Imperial granum : 

Imperial granum. etc. 2008. 

What most mothers say. 47342. 
Imperial productions, inc. Night let- 
ter. 20064. 
Imperial Valley, Calif., map. 43359, 

Implement trade jour. co. : 
Co-op. tractor catalog. 
Millard's implement 
Import buyers corp. Economy 
foreign merchandising. 23282. 


See Liptai (Imre) 
Silver sheet. 2010, 

Imre (Liptai) 
Ince (E. K.) 

Ince (Thomas H.) corp.: 

Enticement. 6773. 

Percy. 6958. 

Playing with souls. 696 
Income builders, inc. : 

Bldg. an income. 23283 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Something new. 34389. 
Union central life insur. co. of 
Cincinnati, O. Appl. for insur. 
27916, 41692, 41693. 
Increased sales, inc. Increased sales. 

etc. 56838, 56839. 
Independence. Or., map. 60373. 
Independence, Wis., map. 6504. 
Independence indemnity co. Keaton 
(Buster) Buster Keaton con- 
tributes. 2140. 
Independent agent & salesman : 

Edwards (J. B.) Direct selling. 

Reakirt (C. C.) jr. Making spare 
hours profitable. 26721. 
Independent naturopathic assn. Gro- 
rious radiant health & how obtained. 
Independent news service. Cappick 
(M. L.) 12 millions of treasure 
buried. 45305. 
Independent order of Odd fellows 
(Sovereign grand lodge of the) See 
Odd fellows (Independent order of) 
Sovereign grand lodge. 
Independent pictures corp. : 
Blood and steel. 29871. 
Border justice. 43742. 
Gambling fool. 29903. 
Moccasins. 29946. 
Outwitted. 43878. 
Riders of mystery. 299S9. 
Independent plumbing & heating sup- 
ply co. Science of heating. 47343. 
Independent pneumatic co. Inside 

facts. 23284. 
Independent pub. co. : 

Portland Press Herald. Biddle- 
ford textile mills, etc. 15726, 

Superpower int. agree to buy 

Central Maine power co. 26497. 
Index map co. : 

Luling-Three Rivers District, 

Tex., map. 43419. 
Rockdale-Lockhart district, Tex., 

map. 43583. 
San Antonio-Uvalde district, Tex., 
map. 54613. 
Index service co. Monthly law index. 

63106, 63371. 
Indian refining co., inc. Get your cer- 
tificates here. 11280. 
Indian River Co., Fla., map. 65867. 
Indiana : 

Map. 6505, 19594-19596, 29551, 

43360, 43361. 
Workmen's compensation law. 
Indiana air pump co. : 

Indiana economy air lift table. 

etc. 2012, 2013. 
Pumping systems for deep wells. 

Indiana druggist weather chart cal. 

Indiana farmer's guide : 

Booster certificate. 23286. 

Hardin County, O. two dollar 

trade booster certificate. 56841. 

Ind. farmer's guide one dollar 

trade booster certificate. 34393. 

Indiana limestone quarrymen's assn. : 

Beautiful city residence. etc. 

Beautiful Gothic style seminary. 

etc. 56842-56852. 
Details & data sheet. 34394, 

Spec. & descr. notes on random 
Indiana limestone ashlar. 
Indiana piston ring co. Teetor per- 
fect circle piston rings certificate. 
Indiana Public schls. Preliminary 

pamphlet. 11282. 
Indiana pub. co. Ehrmann (Max) 

Gay life, [etc.] 32895, 32896. 
Indiana three in one service. 11281. 
Indianapolis, Ind., direct. 23287. 
Indianapolis, Ind., map. 19597, 

Indianapolis News. Indianapolis. 
Indianapolis grocery & drug stores. 
Indianapolis soc. blue bk. 34396. 
Indianapolis Star. Write ads. 11283. 
Indianola. Miss., map.. 43362. 
Indio, Calif., map. 54472, 54473. 
Industrial acceptance corp. Chassis 
acceptance wholesale, etc. 56854- 
Industrial bank. Chilean nitrate sit- 
uation. 34397. 
Industrial dept. See Dansville & Mt. 

Morris r. r. Indus, dept. 
Industrial dept. See Los Angeles. 
Chamber of commerce. Indus, 
Industrial eng. research co. Leading 

retail merchants. 2014. 
Industrial finance corp. Williams 
(C. L.) Brief on the subject. 
Industrial fire chief. 2015, 112S6, 

Industrial trial lenders tech. inst, inc. : 
Closing the loan. etc. 47346- 

Hodson (Clarence) Lesson 8, 9. 

etc. 56753-56755. 
Lesson 6, 7. etc. 56S66-56S6S. 
Industrial management dept. See La 
Salle extension univ. Indus, man- 
agement dept. 
Indus. ' merchandising. Factory. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Industrial oil equipment co. See it 

lubricate. 3439S. 
Industrial press : 

Machinery. Machinery's data 

sheet. 2519-2523, 12331-12333, 

24052-24055. 57239, 57240, 62797, 


Sullivan (J. H.) Tables. 17574. 

Two hundred test questions for 

machinists. 2016. 

Industrial ptg. co. Tales in type. 

Industrial separators co., inc. Indus. 

continuous filter. 47360. 
Industrial trust co. Frank talk with 

you about— 62334. 
Industries pub. co. Fowler (J. F.) jr. 

Lion oil. 61931. 
Inecto, inc. Authorized stand. 

method. 11286. 
Inge (W. R.) St. Paul's. 34399. 
Ingels (Margaret) : 

A-A dust-determinator. 11287. 
Progress rept. 11288. 
Ingersoll (R. G.) Rome or reason. 

See Manning (Cardinal) 
Ingersoll milling machine co. Inger- 
soll face milling cutter grinder. 
Ingersoll-Rand co. I. R. portable air 

compressors, etc. 11289, 11290. 
Ingham (A. B.) As it might have 

been. 18704. 
uigham (A. V.) Hints for catalog 

builders. 11291. 
Ingli (B. W.) Meletean. 24326. 
Inglis (W. W.) Finish fight in an- 
thracite. 47361. 
Ingraham (E.) co. Ingraham watches 

& clocks. 34400. 
Ingram (C. A.) Wisconsin fairs. 

Ingrain (E. H. Percival-) See Perci- 

val-Ingram (E. H.) 
Ingram (L. I.) Tribute.. 56870. 
Inland printer co. : 

Hay ward (M. L.) Law in every- 
day life. 47085. 

You, your bank & the law. 

Ramsay (R. E.) Direct, adv. 
4446, 15926-15929, 39729-39731, 
51528, 51529, 58897, 64351. 
Planning direct adv. for con- 
fectioners. 26695. 
St. John (Eugene) Some prac- 
tical hints. 16438-16441, 27054, 
40210, 40211. 
Inland trust & savings bank. This 

certificate. 34402. 
Inman (A. C.) Customer's viewpoint. 

Inspiration pictures, inc. : 
Beautiful city. 54744. 
New toys. 6923. 

Romola. 6990, 54S76. 
Shore leave. 43955. 
Soul-fire. 20162. 

Amer. meat packers. 
L.) Ham souring, etc. 

social & religious re- 

Institute of 

Lewis (W. 

2403, 2404. 

Institute of 

search : 

Fry (C. L.) Census anal, of 
middle western villages. 1574. 
World, map. 6727. 
Institution for savings in Roxbury & 
its vicinity. Century of savings 
bank service. 2017. 
Insulite co. : 

Improved Insulite plaster base. 

Proven by time &. test. 47362. 
Ten yrs. ahead! 62335. 
Insull (Samuel) : 

How has it been done. 34403. 
Looking forward in the elec. in- 
dus. 23289. 
Insurance almanac & encycl. 47363. 
Insurance co. of North America : 
Are all smokers careless? etc. 

Are you giving your fire fighters 

every chance? 56872. 
Calling an electrician. etc. 

23290, 23291. 
Careful householder keeps the 
chimney clean. etc. 11292, 
Help strike this one word from 

America's fire record. 62336. 
Prevention is the first step in pro- 
tection. 2018. 
What can you do? etc. 47364, 
Insurance federation of Pa. : 

Keelor (R. S.) Educa. primer on 

auto insur. 47575. 
Ling (Percy) Educa. primer. 

Stone (D. G.) Educa. primer on 
water damage insur. 17459. 
Insur. forms assn. Auto, rate sched- 
ule for Calif. 56873. 
Insurance pictorial. 11294, 11296, 
23292.' 23293, 34408, 34409, 47366, 
47367, 56874, 62337. 
Insur. plan bldg. & loan assn. 100 5% 

pass bk. shares. 62338. 
Insurance premium financing co. We 

pay your ann. premiums. 34410. 
Insurance-real estate cal. 2019. 
Insurance yr. bk. 47368-47370. 
Insured land corp. of America. Appl. 
for insured land contract. etc. 
62339. 62340. 
Intellectus [pseud.] See Bowl by 

(N. H.) 
Inter-Amer. trade expansion bur., inc. 
We can build big bus. 2020 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Inter-city adv. agency. Off. Kansas 

state bus. guide. 34411. 
Inter-city amusement booklet corp. 
Amusements, where to go & what 
to see. 34412-34420, 4737L47378. 
Intercollegiate assn. of amateur ath- 
letes of America. Const. 23294. 
Intercollegiate rowing assn., inc. Off. 

program. 34421. 
Interest plan assn. How to get int. 
on the money you spend, [etc.] 
56875, 56876. 
Inter-mt. elec. co. Automotive cat- 
alog. 47379. 
IntematL accountants soc, inc. : 

Acctg. elem. etc. 2021-2040, 
23295-23329, 34422-34432, 62341- 
Acctg. law. etc. 11297-11332. 
Internal auditing. 47380. 
Internatl. assn. of optimist clubs. 

Code of by-laws. 34433. 
Internatl. com. of Y. M. C. A. See 

Y. M. C. A. (Internatl. com. of) 
Internatl. corres. schls. : 

Contabilidad. etc. 47381, 47382. 
Elec. wiring, etc. 11333, 11334. 
I. C. S. field staff training course. 
Internatl. dairy bur. How to make 

more money. 56877. 
Internatl. detective bur. : 

Cash your old accts. 11335. 
Letter. 62346. 
This acct. is just. 34434. 
Internatl. development co. Pattillo 
(G. S.) How to improve your skat- 
ing. 58714. 
Internatl. educa. assn., inc. Applica- 
tion for contract, etc. 11336, 11337. 
Internatl. educational board. What a 

girl can do. 7045. 
Internatl. educational pub. co. : 

Woman's inst. of domestic arts & 
sciences, inc. Designing & 
planning clothes, etc. 28291, 
Dress decoration & orna- 
ment. 18418-18420. 

Dress form & its use. etc. 


Underwear & lingerie. 65316. 

Internatl. feature service, inc. : 

Arnot (Paul) Helpful Henry. 

etc. 184-197, 7393-7408, 20508- 

20521, 30459-30480, 44352-44359, 


Ash (Mildred) Making life 

easier. 202, 20525. 
Calahan (H. A.) Making life 

easier. 703-705, 8488. 
Dorgan (T.- A.) Indoor sports, 
etc. 1232-1239, 9588-9604, 22122- 
22138, 32746-32757, 46103-46106, 

Faber (Fred) Then the fun be- 
gan. 1389-1398, 9949-9956, 
22406-22413, 33123-33131, 46427- 
46430, 61809-61816. 
Herriman (George) Krazy Kat.. 
1855-1861, 10975-10982, 23046- 
23053, 34155-34164, 47151-47154, 
Hershfield (Harry) Abie the 
agent. 1863-1876, 10983-10998, 
23060-23075, 34165-34181, 47156- 
47161, 62211-62230. 
Hoban (Walter) Jerry on the 
job. 189S-1907, 110S2-11089, 
23111-23115, 34219-34223, 47176, 
47177, 62241-62251. 
Knott (Jean) Eddie's friends, etc. 
2213-2217, 11694-11709, 23620- 
23634, 47647-47653, 62565-62588. 
McManus (George) Bringing up 
father. 2542-2548, 12359-12366, 
24076-24083, 35365-35371, 62818. 
McNamara (Tom) Us boys. 
2552-2558, 12369-12376, 24093- 
24099, 35376-35384, 48222-48225, 
Mundy (J. J.) Onceovers. 2873- 
2880, 13050-13058, 24551-24556, 
48915-48917, 36207-36213, 63137- 
Swinnerton (James) Little Jim- 
my. 5285-5290, 17622-17629, 
27717-27724, 41447^1453, 52881- 
52882, 64888-64893. 
Internatl. filter co. How a water 
anal, tells the quality of ice you 
will make. 11338. 
Internatl. general elec. co., inc. : 
Diary. 62347. 

Internatl. gen. elec. co. 23331. 
Internatl. harvester co., inc. : 

Hawkins (L. A.) Grow your own 

fruit. 10889. 
Hayne (R. A.) Sheep for mut- 
ton, wool & money. 62166. 
Internatl. heater co. : 

Chimney sizes. etc. 34435— 

Constant comfort, etc. 47383— 

Internatl. baronet warm air fur- 
nace, etc. 56878, 56879. 
Internatl. economy boilers, etc. 

23332, 23333. 
Internatl. economy onepipe heater. 
Internatl. legal ann. 47386. 
Internatl. magazine co., inc. : 

Cosmopolitan. Distribution state- 
ment. 45864. 
Iowa, map. 29555. 
Locke (W. J.) Great Pandolfe-, 

Master-key to the natl. market, 



pt. i, n. s. 


Internatl. magazine co., inc. — Contd. 
Michigan, map. 43445. 
Motor. Motor, the automotive 

hus. paper. 12996. 
New England, map. 29633. 
New York (State) map. 29647, 

29648, 29651. 
Pennsylvania, map. 29687. 
South Dakota, map. 29751. 
United States, map. 29778-297S3. 
Watertown, N. Y., map. 29810. 
Wisconsin, map. 29S23. 
Internatl. market forecast hur. An- 
nouncement circular, etc. 47387, 
Internatl. millinery cut service. 11339, 

23334, 34440, 47389, 56880. 
Internatl. movement for public secur- 
ity; I-M-P-S const. & by-laws. etc. 
34443, 34444. 
Internatl. nickel co. Corrosion index 

card. etc. 34445. 
Internatl. postal supply co. Internatl. 
high speed automatic check endors- 
ing machines. 23335- 
Internatl. probate direct, co. Inter- 
natl. probate direct. 11340. 
Internatl. railway fuel administration. 

Advance pamphlet. 47390, 47391. 
Internatl. ship masters' assn. of the 
Great Lakes. Direct, of names, 
pennant nos. & addresses. 34445. 
Internatl. silk & hosiery mills: 

Internatl. route to greater earn- 
ings, etc. 34446, 34447. 
Silk hosiery service hints. 23336. 
Internatl. silver co. : 

As youth is linked with romance. 

Double service Christmas gift. 

Holmes & Edwards super plate.- 

11341, 11342. 
Romance, 23337. 
"When ships come in. 56881. 
Internatl. Sunday schl. lesson text cal. 

Internatl. syndicate : 

Children's daily cross-word puzzle 
story, etc. 11343-11353. 23338- 
23346. 34449-34458, 47392-47404, 
Clough (A. L.) Hints for motor- 
ists. 928. 929, 8936-8940, 21665- 
21668. 31934-31938, 45591-45594, 
55691-55695, 01316. 
Cross-word puzzle. 2041, 62352- 

Thompson (C. R.) Daily news- 
map service. 5382, 17721, 27811, 
27812, 41554, 52961, 59681, 59682. 
Internatl. textbk. co. : 

Amy (E. V.) Radio-teleg. trans- 
mitters. 55078. 

Psychol, laws 

Elein. of con- 
7492, 7493, 


Raw silk. etc. 

21040, 48088. 

Boiler details. 

Atkinson (T. G.) 

applied to adv. 

Baker (Samuel) 

crete drawing 


Blauvelt (B. W.) Direct 

selling. 55319. 
Brickett (C. J.) 

Silk testing. 

Church (A. H.) 

Clemens (A. B.) 

Cobb (C. B.) Commer. credit. 

Collings (H. T.) Bus. economics. 

Dart (H. F.) Audio-frequency 
amplification. 45969. 

Commer. vacuum tubes, etc. 

32470, 32471. 

Constr. of receiving sets. 

Dette (G. R.) Insur. 61538. 
De Wilde (E. G.) Elements of 

elec. ignition. 55946. 
Dickson (H. W.) Time study. 

Dumas (Paul) Auto, cooling 
equipment. 61608. 

Front-end drives & accessory 

shafts, etc. 55980, ' 55981. 

Overhauling of cylinders, etc. 

46136, 46137. 
Fairlie (A. M.) Manufacture of 

sulphuric acid. 61819. 
Fletcher (W. L.) Personnel man- 
agement. 46528. 
Foster (R. J.) Chain surveying. 

Freedman (W. H.) Machine 

switching. 22635. 
Harding (J. W.) Fire-doors, bell 
ringers. & sanders. 62129. 

Southern locomotive valve 

gear. 10836. 

Steam grate shaker & coal 

pusher. 56689. 
Harris (W. C.) Real estate. 

Horine ( M. C. ) Chassis overhaul- 
ing & repairing. 47242. 
Internatl. corres. schls. Contabili- 
dad. • etc. 47381, 47382. 

Elec. wiring. etc. 11333, 


1. C. S. field staff training 

course. 23330, 47405. 
Jennings (Clyde) Auto, sales- 
manship. 34556. 
Lindstrom (C. B.) Boiler feeding 
& feedwater equipment. 35113. 

Boiler furnaces, settings, & 

chimneys, etc. 62709-62711. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Boiler inspection. etc. 


Boiler mountings. 12145. 

■ Fuels & boiler trials. 47984. 

Loudon (W. P.) Magneto igni- 
tion systems. 12192. 
Lowndes (W. S.) Architectural 
drawing. 12222. 

Carpentry. 48084. 

Luft (C. A.) Silk testing. 480S8. 
McNicol (Donald) Ptg. teleg. sys- 
tems. 48229, 57247. 
Moxey (E. P.) Accountancy as a 

vacation. 13043. 
Parker (Frank) Commer. bank- 
ing. 64204. 
Prouty (N. H.) Opening, closing, 

& changing bks. 51479. 
Rhoads (C. S.) Simultaneous 
telephony. 39853, 39854. 

■ Telep. train dispatching. 

Ro'yce (D. C.) Automobile cool- 
ing equipment. 61608. 

Forms of carbureters. 16378. 

Front-end drives & accessory 

shafts, etc. 55980, 55981. 

■ Valve adjustment & repair. 

Smoley (C. K.) Math, for struc- 
tural drawing. 17114. 
Stevenson (J. A.) Life-insur. 

selling. 52712. 
Stratton (Clarence) Study of lit. 

Strouse (C. R.) Elements of elec. 
ignition. 55946. 

Gasoline auto. 52809. 

Overhauling of cylinders. 

Sumner (G. L.) Cooperative adv. 

Tilroe (H. M.) Effective speech. 

Watts (C. E.) Steam pumps. 

Webb (P. W.) Chassis overhaul- 
ing & repairing. 47242. 
— — Four-wheel brakes. 42011. 
Winkel (Herbert) Organic chem. 
18370, 42216, 59911. 
Internatl. trade developer corp. Green 

seas & yellow gold. . 47406. 
Internatl. trade exposition co. An- 
nouncing natl. radio exposition. 
Internatl. trade press, inc. Direct, of 
cement, gypsum & lime nifrs. 22095. 
Internatl. transportation assn. Hotel 

bk. 56779. 
Internatl. typographical union. Inter- 
natl. typographical union. Bur. of 
educa. Lessons in printing, etc. 
11354, 11355. 

Internatl. Worden millinery service. 

2043, 2044, 11356. 
Inter-Ocean casualty co. : 

Insur. receipt bk. etc. 47407, 

Inter-oeean stackulator. 23347. 
Profits from stackulation. 34459. 
Interpres of the class of 1926, Univ. 

of Rochester. 23348. 

Inter-state educa. assn. Los Angeles 

annual builders guide. 62731-62734. 

Inter-state elec. chemical co. Mor- 

trude (W. E. ) jr. Organic oxygen. 


Interstate elec. co. General catalog. 

Interstate evangelistic. Whitman (J. 
F.) Real religion for real people. 
Interstate map co. : 

New Jersey, map. 43488-43489. 
New York (City) map. 54544. 
Red bk. information & st. guide. 
Interstate pub. co. Baby's album. 

Interstate traffic schl. Andros (S. O.) 

Petroleum eng. 7349-7360. 
Interstate traveler, inc. Interstate 

traveler. 34464, 56893, 56S94. 
Inventory rec. bur. Inventory rec. for 

Ford dealers. 56895. 
Investigating com. of arch. & eng. : 

Aims & methods, etc. 23349- 

Off. bulletin. 11357, 34465, 47410, 
Investment adv. co. I-S-I, The self- 
supporting estate. 11358. 
Investment bankers & brokers of 

America. 11359, 11360'. 
Investment bankers assn. of America : 
MacGregor (J. W.) Life insur- 
ance & investments. 62794. 
Rice (S. O.) Common sense of 
sound investing, etc. 64414, 
Investment buyers corp. Buried treas- 
ure, etc. 62359, 62360. 
Investors' royalty co. Hilt (F. T.) 

Sworn statement of facts. 62237. 
Invisible color print corp. Invisible 

ans. cross word puzzle bk. 11361. 
Iowa : 

Map. 6506-6508. 1959S-19600, 
29552-29555, 43363, 43364, 54474, 
54475, 60375, 60376. 
Workmen's compensation law, 
Iowa City, la., direct. 62361. 
Iowa druggist weather chart cal. 

Iowa (State univ. of) Dept. of Eng. 
Syllabus for Eng. 47412. 



pt. i, n. s.; v. 22 

Iowa (State Univ. of) extension div. : 
Carpenter (M. F.) la. placement 

exams. 31579, 31580. 
Iowa placement exams. 34467. 
Lapp (C. J.) Iowa placement 

exams. 34897. 
Stoddard (G. D.) la. placement 

exams. 41229H11233. 
Vander Beke (G. E.) la. place- 
ment exams. 41785, 41786. 
Iowa supply co. : 

Ensign (F. C.) Syllabus for a 
first course in the hist, of educa. 
Knight (F. B.) Problems in 
teaching. 34811. 

Syllabus for a first course in 

educa. psychol. 23609-23616. 
Iqbal (M.) Shama aur shair. 62362. 
Ireland (Gordon) Philatelic phi- 
lander. 2045. 
Ireland (L. A.) San Francisco 
printer. 40247-40249, 51973, 59090. 
Ireland, map. 19601. 
Irga grocery stores. Irga stores for 

grocery service. 56S97. 
Iris. 34468. 
Irish (Ann) : 

Dancing man. 18818. 
Go to bed papa. 65537. 
It's all right Jimmie. 655S9. 
Lost sister. 6137. 
Yeh don't say. 43100. 
Irish (G. H.) Pledge of fully paid 

shares. 47413. 
Irish (J. W.) Square deal for dad 

& mother. 2046. 
Irish (T. T. C.) Voice from without. 

Irish (W. E.) New Amer.-Eng. as a 

world lang. 34469. 
Irmler (Karl) Golgatha : Gesteinig- 

ten : Licht urn Elinor. 2S798. 
Iron age pub. co. : 

Elec. goods. 23357. 
Hardware age verified list. 10842. 
Hardware buyers catalog. 33922. 
Iron Mountain, Mich., direct. 11363. 
Iron purefying co. Desulfo. 62363. 
Iron River, Mich., map. 6509. 
Ironall factories. License. 34470, 

Iroquois pub. co., inc. : 

Arnold ( S. L. ) Course of study. 

Clement (A. G.) Lab. guide. 920. 

Student's lab. manual. 45562. 

<?ollister (M. C.) Iroquois science 

note bk. 32026. 
Iroquois geog. note bk. 34472- 

Rabenort (William) City of N. 
Y. geog. note bk. 26658-26661. 
Shew (G. W.) Ans. bk. etc. 
52277. 52278. 

Irpinia Nuova films co. : 

Chiusano San Domenico. 54756. 
Montevergine, Italy. 54839. 
Irvine (Bryan) Mystery & detective 

story. 34476. 
Irving (Elizabeth) Housekeeper's 

bookkeeper. 2047. 
Irving (N. E.) United States, map. 

Irving (Peyton) jr. Victory hist, map 

& outline bk. etc. 38884-38886. 
Irving (W.) forge, inc. Colonial hand 

forged hardware. 56898. 
Irving bank — Columbia trust co. : 

Bus. management for your per- 
sonal affairs. 47414, 47415. 
Cal. 62364. 
Distribution of estates. etc. 

2048, 2049. 
Mid-mo. review of bus. 2758, 
2759, 12808. 24415, 24416, 35983- 
35985, 48757. 48758, 57445. 
New York (City) map. 6593. 
Questions & answers on N. Y. 
state income tax laws. 11364. 
Irving savings bank. Great-oaks 

from little acorns grow. 23358. 
Irwin (F. C.) New way to remove 

superfluous hair. 34477. 
Irwin (I. H.) : 

Indiscriminate kissing. 62365. 
Men's rights, etc. 11365, 11366. 
Irwin (M. B.) Price of selfishness. 

Irwin (S. P.) 111. Sup. ct. 111. 
off. repts. 23246-23255, 62299- 
Irwin (Will) : 

Aeroplane delivery, etc. 23360- 

Can science clarify these mys- 
teries? etc. 34478-34480. 
Pi-Pa-Ki (Story of the lute) 
Irwin, Pa., map. 65868. 
Isaac (E. M.) Eternal huntsman. 

etc. 11367, 11368. 
Isaac (J.) Institutions actuelles de 

la France. 62366. 
Isaac (Raphael) Manual of clinical 

& lab. technic. 59S23. 
Isaacs (E. S.) Light comedy. 53983. 
Isaacson (E. G. S.) Legend. 6123. 
Isenbarger (G. H.) Thanksgiving 

through the ages. 19346. 
Isett (W. C.) Catching up with 

grandma. 60058. 
Ish-Kishor (Sulamith) Friday night 

stories. 56576. 
Island holding co. of Fla. Key Largo, 

map. 6519. 
Island of Oahu auto, direct. 20580. 
Islip, N. Y., map. 29556. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Isnian (Joseph) Miami Beach, N. J., 

map. 65S87. 
Israel (B. Y.) Little house. 11369. 
Ista. 34481. 

Istvan (Zagon) See Zagon (Istvan) 
Italian bk. co. : 

Imbimbo (Gino) Raccolta di 

monologhi drammatici. 23281. 

Mandolinista " La canzonetta." 

Nuove canzoni della Piedigrotta. 

Pennino (F.) Rimpianto. 39255. 
Piedigrotta 1925. 64246. 
Italian chamber of commerce in N. Y. 
Annuario della camera di commercio 
italiana. 7368. 
Itasca, Tex., map. 29557. 
Item-Tribune : 

Ban- (K. W.) Tulane middle 

America explorers. 44516. 
Wright (N. D.) How Bill, the 
bandit, wooed. etc. 18488- 
Itta Bena, Miss., map. 43365. 
Iuka, Miss., map. 43366. 
Ivan (Rosalind) Roma & Michael 

Kent. 19260. 
Ivers & Pond piano co. Practical im- 
provements. 23365. 
Iverson (H. A.) : 

Calumet City. 65411. 
Hist, of Chicago. 18646. 
Ives (A. E.) Famous David Astley. 

Ives (V. S.) Calif's, prayer. 23366. 
Ivey (P. W.) How to sell more beds. 

etc. 11370-11372. 
Izsak (Ignacio) Matriarch. 19106. 
J-G-M service organization. Bankers 

perfected saving plan. 11373. 
Jack (A. D.) Instrs. for using the 

moving picture novelty. 47416. 
Jack (Herbert) Captain Jack's treas- 
ure chest. 56899. 
Jack Frost sales co. Jack Frost ice 

cream. 34482. 
Jackman (W. Y.) Casadelmar topics. 

Jackman's (Win.) sons, inc. Fur 

coat catalog. 34483, 47417. 
Jackson (A. G.) You'd be surprised. 

Jackson (Dwight) Corp. outfits. 

Jackson (Fred) : 

Beginner's luck. 53732. 
Naughty wife. 29022. 
Jackson (G. P.) Jackson (G. P.) & 

co. comp. Tax cal. 23367. 
Jackson (Harrison) Mr. Eddy joe 

Weddingbell. 28997. 
Jackson (J. A.) Twilight. 60296. 

Jackson (Joseph) Development of 
Amer. architecture. 2050, 11374, 

Jackson (M. H.) : 

Corp. outfits. 47418. 
Erskine (R. N.) Jackson loose 
leaf. 9831. 
Jackson (Maria) Wild bull's lair. 

Jackson (Mark) Salt. 19269. 
Jackson (W. Hr) co. Jackson win- 
dows of bronze. 47419. 
Jackson (Walter) Financing the 

church. 9177. 
Jackson, Mich., direct. 62367. 
Jackson, Miss., map. 43367. 
Jackson, O., map. 43368. 
Jackson Co., Fla., map. 43369. 
Jackson furniture co. Bldg. an inst., 
not a money making machine. 
Jackson Heights, N. Y., map. 29558. 
Jacksonville, Fla., direct. 34485. 
Jacksonville, Fla., map. 43370-43375.- 
Jacksonville, 111., map. 19602. 
Jacksonville, N. C, map. 29559. 
Jacob (B. E.) Natl, forensic league. 

Constitution. 49059. 
Jacob (C. F.) Freshman Eng. 47421. 
Jacob (John) Happiness & health in 

Christ. 23369. 
Jacobs (C. M.) : 

As it was in the beginning. 5923. 
Hunchback. 6094. 
One-two-three for Christmas. 
Jacobs (E. C.) Jacobs' fractio-meters. 

Jacobs (E. R.) Spring. 42990. 
Jacobs (H. H.) Creation. 23476. 
Jacobs (H. M.) Watch hospital. 

Jacobs (Joseph) Typewriting speed 

computing table. 11376. 
Jacobs (Jules) Hunchback. 6094. 
Jacobs (O. H.) Jeanette. 56900. 
Jacobs & Chaney new Mich, digest. 

2051, 23370, 34487. 
Jacobsen-Hodgkinson corp. : 

Adams (F. R.) Stage-struck. 

Browning (Tod) Mocking bird. 

Mack (Willard) Old clothes. 

Schrock (R. L.) Calgary stam- 
pede. 64583. 
Weber (Robert) Pace that thrills. 

Wilson (Carey) Midshipman. 
Jacobsen pub. co. : 

Classified direct, of shoe mfrs. 

Classified direct, of tanners. S886. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Jacobsen pub. co. — Continued. 

Cobb (H. P.) Sboe factory or- 
ganization & management. 
8955, 8959, 21671-21677, 31944- 
Palmer (R. A.) Better lighting. 
4156-4162, 15462-15465. 
Jacobson (Leopold) : 

Chocolate soldier. 18787. 
Tatjana. 19340. 
Jacobus (J.) See Druce (J. J.) 
Jacoby (H. C.) Love's sacrifice. 

Jacquemaire (M. C.) Juliette. 11377. 
Jacques (Norbert) Mensch gegen 

mensch. 34488. 
Jacquet (Lloyd) Eagle radio bk. 

Jacquet (Nie) Noces de Mioara. 

Jacquin ( — ) Brothers-in-law. 62368- 

• Jaeger (Oswald) baking co. : 

First of weekly prize winners. 

etc. 23371-23382. 
Grand prize winners, etc. 34490- 

Money, money, money. etc, 
11378, 11379. 
Jager aus Kurpfalz. 34494, 62371. 
Jaenicken (F. H.) co. Hall (J. N.) 

Bk. of the presidents. 62109. 
Jaffa (M. Z.) Divine sinner. 28684. 
Jaffe (Sam) : 

Greenwich Village twins. 28810. 
Lehsaneh taikef. 53975. 
Jagendorf (M.) : 

Fairyland & footlights. 53843. 
Farce of the worthy Master 
Pierre Patelin. 18881. 
Jager-Schmidt (Valentine) Charly. 

Jahn & Oilier engraving co. Excel- 
lence in schl. anns. 2052. 
Jaloux (Edmond) O toi que j'eusse 

aimee. 47422. 
James (A. A. S.) Goodness knows. 

James (A. L.) : 

Movie mad. 54049. 
Tony, the peddler. 54237. 
James (Charles) : 

Harbinger. 53900. 
Jew & gentile. 53949. 
James (D. L.) Seed. 19279. 
James (E. L.) : 

Allied arms note ready for Ber- 
lin, etc. 2053-2084. 
Allied ministers see Baldwin. 

Allied note calls on Reich. 23383- 

Allies act swiftly, etc. 62372- 

Allies prepare reply to Germany. 

etc. 11380-11455. 
Amundsen back safe. etc. 34495- 

League jubilant over Balkan 
peace. 56902-56905. 
James (E. P.) Mr. Montgomery. 

James (F. B.) pseud. See Mitchell 

James (F. H.) For you & I. 60117. 
Jrfmes (Francis) Robinsons basques. 

James (G. O.) : 

Flowers & candles. 65528. 
Tombstones & grass. 54235. 
James (Grace) Cucumber king. 6000. 
James (P. W.) : 

Knowledge gained. 56906. 
Short topics of interest. 11456. 
James (R. W.) Dog-heaven. 47469. 
James (S. H.) Code of ethics. 11457. 
James (Will) : 

Cattle men & cattle thieves, etc. 

34539, 34540. 

Taming the savage steer. 47470. 

James (William) D. S. B. S. co. 

Daily summarized balancing system. 


James & Manchester co. Perils of 

Jonah. 47471. 
James-Sanford agency. Nashville, 
Tenn. Confidential merchant's ref. 
James supply co. Mill, mine, factory, 
plumbing, contractors', railroad sup- 
plies. 2085. 
Jameson (A. A.) Camp Dixie for 

boys. etc. 11458, 11459. 
Jameson (Blizzard) Never. 23416. 
Jameson (H. F.) Beauty. 62401- 

Jameson (R. P.) Cercle frangais. 

Jameson (S. W.) co. Better hydrated 

lime. 56907. 
Jamestown upholstery co., inc. Shrine 

of the home. 56908. 
Jamieson (Raymond ) Twilight. 

Jamison (A. B.) : 

Medical tabloid suggestions. 

Tabloid sermonettes. 2086. 
Janalene, inc. Confidential instrs. for 
Janalene representatives, etc. 
Janesville, Wis., direct. 208S. 
Janesville fence & post co. Dealers 

dividend benefit plan. 47472. 
Jans productions, inc. : 

Ermine and rhinestones. 60504. 
Mad dancer. 6904. 
Janson (A. R.) Patrol stunts. 57227. 
Japan, map. 19603. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Jaqua co. Jaqua way. 34541, 47473, 

47474, 56909. 
Jardineaux (H. Q.) Ears in the 

walls. 28703. 
Jaro (P. S.) pseud. See Skalicky 

(J. P.) 
Jarolimek (J. O.) Jarol's auto-oil-o- 

graph. 47475. 
Jarrett (C. H.) Letter to Alice. 

Jasonville, Ind., map. 29560. 
Jasper, Ala., map. 54476. 
Jasper, Mo., map. 6510. 
Jasspon (E. R.) Ritual & dramatized 
' folkways* 42946*. 
Jay (A. S.) Kiwanis booster song. 

Jay (Harriett) Strange adventures 

of Miss Brown. 29389 (10) 
Jay (John) co. Save money. 47476. 
Jaycox (Emma) Washburne indi- 
vidual arith. bks. 41966-41970. 
Jayne (D. A.) : 

Key flower. 53648. 
Yourself for service.. 56910. 
Jean (Albert) Etrange epouse du pro- 

fesseur Stierbecke. 28721. 
Jeanne (Rene) : 

FantSme du Moulin-rouge. 34543. 
Paris. 11462. 
Terre promise. 23421. 
Jeannette, Pa., map. 65869. 
Jeans (Roland) : 
Fate. 60110. , 
X Ray dialogue. 60314. 
Jeans (Roland) : 

Chariot revue sketches. 53768. 
Kiss cure. 60155. 
Off the lines. 65670. 
Sundry sketches. 6304. 
Jebb (H. I.) : 

Akron, O., map. 54318. 
Cleveland, O., map. 60340, 60341. 
Jebb's city realtors sales manual, 
etc. 53649-53652. 
Jed pub. co. Eat & be well. etc. 

23422, 23423. 
Jeep (H. A.) Diagnostic test in long 

division. 23424, 23425. 
Jefferson (H. M.) : 

Payroll administration. 34544. 
Training office employees. 11463. 
Jefferson, Wis., map. 43376. 
Jefferson City, Mo., direct. 34545. 
Jefferson Co., Ky., map. 54477. 
Jefferson Co., Neb., direct. 2089. 
Jeffery (J. F.) Elem. math, for metal 

workers. 47477. 
Jeffery (W. R.) jr. Easter light & 
Calvary the wonder of wonders. 
Jeffrey mfg. co. : 

Equipment for concentrated min- 
ing, etc. 11464-11467. 

Jeffrey belt conveyors. etc. 

Jeffrey double roll crushers. 

Jeffrey portable scraper conveyor. 

etc. 2090-2092. 
Jeffrey 35B. 47478. 
Jelen (A: A.) Where is God's coun- 
try? 47479. 
Jelf (A. M.) Misunderstood. 2093. 
Jell-0 co., inc. Jell-O. etc. 11468, 

11469, 34551, 34552. 
Jenbach (Bela) Paganini. 60212. 
Jenkins (Burke) Lady Robinhood. 

Jenkins (C. F.) High speed motion 

studies. 60518. 
Jenkins (Frank) Supreme circle of 

mystic defenders. Ritual. 59652. 
Jenkins (H. A.) True story at Yule- 
tide. 11470. 
Jenkins (W. C.) Lombard. 34554. 
Jenks (A. E.) : 

Cranberry bogs of Cape Cod. 

How the Slavs came to Europe. 
Jenks, Gwynne & co. Ten yr. cotton 

statement. 56911. 
Jennings (Clyde) Auto, salesman- 
ship. 34556. 
Jennings (G. E.) Oh, these authors! 

Jennings pub. co., inc. : 

Carson (C. L.) Pupils' outlines 

for home study. 51646. 
Knowlton (D. C.) U. S. hist. 

Miller (G. J.) Pupils' outlines 
for home study. 24460, 51646. 
Jeno (Heltai) Arcok es alarcok. 

Jensen (C. E.) : 

Eugenia's secret. 602S. 
True love versus the divorce 
courts. 6336. 
Jensen (Carl) Carl's victorious lung 

balsam. 11471. 
Jensen (G. A.) Ourselves. 19183. 
Jergens (Andrew) co. : 

Among Philadelphia debutantes. 

etc. 34557-34562. 
At the Lake Placid club. etc. 

62434, 62435. 
At the Ritz-Carlton. etc. 47480- 

Begin today. 11472. 
One hundred & eighty leading ac- 
tresses, etc. 56912. 56913. 
Jergensen (S. M. C.) A. R. B. adv. 

rec. bk. 11473. 
Jeritza (Maria) : 

Charm of a musical speaking 
voice, etc. 56914-56923. 

92643— 2€ 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Jeritza (Maria) — Continued. 

Choose perfume to express your 
individuality. etc. 47485- 
How to be slender, etc. 62436- 

You & your beauty. 2095-2108, 
11474-11505, 23428-23449, 34563- 
Jer^ev central power & light co., map. 

Jersey City, N. J., direct. 34596. 
Jersey Jour., Jersey City. Predicts 

finding of ruins. 23450. 
Jesse (F. T.) Pelican. 54099. 
Jesseman (H. H.) My love divine. 

etc. 23451. 23452. 
Jessop (J. E.j Outline of course in 

arith. 62067. 
Jetter (F. J.) Chewy sedan. 2109. 
Jevons (T. S.) : 

Mary Smith. 19104. 
Sir Anthony. 19293. 
Jewel elec. instrument co. Catalog. 

Jewel tea co. inc. Manual of branch 

management. 34597. 
Jewelers' circular pub. co. Jewelers' 

circular buyers' direct. 34598. 
Jewell (E. A.) Post passes. 34599. 
Jewels. 23453-23457. 
Jewett (B. S.) Picture-story bk. 

Jewett (H. M.) Using psychology to 

sell cars. 34600. 
Jewett, O., map. 6511. 
Jewett radio & phonograph co. : 

Jewett cone. etc. 47509-47520, 

Jewett micro-dial. etc. 62442- 

Now the Jewett receiver. 34601. 
Jewish-Eng. weekly cal. 47521. 
Jewish theological seminary of Amer- 
ica. Certificate of membership. 
Jewish welfare board : 
His children. 18966. 
House divided. 18982. 
Invader. 19001. 
Lex talionis. 19047. 
Old order. 19168. 
Under-dog. 19398. 
Jex (G. W.) Social intelligence test. 

Jex (John) How the sea finds its 

level. 28S51. 
Jiggitts (L. M.) Hayseed letters. 

Jimeney (J. U.) Decalogo univer. 

etc. 34602, 34603. 
Jimenez (Joaquin) Que pasa en 
Cadiz? 6234. 

Jobb (Frank) Jobb aluminum co. 
Complete aluminum combination. 
Jobbers bur. ^Des Moines, Chamber 
of commerce) See Des Moines, 
Chamber of commerce. Jobbers 
Jobber's handbk. 47523. 
Jobling (Richard) At last! 11507. 
Jochelman (Emmanuel) Adam Soli- 
taire. 42479. 
Jochmus (A. C.) City of Monterey. 

Jockey club. Amer. stud bk. 23458. 
Joe (A. M.) Joe (M. I. G.) When 

I pass on. 34604. 
Johaneson (Bland) My Argentine. 

Johann (Zita) Wolf-wolf. 54304. 
John Hancock mutual life insur. co. : 
Carlton (M. M.) Captain John 
Smith, etc. 732. 

John Marshall. 8552. 

Lewis & Clark, pathfinders of 

the great Northwest. 45320. 
John Hancock home budget. 

47524. 62455. 
John Quincy Adams, etc. 34605, 

Life insur. 11508. 
Nome diphtheria epidemic, etc. 
23459, 23460. 
John service, inc. Survey of retail 

sales. 2111. 
Johns Hopkins press. Sir Thomas 

More. 6272*. 
Johns-Manville, inc. : 

Asbestos roofer. etc. 23461- 

23465, 55116-55118. 60829. 
Hand out. 22932, 22933, 56686, 

56687, 62122. 
Houses are easy to sell. etc. 

34607, 34608. 
Johns-Manville asbestos built-up 

roofing, [etc.] 47525, 47526. 
Power specialist. 58848, 58849. 
Red Band. 58902, 58903, 64378. 
Johnson (A. B.) Larsson (M. F.) 

All yr. gift bk. 2260. 
Johnson (A. T.) For liberty. 42625. 
Johnson (Alan) Ans. bk. 2112. 
Johnson (Alfred) skate co. : 

Alfred's adv. schedule.' 62456. 
Alfred's famous tubular skate. 

etc. 23466, 23467, 56925. 
Alfred's Ice king skate & shoe 

outfit. 11509. 
Bundesen (H. N.) Skate for 
health. 61123. 
Johnson (B. A.) Through European 

car windows. 11510, 62457. 
Johnson (B. C.) : 

City of Peking, China. etc. 

City of Rome. etc. 56926, 56927. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Contents of the tomb of King 
Tutankhamen. etc. 47527- 
Fuel problems in other lands, etc. 

In the footprints of Paul. etc. 

Jordan Valley, etc. 23468-23471. 
Methods of travel in other lands, 
etc. 2113-2115. 
Johnson (C. F.) Gravity. 23472. 
Johnson (C. F. ) & co. Million dol- 
lar bargain catalog. 2116. 
Johnson (C. H.) : 

Best Christmas ever. etc. 62463, 

Storries agency, inc. Yuletide 

disaster. 64853. 
World rubber co. Certain to 
please gift-tires. 65318. 
Johnson (C. L.) New collection of 

notes. 56928. 
Johnson (D. H.) Toy store arith. 

seatwork. 56929. 
Johnson (E. B.) inc. Tank level con- 
trols. 34613. 
Johnson (E. M.) Self -checking silent 
reading comprehension test. 47530- 
Johnson (Eads) inc. Johnson's steam 

vessels. 34612. 
Johnson (Emilie) Last ed. 34614. 
Johnson (F. A.) Only a country girl. 

Johnson (F. B.) Little Olive Claude 

Chitwood. 2117. 
Johnson (F. G.) : 

Abie's confessions. 53687. 
Dumb Dora. 53823. 
Peaches. 60217. 
What you got. 43078. 
Johnson (F. L.) Mirage. 1925, 36088. 
Johnson (F. S.) Manual of income 
tax procedure. See Castenholz 
(W. B.) 
Johnson (Freddie) Lucky Sambo. 

Johnson (G. E.) Desire. 11515. 
Johnson (Gilbert) Light of the 

world. 62465. 
Johnson (Gladys) Cake-eaters. 34615. 
Johnson (Gustaf E.) Suggestion for 

Union station. 11516. 
Johnson (H'. H.) Johnson (M. M.) co. 
Famous old trusty incubator & 
brooder. 56933. 
Johnson (H. M.) : 
Alone. 34616. 

Just you. etc. 47534, 47535. 
Silver lining. 56930. 
Johnson (H. T.) Irish luck. 28877. 
Johnson (J. A.) Salesman"s protec- 
tor. 23473. 
Jonhson (J. F.) Organized bus. bldg. 

Johnson (J. G.) : 

Composed of navigation. 62466, 

Great Lakes improvement. 2118, 

Proposed system of plans. 56931, 

Johnson (J. S.) Short course in bee 

culture. 23474. 
Johnson (L. A.) : 

Girl's expense acct. 23475. 
My expense acct. 56932. 
Johnson (L. E.) : 

All run down. 42485. 
Her step-husband. 53913. 
It can't toe done. 53937. 
Mummy & the mumps. 42847, 
Johnson (M. E.) Echoes. 60098. 
Johnson (M. H.) Johnson's health 

director. 34619. 
Johnson (M. M.) : 

Franklin bldg.-loan assn. 22629, 
Soul's lang. 34618. 
Famous old trusty incubator & 
brooder. 56933. 
Johnson (M. P.) Menace. 42824. 
Johnson (M. S.) : 

Oklahoma, map. 6618. 
United States, map. 29784. 
Johnson (M. T.) : 

Pilgrim maiden's dream. 19219. 
Rural community plays. 54148. 
Johnson (Margaret) Everyday. 

Johnson (N. C.) Concrete surface 

corp. Surfacing concrete. 55712. 
Johnson (O. M.) Capitalism vs. so- 
cialism. 2119,, 2120, 11517-11530 
Johnson (Otto) : 

Columbus 406.' 42560. 
Debut of Mrs. McKay. 42577, 
Mc Gonigle in China. 28951. 
Johnson (R. E.) ptg. co. Allied bus, 

credits collectogram. 34620. 
Johnson (R. U.) Opera box. 42884. 
Johnson ( S. C. ) & Son. Wood finishing 

job. 62467-62474. 
Johnston (T. T.) West. 62475. 
Johnson (W. E.) Geog. of S. D. 

Johnson (W. P.) Test & study spell- 
ing tablet. 23481. 
Johnson & Higgins. Instrs. & sugges- 
tions. 23482. 
Johnson & Johnson : 

Cotton & gauze in surgery. 11531, 
Handbk. of ligatures. 23483. 
Modern belladonna plaster. 47537, 
Johnson & Wildnauer. Get the hook, 

Johnson City, N. Y„ direct. 30S68. 
Johnson City, N. Y., map. 29561. 
Johnson Co., la., direct. 62361. 
Johnson-Cowdin-Emmerich, inc. Rib- 
bon message from Johnson-Cowdin- 
Emmerich. 11532. 
Johnson-Fox co. Fox power. 11533, 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Johnson gear co. Gear facts. 56934. 
Johnson land & timber co. Houghton 

Lake forest. 23484. 
Johnson motor co. More power. 2121. 
Johnson pub. co. : 

Goodyear (N. A.) Tableau synop- 
tique des verbes ■ frangais. 
Schneider (L. M.) Health exer- 
cises for beginners. 27131. 

Self-checking seat work. 

59098, 64575. 
Williams (R. O.) .Twenty sug- 
gested silent reading games. 
Withers (Sarah) Teachers man- 
ual. 42233. 
Johnson twins. Exam, chart. 11534. 
Johnsone (Otto) Bird-man. 53741. 
Johnston (Ben) Randolph Co., Ark., 

map. 54599. 
Johnston (Calvin) Allie Mc Call. 

Johnston (D. M.) Come to Calif. 

Johnston (E. M.) Syllabus of an ad- 
dress. 33439. 
Johnston ( F. E. ) : 

Baby's weight. 23485. 
Gibraltar savings & bldg. assn. 
What successful men say. 
Johnston (H. R. ) Common sense rac- 
ing system. 23486. 
Johnston (R. F.) paint co. Johnston's 
krakno enamel system. 47538, 
Johnston (T. A.) 25 safety first shots. 

Johnston (T. T.) Lake with the 

beautiful name. 53653. 
Johnston (W. G.) Off. list prices of 

beveling, etc. 2122, 2123. 
Johnston bros. co. Complete course 

of instr. 34623. 
Johnstone (W. C.) Mill ward mystery. 

Johnstown, Pa., direct. 11535. 
Johst (Hans) Frohliche stadt. 

Joint exhibition bd. of the Philadel- 
phia chapter, A. I. A. & the T Square 
club. See A. I. A. & the T Square 
club (Joint exhibition bd. of the 
Philadelphia chapter) 
Joint rules com. representing the Ama- 
teur athletic union, the Natl, col- 
legiate athletic assn. & the Y. M. 
C. A. Spalding's off. basketball 
guide. 52545. 
Joliet, 111., direct. 34624. 
Joliet Evening Herald-News, Joliet, 
111. Mystery brick contest. 34625. 
Joliet natl. bank. Our savings letter. 

Off. list. 2352, 34978. 
Contemporary democ- 




Joliet township high schl. Joliet rat- 
ing scale. 2124. 
Jomal (Ira) pseud. See O'Malley (I. 

Jones (Abner) Abner Jones clothier. 

11537, 23487. 

Jones (B. T.) 

Jones (C. A.) 

racy. 47540. 

Jones (C. E.) : 

Jones brass & iron specialty co. 
All brass . fixture parts. 34635. 

Issue no. 24. 2128. 

Jones (F. D.) : 

Jones picture card primer, etc. 

Jones' self-correcting problems. 
11538, 11539. 
Jones (F. R.) : 

Alaska. Workmen's compensation 
law. 30097. 

Arizona. Workmen's 
tion law. 60797. 

California. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 31498. 

Colorado. Workmen' 
tion law. 32695. 

Connecticut. Workmen' 
sation law. 32161. 

Ga. Workmen's compensation 
law. 46744. 

Idaho. Workmen's compensation 
law. 34330. 

Illinois. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 47295. 

Ind. Workmen's compensation 
law. 23285. 

Iowa. Workmen's compensation 
law. 34466. 

Louisiana. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 62739. 

Maine. Workmen's compensation 
law. 35561. 

Mass. Workmen's compensation 
law. 35654. 

Michigan. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 35960. 

Minn. Workmen's compensation 
law. 36084. 

Mo. Workmen's compensation 
law. 24493. 

Montana. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 24506. 

Nevada. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 36628. 

N. J. Workmen's compensation 
law. 24746. 

N. Y. Workmen's compensation 
law. 24752. 

North Dakota. Workmen's com- 
pensation law. 38954. 

Ohio. Workmen's compensation 
law. 39023. 

Okl. Workmen's compensation 
law. 64127. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Oregon. Workmen's compensation 

law. 26191. 
Pa. Workmen's compensation 

law. 39258. 
Porto Rico. Workmen's compen- 
sation law. 51327. 
Rhode Island. Workmen's com- 
pensation law. 39856. 
South Dakota. Workmen's com- 
pensation law. 40890. 
Tennessee. Workmen's compen- 
sation law. 41538. 
Texas. Workmen's compensation 

law. 27790. 
United States, map. 60453. 
Utah. Workmen's compensation 

law. 41777. 
Vermont. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 27996. 
Virginia. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 28004. 
West Va. Workmen's compensa 

tion law. 42041. 
Wisconsin. Workmen's compen- 
sation law. 42221. 
Wyoming. Workmen's compensa- 
tion law. 42366. 
Jones (F. T.) : 

Algebra answers. 11540. 
Participation of the public schls. 
Jones (H. A.) : 

Representative plays. 6239*. 
Rogues comedy. 65803 (4) 
Jones (H. C.) Ballad of the camera 

man. 56936. 
Jones (H. F.) : 

Blue bk. of Brookline, 

Blue bk. of Cambridge, 

Blue bk. of Newton, Mass. 55322. 
Cape & South Shore blue bk. 
Jones (H. P.) Song of the shrubs. 

Jones (I. H.) Breath of comfort. 

Jones (J. S.) People's lawyer. 

Jones (Jack) Rec. bk. 34631. 
Jones (M. B.) Easter story. 2126. 
Jones (O. E.) Rate manual for resi- 
dence burglary. 11541. 
Jones (P. S.) co. Jones (P. S.) 

Jingle. 62477. 
Jones (R. F.) Non-technical sum- 
mary of research. 11542. 
Jones (R. R.) Unbeatable game. 

JOnes (Ralph E.) Acme home deci- 
mal index. 11543. 
Jones (Robert E.) Dairying in Calif, 
etc. 11544-11545. 

Jones (S. A.) Lumber lore for home 

builders. 34632. 
Jones (T. A. D.) Supreme football 

strategies. 2127. 
Jones (T. G.) After the wedding. 

Jones (Teddy) Live for me. 65617. 
Jones (Tom) co. City auto repair 

co. Auto. sale. 21611, 21612. 
Jones (W. F.) : 

Instructive counterfeit money 

guide. 11546. 
Jones complete course. 34633. 
Jones (William) Harp of Zion. 

34634. ; 
Jones & Lamson machine co. Prob- 
lems of your shop. 11547. 
Jones & Laughlin steel Corp. Useful 

information for bus. men. 62478. 
Jones brass & iron specialty co. : 
All brass fixture parts. 34635. 
Issue no. 24. 2128. 
Jones bros. co., inc. : 

Plan for increasing your sales. 

To mark the place with beauty 
forever. 56937. 
Jonesboro, La., map. 6512. 
Jonesport, Me., map. 65870. 
Joplin, Mo., direct. 2129 r 
Joplin supply co. Catalog. 23489. 
Jordan (A. B.) Truth about Florida. 

Jordan (E. B.) Catholic high schl. 

tests. 23490, 23491. 
Jordan (E. S.) : 

Edward S. Jordan's reasons. 

Where do we go from here? 
Jordan (Elizabeth) : 

Dillingham's little comedy. 

Sally & her black knight. 11548. 

Jordan (J. P.) Solutions to prob- 
lems. 56938. 

Jordan (John) From dust to dawn. 

Jordan (Kate) See Vermilye (K. J.) 

Jordan (Leslie) Help yourself. 

Jordan (Raymond) Lambkin. 34880. 

Jordan (S. H.) Mineralife. 56939. 

Jordan (S. N.) Down to home. 

Jordan (T. B.) Hist, cut-out sil- 
houettes. 34638. 

Jordan (W. D.) Acctg. 47542. 

Jordan (X) pub. co. Nieudale kon- 
kury. 54066. 

Jordan pub. co. Toulouse (J. H.) 
Jim & Joe adventure. 53001-53003. 

Jordeau (Jean) inc.: 

Berthe (Madame) Ab-sent. etc. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Jordeau (Jean) inc. — Continued. 

Berthe (Madame) Excerpts from 

a lecture. 60967. 
Men, if you have more hair than 
you need. 34639. 
Jorgensen (C. H.) Adventures of 

Touslehead. 2130. 
Josemont. 23492. 
Joseph (Edmund) Woman who 

double-crossed herself. 29373. 
Joseph (Frank) Outline lessons on 

modern spiritualism. 23493. 
Joseph (T. S.) Unknown prince. 

Josephson (Anna) Sacrifice. 6255. 
Josephson (Sam) Complete instrs. 

for back seat drivers. 23494. 
Josephson (Z. D.) Between the acts. 

Josky (Felix) Blau stunde. 2S563. 
Joubert (Joseph) Thoughts on the 

meaning of life. 23495. 
Jouey (— de) Vestale. 60300. 
Jouglet (Rene) Professor imaginatif. 

Journal co. : 

Behind the boudoir door. etc. 

62485, 624S(>. 
Milwaukee. List of Milwaukee 

druggists, etc. 63062, 63063. 
Milwaukee, Wis., map. 19660, 

Milwaukee journal tour club. 
Call of the open road. etc. 
63064, 63065. 
Wisconsin, map. 19842, 19843, 
Journal of accountancy, inc. Korner 
(J. G.) jr. Practice before the 
U. S. bd. of tax appeals. 34844. 
Journal ptg. co. : 

Minneapolis Jour. Little green 
pebble. 36083. 

Minneapolis jour. 2790. 

Joy (Leatrice) My biggest thrill. 

Joy (W. A.) Hyjo plan. 56940. 
Joyce (L. C.) jr. Joyce on the Black 

Horse. 47545. 
Joyce (Solly) Keeper Joyce in 

animanology. 42470. 
Joyner (Safrona) Fun for all. etc. 

34642. 34643. 
Judd ( A. C. ) New England, map. 

Judd (M: A.) Judd (M. A. C.) 

Radius of beauty. 23496. 
Judge (J. J.) Acrostic. 23497. 
Judge (J. P.) : 

Bridal suite. 42536. 
Gold-digger. 42648. 
Love test. 42788. 
Square crooks. 42991. 
Judge (W. E.i : 

Illinois, map. 43357. 

Kansas, map. 43380. 
Missouri, map. 60399. 
San Francisco, Calif., map. 
Judson (E. C.) Florman (Irving) co. 

Hurleur. 56484. 
Judson health center. Measuring the 

work of a health center. 34644. 
Judy (W. S.) : 

Printer. 23498. 

Ten commandments of personal 
efficiency. 23499. 
Judy pub. co. : 

Judy (W. S.) Printer. 23498. 
Ten commandments of per- 
sonal efficiency. 23499. 
Kollet (Fred) Training the po- 
lice dog. 11719. 
Lederer (Charles) Cartooning 
made easy. 11914. 
Juengst (W. W. ) Mad campaign. 

Juillerat (E. L.) : 

Captivating widow. 42547. 
Embers. 42599. 
Yin Fa (The poppy) 43103. 
Juilliard (A. D.) & co., inc. Royal 
cord fabrics for automobiles. 34645. 
Julian petroleum corp. Julian co-op- 
erative club. Julian co-operative 
club. etc. 11549, 11550. 
Juliette, Ga., map. 19604. 
Jull (J. C.) Bulldog, 1925. 31330. 
Junction City, Kan., map. 5447S. 
June (C. S.) Fifty famous sky 

stories. 62487. 
Jung (Leo) Essence of Judaism. 

Jung (P. C.) System of labor con- 
trol. 47546. 
Jung arch brace co. Stop foot pains 

in 10 minutes. 11551. 
Jungbrunnen-verlag. Fiinf englein 

kommen gesungen. 65531. • 
Juniata. Pa., map. 65871. 
Junior anchor. 2132, 56941. 
Junior league of New Haven. Jr. 
league of New Haven nautical bal 
cabaret. 23500. 
Junior league of Reading. Jr. league 

revue. 11552. 
Jus. Me pseud. See North (T. L.) 
Juschkewitseh (Semen) Sonkln und 

der bauptreffer. 29212. 
Just folks. See Morris (L. Thomson) 
Justi (H. D.) & son. Tooth bonus 

guarantee. 56942. 
Justice (W. M.) Hills of old K-Y. 

Justice pub. co. Justice. 23501, 

Justin (Bro.) Memento to St. Ther- 
esa. 62488. 
Justus (Kathryn) Just us. etc 
11553. 11554. 



mos. 1-12, 1925 

Justus Liebig's Annalen der Chemie. 
11555, 23502, 23503, 34647, 62489- 
• 62492. 
Juvenile color bk. co. Prize color 

contest. 2133. 
Juvenile wood products, inc. Baby's 
_ health. 23504. 

K F I radio central super-station. 
Advance program. 11556, 34648- 
34660, 47548-47557, 62493-62500. 
Kaasen (S. A.) : ■ 

Redondo Beach, Hermosa, & Man- 
hattan Beaches, Calif., direct. 
San Marino, Calif., direct. 64731. 
South Pasadena, Calif., direct. 
Kable Spalding co. : 

Barnhart (W. L.) Do not expect 
him to decide. etc. 44502- 

Perfect sincerity. 252. 

Hermann (E. P.) Confident 

salesmanship. etc. 56744, 


Stott (R. G.) Salesman supreme. 


Kahler (J.) ed. Waggon-industrie- 

code. 62501. 
Kagor productions, inc. Sackcloth 

and scarlet. 20142. 
Kahler (Mrs. A. H.) Heart poems. 

Kahn (Alfred) : 

From Shanghai to Gibraltar. 

How millionaires are made. 

Singer & the song. 6272. 
Kahn (H. W.) : 

Minunka Bunk. 54033. 
Miss-management. 19115. 
Kahn (J. L.) Katz shoes have nine 

lives. 47558. 
Kahn (M. S.) Shake hands with H. 

A. McCarrie. 56943. 
Kaiser (Georg) : 
Gats. 28776. 
Gilles & Jeanne. 18923. 
Nebeneinander. 19139. 
Kalama, Wash., map. 19605. 
Kalamazoo, Mich., map. 19606. 
Kalamazoo sanitary mfg. co. : 

Kal & San use the plan. 23505, 

47559, 47560. 
Kalamazoo s a n i t a r y-vitreous 
chinaware. etc. 11557, 34662, 
Thompson (Cliff) Kalamazoo 
sanitary vitreous-chinaware. 
etc. 41552, 41553. 
Kalamazoo state hospital. Mental 

hygiene clinic. 2134. 
Kalat (R. E.) Kalat system. 34666. 
Kalidasa. Sakuntala. 60246. 

Kalisch (D.) Einer von unsere leut. 

Kalish (Bertha) Life of Bertha 

Kalish. 34667. 
Kalispell, Mont., direct. 47561. 
Kallen (J. J.) Patches. 29088. 
Kallesser (Michael) : 

Bed & board. 18720. 
Golden fly. 28795. 
Romantic youth. 54138. 
Whirlwind. 43081. 
Kalman (Harry) Who are you? 

Kalmanowitz (Harry) : 
Business. 42539. 
Father's advice. 18885. 
Noah's fortunes. 54068. 
Kaloria (J. B.) Christus triumpha- 

tor. 53777. 
Kaltenbach (W. F.) Bay nursery. 

Gen. instrs. for planting. 7571. 
Kamban (Guclmuncler) 0rkenens 

stjerner. 54076*. 
Kamerman (J. H.) Checkerboard. 

Karnes (F. A.) Uhrengewerbe. 

Kaminsky (E. Halperine-) See Hal- 

perine-Kaminsky (E.) 
Kampffmeyer (Paul) Erste deutsche 

revolution. 62503. 
Kandel (Abraham) We want free- 
dom. 54278. 
Kandul pub. co. Chicago, 111., map. 

Kane (Dominic) Ti Juana. 34668. 
Kane (Eddie) Two loose eggs. 

Kane (Mrs. F. J.) Suggested plan. 

Kane (J. F.) Call of outdoors, etc. 

23506, 23507. 
Kankakee, 111., direct. 34669. 
Kankakee Daily News: 
It can be done. 34670. 
Kankakee as a trading center, 
etc. 23508-23510. 
Kann (S.) sons co. Humming bird 

cross word puzzle. 2135. 
Kansas, map. 6513, 19607-19609, 

29562, 29563, 43378-43381, 54480, 

Kansas City, Kan., direct. 23511. 
Kansas City, Mo. : 
Direct. 34671. 
Map. 29564, 43382, 60377. 
Kansas City, Mo. Chamber of Com- 
merce. What Kansas City makes 

& sells to the world. 47562. 
Kansas City hay co. Ship to tb^ 

Kansas City hay co. 47563. 
Kansas City manuscript pub. co. Last 

(G. G.) According to your faith. 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Kansas City power & light co., map. 

Kansas City pump co.. inc. Plumbing 

catalogue. 23512. 
Kansas City Star : 

As if you'd rubbed Aladdin's 

lamp. etc. 11559-11563. 
Auto. & garages, etc. 23513- 

Here's August's best news story. 

etc. 34672-34676. 
Route lists of drug stores. 26957. 
Route lists of grocery stores. 

Route lists of hardware & furni- 
ture stores. 40046. 
Kansas City telep. co. Telep. direct. 

11564, 34677. 
Kansas druggist weather chart cal. 

Kansas electric power co., map. 43383. 
Kansas ice & storage co. Grain fed 

eggs. 11565. 
Kanstoroom (D. S.) : 

Home of health. 56945. 
Pain & suffering. 47564. 
Repair the wear of your body 
with Endolin. 23523. 
Kaough (R. M.) co., inc. Catalogue. 

Kapitiin Ehrhardt. 11566. 
Kaplan (R. M.) Diet, of printed 

ideas. 35546. 
Kaplan (S.) & co. Diamond, etc. 

f, 3525 23526 
Kaplowitt (J. A.) Purim play. 65701. 
Kapp (J. F.) Premature old age in 

women. 11567. 
Kappa alpha order. Alumni founda- 
tion bul. 47565. 
Kappus (F. X.) Frau des kiinstlers. 

Karagheusian (A. & M.) inc. Hei*ati 

rugs. 11568, 47566. 
Karanicholas (Harry) New radio- 
theatre announcer. 23527. 
Karczag (W.) Revanche. 65708. 
Kardex co. Angle brings every name 

in sight, etc 11569-11585. 
Kardex inst. Lighting for greater 

production, etc. 34678, 34679. 
Karinthy (Frederick) Drama. 65508, 

Karnes (W. H.) 

art. 62506. 
Karoly (Bakonyi) 

Karolyi (Countess) Countess 

olyi's own story. 62507. 
Karr (Alexander) 

Karsten kafeteria. 

health. 34680. 
Karwoski (Theodore) 

preciation. 21590. 

Key to landscape 

See Bakonyi 


Florida's future. 

Speed — & the natl. 

Test in art ap- 

Kase (C. R.) Spectrum. 40977. 
Kaser (A. L.) : 

Burnt cork entertainer. 18754. 
Fun bundle. 47567. 
Fun in a country store. 42637. 
Hick honeymoon. 42678. 
Just-a lak-a dat. 42743. 
My old man's sick. 42853. 
One hambone for two. 54084. 
Order of the boiled owl. 19177. 
Party at Kloffenberger's. 6211. 
Solid ivory. 54182. 
Some corn & potatoes. 54183. 
Vaudeville varieties. 19404. 
Katahdin, Mo., map. 43384. 
Kates (C. M.) : 

Great gift & giver, etc. 47568, 

His voice, etc. 34681, 34682. 
Katnips, etc. Munro (H. W.) Kat- 

nips. etc. 48920, 48921. 
Katonah, N. Y., map. 6514. 
Katz (I. & M.) Worlds leading cut 

rate drug stores. 47570. 
Katz (N. W.) Changing from Dock 

St. 47571. 
Katzin (Frank) Roosevelt motor 
sales co. Don'ts for new drivers. 
Katzoff (S. L.) How to hold your 

husband. 2136. 
Kauffman (O. F.) Atlanta, Ga., map. 

Kauffman (R. W.) Greek & Roman 

lit. 47572. 
Kauffmann (E. M.) Cheery entrance. 

etc. 115S6-115S8. 
Kaufman (A. D.) : 

Carla takes the lead. 1S767. 
Compromise. 18807. 
Oil & water. 60206. 
Prince & Cinderella. 19227. 
Kaufman (Albert) Tried by jury. 

Kaufman (E. G.) Present situation 

in China. 56947. 
Kaufman (G. S.) : 

Big casino is little casino. 5945. 
Butter & egg man. 42540. 
Merton of the movies. 23987. 
Minick. 19111, 65647*. 
Nothing coming in. 619S. 
Still alarm. 19326. 
Kaufman (Matthew) Yankee jr. 

cross word puzzle. 23528. 
Kaufmann dept. stores, inc. Into the 

safety zone. 2137. 
Kaufmann furniture co. Six lessons 

on the art of living. 23529. 
Kavanagh (Giles) Paid or unpaid. 

Kavanagh (J. A.) How to tell 
whether a note is counterfeit or 
not. 2138. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Kavanash (W. J.) I don't want to 

be no hero man. etc. 34684, 34685. 

Kavanaugh (Claude) Treasure hunt. 

Kavanaugh (J. M.) Molecular trac- 
tile dancing. 23530. 
Kay (H. L.) Sales promotion chart. 

23531, 23532. 
Kay (R. M.) Quad. 39695. 
Kay (W. S.) pseud. See Kirkpatrick 

(W. S.) 
Kay (Tyler) co. Kay (H. T.) Sales 

promotion chart. 23531, 23532. 
Kay jewelry co. I'm admired in the 

best soc. 11590. 
Kaye (A. P.) pseud. See Klasen 

(A. P.) 
Kaye (J. R.) Bible chart anal. 56948. 
Kaye (R. R.) Are purchasing agents 

hard-boiled? 34686. 
Kayle co., inc. Kayle attachments for 

clasps. 11591. 
Kazanecka (M. A.) : 

Bleached sheep. 47573. 
European hash. 23533. 
Keable (Robert) Glory that is 

Greece. 23534. 
Kean (Claude) Bonaventure's song- 
ster. 47574. 
Keansburg, N. J., map. 43385. 
Kearney (Patrick) Man's man. 19098. 
Kearney (W. S.) Daily bond interest 

cal. 1543. 
Kearney, Neb., map. 19610. 
Keary (George) : 

Abbot (Tom) Inspect White 

Horse Pike property. 44012. 
Branin & Branin quick action. 

Camden Courier. Paulsboro the 

prosperous. 55491. 
Cutler (E. H.) co. Cutler confi- 
dential service. 45944. 
Gorman, realtors. Consider in- 
vestments in bus. etc. 56623, 

Inside tip to clients. 46854. 

Joyce (L. C.) jr. Joyce on the 

Black Horse. 47545. 
Katz (N. U.) Changing from 

Dock. St. 47571. 
Kotler (I.) Farms for sale. 

Kotler's Gloucester Co. acres. 

N. J. farm agency, inc. Because 
our clients dominate Marlton 
Pike. 57708. 

Wanted, store bldgs. 49177. 

Palmyra-Riverton realty co. 

Moorestown, Riverton, Palmyra 

& surrounding territory. 51107. 

Suburban section beautiful. 

Sharp (E. H.) realty co. Ed- 
mand H. Sharp builder of 
homes. 59195. 
Tioga realty co. My foresight 
saves you money. 52971. 
Keasbey, N. J., direct. 26355. 
Keating (E. F.) pipe banding & sup- 
ply co. Pipe fabrication. 62508. 
Keating (Pearl) : 

New loves. 2139. 
What price happiness. 11592. 
Keating (William) Cunningham mys- 
tery. H593. 
Keaton (Buster) : 

Buster Keaton contributes. 2140. 
My biggest thrill. 34687. 
Keaton (Buster) productions, inc.: 
Go west. 60513. 
Seven chances. 20150. 
Sherwood (Robert) Skyscraper. 
Keays (E. E.) Bonnie Archer. 65459. 
Kebler (E. A.) Auction bridge. 62509. 
Keck (A. J.) Direct bowel training. 

Keck (C .M.) Manual for the Elson 

readers. 9782, 56055. 
Keech (J. B.) & co. Intensive saving. 

Keefe (J. R.) Plan for protecting. 

Keefe (P. J.) : 

Golden spur. etc. 34690-34693. 
New Year's toast to you. 2141. 
Keefe (Thomas) : 

Federal reserve magic. 23536. 
Lower taxes. 62510. 
Keego Harbor, Mich., direct. 58768. 
Keeland (Natalie) Merchandise man- 
uals. 23537. 
Keelor (R. S.) Educa. primer on 

auto, insur. 47575. 
Keelor & Stites co. Mountain valley 
water co. Drink Mountain valley 
water, etc. 13039-13042. 
Keene, N. H., direct. 2142. 
Keener (C. A.) Bankers complete li- 
brary of ads. 11594. 
Keene's cement co. Best bros. See 

Best bros. Keene's cement co. 
Keeney (Conly) See Keeney (Mrs. 

J. A.) \ 

Keeney (31rs. J. A.) : 
Amaranth. 28510. 
Anchovies. 53706. 
Silver pitcher. 29196. 
Keeran products co. Keeran (C. R. 

Memo-log. 34694. 
Keesecker (R. P.) Do you know this 

about osteopathy? 23538. 
Keesler (R. I.) Romantic tale. 23539. 
Kehawke mfg. co. : 

Graphic chart of Hawkinson tire 
repair system. etc. 23540, 

<4 I - 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Rehawke mfg. co. — Continued. 

Hawkin - system. 11595 - 11597, 

22999, 23000, 34025, 47069, 56723. 

How to build repair bus. etc. 

47576, 47577. 

Keboe (J. L.) Investors new service. 

Keifer (L. L.) Miss Keifer planned 

to divorce. 34695. 
Keils (E.) Friedricb (Annie) Hand 

hinter der welt. 33475. 
Keils (Ernst) nacbf. (A Scherl) g. in. 

Dominik (Hans) Atlantis. 61562. 
Laffert (K. A. von) Fanale am 

himmel. 34856. 
tiec also Scherl (Aug.) g. m. b. h. 
Reiser (L. E.) Dr. L. E. Reiser's 

original certificate. 34696. 
Reiter direct co. : 

Boone, la., direct. 44783. 
Rochester. Minn., direct. 39996. 
Reith (G. E.) co. : 

Add year-round comfort. etc. 

62511, 62512. 
Boudoir comfort in shoes, etc. 

Can you pick out the comfort 

shoe. etc. 11598-11603. 
Is this shoe yours, etc. 23543- 


Walk-over shoe prints. 5566, 

28068, 34697, 34698, 56949- 


Walk-over shoes in stock. 2143. 

Reith corp. Beautiful homes. 23549. 

Relber ( G. C. ) Pitfalls & suggestions. 

Relcey (G. G.) : 

First aid to traffic, etc. 34699, 

Traffic & parking regulations. 
Relchner (J. W.) Description of 

Ring Solomon's temple. 34701. 
Reller (Charles) jr. Elec. indus. 

Reller (E. G.) Students travel club, 
inc. Student tours, etc. 59626, 
64862, 64863. 
Reller (M. S.) corp.: 

Making people come & buy where 

they now go-by. 47582. 
Open letter. 34702. 
Reller (W. A.) Reller's radio call 

bk. 34703. 
Rellermann (Bernhard) Wiedertau- 

fer von Miinster. 19439. 
Relley (E. E.) Sonny Boy. 47583. 
Relley (Ethel) White light. 29352. 
Relley (R. V.) Stupid Cupid. 54200. 
Relley (S. W.) Evensong. etc. 

34704, 34705. 
Relley (T. C.) Reveille, 1925. 26748. 

Relley-Springfield tire co. DePalma 

(Ralph) Art of driving. 46038. 
Rellogg (E. L.) How to make a 

super-sensitive microphone. 11604. 
Rellogg (J. W.) Feeding stuffs. 

Rellogg (R. M.) co. Rellogg's great 

crops. 62513. 
Rellogg (W. M.) Divine symbols. 

etc. 34707-34710. 
Rellogg-Baxter ptg. co. Reed (L. C.) 

Grandma's bk. of rhymes. 64391. 
Rellogg pub. co. Giles (Ray) Sales- 
man's fright. 33662. 
Rellogg switchboard & supply co. 

Table showing savings on common 

battery- 11605. 
Relly (A. A.) Expert estimator. 

Relly (Bradley) Merida salvage 

steamers, etc. 34711, 34712. 
Relly (CO.) 225-yr. cal. 62514. 
Relly (E. R.) Child-liby. readers. 

Relly (George) : 

Craig's wife. 42568. 
Flattering word, and other 1-act 
playes. 6045. 
Relly (J. A.) Mr. McPatten of Man- 
hattan. 28998. 
Relly (J. B.) Christian in his world. 

Relly (Mark) : 

Dempsey to fight Tunney. 34714. 
Dempsey's split with Doc reality. 
Relly (Ravmond) Adventures of 

Fuzzy Wuzzy. 2145-2148, 11607- 

11613, 23552. 
Relly (Rose) Mississippi craw dad. 

Relly (W. R.) : 

Mass for children. 62515. 
Our first communion. 11614. 
Relly, Cooke & co. West Chester st. 

railway co. & subsidiary corp. 

Larger service at larger profit, etc. 

42037, 42038. 
Relm (R. E.) Milwaukee heat pre- 
server co. Stop look read. 24477. 
Relsey (F. W.) Second Mich, ex- 
pedition to the Near East. 11615. 
Relsey (H. P.) Relsey-Highlands 

nursery. Carolina mt. flowers. 

Relsey (W. R.) Thirsty Yanks swim 

river. 34715. 
Relt (E. W.) Relt's numerical telep. 

direct. 62516. 
Reltie (Sir J. S.) Asia. 34716. 
Relvinator corp. : 

After her wonderful dinner, etc. 

Ice every day or Relvinator just 
once. 62517. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Kelvinator inst. Four big selling 
points. 47584. 

How Kelvination works. 


Selling Kelvination. 62518. 

White with frost. 2149. 
Kemitex products co. Facts you 

should know. 2150. 
Kemozone corp. : 

What to do for the sick & injured. 

Written for & dedicated to the 
man who sells Kemozone. 
Kemp (Garrett) Evolution. 47586. 
Kemp (W. C.) Old printshop & Jim. 

Kemper (J. S.) & eo. Kemper insur. 

Kemper (Sallie) George Washington. 

Kempner-Hochstadt (Max) Phryne. 

Kemps (M. S.) Little town of Beth- 
lehem. 2152. 
Kempster (J. D.) Little songs of 

thrift. 11617. 
Kempton (K. P.) Bale. 11618. 
Kendall (M. A.) Why is a million- 
aire? 18647. 
Kendall Hall. Kendall Hall summer 

schl. 23553. 
Kendrick (James) co., inc. Hill 
(Pamela) Little bk. about happi- 
ness. 11020. 
Kendrick (P. M.) Kendrick assn. 

plan. 11619. 
Kenedy (P. J.) & sons: 

Donoghue (T. A.) First Christ- 
mas. 55963. 
Off. Catholic direct. 58589. 
Kenil worth, 111., map. 6515. 
Kenison (Erwin) Mech. drawing. 

Kenlon (John) Fighting biggest fire 

in biggest city. etc. 2153-2156. 
Kenmore, O., direct. 44040. 
Kenna (M. D.) Servant problem. 

Kennaday & Livingston, inc. Count 

de Brechard. 18811. 
Kennard (H. J.) Maps: 

Binghamton, N. Y. 54339. 
Reading, Pa. 43570. 
Scranton, Pa. 19772. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 29820. 
Kennedy (A. C.) : 

Dangers of a great city. 18819. 
Gambler and the girl. 28773. 
Kennedy (Aubrey) Behold this 

dreamer. 42517. 
Kennedy (C. B.) co. Instr. bk. for 
model twenty receiver. 47588. 

Kennedy (C. O.) : 

And there was light. 28519. 
Boys will be boys. 53747. 
Kennedy (Chas.) Perfection novelty 
co. Perfection hemstitching & picot- 
ing attachment. 51215. 
Kennedy (D. E.) inc.: 

Clean & dirty rubber floors, etc. 

Directions for cleaning & care of 
Everlastic tile floors. etc. 
Directions for cleaning & care of 
Kennedy cork tile floors, etc. 
56955, 56956. 
Directions for cleaning rubber- 
marble floors. . 2157. 
Kennedy (Frank) Youth, health & 

beauty. 53654. 
Kennedy (J. A.) : 

Alien bonds to bring quiz. etc. 

Auditor quits on eve. etc. 475S9- 

Federal jurist entangled in alien 
property probe. etc. 56957- 

$30,000,000 alien fees drive object. 
Kennedy (J. P.) Facts on wheat. 

Kennedy (John P.) Basis of real es- 
tate values. 23555. 
Kennedy (J. T.) Referendum league. 

Kennedy (J. Z.) Kleagle. 42759. 
Kennedy (Mabel) Eat 3 meals a day 

and reduce. 62520. 
Kennedy (Mary) Mrs. Partridge pre- 
sents. 65652. ' 
Kennedy (R. L.) Cardinet candy co. 
Cardinet's 1925 football ■ schedule. 
Kennedy (Thomas) Kleagle. 42759. 
Kennedy (W. J.) stationery co. Tat- 
man (B. L.) York rite of freema- 
sonry. 52911. 
Kennedy (W. N.) Cripple's view of 

life. 11626. 
Kennedy pub. co. Washington (State) 

map. 54696. 
Kennedy valve mfg. co. : 

Kennedy malleable iron fittings 

estimator. 23556. 
Kennedy newtype fire hydrants & 
water gates. 2158. 
Kenner (A. B.) : 

Black roses. 5952. 
Dimples. 6010. 
Kennewick, Wash., map. 43386. 
Kenney mfg. co. Carpenter (E. D. 

S.) Window magic. 55515. 
Kenngott (A.) Ilustrataj rakontetoj. 



pt. i, n. 

v. 22 

Kennon (Laura) Keunou test of lit- 
erary vocabulary. 62521. 
Kenosha, Wis., direct. 23557. 
Kenova, W. Va., direct. 62290. 
Kensico (Lake) map. 19611. 
Kensington, Md., map. 6516. 
Kent (F. W.) Synoptic statement of 

the principles, purposes & plans for 

the federation of Capital & Labor. 

Kent (O. B.) Judging. 56967. 
Kent (Rockwell) Bucking storms & 

hostile natives, etc. 11628-11631. 
Kent (W. G.) co. : 

DeWolf (James) inc. Well- 
dressed man. 1205, 1206. 
East Falls bank & trust co. 
Christmas savings club. 1286. 
Kenton (G. V.) Puritan mfg. co. 

How to play scoop. 39679. 
Kentucky, map. 6517, 19612-19615, 

29566, 43387. 
Kentucky druggist weather chart cal. 

Kenyon (Nellie) How Scopes case 

really started. 34737. 
Kenyon (R. W.) Procedure in re 

good moral character, etc. 34738- 

Kenyon (S. Z.) Travelogue. 11632. 
Kenyon co., inc. See, for entries of 

maps, this index under names of 

Kenyon press. Heiny (E. B.) Social 

science. 621S1. 
Keota, Okl.. map. 54482. 
Keough (E. A.) Salt water taffy. 

Keppel (David) Witnesses. 43095. 
Kerley (Jane) Rosina's mistake. 

Kern (C. G.) Chem. review ques. 

Kern (F. P.) Radio log. 11633. 
Kern County, Calif., map. 43388. 
Kernahan (Coulson) Marie Corelli 

revelation. 11634. 
Kerngood (A. I. or Mrs. N. W.) See 

Irish (Ann) 
Kern's (J. W.) verlag. Riidiger 

(Max) Skikursus. 16387. 
Kerr ( G. F. ) Rotating Romeo. 6251. 
Kerr (G. H.) Down where the South 

begins. 11635. 
Kerr (J. H. ) jr. Kerr simplified acct. 

bk. 47593. 
Kerr (J. M.) : 

Luck of a gob. 6143. 
Treason. 43042. 
Kerr (M. M.) Dr. Mark M. Kerr's 

naturopathic method. 47594. 
Kerr (R. N.) : 

How they dress costume dolls. 

Interpretive costume design. 
Kerr < R. R.) Kerr's training course 

for welders. 47595. 
Kerr (Sophie) : 
Gifts. 2159. 
How many lives are you leading? 

If you don't like your existence, 

change it. 23562. 
Tempered peace. 11636. 
Kerrville, Tex., map. 19616. 
Kersey (C. E.) C. E. Kersey's pract. 

loose-leaf encycl. 2160. 
Kershaw, S. C, map. 6518. 
Kershner (B. L.) Theophilus Dow. 

Kershner (J. H.) Universal combat. 

Kershner (J. J.) : 

Key to success, etc. 11637, 11638. 
Miracle mind. 34744. 
Kessler (Joseph) Women love. 2161. 
Kessler (K. W.) : 

Bankers distrust Fla. realtors, 

etc. 47596-47607. 
Fla. from the inside. 56969. 
Pavey, Johnson co. $666,490 worth 
of Westgate Park homesites. 

For sale. 26315. 

Kessler (Richard) : 

Frau ohne kuss. 18906. 
Karriere. 42746. 
Letzte kuss. 60162. 
Monsieur Troulala. 29004. 
Kester (K. R.) : 

Bargains. 5936. 

Christmas child comes in. 18789. 
Green knight. 53893, 60126. 
Ketchum (Alton) Ninon. 
Ketler (J. R.) Man with the faulty 

memory. 18649. 
Kettering (R. T.) Every girl. 28726. 
Keuffel & Esser co. : 

K & E drawing instruments. 

K. & E. slide rules and calculat- 
ing instruments. 47608. 
Radial planimeter. 11639, 11640. 
Keuren (E. C. van) See Van Keuren 

(E. C.) 
Kewanee boiler co. Kewanee firebox 

boilers. 2163, 11641, 34745. 
Key inst. Key to the travel problem. 

Key Largo, Fla., map. 6519, 29477, 

Keydel co. Something new for the 

Christmas tree. 47609. 
Keyes adv. agency. Peru Daily Trib- 
une. Go to church Sunday. 39295. 
Keyon standardized mortgage corp. : 
Contract. 34746. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Keyon plan contract, etc. 11642- 

Prospectus of Keyon plan. 47610. 
Keys (L. R.) How to study your 

Bible. 23563. 

Keystone automobile club. See, for 

entries of maps, tbis index under 

names of places. 

Keystone consolidated pub. co., inc. : 

Anal, of metal, etc. 34747, 34748. 

Coal catalog combined witb coal 

field direct. 931. 
Coal field direct. 61317. 
Keystone catalog. 56970. 
Keystone laundry, inc. Wbat every 

housekeeper should know. 56971. 
Keystone metal tie corp. Keystone 

copper-steel ties. 11645. 
Keystone pub. co. Smith (C. R.) & 

co. Platinum. 27403. 
Keystone Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Keystone reamer & tool co. : 

Keystone automotive catalog. 

Keystone line of automotive ream- 
ers. 47611. 
Keystone varnish co. Composite color 

card. etc. 34750-34753. 
Keystone view co. : 

Descr. of educa. lantern slides. 

23564, 23565, 34754, 34755. 
Indus. & travel. 62523, 62524. 
Keystone catalog no. 26 for the 
social sciences. etc. 56972- 
Zirbes (Laura) Teachers' guide. 
Klianum (Moneereh) Episodes in the 

life of Moneereh Khanum. 23566. 
Kheiralla (I. G.) Ninety five quest. & 

ans. 34756. 
Kia (Kao-Tong) Pi-Pa-Ki (Story of 

the lute) 29098. 
Kiander (L. A.) Kayle co., inc. 
Kayle attachments for clasps. 11591. 
Kibbe (D. E.) Burton Holmes travel 

stories. 2164, 11646. 
Kidd (H. C.) Series of twelve radio 

talks. 26168. 
Kidd-Adams co., inc. Land bank se- 
curities manual. 62525. 
Kidney (T. B.) Bldgs. for the tuber- 
culosis insane. 34757, 3475S. 
Kiechle (G. E.) : 

Crowned. 60074. 
Pointed fox. 54110. 
Kiel, Wis., map. 29567. 
Kiepenheuer (Gustav) : 

Andacht zum kreuze. 2S520. 
Bismarck. 18732. 
Chaplin. 18774. 
Entfesselte Wotan. 18871. 
Entlassung. 18872. 
Fossil. 28759. 


(Bruce) See you later. 


Fussballspieler und Indianer. 

Gats. 28776. 
Gilles & Jeanne. 18923. 
Goldene schnitt. 18937. 
Hinkemann. 18965. 
Nebeneinander. 19139. 
Oskar Wilde, sein drama. 
Wandlung. 29321*. 
Kieselhorst piano co. Gulbransen the 

registering piano. 34759, 34760. 
Kietz (J. H. W.) nachfolger. Kruger 

(Hilde) Wunschebold. 62608. 
Kihn (H. A.) Meiseken. 54024. 
Kilbourn, Wis., map. 43390. 
Kilbourne (Fannie) : 

Advice & the great adventure. 

Flivvers & philosophers. etc. 
62526, 62527. 
Kilbourne (W. C.) Bus. is rotten. 

Kildare (H. G.) Joan of Arkansas. 

Killingsworth (W. G.) 
fruit growing in Calif. 
Kilmarnock (Lord) See Hay (V. A. 

S.), Lord Kilmarnock. 
Kilmer (R. A.) Message from Mars. 

etc. 11648, 11649. 
Kilmer (Dr.) & co. Swamp-root al- 
manac. 17607. 
Kilpatrick (L. H.) Battle fire. 11650. 
Kim (J. H.) co. Kim (J. H.) New 

road to White House. 2165. 
Kim (Sam) Mandarin love. 54014. 
Kimball (J. N.) : 

Fame. 11651-11653. 
Flapper. 62528. 
Last nail. etc. 23568, 23569. 
Kimball (R. B.) Talks on practical 
authorship. 11654-11657, 23570, 
34761-34763, 47612. 
Kimball (Rosamond) Wooing of 
Rebekah & other Bible plays. 
Kimball direct, co. Watertowu. N. Y., 

direct. 59815. 
Kimball piano co. Music — an essen- 
tial factor. 23571. 
Kimball, Russell & co. Table of com- 
parative statistics. 2166. 
Kimbrough (R. L.) Bible & science. 

Kimmel (W. G.) Studies in second- 
ary educa. II Univ. high schl., 
Univ. of Chicago. 17564. 
Kincheloe (C. L.) Market. 54018. 
Kinck (H. E.) Paa Rindalsaegret. 

Kind (S.) & sons. Catalog. 56977. 
Kindly & calm. Calendar. 56978. 
King (Basil) Married men. 42811. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 

King (Beulah) : 

Her husband's watch. 42677. 
Knight's mare. 6119. 
Misfortunes of Arabella's for- 
tune. 19112. 
King (Billy) See King (W. H.) 
King (C. E.) Songs. 2167. 
King (Claude) Greater love. 6075. 
King (E. M.) Vaccination of em- 
ployees. 34764. 
King (F. L.) Non-professional ad- 
rite. 34765. 
Kins,' (F. W.) Ask dad, he knows. 

47613, 56979. 
King (G. C.) Sextet. 19281. 
King (J. A.) Rebuilding our Jeru- 
salem. 2168. 
King (J. E.) Citrus Co., Fla., map. 

King (J. F.) Mirage, 1925. 36088. 
King (Jack) : 

Honor among thieves. 65565. 
Lonesome traveler. 60166. 
King (K. G.) Plans of the world 

univ. foundation. 11658. 
King (L. C.) Love habit. 6141. 
King (L. H.) Southwest blue bk. 

King (Lothar) Bikinis der Madonna. 

King (M.) products co. Mazie King 
original whipped cream, etc. 34766, 
King (Myra) Geog. games. 62529. 
King (P. J.) Greater love. 6075. 
King (R. C.) Prevent forest fires. 

King (R. F.) Montana poems. 

King (R. S.) Envelope on the pave- 
ment. 62530. 
King (Ruth) Nihon. 38905. 
King (W. C.) Detroit, Mich., map. 

6454, 19543. 
King (W. G.) St. Cloud. Fla., map. 

King (W. H.) Miss Nobody's hotel. 

King (Vera) Toast. 19372. 
King City, Mo., map. 54483. 
King co. Ferronite ornamental st. 

lighting. 62531. 
King cotton mills corp. Through the 

needles. 11660. 
King editors' features. King kollec- 

tors. etc. 47615, 47616. 
King features syndicate, inc. : 

Boyd (J. C.) To-dav's cross-word 

puzzle. 21001-21006. 
Bruno (Lessing) Something to 

think about. 11969-12017. 
Callahan (Jack) Freddie the 
sheik. 714-719, 8500-8509, 

21439-21446, 31510-31518, 45283- 
45288, 61165-61175. 

Carter (Ad) Just kids. 739- 

745. 8641-8648, 21481-21488, 

31584-31593. 45329-45334, 61201- 

Cochran (Dot) Me & my boy 

friend. 31956-31958, 61319, 

Conklin (Les) Freaks of nature. 

965-971, 9039-9048, 21757-21764, 

32148. 32149, 45707-45711. 55713- 

55719, 61431-61434. 
Corbett (J. J.) Bradley regis- 
tered sensational victory, etc. 

21855, 21861. 
Britt outslugged Young Cor- 
bett to win 20 round bout. etc. 

Chicago develops youngster. 

etc. 9204-9216. 
Cobb claims he is no longer 

able to play complete yr. etc. 

Control is big aid to pitcher. 

etc. 55774-55770. 
Fighters losing old money. 

etc. 45818-45825. 
Jack Dempsey, the nonpareil. 

etc. 61387-61389. 
DeBeck (W. M.) Barney Google. 

etc. 1160-1169, 9418-9428, 

22013-22018, 32512-32530, 40005- 

46017, 61487-61507. 
Dempsey (Jack) Berly shows 

much promise. etc. 55921r- 

Big oues easy to bring down. 

etc. 32560-3256& 
Dempsey can see no reason. 

etc. 9464-9491. 
Dempsey, on the way to Eu- 
rope, etc. 22052-22058. 
Dempsey plans to engage in 

three battles this yr. etc. 1179- 

Jess made les than Red Rob- 
ert, etc. 61516-61519. 
Minn. Sunday Tribune, etc. 

Embarrassing moments, etc. 2170- 

2181, 11661-11680. 23572-23580. 

34768-34786, 47617-47626, 56980- 

56986. 62532-62552. 
Fung (Paul) Guy from Grand 

Rapids. 1578-1581. 
George (W. L.) Heart of a wife. 

1610-1618, 10532-1 0541; 
Love's crucible. 22733-22740, 

33622-33628, 46736-46743, 56557- 

56564. 61998-62015. 
Glyn (Elinor) By beautiful 

thoughts, draw love to you . etc. 

Truth. 10611. 10612. 22787- 

22792, 33694-33701, 46800-46S06, 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hall (Quin) Over Sunday tour- 
ists. 46986. 
Jameson (H. F.) Beauty. 62401- 

Knott (Jean) Eddie's friends. 

etc. 34814-34831. 
Lait (Jack) Gus & Gussie. 11774- 

11777, 23665-23671, 34864-34874, 

47703-47707, 62612-62624. 
Lessing (Bruno) Courtesy, etc. 

— — Lesson in art. etc. 35009- 

Something to think about. 

2367-2381, 23851-23878, 57145- 

57157, 62673-62695. 
Lisle (Ann) Love's wages, etc. 

Making of a husband. 2426- 

2430, 12149-12155, 23921-23930, 

35117-35124, 47987-47992. 
Lowell (Lucy) Are you too proud 

to be kindly, etc. 48072-48083. 
Back to farm movement, etc. 

Boy who tired of life. etc. 

Breaking her engagement. 

etc. 62746-62750. 
Dad as a good sport, etc. 

Do you fall down on the job? 

etc. 57198-57204. 
Lurie (C. N.) Figures of speech. 

2481-2486, 12250-12260, 23996- 

24002, 35217-35222, 4S094-48101, 

57210, 62755-62761. 
McClure (Darrell) Embarrass- 
ing moments. . 24012. 
McEvoy (J. P.) Potters. 2500- 

2509, 12304-12328, 24021-24034, 

35279-35297, 48138-48154, 57231- 

57234, 62784-62790. 
McManus ( Charles ) Newly weds. 

2536-2541, 1234S-12358, 24038- 

24075, 35357-35364, 48213-48219, 

Medbury (J. P.) Clean-up week. 

etc. 35712-35769. 
Medbury. etc. 2679-2697, 

12590-12662, 24278-24316. 
— Mutter & Mumble, etc. 48602- 

48635, 57339-57343, 62910-62959. 
Menke (F. G.) Amateur sports 

reap big finan- harvest, etc. 

— — As fi r. official Menke would 

take the cake. etc. 48657- 

Ban Johnson kept Barney 

from jumping to Federals, etc. 

— — Lost ball & lost girl. etc. 


Mack's athletics, etc. 24347- 


Moore (L. P.) House plans for 
home builders. 63119, 63120. 

Murphy (J. E.) Toots & Casper. 
2883-^2889, 13067-13075, 24561- 
24569, 36216-36222, 48927^18933, 

N. Y. Amer. Fun for solvers. 

Intermediate contest-puzzle. 

etc. 3066-3120. 

Today's cross-word puzzle. 

24764-24794, 36681-36744, 49195- 
49229, 57723-57757, 63333-63366. 

Nowlan (P. F.) First jobs of big 
men. 4071-4077, 15260-15269, 
26124-26131, 38973-38981, 50900- 
50907, 5S567-58573, 64091-64103. 

Reed (C. A. L.) Secrets of 
health & success. 4464-4467, 
15969-15979, 26727-26732, 39784- 
39790, 51558-51564, 64380-64389. 

Robinson (Elsie) Listen, world. 
4565^583, 16118-16189, 26S42- 
26892, 39931-39991, 58965-58994, 

Robinson (Paul). Embarrassing 
moments. 26893-26896. 

Rowland (Helen) And this is 
love! etc. 51806-51852. 

— ^-Aren't we women just won- 
derful, etc. 59020-59038. 

Average New Yorker cleverly 

analyzed, etc. 64487-64510. 

Meditations of a married 

woman, etc. 40048-40109. 

Meditations of a wife. etc. 

4632-4652, 16296-16365, 26962- 

Segar (E. C.) Sappo. etc. 4816- 

4829, 16661-1667Q. 
Thimble theatre. 27171-27177. 

40407^10416, 52136-52142, 64602- 

Sevier (O'Neil) Beats Display in 

hurricane drive, etc. 59161- 

Best string is owned by W. J. 

Salmon, etc. 40453-40520. 
Big. Blaze equals rec. to win 

Laurel feature. etc. 52166- 

Big stables to compete at 

Belmont, etc. 27197-27209. 
O'Brien colt runs close to 

track record, etc. 64629-64635. 
Stanlaws (Penrhyn) Girls. 27591, 

27592, 41152-41156, 52650-52651. 
Toomev (F. J.) When did it 

happen? etc. 5423-5433, 17781- 

17799, 27841-27S55. 41595- 

41607, 52986-52991, 64961-64963. 


King features syndicate, inc. — Contd. 

Westover (Russ) Tillie the toiler. 

5674-5678, 18219-18228, 28150- 

28157, 42061-42069, 53333-53337, 


Whittington (Larry) Mazie the 

model. 65190-65195. 
Wilbert (A. L.) Mental daily 

dozen. 65201-65217. 
Williams (F. V.) City thrills. 
42149-42176, 53389-53415, 59858- 
59S85, 65226-65245. 
Williston (Ruth) Yes or no. 
5725-5731, 18337-18342, 28229- 
28239, 42183-42190, 53423-53429, 
59894-59900, 65259-65266. 
Wills (Helen) Australian women 
tennis players. etc. 59901- 

Benefits are wide & varied. 

etc. 42191-42204. 
— — Best players always have 
been thinkers. etc. 53430- 
— — Calls stroke most effective in 
court game. etc. 65267-65269. 

Champion advises imitating 

strokes of best players, etc. 
Witwer (H. C.) Classics in slan- 
guage, etc. 18386-18388, 18393- 
18410, 28269-28286. 

Rubyiat of a college man. 

etc. 5755-5762. 

Switchboard Sally. 42237- 

42244, 53466-53472, 65295-65311. 
Wynne (Arthur) Step- word puz- 
zle, etc. 42323-42364, 53507- 
53535, 59953-59976, 65324-65346. 
Zere ( — ) So this is married life. 
5866-5869, 18614-1S623, 28401- 
28410, 42441-42449, 53588-53592, 
King. mfg. co. Ornamental st. light- 
ing. 47627. 
King quality products inc. Instrs. for 

assembling King quality. 2182. 
King-Winston prod. co. Vital mes- 
sage. 47614. 
Kingery (H. M.) cd. Plunder of Syra- 
cuse. 34787. 
Kingman (L. E.) Burns (Mike) 
Legend of Superstition Mountain. 
Kings Mountain, N. C, map. 43391. 
King's pubr. Smith (S. S.) Hope of 

Israel. 17108. 
Kingston (George) : 

Detroit. Bldg. trades blue bk. 

Kingston's direct, of the bldg. 

trades. 32609-32613. 
Kingston (R. L.) Facial muscle chart. 

Kingston, Mass., map. 19618. 

pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Kingston, Okl., map. 6520. 
Kingston, Pa., map. 54484. 
Kingston, Tenn., map. 60378. 
Kinston, N. C, map. 54485. 
Kinkade (R. R.) Paving failures. 

Kinman (J. I.) Your bus. advisor. 

Kinney (G. R.) co., inc. Wade (B. 

E.) Story of Centipederella. 28019. 
Kinney (H. H.) Contract. 2184. 
Kinsell (S. T.) : 

Natl. fed. of federal employees. 

Yr. bk. 13244. 
When I am gone. 62554. 
Kinsey (Myrtle Adams-) See Adams- 

Kinsey (Myrtle) 
Kinsley (Philip) Beer rush sweeps 

Ontario, etc. 23581, 23582. 
Kint (J. W.) : 

Sequoia. 34788. 
Service. 62555. 
Kinz (G. J.) : 

Kinz health inst. Kinz for health. 

Story of chiropractic. 23583. 
Kipling (Rudyard) : 

Don de William. 34789. 
Mr. Kipling on ' Warfare of ill 
will.' 11681. 
Kipps distributors. Revolutionary in- 
vention. 34790. 
Kiralfy (Bolossy) Deluge. 53804. 
Kirby (C. V.) Pract. drawing. 10058, 

Kirby (H. L.) Digest & an editorial 

article. 62556. 
Kirby (L. P.) Eminent Dr. Kage. 

Kirk (F. W.) Chicago, 111., map. 

Kirk (J. G.) Bookkeeping for modern 

bus. 11682. 
Kirk (W. M.) Soul's discipline. 

Kirkbride (W. H.) In the rough. 

Kirkland (R. B.) Speaking with 

tongues. 62558. 
Kirkman (G. W.) Demon Tauquitz 

held Indians in terror. 56987. 
Kirkpatrick (Leander) Condensed 

rules. 2186. 
Kirkpatrick (W. H.) 1925 Interest 

& discount cal. 2187. 
Kirkpatrick (W. S.) How I found 

the way back to health. 23584. 
Kirksville, Mo., map. 54486. 
Kirkwood (R. E.) Trainmen's time 

bk. 34791. 
Kirkwood trust co. Kirkwood, Mo., 

map. 60379. 
Kirsch mfg. co. Kirsch window & 

door draping manual. 2188, 116S3, 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

23585, 23586, 34792, 34793, 47628, 
56988, 56989. 

Kirtland (H. B.) Making a $25,000 
job permanent. 56990. 

Kirts (Dora) Mother & her boy. 

Kishor (Sulamith Ish-) See Ish- 
Kishor ( Sulamith ) 

Kissin (Rita) Facing the music. 

Kissling (T. E.) Catholic patriots. 
23587, 47629. 

Kitchen aid mfg. co. Wouldn't you 
like to have an expert maid. 34794. 

Kitchen cal. 2189, 62559. 

Kitchen craft co. Kitchen craft 
waterless cooker recipe bk. 56991. 

Kitson (H. D.) Extra incentive wage 
plans. 34795. 

Kitt (H. P.) Out of the shadows. 

Kittanning, Pa., map. 29568 

Kittery, Me., direct. 26498. 

Kittinger co. : 

Distinction in executive offices. 

Wedding highway. 23588. 

Kittredge (W. A.) co. Do you want 
to make some easy money. 11685. 

Kittson Co., Minn., map. 6521. 

Kivlen (M. D.) Modern hist. 56992. 

KixMiller (William) Everyman's in- 
come tax. 2190. 

Klabund, pseud. See Henschke (Al- 

Kladag radio labs. Skeleton price list. 

Klamath Falls, Or., map. 43392. 

Klappert (William) Giblets. 28477. 

Klasen (A. P.) On the level. 54081. 

Klaskraft press. Thayer (Gilbert) 
Intellect. 27797. 

Klassay music co. Perry (S. A.) 
Modern harmonica. 39294. 

Klatorik optical co., inc. Cross tri- 
focals. 2192. 

Klatt (William) Direct, of Dayton's 
pleasure grounds. 27649. 

Klean-rite auto laundry co. Bus. pos- 
sibilities. 34796. 

Klein (Adolf) Staatsanwalt Alex- 
ander. 29223. 

Klein (E. B.) Short-cut cash bk. 

Klein (E. M.) Personal investment 
service. 47631. 

Klein (Frederick) : 

Iron-colors. 18650, 18651. 
Rapid & simple method of drying. 

Klein (Hillel) Ungottliche komedie. 
(Undivine comedy) 29299. 

Klein (Israel) Mag. feature page. 

Klein (J. H.) : 

Advertising souvenir & cal. co. 
Your adv. on this entire page. 
Vengeance. 34797. 
Klein-Heffelman-Zollers, inc. Our 

great music festival. 62560. 
Kleine magazin. Braun (C. F.) Land 

ohne schatten. 61086. 
Kleiner (John) Intonation method. 

Kleinlein (W. J.) Practical balance 

& hair-spring work. 23591. 
Kleinschmidt (F. E.) : 

Braving the white tyrant of the 

north. 56993. 
Santa Claus. 60585. 
Kleist (J. A.) Key to A pract. course 

in Latin composition. 47632. 
Klemme (G. U.) St. Louis Times 

road guide. 34798. 
Kley pub. corp. Kley homeseekers' 

survey & guide. 11686. 
Klimasee (J. A.) Amer. song bird. 

Klincke (K. F. L. W.) Amparos Hani- 

pelmann. 28517. 
Kline (Carl) Many a mother's 

dream. 11687. 
Kline (F. L.). Kladag radio labs. 

Skeleton price list. 2191. 
Kline (G. C.) Special duty. 29215. 
Kline (H. C.) Tax service co.'s in- 
come tax rec. 2847. 
Kline (M. F.) Off. guide for ship- 
pers & travellers. 50922. 
Kling (Saxon) : 

Chased. 28603. 
Jesters. 42737. 
Kling-Gibson co. Wieland dairy co. 

New sanitary measure benefits 

thousands who take milk. 53369. 
Klingel (A. J.) Sales promotion 

plan. 56994. 
Klintrup (L. M.) Mountain Lakes, 

N. J., map. 19678. 
Klipto loose leaf co. General civics 

for Iowa schls. 11688. 
Klosner radio corp. Klosner rheostat 

chart. 11689. 
Kloss (M. P.) New order. 47633. 
Knapp (C. H.) Financial manage- 
ment. 34799. 
Knapp (Charles) : 

Classical weekly index. 56995. 
Selections from the Metamor- 
phoses of Ovid. 51028. 
Knapp (Lawrence) Hist, of what 

price glory, etc. 47634, 47635. 
Knapp (Wilhelm) Filmtechnik. 


Knapp, Wis., map. 
Knapp bros. mfg. co. Knapp carpet 
strip anchor, etc. 34800, 34801. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Knapp co., inc. : 

Bk. of better babies. 34802. 
Bissell garage co. Overcoming 

brake troubles. 380. 
Collier auto. co. Worn cylinders 

& piston rings. 946. 
Eastern Buick sales co. Carbon 

on cylinder heads. 1287. 
Halsey garage co., inc. Engine 

with a fever. 10807. 
Henschel's garage corp. Cause of 
a thousand thumps. etc. 
Knauss (Emma) Wide open win- 
dows. 65798. 
Knauss (Vermond) Vermond Knauss 

studio. 2195. 
Kneisly (F. D.) Getting around. 

Knepler (Paul) Paganini. 60212. 
Knerr (H. C.) Heat treatment & 
metallography of steel. 47636- 
47645, 56996. 
Knickerbocker (Cholly) F. C. Church 

weds Muriel, etc. 34804-34806. 
Knickerbocker (E. V.) Midsummer 

night's dreams. 60183*. 
Knickerbocker co. Knickerbocker con- 
crete mixers. 11690. 
Knickerbocker chocolate co., inc. 

Cinderella's party. 34807. 
Knickerbocker Press. You have the 

power to win a prize. 11691. 
Knight (A. S.) Adirondacks. 23592. 
Knight (E. B.) inc.: 

Changing habits, etc. 2196-2208. 
Natl, morning newspaper develop- 
ment program. Colonel's Lady 
& Judy O'Grady. etc. 36543- 
I'm getting a lot of new custom- 
ers. ' etc. 23593-23608. 
What about bus. in 1925? 34808. 
Knight (F. A.) Bradfield-Canterbury 

co. Contract of sale. 7939. 
Knight (F. B.) : 

Arith. work-bk. etc. 34809-34811, 

51874. 51875. 64515. 
Fifth grade arith. etc. 2209, 

Manual of direct, for Compass 

diagnostic tests. 59050. 
Manual of direct, for diagnostic 

tests in arith. 27006. 
Practice on the fundamentals. 

etc. 23609-23616. 
Research data for long div. 17563. 
Third-grade arith. 52812. 
Knight (F. W.) Scott's financial 

reptr. 64597. 
Knight (G. M.) Diagnostic tests in 

arith. 16384. 
Knight (Hazel) James (R. W.) 
Dog-heaven. 47469. 

Knight (S. H.) co. Stanley Knight 
white service. 2211. 

Knight & Boswick. Decorative nur- 
sery stock. 34812. 

Knight & Knight pubrs., inc. Make 
your own crepe paper dolls. 62561. 

Knight hospitaller. 2212. 

Knights of Columbus : 

Blinken (M. H.) Federal income 

tax procedure. 51255. 
Jordan (W. D.) Acctg. 47542. 
Stephens (Arthur) Solutions to 
problems. 52707. 

Knights of Fla. (Natl. soc. of) By- 
laws. 62562, 62563. 

Knights' of Pythias (Denver lodge no. 
41) Ritualistic ceremony of the 
Knights of the crusade. 6245. 

Knights of Pythias of the universe. 
Latest ritual. 34813. 

Knights of Pythias. Supreme lodge. 
Senator. 11692. 

Knights of the Amer. krusaders, inc. 
Ritual. 47646. 

Knights of the order of the hospital. 
See St. John of Jerusalem. 

Knitted outerwear mfrs. of Cleveland. 
Treatise on knitted outerwear. 

Knoblock ( Edward ) Milestones. 


Knoblock (K. T.) Fog & the dawn. 

Knodle (J. G.) Comfort at last. etc. 
23617. 23618. 

Knoeppel (F. J.) Wau-bih-sa. 60303. 

Knopf (A. A.) Don Juan. 60090*. 

Knopf (Joseph) & sons. Knopf 
clothes. 23619. 

Knott (Henry) Memorable copy. 

Knott (Jean) Eddie's friends, etc. 
2213-2227. 11694-11709. 23620- 
23634, 34814-34831, 47647-47653, 

Knott (L. E.) apparatus co. : 
Chem. equipment. 34832. 
Physics equip. 62589. 

Knotts (Helen) Wai-Kun. 41844. 

Knowles (M. L.) K-a-T-a-R. 2228. 

Knowles (Vernon) George E. Mer- 
rick. 34833. 

Knowlson (T. S.) Ambitious skunk, 
etc. 47654-47656. 

Knowlson (T. S.) Fables & parables. 

Knoxville, Tenn., direct. 11712. 

Knoxville, Tenn., map. 19619. 

Knust (W. H.) Ta vernier Shores, 
Key Largo, map. 54658. 

Kny-Scheerer corp. of America : 

Entomological s u p p 1 i e s. etc. 

Hatt live animal trap. 23636. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Hollander's hydrochloric acid. 

Modern aseptible surgical furni- 
ture. 11713. 
Kobbe (Philip) Silk hat. 29193. 
Koch (C. A.) Instrs. in transography. 

Koch (C. D.) : 

Weber-Koch-Moran series of arith. 

28113-28115, 65151. 
Weber-Koch-Moran series of 
ariths. See Weber (S. E.) 
Koch (Lillie) Innocent murderer. 

Koch (T. A.) co. Kochs' beauty par- 
lor fixtures & accessories. 56997. 
Koch (W. F.) Cancer & the evolu- 
tion of the immunity process. 47658. 
Koehler (E. E.) Father, etc. 47659- 

Koehler (K. F.) Politischer alma- 

nach. 51288. 
Koehler (Loretta) 1,000 drudgery 

chasers. 34840. 
Koehring co. : 

Detailed spec. Koehring size. etc. 

List of repair pts. 11715, 34841. 
Koelker (K. L.) Oklahoma-Kansas 

mining district, map. 29672. 
Koerner furniture mfg. co., inc. Koer- 
ner star feature essentials to health. 
Koepler (W. E. E.) Greever (E. L.) 

Indian maiden's treasure. 62081. 
Knowlton (D. C.) U. S. hist. 23635. 
Knowlton (D. S.) Cal. for Americans. 

Knowlton (Helen) Nutrition in an 

elementary schl. 51786. 
Knox (H. B.) Easin' in. 18855. 
Knox (J. S.) : 

Knox auto, merchandising service. 

What are your brains worth? 
Knox (L. H. B.) Shakespeare re- 
born. 19282. 
Knox, Ind., map. 29569. 
Knox & Morse co. Treatise on the 
successful laying of linoleum. 
Knox City, Mo., map. 6522. 
Knox Co., Nebr., direct. 65347. 
Knox, Feind & Spence. Knox-Russak 
& co. Rept. of stock & bond deal- 
ing. 34836. 
Knox hat co. & Dunlap & co. Rept. 
of the 4th ann. convention. 11711. 
Kohler (O. T.) Amer., analytic, psy- 
chology. 18652. 
Kohn (David) Spurts of philos. 

Koken cos. : 

Announcing the improved package. 

etc. 23638-34640. 
Beauty shop equipment. etc. 

11716, 47672, 47673. 
Koken. Great oaks from little 
acorns grow. 56999. 
Kolasa (K. S.) Co-ed's date bk. 

Kolb bldg. co., . inc. Kolb sectional 

garages. 11717. 
Kolesch & co. : 

Illus. catalog. 2230. 
Protractor. 62590-62592. 
Kolischer (Gustav) Uses of physio- 
therapy. 11718. 
Koll (Melanie) : 

End of the rainbow. 65515. 
Son of Mary. 65739. 
Kollet (Fred) Training the police 

dog. 11719. 
Kollin (Bertha) Cinderella. etc. 

Kollo (Willi) : 

Frau ohne kuss. 18906. 
Oily-Polly. 54079, 60207. 
Komrs (H. F.) Instr. chart. 11720. 
Kondo (Kenyi) Los Angeles Co., 

Calif., map. 54500. 
Konowa Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Konsberg (E. T.) & co. Study of the 

chain store situation. 62593. 
Koon (J. I.) Fog. 18897. 
Koor (H. E. van der) See Van der 

Koor (H. E.) 
Kopple (M. D.) Analysis of the can- 
ning indus. etc. 47675-47677. 
Koralle. 34843. 47678-47680, 62594. 
Korfund co., inc. How to isolate ma- 
chine vibrations. 62595. 
Korn (W. G.) Madchen von Kosel. 

Kornbluth (Sigmund) Satan goes on 

strike. 65721. 
Korner (J. G.) jr. Practice before 
the IT. S. bd. of tax appeals. 34844. 
Korner (L. W.) Quadrangle of the 

quatrains. 23641. 
Kosciusko, Miss., map. 43393. 
Kotcher (A. J.) Kotcher flat rate 

service bk. 2231. 
Kotler (I.) : 

Farms for sale. 47681. 
Kotler's Gloucester Co. acres. 
Kotok (G. H.) Brigantine. 34845. 
Kottow (Hans) Milliardensouper. 

Ko-vita co., inc. Ko-vita bill. 23642, 

34846. 34S47. 
Koven (Bertha) Legend. 6123. 
Kovner (B.) pseud. See^ Adler 


pt. I, n. 

Kowalezyk (S. A.) Ogrodek powi- 

astkowy. 47682. 
Kozinitz (Isaac) Zwishen velteu. 

Kozlay (C. M.) Bonelle (Madame) 
In grandmother's clay. etc. 44764- 
Krachmalkov (Harry) Great Jew, 

Benedictus Spinoza. 6072. 
Krafft (Ernst) 100 jahre eisenbahn- 

unfall. 62596. 
Kramer (G. N.) Origin of mus. in- 
struments. 47683. 
Kramer (G. W.) : 

Catholic, Jew, Ku klux klan ; 

what they believe, etc. 41256- 


Everyday miracles. 3484S. 34849. 

Kramer (M. J.) Care & feeding of 

baby chicks. 62597. 
Kramer (W. P.) 34th anniversary 

sale. 11721. 
Kramer hatchery co. Super X baby 

chicks. 57008. 
Krank (A. J.) : 

Krank (A. J.) mfg. co. Facts & 
sales arguments for Kranks 
preparations. 11722. 

Real skin cleanser & beauti- 

fier. 62598. 
Krankel (M. A.) Farina (Pasquale) 

Daniel in the lions' den. 1404. 
Krant (J. A.) Stchi-da-kasha. 19324. 
Kraut z (E. S.) Graded exercises. 

Kranzthor (V. M.) : 

Ausable's protection. 5929. 
Girl in every port. 6061. 
Scales. 29169. 
Kra suer (A. J.) Taxpayer's guide. 

Kraus (E. H.) Maternity. 42817. 
Krause (0. A.) milling co. Koo koo 

method. 476S4. 
Krause (H.) : 

Clay Co., Fla., map. 19523, 43231. 

Healing art without the use of 
drugs. 5891. 
Krause (Hans) : 
Horos. 18977. 
Kaiser Heinrich VI. 19019. 
Krebs (S. LeF.) : 

Creative salesmanship. 34850. 
Science & art of salesmanship. 
Krebs (Theodore) : 

Columbus. O., map. 43249. 
Franklin Co., O., map. 60359. 
Krebs, Okl., direct. 35235. 
Krecker (F. H.) Lab. guide in sen. 

zool. 62599. 
Krehbiel (W. J.) Farmers alliance 
insur. co., Kansas cal. 61832. 


Guide posts. 

Kreidler (D. C.) co. : 
Hamilton (B. M.) 

How to sell the jr. instr. plan of 
child training. etc. 23643, 
Jr. home play bk. 11725. 
Kreisler (Jacques) & co. Swivel. 

Krell (Walter) Hotel Oakwood. 

Krem & Dato, inc. Chicago, 111., map. 

29453, 43226. 
Kress & Owen co. : 

Colds here is a method for quick 

relief, etc. 62600—62603. 
Colds — what would you do to do 
avoid them all winter? 11726- 
Don't let a cold drag on. etc. 

47685, 47686. 
How to relieve & prevent colds. 

etc. 57009-57013. 
Why you catch cold. 23645. 
Kretzmann (P. E.) Practical helps 

for Bible students. 57014. 
Krimsun gasoline co. How Krimsun 
gas puts more motor into your car. 
etc. 23646-23653. 
Krinsky (B. D.) Amateur night at 

the local theatre. 42489. 
Kroger grocery & baking co. : 

All that bread can be. etc. 

Finer richer loaf than ever before, 
etc. 2234-2238. 
Krohn (J. E.) Old King Cole. 42880. 
Kroll map co. : 

Alaska, map. 19461. 
Seattle, Wash., map. 19773, 29743, 
Kroloff (M. N.) Amer. constitution. 

Krome (Hermann) ed. Am Rhein 

beim wein. 62604. 
Kronberg (M. A.) Awakening. 28532. 
Krottjer (A. G.) Favorite Bible 

stories, [etc.] 62605-62607. 
Kroulik ( F. J. ) 10.000 children killed 

by autos in 1924. 2239. 
Krout (J. A.) Radio course. 23654. 
Kriiger (Hilde) Wunschebold. 62608. 
Krull (V. H.) Public speaking. 

Ku Klux klan (Knights of the) inc.: 
Catalogue of off. robes & banners. 

Ceremony for installation of jr. 

klan officers. 34S52. 
Constitution & bylaws. 2240. 
Evans (H. W.) Attitude of the 

Knights, etc. 1351, 1352. 
Klansman's manual. 11763. 
Klorero of sorrow. 47687. 

nos. 1-12, 1925 


Kiichler (Kurt) Rhododor. 34853. 
Kiihling & Giittiier : 

Ackermanns nachfolger. 53692. 
Goldene jugend. 53880. 
Mutter Grabert. 54050. 
Was junge maclchen trauinen. 
Kiintzel (A.) Histologie der tieri- 

schen liaut. 62609. 
Kuft'er (Oscar) Acorn opalite — metal 
specialties co. Restaurant equip- 
ment. 20208. 
Kuh (Harry) Dope fiends. 42588. 
Kuhlnian (J. H.) : 

Easter testimony. 11764. 
Holy child. 60139. 
Kulilmann (Erven A.) Baxter mys- 
tery. 65446. 
Kuhn (Mrs. A. O.) Vacation church 

schl. 11765. 
Kuhn (S. O.) : 

New world advertisers. [etc.] 

Pioneers of progress. 57016. 
Kuhne (Eugen) Biofood Corp. Ques- 
tions & answers. 7779. 
Kullman (P. C.) : 

Advantages no. 6. 47688. 
Kullman (P. C.) & co. Guardian 
angel of the high seas. 47689. 
Kulzick (Josephine) Missus enter- 
tains. 28995. 
Kumler (J. M.) Jack's stunt bk. 

Kummer (F. A.) Bubble. 23655. 
Kunderd (A. E.) Kunderd gladioli. 

Kunitz (H. A.) Amer. oil burner assn. 

Testing methods. 47690. 
Kuns (R. F.) Automotive essentials. 

Kunstverlag Anton Schroll & co. See 
Schroll (Anton) & co. (Kunstver- 
Kupihea (D. M.) : 

Captain Cook. 28590. 

Kaala the fragrance of Hawaii. 

Makanikeoe-lupua. 28959. 
Kuppenheimer (B.) & co., inc. Port- 
folio of spring fashions. 11769. 
Kurtz (C. G.) Anonymous. 65432. 
Kurtz (K. S.) Monticola. 36112. 
Kusell (Daniel) : 

Little visitor. 19060. 
Two men. 29289. 
Kutner (Saul) Fairy tales. 60107. 
Kuttner (Julius) Polytechnic inst. of 
Bklyn. Sketches & working of Die- 
sel engine. 4285. 
Kuttroff, Pickhard & co., inc. Dic- 
tionary. 62610. 
Kutukian (Hrand) Miching Malle- 
cho. 65643. 

Kuyumjian (Dickran) : • 

Legend of Isolda. etc. 23656. 

See also Arlen (Michael) 

Kwalwasser (Jacob) Manual of di- 
rects. 47692. 

Kwick kote co. Kwick kote. 34855. 

Kyes (D. H.) True educa. a great 
discoverer. 23658. 

Kyle (Morison) Blue gray. 28565. 

Labberton (W. W.) : 
Collusion. 28819. 
Nest door neighbors. 19144. 

La Belle. 23659. 

La Bey (Louis) While you wait. 

Labiche (E. M.) Voyage de Monsieur 
Perrichon. 29317*, 43063*, 65783*. 

La Bissonniere (Louis) Beware of 
the city. 5944. 

Laboratory service inc. Geaque (H. 
A.) Classification of the elem. ac- 
cording to the periodic law. 33612. 

Lacey (J. F.) Lake Co., Fla., map, 

Lacey & Lacey : 

Foreign patents. 62611. 
Terms to lawyers. 57017. 

La Chesnais (P. G.) Bojer (Johan) 
Emigrants. 44754. 

Lackawanna laundry co., inc. Lacka- 
wanna laundry, etc. 47693, 47694. 

Lackner co. Tell the world with signs. 

Laclede, Mo., map. 54487. 

Laclede gas light co., map. 29571. 

Laconia, N. H., direct. 2241. 

Lac Qui Parle Co., Minn., map. 19621, 

La Croix (Arda) Defending her 
honor. 18829. 

Ladd (A. C.) Barbarina. 53729. 

Ladd (G. T.) Ladd water tube boil- 
ers. 47695. 

Ladew (E. R.) co., inc. Correas de 
cuero y otros productos. 57018. 

Ladies birthday almanac. 11770. 

Ladies' indus. soc. Charleston, S. C, 
1st Baptist church. See Charleston, 
S. C, 1st Baptist church, Ladies' 
indus. soc. 

La Dora lingerie co. Adorable. 

La Farge (C. G.) Golden cities. 

Lafaurie (Charles) Homme d' un 
soir. 65564. 

Lafayette, Ind., map. 43394. 

Lafayette ptg. co. Facts & factors 
you should know about Lafayette. 
Ind. 57019. 

La Feria, Tex., map. 29572. 

Laffert (K. A. von) Fanale am hini- 
mel. 34856. 


Lafferty (C. J.) Stick this up in your 

office. 47697. 
Lafiereuza (Domenico) If you don't 

want to drink. 4769S. 
Laflin (L. E.) jr. Illinoisa. 60144. 
La Follette, Tenn., map. 54488. 
Laframboise (G. J.) Zest card co. 

Rules for playing. 1S625, 53593. 
La France textiles indus., inc. Cat- 
alog. 47699. 
Lagourgue (Charles) Secret. 2242. 
La Grande, Wash., map. 19622. 
La Grange, Ky., map. 43395. 
La Grange, N. C, map. 65872. 
Laher auto spring co., inc. Laher. 

Catalog. 23661. 
La Hire (Jean de) : 

Bombe-aux-Nichons. 34857. 
Empoisonneur mondain. 11771. 
La Hire (M. W. de) Argent maudit. 

Lahm (Karl) : 

Charges Horthy drowned foes in 

the Danube, etc. 23663, 23664. 

Dead peddler called prince lost 

1833. 11772. 
Gland serum rejuvenates women. 

Kill youth for smiling. 34S58. 
Lahm (Karl) : 

Vienna in fete for prince who 

brings U. S. wife. etc. 47700, 


Lahman (H. S.) Sir Reynard. 11773. 

Laibson (Oscar) Ich clerken mit 

meine kinder. 65571. 
Laidlaw bros., inc. : 

Dressel (Herman) New Barnes 

readers. 1254. 1255. 22160-22163. 

Engleman (J. O.) New Barnes 

readers. 22308. 
Lennes (N. J.) Lennes work. 

Teachers hand bk. 23S20. 

Merton (E. L.) Teachers hand 
bk. 24370. 
Laidley (M. F.) Our Eng. 34859. 
Laing (George) Glacier to Gulf 

motorway, map. 60362. 
Laing (M. E.) : 

Busy folks, etc. 2243-2245. 
Working together. 1297. 
Laird (A. M.) Other woman. 47702. 
Laird (D. A.) Personal inventory. 

etc. 34860, 34861. 
Laird (E. C.) On getting up your 

bus. card. 34862. 
Laird (Jack) Rational proof of im- 
mortality. See Giles (J. K. ) 
Laird (R. H.) co. Kingston (R. L.) 

Facial muscle chart. 62553. 
Laird (Rose) See Kingstone (R. L.) 
Laird & Lee, inc. : 

Armitage (Jean) ed. Birthday 
bk. of friendship, etc. 181, 182. 

pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Bride's bk. etc. 2246-2249. 
Laird & Lee's diary and time 

saver. 34863. 
Zerbe (S\ M.) ed. Birthday bk. 
Lait (Jack) Gus & Gussie. 11774- 
11777, 23665-23671, 34S64-34874, 
47703-47707, 62612-62624. 
Lakatos (Laszlo) : 

Sapphire ring. 6258. 
Zafirgyiirii. 298S6. 
Lake (C. J.) Among the clouds. 

Lake {Mrs. J. L.) Consolation. 47708. 
Lake Bankhead, Ala., map. 54489. 
Lake Charles, La., direct. 34875. 
Lake Charles, La., map. 29573. 
Lake Co., Fla., map. 6523. 
Lake Co., 111., map. 43396. 
Lake George, N. Y., map. 29574. 
Lake Hopatcong, N. J., map. 29575. 
Lake Placid, N. Y., map. 19623. 
Lake Placid club educa. foundation. 

Note-taking & note-filing. 11778. 
Lake Shore trust & savings bank. 

Take care of the pennies. 11779. 
Lakeland. Fla., direct. 57021. 
Lakeside press. Training dept. 
Course in ptg. practice. 34876, 
Lakeview ponds. Lid is off. 47709. 
Lakeville, Minn., map. 19624. 
Lakey (M. S.) These six poems. 

Lamanda Park, Calif., direct. 39219. 
Lamar (W. L.) Volusia Co., Fla. 

Classified bus. direct. 41828. 
Lamar & Barton: 

Dallas, Tex., map. 54401. 
Du Bose (H. M.) Blood atone- 
ment of Jesus Christ. etc. 
9623. 9624. 
Faulkner (J. A.) Miraculous 

birth of our Lord. 10063. 
Methodist Episcopal church, 
South. Central office of the 
Epworth league. Devotional 
meeting ann. 2728. 
Parker (A. P.) Southern Meth- 
odism in China. 15505. 
Lamar pub. co. : 

Putnam Co., Fla. Classified bus. 

direct. 39693. 
St. Johns Co., Fla., classified bus. 

direct. 51919. 
Seminole County, Fla., classified 
bus. direct. 52162. 
Lamarque (Abril) Radiocatures. 

LaMaziere (Pierre) Vol de la cou- 

ronne des Tsars. 23676, 47710. 
Lamb (A. J.) : 

Bells of the sea. 28546. 
Sweet sins. 29251. 
Soul. 60272. 


nos. 1-12, 1925 

Lamb (C. H.) St. & highway repairs. 

Lamb (E. H.) Symphony. 43008. 

Lamb (J. R.) Biblical science. 

Lamb (L. C.) Fort Collins & Well- 
ington oil fields, Col., map. 29506. 

Lamb (M. C.) Leather dressing. 
47711, 47712. 

Lamberson (O. S.) : 

Dorothy Ellingson. 47713. 
Flowers of loveland. 62626. 

Lambert (B. F.) Simplified language. 

Lambert (Mary) Mary Lambert's 
raven. 34878. 

Lambert (R. E.) Ship & cargo. 

Lambert (Rieta) Shadows. 2251, 

Lambert, Miss., map. 43397. 

Lambert-Deacon-Hull ptg. co. Amer. 
central insur. co. Monthly travel 
expense rec. 44137. 

Lamberti, inc. Charm of crowning 
glory. 23678. 

Lambkin. 34880. 

Lambrecht (Michael) Patriotic his- 
toric peace pageant. 29089. 

Lambropulos (Nick) Fostires. 


Lambry (Leon) Geants de la mer. 

Lameille Valley, Vt, direct. 34881. 

Lamesa, Tex., map. 65873. 

Lammens process co. Lammens proc- 
ess of the chemical staining of ce- 
ment. 2252. 

La Motte-Ango (Marquis de) See 
Flers (Robert de) 

Lamp (C. J.) Outline of a jr. high 
schl. course of study in music. 

Lamph (M. E.) Betrothal song of 
the spring, etc. 34882-34885. 

Lamping-Nolan (C. M.) Students 
guide & note bk. 11783. 

Lamson (C. A.) Our brother's wife. 

Lamville Valley, map. 54490. 

Lancaster (C. D.) : 
Big I am. 5946. 
Grifters. 42659. 
Who did it? 54293. 

Lancaster (Emma) Pulse of my 
heart. 34886. 

Lancaster (T. P.) : 
Radio. 29133. 
Wise fools. 19444. 

Lancaster, Mass., direct. 8933. 

Lancaster, Pa., direct. 47715. 

Lancaster, Pa., map. 6524. 

Lancaster co. Bristol system instrs". 
on how to sell. 2253. 

Lancaster iron works, inc. Horizon- 
tal storage tanks. etc. 23679, 
23680, 47716, 47717. 

Lancaster New Era. Our world inst. 
2254, 2255, 11784-11788. 

Lancaster steel products corp. Cold 
drawn facts. 11789, 23681. 

Lancio (Pasquale) Poems. 34887. 

Lancos natl. formula & specialty co. 
Formulas. recipes, processes & 
money-making methods. 11790. 

Land endowment co. Application for 
land endowment contract. etc. 
23672, 23673. 

Land title & trust co. Legal cal. 

Landau (Julian) Methusalem. 

Landau & Steinberg. Stand, of excel- 
lence for twenty five yrs. 23682. 

Landay (Maurice) : 

Assassin mystere. 47718. 

Malle a gouffe. etc. 23683, 23684. 

Landers (W. E.) Narcotic evil. 

Landers (W. N.) Lucky bag. 35203. 

Landers, Frary & Clark. Roily Bowly 
& Tiney Tim. 47719. 

Landesman-Hirschheimer co. Golden 
jubilee ed. 11791, 34888. 

Landis (B. Y.) Social aspects of 
farmers' coop, marketings. 23685. 

Landis (C. S.) Shooter's guide. 

Landis (Carney) Studies of emo- 
tional reactions. 2256. 

Land re (Jeanne) Montmartre en 
1900. 62629. 

Landsman (Lawrence) Pollak (S. 
B.) Lease. 58765. 

Lane (Barry) Jolly jingles & kiddie 
rhymes. 11793. 

Lane (C. C.) Whatdya say? 47720. 

Lane (E. F.) Tavernier Shores, Key 
Largo, map. 54658. 

Lane (J. A.) Eng. composition & 
rhetoric. 47721. 

Lane (L. W.) Comprehensive study 
of the farm market for food. etc. 
39213, 39214. 

Lane (Pearle) Big society wedding. 

Lane (R. B.) : 

Dissecting Peter. 28682. 
Playing the devil. 29102. 
Queen Anne front. 54125. 

Lane co. Use the Lane plan. 236S6. 

Lanesboro, Pa., map. 43398. 

Lang (Andrew) Andrew Lang read- 
ers. 57022-57037. 

Lang (Caroline) Boy wonder. 53746. 

Lang (J. J.) Corp. cal. 1035. 

Lang (M. B.) Second grade mental 
arith. problems. 23674. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Lang (M. H.) Fur & feather frolics. 

Lang (M. W.) Eng. manual. 63147. 
Langtlon (0. D.) Fireman's individual 

tour card. 23687. 
Langdon specialties co. Grandandy 

cross-word puzzles. 11794. 
Lange (H. G.) machine works. Lange 

glass machinery. 62630. 
Lange (Martin) Unscrambling Eu- 
rope. 34889. 
Langen (Albert) Frohliche stadt. 

Langenberg mfg. co. Front rank on 

the firing line. 34890. 
Langer (Georg) Madchen von Kosel. 

Langer (H. M.) Pelleas et Melisande, 

et, Interieur. 29094*. 
Langford-Baker (A. C.) See Baker 

(A. C. L.) 
Langham (Byron) Power of love in 

thought. 47723. 
Langlade (Henriette) Bonheur de 

l'aimee. 11795. 
Langman (E. L. ) Sunday morning 

breakfast 6303. 
Langman (F. E.) : 

All in the name of Mitzvah. etc. 

62631-6263 - ,. 
And their mission shall be peace. 
etc. 47724-47732. 
Langman (Florence) Gembler. etc. 

Langton (V. K.) Don't ask 'em — tell 

'em. 28687. 
Langtry (Lily) : 

Adventures on the stage, etc. 

My memoirs. 11796-11800. 
Langwith (A. L.) : 

Iowa. map. 54474. 
Minnesota, map. 54522. 
Lanier (Leslie) Non silba sed anthar. 

Lanni (C. G.) : 

Campaign manager, etc. 11801- 

Mantle falls on Elisha. ' 34895. 
Printed word. etc. 23695, 23696. 
Lanni (C. G.) & Rochester news corp. 
Lanni (C. G.) Campaign manager, 
etc. 11801-11815. 
Lano (Allan de) See DeLano (Allan) 
Lansing. Kans.. direct. 57137. 
Lansing loom works : 

Don't worry Jack. etc. 2257, 

Make a steady sure income. 
Lanzette (Annette) inc. Statements 

& scientific data. 34S96. 
La Peyrade (Robert) pseud. See 
Bonet (Frangois) 

Lapp (C. J.) Iowa placement exams. 

Lapp insulator co., inc. Lapp insu- 
lators. 23697. 
La Prade (Malcolm) : 

Bachelor's brides. 42506. 
Yellow dog. 43101. 
Laramie, Wyo., direct. 62636. 
Larchmont, N. Y., direct. 491S3. 
Laredo, Tex., map. 29576. 
Lariat productions : 

Cowboy grit. 43758. 
Empty saddle. 19910. 
One shot ranger. 54S49. 
Range buzzards. 54873. 
Santa Fe Pete. 29997. 
Stampede thunder. 60598. 
West, of Arizona. 43997. 
Larimer Co., Col., direct. 1530. 
Larity ( H. I.) Who stole the mince 

pie. 19435. 
Larkin (J. B.) Fighting governor. 

Larkin (R. E.) : 

Bertie takes a wife. 5940. 
Cape smoke. 18766. 
Dragon. 18849. 
Grease ball. 28807. 
May & December. 6167. 
Pocket snake. 54109. 
Larkin co., inc. : 

Larkin bk. of better homes, etc. 

Larkin economy stores. etc. 

3489S, 34S99. 
Larkin plan. 2259. 
Larksville, Pa., map. 65S74. 
LaRocque (Rod) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 47733. 
Larousse (Librairie) : 

Bizeau (Maurice) Enseignement 
prima ire et classes elemental res 
des lycees. 01593. 
Driault (Edouard) Enseignement 
primaire et classes elementaires 
des lycees. 61593. 
Randoux (Maurice)' Euseigne- 
ment primaire et classes ele- 
mentaires des lycees. 61593. 
Larrabee th*e & rubber co. Y'our 
credit is good with Larrabee. 23699. 
Larric (Jack) : 

Kiss of Judas. 60156. 
Yellow leaf. 19449. 
Larrimore (G. S.) Present ct. house 

site. 23700. 
Larrimore (Lida) Perfect little goose. 

Larrouy (Maurice) Coups de roulis. 

Larsen (Mrs. F. W. ) Home. 28S39. 
Larsen (Hiram) Elec. 5703S. 
Larsen (O. T.) Dairymen's friend. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Larsh (P. A.) My Shinola man. 

Larson (C. D.) : 

Child study. 34900. 

How to talk to the child. 57039. 

One hundred vital facts in psycho- 
logical study & application. 
Larson (T. H.) Burnhani (E.) inc. 

Dermo-ray. 31424. 
Larsson (M. F.) All yr. gift bk. 

Larvex corp. : 

At last — what you have been want- 
ing for yrs. etc. 23703-23719. 

Have mothproof clothes. etc. 
LaSage (E. C.) Standard, LaGrange, 
Ind. Buy in LaGrange where 
values are assured. 17279. 
La Salle extension univ. : 

Accountancy, etc. 47735-47808. 

Adams (A. C.) Overcharge 
claims. 30070. 

Amer. law & procedure. etc. 
11821-11S76. 57040-57123. 

Block (M. D.) C. P. A. exams. 

Bus. management. etc. 2261- 
2319, 23720-23773, 62637-62639. 

Castenholz (W. B.) Manual of 
income tax procedure. 8657. 

Chapline (J. C.) Spirit of Amer. 
bus. 45409. 

Confidential rept. etc. 34905- 

Dept. of law. Ann. catalog. 

Dept. of modern salesmanship. 
Inspiration in salesmanship, etc. 

Self check question. 2320- 

2323, 11878-11881, 23774-23777, 
34931, 57124, 57125. 

Dept. of ry. station management. 
Problems of ry. station activi- 
ties. 11S82. 

Dept. of sales promotion. Manual 
of information. 47816. 

Diemer (Hugo) Bus. manage- 
ment. 32720, 32721, 46086, 

Sales manual for La Salle 

indus. courses. 22090. 

Donnell (J. H.) Freight rates & 
tariffs. 22119, 32741, 46100, 

Eggleston (D. C.) Higher ac- 
countancy. 61672, 61673. 

Gilman (Stephen) Personal accts. 
rec. 22765. 

Hammond (W. M.) Acctg. meth- 
ods & procedure. 56684. 

Hill (W. W.) Timothy Tealeaf, 
bus. investigation. 23099. 

Indus, management dept. Indus, 
management service. 23778, 

Job anal. 47817. 

L;i Salle Points & Pointers. 11883, 
23780. 23781, 34932, 47S18, 47819, 
57126, 62641. • 
Parmelee (J. H.) How to ana- 
lyze & use transportation sta- 
tistical repts. 51141. 
Personal efficiency. 4212, 4213, 
15581, 15582, 26353, 26354, 51222- 
Power (M. E.) Amer. law & pro- 
cedure. 15801, 15S02. 
Statistical div. Individual income 

forecast chart. 62640. 
Trade & transportation bulletin. 
17805. 27S64. 27865, 41615, 53008- 
53010, 64967. 
U. S., map. 29774. 
Wilson (A. E.) Amer. law & pro- 
cedure. 2S248. 
La Salle natl. bank. How much am 

I worth today? 2324. 
LaSalle Points & Pointers. 11883, 
23780, 23781, 34932, 47818, 47819, 
57126, 62641. 
Lash (Isidor) Overdrawn. 60210. 
Lasher (G. S.) Manual of usage. 

Lasher (W. J.) Hughes (John) Fac- 
. similes of eyeglass cleaners. 23209. 
LaSizeranne (R. H. de) A l'Exposi- 

tion des arts decoratifs. 47S20. 
Lasker (Rudolph) Bloody Hen-in. 

Lasky (J. & S.) Etiquette of soc. 

forms. 34933. 
Last (G. G.) According to your 

faith. 47821. 
Laszlo (Bus Fekete) See Bus Fekete 

Laszlo (Lakatos) See Lakatos 

Latham (E. B.) Informal talk on oil. 

Lathrop (C. N.) Clinical ct. for do- 
mestic woes is plan. 47822. 
Lathrop (Dorothy) In the palace of 

the storm king. 42712. 
Lathrop (F. W.) Making job analyses 

in farming occupations. 11886. 
Lathrop (T. B.) Grace Congrega- 
tional church, Framingham. Mass. 
Service for Armistice day. 56631. 
Lathrop, Mo., map. 29577. 
Lathrup (Louise) Gateways to hap- 
piness. 57127. 
Latimer (J. W.) Bureaucracy a la 

mode. 2326, 23782, 47823. 
Latkin (Lena) Stories of the Bible 

lands. 18162-1S167. 
La Tour (Maxime) pseud. See Priol- 
let (Julien) 

92643—26 17 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Latrobe, Pa., map. 43399. 

Laube (J. L.) Horace Greeley's barn. 

Lauckuer (Rolf) : 

Entkleidung des Antonio Carossa. 

Frau im stein. 42632. 
Matnmbo. 60181. 
Sakuntala. 60246. 
Laughlin (C. E.) : 

Laughlin (Clara) travel services. 

Your trip to Italy. 11887. 
Your trip to Italy. 2327. 
Laughlin (C. S.) : 

Perkins (Molly) Mistletoe's a 

reason. 15576. 
Sea dreams. 34934. 
Laughlin (Clara) travel services. 

Your trip to Italy. 11887. 
Laughlin (M. P.) Patent date num- 
ber chart. 34935. 
Laughlin press. Gasoline rate cards. 

etc. 34936, 34937. 
Laumann (E. M.) : 

Closerie des genets. 34938. 
Douleur . . . et le pardon. 62642. 
Etrange matiere. 11888. 
Laumar service syndicate. Laumar 

logs. 23784. 
Laundry & dry cleaning service, inc. 

New Orleans home jour. 63319. 
Laundryette mfg. co. : 

I don't have to use my hands for 

washing, etc. 11889-11891. 
Wringerless laun-dry-ette. etc. 
23785, 23786. 
Launey (Aloysius) Tombo. 29270. 
Laurel bk. co. : 

Anderson (C. J.) Lincoln read- 
ers. 20473, 45979. 
Davidson (Isobel) Lincoln read- 
ers. 45979. 
Laurel Democrat. Laurel, Md. 12,343 

dollars voted last wk. 47824. 
Lauren (S. K.) : 

Magdalene & Mary. .42801. 
Maid Marian. 60172. 
Laurie (Joseph) jr. Crazy kid. 

Lauroge (L. R.) Suppl. to the vic- 
torious resurrection. 11892. 
Lauterbach (C. E.) Lauterbach self- 

scoring tests. 34939. 
Lauzanne (Stephane) : 

Caillaux will offer first payment. 

etc. 47825-47834. 
Dans le royaume des journaux. 
Lavalle (Joseph) Finding of photo- 
graph on the sidewalk was the find- 
ing of a husband. 62643. 
La Vallee (J. V.) Silas Marner. 

La Verne, Calif., map. 29578. 

La Vigne (C. E.) Introducing Wash- 
ington, D. C. 34941. 
La vine (L. I.) Greatest investment 

opportunity. 23787. 
Lavine (Morris) : 

Cinderella girl. 62644. 
New Arbuckle sensation. 23788. 
Whose man? 430SS. 
La vino (Edwin) That's that. 29259. 
La Voie (H. F.) Enrollments. 23789. 
Lavrova (Michel) Happy mystics. 

Lavrova (Vera) Happy mystics. 

Law (E. L.) One lesson on vocal 

whistling. 34942. 
Law (W. T. F.) Compromise. 42562. 
Law digesting co. Washington (State) 

Sup. ct. Washington decisions. 

18124, 28098, 53285, 59812, 65114. 
Law list pub. co. Amer. law list. 102. 
Lawellin (S. J.) Milling chem. 

Lawler (H. T.) jr. Bull McCarty. 

Lawler (L. B.) Latin playlets for 

high schls. 53970*. 
Lawrence (Edwin) Queen of the mul- 
berry wops. 62645. 
Lawrence (Effie) At rehearsal. 

Lawrence (F. D.) elec. co. Catalog. 

Lawrence (F. E.) 

map. 6617. 
Lawrence (G. A.) 

Lawrence (J. E.) 

first-part. 54210. 
Lawrence (J. P.) 

Lawrence (M. H.) 



Lawrence, Kan., direct. 62646. 
Lawrence, Mass., direct. 47835. 
Lawrence, Mass., map. 54491. 
Lawrence law service corp. Beatty 

(Olive) comp. 1925 guide. 267. 
Lawrence natl. marriage crusade. 

Lawrence (J. P.) Love that lasts. 

Lawson (Bevan) : 

Success in selling. 11893, 34944, 

Zero hr. 2331. 
Lawson (H. J.) Dusty Rhodes last 

ride. 65412. 
Lawson (J. H.) : 

Invisible mob. 42720. 
Nirvana. 42864. 
Processional. 19227*. 

Okeechobee, Fla., 
Human freight. 
Swanee minstrel 
Love that lasts. 

Woozle. 2330. 
[Margery) Girl without a 
(Vincent) Spring fever. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Lawson (W. E.) : 

Calif, state life insur. co. $5000 
' cash whether or not you'll have 
it. 452S1. 
Straight life policy. 47836. 
Lawson (W. P.) Cross of Truchas. 

2332, 11894-11896. 
Lawton (Elizabeth) : 

In the queen's garden. 65581. 
Lilies of the Madonna. 65613. 
Slipper well lost. 65737. 
Lawyers guaranteed direct., inc. Law- 
yers guaranteed direct. 47837. 
Lawyers' list. 23791. 
Lay (Wilfrid) Confidential chats 

with husbands. 23792. 
Layne (S. L.) Baby bear. 23793. 
Layton (A. S.) Hawks, crows & owls. 

Laytonville, Calif., map. 19625. 
Lazard (Stella) Superstitions, cus- 
toms, past, present. 11897. 
Lazare agency, inc. Lazare's news. 

11898, 23795, 34946, 47838, 47839. 
Lazarides (L. A.) Pieria & the Ele- 
gies of Castalia. 34947. 
Lazarovich-Hrebelanovich (E. C. 

princess ) Way. 6355. 
Lazarowsky (Samuel) Antlofener 

man. 18698. 
Lazarus (Arthur) : 

Organization of the functions of 

the controller. 62647. 
Stock control. 34948. 
Lazarus (S. F.) How times have 

changed. 28852. 
Lazarus (S.J.) Amer. citizen. 57128. 
Lea (Charles) Revenue from opium 

is root of drug evil. 11899. 
Lea (J. W.) : 

Cleopatra's needles. 11900. 
Farrar (F. W.) Bible. 22445. 
Leach (E. A.) Facts about first mort- 
gage loans. 34949. 
Leach (G. D.) Used car analytical 

valuation chart. 47840. 
Leach (G. H.) Busy bees. 53751. 
Leach (P. R.) Chicago's traction 

problem. 23796. 
Leach (W. H.) : 

Barbarian. 18716. 
Great dish towel mystery. 42654. 
Leachman (H. B.) : 

Branigar bros. co. Action, etc. 

And the key to the oppor- 
tunity, etc. 21025, 21031. 
Jewels. 23453-23457. 
Leachman organization. Leach- 
man's installment service, etc. 
Leacock (Stephen) : 

Advice to travelers about to make 
one ocean voyage, etc. 47841- 

As the man with the hoe. 57129— 

As to the more or less merry 
month of May. etc. 34950- 
Barometer of bus. etc. 2333- 

Bride or groom. etc. 23S02- 

Bldg. of a bigger & better past. 

etc. 62648-62652. 
Dead men's gold. etc. 11901- 
Leading steam engineers of the U. S. 

Cochrane corp. 47846. 
League of composers. League of com- 
posers 3rd concert. 11912. 
League of nations, map. 19849. 
Leahy (C. J.) : 

Glad hand. 42644. 
Key to Heaven. 42748. 
Mixer. 42832. 

Sauce of annoyance. 42953. 
Tape worm. 65754. 
Worldly goods. 43099. 
Leahy (T. F.) Leahy's hotel guide 

& ry. distance maps. 34963. 
Leake (G. L.) Kidders. 42750. 
Learsi (Rufus) pseud,. See Goldberg 

Leask (J. P.) Amer. oil burner assn. 

Testing methods.. 47690. 
Leather belting exchange. Jones (R. 
F.) Non-technical summary of re- 
search on the appl. of leather belt- 
ing. 11542. 
Leathers (Ward) Amer. endocrine 

labs. Radiendocrinator. 7207. 
Leavenworth, Kan., direct. 57137. 
Leavitt (Douglas) : 

Banking between two. 18715. 
Knight out. 19026. 
Youthful follies. 19454. 
Leavitt (Dudley) Leavitt's farmer's; 

almanack. 57138. 
Leavitt (Sheldon) Songs. 2337. 
Leavitt's farmer's almanack. 57138. 
Lebanon, Pa., direct. 47847. 
Lebanon, Pa., map. 43400. 
Leben (H.) Modellieren und ergan- 
zungszeichnen fiir maschinenbauer. 
Leblanc (Maurice) : 

Arsene Lupin. 29260*. 
Aventures extraordinaries. 47848. 
Dent d'Hercule 'Petitgris. 2338. 
Formidable evenement. 34964. 
Vie extravagante de Balthazar. 
Lebond (Maruis et Ary) Homme quii 

a trouve une eloile. 2339. 
LeBordais (D. M.) Skeletons of four- 
Arctic explorers. 2340. 
Le Brandt (Joseph) Ma. 6147. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Lecompte (L. C.) Mr. and Mrs. Peli- 
can. 2341. 
Leconite (G. C.) Ideal defleuri. 

Lecron (H. C.) Picture-story bk. 

Lecuyer (Mine. Andree Husson) 

Piano mecanique. 2342. 
Leder (Michael) What is Christian 

science? 34966. 
Lederer (Charles) Cartooning made 

easy. 11914. 
Lederer (W. J.) Wish granted. 

Le Deuc (C. A.) Hadley's pathfinder 
course. 24535, 36153, 48S89, 57530. 
Le Doux (R. A.) Denver. First 
mortgage bond co. Accumlative 
first mortgage, etc. 55925, 55926. 
Le Due (A. S.) : 

Chill in the wind. etc. 2343, 

However far away you are. 
Leduc (Alphonse) et cie. Dupre 
(.Marcel) Traite d'improvisation a 
l'orgue. 61622. 
Leo (B. N.) Charleston, S. C. Red 

bk. 31668. 
Lee (Barbara) : 

Alluring frocks for Easter. 11916. 
Barbara Lee mirrors modes, etc. 

234-., 2346. 
Delightful, airy frocks. 34967. 
Frocks. 47849. 

When top-coats are flung aside. 
Lee (C. N.) Prosperous bus. by mail. 

Lee (F. J.) Divine healing. 47S50. 
Lee (G. H.) Story of the Lee way. 

Lee (G. H.) co. Before & after, etc. 

Lee (H. C.) & co. : 

Martin (H. B.) Making of a 

champion. 24228. 
Richards (Vincent) You — a 
champion. 16073. 
Lee (H. D.) mercantile co. : 

Buddy Lee drawing bk. 11918. 
Old scout coffee. 34968. 
Lee (H. F.) Robert Burns. 65715. 
Lee (J. C.) : 

Man what don't care. 6153. 
Their daily argument. 6313. 
Lee (J. D.) : 

Man what don't care. 6153. 

Their daily argument. 6313. 

Lee (R. H.) Amer. Flag etiquette. 

Lee (Sonia) : 

Boy's love-making unopposed, etc. 

Diggers half way to entombed 
man despite rains, etc. 11919- 
Lee mfg. co. Lee's wonderful catalog. 

Leech (C. A.) Warren memorial 
Presbyterian church. Order of serv- 
ice. 59811. 
Leech (F. S.) Successful failure. 

Leedom, Miller & Noyes co. State- 
ment or inventory. 2348. 
Leeds (E. L.) Tinker man. 6327. 
Leeds (E. T.) jr. Pale youth & other 

stories. 11922. 
Leeds sales co., inc. Revealing the 

act of beautiful coiffures. 34969. 
Lees (James) & sons co. Minerva bk. 

Leetsville, Pa., map. 65875. 
Lefebvre (Mme. Durand) pseud. See 

Despierres (Mile.) 
Le Fevre (Felicite) Little grey goose. 

L e f r a n c ( Etablissements ) Aide- 
memoire. 11924. 
Legal cal. 2349. 
Legal code corp. : 

Int. sidelights on European law- 
yers. 23812. 
Internatl. legal ann. 47386. 
Legal direct, pub. co. Fisher's probate 

law direct. 10184. 
Le Gate (O. M.) Evolution. 34970. 
Le Gear (L. D.) Dr. Le Gear's poul- 
try course. 23813, 23814. 
Legionnaire's home cal. & yearly rec. 

Lehigh coal & navigation co. Gilbert- 
son (H. S.) Mine management poli- 
tics. 33661. 
Lehigh Portland cement co. Con- 
tractors handy bk. etc. 23816, 
Lehman (H. C.) Lehman's play quiz 

for grade 3 or above. 47852. 
Lehman (P. M.) Finding Christmas 

joy. 42617. 
Lehman (V. R.) : 

Christmas on the farm. 42556. 
Finding Christmas joy. 42617. 
His mother. 42682. 
Powells' happy Christmas. 42916. 
Spirit of Christmas. 429S6. 
Lehmann (J. F.) : 

Bier (August) Wie sollen wir 
uns zu der homoopathie stellen. 
Lenz (Fritz) tjber die biolo- 
gischen grundlagen der erzie- 
hung. 62659. 
Lehmann & Schiippel. Gottin auf der 
balz. 53877. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Lehmanns (J. F.) verlag. Taschen- 

buch der luftflotten. etc. 27742, 

Lehn & Fink, inc. : 

Dentists' diary. 57140. 
Lysol health liby. 23818. 
Physicians' diary. 47853. 
Lehne (Fr.) Wessen kind bin ich? 

Lehner (M. A.) Nature's path. 

Lehr (Raynor) Quiet little inn. . 

Leib (Charles) Tweedle Dee. 53656. 
Leib-Keyston & co. Tabulation of 

bank statistics. 2350, 11926, 23819, 

Leiber (Allen) Too much Lulu. 

Leiber (Fritz) St. Peter. 65719. 
Leiden Christi fur die menschueit. 

Leidich (Christian) : 

C. Leidich's cruise-aider. 23820, 

C. Leidich's wetter barometer. 
Leigh (Julian) Don Juan's last night. 

Leigh (Magda) Writing adventure. 

Leigh (W. R.) Anaconda. 60027. 
Le'gh (Win.) Ohio Valley trust co. 

Life clock. 39027. 
Leighly (J. B.) Polar type climatic 

chart base. 34973. 
Leight (B. B.) Panther. 29082. 
Leight, Holzer & co. Stability. 

23822, 23823, 34974-34976. 
•Leighton (Frederick) Selected re- 
gents & other problems in arith. 

Leighton (G. R.) Solemn pride. 

Leighton (Henry) Outline & bibliog- 
raphy. 23824. 
Leighton (Isabel) : 

Part-time lady. 19195. 
Runaway princess. 54146. 
Leininger (G. C.) Chicago title & 

trust co. Another valentine, etc. 

Leinster (Murray) Ample water. 

Leiser (W. C.) Self taught method of 

designing. 57141. 
Leissing (A. H.) Creditors service 

bur. Franklin system. 55827. 
Leister (J. P.) : 

Land o' lotus. 53968. 
Spongers. 42988. 
Leitchfield, Ky., map. ^OSSl. 
Leith (F. A. C. Forbes-) See Forbes- 

Leith (F. A. C.) 
Leivick (H.) Rags. 60232. 

Leland (Benjamin) & co. Vivani's. 

Wonderful present. 53219. 
Leland (E. T.) Black man. 18734. 
Leland (F. A.) Off. list. 2352, 

Leland, Miss., map. 29579. 
Lemarchand (Louis) Soir de folie. 

Lemberg (J. L.) : 

Noah & the ark. 29036. 
Palestine mandate. 29080. 
Le Menager (E. H.) Le Menager (E. 

H.) farm bus. service. Le Men- 

ager's farm bus. system. 34979. 
Lemming (G. A.) Amer. patriots. 

Lemmon (J. Q.) Old philosophy or 

the new. 34980. 
LeMor radio, inc. LeMor uni-control 

receiver. 47854. 
LeMur (S.) co. LeMur permanent 

waving machines. 11929. 
Lenderman Terrace, Del., map. 43401. 
Lenglen (Suzanne) Tenn's as an art. 

34981-34992, 47855-47887. 
Lengwith (A. L.) Iowa, map. 60375. 
Lengyel (Menyhert) Waterlooi csata. 

Lenin (N.) Imperialism. 23825. 
Lennards (M. F.) Faith. 6033. 
Lennes (N. J.) : 

Lennes work. 2353. 
Teachers hdbk. 23826. 
Lennox (William) Jenny Jones. 

Lenoc jewelry co. Brooch of promise. 

etc. 11931-11940. 
Lenom (Clement) Thirty lessons in 

solfeggio. 11930. 
Lenore {Mrs. Ted) What Ford means 

to you! 47888. 
Lenox (W. C.) Land der treue. 

Lenth (G. C. D.) Clay products assn. 

Vitrified salt glazed clay sewer pipe. 

Lenz (Fritz) Dber die biologischen 

grundlagen cler erziehung. 62659. 
Lenz (S. S.) : 

Alluring problem for bridge play- 
ers, etc. 2354-2358. 
Expert bridge for all bridge play- 
ers. 11941-11949. 23827-23832, 
34993-34999, 478S9-^7896, 57142, 
Lenzberg (Grace) Romance of youth. 

Leo (Rita) Adams (Cornelia) pseud. 

Make-it-up story bk. 20213. 
Leominster, Mass., direct. 11950. 
Leominster, Mass., map. 19626. 
Leon (Beatrice) pseud. See Leonard 

Leon (Walter de) See De Leon 




pi. r, n. s., v. 

Leonard (A. A.) Founders vs. tail 

enders. etc. 23834, 23835. 
Leonard (A. W.) Hearthstone league 

bk. of remembrance. 23833. 
Leonard (Beatrice) Kids is kids. 

Leonard (Benny) : 
Hit back. 23836. 
Keeping fit with Benny Leonard, 
etc. 47897^17917. 
Leonard (Benny) physical culture 
inst., inc. : 

Governor Smith keeps fit. etc. 

35001, 35002. 
I am now at your personal service. 

Knock his block off! etc. 4791S, 

Leonard (Benny) Hit back. 

Leonard is right. 35000. 

Now I can tell you. 11951. 

Leonard (G. R.) & co., inc.: 

Leonard's express & parcel post 

rate bk. 11953-11955, 35003- 


Suppl. etc. 2359-2361, 47920- 


Leonard (II. V.) Femme du monde. 

Leonard (Jo.) Acting for films her 

1st thrill, etc. 23S37-23S46. 
Leonard, (Kathleen) Tbrills of 

motherhood. 57143. 
Leonard (L. O. ) Founders & builders 

of the Rock Island. 62668, 62669. 
Leonard (M. J.) Leonard's cross 

word puzzle solver. 2362. 
Leonard (M. L.) Just a little bit 

in love. 62670. 
Leonard (M. S.) Best toys for chil- 
dren. 35006. 
Leonard (Martia) Rum Point scan- 
dal. 19266. 
Leonard (R. B.) Static. 29230. 
Leonard (S. A.) New Merrill speller. 

Leonard (W. H.) Silver spruce. 

Leonardi (C. G.) Song of the ciga- 
rette. 62671. 
Leonardo da Vinci pub. house. Leon- 
ardo. 23S48. 
Leoty elec. co. Directs, for use. etc. 

•11956, 11957. 
Le Perrier (Paule) Professor Bluf- 

feur's vocal class. 28478. 
Lequeux (William) Blue bungalow. 

etc. 2363-2366, 11958-11968. 
Lero clothing system. Contract. 

Le Rouge (Gustave) Reu tenebreuse. 

Le Rouge (Gustave) See also Le 

Rouge (Gustave) 
Leroux (Gaston) : 

Auberge epouvantable. etc. 

35007, 35008. 
Cheri-Bibi. 62672. 
Hardigras. 23850. 
LeRoux(Leah) Beast tamer. 42.">13. 
Le Roy (Nat) : 

Bringing up father in Ireland. 

Tightwad Holmes. 43030. 
Leshnick direct, co. Direct. : 
Belleville, 111. 44502. 
Dixon, 111. 61551. 
Edwardsville, 111. 1299. 
Ft. Madison, la. 61926. 
Joplin, Mo. 2129. 
Kankakee, 111. 34669. 
Morrison Co., 111. 59537. 
Pana, 111. 58694. 
Peoria, 111. 26343. 
Rock Falls Co., 111. 59537. 
St. Charles, Mo. 59075. 
Sterling, 111. 59537. 
Streator, 111. 5248. 
Whiteside Co., 111. 59537. 
Lesley (S. T.) Non silba sed anthar. 

Leslie (John) Chums. 5980. 
Leslie (R. C.) United Realty club, 
inc. Appl. for participating mem- 
berships. 53065. 
Lesser (Sol) Balto's race to Nome. 

Lessing (Bruno) : 

Courtesy, etc. 47923-47953. 
Lesson in art. etc. 35009-35050. 
Something to think about. 2367- 
23S1, 11969-12017, 23S51-23S78, 
57145-57157, 62673-62695. 
Lessler (A.) Purim-theater. 65702. 
Lestel (G. H.) Boetcheguy le soli- 
taire. 12018. 
Lester (Drane) Hayseed letters. 

Lester (Elliott) pseud. See Liebman 

(E. L.) 
Lester (Eugene) Farmer & the hay. 

Lester (W. H.) Galloping vengeance. 

Lester (William) Flashing spurs. 

Lestico (H. H.) Chain grocers adv. 

system. 57159. 
Letcher (W. R.) : 

Easy way to sell life insur. 2384. 
Selling insur. 12019. 
Letendre (T.) Following method of 

play is short & simple. 12020. 
Letendre (T. #.) Cudgel. 47954. 
Letter specialty co. Rauschkolb's 
monthly drug charts, etc. 47955- 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Lettura. 2385, 12021, 23880-23882, 
35052-35054, 47958, 47959, 62696, 
Leusmith (Edward) pseud. Bee 

Smith (Louis) 
Le Valley (V. R.) Hartford's dreaxn 

of Hollywood. 12022. 
Levee (M. C.) Molasses. 35055. 
Leveille (E. A.) Freight tariff, etc. 

Levengood (L. D.) Across the creek. 

Leveuson (G. A.) Sugar cane. 

Leveuson (Jacob) : 

Beloved & belated. 28547. 
Tell the truth. 65755. 
Three lovers. 43026. 
Lever bros. co. : 

And they're asking, etc. 35056- 

Let your finger-tips tell you. etc. 
47960, 47961. 
Leveson (Inez) Shopping in Chicago 

with Sally. 2386. 
Levey (E. C.) Amer. citizen. 57128. 
Levey ptg. co. Bank drummer, etc. 

12030, 12031. 
Levi (J. H.) Green bag. 46884. 
Levie (M. S.) Womanless wedding. 

Levin (Louis) : 
Taxi. 19341. 
Weit fun stat. 54282. 
Levin (Zebulloui) See Levin (Louis) 
Levine (J. D.) Goitre. 47962. 
Levine (S. J.) Presidents of the 

U. S. 2387. 
Levinger (E. E.) And Bobby won- 
dered, etc. 2388-2392. 
At the gates. 53717. 
Breaking of a tiny glass, etc. 

12032, 12033. 
Child of the frontier. 18780. 
Kid. 28904. 

Through the schl. year. 54230. 
Levinger (L. J.) Jews & Judaism in 

the U. S. 47963. 
Levinsohn (A. M.) Silver lining. 

Levinson (Louis) Fate's challenge. 

Levis (C. R.) Automotive service 
bur. Automotive ref . manual. 20591, 
30569, 30570. 
Levis (G. W.) Huegal-Levis penalty 

scoring system. 47269. 
Levis (M. B.) Better late than never. 

Levis (M. R.) : 

Cross word puzzle. 28645. 
Den of infamy. 65498. 
Her husband's client. 18959. 
Homewrecker. 28841. 

Husbands can't be too careful. 

Knocks. 19027. 
My loving heirs. 54053. 
Oh, death, where is thy sting? 

People who live in glass houses. 

Revue sketches. 19250. 
She got the ring. 29185. 
Levy (A. W.) Star dial D. X. dial 

card. 57160. 
Levy (Abraham) West end 'theatre. 
Humpty Dumpty novelty show. 
Levy (Jacob) Fiangailles. 62698. 
Levy (Mark) Real estate practice. 

Levy (Robert) Why women cheat. 

Levy & Gort. Legar reversible dress. 

Levy Co., Fla., map. 65876. 
Levy-Shulman & co., inc. : 

For your spring dress garden, etc. 

2394, 2395. 
Why climb the garden wall? 
Lew (W. E.) Musical mention. 

Lewis (A. F.) & co. Ptg. trades blue 

bk. 4403, 4404, 15816, 51454. 
Lewis (A. N.) Bobs: general mana- 
ger. 53743. 

Chiropractic. 12035. 
Amer. racing guide. 
23883, 35062, 35063, 

Wide open spaces. 

Lewis (B. D.) 
Lewis (B. F.) 

2396, 12036, 

Lewis (Barran) 

Lewis (C. A.) Montezuma, last of the 

Aztecs. 29007. 
Lewis (C. H.) Shaw tells radio men 

how to broadcast plays. 2397. 
Lewis (E. E.) Common- word spellers. 

12037, 12038, 35064-35066. 
Lewis (E. W.) Financing plan. 23884. 
Lewis (F. C.) 111., direct. 23245. 
Lewis (F. G.) Dumb-waiter. 6018. 
Lewis (Franklin) Amer. bankers in- 

sur. assn. 35067. 
Lewis (G. N.) How to paper a room. 

Lewis (H. A.) ed. Vacation church 

schl. 11765, 12384. 
Lewis (H. J.) Disclosure of member- 
ship. 47965. 
Lewis (H. M.) Highway traffic. 

Lewis (Harrison) Real estate sales- 
manship. 23886. 
Lewis (Haydenia) pseud. 

(H. T.) 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Lewis (I. M.) : 

Great desire. 42653. 
Here's way to see Saturday's 
eclipse. 12040. 
Lewis (J. D.) Rules for bango. 12041. 
Lewis (J. W.) Finish fight in anthra- 
cite. 47966. 
Lewis (John) : 

Adding regeneration to good four- 
tube circuit, etc. 12042-1209G. 
Buzzer test for crystal set. etc. 

Final instrs. etc. 2398-2402. 
Stand, circuit. 35068. 
Successful failure. 54202. 
Wheel. 19429. 
Lewis (Joseph) Jefferson the free- 
thinker. 57161. 
Lewis (L. I.) Lily-pad. 12097. 
Lewis (M. D.) Princess Marieah. 

Lewis (M. G.) Tales in verse of Ter- 
ror & Wonder. 23S93. 
Lewis (M. L.) : 

My home of long ago. 47967. 
Sullivan made trip abroad. 23S94. 
Lewis (M, R.) Smuggler's reward. 

Lewis (M. W.) Personality & its re- 
actions. 47968. 
Lewis (Mitchell) My biggest thrill. 

Lewis (Nancy) See Colwell (N. L.) 
Lewis (R. J.) Co-op. stamp. 23895. 
Lewis (R. W.) Natl, good games co. 

of Houston, Tex. Spell-it. 63287. 
Lewis (S. L.) Orange crush bottling 

co. Ticket bk. 4112. 
Lewis (Seaman) pseud. See Simpson 

(S. L.) 
Lewis (W. D.) : 

Discussion of silent reading. 

Silent readers. 23896, 23897. 
Lewis (W. L.) Ham souring, etc. 

2403, 2404. 
Lewis (W. W.) Easy payments. 

Lewis (William) pseud. See Miller 

(W. L.) 
Lewis (William) & son. Violin mas- 
terpieces. 12099. 
Lewis Co., Wash., direct. 35070. 
Lewis Co., W. Va., map. 6525. 
Lewis mfg. co. Curity bk. etc. 

47969, 47970. 
Lewis pub. co. Sinnott (J. P.) Mack 
will sue fourth wife for separation. 
Lewiston. Mont., direct. 35071. 
Lewiston-Auburn rotary club. Staples 
(A. G.) Unselfish service of Ro- 
tary. 17319. 
Lewiston jour. co. Boost Maine 
stamps. 12100. 

Lewisville, Ark., map. 6526. 

Lewkowitz (I.) I. Lewkowitz since 
1860. 57162. 

Lewsley (J. E.) R. r. roster. 12101, 

Lewy (A. J.) Lewy accumulating 
bond. 47971. 

Lewys (Georges) Kings & courtesans. 

Lexington, Ky., direct. 62700. 

Lexington, Miss., map. 43402. 

Leyse aluminum co. I am. 2405. 

Leyssac (Paul) Great voice. 42657. 

Li (Wang) pseud. See Roberts (J. 

Libbey (L. W.) Barbara Lee. 42510. 

Libbey glass mfg. co. : 

Chip-resisting blown table glass- 
ware, etc. 57163, 57164. 
Introd. Libbey safedge nonik. 

Libby, McNeill & Libby. Meats. 

Liberal, Mo., map. 6527. 

Liberal tailoring co. Agreement. 

Liberty, Mo., map. 6528. 

Liberty (Adv. dept. of) Circulation. 

Liberty bank. Guaranteed success- 
system. 2407. 

Liberty bank of Buffalo. Game of 
thrift. 47973. 

Liberty Bell. 23898. 

Liberty finance & guaranty corp. Sys- 
tem outline. 2408. 

Liberty glass co. Liberty milk bottle. 

12103, 23899. 

Liberty mfg. co. Liberty cleaners. 

12104, 62701, 62702. 
Liberty milk bottle. 23S99. 
Liberty title & trust co. Increasing 

your estate. 23900. 
Liberty weekly, inc. Somers (E. M.) 

100 stand, recipes. 52515. 
Libertyville, 111., map. 6529. 
Librairie (Gallimard) See Gallimard 

Librairie (Hachette) See Hachette 

Librairie Larousse. Driault (Edou- 
ard) Cours complet de geographie. 
Library & bur. of information. See 
Amer. inst. of accountants. Library 
& bur. of information. 
Library bur. : 

Accuracy in pub. rec. etc. 23901- 

Cards & filing supplies. etc. 

47974, 47975. 
Library supplies. 35074. 
Unit filing cabinets in wood. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Libreria contemporanea. Allori (Pie- 
tro) pseud. Liliana, la principessa 
sventurata. 60674. 
Lichtblau (Harold) Straight and 

narrow path. 29234. 
Lichtblau (Joseph) Rose of the 

slums. 35075. 
Lichtenberger (A.) Puip, le petit 

faune. 23904. 
Lichtenstein (Julian) Two plus 

one= ? 54257. 
Liddell & Spencer. Gilbert mining 

district, Nev., map. 43329. 
Liebling (Alice) Ulysses Brinkman. 

Liebman (E. L.) : 
Oh, joy! 65672. 
Shivaree. 42969. 
Liedtke (P. A.) Ballads of today & 

yesterday. 57165. 
Lief (Max) Broadway's July proves 

the dullest on rec. 35076. 
Liesenberg (Carl) Pfiilzische verlags- 
anstalt. Jager aus Kurpfalz. 34494, 
Lietz (A.) co.: 

Eng., surveying, mining & nau- 
tical instruments. 47976. 
Solar ephemeris. 2409. 
Lietz (H. Volchert-) See Volchert- 

Lietz (H.) 
Life extension inst. : 
Blackader (A. D.) 
yrs. & ten. 44729. 
Bowel regulation. 

Care of the mouth & the teeth. 

etc. 12106-12117. 
Fisk (E. L.) Life cycle changes. 

Manual of procedure. 10185. 

How to choose your dr. etc. 

Hygiene at middle life. 35077. 
Vital protective membership. 




Life insur. sales research bur. : 
Agency office costs. 12118. 
Your agent at work. 35078. 
Life insur. thrift club. Agent mem- 
ber's rules & regulations. etc. 
35079, 35080. 
Life-Savior apostolic benevolent 
church (Gen. conference of the) 
Einarsen (Oscar) Great fivefold 
message. 46250. 
Lifsey tours, inc. Europe, map. 6465. 
Ligda (Paul) Anal, of the quadratic 

equation. 28479. 
Liggett (Carr) Rhymers' club, Cleve- 
land. Bk. 39858, 39859. 
Liggett & Myers tobacco co. : 

Coast to coast, etc. 12119-12124. 
Pointer on tobacco. 2420. 

Light & life press: 

Arnold's practical S. Schl. lesson 
commentary on the internatl. 
lessons. 44351. 
Vincent (B. J.) Arnold's practical 
S. S. lesson commentary of the 
Internatl. lessons. 44351. 
Lightburne (Mrs. Stafford) Sys- 
tematic Christian studies. 57166. 
Lightfoot (P. J.) Bubbles. 12125. 
Lightfoot (W. H.) co.: 

Minn, ace motorist guide. 23906 
Wis. ace motorist guide. 35081. 
Lightnin. Shun sesquipedalianism 

Lightolier co. Lightolier 

Ligtvoet (Paulus) Carpenter's prac 

tical aid. 35082. 
Liisberg (Ingeborg) Instr. of stu 

dents plays small part. 12126. 
Likins (W. M.) Patriotism cap! 

talized. 23908. 
Lilian (Isidore) : 

Palestine. 19190. 
Roite maske. 54137. 
Lilienfein (Heinrich) Erlosung des 

Johannes Barricida. 42601. 
Lill (Kate) : 

Chiropractic is a faithful friend. 

etc. 35083-35095. 
Mother Goose bank jingle, etc. 
Lillard (J. S.) Save way system. 

Lillian's own remedy co. For rheu- 
matism. 2421. 
Lillibridge (R. D.) inc. Lillibridge 

way of adv. 23909. 
Lillie (H. G.) Addition & multiplica- 
tion table.. 35096. 
Lilly (Eli) & co. Treatment of dia- 
betes mellitus. 47978. 
Lima advertisers service. $50 prize 

contest. 12136. 
Lima locomotive works. Shay geared 

locomotives. 12137. 
Lime telep. & teleg. co. Telep. direct. 


Limestone County abstract co., inc. 

Honest Ridge-Ben Hur section, Tex., 

map. 54467. 

Limited finance corp. of America. 

Home financing, etc. 23910, 23911. 

Limouze (A. H.) As the twig is bent. 

Linahan (J. P.) inc. Designs of 

burial caskets. 47979. 
Linares Rivas (Manuel) : 

Cuando empieza la vida. 5999. 
Querer y no quera. 6236. 
Linati (Carlo) Wake. 15381. 
Lincoln (E. P.) Bab. Shopping with 
Bab on Conn. ave. 20598. 

92643—26 18 



pt. l, 11. S., V. 22 

Lincoln (J. C.) Managers. 19097, 

Lincoln (L. A.) How to make money. 

etc. 35098, 35099. 
Lincoln, 111., map. 65877. 
Lincoln, R. I., direct. 32400. 
Lincoln adv. co. Aditorials. 47980. 
Lincoln anto. assn. Advantages of 

membership. 35100. 
Lincoln Co., Ark., map. 19627. 
Lincoln elec. co. : 

Lincoln stable arc welder. 35101. 
New & better method, etc. 12138, 
Lincoln inst. Pract. salesmanship. 

Lincoln inst. of technol. S. & H. Eng. 

co. Radio course. 27039, 27040. 
Lincoln liberty life insur. co. Author- 
ized agreement, etc. 35102-35111. 
Lincoln motor co. Milestones, etc. 

23913, 23914. 
Lincoln press co., inc. Margolis 
(Sylvia) Letters to Jesus. 35598. 
Lincoln sixty -once club. 47981. 
Lincoln telep. & teleg. co. Telep. 

direct. 23915. 23916. 
Lind (J. E.) Nine instances for the 

services. 2422. 
Linde air products co. : 

Fetnerston (T. C.) com p. Cast 

iron welding. 22481. 
Oxygen lance in blast furnace & 

steel plants. 57170. 
Union carbide co. Publicity dept. 
Step by step. 41690, 41691 . 
Lindell (S. A.) Instructional tests in 

algebra, 52022. 
Linden (J. E.) Minnesota, map. 

Lindenhurst. N. Y., map. 29580. 
Linder (C. E.) Voice culture. 62708. 
Linder (F. P.) Oh, it's Fla. 35112. 
Linder art co. : 

Lista de precios netos para los 

medallones florales. 12140. 
Muestrario de nuestra. 2423. 
Lindnio (Oscar) Wrecked human. 

Lindner (Newman) Easy, profitable 
& pleasant ways to make monev. 
Lindsay (J. C. ) hardware co. 1925 

catalog. 57171. 
Lindsey (A. J.) Attract the trade. 

2424. 12141-12144. 
Lindsey (C. C.) In the palace of the 

storm king. 42712. 
Lindstrom (C. B.) : 

Boiler feeding & feedwater equip- 
ment. 35113. 
Boiler furnaces, settings. & chim- 
neys, etc. 62709-62711. 
Boiler inspection. etc. 23917- 

Boiler mountings. 12145. 
Fuels & boiler trials. 47984. 
Linek (S. N.) Hang 'em all! 53899. 
Linen thread co. : 

Barbour's linen thread. 12146. 
Barbour's linen threads & twines. 
Linfleld, Pa., map. 43403. 
Ling (Percy) Educa. primer. 12148. 
Link belt co. Peck carrier. 35114. 
Linn (G. W.) co. Amer. boy postage 

stamp album. 47985. 
Linn (M. B.) Seeing's believing. 

Linneus, Mo., map. 54492. 
Linneweber (Anthony) Catholic 
church. Liturgy & ritual. Missal. 
Eucharistic clock & The canon of 
the mass. 55524. 
Linthicum stone corp. Towering 

strength. 35115. 
Linwood, N. J., map. 6530. 
Lion (L. M.) When eyes are opened. 

Lionel corp. Lionel elec. trains. 

Lipkin (Charles) Mental multiplica- 
tion. 2425. 
Liptai (Imre) Voros ember. 6352. 
Lipman (Clara) See Mann (C. L.) 
Lipova (Jennie) Arrival of Messiah. 

Lippincott (J. B.) co.: 

Allen (Richard D.) Providence 

personnel chart. 44075. 
Hillegas (M. B.) Horace Mann 

supplementary arith. 11034. 

Watkins (Emma) Directs, for 

using Watkins' silent reading 

tests, etc. 65117, 65118. 

Lippman (L. G.) In Zandia. 18999. 

Lippmann co. Lippmann (C. R.) 

Breaking all records. 62712. 
Lippold (W. H.) La. inst. of tech- 
nology. Recipe for a good day. 
Lipschutz (Abe) : 

Stars record. 29228. 
Sunkist bum. 53657. 
Lipschutz (Paul) Evening star. 

Lipschutz & Maser. Stars record. 

Lipson & Adelson. Consignment in- 
voice system. 47986. 
Liquidating engineers. Auction means 
action & action means profits, etc. 
Lisle (Ann) Making of a husband. 
2426-2430, 12149-12155, 23921- 
23930. 35117-35124. 479S7-47992, 
Liss (J. J.) Joseph J. Liss perpetual 

cal. 35125. 
Listening in. 23931. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Listenwalter (Charles) Is your house 
haunted by the ghost of a broom? 
Lister (F.) French grammar cahier. 

Lister (H. B.) Hamadryad of the 

redwood tree. 62720. 
Lister ( Marie Evelyn ) See Coe ( M. E. ) 
Lister bros., inc. Listers diabetic diet 

diary. 23933. 
Listina (Adrian) pseud. See Lewis 

(M. L.) 
Litchfield (H. E.) Thoughts of a 

shut-in. etc. 23934, 23935. 
Litchfield (I. W.) Cross word puzzle 

builder. 2432. 
Litchfield, 111., map. 54493. 
Lithographic tech. foundation, inc. 
Reed (R. F.) Characteristics of 
paper. 51591. 
Lithoprint co. of N. Y., inc. : 
Price calculator. 47993. 
Price schedule for lithoprints 

We reproduce. 35126. 
Littell (C. G.) : 

Commer. elec. supply co. General 

catalog. 21747. 
Factory supply co. Factory, mills, 
contractors', r. r., & mine sup- 
plies. 56443. 
Gibson co. Automotive equip- 
ment. 10567. 
Graham-Reynolds elec. co. "Whole- 
sale elec. supplies. 46863. 
Illinois malleable iron co. Cat- 
alogue. 2006. 
Interstate elec. co. General cat- 
alog. 56891. 
Machinists supply co. Catalog. 

McKim (R. B.) co. Catalog, etc. 

48208, 48209. 
Swords elec. co. Elec. supplies, 
power apparatus, radio sup- 
plies. 59661. 
Littell (E. M.) Profaned shovel, 

Little (A. E.) co.: 

Foley (J. W.) Christmas greet- 



etc. 22539, 

ings to mother. 

Jolly Christmas. 

Little salesman. 2434. 
Little (B. E.) When the Star Span- 
gled Banner cheered his lonely 
heart. 62722. 
Little (C. A.) Marsh bares cruelties 
for Panama, etc. 12156, 12157. 
Fla. my Fla. 47994. 
You haven't the dare. 

Little (E. L.) 
Little (M. L.) 

Little (R. E.) 

etc. 35127. 

Appl. for membership. 


Amer. dramas, 
by Henry 
Out in the 

Little (R. H.) Linebk. 
Little Acorns. 47995. 
Little, Brown & co. : 


Arthur Jones. 6S 
Sherman (J. W.) 
kitchen. 52271. 
Little Compton, R. I., direct. 52972. 
Little Falls Township, N. J., map. 

Little Ferry, N. J., map. 54494. 
Little flower shop. Stanislaus {Bro. 
M.) of the Child Jesus. Great se- 
cret of the little flower of Jesus 
revealed to you. 52649. 
Little Funny Paper. 23936, 35129. 
Little Rock, Ark., map. 43404. 
Little Rock broom works. Broom fac- 
tory uses 4— A sure-quad. 47996. 
Little salesman. 2434. 
Little teacher games co. : 

Turn-over combination game. 

U. S., map. 43678. 
Little Valley, N. Y., map. 6531. 
Littlestown hatchery. Supreme qual- 
ity chicks. 2435. 
Littleton (C. M.) Floyd Collins 

tragedy. 35130. 
Littleton, Mass., direct. 60847. 
Littleton, N. C, map. 54495. 
Live poultry transit co. Rental 
charges on live poultry cars. 2436, 
Lively (C. E.) & co. 

Livermore & Knight co. : 

Eastern Srand. 1288, 1289, 22223, 

Fresh fruits make cool, healthful 

& economical desserts. 35132. 
Leaders. 2437. 
Living church ann. 2438, 62724. 
Livingston (D. P.) Training sched- 
ule. 2439, 2440. 
Livingston (L. R.) Where is my 

wandering boy to-night? 5892. 
Livingston (Ruth) Apache. 65433, 

Livingston, Ala., map. 65878. 
Livingston, Mont., direct. 12159. 
Livingston & Yost, inc. Hope jacket. 

Livingston baking co. 
famous fifty. 23938. 
Livingston Co. trust co 
grows at 4 per cent. 
Livingston economic service : 
Price he paid. 29114. 
Production & distribution 

wheat supply. 23939. 
Rye flour cost table. 32102. 

Lively's paints. 


How money 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Llewellyn (J. S.) : 

Bible training for Christian work- 
ers. 12163. 
Children's Bible study. 47997. 
Lloyd (A. A.) Souvenir of Santa 

Barbara earthquake. 35133. 
Lloyd (A. G.) Tip-top Hallowe'en 

book. 60290. 
Lloyd (J. C.) : 

Formula for determining the per- 
centages. 12164. 
Formula for net amount. etc. 

Ledger sheet, etc. 62725, 62726. 
Lloyd (William) McConnel (M. L.) 
Did Jesus make toys for the chil- 
dren? 24013. 
Lloyd & Elliott, inc.. Adv. campaign. 

Lloyd's reg. of shipping. Lloyd's reg. 

of Amer. yachts. 35137. 
Loam (Sandy) Dirt sense. 23940, 

Lob (Albert) Zwei weltanschauun- 

gen! 47998, 47999. 
Lobato (Monterior) Brazilian short 

stories. 23942. 
Lobingier (J. L.) Projects in world 

friendship. 29119*. 
Lo Biondo (Vincenzo) Notte misteri- 

osa. 54072. 
Local loyal league, inc. Buy in local 

stores, etc. 23943-23945. 
Localized adv. corp. Laco-gravure. 

Locher (F. M.) : 

Find-me-quick. etc. 2444, 2445, 

Latest internatl. cross-time puz- 
zle, etc. 23946, 23947. 
Radio chart bur. Find-me-quick. 
etc. 15908, 15909, 26670, 26671. 

Mail coin folder. 51509. 

Safety mail-coin folder. 

64338, 64339. 
World's time chart with cross in- 
dex. 57177. 
Lochtefeld (G. T.) Cosmopolitan 
auto service assn., inc. Service con- 
tract & faithful performance bond. 
Lockard (F. M.) Black kettle. 

Locke (C. O.) : 

Her song. 18961. 
Tomboy. 43033. 
Locke (Harry) : 

South Central States, map. 

Southwest, map. 19783. 
Locke (J. F.) Apprenticeship course 
for ptg. 12170. 
A Locke (W. J.) Great Pandolfe. 
* 12171-12173. 

Lockhart (J. L.) Prosperity savings 
& trust co. Weekly instalment gold 
savings bond. 51478. 

Lockport, N. Y., direct. 35138. 

Lockwood (H. E.) Harry E. Lock- 
wood combined code. 2446. 

Lockwood (J. P.) Darkey sermons. 

Lockwood (L. F. B.) Lockwood 
(J. P.) Darkey sermons. 12174. 

Lockwood Brackett co. Laco presents, 
etc. 48000, 4S001. 

Lockwood, Greene & co., inc. : 

Facts about fire insur. 12175. 
Serving the textile indus. in the S. 

Lockwood trade jour, co., inc. Lock- 
wood's direct, of the paper & allied 
trades. 57178. 

Locust Grove, Okl., map. 54496. 

Lodovici (C. V.) : 

Fole del bel tempo. 53856. 
Yeux mi-clos. 35139. 

Loeffler (O. G.) Hyacinth. 42703. 

Loehner (Fritz) Revanche. 65708. 

Loewen (J. H.) How to choose hats 
which bring out your good points. 

Loftus (P. F.) Bank talks. 62727. 

Logan (C. T.) Practice leaves in 
Eng. fundamentals. 48002. 

Logan (J. D.) Amsterdam constr. co. 
His dam constr. methods. 7316. 

Logan (R. D.) Know your stuff. 

Logue (Emily) Concha. 32130. 

Loker (H. W.) : 

Exercises in bkkeeping. 9270, 

Teacher's manual & key. 61423. 

Lomar co. New motoring luxury. 

Lomax (A. C.) Scar. 54153. 

Lombard, 111., map. 43405. 

Lombardo (Carlo) : 

Dama di Montmartre. 53795. 
Luna Park. 19083. 

Lomer (Georg) Hakenkreuz und 
Sowjetstern. 62728. 

London (Jack) En pays lointain. 

London shoe co., inc. Genuine im- 
ported bench-made brogues. etc. 
2449, 2450. 

Lone scout yr. bk. 35140. 

Lonergan (Lester) North. 60201. 

Long (B. B.) Buying groceries, etc. 
12177, 12178. 

Long (E.) Variety of chignons. 

Long (E. R.) Tuberculosis. 23950. 

Long (J. P.) Home from the wars. 

Long (Mason) Grammar outline. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Long (O. S.) Meaker (S. R.) Pedio- 

dontia oral diagnosis. 48599. 
Long (Eeinette Gamble) See Hunt 

(R. L.) 
Long (S. A.) Frigidaire the unseen 

ice man. 48004. 
Long Beach, Calif. : 
Direct. 4S005. 
Map. 43406-43408. 
Long Beach, Calif. First natl. bank. 
Showing the wealth-bldg. possibili- 
ties. 2452. 
Long Beach, Miss., map. 6532. 
Long-Bell lumber co. : 

Bk. of lawn furniture. etc. 

Carefully selected entrances. 

Long-bell dealer adv. service, etc. 

Long Bell lumber co. Adv. dept. 
Here is an important addition. 
Long-Bell plan service, etc. 23951. 
23952, 35141-35143. 
Long Island, map. 6533, 6534, 43409. 
Long Island lighting co., map. 43410. 
Long wear shoe co. Quality. 12179. 
Longan (S. W.) House our daddies 

built. 12180. 
Longbottom (C. H.) Baby. 48009. 
Longfellow (W. E.) Camp fire girls 

bk. of aquatics. 30311. 
Longley (W. R.) Four-place mathe- 
matical tables. 22517. 
Longmans, Green & co. : 
Apache. 65433, 65434. 
Bogart (E. L.) Exercise bk. in 
economic hist, of the U. S. 7855. 
Copy. 5989. 
Drama. 65508, 65509. 
Good medicine. 65540, 65541. 
Grady (W. E.) Modern Eng. 

series. 22851. 
Her country. 65559, 65560. 
Hervey (Walter) Cut-outs «.for 

seatwork. 1877. 
Lang (Andrew) Andrew Lang 

readers. 57022-57037. 
Second childhood. 65725, 65726. 
Thank you, Doctor. 65756, 65757. 
Upper room. 54265, 65708. 
Whole town's talking. 65794, 
Longmeadow, Mass., direct. 40997. 
Longnecker (Clarence) Auto, finance 

protective plan. 48010. 
Longport, N. J., direct. 30536. 
Longstaff (T. G.) Siege of Mt. 

Everest. 12181. 
Longuest (Jean) Conservative Com- 
munes captured by Liberals, etc. 
Longview, Wash., direct. 62730. 

>ee Perez Lopez (Jose) 
Should a woman tell., 

Longyear (E. J.) co. Longyear dia- 
mond core drills. 23956. 
Longyear (W. L.) Practical folio of. 

lettering. 4S011. 
Lonsdale (Frederick) Last of Mrs: 

Cheyney. 53970. 
Loomer (G. H.) Mother's mfg. co. 
Mother's friend washing com- 
pound. 24537. 
Loomis (A. M.) Bkkeeping review. 

etc. 57180, 57181. 
Loomis (H. W.) Cinderella. 18794. 
Loomis (N. H.) Usher (J. P.) Presi- 
dent Lincoln's cabinet. 41776. 
Looney (J. P.) Table for reducing; 

square varas to acres. 57182. 
Loos (Anita) Whole town's talking. 

65794, 65795. 
Lopez (J. P.) 
Lopez (J. S.) 

Lopez ( Sabatino ) Parodi & co. 54094. 
Lopez Monis (Antonio) : 
Cara bonita. 60057. 
Mujercito mla. 60194. 
Lopez & Smith. Should a woman telL 

Lorbeerbaum (Anna) Zuspaet. 

Lorch (E. P.) : 

Fixation of nitrogen. 35144. 
Straw. 53658. 
Lord (D. A.) : 

Ritual of initiation into the Cath- 
olic students' mission crusade. 
65711, 65712. 
Six one-act plays. 29201*. 
Story of the little flower of Jesus. 
Lord & Thomas. Pocket direct. 

Lorde (Andre de) Mon cure chez les 

riches. 42835. 
Lordsburg, N. M., map. 54497. 
Loree (L. F.) : 

Southwestern States, map. 60435. 
U. S., map. 60451. 
Lorente (J. J.) Tlo conquistador,. 

Lorentzen headlight kontrol, inc. : 
Balls of fire. etc. 35146-35151. 
Opportunity for sales is greatest 
right now. 23958. 
Lorenz pub. co. : 

Lorenz (K. K.) ed. Children's, 
day treasury. 12182. 

Easter treasury. 2456. 

Lorin (Marcel) Calice. 23959. 
Los Angeles, Calif. : 
Direct. 12183. 

Map. 6535-6537, 29582, 2958S, 

43411-43414, 54498, 65879, 65S80.L 

Where to buy in Los 




pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Los Angeles. Chamber of commerce. 
Los Angeles, the magic city. 23961, 
Los Angeles. Chamber of commerce. 
Indus, dept. : 

Copper refining. 35154. 
Facts about indus. Los An- 
geles, etc. 62731-62734. 
Los Angeles ann. builders guide. 

Los Angeles apparel gazette. Los An- 
geles. Where to buy in Los An- 
geles. 35152. 
Los Angeles Basin oil fields, Calif., 

map. 54499. 
Los Angeles bur. of hygiene & re- 
search. General notes. 23960. 
Los Angeles Co., Calif., map. 6538, 

6539, 19628, 43415, 54500, 54501. 
Los Angeles Daily Times. Santa Mon- 
ica. 35155. 
Los Angeles direct, co. Calif, direc- 
tories : 
Alhambra. 30143. 
Altadena. 39219. 
Arcadia. 24505. 
Compton. 18152. 
Grafton. 15966. 
Duarte. 24505. 
El Monte. 30143. 
Lamanda Park. 39219. 
Los Angeles. 12183. 
Mentone. 15966. 
Monrovia. 24505. 
Monterey Park. 30143. 
Ocean Park. 27090. 
Pasadena. 39219. 
Redlands. 15966. 
Riverside. 16102. 
Santa Monica. 27090. 
Sawtelle. 27090. 
Venice. 27090. 
Watts. 1S152. 
Westgate. 27090. 
Los Angeles engraving co. Schl. anns. 

Los Angeles Evening Herald. Your 

bank bk. 57183. 
Los Angeles Examiner : 

Cook (Ted) Cook-coos. 993-1010, 

9071-9146, 21786-21827, 32181- 

32248, 45748-45801, 55731-55766, 


Creating desire for better shoes. 

etc. 48013-48023. 
Cultivate that musical bump. etc. 

62736. 62737. 
Elec. appliances. etc. 35156- 

Food adv. wrapped in glamour. 

etc. 57184-57188. 
Frey (C. M.) Expert wars on 

rats. 10435. 
Kelly (Mark) Dempsey to fight 
t Tunney. 34714. 

Dempsey's split with Doc 

reality, etc. 11606. 
La vine (Morris) New Arbuckle 

sensation. 23788. 
Sprague (Chandler) Hidden son 

revealed by film star. 40994. 
Stevens (Otheman) Old world 

manuscripts. 52711. 
Worthington (Alice) Girl bares 
her aid in Wolf's Mexico flight, 
etc. 42297-42300. 
Los Angeles (First nat'l bank of) 

California, map. 19509. 
Los Angeles Harbor, map. 43416. 

Los Angeles heavy hardware co. 
Everything for the blacksmith shop. 
Los Angeles ice & cold storage co. 
Los Angeles bur. of hygiene & re- 
search. General notes. 23960. 
Los Angeles income properties, inc. 
Acres of diamonds in Los Angeles. 
Loss & Damage Review. 35161, 48024, 

Loth (W.J.) stove co. : 

Directs, for operating Loth's 3 
cooking speed range, etc. 12185, 
Electrotypes or mats furnished to 

Loth dealers, etc. 2458-2464. 
I suppose our ancestors never 
thought, etc. 35162, 35163. 
Lothar (Rudolf) Herzogin von Elba. 

Lott (E. M.) Life of Christ. 1S299. 
Louden (Wm.) Did you ever see a 

hole in your hand? 23962. 
Loudon (W. P.) Magneto ignition 

systems. 12192. 
Lougee (E. F.) Bk. of fashion. 2465. 
Loughnan (M. I.) Realfit system of 

acctg. 35164. 
Loughney (A. M.) : 

Additional sworn testimony. 

I do solemnly swear. 23963. 
Stop asthma. 12193. 
Loughridge (Charles) His preface. 

Louis (Margaret) Heap o' hygiene. 

Louisiana : 

La. courts of appeal. Advance 

repts. 48026. 
Map. 6540, 6541, 19629, 29584. 
Workmen's compensation law. 
Louisiana druggist weather chart cal 

Louisville, Ky., direct. 23964. 
Louisville, Ky., map. 6542. 
Louisville, Miss., map. 29585. 
Louisville, O., direct. 55505. 


i .os. 1-12, 1925 

Louisville & Nashville r. r., map. 

Louisville auto. club. Jefferson Co., 

Ky., map. 54477. 
Louisville cement co. Brixment mor- 
tar. 12195. 
Louisville Courier-Journal. Hender- 
son (J. H.) Bond refused to Steele 
in Hyden. etc. 62191, 62192. 
Louisville inst. of technology. Recipe 

for a good day. 48027. 
Louisville Times : 

Charity benefits in cash from two 
of magic dollars, etc. 48028- 
Courier-Journal, Louisville. Hoo- 
doo no. of magic dollars in cir- 
culation. 55818. 

Magic dollar players have 

dozen chances, etc. 45867-45869. 
Magic dollar is wedding present 
to honeymooners. etc. 57190- 
Loux (Du B. H.) Voice of the cen- 
tury. 41800-41802. 
Love (C. S.) Good bks. 57196. 
Love (C. W.) Fundamentals of in- 
vestment. 23965. 
Love (Harriet) Coontown wedding. 

Love (J. S.) Stand, electrotype scale 

of net prices. 23966. 
Love (Robertus) Rise & fall of Jesse 
James. 35165^35168, 48059-4S061, 
Lovejoy tool co., inc. Meeting milling 

cutter requirements. 35169. 
Loveland (C. H.) engineers. Re- 

dondo Beach, Calif., map. 29713. 
Loveland, Col., direct. 1530. 
Lovell (L. E.) Infinite God. 12196. 
Lovell mfg. co. Anchor brand wring- 
ers, etc. 35170, 35171. 
Loviner (J. F.) of St. Anthony's guild. 

St. Anthony. 12197. 
Loving (J. W.) Brief hist. 35172. 
Loving (Pierre) Revolt in German 

drama. 23967. 
Lowdermilk (R. H.) Hidden dollars. 

Lowe (A. D.) Foresite. 13525, 

Lowe (Corinne) : 

All these are invited to the fash- 
ionable evening, etc. 48062- 
All types of sleeves, etc. 23968- 

At the reception, etc. 12198- 

Be it cape or coat. etc. 62741- 

Exquisite colors & textures, etc. 

If our winter's tale be continued 
in the south, etc. 2467-2469. 
Vestees, seaming, & plaits con- 
tribute to tailored mode. 59197. 
Lowe (R. H.) See America first. 

Lowe (S. E.) Bo-bo the pig is good 

& bad. etc. 35183-35185. 
Lowe (W. H.) Poems o' Bowling 

Green. 12210. 
Lowe & Campbell athletic goods co. 

Athletic goods. 12211, 48071. 
Lowe bros. co. High stand, specifica- 
tions for painting. 12212. 
Lowe motor supplies co. Useful N. Y 

Lowell (Edith) Portrait of mankind. 

Lowell (Lucy) : 

Are you too proud to be kindly? 

etc. 48072-48083. 
Back to farm movement, etc. 

Boy who tired of life. etc. 12213- 

Breaking her engagement, etc. 

Dad as a good sport, etc. 23975- 

Do you fall down on the job? 
etc. 57198-57204. 
Lowell, Mass., direct. 12219. 
Lowell, Mass., map. 6543. 
Lowell, O., map. 6544. 
Lowell Courier-Citizen. Slogan cross- 
word puzzle. 12220. 
Lowenstein (H. P.) : 

Abraham Lincoln. 12221. 

Christ & Christmas, etc. 62751, 

Ode to the skylark. 35197. 
Lowie (R. A.) Everychild's lang. bk. 

7085, 7086. 
Lowndes (W. S.) Architectural 

drawing. 12222. 
Lowndes (W. S.) Carpentry. 48084. 
Lowrie (Donald) Back in prison 

why? 12223. 
Lowy (Alexander) Organic type for- 
mulas. 12224. 
Loyal league. Manual. 2470. 
Loyal protective insur. co. Instrs. to 

Loyal agents. 35198. 
Loyola educa. digest : 

2471, 12225, 12226, 23986, 239S7, 

35199, 57205, 57206, 62753. 
Schmidt (A. G.) Loyola educa. 
digest. 52013, 52014. 
Loyola univ. : 

Gray (Thomas) Selected lyrics. 

Hennes (W. R.) Vocabulary of 

Cicero's Pro Archia. 47146. 
Kleist (J. A.) Key to A pract. 
course. 47632. 


pt. i, n. s.. v. 22 

Loyola univ. — Continued. 

O'Neill (H. P.) Vocabulary of 
Cicero's third Catilinarian. 
Wordsworth (William) Selec- 
tions from the minor poems of 
William Wordsworth. 42276. 
Loyola nniv. press : 

Bilstein (J. C.) Vocabulary of 
Xenophon's Anabasis. 55283. 
Schmidt (A. C.) My communion 
Ik, ok. 65473. 
Lualdi (Adriano) : 

Diavolo nel campanile. 6009. 
Wake. 15381. 
Luberger (M. L.) Memories. 35200. 
Luby (W. A.) Ans. bk. 62165. 
Luca rte Tena (Juan Ignatio) Canas 

de Don Juan. 60055; 
LucSLs (A. H.) Breeding for heavy 

layers. 62754. 
Lucas (A. T.) Trial of the people 
of the state of Illinois vs. William 
Armstrong alias Duff Armstrong. 
Lucas (H. V.) Midget substitute. 

Lucas (John) & co., inc.: 

Lucas auto, finish, etc. 12227- 

Lucaseal enamel. 35202. 
Lucas bros. Rankin (J. W.) Review 

of gram. & punctuation. 64353. 
Luce (A. E.) Messenger & his mes- 
sage. 239S8. 
Luce (Althea) Trap. 19380. 
Luchini (P. D.) : 

Joseph vendu par ses freres. 

Morte. 12235. 
Lucien Quadrangle, Okla., map. 19630. 
Lucio (Jose de) Entierro de Zafra. 

Lucius (H. M.) ed. Autotrips. 23989. 
Luck (O. H.) Art of overstuffed fur- 
niture & proper placing. 23990. 
Lucky Bag. 35203. 
Lucretius. Lucretius on the Nature 

of things. 48086. 
Lucus (H. T.) Tom & Lucy take a 

trip to Fla. 48087. 
Luder (A. G.) San Antonio's chal- 
lenge. 23991. 
Ludlam (H. F.) Puck and Titania. 

Ludlow (Carter) Nth degree. 65668. 
Ludlow, Mass., direct. 5595. 
Ludlow valve mfg. co. 1925 catalog. 

Ludor (Mrs. J. L.) God has a plan 

for you. 2472. 
Ludovici (Arline) See Hines-Ludo- 

vici (Arline) 
Ludovivi (A. H.) Man in the coffin. 

Ludowici-Celadon co. Roof. 2473. 
Ludwig (C. T.) detective training 
corr. schl. Original detective train- 
ing schl. 35205. 
Ludwig (Emil) : 

Bismarck. 18732. 
Entlassung. 18S72. 
Ludwig (Sigmund) Miami Beach, 

N. J., map. 65887. 
Ludwig (W. M.) Physicians' anatom- 
ical cht.rt. 12236. 
Lufkin (R. F.) U. S., map. 19813. 
Lufkin, Tex., direct. 35206. 
Luft (C. A.) : 

Silk testing. 480S8. 
See also, Brickett (C. J.) 
Luft (Robert) Working man. 57207. 
Luisi (B. S.) Children of the city. 

Luling oil field, Tex., map. 6545- 

Luling-Three Rivers District, Tex., 

map. 43419. 
Lullwater mfg. co. Tale of the Lull- 
water shirt. 12237. 
Lunias film corp. : 

His master's voice. 54797. 
Little girl in a big city. 43843. 
Night ship. 6924. 
One of the bravest. 54848. 
Overland ltd. 43881. 
Part time wife. 60551. 
Police patrol. 43937. 
Shadow on the wall. 60590. 
Shattered lives. 30001. 
Women & gold. 7050. 
Lumber service & credit co. Off. 

market rept. 12238. 
Lumbermen's credit assn. Ref. bk. 

12239, 35207. 
Lumbermen's mutual casualty co. : 
' Lumbermen's mutual casualty co. 
(Auto, underwriters of) Haz- 
ards of the highway, etc. 
Preventable accidents. 35208. 
Lumberton, Miss., map. 29586. 
Lumsden (H. A.) Parliamentary law 

bklet. 48089. 
Lund (M. I.) Widow's wing. 19438. 
Lundberg (A. J.) Perpetual accrued 

interest cal. 23992. 
Landman (Alma) comp. Armistice 

day program. 35213. 
Lundy (Benjamin) Lost & found. 

Lunzer (Fritz) : Carotti. 18708. 
Revanche. 65708. 
Lupino (Stanley) : 

Blue eyes. 65458. 
Who's my father? 65790. 
Lupo (S. Q.) New vogue vanity. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Lupton (F. M.) pubr., inc.: 

People's home jour. Christmas 
club clept. 58727. 

• Gifts for everybody. 51206. 

Lupton's (David) sons co. : 

All of your Delco-Klaxon-Remy. 

etc. 2474-2480. 
Announcing new Ford laps sys- 
tem, etc. 57208, 57209. 
Laps, Lupton auto pts. etc. 

Laps systems for 1926 Ford pts. 

etc. 48091-48093. 
Lupton auto parts storage, etc. 

Lupton casements, etc. 23994, 
Luray, Va., map. 6548. 
Lurie (C. N.) Figures of speech. 
2481-2486. 12250-12260, 23996-24002, 
35217-35222, 48094-48101, 57210, 
Luron (Sid) pseud. See Ashworth 

(S. L.) 
Lurssen (G. F.) Identification & 

emergency guide. 48102. 
Luse (A. W.) Courtesy cards. 2487. 
Lusk (P. K.) : 

Homer natl. bank. Checking acct. 
etc. 56769, 56770. 

Investment accounts. 62270. 

Lusk (Pearl) : 

Her first trip. 60133. 
Our automobile. 60209. 
Lust (H. C.) Loss & Damage Review. 

35161, 48024, 48025. 
Luten (D. B.) Luten's detail speci- 
fications. 35223. 
Luther (C. J.) Schneelauf in bildern 
und merkworten. etc. 12261, 12262. 
Luther (M. L.) Liberal reward. 

Lutheran church cal. 48103. 
Lutheran world almanac. 62762. 
Lutz (E. A.) Supreme test. 19333. 
Luxite silk products co. Luxite silk 
lingerie & hosiery. etc. 57212- 
Luz (Ernest) Motion picture syn- 
chrony. 35224. 
Luzerne, Pa., map. 60382. 
Luzier labs. : 

Beauty anal. 24003. 

It's made for you. etc. 35225- 

Tragedy of early age. 48104. 
Lybrand, Ross bros. & Montgomery. 

Bulletins. 62763. 
Lycke (M. C.) Tourist guide & di- 
rect. 12263. 
Lydick (E. B.) Individualism vs. the 

marriage vow. 24004. 
Lydon mfg. co. Free 30 days trial. 

Lyman (C. J.) Insur. policy for ac- 
cidental death. 45910. 
Lynian (E. A.) Key to elementary 

algebra. 2488. 
Lyman (R. L.) Literature & living. 

Lyman-Hawkins lumber co. Con- 
tractor's estimate bk. 24006. 
Lyman Quadrangle, OkL, map. 19631. 
Lynch (B. P.) Christy Mathewson 

gravely ill. 48105. 
Lynch (Dan) Farming blow soils. 

Lynchburg, O., map. 43420. 
Lynden, Wash., map. 43421. 
Lynn (Ernest) Mag. feature page. 

2489. _ 
Lynn (Gtace) Both members of this 

club. 42534. 
Lynn, Mass., direct. 12265. 
Lynn, Mass., map. 19632. 
Lynn Burdett college. Bus. adminis- 
tration dept. 35228. 
Lynwood, Calif., map. 43422. 
Lyon (D. F.) Interstate transport 

co. Ticket. 47409. 
Lyon & Healy, inc. Mus. merchandise 

catalog. 48106. 
Lyon metallic mfg. co. Manual of 

sales facts. 48107. 
Lyon products co. Lyon interlocking 

heaters. 12266. 
Lyons (Dan) pseud. See Harry (De 

Witt L.) 
Lyons (Jimmy) Encycl. of stage ma- 
terial. 6024*. 
Lyons (Lurline) pseud. See Peirson 

(L. L.) 
Lyons (M. A.) Filtered & unfiltered. 

Lyons ■ & Carnahan : 

Drushel (J. A.) Arith. essentials. 

46127, 46128. 
Emery (F. B.) Applied chem. 

Miller (W. D.) Pract. Eng. 

Noonan ( M. E. ) Arith. essentials. 

46127, 46128. 
Payne (E. G.) Educa. in accident 

prevention. 51159. 
Smith (Carrie J.) Easy road to 

reading. 52477. 
Withers (J. W.) Arith. essen- 
tials. 46127, 46128. 
Lyster (B. E.) Nature's mother 

tongue. 24007. 
Lytle (C. W.) Math. anal, of com- 
pensation plans. 48108. 
Lytton (H. C.) & sons. Announc- 
ing — the Lvtton budget buying plan. 
Lytton savings bank: 

Greetings everybody. 62765, 62766. 
Income producers. 12268. 


M & M co. : 

How to install Watkins device on 

a Ford. etc. 35229-35231. 
Radio. 48109. 
M. & O. bootery- Humming bird cross 

word puzzle. 12269. 
M. Callixta (Sister) Educa. objec- 
tives of arith. 48110. 
M of Moline higb scbl. 35232. 
M. Paula (Sister) Pbaraob's daugh- 
ter. 57217. 
M system mfg. co. Self-serving store 

of the br. 35233. 
M-W cross add puzzles : 

Atlanta Jour. Everybody's work- 
ing the Atlanta Jour's, cross ad 
puzzle contest. etc. 20568, 
20569. * 

How to work & score cross ad. 
puzzles. 12270. 
Maack (R. E.) Indirect lighting. 

Maars (Marten) pseud. See Boniel 

(R. B.) 
McAdoo, Pa., map. 60384. 
MacAinsh (A. G.) : 

Maryland causalty co. $5,000 for 

$10. 2619. 
Which comes first. 12271. 
$10,000 for $10. 627C7. 
McAinsh (Arthur) MacAinsh (A. G.) 

& co. Which comes first? 12271. 
McAlear mfg. co. : 

Constant water level means boiler 

protection. 35234. 
McAlear specialties for steam, 
water, air, gas, oil. 48111. 
McAleenan corp. McAleenan water 

tube boilers. 2490. 
McAlester, Okl., direct. 35235. 
McAllen, Tex., map. 43423. 
McAllister (A. J.) All-the-yr .-round. 

McAlpine (W. S.) map co. : 

Macomb Co., Mich., map. 29589. 
Michigan, map. 29610. 
Wayne Co., Mich., map. 6712. 
Macart (Ethlynne) Nancy. 42858. 
Macart (W. H.) Nancy. 42858. 
MacArthur (Charles) My Lulu Belle. 

29020, 54054. 
MacArthur (James) Beside the bon- 
nie briar bush. 1945S (1), 43110 
McArthur, O., map. 29587. 
McAssey (W. J.) Chicago, 111. Elite 

auto, direct. 31707. 
Macauley (Thurston) So's your old 

man. 42980. 
Macauley (Ward) : 

Big time at the cross roads. 65452. 
That meddling Mr. Harkness. 
McAvoy (May) My biggest thrill in 
movies. 35236. 

nt. l, n. s., v. 22 

Macbeth arc lamp co., inc. Its all in 

the negative. 48112. 
Macbeth-Evans glass co. : 

Macbeth-Evans adv. globes. 481 13 
Shadow chaser. 2491. 
McBride (C. E.) Christian economy. 

MacBride (E. L.) : 

Handy time table for cooking. 

In Calif, live a while life becomes 

one big smile. 35237. 
Most unusual. 24008. 
McBride (J. L.) Orange Co., Calif., 

map. 19720. 
McBroom (Maude) : 

Learn to study readers. 11153. 
Manual of directs, for the Learn 
to study readers. 47243. 
Maccabees (Woman's benefit assn. of 
the) : 

Ode card. 2492. 

Instr. regarding the organization 
of the new reviews. 24009. 
McCafferty (Florence) Stand, kinder- 

lehrer. 32961-32964. 
McCafferty (Florence) See Water- 
man (F. M.) 
McCafferty (T. F.) Paper weight 

chart. 5037. 
McCafferty (T. F.) See Snydei 

(E. A.) 
McCaigue (P. H.) : 

Man who looks ahead. 42807. 
Man who won. 28965. 
McCain (Rea) Lang syne. 60160. 
McCall (G. H.) It was a bloody 

war. 57219. 
McCall (M. L.) Synopsis of Dixie. 

McCall (W. A.) Manual of directs. 

etc. 48114-48117. 
McCall co.: 

Bailey (M. E.) Bk. of manners. 

McCall's mag. Blue bk. of circu- 
lation. 48119. 
Mfrs. doing bus. on McCall st. 

When McCall St. goes to market. 
McCallie (J. M.) Trenton pub. schls. 

Q-score tab. 5301S. 
McCalvy (L. B.) : 

Calif, diamond jubilee, etc. 35239- 

Here's to the bride, etc. 62770, 
MacCammond-Alexander corp. Ma- 

calco production mould. 24010. 
McCampbell (C. W.) Outside the 

circle. 42889. 
McCandless (G. L.) Federal securi- 
ties corp. Your estate. 46453. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

McCann (J. A.) pub. co. Makyurown 

crossword puzzles. 12273. 
McCann (R.) Common sense is good 

to have. etc. 35243-35246. 
McCann & co., inc. : 

Bus. that butter built. etc. 

48120, 57220-57225. 
Recipes from McCann's cooking 
schl. 12274. 
McCarrie schl. of dental nursing. Be 

a trained dental nurse. 57226. 
McCarrie schl. of mech. dentistry. 
Kahn (M. S.) Shake hands with 
H. A. McCarrie. 56943. 
McCarson (E. G.) Sacred family 

altar. 35247. 
McCarter (M. H.) Candle in the win- 
dow. 48121. 
McCarthy (D. A.) Sowers. 35248. 
McCarthy (William) Off. power 

plant. 35249. 
McCarthy & Simon, inc. Dress regu- 
lations. 48122. 
McCarty (Allen) : 

Open house. 19174. 
Things that matter. 19355. 
McCarty (E. A.) Foresite. 12525, 

McCaskey reg. co. Again the first. 

etc. 12275-12279. 
McCauley (M. W.) : 

Jack & Jill, Little Miss Muffet, 
Six little mice & yellow pussy. 
Thanksgiving in Plymouth. 43014*. 
McChesney (F. H.) : 

Berkshire life insur. co. of Pitts- 
field, Mass., inc. Summary of 
life insurs. 314. 
When your ship comes in. 48123. 
McClanahan (G. W.) Bible ques. & 

ans. 35250. 
McClary (R. B.) Northwest health 

inst. Service bulletin. 38957. 
McClellan (E. DeV.) Build a home. 

McClellan (G. E.) Progressive les- 
sons in type setting. 24011. 
McClellan (J. C.) : 

Elevating Ella. 28708. 
Mud & sand. 29015. 
Paris rose. 29085. 
McClellan (Jack) See McClellan (J. 

McClellan (M. C.) Our Vermonter. 

McClelland (G. W.) 

of English literature 
McClelland (Mrs. J. 

stones. 62772. 
McClendon (Burdene) 

madcap. 42812. 

McCloskey (T. F.) Gold seal products 

co. Sales talk & general instr. 

Century types 

I.) Stepping 


McCloud, Calif., map. 65882. 
McClure (Darrell) Embarrassing mo- 
ments. 24012. 
McClure (Mary) Only a shoemaker's 

daughter. 54316 [4]. 
McClure & Dorwaldt, inc. Selecting 

your piano. 35251. 
McClure newspaper syndicate : 

Thomas (Lowell) Acres of peo- 
ple welcome flyers in Los An- 
geles. 17704-17716. 

British airmen cheer Yankee 

world flyers, etc. 5352-5381. 

See Chicago tribune newspaper 

McClurg (A. C.) & co.: 

McCarter (M. H.) Candle in the 

window. 48121. 
Seymour (P. H.) Auction bridge 
for beginners. 16706. 
McColl (G. B. Summary of current 

internatl. 48125. 
McComas (H. A.) : 
Gong. 28799. 
Spanish crucifix. 29214. 
McComb (Kate) : 

Impatience. 28863. 
Mike Harder. 28992. 
McComb City, Miss., map. 54502. 
McComber (J. B.) McComber's vest 

pocket st. guide. 35252. 
McConathy (Osbourne) Progressive 

music series. 2493. 
McConaughy (James) Simple bible 
course for daily vacation bible schls. 
McConnel (M. L.) Did Jesus make 

toys for the children. 24013. 
McConnell (F. J.) Fighting ranger. 

McConnell (W. J.) Basal metabolism 

before & after, etc. 12281, 12282. 
McConnell (Mrs. W. Y.) How to heal 

yourself & others. 48126. 
McConville (F. B.) I was thinking. 

McCord (T. G.) Patrol stunts. 57227. 
McCormick (G. H.) agency. Inst. 

place. 48127. 
McCormick (H. M.) : 

Bonnie Jean. etc. 2494, 2495. 
Kiwanis. 12283. 
McCormick (J. R.) Furology. 48128. 
McCormick (Langdon) : 
Missing men. 19114. 
Skyscraper. 19301. 
Up the river. 19403. 
McCormick, S. C, map. 60383. 
McCourt (R. L.) Salesmanship. 

McCown & co. Table of comparative 

values. 24016, 48129, 48130. 
McCoy (L. M.) What would you see 
through the wicket gate? 57228. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 

McCoy direct, co. Directories : 
Aurora, 111. 211. 
Clinton, la. 927. 
Decatur, 111. 9429. 
Oak Park, 111. 38987. 
Rockford, 111. 58997. 
Waterloo & Black Hawk Co., la. 
McCrea (M. S.) Reilly. 54133. 
McCready pub. co. Playthings direct. 

of the toy indue. 5S760. 
McCrudden (Francis) : 

Lavina the Eduan. 65610. 
Monkey salad. 42838. 
McCulley (Ernest) Duplex shorthand. 

McCullough (H. D.) McCullough's 

fa i-m problems. 57229. 
McCullough (P. J.) : 

Broadcastings of 1925. 28575. 
Fools rush in. 18901. 
McCullough elec. co. Elec. supplies. 

McCurdy (W. E.) Persons & domes- 

tis relations. 62774. 
McCurry (E. O. ) Ohio highway bul- 
letin. 12285, 12286, 35254, 35255. 
McCusker (Max) : 

Adam's rib. 65422. 
Sitting on the hub. 6275. 
McCutcheon (D. C.) McCutcheon 

service. 12287, 12288. 
McDade (J. E.) Grocery price list. 

etc. 12289-12291. 
McDaniel (C. F.) Ry. postal clerk 

civil service course. 62775. 
McDaniel (.T. L.) ptg. co., inc. Base- 
ball stove league. 62776. 
McDaniel (W. A.) How to revive 

weak radio tube. 62777. 
McDaniel pub. co. Railway postal 
clerk civil service course. etc. 
McDevitt (Herbert) Blessed Vincent 

Maria Strambi. 62781. 
McDole (M. V.) Wee one's prayer. 

Macdonald (Ballard) Harry Car- 
roll's pickings. 6079. 
McDonald (C. P.) co., inc. 52 Gram- 

ercy Park north. 24017. 
McDonald (Mrs. D. A.) Ain't go'in 
to be no co'e (core) [and] Rastus 
Johnson Browne. 48131. 
Macdonald (H. A.) Greenville, S. C, 

map. 43335. 
McDonald (J. A.) Eastman is for 

Van Zandt. 48132. 
Macdonald (J. Leitch) : 

Butterfly chaser. 18756. 
Men & two women. 54027. 
Stubborn folks. 60277. 
MacDonald (J. T.) Premium repay- 
ment clause. 1717. 

Macdonald (L. M.) Her dog day. 

Macdonald (Stewart) Inheritance- 
taxation as it affects the estates. 
McDonald (W. B.) : 

Descr. of & rules for playing 

game of crosswords. 12295. 
Descr. of & rules for playing game 
of exams. 24019. 
MacDonald (Z. K.) Our John. 

McDonald service. - Insured savings 

plan. 24020. 
McDonald's farmers almanac. 48133. 
McDonnell & Miller. Discussion of the 

design, etc. 2497-2499. 
McDonough (G. M.) Better abodes. 

McDonough & co. Du Page Co., 111., 

direct. 9678. 
Macdougall (H. C.) First bk. of 
musical theory, etc. 12296, 12297. 
McDowell (Syl) What happens to 

girls who fail. 48135. 
McDowell (W. F.) Bible reading cal. 

MacDuffee (W. A.) Constitution. 

etc. 62782, 62783. 
MacDuffie (J. C.) Spotter. 29220. 
MacDuffie (M. A.) Technique. 52930. 
Mace (H. S.) Church & Sunday schL 

builder, etc. 12298-12301. 
MacEachen (C. L.) Re-discovery of 

Fla. 57230. 
McElderry (Mrs. W. R.) Mrs. Henry 

Ford. 12302. 
McEldowney (J. E.) Good lighting. 

McEnery (E. B.) On fifth avenue. 

McElmeel (E. F.) John Marshall & 

the Const. 65413. 
McEnery (S. S.) Snow-cap sisters. 

6378 (6). 
McEntire (A. K.) : 

East Pensacola Heights, Fla., 

map. 54412. 
Pensacola, Fla., map. 54583. 
McEvoy (Charles) David Ballard. 

McEvoy (J. P.) : 

All I'd want for Christmas, etc. 

And that's that. 53707. 
Comic suppl. of 1925. 5986. 
Curl your toes around your birth- 
day, etc. 48137-^8154. 
Potters. 2500-2509, 12304-12326, 
2402^-24034, 57231-57234, 62784- 
McEwan (J. J.) Greatest forward 

passes. 48155. 
McFadden (E. A.) Boy who dis- 
covered Easter. 18744. 



bos. 1-12, 1925 

McFadden (E. B.) McFadden Eng. 

ser. etc. 35298-35303. 
McFadden (L. W.) Stenographic 

notes. 12327. 
McFadden (Ward) Secret of Walter 
Speelman's amazing success. 12328. 
MacFadden pubis., inc. : 

Felix (E. H.) How to pick a 

good radio set. 46455. 
Hastings (Milo) Phys. culture. 

New York Evening Graphic. How 
to take an impression of your 
palm. 36748. 
White (J. W.) Ans. to puzzle. 
McFalls (E. L.) Wonder what an 

architect, etc. 62791, 62792. 
McFarland (B. B.) Rocky Ford as 

the schl. children see it. 48156. 
McFarland (E. J.) Masha the merci- 
less. 6163. 
McFarland (J. H.) Amer. rose ann. 

McFarland (J. H.) co. Garden roses. 

McFarland (M. M.) Farmer's bank. 

McFarlane (C. T.) Essentials of 

geog. 44867, 55375. 
McFarlane (Leslie) Black suit. 

MacFarlane (Vernon) : 
Reformation. 29143. 
What a lady. 29334. 
MacFarlane (Willie) : 

Athletic sense is necessary in golf. 

etc. 48157-48193. 
Ball not livelier claims MacFar- 
lane, etc. 35305-35323. 
McFee (J. C.) Speechography. 35324. 
McFee (William) : 

Rolling home. 35325. 
Washout. 48194. 
McFerrin (O. B.) : 

Health through diet. 24036- 

24047, 35326-35333, 48195, 48196, 

McFerrin's Health bulletin. 


McFoozle (Jock) pseud. See Wea- 

gant (H. G.) 
McGarry (M. F.) Annales. 30420. 
McGee (I. J.) Postal wireless mail- 

e-gram. 24049. 
McGee (W. H.) : 

Net cash. 2511. 

Rule & sons, inc. Complete pro- 
tection on your car. etc. 16389, 

Two hundred. 27013. 

Two hundred. 27899, 41659, 
McGeehan (W. O.) Baseball Betty. 

McGeort* (W. T.) Influence of alu- 
minum manganese & iron salts. 
MacGeraid (W. P.) I wish you. 2512. 
MacGill (C. F.) Mass. trust co. In- 

sur. in trust. 35655. 
McG.ll (E. S.) Magic circle. 28958. 
McGill mfg. co. Beautiful & practical 
levolier white glazed porcelain 
bracket, etc. 48200, 4S201. 
McGill-Warner co. Maps : 

Clearwater Co., Minn. 60339. 
Kittson Co., Minn. 6521. 
Marshall Co., Minn. 60388. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 6570. 
Minnesota. 19661, 54523. 
North Dakota. 29660. 
Ramsey Co., Minn. 54598. 
McGinley (Grace) Direct. 35334. 
McGinn. s (D. R.) Flathead Lake, 

map. 65847. 
McGinniss (C. E.) McGinniss forms. 

McGlone (J. L.) Reveille. 26748. 
McGovern (A. A.) McGovern's gym- 
nasium. McGovern's ups & downs. 
McGovern's gymnasium. McGovern's 

ups & downs. 2513. 
McGowan (B.C.) Production & labor 

cost. 35335. 
McGowan (H. S.) God's garden. 

McGowan (Jack) Gentleman's game. 

McGowen (F. S.) : 
Thief. 60282. 
Three wise fools. 60284. 
McGowin-Lyons hardware & supply 

co. Gen. hardware. 4S202. 
McGrath (A. A.) Lincoln's spring 

clean. 28932. 
MacGrath (E. M.) Charlotte Repub- 
lican. Remember 200 sq. miles. 
McGrath (M. C.) Measurement test. 

McGrath (Robert) Legend of the 

mistletoe. 62793. 
McGraw (J. W.) Little things you 

ought -to know. 24048. 
McGraw (James) inc. Jobbers of mill 

supplies. 48204. 
McGraw, N. Y., direct. 1061. 
McGraw dentral station direct. 2514. 
McGraw-Hill bk. co., inc. : 

Anderson (W. B.) Mechanics & 

heat. 55084. 
Introd. Theory -of logarithms. 

Mover (J. A.) Practical radio. 

Norris (E. B.) Ans. to problems 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

McGraw-Hill bk. co., inc. — Continued. 
Poorman (A. P.) Strength of 

materials. 39428. 
Slichter (C. S.) Results of exer- 
cises to accompany elementary 
math. anal. 52469. 
Smail (L. L.) Math, of finance. 
McGraw Hill co., inc. : 

Eng. News-Rec. News red. kink 

bk. 46278. 
Everyday jobs in coal mining. 

etc. 2515, 2516. 
McGraw central station direct. 

McGraw elec. railway direct. 

Power. Typical Diesel engine 

power plant. 39554. 
Radio trade direct. 4441, 15913, 
26683, 51519, 64340. 
McGraw-Hill co. of Calif. Western 

States, map. 6715. 
McGregor (F. I.) Good or bad luck 

columns. 48205. 
McGregor (Frederick) Direct. 2517. 
MacGregor (J. W.) Life insur. & in- 
vestments. 62794. 
MacGregor (John) & sons, inc. Eco- 
nomic distribution. 35336. 
McGregor bros. co. McGregor's yr. 

bk. 12330. 
MacGregor-Kilborn corp. Playgoers. 

MacGuffin (R. D.) Most important 

thing in philately. 62795. 
McGuire (J. A.) jr., co. Gardendale, 

your opportunity. 57236. 
McGuire (M. A.) : 

Chip o' the old block. 42555. 
Reconciliation. 6237. 
McGuire (Mary) How to make 

money & stay at home. 35338. 
McGuire (W. A.) 12 miles out. 60316. 
Macha (E. F.) Ceskoslovenske Chi- 
cago a okoli. Views of Czechoslovak 
Chicago & vicinity. 35339. 
Machard (Alfred) : 

Crqquemitaine. 28644. 
Devant la loge de la concierge. 
McHardy (Alexander) Relative posi- 
tions. 57237. 
MacHarg (J. B.) : 

Method of classification of all 

notes & materials. 35340. 
Old south. 29950. 
MacHarg (M. MacG.) Thrift. 2518. 
Machen .(E. A.) & co. Points. 62796. 
McHenry, Miss., map. 295S8. 
Machias, Me., map. 65881. 
Machin shirt co. Shirtology. 522S8, 

Machinery. Machinery's data sheet. 
2519-2523, 12331-12333, 24052-24055, 
57239, 57240, 62797, 62798. 

Machinists supply co. : 
Catalog. 62799. 
Hd-bk. 12334. 

Machol (M. R.) List of corpora- 
tions owning fleets. 24056, 62800. 

McHugh (J. G.) Home. 28839. 

Mcllraith (V. C.) Acorn. 30067. 

Mclndoo pub. co. Barton (W. H.) 
Outline for nature study. 30674. 

Maclnerney (J. M.) East comes west. 

Mclnerney (P. J.) Mackenite bitumi- 
nous macadam. 57241. 

Mcintosh (E. D.) Day's billing. 

Macintosh (John) Rory aforesaid. 

Mcintosh (Ned) Billows of pillows. 

Mcintosh & Seymour corp. Diesel en- 
gines for artificial-ice plants. 

Mcintosh elec. corp. : 

Electron. 9772, 9773, 22290, 
32915-32917, 46256, 46257, 
56046, 61678. 
Scope of physiotherapy. 12335. 
Treatise on radiant light therapy. 

Mclver (D. T.) Tonopah premier 
mining co. Romance of Tonopah. 

McJunkin adv. co. Episcopal church 
(St. Frances guild of the) Bazaar. 

Mack (Cressy) Bit of gossip. 42525. 

Mack (Fritz) Einmal ist keinmal. 

Mack (Thomas) Watch invisible. 

Mack (Willard) pseud. See Mc- 
Laughlin (C. W.) 

Mack-Hall co. Scripture cross word 
puzzle. 12337. 

Mackaill (Dorothy) My biggest 
thrill in movies. 48207. 

Mackall (J. H.) candy co. Great 
safety & profit. 62803. 

Mackall (V. W.) Sparrow. 19313. 

Mackay (A. R.) Mackay (J. R.) 
Armistice day anniv. 2525. 

Mackay (C. D.) On Christmas eve. 

McKay (Harry) Mutual agreement 
between the Farmers mutual fire 
insur. assn. 24057. 

Mackay (J. R.) Armistice day an- 
niv. 2525. 

McKay (M. K.) Series of twelve 
radio talks. 26168. 

McKay (W. L.) McKay's mailing 
manual. 35342. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

McKean (Thomas) : 
Fog. 18896. 
Who knows? 54294. 
McKee (J. F.) Silent reading seat 

work. 60651. 
McKee (Raymond) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 35343. 
McKeesport, Pa., direct. 24058. 
McKellar (J. R.) Complete instr. 

McKelvey (G. M.) co. McKelvey's 2d 

ann. sale. 12339. 
McKenna (Edmond) Red knight. 

Mackenzie (Alexander) Mackenzie's 

traverse calculator. 2526. 
Mackenzie (Compton) Coral. 2527- 

2529, 12340-12343. 
MacKenzie (De Witt) Girl in the 

mask. 24059, 35344. 
MacKenzie (E. I.) Waking the 

Christmas spirit. 54274. 
McKenzie (J. V.) Davey (G. W.) 

Tweeklie tales. 21976. 
McKenzie (V. D.) McKenzie modern 

method of rag time. 35345. 
Maeker (J. C.) Weights of square, 
round, hexagon, octagon & flats. 
Mackie & Barnes, inc. Cedar grad- 
ing rules. 12344. 
McKiernan-Terry drill co. McKier- 
nan-Terry double-acting pile ham- 
mers. 24060. 
McKillop (C. J.) Just suppose. 

McKim (C. D.) Colyear motor sales 

co. Genuine pts. catalog. 954. 
McKim (L. J.) : 

Perfect lamb. 29096. 
Revenge. 29149. 
McKim (R. B.) co. Catalog, etc. 

48208, 48209. 
McKinley (F. F.) Song material for 

projects. 2530. 
McKinley (K. S.) : 

Brown dawn. 42537. 
Hour hand. 28847. 
Quicksand. 29130. 
McKinley (L. P.) McKinley & Morris. 

Investment counsel. 48210, 57242. 
McKinley pub. co. McColl (G. B.) 
Summary of current internatl. 
McKinley pub. co. Maps : 
Africa. 54317, 65805. 
Asia. 54327. 
Australasia. 54332. 
Europe. 54425. 
North America, map. 54550. 
South America, map. 54631. 

U. S.. map. 51682. 
World, map. 19850, 54724. 

McKinney mfg. co. McKinney garage 

hardware. 57243. 
McKinsey (J. O.) Reorganizing ex- 
ecutive & finan. management func- 
tions. 35347. 
Mackintosh (C. H.) : 

How to approach prospects, etc. 

How to close sales. 35348. 
How to write better bus. letters. 
Macklin (Theodore) Marketing prin- 
ciples. 2534. 
McKnight (A. J.) Modern dentistry. 

McKnight & McKnight. Branom (M. 
E.) Branom tests in geog. 21032. 
Mack's minstrelsy. 57244. 
McLachlan (B. N.) : 

Credit life insur. co. Credit life 

insur. policy. 9290. 
Credit life insur. policy. 24062. 
MacLachlan (R. A.) Lovenia in Lov- 

lane. 42791. 
McLain-Simpers organization. Lake- 
side, the world's most efficient steam 
plant. 2535. 
McLaine (Lila) Isle & a moon. 

McLaren (Alex.) : 

Evening at home. etc. 24064, 

Superlative savvy. 35349. 
MacLaren (Gay) Father & dad. 

McLaughlin (C. W.) : 

Canary Dutch. 28588. 
Kick in. 42749. 
No questions asked. 29035. 
Old clothes. 62802. 
McLaughlin (H. T.) Hundred per 
cent directed study in hist. 35350. 
McLaughlin (Marie) In dreamland I 

am with you. 35351. 
McLaughlin (Margaret) Phonetics of 

all. 7087. 
Maclaurin (H. G.) Hong-Kong. 6090. 
McLaurin (K. L.) Caught. 28597. 
McLean (A.) House is yours. 35352. 
MacLean (Arthur) Knight of the 

piney woods. 53964. 
MacLean (C. A.) Radio riches. 

MacLean (Douglas) productions. In- 
troduce me. 19988. 
McLean (R. B.) Gift. 42642. 
McLean (W. O.) Insur. coverage. 

McLellan (C. A.) Art of shoeing & 
balancing the trotter. 62804, 62805. 
McLellan (E. de Bitt) Man is the 
maker of his world, etc. 35353, 
McLellan (Earl) Light fingers. 



pt. i, n. si, v. 22 

McLennan (K. W.) : 

Ad Crafters. Restoration of life 

insur. 30069. 
Life insur. to meet your needs. 

Lincoln liberty life insur. co. Au- 
thorized agreement, etc. 
McLeod (James) Pub. utility & serv- 
ice payment draft. 24066. 
McLeod (K. F.) Chart for use in 
connection with apparatus for com- 
puting butter-fat values. 24067. 
McLeod & Henry co. : 

McLeod & Henry flat suspended 

furnace arch. 57245. 
Steel mixture veneer lining. 
McLoughlin bros., inc. : 

McLoughlin bks. for children. 

Wynn (Ed.) Cross word puzzles. 
MacMahon (A. W.) Syllabus in Amer. 

government. 35356. 
McMahon (E. M.) Fifth horseman. 

MacMahon (H. I.) Syracuse jour. 

Ten commandments. 17636. 
McMahon (J. J.) Daughter of Rome. 

McMahon (Jo) Deenie folks & 

friends. 48212. 
McManus (Charles) Newly weds. 
2536-2541, 12348-1235S, 24068-24075, 
35357-35364, 48213-48219, 62806- 
McManus (George) Bringing up 
father. 2542-2548, 12359-12366, 
24076-24083, 35365-35371, 62S18. 
MacManus, inc. Proposal submitted 
to first natl. bank of Detroit. 24084. 
McMeen (G. M.) Up-to-date finan. 

secretary's rec. 48220, 62819. 
McMenemy (W. G.) Africa. 24085. 
McMichael (A. R.) Home & happi- 
ness. 2549 
MacMichael (P. R. E.) To tell the 

truth. 29269. 
McMillan (Carol) His father's boots. 

MacMillan (D. B.) Captain MacMil- 
lan, explorer details heartbreaking 
trip. 2550. 
McMillan (H. F.) Profitable utiliza- 
tion of sound under-grade fruit. 
McMillan (James) & co. Pictures 
showing inclined hand stoker move- 
ment. 48221. 
Macmillan co. : 

Bolton (Willa) Geog. of Miss. 

Branom (M. E.) Branom prac- 
tice tests in geog. 55371. 

Breslich (E. R.) Teachers' guide, 
jr. mathematics. 31057. 

Calif, suppl. to Wayland's hist, 
stories for primary grades. 

Dame Wiggins of Lee & her seven 
wonderful cats. 32464. 

Dunn (F. W.) Everyday classics 
first reader, etc. 22193, 22194. 

Fansler (H. E.) Philippine natl. 
lit. 10051. 

Fiske (T. S.) Four-place mathe- 
matical tables. 22517. 

Fowlkes (J. G.) Fowlkes-Goff 
practice in arith. 22619. 

Key to Fowlkes-Goff practice 

tests. 46618. 

Goff (T. T.) Key to the Fowlkes- 
Goff practice tests. 46618. 

Goldtree & Silvertree. 60123*. 

Holmes (E. E.) Geog. of Id. 

Marshall (L. C.) Teacher's man- 
ual. 12524. 

Pre-primer chart. 62820. 

Price (S. J.) Little journeys in 
Ala. 4402. 

Prose plays. 65700*. 

Read (H. E.) Exercises in rapid 
calculation, etc. 26716, 26717. 

Teachers' key. 15957. 

Sisters of Mercy. Marquette 
readers. 17047, 52438. 

Smeit/n (M. A.) Teachers' 
guide. 17091. 

Snowden (J. H.) Snowden's Sun. 
schl. lessons. 40877. 

Staley (G. R.) Geog. of N. Y. 

Study outlines. etc. 24086- 

Two plays. 6342*. 

Ullman (B. L.) Teachers' man- 
ual to accompany second Latin 
bk. 41668. 

Verse plays. 65781*. 

Vosburgh (W. L.) Teachers' 
manual. 17980, 28014, 28015. 
McMoon (Cosme) Cleo. 28615. 
McMullen (J. C.) : 

By George! 18759. 

Lotus flowers. 6139. 

Mail order brides. 19090. 

Mary made some marmalade. 
McMullen (J. .W.) Eng. lang. 2551. 
MacMurphy (A. B.) Singing of ce- 
ment highways. 35372. 
McMurray (William) Puget Sound 

& Rainier natl. park. 35373. 
McMurtrey (I. C.) After effects. 

McMurtie (O. H.) Mac's carburetor 
handbk. 35374. 




DOS. 1-12, 1925 

McNair (M. P.) Retail method of in- 
ventory. 24092. 
McNally (Charles) Just a minute. 

McNally (R. A.) : 

Arizona, map. 29411. 
Los Angeles, Calif., map. 6538, 
19628, 43415. 
McNally (W. J.) She had her way. 

McNally (William) : 

Mack's minstrelsy. 57244. 
McNally's bulletin. 35375. 
Macnamara (Margaret) Mrs. Jupp 

obliges. 65651. 
McNamara (T. J.) Simplifying the 

schl. savings idea. 12368. 
McNamara (Tom) Us boys. 2552- 
2558, 12369-12376, 24093-24099, 
35376-35384, 48222-48225, 62821-^ 
McNamee (Edward) Babes in God's 

woods. 28533. 
McNaught syndicate, inc. : 

Rogers (Will) All I know is 
what I read in the papers, etc. 

Chinese must have been 

studying Irish hist. etc. 40003- 

Correcting the news of the 

past wk. etc. 16201-16214. 
Drinking carol of the de- 
natured Christmas, etc. 4607- 
McNaughton (W. F.) Advantages of 

healing, etc. 48226, 48227. 
McNeil '( S. R.) Getting the order by 

arousing curiosity. 35385. 
McNeil, Ark., map. 6549. 
.McNeil & co. Rhode Island. McNeil's 
Rhode Island motor vehicle reg. 
39855, 39856. 
McNeile (H. C.) : 

Bulldog Drummond. 28582. 
Marie. 57246. 

Other side of the wall. etc. 
McNeill (Mildred) Pure woman. 

McNeill (P. J.) jewelry co. E. K. 

Trip improves records. 48228. 
McNeill chair co. : 

High chairs. 12380. 
These new patterns of Windsor 
chairs 2 P > F >Q 
McNellie (M. J.) South Side bank of 
Kansas City. Banker & patron. 
McNicol (Donald) Ptg. teleg. sys- 
tems. 48229, 57247. 
McNiece (T. M.) Cost acctg. & fore- 
men's activities. 48230. 
McNovvn (H. A.) Up to Easy street. 

McNulty (W. F.) : 

Binghamton Press. Cross word 

fans. etc. 7776, 7777. 
You should buy tires now. 35386. 
McNutt (W. S.) Boy from the patch. 

Macomb, 111., map. 19633. 
Macomb Co., Mich., map. 295S9. 
Macomber (A. S.) Daylight saving. 

Macon, Ga., direct. 62830. 
Macon, Miss., map. 43424. 
MacOrlan (Pierre) Cavaliere Elsa. 

McPartland (G. P.) Movie mated, 

McPhail (A. M.) piano co. McPhail 

pianos. 12382. 
McPharlin (P. L.) I nearly died. 

McPharlin (W. H. J.) comp. Stand. 

bus. classification. 48231. 
McPhee (G. N.) How to play the 

kros word game. 12383. 
McPherson (H. I.) Vacation church 

schl. 12384. 
MacPherson (Jeanie) My biggest 

thrill in movies. 35388. 
McPherson (T. D.) Cowboy poems. 

McPherson (William) Teachers' 

manual. 62831. 
MacQuarrie (T. W.) MacQuarrie 

test for mech. ability. 57248. 
McQuay-Norris mfg. co. : 

Condensed catalog dimensions. 

etc. 48232, 48233. 
McQuay-Norris piston rings, etc. 

2560, 2561, 24100-24102. 
New McQuay-Norris ventilated 
superoyl rings. etc. 35389, 
McQuilkin (R. C.) Outline & mes- 
sage of Romans. 12385. 
McQuillen (E. M.) Production speed 

chart. 48234. 
McRae (Annie) To Florida. 48235. 
McRae (Emma) Star. 19323. 
MacRae (Marion) : 

Barroll (E. C.) Modern mail 

order methods. 258. 
Modern mail order methods. 
MacRaes blue bk. co. Stand, list 

price. 35391. 
McShane bell foundry co. McShane 
bell foundry co. superior tubular 
chimes. 24103. 
McSherrystown, Pa., direct. 33916. 
McSweeney (E. M.) : 

Boston Sunday Advertiser. Illus. 

cross word puzzle. 7910. 
N. Y. Amer. Illus. cross word 
puzzle. 13369-13453. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

McSweeney automotive & elec. train- 
ing shops. McSweeney automotive 
& elec. training shops. Home train- 
ing clept. Evolution of transporta- 
tion. 12386. 
McTurnan (Lawrence) New Barnes 

readers. 22308. 
Macuair (A. L.) Coo coo boo. 24104. 
McWade (Edward) Winchester. 29289 

McWhorter (P. A.) Contract. 24105. 
Macy (R. H.) & co., inc.: 

After so many bouquets, read this. 

etc. 2563-2582. 
Ann. May sale of table linens & 

towels, etc. 35392-35544. 
Another husband reports a dis- 
covery, etc. 24106-24156. 
Be sure that you have the cor- 
rect equipment. etc. 4S236- 
Behind the scenes on a big night. 

etc. 12387-12472. 
Wedding gifts from the Far East, 
etc. 57249-57275. 
Macy (V. E.) Chilmark park realty 

corp. Chilmark park. 31789. 
Macy art process corp. : 

Chicago wet washer co. Washing 

protected. 8798. 
Economy eng. co. Telescoper. 

9724, 9725. 

Sculptural ptg. 57276. 

Sommers bros. appliance co. 

You'll have a new viewpoint 

wben you see the Dixie. 17161. 

Madame Coates' schl. of dressmaking 

$ millinery. 48463. 
Madam X eo., inc. Introducing 
Madam X reducing girdle. 12473. 
Madden (J. C.) ed. Boiling; the 

story of things achieved. 12474. 
Madden (Mrs. W. F.) Equalization. 

Maddock & co. Tools & supplies. 

Maddox (Robert) : 

Melchisedec. 12476. 
Metaphysical gems. 62832. 
Maddux. Marshall. Moss & Mallory, 
inc. District of Columbia, map. 
Maddy (C. D.) Diet, of printed ideas. 

Madelon modes, inc. : 

Gayly the modes of Madelon jr. 

beckon, etc. 48464-48466. 
In satin paths of beauty, etc. 

Secret fashion seldom keeps, etc. 
24156, 24157. 
Madill, Okl., map. 6550. 
Madin (G. H.) What women will do. 

Madison (James) : 

Madison's budget. 35550. 
Rival senators. 29155. 
Madison (Janet) Girl graduates jour. 

Madison (Maud) Hang-out. 42664 
Madison, Conn., map. 43425. 
Madison, 111., direct. 1702. 
Madison, N. C, map. 19634. 
Madison, Wis., direct. 24158. 
Madison life underwriters' assn. : 

Could your wife live on $25 per 

month, etc. 24159, 24160. 
Real meaning of life insur. etc. 
35552, 35553. 
Madison mills, inc. Bring the factory 

to the home. etc. 12477-12480. 
Madison square press. Amer. radia- 
tor co. cal. 60721. 
Madsen (A. L.) jr. Cut service. 

35554, 47467. 
Madsen (I. N.) Teacher's guide for 

the use of stand, tests. 2583. 
Maeterlinck (Maurice) : 
Aveugles. 42719*. 
En Egypte. 35555. 
Intruse. 42719*. 

Pelleas et Melisande, et, In- 
terieur. 29094*. 
Mage (Myron) : 

Black is white. 42527, 
Bootleggers. 42532. 
She played Salome. 42967. 
Magee (H. I.) Order of De Molay. 

Oregon chap. Lock step. 15379. 
Maginnis (J. J.) : 

Dice of God. 53809. 
Jean Le Roque. 42732. 
Magnesia products co. Canaries for 

pleasure & profit. 12481. 
Magnolia, Miss., map. 54503. 
Magnolia, N. J., map. 29590. 
M'gnussen (Julius) Digters dr0m. 

Magnusson (E. C.) Doers. 53811. 
Magog (H. J.): 

Deux cceurs se cherchent. 35770. 
Et range visage. 62S33. 
Film du Pare de Versailles. 2584. 
Mysteres du cinema. 35556. 
Timide amour. 62S34. 
Magre (Maurice) Ingrate. 53934. 
Magruder (D. A.) Personal budget 

& acct. bk. 57277. 
Magruder (J. W.) Ritual of the 

Knights of the radio bug. 12482. 
Mah-jongg. 124S3, 24161. 
Mahan (W. B.) Hist, of soc. ideals. 

Mahon (F. J.) Flower daughter. 

Mahon (R. L.) John & Mary. 57278. 
Mahoney (James) Mourner. 29103*. 



ros. 1-12, 1925 

Mahoney (John) Graft. 48469. 
Mahoning natl. bank. Banking made 

plain. 2585. 
Mahwah, N. J., map. 54504. 
Mail & express ptg. co., inc. Expres- 
• sions. 33095. 
Mail order sales service co. Now you 

can understand radio. 35558. 
Main (W. F.) Main (W. F.).co. An- 
swering the call of destiny, etc. 
35559, 35560. 
Main store floor superintendents & the 
training dept. Filene's (William) 
sons co. See Filene's (William) 
sons co. Main store floor superin- 
tendents & training department. 
Maine, map. 19635-19637, 29591- 

29593, 43426, 54505. 
Maine. Workmen's compensation law. 

Maine central r. r. Vacationland. 

Maine regr., state yr-bk. & legislative 

manual, etc. 48470, 48471. 
Maine telep. & teleg. co. Telep. direct. 

12484, 35563. 
Majestic silk shops. Above is a photo- 
graph of the Majestic silk shops' 
windows. 12485. 
Major (Jack) Mark the blood 

brother. 48472. 
Mak (K. W.) : 

Farewell, my home. etc. 35564, 

Makfoods. 57279. 
Makin (W. J.) : 

Africa messiah baptizes 

Argues skull is missing link's. 

Missing link skull almost became 

sugar. 2586. 
Platinum rush in Africa. 12486. 
Malcolm (Charles Horace) pseud. 
See Davis (Charles), Sinclair (Ho- 
race) La Prade (Malcolm) 
Maiden, Mass., direct. 35567. 
Maiden & Melrose gas light co. Mass. 

coupons. 24162. 
Maiden elec. co. Mass. coupons. 

Malevinsky (M. L.) If I were God. 

Malipiero (G. F.) Profeti di Babi- 

lonia. 19228*. 
Malleable iron range co. DeBoth (J. 
M.) comp. Monarch malleable elec. 
cook bk. 32531. 
Malleson (Miles) See Malleson (W. 

Malleson (W. M.) : v 

Conflict. 28626. 
Fanatics. 53844. 
Maurice's own idea. 6166. 


Mallett (Marguerite) : 

Braving a leopard in a bedroom. 

etc. 35568-35570. 
Challenged by five lions. 48474. 
Malloy (T. V.) Fishy stuff. 53852. 
Malone (J. F.) Co-operative service 
co. of the life insur. men. Practical 
salestalks. 32257. 
Maloney (H. W.) Series of ten se- 
lected exercises. 35571. 
Maloof phonograph & music co. : 

Doumani ( — ) Forty six Syrian 
songs, etc. 46954, 46955. 

Haddad (— ) 
songs, etc. 

Milkie (— ) 
songs, etc. 

Forty six Syrian 
46954, 46955. 
Forty six Syrian 
46954, 46955. 

Rotters. 54142. 
Golden philomel. 

Golden philomel. 

Malta Bend, Mo., map. 6551. 
Maltby (E. H.) Winston companion 

readers. 22509. 
Maltby (H. F.) 
Maltese (M. T.) 

Maltese (S. R.) 

Maltop, inc. : 

Recipes for today. 48475. 
Toddy treats for hot weather. 
Maltz (H. R.) How to keep young & 

well. 24164. 
Malvern, Pa., map. 60385. 
Mame (M. A.) & fils. Strowski (For- 
tunat) Langue frangaise. Premier 
livre. 64860. 
Mammel (C. O.) Weekly expense rec. 

Management pub. corp. 10 opportuni- 
ties to increase mfg. profits. 62835. 
Manchester, Conn., direct. 12487. 
Manchester, Conn., map. 19638. 
Manchester, N. H., direct. 62836. 
Manchester Guardian: 

Allies announce measures to relax 
Rhineland control, etc. 57280- 
Austria will prolong unemploy- 
ment doles, etc. 62837-62842. 
Chances remote for early peace in 
North Africa. etc. 35573, 
France stands by peace treaty, 
etc. 24166-24172. 
Manchester memorial hospital. After 

four*yrs. 24173. 
Mandel bros. Choosing furnishings 

tastefully. 4S476. 
Mandelbaum (M. H.) jr. Correlator. 

Mandolinista " La canzonetta." 124S8. 
Manfred (M. E.) Practical Spanish 

grammar. 48477. 
Mangan (H. A.) : 

Chem. note bk. etc. 4S47S. 4S479. 
General science note bk. 24174. 


pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Mangiafico (S. C.) Gran Galeotto. 

Mangone (G. M.) True love. 35575. 
Manhattan academy of art. Anatomy. 

Manhattan Beaches, Calif, direct. 

Manhattan (Borough of) N. Y., direct. 

Manhattan Durant co. How to buy a 

used car right. 24175. 
Manhattan knitting mills. Opening a 

new page in swimming suit hist. 

Manhattan laundry service corp. 

Blankets, comforts & lace curtains. 

Manhattan rubber mfg. co. Floor 

perfection with conda-flor. etc. 

12494. 12495. 
Manlial fan service co. Champion 

time saver. etc. 24176-24182, 

Manheimer (W. A.) : 

Wicked city. 29362. 
Year 3001. 29380. 
Manierre (C. E. ) Wave length, in- 
ductance & capacity. 12496. 
Manitoba. Canada, map. 43427, 65883. 
Manitou, Col., direct. 32097. 
Mankiewicz (II. J.) : 

Nothing coming in. 6198. 
We, the people. 29328. 
Mauley (Dorothy) See Duff (D. M.) 
Manley mfg. co. Adv. helps for auto- 
motive repair men. 24183. 
Manly (J. B.) co. : 

Jones (Abner) Abner Jones' 

clothier. 11537, 23489. 
Leg on clothes. 258S, 24184. 
Mann (A. H.) Natl, system of benev- 
olent, protective assns. 48480, 63298. 
Mann (B. H.) Freight train econo- 
mies. 24185, 42472. 
Mann (C. L.) His protege. 53917. 
Mann (Jacob) Latin verb blanks. 

Mann (Klaus) Anja und Esther. 

Mann (W. J.) Gleanings from old 

Bennington. 2589. 
Mann mfg. co. Catalog. 62843. 
Mannford Quadrangle, Okl., map. 

Manning (Cardinal) Rome or reason. 

Manning (E. G.) Environment & the 

pt. it plays in home life. 24186. 
Manning (F. A.) Clothes contract. 

Manning (Frank) Community neigh- 

borliness. 5894. 
Manning (G. W.) Bradenton, Fla., 

map. 54352. 

Manning (H. A.) co. Directories: 

Amherst, Mass. 60761. 

Arlington, Vt. 60951. 

Athens, Pa. 562S. 

Barre, Vt. 60892. 

Barre Town, Vt. 60892. 

Bennington, Vt. 60951. 

Berlin, Vt. 60892. 

Berwick, Me. 1249. 

Brattleboro, Vt. 454, 61085. 

Burlington, Vt. 645, 61150. 

Carthage, N. Y. 747. 

Cortland, N. Y. 1061. 

Dover, N. H. 1249. 

Durham, N. H. 1249. 

East Montpelier, Vt. 60892. 

Enfield, Conn. 1334. 

Farmington, N. H. 1249. 

Greenfield, Mass. 62079. 

Hadley, Mass. 60761. 

Hatfield, Mass. 60761. 

Homer, N. Y. 1061. 

Hopedale, Mass. 63026. 

Hudson, Mass. 62857. 

McGraw, N. Y. 1061. 

Marlboro, Mass. 62857. 

Massena, N. Y. 2621. 

Middlesex, Vt. 60892. 

Milford, Mass. 63026. 

Montpelier, Vt. 60892. 

North Adams, Mass. 64079. 

Northboro, Mass. 62857. 

Northfield, Vt. 60892. 

Plainfield, Vt. 60892. 

Pittsburgh, N. Y. 42S0. 

Potsdam, N. Y. 2621. 

Proctor, Vt. 16406, 64542. 

Rochester, N. H. 1249. 

Rutland, Vt. 16406, 64542. 

Sayre, Pa. 5628. 

Shaftsbury, Vt. 60951. 

Somersworth, N. H. 1249. 

Southboro, Mass. 62857. 

Stow, Mass. 62857. 

Waverly, N. Y. 5628. 

West Rutland, Vt. 16406, 64542. 

Westboro, Mass. 62857. 

Williamstown, Vt. 60892. 

Winooski, Vt. 61150. 
Manning (V. H.) jr. Eighth com- 
mandment. 18860. 
Manning (W. H.) offices, inc. Ath- 
ens, Ga., map. 43140-43153, 54329. 
Manning, Maxwell & Moore, inc. 
High pressure steam testing lab. 
Mannington, W. Va., map. 43428. 
Manny-Rielly co. Wholesale knit 

underwear. 12497. 
Manor, Pa., map. 603S6. 
Manous (A. L.) Why I do not eat 

swine's flesh. 35581. 
Mansfield (Captain) pseud. See 
Mansfield (S. A.) 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Mansfield (Beatrice) Quality of 

mercy. 54124. 
Mansfield (R. W.) Dazz ball or 

dazzy. 12498. 
Mansfield (S. A.) : 

Bung Up & Bilge Free. 24187. 
Yu Duck, sea- lawyer. 35582. 
Mansire (Monsieur le capitaine) 

Fieschi. 62845. 
Manson (F. E.) Willianisport foun- 
dation. 2591. 
Mansur (E. M.) Agreement for sale 

of real property. 62846. 
Mantell (R. B.) : 

By secret warrant. 42541. 
Light of other days. 28930. 
Mantle (Burns) : 

Broadway season nears its finish. 

etc. 24188-24194. 
Christmas wk. in the theatres. 

etc. 2592-2595. 
Cohan reappears in typical role. 

etc. 48482-48492. 
Comedy about golf opens the sea- 
son, etc. 35583-35590. 
Comes the season's first Milne 

comedy, etc. 12499-12510. 
Laurette Taylor minus her humor. 

etc. 62847-62850. 
We have with us a Molnar com- 
edy. 57292. 
Mantz (I. P.) Life insur. adv. 2596. 
Manual arts press: 

Bailey (H. T.) For the boys. 

Wahlstrom (L. W.) For the 
boys. 65063. 
Manufacturers credit agency. Impor- 
tant to one who owes. etc. 35591- 
Manufacturers rec. pub. co. Blue bk. 

of southern progress. 20961. 
Manufacturing equipment & eng. co. 
Meeco individual sanitary wash- 
bowls. 62851. 
Manufacturing jewelers bd. of trade. 

Ref. bk. 12511, 35594. 
Manville (H. E.) Autumn, and, 
Anacaona the beautiful Indian 
princess. 28531*. 
Manz corp. Progressive adv. 12512. 
Mapes (Victor) Amethyst. 53705. 
Mapl-flake mills inc. : 

Bartlett (O. W.) Feeding people. 

"World famous $1000.00 prize cross 
word puzzle. 2597. 
Maquet (Charles) Exercices latins, 
classe de cinquieme. etc. 62852, 
Mara (H. R. O.) Erin Township, 

Mich., map. 19558. 
Marano (Giovanni) Me' mugliere. 

Marathon Co., direct. 18154. 

Marathon rubber co., inc. Stamina. 

Marathon shoe co. What the health 
dept. & the bd. of educa. found out. 
Maratta (James) : 

Gregory, Mayer & Thorn co. 

Sales-aid. 33817. 
Knowing how. 24193. 
Marble (F. E.) World guide pub. co. 

Shopping direct. 5800. 
Marble (Grace) Heart of the Klon- 
dike. 43110 (7) 
Marble (Scott) Heart of the Klon- 
dike. 43110 (7) 
Marble (W. C.) Mother's day. 24197. 
Marblestone (E.) Weathercock. 

Marcel (Gabriel) : 

Chapelle ardente. 65473, 65474. 
Homme de Dieu. 23842. 
Marcell (D. A. F.) Wife who wasn't 

wanted. 48493. 
Marcell (M. B.) Marcell's (radium 
ore) miracle mineral constructive 
food chart. 35596. 
Marcella studios of Amer. Now Mar- 
cella's amazing hair waving outfit. 
Marcellus. Mich., map. 29594. 
March bros. : 

Abused little stomach. 53688. 
Bobs : general manager. 53743. 
Busy bees. 53751. 
Court day in Dogdom. 53788. 
Flippety-Flop. 53854. 
Flowers for Flossie. 53855. 
Rural community plays. 54148. 
Teachers hdbk. 2598. 
Teachers yr. bk. 35597. 
Travelers. 54242. 
Wanted, a husband. 54276. 
When Polly orders lunch. 542S7. 
Woman, the silent sufferer. 
Marchand (Leopold) Mon gosse de 

pere. 65656. 
Marchand (Louis) Familie Miiller. 

Marchbanks press. New Year cross- 
word puzzle. 2599. 
Marcola. Or., map. 60387. 
Marcuse (M. F.) Marcia's own bk. 
on the achievements of beauty. 
Mardrus (J. C.) Cantique des can- 

tiques. 62854. 
Mardrus (Lucie Delarue-) See Dela- 

rue-Mardrus (Lucie) 
Marengo, 111., map. 29595. 
Margate City, N. J., direct. 30536. 
Mar-ge-let adv. co. Cincinnati shop- 
ping news. 896. 
Margolis (Albert) Acute triangles. 



pt. I, n. s., v. 22 

Margolis (Sylvia) Letters to Jesus. 

Mai-grander (Esther) Boy of the 

super-race. 35599. 
Margueritte (Victor) Gargonne. 

Marian (Edna) My biggest thrill in 

movies. 48494. 
Marie, queen of Roumania. Marie of 
Roumania reveals royal hearts are 
throbbing in common with human- 
ity, etc. 3560U-35612. 
Mariemont co. Mariemont. 48495. 
Marietta, O., map. 6552. 
Marietta paint & color co. Paint eng. 

Marietta Times. Special feature sec. 

Marigny pseud. See Grilleau (Henry 

Marin Co., Calif., map. 2601, 19639. 
Marine City, Mich., map. 29596. 
Marine roof garden. Formal opening 
tonight the Marine roof garden. 
M;i rinello co. : 

Beauty moulding. 6733. 

Bleach & other masks. 6740. 

Face beautiful. 6776. 

Hair tinting as an art. 6833. 

Hand beautiful. 6834. 

How to give acne treatment. 

How to give facial massage. 6849. 
How to perform electrolysis. 

Lesions of the skin. 6890. 
Little French powder box. 6S94. 
Little white jar. 6895. 
Marcel waving. 6912. 
Ma rinello Mary. 6913. 
Ma rinello method of marcel wav- 
ing. 6914. 
Sadie Smith. 6994. 
Scalp massage. 6997. 
Skin diseases. 7003. 
Why you are & what you are. 
7047, 7048. 
Marinett Co., Wis., map. 19640. 
Marinoff (Sergei) schl. of classic 

dancing. Charleston. 57293. 
Mario (Maurice) Supplice d'Eveline. 

Mariol (Henri) Agent 44 du IX e . 

24202, 35614. 
Marion (J. H.) San Francisco, Calif., 

map. 54616. 
Marion (J. V.) How to tell your for- 
tune. 35615. 
Marion, Ala., map. 54507. 
Marion, Ind., direct. 62S55. 
Marion, Ky., map. 54508. 
Marion, O., d rect. 24203. 
Marion steam shovel co. Bed rock, 
etc. 24204. 24205. 

Maris (Faith) : 

African negro folk tales. 24206. 
French cooking. 62856. 
Marischka (Ernst) Orlow. 29064. 
Marist bros. Catechism of the Blessed 

Virgin Mary. 35616. 
Markbreit (B. F.) . Lady Ursula's be- 
quest. 42763. 
Marken & Bielfeld : 

Luray, Va., map. 6548. 
Souvenir of historic Frederick. 
Market forecaster co. Mastering cot- 
ton. 57294. 
Markets & methods for writers. 

Markey (Gene) : 

Air alarm. 5915. 
Colonel's lady. 28620. 
Green hats. 53892. 
Right you are. 19255. 
Markey (J. J.) Tuberculosis problem 

today. 65414. 
Markham (R. M.) : 

God made Fla. for Amer. 12513. 
Innocent bystander. 6103. 
Markle, Ind., map. 19641. 
Marks (E. L.) Radio diagnosis. 

Marks (Jeanette) Children of pride. 

Marks (Maurice) : 

French farce. 28764. 
Hit of the season. 2S837. 
In conference. 28864. 
Marriage license. 28973. 
Our Amer. lang. 29069. 
Schl. for chauffeurs. 29173. 
Scum. 54156. 
Marks (Milton) Amer. citizen. 57128. 
Marks, Miss., map. 43429. 
Marks & Clerk.. For. patents & trade 

marks, etc. 48497, 48498. 
Markun (Leo) : 

Conventional lies of our civiliza- 
tion. 38914. 
Introd. of Chaucer. 35618. 
Max Stirner. 24207. 
Markus (Stephen) Nuit de la re- 
vanche. 27992. 
Markwell mfg. co., inc. : 

Free tacking machines. etc. 

24208, 24209. 
Modern shade-shop equipment. 

etc. 35619-35621. 
Supply & demand. 12514. 
Marland, Okl., map. 29597. 
Marlboro, Mass., direct. 62857. 
Marlette, Mich., map. 6553. 
Marlin-Rockwell corp. Gurney bait 

bearing eng. bulletin. 12515. 
Marlow (Brian) Brown derby. 

Marlowe (Charles) pseud. See Jay 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Marmeins. Marmein bulletin. 12516, 

Marmond (R.) Clubs are feature of 

life. 12518. 
Marmont (Percy) My biggest thrill 

in movies. 35622. 
Maroon of Champaign high schl. 

Marquarclt (C. G.) Des Moines. 
First natl. bank. Cure for worry. 
Marquess (E. B.) : 

Bible student's hand-bk. of the 

Bible bks. 48499. 
Gospel graphic pub. co. Gospel 
graphics. 33763. 
Marquette (Doris) Garden of weeds. 

See Smith (V. B.) 
Marquette, Mich., direct. 2604. 
Marquis (G. B.) Pursuit. 24210. 
Marr (E. C. P.) Beauty. 2605. 
Marr & Colton co. Bldg. America's 

finest organ. 35624. 
Marra (W. J.) Good stenographer 
declared asset in making success, 
etc. 57295-57300. 
Marrone (Gaspare) : 

Cavalleria rusticana. 53757- 

Due orfanelli. 53817-53822. 
Passioni e morti di Gesu. 19198- 
Mars, Pa., map. 54509. 
Mars Hill, Me., map. 65884. 
Marsden co. Catalog, digest. 35625. 
Marsh (A. L.) : 

Bishop's candlesticks. 5950. 
Parliamentary law for young 
people. 12519. 
Marsh (C. H.) Little angel. 65614. 
Marsh (E. B.) Sir with milk. 

Marsh (F. A.) Christmas at the 

manor hall. 5979. 
Marsh (H. A.) : 

Bishop's candlesticks. 5950. 
Christmas at the manor hall. 

Marsh (A. L.) Parlimentary law 

for young people. 12519. 
Rumpelstiltskin. 6254. 
Marsh (H. B.) : 

Drill examples. 24211. 
Pilot ariths. 2606. 
Marsh (Lucile) : 

Enter the crook. 65518. 
Marsh schl. of the dance & allied 
arts. 62858. 
Marsh (Morris) Right of the sick. 

Marsh (W. C.) Finan. side of sell- 
ing. 35627. 
Marsh (W. W.) : 

Happily married. 42665. 
Just nuts. 28900. 

Red door. 19243. 
Thickened plot. 19354. 
Tin box. 19369. 
Marshall (A. G.) : 

Connect LaFarge house with fa- 
mous families. etc. 24212- 
24214. • 
John LaFarge drove sharp bar- 
gains for his farm lands. 12520. 
Marshall (Abigail) : 

Their own home. 6315. 
When half gods go. 60308. 
Marshall (C. & E.) co. Catalog. 

Marshall (E. R.) Read this! 2607. 
Marshall (Ernest) : 

Alexandra's death shows crown 

firm. etc. 62859-62865. 
Baldwin stronger after party 

clash, etc. 48501^8509. 
Britain alters view on our China 

policy, etc. 35628-35638. 
League's prestige now high in 
Europe. 57301. 
Marshall (G. E. W.) Snowstorm. 

Marshall (H. B.) Sixty days in yail. 

Marshall (Herbert) Memories of a 

private detective. 2608, 12523. 
Marshall (L. C.) Teacher's manual. 

Marshall (M. L.) Bk. of life's resolu- 
tions. 48510. 
Marshall (T. R.) Recollections of 

Thomas R. Marshall. 48512-48538, 

Marshall (Tom) Chatting with the 

Grand Matron. 48511. 
Marshall (W. E.) & co., inc. Hardy 

garden lilies. 24215. ■ 
Marshall, N. C, map. 6554. 
Marshall, Tex., map. 29598. 
Marshall Co., Minn., map. 60388. 
Marshfield, Mass., map. 60389. 
Marshfield, Or., map. 43430. 
Marshfield, Wis., map. 65885. 
Marshutz • (H. S.) How welcome 

stranger. 42699. 
Marshville, N. C, map. 54510. 
Marston (O. J.) Decis. in real estate 

cases. 24216. 
Mart, Tex., map. 54511. 
Martel (Tancrede) Enfants d'Her- 

nani. 62867. 
Martelius (Martin) : 

Expect world church parley to hit 

dry law. 35639. 
Swedish left wins fight to cut 
down army. 24217. 
Martens (F. H.) : 

Captain Kidd. 2609. 
Little biog. 24218-24222. 



pt. i, n. s., v. 22 

Marter (Marcel) : 

Buyers' pocket-bk. 31472. 
Eng.-French & French-Eng. voca- 
bulary. 32943. 
Martin (Al) Hospitality. 60140. 
Martin (C. E.) Foresite. 12525,12526. 
Martin (C. P.) Condensed rules for 

adjusting watcbes. 24223. 
Martin (Edouard) Voyage de Mon- 
sieur Perricbon. 29317*, 43068*, 
Martin (F. V.) : 

Credit adv. etc. 35640-35643. 
Martin (F. V.) co. Avoid stunts. 

etc. 48540-48546. 
Mr. Subscriber — come bebind tbe 
scenes! etc. 12527, 12528. 
Martin (F. V.) co. : 

About tbat ann. Aug. sale. etc. 

America's greatest credit jewelry 

service, etc. 24224-24227. 
Holiday bus. repts. etc. 2610- 
Martin (Frederick) : 

Detroit Sunday Times. First 

choice on Southfield. 55944. 
Engineer. 57302. 
Martin (G. J.) Calif, current digest. 

Martin (G. S.) Fool there was — & is. 

Martin (Gerald) : 

Americans gloom. etc. 57303- 

Chile appeals to Coolidge as Persh- 
ing wins. etc. 62868-62876. 
Columbia sends planes to mark air 
route to U. S. etc. 35644, 
Indians rebel, etc. 12529, 12530. 
Landlords cut rent in Panama, 
etc. 48547-48552. 
Martin (H. B.) comp. Reddy tee tips. 


Martin (H. S.) Witch's curse. 6373. 

Martin (Harry) Standard benefit 

corp. 5 % discount system. 41011. 

Martin (Harry B.) Making of a 

champion. 24228. 
Martin (Hazel) : 

Devil & tbe deep blue sea. 65502. 
Drunk & disorderly. 28700. 
Gipsy madness. 28786. 
King's ex-wives. 42755. 
Let's move. 28927. 
Needles & pins. 29025. 
Stroke of genius. 29239. 
Three girls & a dumb-bell. 29264. 
What the neighbors say. 29341. 
Martin (J. L.) Key inst. Key to the 

travel problem. 62522. 
Martin (J. M.) : 

Accounto. 35647. 

Amer. patriot collection. 2615. 

When heroes come. 19430. 
When Polly orders lunch. 54287. 
Martin (James) : 

Allegiance. 12531. 

Harmony with justice, etc. 

24229, 24230. 
Patriotism 4 July 1776-1925 our 
natl. defense. 35646. 
Martin (John) pseud. See Morgan 

Martin (Katharine) Direct, to teach- 
ers for the use of the Field-Martin 
primer, etc. 33270, 33271. 
Martin (Nell) : 

Amazing Mazie. 35648. 
Constant simp. etc. 48553-48555. 
High but not handsome. etc. 

62877, 62878. 
Pique's pique, etc. 57309-57312. 
Martin (O. A.) Rules governing in- 
door golf. 2616. 
Martin (S. E.) Mother. 2617. 
Martin (S. H.) Sitara. 65728. 
Martin (W. C.) Matters of sentiment. 

Martin Co., Fla., map. 54512. 
Martindale mere, agency. Ann. guide. 

Martine (A. R.) co. Irving savings 
bank. Great oaks from little acorns 
grow. 23358. 
Martinez (Pascual) Libreria el cen- 

tro comercial. 12532. 
Martinez, Calif., direct. 16082. 
Martinez, Calif., map. 54513. 
Martinez Sierra (Gregorio) Plays. 

Martino (Eugene de) See De Mar- 

tino (Eugene) 
Martin's (John) house, inc. Morgan 
(Shepard) John Martin's big bk. 
for little folk. 52269. 
Martins Ferry, O., map. 6555. 
Martinsburg, Pa., map. 19642. 
Martinsburg, W. Va., direct. 24232. 
Martinsville, Va., direct. 57313. 
Marton (Alexander) : 

Notas kapitany. 6197. 
Voros ember. 6352. 
Waterlooi csata. 19419. 
Martos (Ferenc) : 

Queen Sesha. 19236. 
Szent Peter esernyoje. 19337. 
Tatjana. 19340. 
Martyn (Wyndam) What the gray 

house hid. 2618, 12533. 
Marvel (R. A.) Appalachian scenic 

highway, map. 19467. 
Marvin (J. L.) : 

Gertie's girls. 28782. 
His desire. 60137. 
Models, size 16. 19122. 
Paradise bath. 6210. 



nos. 1-12, 1925 

Path to purgatory. 54098. 
Wall street blues. 29318. 
Marvo beauty labs., inc. Beautiful 

new skin in 3 days. 35650. 
Marx (C. B.) Simili. 65732, 65733. 
Marx (E. F.) : 

. Obedience. 42873. 
Step in. 19325. 
Marx (Karl) Jewish quest. 48556- 

Marx & Haas clo. co. Fig leaf. 

Marxian educa. soc. Lenin (N.) Im- 
perialism. 23825. 
Mary. See Thomson (L.) 
Mary Edwin (Sister) Coming of the 

light, St. Patrick at Tara. 65484. 
Mary Gertrude (Sister) Catholic 

nursery rhymes. 48562. 
Mary Just (Sister) China. 24233, 

Maryland, Map. 6556, 19643-19645, 

29599, 43431, 43432. 
Maryland. State dept. of educa..: 

Bersch (M. C.) Making the most 

of supervision. 44596. 
Healy (K. L.) Yr.'s supervision. 
Maryland & Del. druggist weather 

chart cal. 57314. 
Maryland casualty co. : 

Bartlett (N. E.) Check altera- 
tion sales-talk. 20687. 
$5,000 for $10. 2619. 
Maryland trust co. : 

Advanced life underwriting. 

Assurance, etc. 48563-48571. 
Maryville, Mo., map. 43433. 
Maryville, Tenn., map. 60390. 
Marzolf (S. S.) Wittenberger. 42234. 
Masefield (John) : 

Prologue to a bk. of pictures of 

adventure by sea. 12535. 
Prose plays. 65700.* 
Trial of Jesus. 24243.* 
Verse plays. 65781.* 
Maser (Jack) : 

Stars rec. 29228. 
Sunkist bum. 53657. 
Mask & wig club. Joan of Arkansas. 

Mason (A. E. W.) Detective no\els. 

Mason (Eugene) pseud. See Paul 

Mason (F. E.) Briand cabinet plans 

to settle debt. etc. 62879, 62880. 
Mason (H. B.) Money. 54042. 
Mason (J. B.) In the rough. 60146. 
Mason (P. G.) co. : 

Free gift. etc. 35651, 35652. 
Our bk. of easy selling goods & 
premiums. 48572. 

Mason (Perry) co. New comp. instr. 

Mason (B. H.) Cradle roll. 12537. I 
Mason (W. H.) : 

Citer-digest quart, pamphlet. 

12538, 35653. 
Citer-digest suppl. 2620. 
Mason City, la., direct. 12539. 
Mason City, la., map. 6557. 
Mason shoe mfg. co. Mason shoe 

direct to you. 24236. 
Masonic pub. co. Freemasons. N. Y. 

& N. J. Direct, of lodges. 10431. 
Masontown, Pa., direct. 64999. 
Massachusetts. Workmen's compen- 
sation law. 35654. 
Massachusetts, map. 19646-19648, 

29600, 54514. 
Massachusetts accident co. Three 

score yrs. & ten. 24237. 
Massachusetts baking co. : 

As if you made it yourself every 

day. etc. 12540-12553. 
Building a new tradition, etc. 

Bealizing a dream, etc. 57315- 
Massachusetts dental porcelains labs., 

inc. Porcelain bridges. 48573. 
Massachusetts soc. for mental hygiene, 
inc. Elkind (H. B.) Twenty aids. 
Massachusetts trust co. Insur. in 

trust. 35655. 
Massanutten farms hatchery, inc. 

Catalog. 12554. 
Massena, N.- Y., direct. 2621. 
Massey (G. M.) Selling the port. 

Massey (L. D.) Incomes, perpetuated 
through systematic savings. 35657. 
Massillon, O., direct. 12555. 
Masson (Gustave) Dostoevski! (F. 

M.) Facheuse histoire. 22139. 
Masson & co. Annee therapeutique. 

Massuere (M. P.) Club plan foxes. 

Master builders co. McFalls (E. L.) 
Wonder what an architect. etc. 
62791, 62792. 
Master elec. co. Master quality with 

service. 35658. 
Master letter shop. Master letters of 

appl. 48574. 
Master-pathic science inst. Master- 
path, concentration disc. 24238. 
Master salesmen's assn. : 

Basis of success. etc. 4S575, 

Making the approach, etc. 57324, 
Master silk hosiery co. Purchasers 
co-operative plan. 4S577. 

92643— 2e